August 27, 2015

My name is John Anthony Robles II. On Saturday August 15, 2015 I renounced any citizenship I may still have in the United States of America in an interview I gave to a film crew loosely connected with the Night Wolves motorcycle activists and the Anti-Maidan movement. across the street from the US Embassy in Moscow Russia.

I then did the same on August 22, 2015 very loudly and publically in front of thousands of spectators at the Bike Show in Sevastopol, Crimea, Russian Federation. This was also broadcast live to millions of viewers in Crimea and across the Russian Federation.

Statement: “In protest of the killing of civilians in Novorossiya and worldwide, the continued attempt to establish global hegemony by the US and against the treatment of all indigenous people: I, John Anthony Robles II being of sound mind and of my own free will, renounce any ties and or citizenship which I may still have or have in the future with the United States of America. I also understand the gravity and seriousness of this statement and do so with clear conscience.”

The main reason I am doing so is to protest the activities of the United States in Ukraine and the ongoing killing of civilians in Novorossiya by the Ukrainian junta government which was installed and is being supported by the United States. 

Another reason is the complete and total manipulation of the world’s medias that the United States and the CIA are involved in and which is painting a picture of a reality that does not exist. The reality is that the United States of America, through its proxies and puppets, is occupying and has annexed Ukraine. In fact there are reports that the entire territory of Donbass has been sold to the US for a period of 65 years. This is the same territory being “cleared” of civilians by the junta government. The destruction of infrastructure, the murder of civilians and the use of illegal armed formations to do so is standard practice for the CIA in taking over territory and in making it “useable”.

Occupations and annexations are never ever to the benefit of the occupied or the annexed. I am talking about real annexations and occupations not the fantasized occupation of Crimea that the US is endlessly talking about to cover up the fact that they have in fact in front of the eyes of the world occupied yet another country and to allow them to manipulate markets and steal billions through the use of sanctions.

The United States is the only country in the world which continues to engage in aggressive wars and illegally overthrowing governments and occupying country after country for the resources and to steal the wealth and has blinded the world and obfuscated their crimes with terms like “humanitarian intervention” and “democracy” so well and so completely that the citizens of the world have been mulled into a state of blindness or comatose indifference. It is time and in fact time is long overdue for the world to wake up.

At the beginning the idea came to me as perhaps an extreme solution to a problem I have been dealing with for the last eight years if not in fact for the last 20.

I had the misfortune of being born in a country that was annexed and occupied by the United States and in being an American Indian a people whom said government continues to engage in genocide against.

I have had political asylum in Russia for 8 years now and my US Passport (and thus citizenship) was revoked in 2007. I renounced my citizenship in fact in the 1990s however due to the way the United has formulated the process of renouncing citizenship, namely entering the US Embassy, which I can not do, they have successfully left me in limbo. Therefore a public renunciation is all I have.

In order to bring about some form of catharsis for myself and my family, to protest the secret annexation of Ukraine and the continuing seemingly endless genocide taking place in Novorossiya against civilians whose only crime is speaking and being Russian and finally to attempt to bring attention to their plight (a plight which all citizens of the world are being lied to about by the Western media), I have decided to publicly renounce any and all links that I may still have to the United States of America...

Finally I had wanted to ask President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin to grant me Russian citizenship as I have lived in Russia for 20 years and have always supported him.

When I returned home I was informed by Alibra School that I am now unemployed. If you can help financially please send any sum to my Sberbank Visa 4276 3800 4476 1661.

You can read more about me on my site at www.jar2.com. Thank you.