Sandra Davidovic

Protests Against Hague Decision to Free War Criminals to be Held in Serbia

Download audio file   4 December 2012, 11:35   - Serbian students stage anti-Hague rally (PHOTO)

For the Serbian population of Serbia the situation in the country is becoming worse. Serbs have seen those guilty of committing genocide against the Serbian population given light sentences or not prosecuted at all, people involved in the murder of Serbs and the selling of their organs not brought to justice and their spiritual and ancestral home, Kosovo, brutally taken away from them by the "West" and its agents who continue to wage a campaign of destruction.

This is John Robles, I am speaking with Sandra Davidovic, she’s a student in the Political Science Faculty at Belgrade University and the organizer of the student protests coming up on the 4th of December.

Robles: Hello, Sandra. How are you?

Davidovic:I am ok. I am working on this organization. I am a little tired but I will do my best to introduce the world to our protest.

Robles: Can you tell us a little bit about what are you protesting and about the decisions by the Hague Tribunal that have upset a lot of Serbian people and people of all over the world?

Davidovic:In this way I want to introduce the world that Serbian students are organizing the big protest on December 4th this Tuesday against Hague tribunal for former Yugoslavia and its decisions to liberate Croatian commanders Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markač who are charged for the largest ethnic cleansing in Europe after the Second World War, ethnic cleansing of 250,000 Serbs in the war crimes at Lia and Besik.

After these criminal decisions this political court liberates leaders of Albanian terrorist group Khan from Kosovo Liberation Army, notorious Ramush Haradinaj, who is charged for the war crimes on Serbian civilians at Kosovo in 1998 and 1999 and who was involved in killing 19 witnesses in this case, world should know that Haradinaj confessed these crimes in his own book and we want to know are all these decisions Europe or West values, if ethnic cleansing convinces west value.

Robles: You said he killed 19 witnesses in his case. Can you tell us anything about that?

Davidovic:It is a fact that Hague Tribunal knows about it but there is nothing that we or Hague Tribunal can do. There was some opinion in Serbia that the Hague Tribunal is also guilty for this case but in Kosovo there is no opportunity to analyze these problems and it is something everybody knows about but no one can do anything.

Robles: I see. Can you tell us some of the other reasons why you are organizing these protests and what you hope to gain?

Davidovic:Sure. As you know these last 2 weeks there were these decisions from the Hague Tribunal and we cannot be silent. We need to react. This is a student protest, it is a politically neutral protest, there is no any political party behind us and we want the world to hear that we won’t be queit and we will react and will protest to these decisions.

And we have a program that we will give to our president of Serbian Assembly, and I can tell something about that request. There are three requests: we demand the extraordinary meeting of the Assembly of Serbia, second, we demand greater involvement of our government in defense of Serbian national interests in front of the Tribunal.

In this application we want the state to engage in finding the artillery logs, which is the fact that could reactivate the case of Gotovina and Markac, and, third, the thing that we demand is the maintenance of international scientific conference, which will analyze the work of the Hague Tribunal and result in an expert report.


Robles: Have you been in contact with the Hague Tribunal at all? Has your organization or students; have you signed petitions or anything?

Davidovic:No, we didn’t. Our main goal is to make a big protest and that is why we called and organized students from all Serbia even from Kosovska Mitrovica, where the University of Pristine is located, and students from Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Nis and others. That is all universities we have in Serbia and we hope that we will have about 10,000 thousand students in front of the National Assembly.

Robles: So, you are hoping to gather 10 thousand, you said?

Davidovic:Yes, 10 thousand.

Robles: That is very big for Serbia. What are you planning to do on that day? This will be happening on December 4th, right?

Davidovic:Yes. We will have some performance and the goal of that performance is to make the world see how students can in a very creative way make a protest on these decisions, and of course we will gather in front of the National Assembly supporting of Serbian intellectuals, actors, university professors and other celebrities, and we will have some music and theater performance. And this will be a little surprise for everybody and I hope that that picture will go around the world and everyone will see our performance.

Robles: I see. Now are there any other things you would like to tell our listeners about the current situation in Serbia?

Davidovic:Yes, I have something more to say. I want to say that the idea of these protests is to make the whole free world pay attention to our problems and these crimes and political decisions from Hague Tribunal.

We think that all victims deserve justice regardless of their race, nationality, ethnic or religious background. And the Hague Tribunal for former Yugoslavia is the court of injustice, it is a political court and it has been discriminating between victims based on their ethnicity and religious background for years, and this court of injustice, in our opinion, is an affront of the ideals of the United Nations, democracy and human rights and shows more signs of the values of Stalinist or Nazi regime.

Robles: Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.

Davidovic:Thank you.

This is John Robles. You were listening to the interview with Sandra Davidovic, she is a student at the Political Science Faculty at Belgrade University and the organizer of the student protest coming up on December 4th.


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