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The Case of Asylum in Russia

Rule of Law is Dead and Gone

There Can Be No Justice for the Indian

25 Years of Hell - 11-26-2021

UN Case Number - ##207C00511

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Corporation ID CIA Case Number ### ##8-08-7283 

Article 14 of the UDHR grants the right to seek and enjoy asylum from persecution. This right, in addition to the right to leave one's own country (Article 13), and the right to nationality (Article 15).


I fought the CIA's 5th Column as they attempted a coup.

"If you support President Putin you are in the opposition here." (Rossiya Sevodnya). - Dimitry Kisilev (USSD Oligarch/Propagandist)

"Your articles? We will fabricate a criminal case against you." - Sergey Sayenko (ex-SVR) General


Articles6802 Jar2

Article for the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin

JAR2 Visitors, the Indian Nations and Citizens of the World


Personal Message and Note: This section concerns internal Russian issues and problems and is meant to defend myself against actions that are leading to my death and liquidation in real-time. Given the absence of an adequate response (no response whatsoever) by the authorities who task it is to deal with the issues covered I am being provoked into writing this article by those who will then attempt to use it to demonize me further and finish the liquidation of myself and my family that was already started by agents of the USA/UK working in the Russian Government and the Russian media.

After seeking to normalize my status last August, after 25 years living in Russia and facing a wall of corruption, I contacted the proper Russian authorities to deal with the issue(s) involved. It is now November 29, 2021, meaning 3 months have passed and I have received no answer or response whatsoever, not even a letter stating that the issues I brought up were denied. They have taken the tactic of simply ignoring me in the hopes that I will soon just die or disappear.

Before revealing the full facts and publishing my correspondence with the aforementioned authorites including the Kremlin, I will give them a little more time to finally respond as my next steps are based on that response. If they respond adequately then the issue will not be touched upon any further here or anywhere else publicly which is how I thought would be best to handle it. I do not seek nor do I want publicity and I will not be speaking to the media regarding the issue as they have proven to be agents of the West and liars. If within the near future I receive no response then I will proceed in one manner, which includes revealing all of the details here. If I receive an inadequate response then I will proceed in another manner which may include the release of my insurance file. Since they can no longer tell me that they will hurt my son my hands are no longer tied in what I will be publishing. Yes this message is for you, the operators of the corrupt CIA shadow government in Russia. I know you surveil and track me and target me, I have known it for a very long time, you just keep on doing what you're doing. That Viber thing was cool. - Author

December 1, 2021 01:18 Aaaaaand an answer within 24 hours. Except the answer was not an adequate one. So we go with plan C.

Rather than trying to assist refugees and those who need their help, they only look for reasons to do nothing or to demonize the refugee more. Their only apparent goal and order is to NOT help refugees and asylees and make their issues unresolvable.

Meanwhile you may download my insurance file, the password to which will be released when and if they make their final move to erase me.

How much has the CIA paid to silence JAR2? What have they threatened Russia with?


Date: November 26, 2021


Background - Brief History and Who I Am

January 18, 2022 - Due to my intelligence activites which put a big target on me, open threats, my poisoning, the events that occurred at the VOR and in Lubertsy and the fabricated destruction of my son's life and because I truly love my children I do not have any contact with my children. I have had to sacrifice contact with my family and a normal life to continue to publish the material I publish and expose the monster that is the CIA and Western Intelligence. Any intelligence officer will understand my sacrifice. Two of my children are Muscovites and I attempted to secure Russian citizenship for my two American born children who also had asylum, citizens 2 and 3 but that failed and John (citizen 2) is now in the USA having rotted in a Russian prison colony for 5 years and Kayla (citzen 3) has joined him there. My daughter in the upper right corner was never documented as mine to keep her off the grid and my daughter Varvara has a new "father" and family and I am not allowed contact upon threat of fabricating a criminal case against me and forcing me to live in a basement where I will come up with brilliant ideas until I die. I can never see my children again and due to her failure to obtain citizenship and normalize her status my daughter Kayla hates me and has taken the same position against me as the zombified haters.   

I wish that Bobby Fisher had had a blog. - John Robles

President Putin could grant me citizenship in 2 seconds. - John Robles

25 years is a long time, for some it is a lifetime.

Best wishes to you and yours and may you never be faced with what I have been through at the hands of the Government and the Corporation of the United States of America acting as the country of the United States of America illegally occupying the central part of the continent of North America, previously known as Turtle Island, after violating all treaties and agreements with the Sovereign Nations and committing genocide on the sovereign peoples and natives of the continent.

As a representative of the Mohawk Nation, the 50 chiefs of the Iroquois confederacy and all allies of the Anishnabe, Cree, Micmac, Algonquin, Delaware, Wendat and Wampanoa Nations and one of the few remaining Tainos I believe it is important that while you read this article you do not forget that my struggle, first and foremost, is the Indigenous Struggle of all indigenous peoples around the world who have been eradicated and destroyed, for it is because of who I am and my refusal to hide who I am, that I have been forced down the road I have had to take. Forced because it is in my Taino DNA not to surrender to the enslavement of the invaders and since this is in my genetic coding there is absolutely no option for me other than fighting the imperial genociders.

See: http://www.jar2.com/Topics/Indian_Nations_Letter_to_Putin.html

 Due to the decades-long covert campaign and the millions upon millions spent by the US/UK Governments to destroy me and my family and silence and erase me and my family's struggle, all of my journalistic and investigative work (both on JAR2, the Internet and the liquidated Voice of Russia World Service) and in fact my very existence, from history and the public discourse and decades of attempts to damage me in Russia which were successful to a degree, it is understandable that this article will be shadow blocked everywhere and no mention of it or me will be allowed anywhere by the global corporate CIA Mockingbird FVEY/NATO/Zionist information web but I am have chosen to write and publish it anyway. No less important is the fact that the Western Agents inside of Russia proper, who monitor my site and carry out the deletion of references to me or JAR2 24/7, will try to use it in order to damage me here by taking anything negative I say about the conditions and parameters I am forced to exist under and use them to try to say I am against Russia. This can not be further from the truth, I love Russia with all of my heart and soul and have served her for most of my adult life and will continue to do so.    


Right to Self Defense

All of that said, operating under the premise and with the full moral and legal position that I have the basic human right to defend myself and my very existence, I have chosen to go on with this article as a preventive measure against machinations against me (by US/UK controlled individuals operating in and/or influencing the Russian Government), to ensure my liquidation and/or rendition, to ensure that I am never able to normalize my status in Russia and to in the end facilitate the closure of JAR2 and silence me forever.   

See the public record kept on the JAR Blog at: http://www.jar2.com/INDEX.HTM

Evidence of these operations against me and JAR2 are kept on the site and are in fact ongoing as recent attempts to erase my existence (they call it cancel now) continue to this day: evidenced by CIA controlled Wikipedia deleting a page about me and YouTube continuing to censor vidoes I uploaded years ago even though I have not been active on their site since at least 2016. I have been banned for life from Twitter and censored/banned on YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, RuTube, LiveJournal and Blogger, and my journalistic work continues to be deleted and erased everywhere where it had been.

According to members of the Russian Security Services the State Department and US/UK Agents operating inside Russia will first erase me and then facilitate my rendition or liquidation when everyone has fogotten about me. In 2014 this included my poisoning (when I lay on the floor for three days coughing up blood and almost died) and a plan to get me onto the territory of the US Embassy where I would be rendered into a trunk and taken to a CIA Black Site in Ukraine. Thank God that someone in the know tipped me off and I was able to stop that. These are the kinds of things that I have had to live with for the last 25 years, while at the same time trying to continue to live and exist as a normal human being and a regular person.   


November 26, 1996 - 25 Years in Russia: An Objective Analysis

What I Have Been Through in 25 Years and Why it Matters

The facts are sad and speak for themselves: Russia has no interest or is unable to fully protect asylees.

While the genocide of the Russian people continues as they become more and more Westernized on the US/UK model and as the sicknesses of class superiority, immoral capitalism (business) for the sake of capitalism, technological fascism, eradication of language and culture, sexual perversion, genetic fascism, government tyranny and moral depravity are synthetically being superimposed onto the Russian World in the name of business and globalism for the Corporation, the once endemic fabricated Anglo-Saxon imperial beliefs of racial superiority supported by the Vatican which "allowed" them to commit genocide on all of the peoples of the "New World", in myriad and disgusting ways, is spreading like a cancer into the heart of Slavic culture and the moral fabric that once made the Russian and Soviet Worlds a moral beacon for the "lesser monied" masses of the planet yearning to breathe free from the Yankee hegemon.  

In the light of the fact that I am an ethnic minority and one of the last of my kind, the issues of asylum and refugee status and the arbitrary persecution I have been a victim of take on a whole entirely different meaning than would a simple asylum case (if one could be called simple). The fact that it is because of Russia that I had to seek asylum in the first place should have made a difference to someone here but it is a fact that has been ignored by small officials interested only in obtaining lucre from any side and it is because of my ethnicity that I have been denied any kind of relief in normalizing my status. In Russia this means the receipt of an internal Russian passport which has become necessary with the further digitization of everything inside Russia which does not recognize my current document as I am the only one possessing such.

Those digitizing everything do not recognize asylum nor the documents given nor Russian law nor the poor people who possess such documents even though it is a very special and important status. Thus I maintain that the "West" keeps their bloody claws dug into Russia and continues meddling in internal Russian affairs. The fact that MVD and many Russian sites use American SSL certificates which send a page hit call every time their sites are accessed and allow for the SSL authority to access all confidential communications, namely the CIA and NSA, is something that should be troubling for anyone interested in security but nothing has been done.    

I do not know exactly what kind threats, measures or levers have been pulled in regard to my "case" by the CIA, but it is clear that they are functional enough to ensure that I will never be allowed to normalize my status here in Russia and live like a normal person. Not only has the CIA been successful in destroying my family and got away with an attempted murder on me when I was poisoned in the offices of Dimitry Kisilev and no investigation has ever been conducted, but they continue to control and pull levers in the citizenship section of MVD.

For the young and those who have never heard of me or are new to JAR2:

25 years is a long time, for some it is a lifetime.

You have probably have never heard of me but you certainly have heard of the fakes that millions were spent promoting so that you would never learn about me. Those two other media promoted “whistleblowers” whose Limited Hangouts distracted the world from the real truth and the real crimes of NATO, Israel and the “West” that I was exposing on JAR2 and the VOR, in order to protect their “security”, especially anything regarding 911 and the real perpetrators of that horrific event. I am the real Asylee, the real journalist and the real “leaker” and they will do anything to make sure you never hear about me or my whistleblowing or journalistic work in exposing the crimes of the imperial global criminal cabal or the horrific inhuman treatment I have received and that they have gotten away with because of my race and who and what I am.

Right from the start I have to say that it has taken me a long time to finally get down to writing this. I have always been bad at defending myself and writing about the things that I am going through although I have tried to keep a historical record on my site. Perhaps it is not so much that I am bad at defending myself but the fact that nobody cares and I know right from the start that people in today’s world have been programmed to be suspicious and to simply turn off from autobiographical tales and pleas for help. In that regard I will say this: what is contained in the following pages/text is not a tale but a retelling of facts all supported by evidentiary material, circumstantial evidence and consequential events, nor is it a plea for help, as I have long understood that there is no one on this wretched planet who will ever grant me the simple assistance that I needed to live a normal life. That life is almost at an end and 25 years have passed with no help provided.

I did not ask to be placed on this planet run by primitive barbaric narcissistic bloodthirsty greedy elites, nor did I ask nor want to be uprooted from my birthplace on an idyllic tropical island and my native sovereign land to be programmed and raised by the descendants of lying, dirty, genocidal Anglo Saxon lunatics and now that my mother has passed on to a better place I can finally talk about things that would have torn her apart had she known.

25 years is a long time and I know that had I been born white and privileged (being the son of a doctor and minister was not enough) the problems that brought me to where I am today would have been resolved in a couple of months.


Whistleblowing on Child Trafficking and CPS

I am not going to retell my life story, I have written enough and detailed everything factually in an almost one thousand page secret report called my insurance file and here on my blog and in the public domain but since you may have never heard of me dear reader I fell I must at least briefly go into the chain of events that led to my leaving the USA forever. The erudite love to refer to the banality of evil and in reality the events that led to my 26 years and counting of permanent exile were truly and completely banal in nature but that is how institutionalized racism and genocide works dear reader. After I was: almost denied entry back into the USA from Canada while driving a company owned 18 wheeler purely because of my color: left a single father with a two year old and six month old baby; nearly beaten to death in the streets of York Pennsylvania; the victim of a house burning by the KKK; specifically targeted by CPS to destroy my life and get my children and finally accused of working for the Russians and having all my property seized on the day a Grand Jury I myself called was supposed to convene regarding, at the time, what I thought was simply Federal fraud at CPS Woodland, California I left the USA forever and sought asylum in Belize Central America, Cuba and Mexico.

I did not know at the time that CPS was attempting to traffic my children or that it was all connected to the CIA and the Finders. After all I myself had been the subject of experiments by the CIA and my own father who was a Professor at the University of California and a pathological shop-lifter and professional dispenser and user of psychotropic substances of every kind and who had given me to an experimental State Home called Sunrise House in Fresno California after he had administered some substance on me that caused me to hallucinate and then sent me out into the street where I witnessed gorillas walking around and had what they called a psychotic break, great dad that one. This was after he had sent me to Puerto Rico ("for Christmas" but was in fact supposed to have been a one way ticket) when I was 11 and where I mastered the Spanish language, martial arts and was introduced into the art of Remote Viewing. Then there were the sex games he and his sick German wife made me and my sister play, something I only remembered after going through severe stress in 2015 and something which would have killed my real mother had she found out. The self-sterilized Taino who told me never say I am Indian and changed my name to John when I was 6 and who used his children in experiments and to write a Doctoral thesis on Environment vs. DNA.



According to a WikiPedia page which was NOT deleted:

John Anthony Robles II is a Taino Indian born in Puerto Rico. In 2007 under false pretenses his US Passport was revoked and he was left stateless in Russia. John worked for the Russian Government and was granted asylum along with his two US born American children. John left the US in 1995 after attempting to expose CPS child trafficking and initiating the formation of a Grand Jury. On the day the Grand Jury was to convene with Robles providing testimony John was detained but not charged and accused of working for the KGB and the Russians. He was forced to leave the US with his children of whom he had full custody and to seek asylum.[23] Robles was a correspondent, newsreader and political commentator for the Voice of Russia and quoted worldwide "Romney and his promise of 'Republican hell'". Foreign Policy.

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_people_granted_asylum

10 Years a Million Miles, the KKK, Racial Discrimination Lawsuits and Strange Accidents

After dropping out of University at the age of 18, which I had started at 15 and working in a convalescent hospital where they forced old people to stay alive in vegetative states as long as possible to keep collecting lucre I entered a technical school and learned the art of super 8 tractor trailering, at 23 officially starting that profession and going on to be a driver trainer and logging a million accident free miles over ten years. I could not stand being around people nor working with a boss breathing down my next and as I had travelled all my life (moving 14 times to different states and Canada by the time I was 11) this profession was perfect for me, and I even made a good salary culminating in hauling secret government freight, marrying the wife of my dreams, buying a house and starting my own freight company and learning two languages on the road…

Then one day after years of strange and suspicious near fatal events, several racial discrimination lawsuits which I won, starting a family and buying a house and starting a business in Pennsylvania, it all fell apart completely and I entered university to learn Russian so I could be a translator and be at home and take care of my kids since I had become a single father.

Learning Russian and KGB Accusation in 1995

Why Russia?

November  22, 1995


Mexico, Cuba and Belize

Before November 26


Identification as an American Indian Rather than a Spaniard

For the racists who continue to believe it is okay to kill me.

The genocide of the Indigenous population of the United States of America and their "territories" has never stopped. Today that genocide is being carried out with Covid, through digitization and subversive methods manipulating everything from economic instruments to the provision of electricity. As with the more visible Arab and African genocides where the Corporation has literally bombed their countries in the Middle Ages, the USA keeps the Indigenous populations isolated and deprived of the most basic needs in the modern world. With me it is a document, at the beginning it was my salary to support my children. We can not forget that it was in fact IBM whose original plan of a database of unwanted Jews who refused to move to Palestine exposed their real working, so it is no coincidence the Eugenicist Bill Gates is now on the forefront of the modern vaccine genocide of non-white peoples, including and most importantly of course Indigenous populations which the Queen of England and the same Nazi freaks who gave the planet Hitler want wiped from the Earth.    

The history with Dr. Cornelius Rhodes in Puerto Rico should have been investigated further but of course with the investigative bodies under the control of the Corporation this never happened as all other investigations have never happened, 911, the Russia Project, Ukraine etc. The takeaway from the Rhodes letters for the majority was that a US army doctor was a racist bent on exterminating Puerto Ricans. Yes on the surface this was true. However the real takeaway should have been that it was the CIA behind Rhodes and that he was just obeying the orders in his chain of command fulfilling the plan of the genocide of the Indigenous population of Boriken in order to keep it in line with the fabricated reality that the US Government put forward that the Taino were extinct and it is an obvious take away that perhaps only an Indigenous person can see, that it is the CIA (sharp end of the stick) responsible for the current genocides in the Middles East and Eastern Europe and the genocide of Russians that was hidden by the 1990s "Date with America" that Russians are very well aware of.

Thus we come to the final real hardcore and true hidden reason for the existence of JAR2 and why some little Puerto Rican kid has been exposing the CIA for decades in the Russian Federation on an "unknown" site and why it is a resource that must be protected. Did you miss the point? Am I being too cryptic? Sorry. The Russia Project (and we could generalize this as "Westernization" in general) is a project to carry out the genocide of the Russian people ala "thinkers" like Aryan Rand, as are all of the genocides in the Middle East and in Palestine, all a continuation of the American Indian genocides. These "projects" are handled by the CIA and the "Intelligence" agencies of the FVEY countries. Yes an Anglo-Saxon takeover of the world for the Queen sans the Vatican whose cut they want to take. And what my dear reader is the best way to protect yourselves (be you an individual, an organization, a state or a country) from a secret genocide? That's easy. By exposing the genociders, in other words the agents and instruments of the genociders. In other words exposing the CIA. Now, had I come out 20 years ago and said "the USA/NATO/CIA wants to kill all Russians like they killed all Indians, no one would have listened! Now with the Covid (DNA virus) GENOcide and the obvious ongoing genocide in the Donbass, for that is what it is in reality, perhaps people will understand the real reason I have posted things like CIA Agent lists on my site. To identify and thus protect the world from genocidal lunatics.

Linguistically Russia has a loopback language (like those of the Indigenous people of the Americas) and thus Russians are programmatically more fit to survive in harmony with nature and the world as are the Chinese and Arabs, whereas the Anglo Saxon rigid linear linguistic programming does not interact with the future (or the past) or the reality of the world in the same way but makes the Anglo thinker rigid in their programmatically contrived views of the world where truth and the future not important and which makes them unconsciously attempt to force their contrived reality on nature and the world we ALL live in. (more on this later)    


The Internet - WikiLeaks/Hawkins-Assange/Greenberg-Snowden

Security for the Corporation - The Finders/The Old Boys and the IMF



2007 and the End of My US "Citizenship"


In the photo you can see the damage to my face after I

detained one of the Ukrainians who stole my US passport.

This passport was issued in Moscow in 1998 and Cancelled in 2007.

The photo was taken several hours after the man I detained attacked me

in the Ryzansky police department at about one in the morning.

The reason given by Burns for illegally revoking my passport was that I owed child support

for the same children over whom I had full custody and was raising in Russia.

The real reason is below:

CIA Black Operation Cancels Me and the Moscow Station Chief Becomes the Director of the CIA

William Burns who told me close my "fucking" site

 as he revoked my US Passport and then handed it back to me. Time has told the tale.

System Wide Failure of Russian Refugee System and Recommendations

We are people just like you and we sought asylum for the protection it was supposed to have offered, not to make ourselves some sort of involuntary participants in a sick and twisted real-world-version of the Hunger Games and open targets for anyone to do anything to us. That is the reality. Such is also the case of the thousands of Afghans and others who have tried to live in Russia and have had to leave because the system is broken and undeveloped and there is no one who is attempting to improve it or develop especially in the area of providing basic human rights and assistance to this vulnerable class of people.

This is a factual fact-finding report which I hope will be used by the Government of the Russian Federation to improve the primitive and broken post-Soviet system that is in place today so that no one else ever has to go through what I have spent the better part of my adult life going through.

In the following points I will details the system errors and provide my own personal witness accounting of the point in question. It is my hope that officials who are responsible for policies will someday read this and understand that their actions have very serious consequences, especially for the most vulnerable among us.

Each point will contain a simple remedy or solution to the problem. This report is being designed to help the asylee in question and to assist the officials responsible in modernizing and perfecting the system, if of course the will is there.

The asylum system used to be run by the Federal Migration Service and while there were serious issues with the system those working in it at least had some background in international affairs, relations and were well versed on the laws concerning refugees. Given the abuses by corrupt officials and failures in administration the asylum system was transferred to MVD along with the citizenship system which they now have control over. Few if any are the countries in the world where the asylum system in run by the police. It is more than odd that people fleeing persecution internationally are being dealt with by internal police bodies, who sadly view refugees not as people who need assistance and protection but a nuisance and unwanted part of society that is lower than the lowest. Except for a few inspectors who have known me from the beginning this is the attitude that we are faced with. This is important because it is that attitude that dictates how they apply rules and procedures that are in fact contradictory to the law on refugees. 


25 Years - Attempting to Exist with Asylum in the Russian Federation. Stuck in a Cube-Like Catch 22

Note: Each subject will have a grade number of 0 to 10 with ten being effective and zero being useless. A minus grade means they actually cause damage to the asylee (my experience is as an asylee from the USA so there is specific targeting going on and their activates lead to a negative outcome for the asylee).

If you are from the so-called "first world", as I was, and thinking about trying to escape the Corporation and seek asylum somewhere I will tell you this, don't do it in Russia. Do anything you can, except asylum. Asylum is a last option and I am a living testament to that.

Under Russian law refugees are supposed to have the same rights and privileges as Russian citizens except we can not vote. Sounds great but let's look at the facts:


1) "Normal" Employment/Work is Almost Impossible to Obtain Due to the Stigmata of Being a "Refugee"


Let's start out with the most simple. It is a human right to be allowed to work and support one's own existence. This is an internationally recognized basic human right. Unfortunately as there is no material support of any kind for refugees in Russia it is imperative that one work in order to survive.

This is what I have had to live through:

- BKC-Ih

Professionally and factually speaking I was one of the founding teachers of BKC-Ih and as long as I had a US Passport I was treated normally even though I refused to take part in the CIA/MI6 programming of youth.

I worked for BKC-Ih under a yearly contract so there were no benefits and BKC-Ih most probably did not pay taxes, although I was told that taxes were being paid for me.

Given that I was one of their most valued employees when I received asylum it is stunning that BKC-Ih never once did a single thing to assist me or my family. Even with my close relationship with the founder Michael Bondarev who spent most of his time in London (MI6).

I received my third teaching credential at BKC-Ih but along with Cambridge University they conveniently "Do not have any record of a John Robles completing a CELTA course".

My 13 years at BKC-Ih ended up with the stealing of my school and BKC-Ih literally selling me for only $25,000.00. There was also an incident after they found out I had asylum where they locked me in my classroom with my students and we had to call the police to be freed. This was false imprisonment but nothing was done.

- English First

As a certified EFL teacher I worked for them under my official Russian "Employment Book", until one day they quietly just stopped giving me work. This was after I had my car hit in front of their school and was approached by Ukrainians whom at the time I did not suspect of anything out of the ordinary.

- Alibra and Alpha Bank

I was blamed for entire staff salaries being blocked by Alpha Bank after Alpha Bank discovered who I was and froze all payments to the entire company for the CIA.

After my public renouncement of the USA in Crimea I was told by the head of HR Irina Sorokina (MOSSAD List), quote: "You are not Snowden, you are nobody!" She of course followed the CIA Snowden Avatar lie.

From Insurance File: TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 521 ENTRY NUMBER US ALPHA BANK CIA MOSSAD NETWORK: Beginning approximately July 27 2015 to approximately September 16, 2015 there was a long drawn out battle with Alpha Bank Moscow who initially blocked my salary then launched a campaign attempting to intimidate me and obtain my private and personal information, such as my home addresses, using false and distorted legal opinions that I was somehow bound to and must obey the United States even though I have asylum in Russia. This was directly assisted by Irina Sorokina (MOSSAD List) at Alibra and then the Alpha Bank employees Polina Korshunova, Natalia Petuhova, Galina V Lovyagina and someone using the e-mail FATCA.

- The Voice of Russia World Service

Working for the Russian Government and the VOR was the only time in Russia where all of my rights were protected as an employee and an individual, this was until CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD plants were brought in and I began to be threatened by the CIA Agents "friends of McFaul" who at the end of my tenure there threatened to fabricate criminal cases against me and poisoned me after I took them to court and was deemed by them to not even have been an announcer. 

My opposition to the CIA's 5th Column and CIA controlled editorial policies were historic and led to conflicts which I survived for five years, never once backing down.

To show how desperate the CIA was to get me and prove that they control financial institutions, at one point all of the Visa cards of the entire staff were block and my name had to be changed on my account in order to unblock payments to over 2,500 people.

CIA paid assets liquidated the VOR to silence my work and shut down the only platform Russia had which the CIA could not control, namely the VOR's global radio network.

- Rossiya Sevodnya

Proving that politicians have no inkling about State Security putting a compromised individual with a US State Department certificate in charge of State Media was a historic error that only history will tell. After the liquidation CIA Agents organized my illegal termination after I informed them of the birth of my daughter. I then took them to court and was poisoned in the offices of Dimitry Kisilev.

The poisoning was with some substance that led to my almost dying and coughing up blood for four days. Then of course they transfer what they do onto the victim and broadcast that Russian Security tried to do the same thing to Navalny.

I fought the 5th column to the end and almost to end I thought we had a chance of ridding State Media of foreign agents but I was wrong. There were too many "friends of McFaul". 

Quotes: Oleg Dimitrev "We can do whatever we like" 

- Pushgeni/RAS

Pushgeni under the Russian Academy of Sciences under the pretext of "registration"

Immigrants are seen by a majority as nothing but cheap disposable labor and refugees are even lower in the accepted "New Russia Class System" which replaced the equality of the proletariat.

Employers: No matter the job employers not connected to the government have refused to hire me even for positions I was over qualified for.


2) Business, Self Employment and Entrepreneurial Activities

Self-Employment - 2018 Amidst the COVID restrictions and "self-isolation" Russia launched a new tax category of "Self-Employed" however this is not available to asylees/refugees.


Private Entrepreneurship - Not available to asylees/refugees.


Business and Partnerships - With the bribes, mafia and almost non-existent legal and business protections no asylee/refugee can start a normal business or if they do be certain it will not be taken.


3) Public or State Provided Housing - NOT ACCESIBLE

There is no supported housing for refugees other than an immigration detention center in Murmansk which I was told about. The only option is renting on the shadowy Russian rental market. Rents in Moscow are some of the most expensive in the world and the absence of rent control and protections for renters cause endless problems which are magnigfied ten-fold for the "refugee". 


4) Food and Sustenance


5) Medical Care, Health and Human Services - Only paid services (Grade -10 because you can simply die)

I used to applaud the Russian Medical System and the free healthcare which still existed in the 1990s, however that no longer applies to everyone and is not accessible to the refugee. Although all Russians have state medical insurance polices and the right to free healthcare this is another thing that is inaccessible to the refugee. Under the understanding that refugees have all the rights of Russians it is therefore illegal to deny refugees healthcare but that is the case. Attempting to secure even a paid for policy on Gosuslugi or at the hospitals is not possible. When I worked at the VOR they took care of this elemenatary need but without an advocate in the government it is impossible. You can buy a temporary policy in the hospital but you have to pay cash for any services. In the case of refugees they receive double the money. From the state from the policy and then the cash paid for actual services.

 11-26-2020 21:17 - I almost went blind in one eye because hospital staff refused to look at my eye and I was forced to treat myself.


I have to drive 600 kilometers to obtain affordable dental care from a special doctor.   


6) Legal Assistance - UNHCR and Foreign Agent Partners (Grade -50) STAY AWAY FROM NGOs and the UN (Grade -10)

The international body that is supposed to provide assistance to refugees, stateless people and asylees is the United Nations. However in 25 years the UNHCR has proven to be a completely useless political body that has done nothing to assist me or my family. Recently I contacted the UN again, in the hopes that they would provide me with assistance in my current difficulties (getting my new application for citizenship accepted) and they refused to provide any assistance whatsoever and directed me to their partner who is a foreign agent and who refused to help me in the past as the director's family lives in the USA and she can not help me.

The only option is expensive private lawyers who I have found from experience only do the bare minimum and do not guarantee results nor even fight for their clients. The only intertest they have is collecting their fees. I have not found an honest lawyer who would adequately defend me and on two occassions United Nations connected lawyers bailed out, meaning they abandonded their client in the middle of a process which of course I then went on to lose.

On a darker level the United Nation's partners and lawyers gathered intelligence on me and my family and directly damaged all of us. They could have written a simple letter to defend my son and in the present fight against corruption I asked for the same and instead they sent me a letter telling me they do not deal with laws in other countries. I asked for help in a strictly Russian internal matter. If the entire United Nations can not help one single refugee what use are they to the world rather than a self-aggrandizing bureaucracy?

Being as the United Nations pretends to support international law, indigenous peoples, ethnic minorities, victims of governments, impartiality among nations and Asylees it is their direct protection I should enjoy but in its factual operation the United Nations acts as a CIA Front Company and advances the agenda and politics of the West and NATO countries as we saw in the case of Milosevic, Chavez, Arafat and Churkin. Therefore it is now a fact and a practicality that the United Nations is a Globalist (US/NATO/UK/Zion) political tool to advance the interests of the Corporation and the New World Order lunatics. In the end it is the UN who should be regulating NATO and ending the US imperial endless wars but the UN has never been anywhere to be seen and is, as Victoria Nuland stated in her famous fuck the EU moment, used by the CIA to "glue things toegether".
 In their support, the long gone impartiality of the United Nations and some very good people did assist me in securing the return of my US Passport in 1996 although on the darker side it may have all be a ruse to get me to go back to the USA as the US Government wrote that they had no issues against me and the FBI even went so far as directly stating it was not a ruse. (Yet they had seized all of my property and terroized my entire family for what? For nothing?) Which in the end it turned out to be when in 1998 in Moscow the CIA carried out a Black Operation to rob me and take away that passport, which had stamps from Cuba in it and would be used against me as it is forbidden for "US citizens" to engage in travel or business in Cuba.


7) Legal System - HIGH PRICED ACCESS


8) Family Services, Legal Issues, Child Protection and Other Assistance - NOT ACCESIBLE


9) Social Services and Other Social Assistance - NOT ACCESIBLE


10) Factuality of Legal Status on the Same Level of a Russian Citizen 


11) Unemployment System - NOT ACCESIBLE


12) Education and Training Services  - NOT ACCESIBLE


13) Banking and Financial Services


14) All Forms of Public Transportation


26) The Internal Russian Passport, the External Russian Travel Passport, Refugee Documents and Others


15) Citizenship - Pay for Play and Only for Big Money (-25) - It is a UN recognized human right to have citzenship. We have none.

Below what you see is the cover of an internal Russian passport. Unlike any other country in the world Russians must have this document to live. Just to make it clear this is not a travel document, neither internally nor internationally. It is an internal document by which your data is tied to your address and without which you can not access any of the normal services available to citizens that are necessary for living and that people of other countries enjoy without having to provide documentary proof.

According to Russian law people with asylum have the right to apply for Russian citizenship. However due to the continued selective application of law by the officials that are responsible Russian law means almost absolutely nothing and the only redress is appealing to those above whom have little interest in assisting anyone.

- Notes on Bribes:

Several witnesses have come forward and have provided testimony regarding the pay-for-citizenship schemes in Serpkhov, Podolsk, Lubertsy, Moscow, Crimea and several other locations and we will be reporting on all of these after the New Year.

One witness, we will call them "A" told me they paid 500,000 rubles for citizenship for their family and gave details as to where, how and to whom monies were paid and transferred.

Witness "B" stated that, and provided information on, how the monies do not stay in the corrupt officials hands but are sent to a centralized "banker" (the same as the Mirtofanov scheme) at the top and then all of the monies are divided up and the corrupt official gets a percentage. Therefore it is completely useless going up the chain of command as all elements in the chain are involved all the way to the top.

Knowing this scheme is why I have written to President Putin dozens of times. However nothing gets through. 

You have to understand Russia is not a normal country for obtaining citizenship. I have been married twice, have two children who are Muscovites and have lived here for 25 years. In normal countries you live there 5 years and you can obtain citizenship and that is normal. Russia in this regard is still in the stone age and no one will rectify this situation. As absolutely everything in Russia is connected to the internal passport and registration this makes it impossible to even exist here for any normal person.

In reality I don't care anymore. I have been a "foreigner" since I was born and have been targetted by racists since I was 1, even on my own sovereign lands, so if Russia refuses to see the contributions I have made it is on their conscience.

God sees everything and God is not too happy.

You can be certain that ....

Case Study:

Current Status - HANGING

- Secret Directives: One repeated statement, told to me year after year, is that there is an order that no refugees are to be given citizenship. This is of course a secret order as it is completely and totally illegal even under Russian law which states that refugees have the right to file for and receive citizenship. 

- My first application was left hanging for 10 years with no explanation and no refusal. If they had refused I could have taken them to court. After ten years I did take them to court for inactivity and it was found that they had done nothing wrong of course. Again is was stated by the judge, witnesses and inspectors that some unknown and unnamed high official had simply waved their hand and my application was ignored and not allowed to proceed to the commission on citizenship.

- Their new tactic is to block me from filing an application and they were confident that I would just shut and go off somewhere and die, this is the reality. What their procedural machinations are is not even relevant when then end result is simply illegal blocking and violating Russian law and my rights under it as well as every elementary human right I might have.

    Before the New Year after having written another letter to the Kremlin there was a flurry of activity and they made a big show that they were actually going to do something, namely accept my application. I received phones calls from the central MVD apparatus and from the local MVD office and they told me to urgently bring in my application. To make a long story short it was simply handed back to me on the 15th of January with no further instructions or recommendations, other than call us in a week or so to see if the central apparatus had made a decision regarding the illegal demand that I have employment from which I am black listed from. In order to apply for citizenship you must show you have a certain amount of money in a bank account which I did. So now I have to wait for the inspector to show up (she is currently off sick) and for her to maybe possibly go to Moscow and receive an order to accept my application. Meanwhile the CIA and all their little rats are trying to provoke me into doing something illegal such as getting into a fight by sending people to walk up to me and spit in my face for example (reported to the police). Was all this because I filed a complaint regarding the 45,000 or are they working for the CIA? Given that corrupt elements in Russia are by default working for the CIA or MI6 or MOSSAD (guaranteeing their extraction) the point is mute. (This specifc "Ministry" has already destroyed my life, career and family and if they think they are going to hand me alive to the CIA one day soon they are mistaken. Bravo you destroyed and innocent family of Russian patriots for the CIA and nobdy knows about it.) That is for investigators to work out. Then end result is that I am in a continued CUBE style Limbo living with the constant fear that one day the "winds of change" will blow or president Putin will leave power and some US lackey will be installed and my asylum will be revoked and I will be sent to be tortured to death in some secret CIA prison for an envelope I delivered to the Russian Embassy in San Francisco in 1995. I have exit pills no for this but this is no way to have to live when someone has asylum. That is the reality given to me by a certain Russian Ministry who hates another Ministry to which I am grateful and indebted to and the relationship to which must remain secret given documents I signed. Nice right?   

    The only reasonable conclusion is that I am trapped in an inter-ministerial fight with one side fighting the CIA and the other attempting to fulfill their obligations to them. What else after all these decades?

Please sign the petition



16) Security - There is none. Grade -10

The key reason for asking for and receiving asylum is for protection from a persecuting state.


Endemic Corruption - In my case, having asylum from the USA, I can say that the biggest threat I have faced (after the over 900 CIA officers were expelled from Russia) has been not from US Based Agents  but from Russians working as their agents. This includes from the organization "Grazhdanskaya Sodestviya" and even officials who have family and assets in the USA.


17) Police Protection - There is none.


18) Emergency Assistance - There is none except from "foreign agent" international organizations. UNHCR is supposed to help but they are almost powerless and direct refugees to "foreign agent" partners. The only help I have ever received was from the Red Cross (a box of food and blankets in Crimea) and legal assistance by lawyers who did not win the cases but abandonded me in the middle of the processes causing me more damage than good. When my son was false arrested the judge Sobol refused to allow him any defense and not one organization that was supposed to help us did.


19) Interference by Former Country/Stalking and Targeting and Genocide   - Even when documented and public nothing is done to assist.

We have documented over a hundred cases of direct interference and targetting by USA/FVEY Government actors and agents operating at their behest. First and foremost being three assassination attempts (including the publicly declared and submitted attempt at poisoning me in the offices of Dimitry Kisilev which left me coughing up blood for four days), several attempted home invasions which police did not respond to, several attempted vehicular accidents and those direct attempts carrying out US Military Directives to terminate employment. CIA directives to destroy reputation, family, social status and cut off finances have also been carefully documented with evidence including names, dates, actions and related information in my thousand page Insurance File. The public slandering operation, direct attempt to have me deported to the USA on false grounds and the running conflict with CIA Officer Michael McFaul are well documented by Russian authorities.

Having failed to carry our their missions and to deliver the killing blow after the failure of Michaelk McFauls the CIA turned to Gina Haspel and Black Operations to fabicate the arrest of my son, a mission she completed well and for which she was awarded the Directorship of the Criminal Body called the CIA. She was even present in the court 3 meters away from me and was defended by the judge as she laughed while she sat illegally in a process against someone who had aslyum at the time and was supposed to be protected by the Russian State, the direct representative of which (Judge Sobol) allowed the farce to be carried out in the manner of some primitive banana republic. (So much for sovereignty, jurispudence, rule of law, respect for internationally recognized humand rights standards and rational thinking.) The former CIA Station Chief under-cover-of-ambassador William Burns was also awarded the directorship for illegally revoking my US citizenship while telling me to close my site which led to my 15 years of asylum and for escaping detection as the CIA resident during his term in Moscow.     


20) Electronic and Digitial Interference - Companies, Sites and Services Discriminating Against Asylees and Refugees

Given that the site Gosuslugi is not a government site and their protocols and framework are all US based, it is not surprising that there is nothing I can do on their site, under the understanding of law that I have all the rights of a Russian Citizen. Gosuslugi does not even recognize my "type" of legal document as "official" therefore I can not even register to stand in line at GBBD.

Sites discriminating against asylees and refugees

Site Gosuslugi and all of the services and sites which require verification through Gosuslugi (Grade -10):


Petition Site ROI ru (Grade 0):


Svyaznoy (Grade -3):


Beeline (Grade -7):



Yandex (Grade -3):

Yandex refused to verify refugee documents and will not provide a verified account because they do not recognize refugee documents. We attempted for months to verify our Yandex money account but to no avail. Yandex Money was bought by Sberbank and is now called YooMoney but it has the same restrictions. Again it is only available for Russian citizens and not asylees who are supposed to have the same rights as Russian citizens.


21) The Registration System - This is a whole separate topic but every single action required to live normally depends on registration from employment to medical services. Except nobody wants to register an asylee.


24) Renunciation of Citizenship by Asylees - Triple Jeopardy

In order to receive asylum one must renounce their country of origin and the same when one applies for Russian citizenship, although this law was recently changed. Therefore I officially renounced my illegally revoked former US citizenship twice to the Russian Government yet they still write US citizen on all of my documents even though I renounced it, the USA revoked it and I have never once sought nor received any of the benefits or protections that the USA is supposed to provide. 

First of all I applaud this step and it is logical from a security standpoint but if the Asylee is not to be granted a path to citizenship such a requirement makes repatriation fraught with yet another threat to the Asylee. In the case of the United States renouncing US Citizenship in front of a foreign government and receiving asylum are the equivalent to treason. Which apart from being a CIA officer is why Snowden would never and could never get asylum, but you see how the CIA/MOCKINGBIRD media lies and in that is another proof that he is and will always be their agent. 


27) Normal General Public Human Services -  - NOT ACCESIBLE


28) Taxation - Although refugees are supposed to have a special tax regime I have to pay taxes like any other Russian citizen. In this regard I have the same rights as a Russian citizen and the tax system works normally. However being as I am denied normal Russian Services this seems not only unjust and taxation without representation but a violation of the Russian Law on Refugees and a violation of elementary human rights.


29) Personal Property Rights


30) Driving and Vehicles

- GBDD (Grade +8) - This is the only Russian body which has treated me the same since the 1990s when I first started driving in Russia after officially passing the Russian driving exams and obtaining a Russian driver's license.

They lost 2 points for the three years I had to renew my liscense in accordance with the (illegal: cancelled in 1995) registration.

The only problem has been registering vehicles which I must do every year according to the yearly extension of the refugee document and the coinciding registration. I can permanently pay taxes on my vehicles but I can not permanently register them.

- Avtodor - Toll Road System (Grade -8):


On February 02, 2022 an attempt was made to buy an official transponder under a standard contract at the official sales point at the 72 kilometer marker on the Moscow side of the M-4. The two women working the office refused to accept my official Russian refugee document as verification of my identity and stated that contract can only be formed with passports.

The facts of the incident are as follows: After driving 70 kilometers to their official sales point which was listed on the their official site as the nearest point, I arrived at about 17:10 and parked my vehicle and entered their office which was empty with two women sitting behind the desk. I did not have a mask on and the woman on the right refused to talk to me until I had one. I asked her if they sold transponders and told her my mask was in the vehicle. She said yes and I went and got my mask and returned. I told her that I wanted to by a transponder under their contract so I could pay for it with my banking app and follow my expenditures on-line, as they stated on their site, was only possible with a contractual transponder. The woman on the right asked me for my passport and I present my Russian refugee document. She looked at it as if I had handed her a piece of feces and passed it to the woman on the left who was obviously the manager. The manager looked at it and looked though it and made the ridiculous comment that there was not even a prospiska in it (the prospiska was cancelled years ago for everyone). I became upset and told her to call her boss or the IT people so they could offer me a contract. She refused but I insisted and she left the room and when she came back she told me she had talked to someone. As she had left the room and closed the door I understood that she was lying. She came back and told me that they only offer contract based on a passport, any passport from any country but not a refugee document. The women were extremely rude and I told them that they were violating my rights as under the law I am supposed to have the same rights as a Russian except I can not vote. They were not at all concerned with that and told me there was nothing I could do. Then they sent me to toll booth number 36 where they said I could buy a transponder without a contract. I went there and the toll taker told me she did not sell transponders.  

After an hour of my life and having driven 70 kilometers in the end I bought a transponder at a Luckoil Service Station. Luckoil has not had any problem with my documents and I have their APP installed on my phone. I was able to activate the Avtodor transponder with little difficulty except for the user agreement which is hidden on their site and which you have to agree to before the transponder becomes active.

Subjectively this was another horrific, degrading and humiliating experience violating my rights as an asylee (first the UN recognized right to live without interference and second the Russian right to have all the rights of a Russian citizen) and this was just another example of outright discrimination against non-white asylees. I am certain had I been white they would have attempted to find a solution and I would have been able to buy the transponder. We are talking about paying tolls on a toll road here, not receiving some sort of government assistance or other benefit.

Again the arrogant and ignorant behavior of the personnel made the whole experience degrading and humiliating to my as a person and motorist who has spent tens of thousands of rubles on their paid roads. I also pay taxes in Russia and pay huge road taxes on my vehicles but once again I am a third class non-human. I suppose had I told them that I was a journalist and that I would be do a write up they would have politely found a solution but I prefer not to wave around such facts and let them believe that I am nobody.


31) Corruption and Vicitimization


To be continued:

Winter 2021-2022 Letters to Supporters and Updates

Date: December 07, 2021


Machine translation: Я пошел подавать документы на гражданство, но отказался давать взятку в размере 45 000 рублей.

We are publishing on VK in unison with this article and there is additional material that will only be published only there for security reasons.


Уважаемые читатели и Президент Путин!

С технической журналистской точки зрения и как писатель и издатель, трансформирующий концепцию личного призывов к справедливости, автобиографического изложения событий, пресс-релиза и того, что можно рассматривать как негативное информационное событие и использовать в качестве пропаганды против наиболее уязвимых и лично нацелить автора на то, что должно быть статьей-расследованием для аудитории, состоящей из враждебных и безразличных элементов, готовых наброситься на каждое слово и атаковать (для нападения они будут) - это была задача, которую у меня действительно не было желания выполнять, и что мне пришлось провести много душевных поисков, чтобы найти личное оправдание.

Журналистская причина для написания и освещения событий, продолжающихся здесь, на самом деле довольно проста: человека уничтожают, и никто не хочет помогать, поэтому продвижение вперед не должно было быть проблемой. Однако, учитывая среду информационной / гибридной войны, в которой мы в настоящее время вынуждены существовать, и зная, что все, что написано или опубликовано, чтобы пролить свет на ужасающую историческую несправедливость, будет использовано против не только меня, автора, но и его сайта, класс людей, в который меня бросили ненавистники (иммигранты, НЕ беженцы), моя расовая группа, президент, которого я люблю, поддерживаю и восхищаюсь, и страна, которая дала мне убежище на протяжении последних 25 лет и убежище на последнее время Мне было 14 лет (за что я и всегда буду благодарен), продвижение вперед было трудным решением для меня лично и чревато миллионом опасностей, как маленькие крошечные бритвы, брошенные в мой кофе.

Возможные результаты и изменения, которые могут возникнуть в результате публикации всего, что вы собираетесь прочитать, безграничны, и никакое прогнозирующее алгоритмическое продвинутое планирование сценария не может правильно и с уверенностью спрогнозировать результат, но есть два основных человеческих и журналистских принципа (а также как личная моральная этика), что для меня лично склонило чашу весов в пользу продвижения вперед, а именно право на самооборону и необходимость (в мире фейковых новостей) сообщать факты. (Примечание: Да, меня отменили, но самореклама и пиар больше не играют в это роль, проблема слишком глобальная.) Итак, в рамках моих ограничений по времени и пространству публикация и сообщение основанного на фактах отчета о событиях августа 2021 года пойдет вперед.

Необходимо отметить, что изложенные здесь вопросы носят сугубо внутрироссийский характер, и хотя я был Голосом России и Русского мира в течение пяти лет и прожил в России 25 лет, ненавистники будут использовать их, чтобы попытаться сказать Я критикую Россию или моего любимого президента Путина. Это не может быть дальше от истины, на самом деле я разоблачаю коррупцию и рак, который ослабляет и убивает организм, которым является Русский мир и Мать-Россия, и делаю то, на что ни у кого больше нет смелости или возможностей. . Короче говоря, это нападение не на Россию, а на внутренних врагов России и русского народа, которые используют свое положение для служения интересам иностранного и чуждого субъекта, стремящегося к разрушению Русского Мира.

Для российских правоохранительных органов, которых я уважаю, и законодателей, чья работа под политической волей и силами делает поиск справедливости для маленьких людей незавидной задачей, это должно стать призывом к окончательному прекращению двусмысленности и противоречивого характера взаимодействия российского правительства с население, которое является «охраняемой территорией», в которой коррумпированные элементы продолжают жить и процветать.


Dear Readers and President Putin,

From a technical journalistic standpoint and as a writer and publisher transforming the concept of a personal plea for justice, an autobiographical recounting of events, a press release and what could be viewed as a negative information event and used as propaganda against the most vulnerable and to personally target the author, into what should be an investigative article for an audience which consists of hostile and indifferent elements ready to pounce on every word and attack (for attack they will) was a task that I really had no desire to carry out and one that I had to do a lot of soul searching to find the personal justification for.

The journalistic reason for writing and reporting the events continued herein is quite simple really, a person is being destroyed and no one wants to help, so going ahead should have been a no-brainer. However given the environment of information/hybrid warfare that we are currently being forced to exist under and knowing that anything that is written or published to shed light on a horrendous historical injustice will be used to target not only me the author, but his site, the class of human that I have been thrown into by the haters (immigrants NOT Asylees), my racial group, the President who I love, support and admire and the country that has given me refuge for the last 25 years and asylum for the last 14 (which I am and will always be grateful for), moving forward with this has been a difficult decision for me personally and one that is fraught with a million dangers, like little tiny razors sprinkled into my coffee. 

The possible outcomes and permutations that may result from the publication of all that you are about to read are endless and no amount of predictive algorithmic advanced scenario planning can properly and with certainty forecast the outcome but there are two basic human and journalistic principles (as well as personal moral ethics) that for me personally, tipped the scales in favor of going forward, namely the right to self defense and the necessity (in a fake news world) to report the facts. (Note: Yes I have been cancelled but self-promotion and PR do not even play into this anymore, the problem is too global.) So within my limitations of time and space publishing and reporting a fact based report of the events of August 2021 will go ahead.

It is necessary to note that the matters contained herein are of a strictly internal Russian nature and even though I was the Voice of Russia and the Russian World for five years and have lived in Russia for 25 years will be used by haters to try to say I am criticizing Russia or my beloved President Putin. That can not be further from the truth, I am, in reality, exposing corruption and a cancer that is weakening and killing the organism that is the Russian World and Mother Russia and doing something that no one else has the courage or the capabilities of doing. In short this is not an attack against Russia but against internal enemies of Russia and the Russian people who use their positions to serve the interests of a foreign and alien entity which is bent on the destruction of the Russian World.  

For Russian law enforcement whom I respect and legislators whose job of juggling political wills and forces makes seeking justice and fairness for the little people an unenviable task, this should come as a call to finally end the ambiguity and contradictory nature of the Russian governmental interface with the population which is the "protected area" in which corrupt elements continue to live and thrive.     


Date: December 06, 2021

Truth is a Singularity, There are No Variants - Boom

Current Situation With Regard to Being Issued Internal Russian Passportf

Note from Author: It is with utter disgust and a heavy heart that I have been forced to write what you are about to read and to turn my investigative and journalistic powers not against the monster USA hegemon but once again against corrupt elements in Russia who continue to poison society and disgrace the Russian State and who dirty everyone they associate with.   

#FSB #MVD Как минимум, здесь, с точки зрения безопасности, у нас есть доказательства того, что офицер/чиновник говорил о деятельности заявителя на гражданство с гражданским деловым партнером.



At minimum here, from a security perspective we have proof of an officer/official speaking about the activities of a citizenship applicant with a civilian business partner.

12\08\20121 The maintaining of the white supremacist narrative in my case has been maintained to some degree but it is the fact that the Corporation can not allow for an asylee from a colony of the United States of America to survive in peace and normalize their status and even worse so to have an indigenous American escape the genocide net that is "America". My "case" alone caused  so much image damage to the fake narrative of the Fascist Apartheid State that is the United States of America that under the pretext of National Security their entire network of  bought-and-paid-for-Russian-traitors was activated all the way to their top agent Gorbachev. Then again under the pretext of national security the Russian internet and media space were brought almost under complete control with compromised Russians assisting in the transformation under the pretext of Globalization and the New World Order which are false labels for the takeover of the World by the Imperial City of London Corporation, the Genocidal Corporation of the United States and their Fourth Reich NATO and Zionist collaborators.

Their primitive vision of complete control and supremacy for one race is not natural and will never "be glued" together and no matter the level that they use technology to force their lies, there is that one spark in every human being that knows the truth and will reject their manipulations because their genetic memory centers which override any non-sustainable synthetic machinations and scenarios being forced upon them.

The very design of the matrix of our shared reality guarantees that no matter how much money, power or force yield the few, the false nature of their vainglorious control will always be visible and will always face the violent opposition of the reality being maintained and produced by the majority, for it is the core programming and genetic memory responsible for survival and false narratives and paradigms will not stick.

There are those ready to concede defeat and say the world is lost and the New World Order Freaks have won and on the surface it may appear they have. I may appear we live in a world THEY designed, stripped of morality, faith in God, honorable values and normal reproductive functions.

I am certain that before I was cancelled I planted enough seeds throughout the world to counter the Satanic vision of the New World Order Lunatics and genociders and their end is not far off as they have already begun to cannibalize themselves as they attempt to satiate their programmed greed for wealth and power. For the sake of the future of mankind their genetic encoding should be telling them to do the honorable thing and self-cancel but they are flawed creatures whose humanity has been lost and even at the genetic level their inbreeding has caused mutations in the group survival algorithm that us "primitive savages" have maintained intact despite the continued genocide of our people and kind.

They tried and tried and tried again, with genocide, false flag terrorism, endless wars, biological warfare, information warfare and fake pandemics and genocide vaccines, but they will fail or this I am sure. When the Imperial machine is reduced to screaming Chi-Coms and Russia Agents (and now DARPA created COVID) after screaming Islamic Terrorists and 911 for so long, it shows complete and total failure in their "mission" and like I said many times before and why I stopped writing articles which were being used by them to tweak their tactics, these megalomaniac imperial gringo nazi would-be-rulers of the world are not very bright and work off the same template over and over, using their hammer to solve ever problem that comes along. I just hope that I live to see the day when the United States of America and the atavism that is the British Empire collapse under the weight of their own Imperial insanity.  

Attempting to hide genocide for hundreds of years is not something any thinking reasoning human entity should continue to be a party of, no matter how may Rands, Chomskys or fake news artists (be they 9 or 9 million) there are spinning to distractor materials and warping reality for the MOCKINGBIRD.

The truth is a singularity and has no variations and it is the truth that every organism requires to maintain its own survival. 

Juan Robles Melendez - December 08, 2021

Date: December 02, 2021

Update 12/02/2021 Added Letter to Supporters

Dear Readers,

And the few friends and supporters of JAR2.com etc..

In case you have not noticed I recently marked my 25th anniversary living inside the Russian Federation and 26 years since I was forced to leave the USA and have lived as a refugee. Considering I was born in Puerto Rico and only spent part of my life in Yankee land, being forced to live stateless until my death was not something that I thought would be allowed to happen, but that is how it looks it is going to go. I of course can not predict the future but the outlook does not look bright.

I had been preparing to mark the 25th anniversary by publishing travel articles about Russia and including the drone footage and photography that I have been collecting for the last several years. The theme was to have been Russian monuments and Russian history, visiting places of historical import and the wonderful traditions and history of Mother Russia. Unfortunately that has all been pushed aside to once again start a battle I do not want for a citizenship they simply do not want to give me. 10 years and 50,000 letters to President Putin, even I am not too dense to see the obvious. The problem is I am trapped. I can never leave Russia and they know it because they are responsible.

My asylum was prolonged, THANK YOU PRESIDENT PUTIN AND THE ASYLUM DEPARTMENT AT MVD, but when I went to file for citizenship again in August things did not go as anyone had planned. The hostility and hate emanating at me from everyone involved was completely unexpected but understandable as they see me as a product of Moscow and hate Muscovites and immigrants here where I live. Their sadistic rudeness must be a job requirement when people go to them for help and with hope and all they care about is their own advancement. Putting refugee issues to the police, when refugee and asylum issues involve human rights and legal and political issues was a big mistake but no one will listen. It's like giving a butcher responsibility for a greenhouse full of exotic plants but when somone's agenda is demonizing immigrants and refugees that is the exact thing they needed to do, and thus we have seen immigrants and asylees have become nothing more than terrorists, a danger and a police issue. Thus we live in terror.  

As my readers know I filed for Russian citizenship in 2010 and then in 2020 had to file a lawsuit against FMS/MVD for letting my citizenship application just hang for ten years after it was returned without even being looked at and without a reason. The judge in the case M Gribovi found that there had been no “inactivity” and that the inspectors had all done their jobs properly. The inspectors and the judge agreed that my case was political in nature and that someone high up whom no one could or would identify had waved their hand and destroyed my life and the lives of my family. The judge and the inspectors told me to file again but of course I was suspicious. The United Nations office and the High Commissioner for refugees and their lawyer who helped me file the case also told me to file again.



I went to try to file again and was told that I had no basis by the inspector in Serpukhov, Russian Federation, so I complained again and went to the President’s Administration and was told by them to file again. Then I received a letter from the main MVD office in Moscow and they told me to file again, finally certain people in the Security Services also told me to file again as it was my right.

So in August I went to file again and spent two weeks running around gathering all of the required documents and proudly went to file again. I had been told to go through a shady looking business that looks like a cell phone company office where, when I arrived, I was told that it would cost 45,000 rubles for them to fill in the blanks for the application for citizenship and pass it to the insepctor. At first I agreed and they filled in the blanks but made over a dozen mistakes. So I decided not to have anything to do with the incompetent cell phone office and to fill in the forms myself and submit my application to the inspector who has never given me her name. She was extremely rude and made me wait several weeks to look at my application and when she finally did she refused to accept it and did not give me any instructions on what to do further. It was clear to me that I had to pay and then several witnesses also told me the same thing, that Serpukhov only works for big money.

The whole affair was so dirty, humiliating and stank of corruption (I recorded everything) that I decided to complain to the proper authorities and to the MVD thinking that they would want to take care of the problem without the Administration of the President or other bodies but they simply ignored me until I put a post on JAR2 yesterday and lo and behold I got an answer. However the answer was not what I had expected. Again I waited three months for an answer and not one answer did I receive.
I have now written to the Presidential Administration again asking that my application for citizenship be accepted but I am almost certain they will not help. I do not know what exact threats the US Government and the CIA have made against the Russian Government but their hand is clear in the treatment I have received.

Because of: my cooperation with Russian Security; my publication of CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD Agent lists and my work on JAR2; my long history in Russia including my history with the Voice of Russia World Service in English and exposing of the crimes of the CIA and NATO; my long running hot conflict with CIA Operative and former Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul; the fabricated arrest and deportation of my only son and now the recent revelation that the man who revoked my US Passport and Citizenship is now the director of the CIA – I CAN NEVER LEAVE RUSSIA.

As things become more and more digitized I there are less and less things that normal people can do that are accessible to me making life almost impossible and if they continue as they are going, leading to my death.

I am grateful for Asylum and to me it is a badge of honor and a very special status. Unfortunately here in Russia people with asylum are viewed as lower than 2nd class citizens and in real world practice, alcoholics, bums and prostitutes have more rights. I can not find a normal job since 2014, can not obtain medical care which I need and am forced to live in conditions of self-isolation and self-imposed house arrest for my own security for the past 15 years at least.

I do not have much longer to live and do not want my body sent to America when I die.

I ask you to support my fight, re-post this message and do anything you can to help me. As an Indigenous American I am one of the few remaining people of my kind on the Earth and for that reason alone I ask for your help. Do not let the Yankees kill the last Taino.

Respectfully yours,

John Anthony Robles II

December 02, 1921

Уважаемые читатели

И немногочисленные друзья и сторонники JAR2.com и т. д.

Если вдруг вы не заметили, я недавно отметил своё 25-летие проживания в Российской Федерации и 26 лет с тех пор, как я был вынужден покинуть США и жить как беженец. Учитывая, что я родился в Пуэрто-Рико и только часть своей жизни провёл на земле янки, то, что я буду вынужден жить без гражданства до самой смерти, не казалось мне чем-то, что действительно могло случиться, но похоже, что именно так всё и произойдёт. Я, конечно, не могу предсказывать будущее, но перспективы выглядят не радужными.

Я готовился отметить 25-летие публикациями статей о путешествиях по России, включающих съёмку с дронов и фотографии, которые я собирал последние несколько лет. Темой должны были стать памятники России и история России, посещение исторических мест, а также прекрасные традиции и история Матушки России. К сожалению, всё это было отброшено, чтобы снова начать битву, которую я не хочу вести, за гражданство, которое они просто не хотят мне давать. 10 лет и 50 000 писем президенту Путину, даже я не настолько глуп, чтобы не видеть очевидное. Проблема в том, что я в ловушке. Я никогда не смогу уехать из России, и они знают это, потому что несут ответственность.

Мое убежище было продлено, СПАСИБО ПРЕЗИДЕНТУ ПУТИНУ И ОТДЕЛЕНИЮ ПО УБЕЖИЩУ МВД, но, когда в августе я снова подал заявление на получение гражданства, всё пошло не так, как было запланировано. Враждебность и ненависть по отношению ко мне, исходящие от всех участников процесса, были совершенно неожиданными, но понятными, поскольку здесь, где я живу они видят во мне продукт Москвы и ненавидят москвичей и иммигрантов. Их садистская грубость, должно быть, одно из требований для этой работы, когда люди обращаются к ним за помощью и с надеждой, и всё, что их волнует, - это их собственное продвижение. Передача вопросов беженцев полиции, когда на самом деле вопросы беженцев и убежища связаны с правами человека, правовыми и политическими вопросами, была большой ошибкой, но никто не хочет об этом слушать. Это всё равно, что возложить на мясника ответственность за оранжерею, полную экзотических растений, но когда кому-то выгодно демонизировать иммигрантов и беженцев - это именно то, что им нужно сделать; и, таким образом, мы видели, как иммигранты и беженцы стали не более чем террористами, опасностью и делом полиции. Таким образом, мы живём в ужасе.

Как известно моим читателям, я подал заявление на получение российского гражданства в 2010 году, а затем в 2020 году мне пришлось подать иск против ФМС/МВД за то, что моё заявление на получение гражданства просто висело в течение десяти лет после того, как оно было возвращено без рассмотрения и без объяснения причин. Судья по делу М. Грибова установила, что «бездействия» не было, и все инспекторы выполнили свою работу должным образом. Инспекторы и судья согласились с тем, что моё дело носит политический характер и что кто-то из высокопоставленных лиц, кого никто не может или не будет идентифицировать, просто махнул рукой и разрушил мою жизнь и жизни моей семьи. Судья и инспекторы сказали мне снова подать заявление, но, конечно, меня это насторожило. Офис Организации Объединённых Наций, Верховный комиссар по делам беженцев и их адвокат, которые помогли мне подать иск, также посоветовали мне подавать заявление на гражданство снова.



Я пошёл подавать заявление ещё раз, и инспектор в Серпухове, Российская Федерация, мне сказала, что у меня нет оснований для этого, поэтому я снова жаловался и обратился в Администрацию Президента, где они сказали мне снова подавать заявление. Затем я получил письмо из главного управления МВД в Москве, и они сказали мне подать ещё раз, наконец, некоторые люди из служб безопасности также сказали мне подать ещё раз, поскольку это было мое право.

Итак, в августе я снова пошел подавать на гражданство, провёл две недели, собирая все необходимые документы, и с гордостью пошёл подавать. Мне сказали всё сделать с помощью одного подозрительно выглядящего офиса, больше похожего на офис компании сотовой связи, где мне сказали, что заполнение бланков для заявления на гражданство и их передача инспектору будет стоить 45 тысяч рублей. Сначала я согласился, и они заполнили бланки, но сделали более десятка ошибок. Поэтому я решил не иметь ничего общего с этим некомпетентным офисом сотовой связи и сам заполнить формы и подать заявление инспектору, которая так никогда и не назвала мне своё имя. Она была очень грубой и заставила меня ждать несколько недель перед тем как взглянуть на моё заявление, и когда она наконец это сделала, она отказалась принять его и не дала мне никаких инструкций о том, что делать дальше. Мне было ясно, что придётся платить, и то же самое мне сказали несколько свидетелей - что Серпухов работает только за большие деньги.

Всё дело было настолько грязным, унизительным и пропитанным коррупцией (я всё записал), что я решил пожаловаться в соответствующие органы и в МВД, думая, что они захотят решить проблему без Администрации Президента или других органов, но они просто игнорировали меня, пока вчера я не разместил эту информацию на JAR2 и, о чудо, я получил ответ. Однако ответ оказался не таким, как я ожидал. Я снова три месяца ждал ответа и не получил ни одного ответа.

Я снова написал в Администрацию Президента с просьбой принять моё заявление на получение гражданства, но я почти уверен, что они не помогут. Я не знаю, как именно правительство США и ЦРУ угрожали правительству России, но их намерения предельно ясны из того отношения ко мне, с которым я столкнулся.

Из-за: моего сотрудничества с российскими службами безопасности; моей публикации списков агентов ЦРУ, МИ-6 и МОССАД и моей работы на JAR2; моей длинной истории в России, в том числе моего опыта работы на Всемирной службе «Голос России» на английском языке и разоблачения преступлений ЦРУ и НАТО; моего давнего горячего конфликта с агентом ЦРУ и бывшим послом США в России Майклом Макфолом; сфабрикованного ареста и депортации моего единственного сына, а теперь и недавнего открытия, что человек, отозвавший мой паспорт и гражданство США, теперь является директором ЦРУ, - Я НИКОГДА НЕ СМОГУ УЕХАТЬ ИЗ РОССИИ.

По мере того, как жизнь всё больше и больше переходит в цифровой формат, я всё меньше и меньше могу делать то, что доступно обычным людям, и это делает жизнь почти невозможной, и, если это будет так продолжаться, это приведёт к моей смерти.

Я благодарен за убежище, и для меня это знак чести и особый статус. К сожалению, здесь, в России, люди с убежищем рассматриваются как люди даже не второго сорта, и в реальности даже алкоголики, бомжи и проститутки имеют больше прав. Я не могу найти нормальную работу с 2014 года, не могу получить необходимую мне медицинскую помощь и вынужден жить в условиях самоизоляции и подобия домашнего ареста в целях собственной безопасности как минимум последние 15 лет.
Мне осталось жить недолго, и я не хочу, чтобы мое тело отправили в Америку, когда я умру.
Я прошу вас поддержать мою борьбу, распространить это сообщение и сделать всё возможное, чтобы помочь мне. Как коренной американец, я один из немногих оставшихся на Земле людей своего вида, и только по этой причине я прошу вашей помощи. Не дайте янки убить последнего Таино.

С уважением,

Джон Энтони Роблес II

2 декабря 2021 г.

UPDATE: After a letter to the President of Russia regarding the issues contained in the message below. This problem was apparently resolved. See citizenship section for communications and current status.

November 26, 2022

Since you apprently read English read this: ANOTHER LETTER

Dear Citizens and Non-Citizens of the World,

The issues I wrote about when attempting to file for citizenship were ignored. Attached is my tax declaration which the inspector refused to look at, my Russian language certificate from Druzhba Naroda which the inspector said was not adequate and a translated copy of my birth certificate which I have never hidden and is part of my refugee documents.

They know my mother died and they think she would have been the only on with the information required, this demand for documents from the United States in unreal as they will not even send my school or university transcripts. As I stated earlier my name was not changed merely anglicized as is and was normal practice in the USA and could be done to children without a court. Thus Georgi becomes George. Nothing dark or sinister here. My legal name since I was six years old and started school and was being beaten by racist American children because my name was Juan. I also offer a copy of my 1988 California Driving License and state that at the time only US citizens could obtain such a document and of course the legal name and information was checked. In the USA was is important is that your Social Security number never changes and mine never has. Above all of that those are the records of a minor and are sealed and can only be obtained by a court order upon the request of the parents and mine are dead.

In the USA in the 1960s and 1970s and even much earlier, it was very popular to Anglicize children’s names so they sounded more American. In those days parents could do so without a court order if the name was simply Anglicized it did not count as a name change, for example changing the name from say Jorge to William which would be a name change. However in this example Jorge to George would not be considered a name change.

The FMS officials who were trained to deal with refugees and foreigners knew these issues but apparently the inspector in Serpukhov has no idea as to the problems refugees have nor as to any laws or norms outside of the Russian Federation.

You watch my VK, I suggest you go there now.

John Robles

You should see the other guy.)))



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