Companies and Bodies Discriminating Against Refugees/Asylees in the Russian Federation and Internationally

The Corporation, Synthetic American Liberalism and Asylum in Russia


Life is short even for the most resilient of humans and mine too will pass in what I fear will be the not-too-distant-future. Whether naturally or whether they finally get to me and I am sucided my life is finite. I never asked to be brought onto this horrendous primitive and backward planet and have tried all of my life, with all my strength and with all of the means I have had at my disposal, to make a change that would benefit humanity, my children and my people amongst whom I include Russians with whom we share the same DNA and since my children are all half Russian.

Being the only person from Turtle Island "America" with asylum in the Russian Federation and in all likelihood the world, and having survived with this "status" for over a decade (4955 days as of this writing 06-249-240241), it is a fact that my experience must be documented for legal, academic and historical purposes, even if the "common" people scoff at me, hate me and attempt to marginalize and minimize myself as a person and the absolute hell I have had to live through in attempting to normalize my "status" and be recognized as a human being. 

Embedded Synthetic American Liberalism: A Parasite Sucking the Life, Wealth and the Knowledge Out of the Russian People and the Russian State

During my years with asylum it has been the US installed and cultivated neo-Liberal forces and agents who have done the most damage to myself and my family.

The List

Given that a person with asylum is supposed to enjoy the same privileges and rights as a Russian citizen all of the companies and firms listed below are in violation of Russian law with regard to refugees and asylees and those who are discriminating due to adherence or pandering to Western laws or political positioning in their discrimination under sovereign Russian law can thus be categorized as foreign agents and are in fact operating in the Russian Federation in violation of Russian Law and the Russian Constitution under which they can be charged with criminal offenses and administrative violations. 

International Bodies Discriminating Against Asylees in the Russian Federation

Through inactivity, covert counter measures or outright open enmity, the following bodies and organizations have failed, and in several cases done more damage to, me and my family.

Lawyers and Legal Services

The Court System and Legal Protections

Police Services and Reporting Crimes


Medical Care


Family Services, Legal Protections

Social Assitance and Services


Banking and Financial Services

Alpha Bank



Driving and Owning a Car in Russia

Automobile Services 

Travel Services

Specialized Internet Services





General Internet Services