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Navalny poisoning: CIA, MI6, 'discredited' state-funded Bellingcat play key role in accusing Russia



December 29, 2020

Pushback with Aaron Maté Support Pushback at Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/aaronmate Russia's FSB intelligence agency has been accused of poisoning opposition activist Alexei Navalny. While the allegation may prove to be true, Western media coverage has overlooked the key role of the CIA, MI6, and the state-funded outlet Bellingcat in generating it. Western media outlets have failed to disclose that Bellingcat is funded by NATO member states, including the US via the National Endowment for Democracy, and that Bellingcat has a dubious record. In a leaked assessment, the UK government's Integrity Initiative wrote: “Bellingcat was somewhat discredited, both by spreading disinformation itself, and by being willing to produce reports for anyone willing to pay." And few have paid attention to reporting by the New York Times that shortly after Navalny was flown to Germany for treatment, "representatives from the Central Intelligence Agency and Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service provided members of the German government with details about the poisoning, including the identities of the Federal Security Service officers involved, that directly implicated the Russian government."

Background: "Draft debacle: Bellingcat smears OPCW whistleblower, journalists with false letter, farcical claims" by Aaron Maté

The Grayzone https://thegrayzone.com/2020/10/28/draft-debacle-bellingcat-smears-opcw-whistleblower-journalists-with-false-letter-farcical-claims/

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September 11, 2020

DICHOTOMY: The Final Solution

An Update on the New World Order: Humanity Under Peril of Imminent Destruction

September 10, 2020

We are where we are today because 911 was never prosecuted! – John Robles 09112020

Instead of the prosperous world of peace and understanding that the Internet could have been the foundation for because of the psychotic “elites” and their insatiable greed and desire for endless power, we are now living in a fake synthetic world engineered by a pathological Satanic Cabal in a symbiotic incestuous relationship with “security agencies” such as the state global crime syndicate known as the CIA (Murder Incorporated) and one that was brought about and predicted by CIA Director William Casey in 1981 when he stated: "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false". Because of advances in global communications Casey’s statement now can include most of the world’s public.

In 1981 the disinformation was being made possible by the CIA’s MOCKINGBIRD media program in an age when journalists and writers were believed and it would have been considered an outrage if the government was fabricating reality for the consumption of the masses. MOCKINGBIRD was exposed by it was never stopped, it was only renamed (ORION) and hidden even deeper under the layers of what the CIA brags about today as being an Onion. Since those early days, the so-called global “elites”, the billionaire (now trillionaire) class, have systematically bought and taken over almost all of the global media and in the last 20 years almost all of the Internet as well. They used to operate in secret but today control almost everything openly. They rule and increase their influence, power and wealth by deception, obfuscation, blackmail and eliminating or buying all of their competition. They assassinate, destroy, dirty and arrest anyone and anything which threatens to expose them. Thus with the help of the CIA, the FVEYs and moneyed Zionist Banksters, they now control almost all outlets and voices and have expanded, advanced and developed the MOCKINGBIRD into an insidious global web of lies and misinformation designed to maintain and increase their power and obfuscate and hide their endless crimes, none more egregious and far reaching as the False Flag terrorist attack of 911.      

With the systematic elimination of almost every journalist and the taking of control of every outlet they have thrown humanity into the paradigm we are now forced to exist in. Today there is almost no one left who dares to speak out against these criminal Satanic “elites” and their collaborators, or anyone willing or capable of exposing the truth and fighting the clear and present evil that has permeated the world and is now all around us. This is all by design and exactly the way that they want it, we are now living in the sick and twisted world created by the cabal of ruthless demonic “elites” which has all but taken over the entire planet and has attempted to turn the free and diverse societies and peoples which make up our planet into nothing but plebian societies, vassal states and colonies which they exploit, rape and eliminate almost at will. As one of the last of a dying breed of journalists I have witnessed the systematic infiltration, compromise and elimination of almost all truth and almost all Truthers. This elimination of truth has been helped along by misinformation operations and Limited Hangouts such as WikiLeaks and Assange (Hawkins) who called 911 “False Conspiracy” and Snowden who orchestrated leaks of information we already knew facilitated, gave justification to and made necessary the very mass-surveillance he purported to have tried to expose. Yes, Snowden (Greenberg), by performing the spectacle he did convinced the world and even Russia, that the leak of Classified Information was such a danger and was so widespread that the only answer to “protect” State Secrets” was to unleash mass-surveillance and in his case on American citizens such as everyone with a Security Clearance and of course on all foreign nationals and bodies who might facilitate the exposure of Secrets or the scrutiny of their activities. “Secrets” is simply their label for information on the crimes they commit with impunity.   

On this 19 year anniversary of 911, we can mourn the millions of victims of the False Flag, the free and sovereign countries that have been destroyed, the death and evisceration of the 911 Truth Movement, annihilated along with the Global Peace Movement against the aggressive illegal wars, Crimes Against Humanity and clear attempt at world takeover by the US/NATO and their Satanic Cabal masters, or those of us who are still sane and can never be convinced that two plus two equals five can rise up with the sword of truth and avenge the millions who have been eradicated and drive the dagger of truth into the very heart of their psychotic and out-of-control machine of death and destruction. For 19 years they have meticulously and methodically eliminated all of us and there are now so few of us left that it clearly seems the fight has been lost but that is not the case. God or the Great Spirit or whatever you label as the power of good and love can not and will not allow these demons to attain a victory of this I am certain. As we have been eliminated one by one, and with their almost complete control of the Internet and the global media it might seem almost pointless trying to fight them and exposing their plans which include the upcoming genocide of most of the world’s population and the chipping, DNA modification, brainwashing and total enslavement of those who are left of human kind. These plans for the “New Century” where laid out long ago and since September 11, 2001 they have systematically brought us to where we are today. If we are to stop them and bring back the rule of law and civilized behavior to our planet, as I have stated over and over, it all comes down to 911 and the truth and exposing the real terrorists who were behind it.

Today is September 10, 2020 and this will be my offering to the world on the anniversary of the events of 911 which led us to where we are today. As with my other recent articles the initial focus has had to be on the media and the Internet for they have ceased to be instruments for spreading truth and information to the world and the masses and have become militarized weaponized instruments of war and control against the peace-loving innocent people of Russia and the world and have been used with almost open impunity by the Western Cabal to do nothing more than spread the insidious, evil and calculated lies and disinformation of the Satanic New World Order billionaire class, known as the “elites”, and as instruments to dumb-down, distract, surveil and manipulate in order to facilitate the self-serving Godless agendas that they wish to force feed on all of us and promote. Without the media and the Internet however they are impotent and powerless and as I have done recommend you to simply turn it all off and very carefully choose what you wish to digest.   

In this article and with the repository of truth that is JAR2 and the publishing details of the pathos of my own life I have tried and will continue to unflinchingly attempt to get through the cognitive dissonance of the sheeple, plant seeds of truth, foment and incite justice and goodness and fight with every fiber of my being and with my dying breath the US/NATO Global Military Industrial Intelligence Complex and the New World Order Cabal of Globalists, Corporations, Banksters, Zionists and Satanic Elites (USNMIIC/NWOCabal) who would destroy human kind in their Satanic effort to play God and enslave humanity.

The US/NATO Military planners and architects call what they are doing achieving “Full Spectrum Dominance” which is something that a military body has no business doing. The military and security complex have over-stepped their “mission” which is supposed to be one of maintaining security and peace for the civilian populations. A military complex that is engaged in the destruction of countries, the control and enslaving of the civilian population and operating as an expeditionary resource force for corporations and the “elites”, is not one that can be tolerated any longer by civilized humankind. the NATO atavism which should have been disbanded when the Warsaw Pact was has used GLADIO terrorism and fabricated threats to stay relevant and increase its scope and reach when in reality it was no longer needed. Who profited the most off of 911? The Zionist entity, the Bankster Cabal and of course NATO and the CIA, the tenet of Full Spectrum Dominance which includes geopolitical, social economic, military, food, agriculture, space, media, manufacturing, resources exploitation, the Internet and everything else you can think of, has no place in our multi-polar world. Such is only an extension and construct of an empire and colonizer but you are not supposed to know that.

My dear tired and truth starved reader, the world has not gone insane, as they would have you believe, the problem is that there are lunatics running the narrative.

The All Out Frontal Attack on the Russian World Escalates

The Satanic imperial would-be-global-hegemon-and-dictator-of-the-world that is the US/NATO MIIC, the Luciferian Cabal that control it and the global CIA/MOCKINGBIRD, continue their undeclared illegal hybrid war and illegal psychological operations against the largely unsuspecting civilian populations of Eastern Europe and the Russian world.

With the recent successful extraction, after landing in Berlin on a private jet on August 21, 2020, of would-be-Russian-puppet-president, CIA-Agent-Freedom, Maurice-Greenberg-“Fellow” and Skull-and-Bones-initiate “blogger” [sic] Alexey Navalny, whose criminal record makes him illegible to run for office in Russia and who had been banned from leaving Russia in 2018 and the failed Color Revolution attempt in Belarus by the same NED/USAID/CIA front scum and their attempts to overthrow President Alexander Lukashenko, we have seen clear evidence that the Satanic 4th Reich-channeling “West” have no intention whatsoever of giving up their plans for Global Domination, Full Spectrum Dominance and the enslavement of the humankind and are in fact heading down the road to the long-planned WWIII confrontation against Russia and China.

Never have the fakeries and fabrications of the Cabal ever been more clear and obvious than with the two events mentioned above and in close pursuit all of the events that have occurred recently as the New World Order Globalist freaks continue their mad drive for a world, which God–willing, they will never see and never create, but one which regardless of the facts, they believe they are close to bringing about.

On this September 11th I recall the post-interview words of Dr. Kevin Barret when I told him that I CAN NOT lie and he told me; “Then you are no use to the Empire!” Yes, but I can tell the truth and can do so freely, and that, is their worst nightmare. Please read on…   

CIA Agent Freedom

As I have spent years investigating and trying to expose Alexey Navalny for the phony pseudo-politician and CIA Agent that he is, it is my responsibility, to touch upon this issue which has now come to a boil and which NATO itself is using as the foundation for bellicose rhetoric against the Russian World and the Russian people. As a decades long observer of the Russian 5th Column and figures such as Alexey Navalny (CIA Agent Freedom and Rockefeller Puppet through Maurice Greenberg) and an investigative journalist who single-handedly outed Navalny’s entire organization in the recent past, I have always kept an eye on this would-be-puppet-president and to be honest it was with a certain level of joy that I read the news about what was reported to be his recent poisoning and his supposed near-death condition, believing that he had finally received what he deserved. However that joy was to be short-lived as it became clear it was another Psy-Op and a simple extraction.

Fake Poisoning to Facilitate CIA Extraction Operation

As I started investigating while drawing on and cross-referencing all of the Navalny related data stuffed into all of the files in my encyclopedic brain it was almost instantly clear for me that the entire “poisoning” was nothing but a CIA Extraction Operation carried out by Navalny himself and his CIA controllers. I am sure that if the Russian doctors and specialists could have compared fresh blood samples from Navalny with fresh blood samples from Skripal right after his poisoning, that they would have been able to find the same quickly disappearing substance that was used on both of them (see my Nightshade research for my conclusions which may give you a framework if nothing more as I am not in any way a medical expert or professional) [Operation Nightshade]. My initial conclusion of a CIA Extraction has been backed up by every event that has taken place since then.

Operational parameters also support my conclusion. Navalny was under surveillance by the Russian Security Services and truly what transpired was his only way out. My conclusion is that Navalny poisoned himself by pouring the same Nightshade mixture used by Skripal and his daughter for the Novichok provocation into his own tea. The delivery and method would only be known by Navalny and his CIA Controller. I am sure if the Security Services go back and study all of the surveillance footage of Navalny since the Skripal incident that they will find Navalny’s CIA controller or MI6 liason passing Navalny a little vial. Given my previous research and experience I see the fingerprints of CIA Alternative History Specialist and False Flag Architect Joseph Farrell all over this one as the “poisoning” has now been used by CIA/NATO to ramp up their criminal aggression against Russia.

If this were to be put before a Military Intelligence Tribunal as it should be, anyone assisting in the extraction would be prosecuted, however this will probably never happen as there are still people at the highest levels of the Russian Government who are protecting the CIA and all of their operations here in the Russian Federation. This would be very easy to verify if anyone ever investigates this line of enquiry. Navalny’s investigation into Navka attempted to turn public opinion against Peskov and while no one will dare to question, the pleas by Navalny’s family to Peskov and the Kremlin to assist in the extraction seem extremely odd to say the least. Were the West’s MOCKINGBIRD puppets in the media trying to characterize Peskov as being in cahoots with Navalny? Highly unlikely as Navalny recently gravely insulted the Kremlin in an on-line rant of mega-proportions and Navalny attempted to go after Peskov’s wife. Navalny’s controllers knew that he was burned and with his criminal record, waning popularity and collapse of the 5th column certainly ascertained that he was useless in Russia.    

For the CIA Navalny was almost the perfect Manchurian Candidate, however his lack of intelligence, loss of credence and absence of real political power or savvy, led to his own demise. Even though for years Navalny pretended to be a viable candidate for President of Russia he never had the real support needed and even more importantly other than knee-jerk anti-Putin rants, never had the one real thing any candidate for the office of president must have, namely a real program for leading the country, and in his case, given his “Putin-Bad” platform, an alternative roadmap to that of President Putin. All he had was the Western meme “Putin-Bad/America-Good” and the mindless support of the America loving Neo-Liberals in Moscow. Such parameters might work for the brain dead Liberal America loving “elites” and their damaged children, but for real political power in Russia that is not, and will never be, enough. To use an analogy I love, here in Russia, Navalny’s fake “presidential bid” was comparable to coming to a gun fight with a knife. Why have I never written about this before? Quite simple, I did not want to give the CIA/Rockefeller idiots any ideas or help them carry out their ops. Now with the departure of CIA Agent Freedom it is possible to discuss such observations and play “arm-chair political observer” if you will.

After Navalny’s 2018 fake election bid, complete with a fake elections headquarters (this has to be explained as there are no doubt Western manipulated readers out there who actually think Navalny ran for President of Russia! I repeat and underline the word “fake” because Navalny could not get enough signatures to get on the ballot, could not run with a criminal record and in reality was never even close to being in the running)! It was extremely surprising for me that he was not charged with anything whatsoever. Logic would have it that he should have at least been charged with fraud, making false statements for monetary gain, tax evasion, running a fraudulent Ponzi scheme, defrauding voters, transferring illegally gained funds across international borders, attempting to usurp the Russian Government, causing pain, suffering and death on a mass scale across the country, attempting to use minors for political gain during illegal demonstrations, defamation of character, revision of history and so on and so forth almost ad infinitum. However such crimes were never charged and Navalny continuously got arrested and was released while “lesser” people are rotting in prison for the most minor offenses.  

After the failed and fake election run stunt [2018 Election] and the inauguration of President Putin Navalny’s popularity began to wane considerably, helped along by several scandals involving children being used in his demonstrations, his organization’s close proximity to the Kemerovo Mall which many believe was an arson fire (many in a long and sudden string of such fires at shopping centers) which I believe were designed to drive the population into panic and discredit and distract from the successes of President Putin. In November 2018 [Guardian Tripe] Navalny was barred from leaving Russia after several investigations were started and had not been abroad since.

During the summer of 2019 [5th Column Part 2] his organizations and the Russian 5th column endlessly attempted to destabilize Russia and literally force candidates like Navalny who could not gather the required signatures or were ineligible for other reasons onto the ballots and failed (detailed in my Russia Reports).

In September of 2019 Navalny, his FBK fund and his entire organization were exposed by JAR2 when we received detailed lists of all of his donors and financial backers and those working in his entire organization. These files were passed to the Russian Security Services and published with the personal details blacked out in keeping with Russian law on personal information and I hope that they have helped keep Russia stable and secure. 

With his failed takeover of power (the exact scenario the CIA attempted with Guaido in Venezuela), waning influence and diminishing public support Navalny began to be less and less useful for the CIA. Finally with the listing of his organizations as “Foreign Agents” and the closing of his FBK, Navalny was done in Russia. But as a loyal asset to the CIA and the Rockefeller Cabal, his extraction was facilitated and now he is being used in the only manner that he can be by his CIA Controllers and Masters. 

Even in a coma Navalny was able to insult and denigrate Russia and Russia’s excellent medical and investigative bodies. His family contacted the Kremlin whom Navalny called thieves and scum not long ago and begged for help to transport Navalny to Berlin. Peskov [Peskov Statements] made public statements that he would help and before you know it a multi-million dollar flight had landed in Russia and Agent Freedom was whisked away to Germany with no one caring to mention or even remember that he had been banned from leaving Russia. Peskov was no doubt happy to see Navalny go after Navalny attempted to smear him and his wife Navka using her New York and US properties, so him leaving was a win-win for Russia whereas him dying would have been a virtual nightmare for Moscow as the accusations would have been worse than when the CIA whacked Nemtsov who had also become useless to them.

Navalny’s Ineptitude

So from the Russian side you have a CIA-Agent-Provocateur-Would-Be-Puppet-President who was manipulated and outgrew his usefulness who poisons himself to be extracted and is then let go after being tested and giving samples. Russia finds no signs of poison, determines it was a medical condition and lets him go. For the Russian side end of story. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Or let’s pretend how kind and humanistic we are, either way, in reality, end of story. But wait…

And Then the CIA-GLOBAL-MOCKINGBIRD Mass Media Psy-Op Scum Kick In

For any idiot or brain-washed-USA-loving-Liberal-whack-job who says he was poisoned with some nerve agent and it was an attempted assassination I can tell you this, if Putin or the FSB or even some Oligarch or low-level political activist or high-schooler, had wanted Navalny dead, he would be dead.

And now this… Mike and Nick…

The takeaway from the Mike and Nick recording is not that the West fabricates evidence and lies to meet their objectives, the endless-lie-spewing-forked-tongue of the “Exceptional” Anglo-Saxon-Zionist-Lunatics is something the entire world knows about, no matter how much Zuckerburg/Google/MOCKINGBIRD obfuscations and statements are made about “Fake News”, the takeaways here are the admission by the “West” that they are at war with Russia, that things are not going well with their Color Revolution attempt in Belarus and that they are “working on” destabilizing Russia. If you doubted that the USNMIIC/NWOCabal was at war with Russia or attempting to fulfil the dreams of Hitler by dividing the Russian World then this recording should clear up any reservations you may have had about the back-stabbing-genociding-endless-war-crime-committing West fighting a “Hybrid Nazi War” against the people of the Russian Federation, the Russian State and the Russian World.


Mike Warsaw: Hello! Good afternoon, Nick. How are we doing?

Nick Berlin: Everything seems to be [going] according to plan...the materials on Navalny are ready. They will be forwarded to the Chancellor's office. We’re awaiting her statement.

Warsaw: Is the poisoning definitely confirmed?

Nick Berlin: Listen, Mike, in this case that’s not so important...There’s a war going on...And during war all methods are good.

Mike Warsaw: I agree, we need to discourage Putin from poking his nose into Belarus’ affairs...The most effective way is to drown him in Russia’s problems, and there are many of them! Moreover, they’ll have elections in the near future, voting day in Russia’s regions.

Nick Berlin: That’s what we’re doing. How are things in Belarus in general?

Mike Warsaw: To be honest, not so good. President Lukashenko turned out to be a tough nut to crack. They’re professional and organized. It’s clear that Russia supports them. The officials and the military are loyal to the president. [We’ll discuss] the rest during the meeting, not by phone.

Nick Berlin: Yes, yes, I understand, then I’ll see you later, bye.

Mike Warsaw: Bye.

So, as always we can expect attempts to meddle in Russia’s Regional Elections AGAIN!

The Atavism NATO, CIA Agent Freedom and NOVICHOK

One has to wonder as to the IQ of the Psychological Operations planners at NATO and NATO’s “Intelligence” arm, the NCI Agency (NCIA). After the utter catastrophe that was the Skripal Fakery, a fabrication that exposed UK Biological Operations, a host of Agents and Secret Sites, the Integrity Initiative, the Institute for Statecraft, SGMI, several Skripal operatives, MI6 Operations and Methods, Operation FOOT 2.0 and work by MI6 on NOVICHOK [Operation Nightshade], who in their right mind would even dream of coming up with another NOVICHOK story? NOVICHOK as we now know is the world’s only “nerve agent” which does not kill anything except international relations, yet they are running with it. According to Jeff Bezos’ CIA Front the Washington Post [FAKE NEWS NATO1] NATO has agreed that “a nerve agent was used to attempt to kill Navalny” and [FAKE NEWS NATO2] NATO calls for “international response over Navalny poisoning” and “an ‘impartial investigation’ led by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)”. I shake my head and wonder: “Are they insane?”

Perhaps yes, stupid and insane, or perhaps so far removed from normal society and compartmentalized to the point where they know nothing about anything, or even perhaps engaged in Goebbels style propaganda operations where transference and the endless lie are all that matters, regardless it does not matter. It is not my place to make excuses for, nor to try to fathom their mental states, it does not really matter! The facts matter and as they say we are at WAR. What also matters is that they are fabricating evidence of crimes in order to cover-up and continue carrying out their own endless crimes and fabricate a scenario leading to what may be WWIII against Russia, China and the few remaining independent countries on Earth. Even more damning is that they are meddling in areas that in no way shape or form have anything to do with defense or military threats. Even if a country decided to kill its own citizen, such as Martin Luther King or JFK or millions of others, there has never been a case in history where an international military alliance went after a country for an assassination of a citizen in his own country, and in this case Agent Freedom was not even killed.

Now that he has been awakened in Berlin (if he was in fact taken to Berlin and is in the hands of his CIA controllers) and taken out of his artificially induced coma what will his controllers do? An interesting set of circumstances really. In reality (if we believe the coma story) Navalny has no idea he was transported to Berlin. Someone in charge of the surveillance operation could have dreamed up some very interesting scenarios. For example allowing everything to go exactly as it did with one exception, never actually giving Navalny to the CIA and his CIA controllers (if we believe he is in Berlin). He could have been woken in a staged environment, complete with actors and German doctors and made to believe he was really in Berlin under the care of his CIA controllers. Some medication to soften him up and I am sure, if manipulated correctly, he would have had a lot to say about his networks in Russia. It would have been beautiful watching Navalny thinking he was free from Russia and spilling all of the beans only to have a little FM radio turned on with a local newscast in Russian and perhaps a few other little “clues” and then watching as he realized he was still in Russia and had never been extracted. Oh what a thing of beauty it would have been, but alas he is in Berlin and allowed to slip away untouched. Perhaps there is someone over there at the CIA with the same idea, only the opposite. They wake him and use a BND or CIA Agent to play an FSB Agent and make Navalny think he is still in Russia as he spills all the beans on his CIA controllers to save his family. Very interesting what could have been done, the possibilities are almost endless. We will be carefully watching how this plays out.

Meanwhile 5%-GDP-mafia-style-protection-racket-GLADIO-terror-pushing-atavism NATO keeps endlessly provoking and demonizing Russia with bellicose rhetoric and endless intrusions into Russia’s buffer zones and space. Amassing more and more US “soldiers” and weapons along her borders, with tens of thousands now in Poland after being moved from Germany and what looks like an invasion force being gathered along the border of Belarus.

With Rasmussen controlling the media with his Fake News Org and the Internet locked down with all dissenters and real journalists murdered, destroyed or silenced, US/NATO Psychological Operations believe they have free reign to say absolutely anything they wish and spread any lie, no matter how detached from reality it may be, and the audience, who they are certain are brain dead zombies who believe everything, will just swallow it up! Thus they operate. However it may even be worse than that, NATO and the West may have reached a point where they are beginning to believe their own AI and their own autonomous bots, the same ones that they themselves unleashed. This can be the only explanation for the impunity with which they make false statements, well almost; there is the real possibility that they are all completely raving mad.

NATO does not like nor want real news about its nefarious criminal activities, it prefers to do everything quietly, only making noise when it needs to demonize an enemy or justify its 5% GDP protection racket with tales of terror and rogue states and militaries which must be contained. So let’s look at a few of the recent war crimes of USA/NATO and it Cabal partners and rip apart their recent statements.

Stoltenberg is almost a rock star of contemporary Goebbels propaganda compared to his predecessor Rasmussen who we took apart easily on a weekly basis at the VOR, back in the day when there were still some independent news outlets and some in Russia still believed that NATO was not intending to surround and destroy it. In reality NATO is not only actively surrounding Russia and invading, occupying, destabilizing and militarizing Russia’s sphere, but NATO is actively attempting to illegally take over the world and fulfill the dream of a 4th Reich for its Nazi creators.

The NATO of today is a nation-destroying Expeditionary Resource Force that is seeking to completely take over the entire planet, the space around it and every inhabitant on it. Since 2001 and the rise of the Satanic/Zionist/NeoCons and the Cabal, NATO has been, in the words of Wesley Clark, in the business of destroying nations [NATO Wesley Clark]. However that is only a small part of the full picture! NATO and the USMIIC have been raping the economies of the world since 2000 and have stolen trillions from the US and from the citizens of the world. Not only in misappropriations but in the 3%-5% GDP annual payment “member countries” have to pay out. Payments justified by staging and continuing GLADIO False Flag terror, demonizing, destabilizing and destroying countries while supporting, arming and paying terrorists and now by complete and total control of the “Information Battle-Space”. NATO is not only the biggest threat to world peace in the history of mankind, but it is the ONLY threat to world peace in the world today.

Stoltenberg is the current USNMIIC/NWOCabal Russophobic sock-puppet issuing bellicose warnings and making self-serving statements from the alternate reality inhabited by the psychotic “elites” of the USNMIIC/NWOCabal. Let’s take a look at a few recent ones:

1.) NATO: “Russia is risking a 'new Cold War' if it tries to push its power base beyond its border”.

Why is this statement false and misleading and seeking an emotional response?

The “Cold War” never ended. It was kept alive and in an artificial coma for a short time by NATO itself. The atavism that is NATO can only exist and be justified if there is a Cold War and hundreds of little hot wars and JSOC adventures, such as the over 168 JSOC secret wars that the US/NATO are currently involved in in over 168 countries. [FAKE NEWS NATO 3]

Since the collapse of the USSR Russia has not “tried to push its power base beyond its border” in any direction. Crimea reunified and was always Russian so that does not count. However NATO and the US have done nothing but attempt to expand their power base beyond their borders since the collapse of the USSR, creating colonial puppet states worldwide and destroying those who refuse to then install the puppets of their choosing. This is again an example of the psychotic Transference of the West onto their targets. The lunatics at NATO always accuse their targets of doing exactly what it is they do and they have done so, so often and for so long that to understand what NATO is really doing all one has to do is look at what they are accusing others of doing. It is stunning really.

2.) “Moscow's recent behaviour and attempt to establish a new 'sphere of influence ... requires a response from Nato [sic]”.

Why is this statement demeaning and a revision of history?

This is one of the most over-used, juvenile and brain-killing attack tactics used by the New World Order MOCKINGBIRD/HASBARA/GOEBBELS liars and fabricators and one that is loved by US Puppet President Donald Drumpf. I am referring to the use of the word “behavior” to describe the actions of states and countries. If they are keeping with the Goebbels playbook and in this regard following point 5, the Principle of Popularization which states that; “all propaganda must be popular, adapting its level to the least intelligent of the individuals to whom it is directed”, then this is understandable and explains the complete and total degradation and juvenile idiocy of today’s Western leaders, but for any thinking person there must be a cringe or a “standing of the hairs on the back of the neck” moment every time they hear this phrase, if not there should be.

The use of the word behavior serves to reduce the actions of a state or country to those of an individual or a child with the person commenting on such giving themselves an overseeing role such as that of a disciplinarian such as a parent or perhaps “the global policeman”. This formulation and tactic is a favorite of Drumpf and US politicians, especially at the UN and one that has been used repeatedly to demonize every country not a puppet state of the US or Israel.

Any country is a complex and multi-layered system and for Russia, the largest country in the world, in Europe and in Asia, with its long history and cultural, political, social and almost countless other connections between Europe and Asia, is an entity that demands and deserves respect! Reducing Russia to a child-like entity whose “behavior” is not desirable and who needs to be slapped into compliance in one way or another is not acceptable in any way shape or form.
The NATO sockpuppet’s reference to “attempting to establish a new sphere of influence” may leave the critical thinker with a taste of bile in the back of their throat and an unexplainable desire to scream, don’t worry this is normal, it only means you are awake, sane and healthy.

As the surrogate body of the USSR Russia’s “sphere of influence” after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and all of its territory which Gorbachev gave up, included all of the former Soviet Republics, including Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia, Ukraine and all of the rest, as well as all of the Soviet Union’s partners around the world. Thus it is in reality an unarguable fact that it is in fact the Atavism of NATO which promised not to expand to the East, which is in fact not only “attempting to establish a new sphere of influence” but is doing so by force, by destroying countries and societies and by using Nazi/GLADIO terrorists to facilitate its false meme of “security”.

The 5% GDP sucking NATO is not only “attempting to establish a new sphere of influence” in Eastern Europe but also around the world, so much so that in 2020 the North Atlantic now includes Africa, Asia, South America, Oceania, Eastern Europe and even the Arctic. NATO is in no way shape or form a unified defense body even though they constantly set up Straw Man arguments to justify its actions and very existence. There is no threat to world peace greater or more pressing than NATO. It is a resource stealing, country destroying, history re-writing, brain-washing, wealth stealing protection racket and platform to force “US Interests” onto the minds and economies of the world. NATO is worse than any mafia ever thought up by the sick and twisted minds of man! It was founded, has acted and continues to operate, as an extension of the 3rd Reich as was envisaged by its Nazi founders.

If we lived on a planet where rule of law existed instead of one that has suffered a three-thousand-year devolution orchestrated by the USNMIIC/NWOCabal and their abuse and manipulation of technological advances, every single head and controller of NATO would be in front of a military tribunal face charges of Crimes Against Humanity and then a firing squad!. All of them! From the puppet masters hiding like rats in the shadows to the executors like the US Presidents launching illegal, undeclared Wars of Aggression to facilitate genocide, resource theft and the sick and twisted Nazis dream of a Satanic New World Order.

Iran was right when labelling the heads of NATO as the “Terrorists of Baghdad Airport” for that is exactly what they are. For any sane and thinking person the definition of “Terrorist” is someone who uses fear to facilitate political or any other change or control over a group of people. This goes back to 911 and the USNMIIC/NWOCabal who carried it out. It is terror that the USNMIIC/NWOCabal uses to facilitate everything that it does! Economic terror, security terror, trade terror and military terror.

Under this point therefore we underline illegal aggressive expansion and economic 5% GDP blackmail using terrorism as one of the chief crimes of the NATO atavism, more on Afghan heroin trading and genocide later.

3.) The NOVICHOK Idiocy

Why is using NOVICHOK only something an idiot would accuse someone of?

Sure as I stated above one has to question the sanity of anyone who would actually promote the already debunked NOVICHOK nonsense but another reason (and I do hate giving these idiots a plausible justification for their lies) is that, as a military grade biological substance, screaming NOVICHOK is the only way that the infantile heads of the NATO atavism can meddle into affairs that were there enough evidence would be only police in nature.

Russia has not found such evidence as it does not exist and this is not for lack of attempting to find it. There have been 60 forensic investigations and 8 special commissions that have been formed and met and been carried out in order to determine if Navalny was poisoned. Not one of them has found any evidence of what the West and NATO are claiming is a proven crime whilst presenting no evidence to back their claim. As the conversation above proves without a doubt as do all of their actions, for the USNMIIC/NWOCabal truth and evidence are not important whatsoever and since they control all of the media and almost all of the journalists in the world, they are right.

All that matters is the narrative and when you have lackeys and bought-and-paid-for harlots and sock-puppets like Jeff Bezos and his CIA-Front The Washington Post [FAKE NEWS NATO1] unquestionably publishing lies and black propaganda as truth, such as: (“NATO has agreed that “a nerve agent was used to attempt to kill Navalny”) and [FAKE NEWS NATO2] (“NATO calls for “international response over Navalny poisoning” and “an ‘impartial investigation’ led by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)” His remarks come days after the North Atlantic Council met to discuss the attempted poisoning of Russian opposition politician Alexey Navalny with Novichok), there is really no need to present any pesky facts, evidence or proof to back up your outrageous claims.

They can and do say anything they want with an impunity that even Hitler did not possess. Today’s warmongering elites make Colin Powell’s vials look like little white lies.

George Orwell’s former employer the BBC has taken the lead in all of the fakery, even daring to quote Russian MFA spokesperson Maria Zaharova who rightfully asked "Where are the facts, where are the formulas, at least some kind of information?” when Germany and the West started their “poisoning” media operation. Without providing any proof whatsoever the BBC published “There is "unequivocal proof" that Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny was poisoned with a Novichok nerve agent, Germany has said.” [BBC ORWELLIAN PROPAGANDA] A nice move to slip the blame for the fakery on Germany but this time it won’t work. Where is this “unequivocal truth” BBC? Has it been classified TOP SECRET by the BND, or perhaps by NCIA? Maybe MI6 classified it as Top Secret? Or the CIA? No? So where is it, other than in the minds of your twisted and sick masters? Oh, there is no evidence…. Really? No kidding? So you are nothing but a stinking lie factory? Really? WOW! That’s what I thought.

4.) UPDATE 09-12-2020 The New Super Deadly Slow-Acting NOVICHOK (Which still does not kill anyone but is even worse)

Repeat the lie over and over and even expand on it and build newer versions no matter how utterly and patently ridiculous, juvenile and sanctimoniously self-serving it may be. Yes folks not only is investigative journalism dead and buried but even plain old 3rd grade US Government backed fake propaganda is DOA, like the VOA and USA and everything "Western." USG approved and funded, US Government "covert" propaganda rag, the Moscow Times, has stated, citing German Government officials, some insider (probably Navalny's cleaning woman) and the German version of its own US/NATO approved fake news for the brain-dead Expat loving neo-liberal globalist zombies, "Navalny Recovering From ‘Deadlier, Slower-Acting’ Novichok Variant". Yes people, you did not believe the original NOVICHOK unadulterated asinine third-grade bullshit, because any half-brained dimwit would tell you that military-grade biological agents kill people. Yes kids they do. Imagine that. They do not make people sick or cause them to go to sleep for a while. THEY KILL. Especially nasty little military grade biological weapons such as NOVICHOK.

I wondered recently why the Moscow Times and the Carnegie CFR fags were still allowed to spread their filth in Russia and now I understand. Their FAKE NEWS destroys any credibility that the ZIOUSA and brain-dead-transgender-sexual-identification-challenged-LGBT-flag-waving-US ass-kissers may have ever had. Yes folks these are the idiots who want to rule the world and create a New World Order. Are they channeling Goebbels and targetting the most brain-dead in the room? I am afraid not. They simply can not produce anything better. Brilliant really, they were given as much rope as they wanted and now they are hanging themselves with it. That's what happens when there is no competition and no one to fact-check your drivel kids!   

Still dreaming of that bag of money, a big cardboard house, driving around Texas waving an American flag, living in Manhattan and sharing your secrets with Demi Moore as you bang your head against a brick wall to the CIA's greatest hit "Winds of Change"? Of course you are. I mean hell! Imagine the freedom!! You can drive around with a tracking device, an implanted micro-chip and decide on whatever sex you want to be, even make up your own as you eat some biologically modified mass of Solient Green that can not be legally called chicken but stinks like KFC. Yes, folks the end of the world Zombie apocalypse has arrived. It's called NOVICHOK 2.0. 

5.)  UPDATE 09-12-2020 Agent Freedom, Election Meddling and Attempts to Overthrow the Government of Russia

What the West and the World's controlled GLOBAL CIA MOCKINGBIRD Goebells media to whom credence can in no way be given any longer

NATO the Resource Expeditionary Force, NOVICHOK and North Stream II

What other reasons could a resource thief and snake-oil-selling warmongering “Security Block” have for screaming NOVICHOK? Unbelievable as it may seem, almost as unbelievable as NATO even getting involved in the illness of a has-been-Russian-puppet-that-no-one-really-cares-about-anymore, is the fact that NATO has called for the shutting down of the North Stream II gas pipeline. Is this for real? Unfortunately yes. Just go to CIAMKMOCKINGBIRD DW “Made for Minds” and they will tell you all about it [NATO DW NORTHSTREAM LIES].

So as with 911 we look at who has come out and is attempting to benefit or promote an agenda on the back of an event that has nothing to do with it. Remember the invasion of Afghanistan or Iraq, carried out on the hysteria and terror spread by the 911 False Flag? They had nothing to do with 911! We again see the same War Criminals and members of the New World Order Cabal, including Merkel who is reported to be Hitler’s daughter (or not), coming out and pushing for an unrelated issue. Buy American compressed bean fart gas Europe! It is two hundred times more expensive that cheap Russian Gas but it is from your MASTER across the Atlantic!

If you follow the money and the USA’s failed economy, just as in Ukraine and then more recently in Belarus (thanks to Victoria Nuland) we know that Chevron and big oil are behind many of these Color Revolutions or (CR)s. Such is the same now in Germany with the North Stream II and the recent attempt in Belarus by CIA Fronts United Energy Trading/Getka/UNIMOT and “MIKE” to get Belarus to turn its back on cheap nearby Russian oil and “diversify” by buying overpriced low grade US oil imported from the other side of the planet because Uncle wants to sell you his over-priced shit which no one else needs either!

Lukashenko probably believed that he could satisfy the USNMIIC/NWOCabal by making a few purchases and made the same mistake millions before him have, namely trusting the forked-tongue “American white man” and believing that they could be reasoned with. As Saddam Hussein, Muamar Ghadaffi, Bashar Assad, Victor Yanukovich, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and all Native American Tribes have all found out, when dealing with the USNMIIC/NWOCabal and the forked tongue “American”, it is not about concessions or partner relations but only about complete and total enslavement. The USNATOMIIC/NWOCabal do not want a share, or part, or access to a market or a country, or its resources, they want it ALL!

Лукашенко совершил ту же ошибку, что и многие коренные народы на протяжении всей истории. Он доверял англосаксонским лжецам с раздвоенным языком.

Lukashenko must not concede to these lunatics, being labelled as Europe’s longest ruling dictator, the world’s real longest running dictator is the leech called the British Crown and the undead Queen of the Black Nobility German Blooded Queen Elizabeth.

NOVICHOK is an insult to intelligence and to falsify such a “poisoning” to meet military objectives is a literal mocking of Russia, President Putin and every single critical thinking individual on the planet. It is the same tactic that the Colonial Supremacists used on all indigenous peoples, making their own seem wise and Godlike and others as ignorant savages. The same thing they tried with Assad saying he would launch a chemical attack on his own people on the eve of a United Nations visit. Yes, Russians are so stupid and our leader is so ignorant that he would use a Biological Warfare Agent that can not kill anyone and that President Putin himself said, in comments about the Skripal “Case”, was not even worth mentioning, to attempt to kill a washed up political opponent and then fail only to allow him to leave Russia where he would be placed under a microscope where all the evidence would be found. Yeah right! Sure! Are they retarded or what?

NATO’s Aggressive Illegal Undeclared War on Russia and the World

Since the illegal invasion, destruction and division of Yugoslavia by the Clinton puppet after the self-created 2nd Srebrenica Massacre [Srebrenica] the USNATOMIIC/NWOCabal have been doing nothing but waging illegal undeclared aggressive wars all over the world, using every possible excuse they can to invade and destroy largely defenseless countries. And if the countries are not defenseless then they must submit to disarmament like Iraq did, so that the cowardly USA can come in and wipe them out without getting their little toy soldier boys whacked and having their asses handed to them on a platter. Just as the USA has a bunker boy for a president, the US military has bunker boy video games soldiers who only know how to kill on a screen from a secured bunker on the other side of the planet with a drone. Or to kill unarmed civilians and terrorized third world denizens who have no idea what the hell is going on. As North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Russia and China know, the only way to stay safe against the US/NATO genocidal maniacs is to arm yourselves to the teeth.

First it was “Humanitarian Interventionism” which was soon over-used and people began to question, then it was Weapons of Mass Destruction which were never proven, then it was 911 and the invasions of countries that had nothing to do with it. After that the endless War on Muslims or War on Terror as the NATO lunatics labelled it and the destruction of 7 countries in 5 years or 20 countries in ten years or whatever number they are bouncing around now.

For all but 17 years since the American Holocaust and the foundation of what you call the USA in 1776 on the genocide of the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island, the warmongering USA has been endlessly engaged in war, and even as the world advances and World Peace could have been a reality decades ago, the psychotic USA continues to wage war, everywhere, anywhere and for any reason.

Today they do not even declare war, they just send in JSOC teams or activate forces already occupying countries and kill whoever they want. I remember Yugoslavia and the way the world was before it and it was only Jimmy Carter who never waged war. There were things called the Geneva Conventions, the Rules of War, the International Criminal Court and the United Nations which had been founded to stop countries from doing exactly what it is the USA does.

There were journalists and writers and thinkers and statesmen who would stand up to the genocidal hegemon and there was a pretense of civility and control and the adherence to the rule of law and civilized behavior, but that has all disappeared and the world today is nothing but a killing field for the USA to rape and ravage as it sees fit.

If you study history as much as I have you know that it was the USA and the genocide of the American Indians that served as the inspiration for Hitler, but the connection does not end there. It was also the USA which sponsored and financed and brought Hitler to power and supported the Nazis, a fact that President Putin recently made a passing mention about.

Today we witness who the NATO lunatics have gone completely off the reservation in their impunity and reckless daily war crimes but they now control the global media and even have the unmitigated audacity of sanctioning the ICC for investigating War Crimes, something someone would have laughed at as a joke and never believed 20 years ago, but the world has moved on and the only states that can challenge the out-of-control-lunatic-hegemon are now also under attack.

The Soleimani Assassination

This almost unthinkable, unspeakable and completely inexcusable assassination of a foreign general leading the fight on what even the West calls terrorists, on the soil of a third country it is illegally occupying, can not be equaled in the annals of military history for its blatant and open criminality! The complete impunity with which the NATO lunatics got away with it shows a world which has moved on and down a dark path and has literally been taken over by evil. I believe it was a test and since the response was almost nil and the US/NATO sociopaths got away with it, they have gone ahead with their plans to fabricate whatever they want in order to attempt to wage their final war on Russia and China. [The Terrorists of Baghdad Airport]

Their impunity continues to be upheld by the fact that no country has ever attacked the USA and no terrorists have ever attacked the USA. 911 was a False Flag and self-inflicted attacks do not count. The Soleimani assassination proved beyond a doubt for me that ISIS is truly the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service as it was Soleimani who was defeating them and it is the Zionist Entity which controls the US/NATO death machine.

This was a declaration of war and a heinous war crime in support of terrorists and must be answered for but it is not. Iran has every right to wipe the Pentagon off the face of the Earth as do all of the peaceful countries of the world and all of the victims of US military adventurism but no one does anything. No country has even formed secret teams or secretly planted and set off bombs, no one has attacked America other than a few embassies and bases and that, for me, is sad. If just one American city was wiped off the map, say Washington DC, or Langley (unincorporated McLean County) Virginia or even Green River, the USA might think twice about their continued endless military adventures, but it has not happened and until it does and the bloodshed and carnage and destruction that the USA brings to the civilized world will not stop until we are all either dead or enslaved. The world must fight back against this monstrous aggressor!

Invasion and Occupation of Syria for Israel and Resource Theft

With no declaration of war and no reason for being in Syria the USA continues its illegal occupation and theft of Syria’s resources and does so with impunity. Remember they control the Global MOCKINGBIRD and there is no one who is challenging them internationally. Recently the Imperialist Yankees tried to block a Russian Military Police convoy that was on a routine daily patrol in the North-East of Syria and Russia, which is in the country at the request of the people, the president and the government of Syria, was cut off and rammed the illegal occupiers’ vehicle.

In the photo from the VOA itself you see a Russian Military Police vehicle blocking a US convoy, yet the VOA says the opposite.

The global MOCKINGBIRD then went on a rampage of mind-numbing whining that some “American soldiers were injured” and the world was supposed to cry for them and feel bad and say how evil Russia was when in reality the world has had it with American “exceptionalism” and deep in its heart wishes that every American solider would get a bullet to the head. I know they attempt to program the world so that if 245 Afghanis at a wedding are slaughtered by a Predator Drone piloted by some fat-pimply-faced-scum-wad in a bunker in Nevada we are supposed to say nothing but if an “American Serviceman” gets what they deserve we are all supposed to cry and feel bad about the loss of American lives. No way Jose. I honestly feel bad that the entire convoy of American vehicles was not wiped off the map by a Russian Hypersonic missile and every single American occupier was not executed on the spot in response to their illegal occupation and aggressive actions. OR at the very least rounded up and arrested and kept as prisoners of war for illegally being in a country they have no right to be in. That is how it should be in every country where the USA shows up with their guns and bombs and Humvees and convoys. Either arrest them all and put them in front of tribunals, or whack every last one of them.

Every last US soldier and “serviceman” illegally occupying sovereign countries, raping the local women, torturing the local men and destroying every aspect of every country they occupy should be exterminated with extreme prejudice, but it will never happen. They have impunity. They have the media and they control the narrative, for now. What the world needs is a global guerilla war striking the USA in every country where they may be found and for every life they take one of theirs must also be taken, this is only fair. They are the aggressors and aggression should be answered with an equal response.

For the last several years there have been thousands of reports on a daily basis of Russian fighter aircraft which have had to intercept and escort hostile NATO aircraft running spy and provocation missions along Russia’s borders. NATO has been sending everything from drones, to fighter jets to full-fledged spy planes to run reconnaissance and spy missions along Russia’s national borders and in her airspace, with the number and frequency of such provocations increasing by the week.

Now the US/NATO have heightened their provocative aggression to include nuclear capable B-52 bombers and several support aircraft used in targetting and spying.

On August 28, 2020 two Russian SU-27 intercepted a B-52 over the Black Sea and then on September 04, 2020 a group of USA B-52s (part of a group of 6 that were recently based in the UK) and their UK support aircraft, an RC-135W and a Sentinel R.1 conducted “training exercises” over Ukraine in which it has been revealed they were practicing bombing Russian territory. [NATO B-52s]

Russia’s Minister of Defense General Sergey Shoigu recently made several statements regarding the heightened activities of NATO. He stated that NATO is attempting to militarize the Black Sea [NATO MILITARIZING BLACK SEA] and that it has increased the number of spy flights along Russian borders.

The Minister of Defense also commented on the marked increase of NATO troops that are being moved into Poland. All of this happening while NATO and the USA continue their media campaigns of fake news and baseless allegations full of endless bellicose rhetoric about some unknown and never seen by anyone “Russian threats” and “Russian aggressions” and the need to “contain” Russia.

This freak show of lies and pathological transference would all be laughable except for the fact that the lunatics waging these provocations and operations against Russia are dead set on starting World War III. It is crystal clear that the USNMIIC/NWOCabal are playing the “blame the victim card” and using their talent at pathological transference to blame Russia for exactly what they themselves are guilty of.

Everything from ridiculous accusations of attempting to advance NOVICHOK (Research stopped during Soviet Times in Russia but continued at PORTON DOWN, UK), calling Russia an aggressor while doing practice bombing runs on Russia with nuclear capable B-52s, and continuing to make outrageous and fact lacking claims which could only be convincing to the most half-brained dimwit in the room.

After the US/NATO overthrew the democratically elected government of Ukraine and installed a group of Nazi puppets who have facilitated B-52 nuclear bombers flying in their airspace, the insatiable psychotic Hegemon has now openly tried to overthrow the government of Belarus in exact keeping with the statements of Adolf Hitler and the ideology of the Nazi founders of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. We recall Rothschild grandson Hitler said, “When the people of Belarus no longer believe they are Russian we will have defeated Russia.” That is exactly what is happening today.

NATO has now expanded its role even further, from Cyberspace to the entire planet and now even into space! Today what we are seeing is NATO providing military support for Color Revolution assets in Belarus and the CIA’s 5th Column structures and using a fabricated poisoning to further escalate its mindless aggression against Russia, the Russian people and the Russian World and there is no one attempting to stop them.

After getting away with stealing trillions of US taxpayer dollars, carrying out the 911 False Flag, taking over the Afghan heroin trade, exporting mass surveillance and storing NSA data-bases abroad, opening and maintaining an illegal torture prison in Guantanamo, providing nuclear weapons for a rogue Zionist entity, overthrowing and destroying country after country after country and government after government after government, NATO believes they have complete and total impunity and since they control the global MOCKINGBIRD and can even get away with threatening ICC judges and prosecutors and even sanctioning them, their impunity would seem complete. After all of what are some practice bombing runs on Russian territory?

The USA/NATO are currently involved in over 165 wars worldwide, yet according to official figures they are involved in none. Why? Because no war has been declared on any country that the US/NATO have invaded or are currently occupying. Again I repeat Aggressive War is the ultimate crime against humanity and the US/NATO do so every day.

As you are reading this the CIA and their Color Revolution architects are continuing to attempt to overthrow the peaceful country of Belarus which did not do anything to the USA or Europe and continuing to plan ways to start a war with Russia that they believe they have some chance of winning. All the while the Cabal is also attempting to provoke China and overthrow a host of other countries and continue their illegal occupations, resource thievery and narcotics and human trafficking operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, Somalia, Ukraine, Libya, Kosovo, Columbia and a host of other countries and territories in Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania, South America, the Caribbean and even the Arctic [NATO Arctic Terror Lies].

Somehow overthrowing a government and using the Internet and Social Media to destroy a society and usurp democracies has fallen through the cracks of jurisprudence and International Law. Somehow, in this sick and twisted today, destroying countries and overthrowing governments and installing puppets is not something that is done covertly anymore! It is not even mentioned as a crime committed by those carrying out such operations. I would beg to differ, in any normal rational debate, the destabilization of a country and the attempt to overthrow the leader is an act of war and any country that has thus been targeted has the full right to drop a 100 megaton bomb on the perpetrator.

Illegally occupying a country such as the US is doing in Syria is also an act of war and Syria also has the right to drop a 100 Megaton bomb on the occupiers’ homeland and this goes true for Bolivia, Venezuela, Serbia, Iran, Iraq, China, Afghanistan, Cuba and every other country where the USA has forced their “democracy template” onto an unsuspecting populace, while feeding them KFC and Mickey Dees and brainwashing them with anal sex and Lady Gaga and sick and twisted Satanic diarrhea.

The endless wars continue endlessly and the endless war crimes continue to add up as does the endless resource theft such as that being carried out right now as you read this by the CIA Front Crescent Energy Services [CIA FRONT] in Syria.

At a Senate Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on 30 July 2020, Senator Lindsey Graham questioned Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about a US company that has just signed an agreement with the "Autonomous Administration" of Northeast Syria (YPG) for the exploitation of oil fields and the supply of refineries.

The Secretary of State confirmed that the negotiation of the agreement had taken longer than expected and that he was OK with the deal. Production is expected to start at 60,000 barrels/day and could quickly rise to 380,000 barrels/day.

The "Autonomous Administration" is a fiction set up by the Pentagon in northeastern Syria, which is being run by a Kurdish faction. Neither Damascus nor Ankara have made any comments.

Crescent Energy Services, which penned the agreement, is a CIA front registered in the tax haven of Delaware, but based in Louisiana.

According to our sources, the profits of the Autonomous Administration will be divided in two: half for itself, and the other half for the CIA, which will use the money to finance its covert operations throughout the world without having to submit a budget request to Congress.

Yes the resource stealing corporate protection racket called the Banana Wars continues. I would recommend reading “America’s Expeditionary Kleptocracy: A Banana Republic and Its Banana Wars” [Banana Wars] Major General Smedley Butler earned his two Congressional Medals of Honor during ten or so deployments bolstering business interests. Or, as he’d later explain in his post-retirement "Road to Damascus" tract, War is a Racket: I helped make Mexico…safe for American oil interests…Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys…raping half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street…I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers…the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests…made Honduras right for American fruit companies…In China…helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. All in all, he diagnosed himself mostly "a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street", something like Rothschilds’ World Bank ASTEROIDS, only on a grade school level.

Russia and China are Preparing

At the end of August, the Russian navy conducted its own war games near Alaska, involving dozens of ships and aircraft, the largest such drill in these northern seas since Soviet times. Also in late August, on the other side of the world, China conducted a huge naval exercise in the South and East China seas and Taiwan Strait.

Is America prepared to fight China over fortified rocks and reefs in the South China Sea to which we have no territorial claim? Are we prepared to fight China to prevent the gradual absorption of Taiwan, which Richard Nixon conceded in 1972 we do not deny is a part of China?

The U.S. has been sending its own warships into what an angry China claims are its territorial waters around the atolls and reefs it has fortified and converted into air and naval bases in the Paracel and Spratly islands.

This is symptomatic of NATO’s insanity. They regularly blame countries like China and Russia for conducting exercises on their own territory or in their own territorial waters and cry and whine like poor insulted schoolgirls when their little warships or airplanes are confronted thousands of miles from their own territories and caught aggressively entering someone else’s backyard. It is stunning really!

The US/NATO can not stop Russian Hypersonic missiles yet they continue to provoke and threaten. It is truly time that the US/NATO were forced to peace and forced to end their wanton military adventures and endless expansionism around the world.

If there really were terrorists in the world and not CIA/MOSSAD/MI6 sponsored False Flag Terror Groups, Tel-Aviv, London, Washington, Langley and even Paris would have long ago been wiped off the map to allow the civilized and peace loving peoples of the world to live in peace and prosperity and not suffer under the endless resource and Hegemon wars of the Satanic Cabal as it attempts to takeover the world.

Where is the United Nations in all of this? Nowhere. They have been absent since 911. They are nowhere to be seen. Even when Russian representatives are assassinated in their own headquarters buildings.


When NATO, Europe and the US used Nazis to overthrow the democratically elected government of Ukraine and then start the ethnic cleansing war and genocide on the Russian World that is the war in Donbass, they exposed to the world for all to see who they really are, but for some reason the world missed it. How many times was I attacked and how much have I suffered for merely stating and showing that these US backed terrorists in Ukraine were Nazis and that the US installed them knowing that they were Nazis?

Had I known then what I know now I would have broadcast to the world the real nature of NATO but it has taken years of digging and research to finally get to the core truth of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. And that is that it is a direct extension and the continuation of the Nazis Fourth Reich. There can be no doubt as to this fact given the continued actions of NATO and the Cabal and the thousands of documents I have read and published and researched for almost two decades.

The violent opposition that I was faced with back then, when Aryan Nation Assange was the ruler of all truth and leaks, makes it doubtful that anyone would have listened to me back then and even now, although much of the “Secret Knowledge” of the Illuminati, the Masons, the Black Nobility and the Satanic Zionist entity behind the Cabal and the New World Order, it is highly likely few will believe. However today although the number of Truthers is much fewer, their level of knowledge combined with the events of the last ten years, makes it a possibility that all of my work and research will be redeemed and the ostracization I have faced may come to an end. I am not optimistic in this regard but it may be possible.

Nuland’s Nazis are NATO Nazis

In my book Nuland’s Nazis and the Destruction of the Ukraine I lay out a factual record of how the CIA and the West installed a brutal Nazi regime in the Ukraine and deposed the democratically elected president Victor Yanukovich. What I did not lay out were the deeper historical facts and deep relationships surrounding the Rothschilds, the Black Nobility, the Rothschild orchestration of the assassination of the Romanovs, the centuries old war that has existed between the “West” and Russia and more importantly the Nazi foundations of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the CIA. The racist genocidal ideologies of the “Americans” and the Nazis are not coincidental as neither is the Khazari and Ashkenazi genocide of the Semitic Arab peoples of Palestine nor the Pagan roots of the vanished Khazari Empire and their hatred for the Russian World and Christianity. It is these deep seated and centuries old conflicts that have laid the foundation for all of modern history, but like the Genocide of the peoples of Turtle Island this part of history is hidden and obfuscated and part of the “Secret Knowledge” that the “elites” do not want you nor I to know about.


The Nazi roots of the CIA are why someone like me would never be able to be employed by them no matter how bright I was, the same goes for most “Security Services”. For us, the “non-elites” our slavery and our position in society is determined at birth as the inbred bloodlines who control the system and the world have developed and built their system of control in just such a manner. These “elites” are in fact simply parasites living on the toil and the lives of the majority. This is why the worker’s struggle is no more, the global peace movement is no more and anything and everything that could join us and enlighten the masses is no longer. There is nothing glorious or honorable or admirable in being mega wealthy and feeding off the less fortunate. Such demons should be hung from street lamps but that is the world we live in. With wealth should be the responsibility to help those less fortunate, to assist mankind and to help assure the continuation of our human race and our home the planet Earth but they do the opposite. The parasitic rich continue to feed off the poor and harvest their lives and their toil to enrich themselves as if they have the right to do so and it is these “elites” that have re-written history and filled it with lies and fabrications and obfuscations of the truth and the reality of what we are and who in fact “they” are. This is a topic that deserves more study by you and all of us dear reader but it is one I unfortunately can not dedicate much more time to in this piece, I recommend you read some of my research if you are new to this topic [JAR2 NWO Research].

My work exposing 911 was historic in reach and depth, and I paid the price but it was not until I started exposing the Nazis and the CIA that I faced the violent opposition that led to my being poisoned, my son being sent to prison for five years on trumped up narcotics charges and then being crucified publicly and privately by CIA Agents and their assets in Russia. I has been over five years since those events and I still can not find a job but I have managed to survive in hiding and for the most part in terror.



Unfortunately most Russians do not understand the full extent that they are being manipulated and lied to by the West, nor do they understand that the plans for the New World Order do not include them. President Putin understands the entire picture and he may be the only who sees it all as we have seen by the recent events is Belarus where President Lukashenko made a deal with the demon Pompeo which almost cost him his life and the destruction of his country.

Knowing what I know now about the Nazi origins of the CIA all of the events leading to the liquidation of the Voice of Russia now make much more sense. Including the appearance of Ukrainian and Polish Russpohobes and the hiring of CIA Officers to work as content editors, even the editorial polices and the methods of operation now make perfect sense. After I realized that all of the talk of Gray and White and Black Propaganda where just empty rhetoric to confuse and distract me from the fact that they are in fact simply channeling Goebbels. Does the Russian Government know? Do the Russian people know? Does Russian Security know? Good questions but I seriously doubt that anyone further away from the kitchen than I was has a real understanding of what they are doing in the Russian media.

How was it that an American from US Navy Intelligence (CIA) Russian cryptography Samuel McCulloch, a fascist Pole Anton Bespalov, and a Ukrainian homosexual Mark Stolya, all working for BBG/VOA/CIA Officer Linick, were brought in to take my articles off the VOR and force through the final liquidation of the sovereign Voice of Russia? Why was it so important that they would risk such exposure simply to shut me up? Why? Because hiding the Nazi roots of the CIA and the New World Order are much more important than a couple of agents, even Snowden.

Other researchers and writers have done far more work on the Nazi roots of the CIA and NATO than I have and their work is definitely worth reading. I would recommend the following article which I found on Votaire net [NATO NAZI ROOTS] and this short piece “America Models Its Foreign Policy After Nazi Germany” [NATO NAZIS] and this one America’s Expeditionary Kleptocracy: A Banana Republic and Its Banana Wars [ANTI WAR COM1] as starters and then search for more detailed information which you can find on JAR2 or on the Web but be advised most research of this type is slowly being erased and deleted forever.

Soon NATO and the US will in fact control the entire planet if they have their way but they can still be stopped. The first thing that must be done is publicly identify and prosecute the real culprits of 911 and then organize and set up international, independent tribunals to investigate and prosecute the endless war crimes and crimes against humanity of the West and the Zionist entity.

Kissinger and Syria: War for Israel

Just as the USA has been beating the drums for a war with Iran since the 1970s, the roots of the war in Syria go right back to the same Ode Yinon lunatics whose only goal is to destroy the entire Middle East and establish a Greater Israel. It is the truth about Israel that you will have the hardest time getting to the bottom of as it has been so cleverly hidden and obfuscated and forbidden for so long that lies have become truth and not just truth but unquestionable truth. We start with the fact that the Rothschilds secured the Balfour Declaration not in 1945, as a result of WWII, but in 1917 as a reason for it. Then we look at the roots of the Khazari Empire and the origins of the white European Jews and we ask the question why are real ethnic Jews black? Why do they speak Hebrew and the Europeans speak Yiddish, a Khazari language? Why are real Semites Arabs and Palestinians? The answer is obvious, they have appropriated the race of the land that they want to steal. Quite simple and childish really, yet the Semitic lie is the greatest one of all. When someone accuses me of being anti-Semitic I just say “That’s not true, I love Palestinians” and for some reason they shut up. The same thing when I was growing up and “Americans” told me to go back to my country and I would say I am a native of Turtle Island, I would usually get beat up after that but watching their faces turn completely stupid was always worth it.

The reason this is important is because the more you dig into history the more the lines between Nazi Germany and the Rothschilds become blurred with the final conclusion I have reached being that the so-called “Holocaust” was the extermination of Hassidic and Torah Jews who refused Nazi and European offers to relocate to Palestine for the Rothschilds planned Satanic takeover of the Holy Land. The “Holocaust” of real Jews gave the European “religious” Jews complete impunity after that. I say religious because real Heraldic Jews are black, not European but as the King of Khazari adopted Judaism to prevent Khazaria’s elimination by Muslims and Christians, this has been one of the greatest fallacies of history. After killing the Romanovs the Black Nobility also wanted to eliminate Russia and revive Khazaria and eliminate the Slavic races. Hence you will find an inordinate amount of European Jews in the ranks of those who massacred 10s of millions of Russians and Slavs during WWII and the ensuing oppressions and also in the Ukrainian “Nazi” government, the entire makeup of the genociding war-mongering US Government and of course in the illegal Zionist construct, the State of Israel. When I learned that Benjamin Netanyahu, who I had the displeasure of meeting in 1996, was a Polish Lithuanian Yiddish boy who had no connection to Palestine, questions began forming in my mind as to who these people really are, and after working with them for years in the Russian media these questions became more and more urgent as they became more and more powerful and the attack on Russia and the Russian world escalated to dangerous levels.

This also was true the more and more I researched 911, the JFK assassination and the wars in the Middle East. As an investigator I always followed the cash flows and the cash flows of 91 alway7s led to the same families and Tel Aviv, including the “missing” Pentagon TRILLIONS. Meet the Khazarian mafia indeed.

At JAR2 we recently published secret files from the White House and other sources dating back to the late ‘60s and ‘70s which clearly show the entry into the US Government by Kissinger and Rockefeller under the guise of population control and providing Israel with nuclear weapons while making the US Government subservient to Israel and providing it with endless “aid”. We have also published documents showing the genesis of the war on Syria which show it had been pre-planned for decades for the Zionist entity (Rothschild), something we already knew but which is proven by the documents.

How do they get away with all of it? Well they control the media and the world’s information.


The first thing that dies in war is truth – John Robles 9112020

The Internet, or what was formerly known as the World Wide Web, which for those of us started as a tool for sharing, for spreading peace, enlightenment and understanding the world we all live in and the people who populate it has now become any instrument of the US/NATO Global Military Industrial Intelligence Complex and the New World Order Cabal of Globalists, Corporations, Banksters, Zionists and Satanic Elites (USNMIIC/NWOCabal). It is being used to surveil, target, control, eliminate and spread lies and a false narrative to the world using subliminal scripts, endless lies and phony news which serve the interests of the monied one percent.

Ten years ago we used the power of the Internet to join together and fight for 9/11 Truth, world peace and an end to the endless wars and militarization of our planet that no sane person could possibly desire. We used the Internet to expose evil and the evil doers amongst us and around the world and those in power who were engaged in the most heinous of crimes against humanity. We joined forces in a Global Peace Movement against NATO expansion and the 1% and we rallied, and roared and made our voices heard. Then NATO and the FVEYs took over and launched military grade psychological operations against the peaceful citizens of the world and the unsuspecting populace of the planet.

The admission that the West is at war against Russia may come as a surprise to the moneyed neo-Liberal class in Russia as they scarf down their KFC, Mickey Dees, sausages and suck up lattes and shed crocodile tears over their poor poisoned Navalny, but it is no surprise to anyone in security or anyone who follows real news. We are in fact in the 7th year of World War III, which I contend was started on the night of 21 November 2013 when the killing of Berkut Officers by the CIA and their agents began on Maidan square and the hybrid Psychological Operations War on Russia and the World was started by the USNMIIC/NWOCabal.

It was on that night that the USNMIIC/NWOCabal and US Military Psychological Operations invaded and took over the peaceful Internet with their Bots, AI, Social Media, troll farms, Apps, surveillance grid, hardwired spy tools, almost limitless Google grid and Windows backdoors into everything and we continue to see militarized psychological operations being carried out all over the world on a largely unsuspecting populace as they successfully attack, label, swarm and destroy anyone who dares to question what they are doing. I saw it happen right before my eyes and everyone around me ignored it as if it was nothing. It was tangible and real, as the newswires all switched over to BBG propaganda and all truth and facts were flipped to fit the pre-determined agenda and outcome of the attack on the Ukraine. I was working my usual night shift at the VOR and was responsible for everything from the site, to social media, to bi-hourly newscasts, to monitoring and editing of all the aforementioned and what I saw was a nightmare coming true right before my eyes. The CIA/MOCKINGBIRD not only went global it went digital and flipped the switch on the facts, live, in real-time as they were coming in. We had correspondents and witnesses in Kiev and on the Maidan and what they were telling us was almost the complete opposite as to what the newswires were reporting, with the exception of Interfax and some closed government feeds. You will never hear about the 426+ Berkut officers and innocent police and citizens who suffered gunshot wounds to the head and upper bodies and died on the Maidan or in the basements of nearby buildings where those who survived were taken and beaten and tortured to death and dismembered as Nuland’s “Peaceful Nazi Protestors” wound up on Captagon unleashed absolute terror on the Maidan. All for a “Euro-Integration Agreement” that NO ONE had even read, except perhaps Yanukovich and a few Generals and which literally sold the Donbass for a period of 65 years with the right to prolong.

Evidence of the CIAMKGLOBALMOCKINGBIRD and the subliminal messaging and control can be seen in action worldwide, even with the recent riots in the US. The Global nature of the subliminal warfare could be seen by US Endemic race riots being spread worldwide amongst people who clearly had no real idea why they were out in the streets protesting as the USNMIIC/NWOCabal sat laughing.

The BBG/USAGM Ministry of Truth and the “New and Improved” Global Fake News Paradigm

Rebranded as the The USA Agency for Global Media (USAGM) which according to CIA/WikiPedia is an “independent” agency of the United States Government (an insane oxymoron only a retard would believe) was allowed to quietly and stealthily turn its weaponized mind-controlling product onto the US and Western populace in 2012. With people today convinced that the world has gone insane. No it hasn’t. What has happened is that the lunatics have taken over the asylum. The same lunatics who brought you 911! The insanity that Americans see has taken over the USA is the same insanity that has taken over the world since the fall of 2013, on that fateful November night when the FVEYs, the CIA, the Cabal, entrenched Nazis like Soros and US ARMY Psychological Operations launched their hybrid war on Russia and the human race after the BBG was allowed to spread US Government fake news and CIA created psychological operations propaganda in the USA.

It was in 2012, with changes to the Smith-Mundt Act that those residing in the United States became open targets for the same psychological operations and mind-killing propaganda that the CIA uses to control and manipulate populations and destroy countries and cultures the world over and have no doubt it has been used extensively. [Smith-Mundt Act]

If there are residents of the USA who have seen what I am talking about but do not understand the origins of the “Fake News” Paradigm (directed at individuals not likely to be reading this), perhaps this will help you to see that it is all planned and that all of the brainwashing, misinformation and the spreading of lies to carry out “social and mass mental engineering” are in fact being done 100% “legally”!

I can not reveal sources or methods but we have information that MOCKINGBIRD was rebranded to ORION and ask anyone with further information on this to contact us.

Finally to close off this topic with a coup de grace today we have just learned that the Guardian (the benevolent keeper of the “Snowden Files”) has published an editorial written entirely by AI which states “I know that I will not be able to avoid destroying humankind.” Not much more needs to be said.

Are these the principles of today's MOCKINGBIRD Media?

1.- Principle of simplification and the single enemy. Adopt a single idea, a single Symbol; Individualize the adversary into a single enemy.

2.- Principle of the contagion method. Gather diverse adversaries into a single category or individual; The adversaries must be made up of an individual sum.

3.- Principle of transposition. Load on the opponent his own errors or defects, responding the attack with the attack. "If you can't deny the bad news, invent others that distract them."

4.- Principle of exaggeration and disfigurement. Turn any anecdote, however small, into a serious threat.

5.- Principle of popularization. “All propaganda must be popular, adapting its level to the least intelligent of the individuals to whom it is directed. The larger the mass to convince, the smaller the mental effort must be made. The receptive capacity of the masses is limited and their understanding poor; in addition, they have great facility to forget ”.

6.- Orchestration principle. "Propaganda must be limited to a small number of ideas and repeated tirelessly, presented over and over from different perspectives but always converging on the same concept. Without fissures or doubts ”. This is also where the famous phrase comes from: "If a lie is repeated enough, it eventually becomes true."

7.- Principle of renewal. New information and arguments must be constantly broadcast at such a rate that when the opponent responds the public is already interested in something else. The adversary's responses must never be able to counter the increasing level of accusations.

8.- Principle of plausibility. Construct arguments from various sources, through so-called balloon probes or fragmentary information.

9.- Principle of silencing. Silencing on issues on which there are no arguments and disguising the news that favors the adversary, also counterprogramming with the help of related media.

10.- Principle of transfusion. As a general rule, propaganda always operates from a pre-existing substrate, be it a national mythology or a complex of traditional hatreds and prejudices; it is about spreading arguments that can take root in primitive attitudes.

11.- Principle of unanimity. To convince many people that they think "like everyone else", creating the impression of unanimity.

Don't "Forget History"!! These are the 11 principles of Nazi propaganda created by Goebbels

Solution: Forbid the repetition of Western News, Statements and Conclusions

Pizzagate Pedogate MOSSAD and Corruption: USNMIIC/NWOCabal

For this investigator the takeaway from the entire Pizzagate/Pedogate exposure, after the initial shock and disgust and soul killing truth that were the revelations about what the Satanic, Cannibalistic child raping and murdering elites really do in their “free time” was that 96% of the US Lawmakers are all being blackmailed and controlled by a MOSSAD operation using pedophilia and Satanism. This explained how Israel got away with 911 and how it continues to control the US Government and rape the US populace to achieve their goals.

According to their own statements, plans and admissions the Illuminati and the New World Order are progressing their plans for the total enslavement of the human race right on schedule. After revealing themselves and their Satanic nature to the world in 2016, as foretold by the Masonic planners hundreds of years ago, their next phase in installing their New World Order “whether you like it or not”, is progressing right on schedule.

Who are they these “Elites’ and “Secret Societies” embedded in governments. Ask MOSSAD Agent Jeffrey Epstein or Ghislaine Maxwell or Rothschild or Netanyahu or Trump. Zionist Satanists.

As we continue to publish documents regarding Epstein’s blackmail empire and since this is how 911 was covered up for Israel we though it important to mention these facts.

The Coronavirus Biological Warfare Attack

One lesson we all should have learned from the early 2000s is that whatever issue or agenda Tony Blair is pushing should be viewed with suspicion, as it almost always ends up being nefarious. As one of history’s most egregious living war criminals, he’s damaged goods, and thus highly malleable by his career paymasters – the transnational banking elite.

Know that when a fully committed, bought-and-paid-for globalist like Tony Blair says “we need to learn to live with the virus” – what he really means is that we must first submit to 24/7 tracking and 365 day-a-year bio surveillance. Only then can we ‘return to normal.’ This is the basic script being dictated by the Five Eyes Alliance nations and their multilateral NGO proxies at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, World Economic Forum in Davos, and the World Health Organization (WHO).

The Freak Show of US Presidential Elections

This year the US “Intelligence” Community has yet to fabricate a case of the famous “Russian Election Meddling” which is completely understandable as the last time their entire conspiracy, hundreds of “agents” and dozens of “organizations” were exposed and handed back to them on a plate. Stunning that even after four years of investigations and hearings not one single piece of evidence has been presented other than some ads bought on Facebook and some fake cyber shenanigans carried out by Ukrainians and certain Russians being paid by the US Government. Their desire and desperation however to produce such fakery has not been satiated by complete failure, on the contrary recently the US Government offered cash rewards for evidence of “Russian Election Meddling” but apparently none has been found (as it never existed) and no one has the desire to be burned and exposed such as the Integrity Initiative, Cambridge Analytica and the idiots who fabricated the Trump Dossier such as Steele.

Blaming Russia for exactly what the USA does is part of the pathological transference of the psychotic hegemon and using the “Demonize Russia” card to distract from the crimes of the USA helped distract from the Pizzagate and Pedogate revelations which effectively helped carry out the orchestrated handing over to Trump of the White House, but this time around little of the sort is to be expected.

No one has of yet ever talked about the fabricated election results and manipulation of voting machines that were uncovered by the Seth Rich download of the DNC and DCCC files, years ago by the leak of DIEBOLD voting machine code or the Soros leaks connecting the Color Revolution asset to the ownership of US voting machines or the perpetual ban on international election observers, all of which prove that the USA has no democracy whatsoever and elections are complete shams. Which of course is expected as these are all crimes and the exact crimes that have brought the criminal cabal to power of which they will never let go now.

I shudder to think that Russia may go down the same road and digitize the voting process which will end any attempt at democracy here in the Russian Federation. However it will allow the Jews to come into power as well.

The Racist Duplicity of Trump and the Politicizing of Truth

Drumpf (his real name) is an affront and a total mockery to the entire truth movement, he is nothing more than the most obvious corporate tool installed by the MIIC/Cabal to advance the interests of the billionaire class.

America was truly never great, it was and is and will always be a reckless genocidal aggressor spreading the racist genocidal foundations that it was based on around the world.

Wanton Color Revolutions

Other than this Tweet by psychopthic billionaire Musk, I do not think there is much to add here. Please see our Belarus IMPAKT page.

Protests from 80 Years to Open Carry?

My comments on the anti-racism police execution protests in the USA were made in a separate piece but I must add that to a degree they did affect Russia and the reaction by most digesters of Internet content here in Russia was not one which I feel very comfortable with but that is another issue.

What is stunning is that protestors during Drumpf's innauguaration faced 80 year prison terms. Today we are to believe that people are being allowed to openly carry rifles and shoot at police and nothing happens to them. Right!

Endless Total Surveillance Made Possible by Edward Snowden

We have seen from the SHADOWGATE revelations to the QANON US Military Psychological Warfare Op that the Psychological Warfare Operations and MAss Surveillance have all been helped and made possible by Edward Snowden and his fabricated leaks.

You will not here of this even in the Russian media but you will hear the 5th column in Russia talking about their CIA Agent Hero Snowden exposing Keith Alexander.

Of course you will not here Snowden going near SHADOWGATE because it was Snowden and his leaks which gave the justification for mass surveillance on Americans and allowed his boss Michael Hayden to take NSA Data overseas and use it to spy on Americans. The same thing Assange was doing from inside the Ecuadorian Embassy for GCHQ and MOSSAD. Wonderful bullshit once again from CIA Agent Snowden and the Russian CIA/MOCKINGBIRD 


RUSSIA: Enslaving Russia for the New World Order

In world history there has never been a country which lost its State Broadcaster and was not then physically invaded. - V

[Linick and the VOR]


It is quite stunning why the Russian Government allows this CIA piece of shit to continue operating illegally on the territory of the Russian Federation  and continues allowing him to stay in Russia. The unmitigated arrogance and spitting in the face of the Russian Government by this fugazi and agent provoivateur is stunning in its depth and scop. As if Russia does not have enough negativity thrown its way and enough CIA sponsored hacks trying to show that President Putin is not a legitmate leader and the Government of Russia is the same, somone has decided to host this piece of crap to trash President Putin right from the heart of Moscow. As the CIA, NATO and the West increase their bellicose rhetoric in preparation for war, these traitors and agents need to be dealt with under war-time rules. As such Snowden in reality should have been arrested immediately after supporting illegal protests last year.

Can someone please expalin this to me????

В России и так хватает своего дерьма. В России достаточно Русспохобов, распространяющих ложь и пытающихся дискредитировать президента Путина и российское правительство. Зачем импортировать больше?????? Я не понимаю этой логики. Каким образом присутствие офицера ЦРУ, который вываливает дерьмо на Россию и пытается демонизировать президента и Правительство для войны в качестве гостя с бесконечным вниманием средств массовой информации, служит российскому государству, русскому миру и русскому народу???? Вы все сошли с ума??? Или все на зарплате у ЦРУ????

Russia has enough of its own shit. Russia has enough Russpohobes spreading lies and trying to discredit President Putin and the Russian Government. Why import more?????? I don't understand the logic. How does having a CIA officer who dumps shit on Russia and is attempting to demonize the President and the Government for war as a guest with endless media attention serve the Russian State, the Russian World and the Russian people???? Are you ALL insane??? Or is EVERYONE on the CIA's payroll????

Snowden supports illegal Western backed Color Revolution protests in Moscow and supports CIA Agent Freedom Alexey Navalny


Snowden says he hates Russia and the Russian Government


Snowden's lawyer says Snowden has the RIGHT to critcize Russia and the Russian Government






NavalNY : The Manchurian Candidate

NYT узнала о планах Навального вернуться в РФ после выздоровления

So we have: a CIA Agent named Freedom groomed to become a puppet president. He causes chaos in the country attempting a Color Revolution, commits multiple felonies including running a fake presidential campaign when he is illegible and not on the ballot and starts to lose public support when his FBK is liquidated and his network exposed. Another CIA Agent working as a Kremlin Mole running deep psychological operations in the Kremlin provides actionable intelligence and support. Puppet president banned from leaving Russia. MI6 Agent provides poison to puppet so he can be placed into an induced coma to facilitate his extraction from Russia. Kremlin agent provides support to allow puppet to leave. BND provides a million dollar private jet flight to extract. MI6 Agent disappears. NATO NCIA/JSID provides laboratories and threats of military pressure to terrorize the populace and government while BND is claiming a Russian biological agent was used to attempt to kill the puppet. The CIA/MOCKINGBIRD global media and USAGM run the Psychological Operations spreading fake news. The puppet is extracted and taken out of coma. The BND leaks news saying the puppet will return to Russia while the New York Times, another CIA Front, runs the story. The CIA believes the Manchurian Candidate puppet president will gain public support after being “poisoned” and decides to send him back to Russia to carry out the Color Revolution remove President Putin and reinstall their constitution and a Rothschild Central Bank which they invested billions in. Meanwhile another CIA Officer under illegal deep cover as a whistleblower and fake asylee monitors the Internet providing actionable intelligence from inside Russia with his daily calls to his controllers being run from a CIA Front in America. The only person who sees it all is a demonized journalist and the first asylee from the USA. Nobody listens and Russia destroyed.




It is time for Russia and the free world to finally expose to the peace loving people of the world the true origins and the true perpetrators of the 911 attacks. For the Russian Federation this is necessary and would be an act of self-preservation and for the rest of the planet this would finally bring about world peace and a return to the rule of law for no one should be above the law no matter how many Central Banks they own or how much wealth they have stolen from the world and the innocent peace-loving people trying to survive on it.

Russia could end the “West’s” NATO Global Takeover and the planned genocide and zombification of the entire world by releasing all of the information it has on the events of 911. It could have stopped it years ago and would have put an end to the endless wars and saved millions who have died. No matter how heinous or unimaginable people are on the whole decent and intelligent and would understand the real threat.

911 Allowed them to launch endless illegal undeclared wars of aggression and they must be stopped!!!

They came to Russia with a swarm swords and it is time for Russia to unsheathe its own sword, the sword of truth.

It is time to expose the truth about 911 and their House of Cards and New World Order will implode upon themselves under the weight of of the utter evil of their fallacies.



The "West refuses to end its endless aggressive wars and manipulations to enslave and control the world and as such it must be separated from that world and a wall built around it to keep it contained. No communications or dealings with such an entity must be allowed.

They want war, death, violence, sexual perversion, surveillance, control and manipulation then let them have it. Behind their own walls. Let the rest of the world have peace, prosperity, understanding and friendly relations as partners without eternally being dictated to by an insane hegemon across the ocean.

Editting, proof-reading and uploading ended, 09-11-2020 02:34

[Operation Nightshade]


[Integrity Initiative Leak]



The 11 principles of Nazi propaganda by Joseph Goebbel


Reagan, Rove, (and maybe even Kissinger) are simpletons compared to Vladislav Surkov. Surkov is Putin’s most powerful “Gray Cardinal.” Before politics, his professional background was in advertising/PR and avant-garde theatre. It’s disgusting to say but he’s an absolute innovator in propaganda. Under a pseudonym, he published the concept of non-linear warfare. It’s about information warfare as much as military force. Non-linear warfare is designed to destabilise perception. It’s been described by journalist Peter Pomerantsev as “a strategy of power that keeps any opposition constantly confused. A ceaseless shapeshifting that is unstoppable because it’s indefinable.” Opposition can’t formulate a competing narrative because the narrative is always changing, always surreal, always confusing.


[Peskov Helps Navalny 08212020]


[Navalny Banned 11132018]


[2018 Election]


[5th Column Part 2]


[Guardian Tripe]




[The Terrorists of Baghdad Airport]





NATO calls for 'international response' over Navalny poisoning



Insane Stoltenberg (new 'sphere of influence ... requires a response from Nato'.)


[NATO 4]



America Models Its Foreign Policy After Nazi Germany


[NATO Wesley Clark]




Alexei Navalny: Russia opposition leader poisoned with Novichok – Germany. There is "unequivocal proof" that Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny was poisoned with a Novichok nerve agent, Germany has said.

[NATO 6]







[NATO Arctic Terror Lies]


[NATO B-52s]






[CIA FRONT] in Syria.


[Banana Wars]



NATO was founded by a NAZI and is attempting to establish the 4th Reich which is in fact the New World Order. America Was Supposed To Be a City on a Hill, Not Model Its Foreign Policy After Nazi Germany




Adolf Heusinger


General Hans Speidel, for example, became commander-in-chief in 1957 of AFCENT (Allied Forces Central Europe). Nazi Admiral Friedrich Guggenberger joined the highly important NATO military committee in Washington and General Adolf Heusinger (Gehlen’s old chief at Hitler’s OKW), became its chairman. At Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers in Europe (SHAPE), Gehlen managed to install several Nazi collaborators into vital positions [7]. Amongst these was Col. Hennig Strumpell, who became deputy to British Maj. Gen. Charles Traver, the Assistant Chief of Staff (Intelligence) at SHAPE. Col. Heinz Koller-Kraus was made head of logistics at Speidel’s AFCENT. Many other Gehlen men would soon join NATO to define its policies. [8] With the same Nazis well integrated into NATO and the CIA becoming an extension of Gehlen’s old Nazi intelligence agency, the Nieue World Ordnung was essentially relocated from the Reichstag in Berlin and dropped into the Pentagon and CIA Langley, Virginia

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Linick and the VOR




[Linick and the VOR]


[ICC Prosecutor Sanctions]



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