The DHS List

Aaron, Charles T DHS Chief Strategy,Policy and Communications 202-447-4750 DC US
Aarons, Susan J DHS ICE National Security Liaison 571-280-5106
Aaronson, Richard DHS Chief Financial Officer 202-254-2310 202-254-2295 DC US
Ababiya, Adam M DHS VA US
Abbate, Joanne T DHS 202-447-4867 DC US
Abbott, Catherine E DHS Director, Communications 202-254-6138 DC US
Abbott, Christian A DHS Deputy Director, Plans Divsion 202-282-8766 DC US
Abdalla, Basheer Y DHS Sr. Systems Engineer 202-477-0901 DC US
Abdalla, Omer M DHS DC2 - Database Support Lead 919-424-5448 NC US
Abdel-Rahman, Adam DHS GIS Analyst VA US
Abdul-Mateen, Hakim D DHS IT Technician-NAC 202-447-4047 DC US
Abebe, Saba DHS Configuration & Change Management 202-357-1298 DC US
Abney, George DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-447-5360 202-447-5335 DC US
Abott, Stephen DHS Executive Assistant 202-612-1706 DC US
Abraham, Georgia A DHS Committee Management Officer 202-282-9150 202-282-9599 DC US
Abreu, Daniel F DHS Special Assistant to the A/S 703-235-2568 VA US
Abyad, James DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-7206 DC US
Accardi, Vincent DHS DC2 Solutions Architect 703-742-2699 VA US
Acciai, Michael DHS Test Engineer 609-601-6800 NJ US
Acker, Jordan DHS Special Assistant and Attorney Advisor 202-612-1646 DC US
Ackerman, Daniel J DHS 202-254-5609 DC US
Ackiss, Scott B DHS Chief, Administrative Security Policy and Implementation Branch 202-447-5341 202-447-5312 DC US
Acocella, Anthony DHS Associate Director 202-447-5449 202-447-5437 DC US
Acosta, Cindy DHS Administrative Specialist 202-447-4050 DC US
Acosta, Clistene DHS IT Security Specialist 202-357-6127 202-357-6197 DC US
Acton, John C DHS Executive Director, DHS Leader Development 202-357-8332 DC US
Acuncius, Warren M DHS Requirements Manager 202-282-9858 DC US
Adair, Michele M DHS Project Manager 202-906-8447 DC US
Adam, Nabil DHS Fellow/Sr. Program Manager 202-254-6328 DC US
Adams, Amy DHS Project Manager 703-803-4935 VA US
Adams, Anne T DHS CFO/Director 202-447-3677 202-447-3464 DC US
Adams, Anthony R DHS Imac Technician 202-604-1888 DC US
Adams, Antionette DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5795 DC US
Adams, Benjamin T DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-447-3304 202-447-3475 DC US
Adams, Chad DHS Compliance Team Lead TX US
Adams, Charles J DHS Director, PSAC and SETF 202-447-3148 202-282-9207 fax DC US
Adams, Colin DHS Program Analyst 202-282-8409 DC US
Adams, David V DHS Chief, Planning and Exercise Support Branch 202-254-5756 202-254-2295 DC US
Adams, Dominique T DHS facility monitor 202-447-4115 DC US
Adams, Frances G DHS Asst. GC, Administrative Law 202-447-3523 202-447-3111 DC US
Adams, Gregory DHS Contractor 202-447-0391 202-447-0330 DC US
Adams, James T DHS 208-526-1492 ID US
Adams, Jessica L DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5183 DC US
Adams, Luke W DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-254-5371 202-254-6173 DC US
Adams, Nathan L DHS Program Analyst 202-612-1630 DC US
Adams, Rachel E DHS Administrative Assistant 703-235-9360 VA US
Adams, Roderick DHS SR HOC Government Watch Officer 202-282-9215 DC US
Adan, Jennifer S DHS Management Analyst 571-258-2214 VA US
Adcock, Laura B DHS Service Account Manager 434-374-3854 VA US
Addai, Dominic G DHS Contractor Support 202-282-9054 DC US
Aderoba, Temitayo DHS Cyber Threat Anyalyst VA US
Ades, Aaron DHS DC2 SOC Manager 434-374-3934 VA US
Adewole, Aramide B DHS security specialist 202-282-9952 DC US
Adkisson, Daniel DHS SETA Support, Cargo Security 202-254-6394 202-254-5394 DC US
Adler, Nola DHS 434-374-3505 VA US
Affairs DHS 202-447-5890 202-447-5437 DC US
Agold, Daniel J DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9328 703-235-9709 VA US
Aguilera, Ray R DHS Readiness Unit 703-235-5876 VA US
Aguirre, Roberto L DHS Grants Technician 202-447-0199 DC US
Agule, Richard M DHS IT Technician 202-447-0818 DC US
Agyei-Sarpong, Peter DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5642 DC US
Ahmad, Viquar DHS Appropriations Liaison 202-447-5985 202-447-0536 DC US
Ahmadia, Sarah DHS 202-447-3549 DC US
Ahmed, Harun DHS Immigration Law Analyst 202-357-8288 DC US
Ahmed, Nasir DHS IT Program Manager 202-343-2477 202-447-0369 DC US
Ahmed, Talal DHS IT Security Specialist 202-357-7732 DC US
Ahr, Daniel DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-447-3939 DC US
Ahrens, Daniel R DHS Senior Functional Analyst 703-504-9609 x2017 DC US
Ahumada, Oscar DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 202-603-6384 VA US
Aiello, Christopher DHS Safety & Emergency Medical Services Mgr 631-323-3147 631-323-3001 NY US
Aiken, Sharon DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5627 DC US
Ainsworth, Kimberly DHS Program Analyst 617-565-6769 617-565-8178 DC US
Aishton, Thomas H DHS Senior Research Scientist NJ US
Akers, Andrew A DHS Director DHS Battle Lab 703-464-7645 571-287-7543 VA US
Aki, Cynthia DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5542 DC US
Akin, Cody DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4538 DC US
Akitobi, Emmanuel DHS RFI Manager 202-447-4346 DC US
Al-jureidini, Farah DHS 202-447-4544 DC US
Albarelli, Nolan DHS GIS Analyst 202-282-8577 202-282-8803 DC US
Albert, Brian J DHS Electrical Engineer 212-620-3369 212-620-3600 NY US
Albert, Brian DHS Policy Advisor 202-344-3407 DC US
Albert, Thomas E DHS Assistant Director, Architecture 202-254-7102 DC US
Alberti, Paul DHS Chief Program Support Branch DC US
Albini, David DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-631-6216 NC US
Albright, Ada B DHS Program Coordinator 202-357-6260 DC US
Albritten, Algen DHS Security Specialist 703-235-5130 703-235-5078/5150 VA US
Alcala, Jose H DHS Geospatial Analyst VA US
Alegre, Paul C DHS NICC SWO 202-282-9201 703-487-3570 VA US
Alexander, Allison DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist/Chemical Threats Analyst 202-282-8876 DC US
Alexander, Barbara DHS Director, Cyber, Infrastructure & Science Div 202-282-8897 202-282-8807 DC US
Alexander, Caroline DHS NPPD Facilities Branch 202-580-9044 VA US
Alexander, David DHS Geospatial Architect 202-447-3727 202-447-3500 DC US
Alexander, Josezetta J DHS Program Analyst DC US
Alexander, Nalani B DHS Mass Transit & Rail Threat Analyst 202-282-8413 202-282-8802 DC US
Alexis, Sondra DHS Chief, Customer Assurance Branch 202-282-9968 202-282-8801 DC US
Alfred, Gedib DHS Administrative Security Specialist 703-235-4916 VA US
Alfred, Kimonia DHS Senior Advisor 202-612-1636 202-447-5437 DC US
Alfredo, James R DHS Financial Analyst 202-254-6467 202-254-6094 DC US
Algiere, Christopher DHS Deputy Division Chief 202-343-1689 202-343-4015 DC US
Ali, Akmal DHS Insurance Examiner 202-254-8633 DC US
Ali, Jaelin N DHS Intern 202-254-5670 DC US
Ali, Samar S DHS White House Fellow 202-282-8932 DC US
Ali, Sharon DHS Program Specialist 202-282-8529 202-282-9756 DC US
Ali, Tahira N DHS Program Analyst 703-235-2541 VA US
Alino, Barbara DHS Intelligence Ops 202-282-9461 DC US
Allan, Cindy DHS Writer-Editor 202-447-0584 DC US
Allen, Barbara K DHS VA US
Allen, Bonnie DHS STEP Employee 202-447-0110 DC US
Allen, Brian P DHS Computer Scientist VA US
Allen, Cheri S DHS Manager, Learning Solutions and Services 202-357-8123 DC US
Allen, Cynthia Y DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5077 DC US
Allen, Cynthia DHS Financal Disclosure Program Manager 202-447-3514 202-282-9099 DC US
Allen, Derek DHS Construction Project Manager 202-603-3769 VA US
Allen, Elizabeth L DHS Analyst 202-254-8205 DC US
Allen, Gary L DHS Interior Program Analyst 202-254-7343 DC US
Allen, Judi DHS Project Analyst 202-282-9149 202-612-1935 DC US
Allen, Kim DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4577 202-447-3499 DC US
Allen, Krista DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-8895 DC US
Allen, Krystle L DHS Chief, Training and Development 202-254-6326 DC US
Allen, Lisa M DHS 202-254-5695 DC US
Allen, Lora DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4812 VA US
Allen, Matthew DHS Senior Liaison Officer 202-447-3748 DC US
Allen, Rosalind K DHS Attorney - Advisor 703-235-5678 VA US
Allen, Timothy C DHS Deputy Chief, Physical Security Division 202-447-3261 202-282-9500 DC US
Allen, Vernon DHS Security Specialist 703-603-5447 703-603-5190 VA US
Allen, William M DHS consulting engineer 703-736-8689 VA US
Allen-Gifford, Patrice DHS Associate Executive Secretary/Component Liaison 202-282-8222 202-447-3221 DC US
Allendorf, John DHS Geospatial Analyst 219-617-7324 TX US
Allgauer, Franklin DHS SENIOR WATCH OFFICER 703-235-8832 VA US
Allgood, Sharon E DHS Analytic Tradecraft Team Lead 202-282-8595 202-447-4039 DC US
Alli, Regina DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-3202 202-447-0119 DC US
Allick, Myron DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-4382 DC US
Allison, Dustin DHS Summer Intern 202-447-5446 DC US
Ally, Jason DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9625 DC US
Alma, David DHS IT Project Manager 202-447-0260 202-447-0290 DC US
Alman, Lana DHS Open Source Collector 202-282-8720 DC US
Almeda, Michelle DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-5731 VA US
Alonzo-Yee, Christine D DHS 703-235-3638 VA US
Alston, Janine DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-3775 DC US
Alston, Teneshia G DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5280 DC US
Alt, Richard DHS HITRAC Branch Chief, Incident Planning and Response Branch 202-447-3978 202-282-8807 DC US
Altizer, Scotty DHS Special Security Officer 202-612-1969 202-282-9705 DC US
Altobello, Kristen M DHS Systems Engineer 202-447-0465 DC US
Alvarez, Leslie A DHS Collections Operations Branch DC US
Alvarez, Raul DHS Cyber Security 703-968-1266 VA US
Alvarez, Vincente DHS Manager, PSS- Business Intelligence 202-447-3767 DC US
Alvarez-Seves, Julio DHS Electrrician 631-323-3261 NY US
Alyawer, Hiba DHS OSINT Collector 202-447-3932 DC US
Amacker III, David L DHS Information Assurance Analyst 228-813-4210 228-813-4215 MS US
Amano, Alan D DHS Supervisory Program Specialist 703-235-9395 703-235-5715 VA US
Ambruoso, Brandon DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5145 DC US
Ambs, Matthew DHS PKI Engineer 202-357-1275 DC US
Amendolia, Deana DHS Administrative Officer 202-282-8397 202-357-1196 DC US
Amici, Michael DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8326 DC US
Amico, Alicia DHS 703-235-5839 VA US
Ammanuel, Makda T DHS Financial Mgmt Specialist - CCFP 202-447-5258 DC US
Ammons, Samantha DHS Financial Management Specialist 202-447-5893 DC US
Amos, Ashley N DHS Special Assistant 202-282-8351 DC US
Amos, Donald W DHS Training Specialist 703-235-2530 703-235-9712 VA US
An, Melany L DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7613 202-254-7747 DC US
Anamelechi, Christian I DHS Security Officer 202-254-6433 DC US
Andersen, Don DHS Acting Branch Chief 202-282-8175 DC US
Andersen, Mike D DHS DHS Rep to FBI's CTD 571-280-6365 VA US
Anderson, Alfred DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-3673 202-282-9257 DC US
Anderson, Ashley A DHS Intelligence Officer 562-544-1736 CA US
Anderson, Audrey J DHS AGC for Legal Counsel 202-612-1615 202-282-9186 DC US
Anderson, Bill DHS Fire Chief 631-323-3215 631-323-3053 NY US
Anderson, Brian E DHS Privacy Compliance Analyst 703-235-0796 703-235-0442 VA US
Anderson, Bryan E DHS Animal Care Taker 631-323-3291 NY US
Anderson, Carrie DHS Immigration Law Analyst 202-357-8106 202-357-0042 DC US
Anderson, Christopher G DHS SA&E Tools Lead 202-245-1161 DC US
Anderson, Daniel A DHS 703-894-6916 DC US
Anderson, Debra A DHS Support Contractor 202-254-2321 DC US
Anderson, Denise DHS Banking & Finance Sector Liaison VA US
Anderson, Derick L DHS Information Assurance Analyst 228-813-4212 228-813-4215 MS US
Anderson, Kate S DHS Chief Counsel 202-254-7305 202-254-7755 DC US
Anderson, Kevin DHS Senior Program Manager 202-254-2299 301-619-1436 DC US
Anderson, Laura DHS Applications Architect 703-276-2244 DC US
Anderson, Lotoya DHS Case Resolution Specialist 202-357-8121 202-357-0042 DC US
Anderson, Matthew DHS Reports Officer 202-282-8623 CA US
Anderson, Megan DHS SETA SUPPORT 202-254-6114 202-254-5365 DC US
Anderson, Michael E DHS 703-235-9321 703-235-9709 VA US
Anderson, Neal DHS NORAD and USNORTHCOM Senior Representative 202-282-9654 202-447-3682 DC US
Anderson, Penny DHS Director, ISCD 703-603-4603 VA US
Anderson, Renicka P DHS 455 Mass Site Lead 202-343-2534 202-343-2530 DC US
Anderson, Robert C DHS Information Assurance Specialist 703-277-1326 VA US
Anderson, Rodney C DHS Chief, Organizational Culture and Development 703-235-1515 703-235-2057 VA US
Anderson, Rose J DHS Assistant General Counsel for Acquisition and Procurement Law 202-447-5707 DC US
Anderson, Scott DHS Project Technical Lead 703-742-2510 VA US
Anderson, Terri DHS Program Analyst 703-235-5289 VA US
Anderson, Timothy A DHS Hazardous Materials Specialist 609-813-2672 NJ US
Anderson, Twanna C DHS Switchboard Operator 66 202-282-8000 DC US
Anderson, Tyson C DHS Open Source Collector 202-447-4287 DC US
Andersson, Johanna S DHS Contractor Support DC US
Andre, Douglas R DHS FNS 703-235-5045 VA US
Andreacchio, Miranda J DHS Deputy Executive Secretary 202-282-8370 202-612-1936 DC US
Andreano, Richard DHS Region 1 Coordinator 401-921-6125 RI US
Andren, Carl S DHS Special Agent DC US
Andres, George T DHS Project Analyst - Sr 703-733-3120 VA US
Andrew, Emily M DHS Senior Privacy Officer 703-235-2182 VA US
Andrews, Ann-Marie DHS Administrative Officer 703-235-8157 VA US
Andrews, Ervin DHS 703-742-1009 VA US
Andrews, John P DHS Director, Counterintelligence Programs Division 202-282-9634 DC US
Andrews, Joseph DHS Program Support Services Manager 202-447-5056 DC US
Andrews, Julia DHS Deputy Chair, BCMR 202-282-9825 202-282-9186 DC US
Andrews, Phillip DHS Fed Lead, Business Support Team 703-235-9515 VA US
Andrews, Rashida DHS Administrative Specialist 202-282-9023 DC US
Andrews, Sean DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-603-2020 DC US
Andrews, Stephanie A DHS Executive Secretary 202-447-4615 DC US
Andronescu, Liana R DHS 202-447-3825 DC US
Anello, Joseph P DHS Acting Chief Domains Integration Branch 202-447-3642 DC US
Angelo, Matthew DHS Special Assistant 202-447-3588 DC US
Annand, Robert S DHS VA US
Annapareddy, Reddy K DHS 703-736-4010 VA US
Ansah, Albion B DHS network engineer 202-447-0560 DC US
Ansaldi, Patrick DHS Lead Analyst 703-235-9569 VA US
Ansberry, James C DHS Associate Booz Allen Hamilton 202-447-4676 DC US
Anselmo, Romualdo B DHS Finance/Acquisition Program Analyst 703-235-4274 VA US
Ansinelli, Michael H DHS Application Developer 202-254-5763 DC US
Anthony, Calister P DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5809 202-447-5118 DC US
Anthony, James G DHS Program Manager 202-254-5742 DC US
Anthony, Tarra D DHS Compliance Education Manager, ISO DC US
Anuszewski, Brian C DHS Business Analyst 703-460-1315 VA US
Apicelli, Kathleen DHS photographer 631-323-3220 NY US
Apintiloaiei, Mitch DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-447-4464 Office DC US
Apostolou, Greg DHS 202-447-3022 202-282-8492 DC US
Appenrodt, Kathleen M DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-3894 DC US
Appia, Richard DHS Program Analyst 202-343-4107 DC US
Apple, Daniel N DHS SETA Support 202-420-1986 MD US
Appleby, John F DHS Program Manager 202-254-5620 DC US
Apte, Colleen C DHS Project Manager - Communications & Outreach 202-254-7787 DC US
Aquino, Erwin DHS Security Specialist 202-447-3076 202-282-9055 DC US
Arai, Douglas DHS Sr Program Analyst 202-282-9809 DC US
Arca, Rodel DHS IT Specialist 703-235-9560 VA US
Archambo, Walter DHS Watch Officer, S&L Desk 202-447-4306 202-282-8782 DC US
Archer, Lawrence J DHS Firefighter 631-323-3239 NY US
Archey, Samantha J DHS 202-573-6261 VA US
Arcos, Azucena DHS Policy Analyst 202-282-9827 202-282-8420 DC US
Ard, William P DHS 202-447-3589 DC US
Arellano, Ferdinand DHS Security Assistant Sr Specialist 703-235-5457 VA US
Arevalo, Gil DHS Network Engineer 228-813-4858 MS US
Ariel, Gale DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-8188 DC US
Arispe, Irene DHS 703-235-5836 VA US
Arizmendi, Jorge DHS Director of Financial Management 703-235-1490 VA US
Arizmendi, Sharaelle DHS Analyst 202-282-9947 DC US
Armbruster, Patrick DHS Financial Management Specialist 202-821-6675 VA US
Armenti, Carmen DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8924 DC US
Armour, Jr, Leon DHS Technologist 202-447-0224 DC US
Armstrong, Charis L DHS Program Analyst 703-235-8145 VA US
Armstrong, Chris C DHS Chief of Staff/OCPO 202-447-5264 202-447-5310 DC US
Armstrong, Jerald DHS Manager, Enterprise Technical Services 202-357-8565 DC US
Armstrong, Sue E DHS Deputy Assistant Secretary 703-235-8111 VA US
Arnold, Brian E DHS Senior IT Specialist 202-282-9460 DC US
Arnold, Katrina DHS Administrative Specialist 202-447-5747 DC US
Arnold, Michael K DHS ASWO 202-282-8101 DC US
Arnold, Patrick DHS Attack, Sensing and Warning Lead 703-235-8860 VA US
Arnone, Mark DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-282-8752 DC US
Aron, Fred DHS Intelligence Watch Officer DC US
Arora, Akash DHS Financial Analyst 202-447-0471 DC US
Arora, Junish DHS Senior EEO Diversity Manager 202-254-8206 DC US
Arrington, Laura A DHS 434-374-3866 VA US
Arrington, Meikole L DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-4007 DC US
Arrington-Black, Lynnette DHS Administrative Specialist 202-447-5663 DC US
Arrowood, Carmen R DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8348 202-357-8105 DC US
Arseneault, Joseph R DHS ISSO 202-254-6004 DC US
Artis, Alphie DHS Office Manager 703-235-8136 703-235-3052 VA US
Artis, Percell DHS Personal Property Manager 202-254-2427 DC US
Arundel, David I DHS Program Manager 703-341-4016 VA US
Ash, Lawrence DHS Branch Head, Product Transition 202-254-6863 DC US
Ashenfelter, Timothy DHS Principal Scientist 703-610-2461 703-610-1561 VA US
Asher, Stephanie DHS Clerk 202-612-1659 DC US
Ashley, Donald DHS Telecommunications Manager 202-343-1709 DC US
Ashman, William P DHS Senior Research Scientist 410-417-0902 MD US
Aspey, Darryl DHS Protective Security Advisor 919-855-1042 919-790-2832 NC US
Assaf, Robyn E DHS Special Assistant 202-343-1788 202-343-4011 DC US
Astrow, Paul W DHS Management Analyst 202-254-2435 202-254-6911 DC US
Atack, Scott DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-282-9938 202-282-9254 DC US
Ateah, Casey DHS Project Manager, IP Readiness 703-235-2510 VA US
Athmann, Ronald J DHS Director of Current Intelligence Division 202-282-8606 DC US
Atkins, Eddie DHS Training Specialist 202-357-8204 DC US
Atkins, Jennifer S DHS Training Operations Manager 202-447-5331 VA US
Atoyebi, Chiara N DHS 703-235-9320 VA US
Atri, Kamran DHS EA Support 703-734-1102 703-734-1106 VA US
Attilio, Frank P DHS SR. Network Architect 202-254-7085 202-254-7751 DC US
Attorri, Paul DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5726 202-447-5725 DC US
Atwal, Kiran Paul DHS Enterprise Architect 202-245-1153 DC US
Auble, Mark DHS Transition to Ops 703-235-4983 VA US
Augustine, Jessica R DHS Associate 703-235-8201 VA US
Augusto, Martha Y DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-8818 202-282-9020 DC US
Aultman, Stanley R DHS Engineering Test Lead/Quality Assurance Lead 202-447-0731 DC US
Auspitz, Carmen E DHS Resource Manager 202-343-2471 202-447-0579 DC US
Austin, John DHS Information Technology Specialist US-CERT 703-235-8835 NCCIC Desk VA US
Austin, Khaleelah M DHS Personnel Security Assistant 202-447-0191 202-447-5813 DC US
Austin, Kimberly A DHS Personnel Psychologist 202-357-8491 DC US
Austin, Mark DHS Chief of Operations, US-CERT 703-235-5029 VA US
Austin, Richard DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4694 703-603-4712 VA US
Austin, Scott DHS Agent 202-282-8119 202-282-8782 DC US
Austin, Shannan D DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5379 202-447-5873 DC US
Avans, Tameka DHS FSC 202-282-9514 202-447-4452 DC US
Avery, Joanna DHS EDMO Contract Support 202-447-3027 DC US
Awadallah, Amany DHS 202-447-0851 DC US
Ayala, Mario H DHS Project Analyst 703-284-5037 VA US
Ayala, Nyvia N DHS Executive Support 703-603-4801 VA US
Ayala-Bush, Mary DHS EA ITAR Reviewer 202-447-3240 DC US
Aylward, Jerry DHS Security Specialist 631-323-3390 631-323-3172 NY US
Aytona, Aprilgrace DHS Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance Support 202-254-2434 202-254-6917 DC US
Ayub, Ahsan K DHS Deputy Site Lead 202-254-7019 DC US
Azar, Haroon DHS Deputy Director (a), Middle East, Africa, and South Asia 202-282-8038 DC US
Aziz, Ajmal DHS SETA 202-254-6944 DC US
Aziz, Anjam DHS Attorney 202-254-6975 DC US
Babb, Mark S DHS Senior Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8543 202-282-8802 DC US
Babcock, Jeffrey DHS Animal Care Supervisor 631-323-3291 631-323-3082 NY US
Babcock, Sarah DHS Senior Advisor for Science and Policy 202-254-6303 202-254-6094 DC US
Babey, Michele R DHS Project Manager 703-742-1444 VA US
Babick, Carole DHS Security Specialist 202-447-3754 202-282-9969 DC US
Babin, Melissa C DHS SETA Support to Eric Houser 202-254-6081 DC US
Bachkosky, Janice DHS Deputy Assistant Director for Systems Transition and Logistics 202-254-7240 202-254-7749 DC US
Backen, Gerald DHS Budget Director 202-254-7020 DC US
Backert, Jeffrey S DHS Systems Engineer 202-447-0021 DC US
Backfield, Mitchell DHS NPPD Audit Liaison 703-235-1517 VA US
Bacon, Brendan DHS 703-603-4731 DC US
Badanes, David W DHS 202-447-3899 DC US
Badger, Jarrod D DHS Enterprise Architect 202-447-3969 DC US
Baer, Adam S DHS Personnel Security Assistant 202-447-0118 202-447-0697 DC US
Baer, Bob DHS Chief, Asset & Logistics Mngmt Br 202-254-2225 202-254-5671 DC US
Baer, Carla K DHS Sr. Business Architect 202-282-8135 DC US
Baez, Coqui DHS All Source Intelligence Analyst 202-447-4511 DC US
Baez, Karen Y DHS ISSE 202-447-5265 DC US
Bagay, George R DHS Program Manager 202-577-4369 VA US
Baginsky, Steven DHS System Engineer 703-968-2543 VA US
Bagley, David DHS HSIN Network Engineer 703-277-1831 DC US
Bahler, Barry DHS Senior Photographer 202-282-9136 DC US
Baicar, Bruce DHS Program Manager 202-254-5615 202-254-5395 DC US
Bailey, Brandon S DHS User Applications Liaison II 202-357-8553 DC US
Bailey, Denise DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-282-9208 DC US
Bailey, Denise N N DHS Technical Consultant IV 248-365-8166 MI US
Bailey, Fred DHS NDIU SME 571-350-4742 VA US
Bailey, James L DHS IT Security Specialist 202-282-8300 DC US
Bailey, Janet T DHS Grants Specialist 202-447-0362 202-447-5600 DC US
Bailey, Jason DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-6676 DC US
Bailey, Pamela DHS Graphic Designer 703-271-7352 VA US
Bailey, Robin DHS IT Specialist 202-357-6178 DC US
Bailey, Scott D DHS HIFLD to the Regions IL US
Bailey, Susan H DHS OGC Alternate Agency Ethics Official (Acting) 202-447-3266 202-282-9099 DC US
Bailey, Tasha K DHS Security Specialist 202-447-0185 202-447-0841 DC US
Bailey, Therese M DHS NICC SWO 202-282-9201 VA US
Bailey, Timothy DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 603-223-3645 NH US
Bailey, Victoria A DHS Security Intern 202-254-5644 DC US
Bain, Gregory P DHS Electronics Engineer 703-235-4226 703-235-4980 VA US
Baird, Gerald DHS Nuclear Forensics Program Manager 202-254-7705 DC US
Baird, Haerah V DHS HR Specialist 202-343-2441 DC US
Baird, John DHS Cyber Threat Analyst 703-235-8807 VA US
Bajit, Michael J DHS VA US
Bajusz, Lisa D DHS Program Analyst II 202-254-7725 DC US
Bajwa, Prabhjot DHS IT SPECIALIST 202-447-5830 202-447-0626 DC US
Baker, Bryan DHS Statistician 202-786-9838 DC US
Baker, Dwight DHS Nuclear SME 804-375-3341 VA US
Baker, Elizabeth A DHS VA US
Baker, Gloria A DHS Security Assistant Senior Specialist 202-282-9883 202-282-8416 DC US
Baker, Guy G DHS Sr. Network Engineer 228-813-3335 MS US
Baker, Jane L DHS Graphic Design / Consultant 202-254-5685 202-254-6175 DC US
Baker, Janice S DHS Acquisition Specialist 202-447-0772 DC US
Baker, Jeffrey P DHS 703-627-9511 VA US
Baker, Kevin DHS Policy and Administrative Analyst 703-235-5624 VA US
Baker, Kevin L DHS Director, Intelligence Watch and Warning 202-282-8648 DC US
Baker, Linda E DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-343-2442 202-343-2530 DC US
Baker, Matthew R DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-0701 DC US
Baker, Matthew G DHS Reports Officer 703-275-8673 VA US
Baker, Robert J DHS Senior Web Developer 240-645-7970 DC US
Baker, Tina M DHS Executive Assistant 202-324-6421 202-324-9427 DC US
Bakker, Michelle C DHS 703-235-3027 VA US
Bald, William H DHS Sr. Infrastructure Specialist - BUR 434-374-3952 VA US
Baldridge, Dennis DHS Net Assessments SETA 202-254-7524 DC US
Baldwin, Katherine L DHS DHS/S&T Support Contractor 202-254-5716 DC US
Baldwin, Matthew DHS Budget Analyst 202-357-7861 DC US
Baldwin, Reid DHS Deputy Chief, Identity Mgmt Div (IMD) 202-245-1106 202-245-1127 DC US
Bales, Melanie B DHS Grants Officer 202-447-5522 202-447-5600 DC US
Ball, Benjamin DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-282-8635 202-447-3595 DC US
Ball, Daniel R DHS 202-447-0671 DC US
Ball, Kevin DHS IT Specialist Project Manager 202-357-8389 DC US
Ballard, Gale D DHS AMHS System Administrator 202-282-8300 DC US
Ballard, Shannon DHS Director, International Privacy Programs 703-235-0160 703-235-0442 VA US
Ballard, Traci DHS FOIA Officer & Privacy Incident Liaison 202-447-3497 202-282-9512 DC US
Balter, Andrew DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-821-9034 MA US
Bamford, George DHS Chief, Cyber Threat Branch 202-447-3129 202-447-3173 DC US
Bamgbade, Jerry O DHS Director & CTO DC1 Program 202-412-8200 DC US
Bandura, Charles DHS faclitiy montior 202-282-8272 DC US
Bandurski, Sarah DHS Information Technology Specialist 850-452-7740 FL US
Bankhead, Perry A DHS Division Director 703-235-4962 VA US
Banks, Charles DHS LCDR 202-282-9210 202-282-8806 DC US
Banks, Kai DHS Executive Support Services 202-343-2558 DC US
Banks, Linda A DHS Financial Analyst 703-603-5158 VA US
Banks, Monica DHS Security Escort 703-235-5457 VA US
Banning, Lynnette DHS 508 Analyst 202-641-5165 DC US
Bannister, Michael DHS 202-447-4528 DC US
Bansal, Mamta DHS Intelligence Analyst DC US
Bansleben, Donald DHS Program Manager 202-254-6146 202-254-6166 DC US
Bapst, Christina DHS EDMO & NIEM Program 202-447-3738 202-447-3874 DC US
Barba, Edward T DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-834-6240 PA US
Barbari, Nabeela DHS ISCD, Operations Support Branch, Training Section Chief 703-603-4623 VA US
Barber, Daniel DHS 202-357-6150 DC US
Barber, Delores DHS Deputy Chief FOIA Officer DC US
Barber, Jeffrey DHS Senior Research Scientist 609-813-2832 NJ US
Barber, Sarah B DHS ICE liaison to DHS/JAG 703-275-8672
Barber, Sherry DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5523 202-447-5693 DC US
Barbour, Tammy L DHS Acting Director 703-235-9511 VA US
Bard, Megan N DHS 703-235-2511 VA US
Bare, Daniel M DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9523 VA US
Barefoot, Thomas DHS Analyst 202-282-8249 DC US
Barisas, Susan DHS 301-996-9795 VA US
Barker, Sara E DHS Business Case Analyst 703-253-2870 VA US
Barkie, Griffin DHS ENSS National Operations Manager 703-803-4772 703-968-1141 DC US
Barkie, Rahel A DHS clerk 202-282-9951 DC US
Barlatt, Neenia C DHS HR Support 202-343-1744 DC US
Barlow, Eric H DHS IT Specialist (Infosec) 202-357-6158 DC US
Barlow, Jeff DHS Realty Specialist 202-343-4243 DC US
Barnard, Robert DHS Remote Sensing Advisor 202-447-3728 202-447-3500 DC US
Barnes, David DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Barnes, Edward L DHS Service Transition Manager 228-813-4847 MS US
Barnes, Hubert DHS Special Security Officer 202-254-7188 202-254-7753 DC US
Barnes, Joey G DHS Deployment Manager 703-968-1338 DC US
Barnes, John P DHS Wireless Support 202-357-1249 DC US
Barnes, Joy DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-8674 DC US
Barnes, Robyn F DHS Administrative Assistant 202-447-4469 202-282-8008 DC US
Barnett, Jason NMI DHS HIFLD To The Regions 757-892-6436 VA US
Barnett, Ralph DHS Telecommunications Specialist 202-343-1619 202-343-4015 DC US
Barnhardt, Billy E DHS Project Lead 571-205-5876 DC US
Barnwell, Patrick H DHS Field Operations Coordinator 703-235-9353 VA US
Barnwell, Yolanda Y DHS Instructional Systems Designer 202-357-8248 DC US
Barone, Christopher R DHS Inspector 202-302-6249 MT US
Baronof, Kim DHS Director of Legislative Affairs FEMA 202-447-5352 DC US
Baroski, Michael DHS RFI Manager 202-282-9594 DC US
Baroukh, Nader DHS Associate General Counsel for Immigration 202-282-9723 DC US
Barr, Lisa N DHS Deputy Branch Chief 703-603-5058 VA US
Barr, MacReadie DHS Chief, Standards and Operations Division 202-786-9890 202-786-9910 DC US
Barr, Timothy DHS NBAF Site Manager 785-537-6247 ext. 49772 KS US
Barr, William R DHS NSD Executive Secretariat 703-235-3074 VA US
Barrera, Jose D DHS DVM, M.Sc., Ph.D. 631-323-3049 NY US
Barrera, Monica DHS Program Analyst 703-235-2563 VA US
Barrett, Anthony DHS Consultant / Risk Analyst 703-603-4664 VA US
Barrett, George R DHS Principal Staff 240-228-3140 MD US
Barrett, Jack DHS Attorney 202-282-9731 202-282-9358 DC US
Barrett, Jeffrey R DHS HIFLD - to the Regions 617-320-6468 MA US
Barrett, Larry DHS Center Director 631-323-3207 631-323-3295 NY US
Barrett, Stephen DHS Program Manager for Communications 703-235-4965 703-235-4219 VA US
Barrick, Kim DHS Project Analyst 919-424-5631 NC US
Barrientos, Mike DHS Aerospace Engineer 609-813-2765 609-383-1973 NJ US
Barrier, Jeffrey W DHS DC2 VAT Lead 434-374-3576 VA US
Barrineau, David DHS Senior Realty Specialist 202-384-4047 DC US
Barrios, Kenneth DHS Special Security Representative 703-235-5015 703-235-5150 VA US
Barros, Francis J DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6966 202-254-6170 DC US
Barrows, Jameel DHS NICC Watch Analyst 703-563-3543 VA US
Barry, James H DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8710 DC US
Barry, Jonathan DHS Infrastructure Analyst 703-603-5027 VA US
Barry, Lawrence DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9837 DC US
Barry, Patrick E DHS Special Assistant to the Under Secretary 202-282-9739 DC US
Barsic, Julie M DHS 703-603-4902 VA US
Bartel, Jeff DHS Technical Support Help Desk Senior Specialist 800-250-7911 IN US
Barth, Michael DHS Chermical Security Inspector 202-821-3261/Blackberry NV US
Barth, Teresa DHS 703-235-1478 VA US
Bartholomew, Brava T DHS Management&Program Analyst 202-447-3503 DC US
Bartholomew, Heather DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-5781 DC US
Bartholomew, Shadonna B DHS Systems Administrator 202-612-1747 DC US
Bartleson, John DHS Mgr for HS & NS Professional Development 202-357-8558 DC US
Bartley, Jamal DHS Regional Technical Lead- Region I 202-447-0608 DC US
Bartoli-Munro, Yvonne DHS International Outreach Coordinator 703-235-8118 VA US
Bartolomeo, John DHS Assistant Director, MAPP 202-536-7840 DC US
Bartolucci, Noah J DHS Communications Specialist 202-254-6490 DC US
Barton, Angela DHS Telework Coordinator/COOP Specialist 202-447-3431 202-282-8952 DC US
Barton, Corey DHS Program Analyst Intern 202-447-5042 DC US
Barton, Matthew DHS Assistant Director (acting) 202-254-7412 DC US
Bartram, Philip DHS physical scientist 410-417-0914 MD US
Basani, Frank DHS OBIEE Architect 202-447-5061 DC US
Bashan, Isaiah DHS Geospatial Analyst 202-282-8307 DC US
Baskerville, Justin C DHS Research Analyst 202-282-8847 DC US
Baskin, Catherine DHS Associate Director, Quality Assurance Branch 202-447-5515 202-447-5538 DC US
Bass, Jackita D DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5069 VA US
Basselgia, Barry DHS System Administrator 703-235-3626 VA US
Bast, William G DHS Senior Systems Engineer 202-841-2962 DC US
Bastholm, Robert A DHS Senior Information Specialist 609-813-2749 NJ US
Batcha, Nadia DHS 202-357-6285 DC US
Batchelor, Zakia DHS HR Specialist 703-235-2129 703-235-1562 VA US
Bates Sr, Terrance G DHS security monitor 202-612-1786 DC US
Bathurst, Donald G DHS Chief Administrative Officer 202-343-4040 DC US
Batla, Traci M DHS Program Support Assistant 202-447-4379 DC US
Battenberg, Craig DHS SGT 202-447-3856 DC US
Battle, Donald DHS Sr Tech 703-235-9415 VA US
Batts, Michelle DHS Executive Assistant 202-254-5600 202-254-6094 DC US
Bauer, Catherine DHS Privacy Compliance Specialist 703-235-0780 703-235-0442 VA US
Bauer, Doug C DHS Explosives Research Program Manager 202-254-6040 202-254-5398 DC US
Bauer, Wilhelm DHS Counterterrorism Analyst III 703-235-9333 VA US
Baumgardner, James W DHS PKI Engineer 202-357-7879 DC US
Baumgartner, Kristen DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5131 703-603-5190 VA US
Bautista, Ramon Roxas DHS Data Center Migration Specialist 202-447-5730 DC US
Baynham, Laura DHS Business Analyst 281-514-3346 TX US
Baynocky, Karee DHS 202-447-4419 DC US
Bayton, Renee DHS Contract Specialist 609-813-2893 609-813-2893 NJ US
Baz, Suki B DHS External Affairs Specialist 202-254-2408 DC US
Bea, Deborah DHS TSP Program Manager 703-235-5359 703-235-5806 VA US
Beach, Tab DHS ASWO 202-282-8101 DC US
Beaghan, Susan L DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0091 202-447-5693 DC US
Beagles, James M DHS (A) Dir, KMD Div 202-282-9392 DC US
Beahm, Kristen R DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7724 DC US
Beal, David DHS Program Analyst 202-612-1167 DC US
Beal, Joseph D DHS RMD Security Program Manager 202-357-1214 DC US
Beaman, Corrie E DHS Intelligence Officer 501-618-8015 501-618-8451 AR US
Bean, Jaquey N DHS Communications Watch Officer 202-282-8590 DC US
Bean, Richard P DHS Contract Specialist 571-227-1152 VA US
Beard, Robert DHS Assistant Director, Financial Management 202-447-5343 DC US
Beatty, Jason N DHS Watch Analyst 202-282-9201 VA US
Beatty, Robin DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-343-1631 DC US
Beatty-Smith, Jacqueline DHS Senior Policy Advisor-HR 202-357-8252 DC US
Beaty, Mike C DHS Management Analyst 202-713-0014 202-343-4243 DC US
Beaubouef, Matthew DHS IT Specialist 703-235-4982 VA US
Becerra, Amanda L DHS 202-254-7138 DC US
Beck, Carol DHS 202-447-5416 DC US
Beck, Lee DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-282-8067 202-282-9186 DC US
Beck, Mariam K DHS IT Technician 703-235-5429 VA US
Becker, Gary S DHS Senior Economist 202-282-9013 202-282-9207 DC US
Becker, Joan DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-5973 DC US
Becker, Mark DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-357-7796 DC US
Becker, Michael P DHS Program Manager 202-254-7279 DC US
Beckett, David DHS DNDO Operations/Mission Analyst 202-254-7532 202-254-7751 DC US
Beckett, Malcolm DHS Telecommunications Specialist 202-343-1608 202-343-4015 DC US
Beckett, Tanya DHS Program Specialist 202-447-0667 202-447-0290 DC US
Beckman, Michael DHS Intelligence Officer 518-786-2157 518-786-9347 NY US
Beckman, Paul DHS Director, ITSO Risk Management Division 202-357-1201 DC US
Beckmann, Ryan J DHS ISCD Business Support Team Lead 703-603-4746 703-603-4712 VA US
Becton, Alea DHS Media Coordinator 202-447-4338 DC US
Bedgood, Jeffery D DHS DC2 Service Account Manager (SAM) - ESDO 434-374-3863 VA US
Bedker, Larry DHS Director, Office of Financial Management 202-447-5216 DC US
Bednar, Ryan DHS Biometric SETA Support 202-254-2439 DC US
Bee, Dominique DHS Program Analyst 202-343-4517 DC US
Beers, Rand DHS Under Secretary 202-282-8260 DC US
Beg, Abbrahim DHS Sr. Test Engineer 202-447-0720 DC US
Beggs, Patrick T DHS Director of Operations-NCCIC 703-235-8865 VA US
Behm, Isabel S DHS FL US
Behunin, Scott A DHS Supervisory- Protective Security Advisor 801-258-5280 801-524-6216 UT US
Beideman, Andrew D DHS SETA 202-254-6625 DC US
Beigzadeh, Leila DHS 202-447-5996 DC US
Bejarano, Mario DHS Program Specialist 202-343-2523 DC US
Bekeny, John D DHS Senior Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5017 202-447-5333 DC US
Beland, Michael A DHS Chief of Staff, IP/NPPD 703-235-8112 703-235-9707 VA US
Belenkaya, Veronika DHS 202-282-8871 DC US
Belgrave, Conchetta DHS Special Program Manager/EEO Specialist 202-254-8232 202-254-8240 DC US
Beliard, Gornayl DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-0446 202-447-5013 DC US
Belitsky, Hilary DHS Business Integration 202-447-0954 DC US
Belk, Justin H DHS Watch Officer/Analyst 202-282-9262 DC US
Bell, Anthony DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-0063 202-447-5552 DC US
Bell, Curtis DHS Physical Scientist 609-813-2753 609-383-1973 NJ US
Bell, Glenn DHS 202-254-5374 DC US
Bell, Lawrence J DHS Education and Training Analyst 703-235-1957 703-235-2052 VA US
Bell, Lisa B DHS Resource Specialist 202-254-7402 202-254-7747 DC US
Bell, Marcus DHS Technician Field Specialist 202-447-5611 202-447-0119 DC US
Bell, Robert E DHS Support Contractor 202-254-2378 DC US
Bell, Samuel J DHS Sergeant 202-282-9047 DC US
Bellack, Ryan J DHS IT Lead 202-343-1621 DC US
Bellaire, Christopher P DHS 202-612-1760 DC US
Bellamy, Emma DHS Budget Analyst 703-235-5333 VA US
Bellamy, Eugene E DHS security escort 703-235-5457 VA US
Beller, Meghan DHS Security Specialist 202-245-1111 DC US
Bellew, Steven S DHS Chemical Security Inspector TX US
Bellus, John M DHS Supervisory Special Agent 202-254-7167 202-254-7752 DC US
Beloncis, Linda DHS Contracts Specialist 202-447-5509 DC US
Belt, Jon D DHS Computer Technician 202-447-4491 DC US
Beltrano, Joe DHS Budget Director, NCSD 703-235-5109 703-235-5889 VA US
Bemish, Alexander A DHS FOB Analyst 703-235-9345 VA US
Benack, Donald M DHS Supervisory IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-5037 VA US
Benack, Marilyn DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-5164 VA US
Benami, Moshe S DHS Senior Information Security Systems Engineer
Benavides, Victor DHS Mgt. & Program Analyst 703-603-5124 703-603-5190 VA US
Benda, Paul DHS Chief of Staff 202-254-5683 DC US
Bendixen, Lisa DHS 703-603-5063 VA US
Benedict, Gary DHS Cyber Exercise Analyst 703-284-6274 VA US
Benedict, Lawrence R DHS Site Delivery manager 434-374-3517
Benevides, Sandra J DHS Information Technology Specialist 703-235-4968 VA US
Benge, Joel M DHS IT Security Specialist 202-357-6183 DC US
Benigno, John A DHS Detective - CPD 202-282-9034 DC US
Benjamin, Janice D DHS PROGRAM ANALYST 703-235-2081 202-295-0898 VA US
Benjamin, Ray DHS Deputy Director, SSA EMO 703-603-5167 703-603-5190 VA US
Bennett, Andrew S DHS Senior Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8309 DC US
Bennett, Herman J DHS SR Systems Engineer 202-447-0623 DC US
Bennett, Maurice DHS EEO Assistant 202-245-1137 202-254-8240 DC US
Bennett, Steve DHS Assistant Director for Risk Analytics 202-343-1740 DC US
Bennett, Tanya DHS Web Data Analyst/DC1 Change Coordinator 228-813-4841 MS US
Bennett, Thaddeus DHS Field Security Coordinator 202-447-5722 202-447-5312 DC US
Bennett, William C DHS IT Analyst 202-357-8527 DC US
Bennett, Wilson P DHS DC1 Project Management Team Lead 228-813-4898 MS US
Bensen, Anna DHS 609-813-2651 NJ US
Bentley, Brian C DHS 703-968-3457 DC US
Bentley, James DHS Training Officer 202-357-7619 202-357-7678 DC US
Bentz, David M DHS ENSS Deployment Engineer 703-803-5497 VA US
Beresford, Pamela DHS Technical Editor/SME 609-813-2841 NJ US
Berger, Christina DHS 202-447-3837 DC US
Berger, Michael DHS Principal Engineer 703-610-2114 DC US
Bergman, Michael J DHS PNT Specialist 202-447-3730 202-447-3500 DC US
Bergmann, Kenneth DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8253 DC US
Berin, Ann DHS Cyber Analyst 703-284-6651 VA US
Berk, Michael A DHS 202-282-9815 DC US
Berkowitz, Jeremy S DHS 202-343-1780 DC US
Berkwitt, Bradley DHS Program Manager 703-603-5180 VA US
Bernard, Gregory DHS Chief of Mission Execution 202-254-7333 202-254-7755 DC US
Bernard Jr, Kinter D DHS Change Management Analyst QA/QC 202-357-1270 DC US
Bernardo, Joanne DHS Systems Accountant 202-447-0955 DC US
Berndt, Luke DHS Program Manager 202-254-5332 DC US
Berne, Rachel D DHS 202-254-8643 202-254-6174 DC US
Bernhard, Francis DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-713-7830 GA US
Bernhardt, Karen S DHS ITO Delivery Services Consultant 2 281-514-1957 TX US
Berninger, Matthew L DHS External Affairs 703-235-5129 VA US
Bernstein, Jarrod DHS Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary 202-282-8071 DC US
Berrios, Isalen DHS 202-254-7354 DC US
Berry, Anthony DHS Administrative Specialist 202-447-3783 202-282-8701 DC US
Berry, Barbara DHS Human Resources Specialist (IS) 202-357-8451 DC US
Berry, Christopher DHS RFI Manager 202-282-8771 DC US
Berry, Jonathan L DHS EOC 434-374-3850 VA US
Berry, William DHS USCG Project Manager 202-282-9435 DC US
Bers, Melinda DHS Sr. Policy Accountant 202-447-5198 202-447-5192 DC US
Bertacchi, Maria DHS Senior Analyst 703-235-3025 VA US
Berthiaume, David DHS Chief, Contingency Programs & Exercises Branch 202-282-8593 202-282-8803 DC US
Bertram, Sam M DHS Technical Specialist 202-245-1121 DC US
Bertucci, Nicole M DHS 202-282-8336 DC US
Beshai, Emile A DHS Chief Enterprise Architect 202-357-7648 DC US
Bess, Leroy DHS Contractor VA US
Bess, Linda DHS Account Analysis 202-254-5648 DC US
Besson, Mark DHS NAC Parking Manager 202-447-3117 202-282-9560 DC US
Best, Chiara DHS Associate Director 202-447-5702 202-447-5725 DC US
Best, Evett DHS Executive Officer 202-447-4349 202-282-8803 DC US
Best, Janelle DHS Biosurveillance Operations Analyst 202-447-3458 DC US
Best, Kristen J DHS 703-984-1942 VA US
Best, Steven DHS SES Candidate 202-357-8528 DC US
Bethea, Bonnie DHS International Affairs Analyst 703-235-3003 VA US
Bettis, Brian DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5294 DC US
Bettridge, Matthew J DHS Deputy Branch Chief (Acting) 703-603-4620 VA US
Bew, Dwight D DHS DC US
Bey, Colleen DHS security 609-813-2656 609-813-2733 NJ US
Beyer, Lauren DHS DHS Liaison to the EU Presidency DC US
Beyer, Margaret DHS Assistant Director, HQ Facilities Operations 202-365-2757 DC US
Bezjak, Julie DHS Data Center Service Level Analyst DC US
Bhamoo, Jennifer DHS Intelligence Analyst 703-235-8550 VA US
Bhat, Anita DHS HSDN & C-LAN Program Support 202-447-5831 DC US
Biala, Jeffrey DHS Knowledge Management Architect 202-596-7811 DC US
Bibb, Dewayne DHS Security Officer 703-603-4740 VA US
Bibines, Alonzo DHS Information System Security Officer 202-357-8458 DC US
Bichard, Joan DHS Technical Writer 202-824-7832 WA US
Biddle, Alan DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5549 202-447-5160 DC US
Biddy, DaShawn DHS Program Manager 202-447-3047 DC US
Biedermann, Lynda DHS Management and Program Specialist 631-323-3201 631-323-3169 NY US
Bier, Robert DHS Cheif, I&A Support Branch 202-447-3474 DC US
Biersmith, Eric DHS 202-447-4834 202-447-4247 DC US
Biggs, James R DHS Business Analyst 703-679-6758 VA US
Biggs, Selden DHS Director, OSIIS 202-447-3799 202-447-3654 DC US
Biggs, Taylor DHS 850-452-7286 FL US
Bigler II, William B DHS VMB Program Support 202-447-0156 DC US
Bigley, Dennis A DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5334 DC US
Billone, Matthew J DHS SETA 202-254-2202 DC US
Billups, Darnelle DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0604 202-447-5310 DC US
Bindas, Michael J DHS Intelligence Analyst DC US
Binder, David B DHS Sr Engagement Liaison 202-355-8215 FL US
Bing, Clarissa C DHS Analyst 202-447-4487 DC US
Bingham, Melody A DHS Headquarters Operations Center Manager 202-282-8896 202-447-0290 DC US
Bioty, John R DHS (CTR) Lead Associate - Booz Allen Hamilton 202-447-4277 DC US
Biram, Cory DHS 202-282-9872 DC US
Birchfield, Herald DHS DC US
Bird, Rose M DHS Director, Privacy Incidents and Inquiries 703-235-0758 703-235-0442 VA US
Birk, Bonnie L DHS Program Analyst 540-542-0848 571-258-2845 VA US
Birkett, William C DHS Chief, Knowledge Management 202-447-3828 202-282-9186 DC US
Bischoff, Martin DHS Technical Consultant 703-625-7461 VA US
Bisco, Ares DHS EA, ESDO 202-447-5008 202-447-0582 DC US
Bishop, Carlos DHS Security Specialist 703-235-9422 VA US
Bitterman, Dustin DHS Program Support Assistant 202-834-1988 DC US
Bittner, John D DHS Infrastructure Engineer 202-282-9768 DC US
Black, Adam DHS Branch Chief, SCIF Accreditations / SSPD 202-447-3540 202-282-8591 DC US
Black, Benjamin T DHS Enterprise Architect 202-841-7317 DC US
Black, Walter K DHS Network Engineer 228-813-4857 MS US
Blackadar, John DHS Test Scientist 202-254-7540 202-254-7749 DC US
Blacker, William DHS NSD Investments and Contracts Management 703-235-3013 VA US
Blackford, Candice DHS EEO Specialist 202-254-8208 202-254-8240 DC US
Blackmoor, Mary DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4621 VA US
Blackmore, Charles T DHS 703-277-1887 VA US
Blackston, Garmond DHS IT Technician 202-447-5914 DC US
Blackwell, Carl A DHS IT Technician 703-603-5200 VA US
Blackwell, Joyce DHS Executive Assistant to the CHCO 202-357-8194 202-357-8204 DC US
Blair, Angela DHS 202-254-6141 DC US
Blair, Frank DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-650-7780
Blair, Lauren E DHS Critical Infrastructure Analyst 703-603-5163 VA US
Blair, Lindsey E DHS Policy Analyst 703-603-5171 VA US
Blair, Roger DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4221 DC US
Blair, Thomas M DHS Sr. Scientist DC US
Blair-Mcmanus, Cynthia DHS Chemical Engineer 703-603-4622 VA US
Blais, William M DHS Customer Engagement Manager 202-447-0246 202-447-0246 DC US
Blake, Jason R DHS Program Analyst 202-447-4044 DC US
Blakely, Shaun E DHS Chief, Enterprise Architecture 202-254-6376 202-254-6171 DC US
Blakeney, Lauren DHS Correspondence Assistant 202-447-3155 DC US
Blakeney, Will DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8572 DC US
Blancas, Lesley DHS Americas Director and Science Advisor 202-254-6926 202-254-6177 DC US
Blanchard, Christopher H DHS Business Case Analyst 703-243-7555-9343 VA US
Bland, Angela N DHS SAN Administrator 202-254-5726 DC US








E-mail (DOJ)

Blankenstein, Michael DHS Federal Project Manager 202-447-0048 DC US
Blankinship, Wesley DHS SETA Pilots Execution Manager 202-254-7122 DC US
Blasco, Kathleen DHS Communications Assessment Team Lead 703-235-5260 703-235-5887 VA US
Blaszko, Gregory DHS Contracting Officer 202-447-3298 DC US
Blatecky, Andrew DHS 202-357-7811 DC US
Blazer, Jessica DHS 202-447-5126 DC US
Blesse, Steven A DHS DC1 CSS Manager 228-813-4238 MS US
Blinde, Michael DHS ISIS Section Chief 202-357-7674 202-357-1196 DC US
Blinder, William DHS Analyst HCTD 202-447-3778 DC US
Blocher, James DHS State & Local Desk 202-447-4306 DC US
Block, Andrew DHS Policy Analyst 202-282-8287 DC US
Block, William L DHS Cyber Investigator 202-254-6498 DC US
Blocker, James E DHS DC US
Blocker-Covington, Edna DHS IT Specialist 703-235-8517 VA US
Blockwood, James-Christian B DHS Deputy Director, Latin America and Caribbean Affairs 202-447-4046 202-612-1616 DC US
Bloom, Brian DHS Project Manager 703-235-3628 VA US
Bloomfield, Patrick M DHS Senior Acquisition Analyst 202-343-4518 DC US
Blount, Tamara DHS External Affairs Specialist 202-254-6492 DC US
Blowitski, Raymond W DHS SETA-Mission Management Analyst 202-254-7115 202-254-7455 DC US
Blue, Charles DHS Sr Public Health Advisor 202-343-4504 DC US
Blue, Danielle DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-0541 DC US
Blue, Tisha DHS Contracting Officer 202-254-6751 202-254-8600 DC US
Blum, Harris DHS Consultant 202-343-1649 DC US
Blum, Stephanie C DHS Attorney Advisor 248-948-5915 248-351-2714 MI US
Blumberg, Jeffrey DHS Director Compliance 202-357-7673 DC US
Blye, Alfred DHS NCSD IA Professional 703-235-5728 VA US
Boain, Larnise M DHS Human Capital Consultant MD US
Boatwright, Ronald DHS Mail Program Manager 202-527-3629 DC US
Bobbitt, Sharon DHS Administrative Specialist 703-235-4222 VA US
Bobenrieth, Dennis C DHS Storage/BUR Engineer 434-374-0928 VA US
Boda, Kenneth DHS LCDR 202-372-4608 DC US
Boddie, Adamio C DHS Program Analyst 703-235-8148 703-235-3052 VA US
Boddie, LaShawn DHS Management & Program Analyst 703-603-4911 VA US
Bodenhamer, Todd DHS Analytical Support Lead 202-282-8717 202-282-8805 DC US
Bodnar, Ulana DHS BioWatch Senior Public Health Advisor 703-647-8249 703-647-8250 VA US
Bodycombe, Mark DHS Program Manager 202-357-8344 DC US
Boetig, Allen K DHS SE/PM 202-343-2478 DC US
Boffardi, Steven B DHS DC2 - VMware Administrator 434-374-3862 VA US
Bogdan, Michael R DHS Sr. Intelligence Analyst 915-760-2129 TX US
Boggess, Eric L DHS IT Systems Architect 202-824-1143 DC US
Boggs, Hope DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-0913 202-447-0148 DC US
Bogosian, Vicky L DHS DHS-OPS-Future Ops 202-447-4342 202-612-1773 DC US
Bogucki, Sandy S DHS 202-254-6968 DC US
Bohnes, Robert DHS Management and Program Analysis 703-603-4604 VA US
Boisseau, Mark DHS RFI Manager 202-282-9427 DC US
Bokor, Donald J DHS NICC ASWO 202-282-9201 VA US
Bold, Thomas P DHS Director of Industry Liaison 202-343-2433 DC US
Bolding, Sandra DHS Financial Analyst 202-282-9894 DC US
Bolduc, David G DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9693 202-282-8782 DC US
Bolen, Scott DHS Program Manager 202-254-2342 DC US
Bolia, Daniel J DHS IP Readiness Training Task Manager 202-683-7610 VA US
Bollerman, Michael DHS Senior IT Security Specialist 202-357-1242 DC US
Bolling, Lloyd DHS NRC Liaison to DNDO 202-254-7123 202-254-7752 DC US
Bomsey, Erica DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-282-9728 202-282-9598 DC US
Bonanno, Anthony DHS Consultant 202-254-5839 DC US
Bonanno, Natalie DHS Equal Employment Specialist 202-254-8209 DC US
Bonaparte, Lyndon B DHS 202-254-6902 DC US
Boncella, Renee DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-9802 DC US
Bond, Carolyn L DHS Executive Support Services 202-407-5431 VA US
Bond, John Macomber DHS Director, Business Continuity & Emergency Preparedness (BCEP) 703-235-9311 VA US
Bond, Thomas DHS Student Intern 703-235-1481 VA US
Bond, William DHS Intelligence Officer 877-455-7842 217-558-7152 IL US
Bonini, Jackie DHS Budget Analyst 202-615-5764 DC US
Bonvillian, Wendell DHS Enterprise Data Center Information Systems Security Manager 228-813-3379 MS US
Boogaard, Peter DHS Deputy Press Secretary 202-447-4887 DC US
Booker, Teresa DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-282-8232 DC US
Boosalis, George DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6786 DC US
Booth, Craig DHS Architect, Program Manager 202-577-7617 DC US
Booth, Jeffrey T DHS Geospatial Management Office, Director 202-282-8563 202-447-3500 DC US
Booth-Colson, Amanda DHS 202-282-8242 DC US
Borek, Gregory S DHS Project Technical Leader 703-742-2315 VA US
Borger, Scott C DHS Economist 202-786-9828 202-786-9910 DC US
Borgna, Andrew DHS Service Desk 866-843-9220 NC US
Borho, Vincent M DHS System Administrator MS US
Born, Kenneth J DHS Telecommunications Specialist 202-641-5033 TX US
Bornemann, Eric DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-604-6673 IL US
Borochoff, Helen M DHS Engagement Management 202-447-0323 DC US
Borras, Rafael DHS Under Secretary for Management 202-447-3400 DC US
Borrero, Ludwin DHS Chief 703-235-5187 VA US
Borst, Nathan DHS Director, Budget and Performance Planning 703-235-1487 VA US
Borzino, Michelle DHS Security Specialist 202-447-5435 DC US
Bosarge, Rick G DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-3788 DC US
Boshears, Kevin DHS Director, OSDBU 202-447-5279 202-447-5555 DC US
Boswell, Ashleigh DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-245-1119 202-447-0697 DC US
Botelho, Amanda M DHS State/Policy Coordinator 202-447-3824 202-282-1044 DC US
Botzum, Stephen J DHS Senior Research Analyst 202-447-4623 DC US
Boughton, Kathryn DHS 202-612-1965 DC US
Boukadoum, Iman DHS CRCL Community Engagment Legal Fellow 202-357-7663 202-357-8162 DC US
Bouker, Sarah DHS Deputy Chief of Staff 202-254-6736 DC US
Bouker, Travis E DHS Sys Eng DC US
Boulden, Laurie DHS Branch Chief, Risk Analysis & Data (ISCD) VA US
Bouldin, Dominique DHS Human Resources Assistant 202-357-8269 DC US
Bouley, Dana DHS Chief Administrative Officer 202-254-6807 202-254-5671 DC US
Bourdon, Richard DHS Chief, Technology and Programs Branch 703-235-4201 VA US
Bourge, Bridgette DHS Sector Analyst VA US
Bourgeois, Charles L DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6083 DC US
Bourne, Ciara DHS IT Technician 703-603-4701 VA US
Bourne, Thomas B DHS Deputy Assistant Director, Training and Exercises 202-254-7130 202-254-7751 DC US
Bovell, Vickie DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9546 VA US
Bowditch, Hubert DHS US-CERT LNO to JTF-GNO 703-601-6526 703-235-5078 VA US
Bowen, Kelly S DHS Test Engineer 609-601-6800 x176 NJ US
Bowen, Michael DHS Senior Security Specialist 703-603-5101 VA US
Bowen, William D DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-834-6357 IL US
Bower, Susan DHS 202-447-3883 DC US
Bowers, Charla A DHS Receptionist 202-254-7280 DC US
Bowers, Raymond W DHS 703-377-6067 DC US
Bowler, Norman DHS Administrative Specialist 202-357-8100 202-357-0042 DC US
Bowman, Jackie DHS Program Analyst 202-254-5614 202-254-5713 DC US
Bowman, John E DHS Subject Matter Expert 703-277-1760 VA US
Bowman, John G DHS Data Center 2 Federal Manager 434-374-3593 VA US
Bowman, Michael DHS Executive Service Support 202-282-9804 202-282-9505 DC US
Bowman, Patrick DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Boyce, Augustine M DHS Senior Information Assurance Engineer 202-357-7797 DC US
Boyce, Daniel DHS Contractor - Policy Support 202-447-5336 202-447-5335 DC US
Boyce, Kelly DHS Program Analyst 202-254-5805 202-254-6170 DC US
Boyce, Michael W DHS Enginneering Psychologist Trainee 202-254-6452 DC US
Boyd, Brian DHS ICE Desk Officer 202-282-8129 DC US
Boyd, Charles DHS Branch Chief, INFOSEC Learning Development 202-357-6121 DC US
Boyd, David DHS Director, Technology Transfer 202-254-6766 202-254-5388 DC US
Boyd, Elizabeth DHS Executive Assistant/Analyst 202-282-9877 DC US
Boyd, Liana P DHS IT Specialist 202-343-2479 DC US
Boyd, Therese DHS Director, Operations 202-447-5432 202-447-5437 DC US
Boyd, Thomas DHS Director, Policy 202-447-5983 DC US
Boyer, Gary R DHS Program and Management Analyst 202-447-4680 DC US
Boyer, Susan DHS contract specialist 703-235-5642 VA US
Boyett, Richard V DHS Technical Consultant IV 214-335-1093 TX US
Boykin, Johnathan DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0241 202-447-0369 DC US
Boyle, Debora J DHS Senior Public health Analyst 703-647-2750 VA US
Boyle, Edward F DHS Captain NY US
Boyle, James R DHS 202-433-6907 202-254-6175 DC US
Boyles, Kyle DHS Manager 202-447-0917 DC US
Bozoian, Eric DHS Grants Technician 202-447-5970 202-447-5600 DC US
Bracey, Larry S DHS SharePoint SME, Application Engineer 228-813-3395 MS US
Brack, Anthony A DHS Security Specialist 202-282-9533 DC US
Brackett, Troy W DHS Security Authorization Specialist 228-813-3342 MS US
Bradfield, David DHS Acting Deputy Branch Chief 703-235-9426 VA US
Bradford, Gerald S DHS SOC Engineer 202-617-9157 DC US
Bradish, Michael W DHS Technology Consultant 434-374-3541 VA US
Bradley, Amber DHS Animal Caretaker 631-323-3291 NY US
Bradley, Germaica T DHS Consultant / IBM GBS 703-235-8124 VA US
Bradley, Kenneth W DHS Program Analyst 202-343-1623 DC US
Bradley, Sarah E DHS HR Specialist 703-995-9669 MI US
Bradley, Timothy A DHS Contractor 202-447-0550 DC US
Brado, Michelle L DHS Support Consultant 202-254-6320 DC US
Bradshaw, Rod DHS A SWO DC US
Bradshaw, William J DHS ES&H Specialist 631-323-3105 631-323-3333 NY US
Brady, D'Juan DHS MGMT/PRGM Analyst 202-357-8304 DC US d'
Brady, Stacee R DHS Accounting Technician 202-254-2269 DC US
Braendel, Kim DHS Portal Consolidation Project Manager 202-357-7659 DC US
Braganza, Christopher DHS Systems Engineer 703-983-7002 DC US
Braginetz, Artem DHS Data Center Network Engineering 703-742-2425 VA US
Brake, David DHS Scientific Consultant 631-323-3042 631-323-3097 NY US
Brake, Earl DHS Customer Relationship Manager 202-254-6435 DC US
Branch, Cheryl L DHS 202-612-1171 DC US
Brand, Adrienne M DHS NCSD Support 703-235-4081 VA US
Brand, Jennifer DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-357-7794 DC US
Brand, Steven DHS Director, NCS Acquisitions 703-235-3040 VA US
Branding DHS Branding Identity Program 202.282.8010
Brandon, Thomas R DHS Senior Program Analyst 516-404-4666 NY US
Brandstatter, John DHS VA US
Brandt, Martha M DHS Executive Assistant 703-235-2540 VA US
Branning, Mark H DHS Director, Acquisition Systems Branch 202-447-5778 DC US
Brasher, Jeffrey D DHS 609-813-2887 NJ US
Bratsch, Kevin J DHS NOC Continuity Manager 571-258-2214 571-258-2508 VA US
Brauer, Carolyn F DHS Visiting Scientist 609-813-2883 NJ US
Braukus, Kelly A DHS Program Analyst 703-235-3657 VA US
Braverman, Don DHS EmpowHR Training Specialist 202-357-8378 202-357-8474 DC US
Brazill, Jon P DHS Senior Acquisition Specialist 202-447-4084 DC US
Brecko, Roger L DHS Principal Analyst 202-282-9650 DC US
Breece, Christopher N DHS Network Engineer 571-499-7936 VA US
Breese, Adam J DHS Security Specialist 202-447-3946 DC US
Breger, Seth DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-282-8936 DC US
Brenner, John H DHS Senior Law Enforcement Liaison 202-254-7112 202-254-7752 DC US
Brenninkmeyer, Oscar DHS Deputy Director, Plans and Continuity 703-235-9312 703-235-1561 VA US
Brent, Laura DHS Cybersecurity Planner 202-603-6368 DC US
Breor, Scott M DHS Deputy Director, Office of Risk Managment and Analysis 202-343-1789 DC US
Brescia, Robert DHS Nuclear Assessment Specialist 202-254-7159 202-254-7753 DC US
Bresnick, William O DHS Attorney Advisor- Environmental Law 202-447-3545 202-282-9186 DC US
Brethauer, Stacey L DHS Associate Manager - DHS Fellows Program DC US
Brewer, Julie DHS Infrastructure Branch Chief 202-254-6454 DC US
Brewer-Carlsen, Nancy L DHS Executive Consultant 703-235-5514 VA US
Brewington, Naeem N DHS Senior Consultant (SETA) 202-254-6946 DC US
Brezovic, Jennifer L DHS Infrastructure Protection 703-235-2570 VA US
Briant, Charles C DHS CI Policy Officer 202-282-8435 202-447-3074 DC US
Brice, Cynthia DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0065 DC US
Brickeen, Ronald DHS DC1 Operations Validation and Assurance 228-813-4154 228-813-4884 MS US
Brickley, Kelly DHS Director, NSS JPMO 202-447-3052 DC US
Bridgewater, Debra DHS Security Officer 202-282-9951 DC US
Brien, Mark DHS 202-447-4595 DC US
Briggs, Kevin DHS Chief, Operations Analysis, NCS 703-235-5265 VA US
Briggs, Robert A DHS Analyst 703-284-3261 VA US
Bright, Kenethia L DHS Administrative Assistant 202-447-5370 202-447-0582 DC US
Brightwell, Angelica DHS Human Resources Specialist (Info Sys) 202-357-8205 202-357-8474 DC US
Brill, Joshua E DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8647 DC US
Bringman, Matthew C DHS 202-447-3715 DC US
Brinkley, Janice DHS Contracting Officer 202-447-5476 202-447-5550 DC US
Brinner, Rafael DHS Intelligence Officer - San Francisco 415-238-3794 CA US
Brinsfield, Kathryn DHS Associate Chief Medical Officer, Component Services 202-254-6127 DC US
Brintzenhofe, Kurt T DHS Test Area Manager 202-254-6103 202-254-6915 DC US
Briones, Justin V DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0281 202-447-0574 DC US
Brisbon, Katrina DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5798 DC US
Briscoe, Cynthia DHS Senior Security Specialist 703-235-8177 703-235-8190 VA US
Briscoe, Kenneth DHS Assistant Director of Business Continuity Operations 202-447-4188 202-447-4197 DC US
Bristow, Mark R DHS Security Engineer 703-235-8870 VA US
Britt, Joyce M DHS Energy Management Engineer 202-834-2951 DC US
Britton, Brandon DHS TSA Desk Officer 202-282-8123 DC US
Brizzi, Frank D DHS Investment and Contract Management VA US
Brocenos, Peter C DHS Project Officer 202-447-0053 DC US
Brock, Andrew DHS State & Local Program Specialist 202-447-4233 DC US
Brockette, Kenneth A DHS ITO Svc Delivery Cons II 919-424-5492 NC US
Brockler, Michael DHS CBAT Production Specialist VA US
Brogden, Michael C DHS research chemist 609-813-2848 NJ US
Brokaw, Gloria A DHS Reports Officer 202-447-4148 202-282-9896 DC US
Bromberek, Danielle H DHS Financial Management Specialist 202-254-5640 202-254-5391 DC US
Bromell, Wanda G DHS Budget Analyst 202-254-7254 DC US
Bronson, Alonzo DHS Program Manager 202-447-5110 202-447-5118 DC US
Bronson, Rowan DHS Administrative Branch Chief 202-254-6061 202-254-6917 DC US
Brooking-Dixon, Rhea M DHS SETA Support 202-254-2337 202-254-6167 DC US
Brooks, Aaron M DHS HSDN SOC Manager 703-968-2514 VA US
Brooks, Antoinette DHS Consultant 703-742-2716 DC US
Brooks, Candice DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5284 202-447-5552 DC US
Brooks, Ferdinand DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9446 VA US
Brooks, Janice DHS Executive Assistant 202-254-5311 DC US
Brooks, Kellen DHS Sr.Tech Courthouse Rd. 703-235-9413 VA US
Brooks, Lance DHS Chief, R&D Branch 202-254-5768 202-254-6166 DC US
Brooks, Marc DHS Branch Chief - Nuclear Sector 703-603-5116 VA US
Brooks, Paulette C DHS ILA 202-357-8327 202-357-0042 DC US
Brooks, Reginald DHS CWO 202-282-8101 DC US
Brooks, Rhonda M DHS Special Assistant to the CFO 202-447-5180 202-447-5172 DC US
Brooks, Scott DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-282-8845 DC US
Brooks, Sheri DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5574 202-447-5545 DC US
Brooks, Vicki DHS Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer 202-357-8286 202-357-8504 DC US
Brosam, Renae DHS 703-603-5084 703-603-5098 VA US
Brosky, Duane E DHS Enterprise Systems Engineer 703-217-7935
Brosnihan, Carolyn B DHS Management and Program Analyst 804-556-6572 VA US
Brost, Peter DHS Analyst 571-280-5385 VA US
Brothers, Christopher DHS Supervisory Program Analyst 202-447-5003 DC US
Brothers, Tammy M DHS DC1 Change Coordinator 228-813-3302 MS US
Brought, Nathaniel DHS Operations and Production Specialist 202-282-8110 DC US
Broughton, Ole DHS Director of Intelligence Oversight 202-282-8980 DC US
Browarny, Sanaz DHS Director, Intelligence and Analysis-CSSP 703-235-8823 VA US
Browarny, Stephan DHS 703-235-5111 VA US
Brower, Karl DHS 202-447-3648 DC US
Brown, Alexis C DHS Associate 703-603-4624 VA US
Brown, Amelia DHS 202-254-6857 DC US
Brown, Angela M DHS Systems Analyst 866-972-3662 MS US
Brown, Anthony Q DHS Network Engineer 202-447-0211 202-447-0261 DC US
Brown, Barbara DHS Budget Director, Front Office, CIO 202-343-2452 202-343-2530 DC US
Brown, Basil DHS Deputy Director 703-235-8134 VA US
Brown, Bernard J DHS Security Specialist 703-603-4625 VA US
Brown, Brian T DHS SSO 703-603-4775 VA US
Brown, Cameron DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-282-8970 202-282-9186 DC US
Brown, Charles D DHS 202-447-4454 DC US
Brown, Clifford D DHS Senior Analyst, OPS Chief/NBIC 202-447-3813 DC US
Brown, Cynthia A DHS Chief of Staff 202-282-8990 DC US
Brown, Cynthia DHS Associate Director, NPPAD 202-447-5590 202-447-5725 DC US
Brown, Dallas DHS Senior Counselor, NPPD 202-282-8179 202-447-3682 DC US
Brown, Darlene L DHS Financial Management Analyst 202-447-5824 202-447-5828 DC US
Brown, David M DHS US-CERT; Supervisory IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-5737 VA US
Brown, Dominique DHS Senior Security Engineer 571-248-1293
Brown, Ellsworth DHS Analyst 202-447-4182 DC US
Brown, Frank S DHS Telecomm Manager 202-282-9476 202-282-9603 DC US
Brown, Gina L DHS Branch Chief of Resources 202-254-7014 DC US
Brown, Hayes C DHS VA US
Brown, Heather N DHS Medical and Public Health Readiness Coordinator 202-254-5369 DC US
Brown, Ian C DHS Executive Briefing Team 703-235-2500 VA US
Brown, Ivan DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9433 DC US
Brown, James DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-282-8091 DC US
Brown, Jeffrey A DHS Lead Infosec Engineer 703-235-5585 VA US
Brown, Jessica DHS Records Specialist 202-603-6333 DC US
Brown, John W DHS Senior Financial Analyst 202-447-0023 DC US
Brown, John DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Brown, Jonnie P DHS Staff Accountant 202-447-5291 202-447-5779 DC US
Brown, Kaliph DHS Configuration Analyst Sr 202-447-0114 DC US
Brown, Kenneth A DHS Desktop Support 571-258-2832 VA US
Brown, Kevin M DHS Branch Chief 703-235-9441 VA US
Brown, Lakisha M DHS Switchboard Manager 202-282-8000 DC US
Brown, Laura DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5689 DC US
Brown, Lawanda DHS EEO Assistant 202-254-8212 202-254-8241 DC US
Brown, Lewis R DHS Labs Operations Program Analyst 301-619-1413 301-619-1436 MD US
Brown, Linda DHS Financial Management Analyst 410-436-5552 410-436-6203 MD US
Brown, Mary Ellen DHS Deputy Director, Scheduling & Protocol 202-282-8765 202-282-8415 DC US
Brown, Maurice R DHS Security Specialist 202-447-4399 202-282-9035 DC US
Brown, Melissa DHS 202-447-0008 202-447-0020 DC US
Brown, Michael DHS Director, Cybersecurity Coordination 703-235-5610 VA US
Brown, Michael C DHS Executive Director, IT Services Office 202-447-0070 202-447-0020 DC US
Brown, Mike C DHS Enterprise Data Architect 202-447-3085 DC US
Brown, Millicent DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5106 DC US
Brown, Monetta DHS Desktop Support Technician 703-235-4985 VA US
Brown, Montee J DHS HSIN Desk Officer 202-282-9946 DC US
Brown, Nichole DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-0041 DC US
Brown, Nigel DHS Project Manager 202-447-3127 202-282-8700 DC US
Brown, Renee A DHS Special Security Officer 202-254-6493 202-254-6402 DC US
Brown, Reva M DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5330 202-447-5545 DC US
Brown, Robert DHS TSA Desk Officer 202-282-8123 NOC/TSA Desk DC US
Brown, Rosebud DHS Director, Executive Telecom Services 202-282-8493 202-282-9324 DC US
Brown, Tashi M DHS HR Specialist (Employee Relations) 202-357-8404 DC US
Brown, Theresa DHS DHS Attache, U.S. Embassy Ottawa 613-688-5473 NY US
Brown, Todd DHS Contractor VA US
Brown, Tommy DHS Deputy Director, HITRAC/Risk Analysis 202-282-8693 703-235-5887 DC US
Brown, Valerie A DHS Support Contractor 202-254-6660 DC US
Brown, Vinny DHS Enrollment Official 202-527-1748 DC US
Brown, Wayne DHS CAPT, Deputy Director Acquisition Support & Ops Analysis 202-254-5895 DC US
Brown, William S DHS NICC Operations Support / SAR Lead 703-235-2546 VA US
Brown, Yanisha DHS Special Assistant 202-447-6099 DC US
Brown 1, Rosebud DHS Dir, Exec Telecom Services 202-282-8493 DC US
Brown II, Paul R DHS SAN / Virtualization Engineer 228-813-4839 MS US
Brown-Greene, Ruby DHS Receptionist 202-254-5370 202-254-6168 DC US
Brown-Hathorn, Tirjuana DHS Security Assistant Sr. Specialist 703-235-5457 703-235-5699 VA US
Browne, Rene DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-447-3891 DC US
Browne, Robert G DHS Human Capital Specialist 703-235-1576 VA US
Browner, Harry DHS APCP Recruitment Coordinator 202-447-0803 DC US
Brownley, Alfred DHS Incident Handler 703-235-8839 VA US
Brownsweiger, Jeffrey DHS Director, Mission Support Division 202-282-9106 202-447-3600 DC US
Brubaker, Jeffrey DHS Computer Tech Support Analyst Senior 571-258-2832 VA US
Bruce, Mia D DHS US-CERT Executive Administrative Specialist 703-235-5425 VA US
Bruce, Robert A DHS E-Gov PMO 202-343-2481 DC US
Brucker, Brandon DHS Exercise Planner 703-235-2522 VA US
Bruggeman, Nathan A DHS 202-344-3103 DC US
Brumbach, Cody W DHS Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance Support 202-254-5693 DC US
Brumbaugh, Scott A DHS Operations Officer 202-447-3256 202-282-8782 DC US
Brumfield, Tyrone J DHS 202-447-4885 DC US
Brumsted, Kirstin D DHS Analyst 202-447-3913 DC US
Brundage, William H DHS Senior DHS Advisor to NORAD USNORTHCOM 719-554-8163 CO US
Bruner, Michael V DHS Intel Analyst
Brunk, Sheldon DHS Dr. 609-813-2758 609-383-1973 NJ US
Brunner, Margaret DHS Intern, CRCL Institute Section 202-357-6287 DC US
Brunson, Robert L DHS Configuration Management Manager 202-447-5957 DC US
Brurud, Camille DHS Intelligence Ops Specialist, MNJAC 202-557-1723 612-373-2870
Brush, Ashley H DHS FOBAnalyst 703-235-8104 VA US
Brush, Leroy DHS Section Chief 202-447-3664 DC US
Bryan, Jean M DHS Cyber Security Analyst 703-597-9658 VA US
Bryan, Jeanine A DHS Project Manager 919-454-8121 VA US
Bryant, Brad A DHS LAN Manager/ISSO 202-282-9305 DC US
Bryant, Colette DHS 202-254-5390 202-254-2363 DC US
Bryant, Damon DHS Sr. Principle Analyst 202-447-3950 202-282-8319 DC US
Bryant, James H DHS CBP Rep to HQ/DHS NOC 202-282-8130 DC US
Bryant, Jennifer R DHS Executive Assistant 202-343-4513 DC US
Bryant, LaDonna DHS Chief, Administration & Communications 202-357-6124 DC US
Bryant, Timothy C DHS System Security Authorization Team Lead 202-357-7830 DC US
Bryant, William G DHS Project Manager 804-931-9024 VA US
Bryce, Amanda R DHS Sr. Security Analyst 434-374-3538 VA US
Bryda, Laurie J DHS Watch/Liaison Officer 202-282-8312 DC US
Brzozowski, Christa DHS Director, Cargo Security Policy 202-282-8254 DC US
Buccellato, James DHS Intel Ops Specialist 202-447-3485 202-282-8803 DC US
Buchanan, Jeaneen DHS Director 703-289-4554 VA US
Buchanan, Wayne DHS Systems Architect 202-254-7418 202-254-7747 DC US
Bucholtz, John J DHS Mr. 202-693-7525 202-693-7502 DC US
Buck, Ericka DHS Program Analyst 202-447-3365 DC US
Buck, Ken DHS Executive Director, Management Integration 202-447-4564 DC US
Buck, Peter M DHS Project Technical Lead 703-736-4045 VA US
Buckles, Jonathan DHS Chemical Security Inspector LA US
Buckley, Kara DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-3064 DC US
Buckley, Michael DHS Program Analyst 703-235-2158 VA US
Buckner, Carla DHS Detailee to CBP 202-447-3282 DC US
Buckner, Nia DHS Program Analyst 202-254-5700 202-254-5392 DC US
Bucknor, Charles DHS Attorney 202-447-5743 DC US
Budnick, Marcus S DHS ISSO 410-417-0903 MD US
Budway, Joseph A DHS Security 703-927-4271 VA US
Buell, Kenneth DHS MRO Branch Chief 703-603-5052 VA US
Bueno, Dominic T DHS Open Source Specialist 202-447-3873 DC US
Buffington, William E DHS DC2 - Unix System Administrator 434-374-3810 VA US
Buford, Shelby DHS Associate Director Chemical and Biological Branch 202-254-5781 DC US
Buggs, Keira DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5704 202-447-5564 DC US
Bugler, Erik M DHS Business Information Manager 202-447-5741 202-447-5437 DC US
Buie, Shenita DHS Administrative WorkForce Manager 202-357-7616 DC US
Bujard, David R DHS DC US
Bulava, Adam DHS VA US
Bull, Robert DHS Supervisory Microbiologist Detalee 703-232-8702 DC US
Buller, Christena DHS Operations and Exercise Planner 202-254-6922 DC US
Bulley, Sarah DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-357-8174 DC US
Bullock, Darlene DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5543 202-447-5552 DC US
Bumblis, Cheryl DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-343-2482 DC US
Bumpass, Michael A DHS 434-374-3553 VA US
Bunch, Robert DHS Senior Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8621 202-282-8402 DC US
Bundy, Kizzy C DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6862 202-254-6167 DC US
Bunke, Frederick DHS program manager 202-282-9554 202-282-9048 DC US
Bunla, May DHS Program Analyst 202-282-8021 202-612-1773 DC US
Bunt, Michael DHS Incident Comm. Intern DC US
Bunting, Cindi DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-254-6831 202-254-6173 DC US
Burch, Teresa DHS Supervisory Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5383 202-447-5873 DC US
Burfening, Stuart J DHS O&M Network Engineer 202-447-0220 DC US
Burge, Yvonne DHS Mainframe Computer Operator 866-972-3662 MS US
Burger, Christopher DHS Facilities VA US
Burgess, Jemma DHS Queue Master - Region 1 Office 202-447-5486 DC US
Burgess, John P DHS Clerk-Intern ICPO 202-254-6051 DC US
Burgess, Mark W DHS Senior IA Analyst 228-813-3386 MS US
Burgess, Roy DHS National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) 703-235-3686 VA US
Burgess, Thomas DHS Protective Security Advisor 907-271-5149 907-271-3727 AK US
Burgos, Jeffrey M DHS Program Manager 202-282-8467 DC US
Burgos, Yahaira DHS Human Resources Assistant 202-357-8393 DC US
Burke, Amy DHS 202-282-9875 202-282-8679 DC US
Burke, David DHS Analyst 703-603-5067 VA US
Burke, George DHS Analyst 202-254-8213 DC US
Burke, Jed D DHS IA 202-282-8310 DC US
Burke, Joshua R DHS System Administrator/IT Support 571-258-2802 VA US
Burke, Lelia L DHS 703-235-5301 VA US
Burke, Richard DHS Director, Plans Division 202-282-8439 DC US
Burke, Timothy DHS Project Manager (General Engineer) 202-254-2386 DC US
Burkhardt, Delores DHS Assistant Director, Business Integration 202-447-0956 202-447-0992 DC US
Burkley, Bruce DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-447-3525 202-447-3111 DC US
Burks, Ricky DHS Architect/Program Manager 202-603-6334 DC US
Burleson, Lance A DHS Financial Analyst 703-235-1938 VA US
Burleson, Randall DHS Component Acquisition Executive 202-254-6738 DC US
Burlingame, Brian DHS Army Liaison 202-254-5743 DC US
Burner, Curt DHS Attorney Advisor 202-447-4881 202-282-9186 DC US
Burnett, Julie DHS IQ Help Desk 703-208-5126 000-000-0000 VA US
Burnett, Patrick DHS 703-235-9310 VA US
Burnett, Vanessa R DHS Incident Management Planner 202-282-9716 DC US
Burney, Kim L DHS IT Specialist 202-357-1280 DC US
Burney, Kimberly DHS Veterans Employment Program Manager 202-357-8416 DC US
Burney, Sandra J DHS Special Security Officer 540-542-3453 571-258-2845 VA US
Burns, Gary DHS Assistant Director 202-447-5153 202-447-5164 DC US
Burns, John J DHS Senior Intelligence Officer 202-282-8585 DC US
Burns, Lynn DHS FOB Analyst VA US
Burns, Robert P DHS Apex STORE Program Manager 202-254-6104 202-254-5396 DC US
Burr, Jeremy DHS Senior GEOINT Strategist 202-282-8790 DC US
Burrage, Thomas DHS Microbiologist 631-323-3277 631-323-3006 NY US
Burress, Gary DHS Counterintelligence Analyst 202-282-9240, NSTS 966-0987 202-447-3074 DC US
Burroughs, Sabrina DHS Program Specialist (FOIA) 703-235-0129 703-235-0443 VA US
Burrowes, Paul DHS Program Manager 202-254-7291 DC US
Burson, Amy A DHS eTravel 202-447-0086 202-447-0061 DC US
Burt, Pat DHS Senior Analyst 703-235-9380 VA US
Burt, Susanna DHS Associate DC US
Burton, Algelyta DHS Systems Accountant 202-254-5323 DC US
Burton, Andre DHS Security Officer 202-282-8956 DC US
Burton, Andrew DHS Program and Budget Analyst 202-282-9578 202-282-8952 DC US
Burton, Lindsay DHS 202-447-4686 DC US
Burton, Roger C DHS NOC LNO to the NCCIC 202-657-8304 VA US
Burton, Ruth DHS Administrative Officer 202-282-9763 202-447-3615 DC US
Burton-Williams, Tracey DHS Test Manager 202-357-7636 DC US
Busa, Megan DHS Procurement Technician 609-813-2839 609-383-1973 NJ US
Busch, Maura DHS FOIA Program Specialist 703-235-0161 VA US
Bush, Darlene E DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-5421 VA US
Bush, John DHS Team Lead 703-235-5174 VA US
Bush, Pierre D DHS Project Coordinator/Engineer 202-580-5768 DC US
Bushong, Summer A DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7145 202-254-7755 DC US
Busse, Emily C DHS 202-282-9054 DC US
Butcher, Michael DHS Director, Budget, Finance & Acquisition 703-235-1493 VA US
Butler, Antonio A DHS Officer 202-282-8956 DC US
Butler, Gwendolyn DHS Systems Accountant 202-447-0957 DC US
Butler, John DHS Senior Security Specialist 703-603-5002 VA US
Butler, Joseph J DHS 202-450-7006 DC US
Butler, Karen M DHS Open Source Specialist 202-282-8613 DC US
Butler, Marcy DHS Mission Manager 202-254-7331 202-254-7752 DC US
Butler, Matthew K DHS Security Specialist 202-245-1116 DC US
Butler, Robert D DHS BCEP TT&E Specialist 202-612-1126 DC US
Butler, Terry DHS IT Security Div. PM 202-254-5802 202-254-6171 DC US
Butler, Theodore DHS Sr. Security Engineer, CISSP-ISSAP, CRA HQ 202-357-1217 DC US
Butler, Toni DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5520 DC US
Butler, Veronica D DHS Staff Accountant 202-447-5135 DC US
Butler, Wanda D DHS Program Specialist 202-447-5227 202-447-0536 DC US
Butt, Gregory T DHS Developer 571-357-2580 DC US
Butterfield, Morgan DHS 703-235-5252 VA US
Button, Christopher DHS Chief of Staff 202-282-8248 DC US
Buzzell, Kimberly DHS Senior Quality Assurance Specialist 202-447-0102 DC US
Byers, Shala DHS Analyst 202-282-8526 DC US
Byers, Troy D DHS Attorney - Advisor 202-282-9061 DC US
Bynum, Averia F DHS Program Specialist 202-357-7603 DC US
Bynum, Marsha DHS Assistant Director of Correspondence 202-447-5444 202-447-5440 DC US
Byrd, Ciara DHS Security Specialist 1-877-807-7230 202-282-9055 DC US
Byrd, Courtney DHS Associate Director - Labs 202-254-2296 DC US
Byrd, Farron DHS Program Specialist 202-343-2453 DC US
Byrd, James DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-5001 202-447-5828 DC US
Byrd, Jeanne M DHS Special Access Program Manager 202-254-6442 202-254-6402 DC US
Byrd, William DHS Branch Chief 202-282-8531 DC US
Byrne, Alexis S DHS 202-254-5719 DC US
Byrne, Katherine M DHS Senior SME 202-254-6148 DC US
Byrne, Kevin F DHS Technology Consultant 703-733-3398 VA US
Byrnes, Megan G DHS Special Assistant to the Under Secretary for Management 202-447-3400 DC US
Caamano, Gabriel DHS Activu SME VA US
Caboga, Quentin K DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-8546 VA US
Cabral, Catalina DHS Reports Officer 202-447-4661 DC US
Cabrera, Patrick DHS Enrollment Official 202-527-1353 DC US
Cacho, Mariella DHS NIPP PMO Liaison 703-603-5150 VA US
Caesar, Scott M DHS LT 202-282-8114 DC US
Caggiano, Marshall L DHS Attorney Advisor 202-254-6742 202-254-6178 DC US
Cagigas, Jaime DHS Deputy Branch Chief 202-282-8048 202-282-9705 DC US
Cahall, Bailey A DHS 202-447-4488 DC US
Cahill, Damien DHS Senior Engineer I 609-645-3535 609-645-7477 NJ US
Cain, Stephanie DHS Intern 202-254-6008 DC US
Calderon, Anna K DHS Graphic Designer 202-447-5505 DC US
Calderon, Robert DHS IS Disaster Recovery Analysis Mgr 202-527-3333 DC US
Calderone, Michael DHS Special Assistant, Office of the Deputy Secretary 202-447-3469 DC US
Caldwell, Jeffrey S DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-731-9477 NC US
Caldwell, Jennifer DHS Training Specialist 703-235-9319 VA US
Caldwell, Mary DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5734 202-447-5725 DC US
Calhoon, Thomas DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-0976 VA US
Callaghan, Michael DHS Transition Manager 703-742-2429 VA US
Callahan, Miriam DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5949 DC US
Callahan, Timmy L DHS Security Supervisor 202-282-8956 DC US
Callison, Daniel J DHS LMS Analyst 202-357-8222 DC US
Calloway, Mike DHS PM 703-603-4626 VA US
Calvert, Levi A DHS Senior IA Analyst 228-813-3319 MS US
Calvillo, Frank DHS Protective Security Advisor 530-392-8212 CA US
Cambridge, Keith DHS INFOSEC IT SPECIALIST 703-235-8542 VA US
Cameron, Bruce R DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-3412 DC US
Camerota, Michael F DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-3655 DC US
Cammas, Ray DHS NORAD-USNORTHCOM DHS Cyber Coordinator VA US
Camp, Jane A DHS 202-612-1682 DC US
Camp, Willie D DHS 202-254-5326 DC US
Campana, Michelle DHS HUMINT Collection Manager 202-612-1183 DC US
Campanella, Anthony DHS 202-447-3653 DC US
Campbell, David DHS Telecommunications Specialist 202-357-7835 202-357-1299 DC US
Campbell, Genett DHS Technology Consultant 919-424-9852 919-424-9858 NC US
Campbell, John H DHS Chief Information Security Officer 703-235-3699 703-235-2865 VA US
Campbell, Joseph DHS Security DC US
Campbell, Katie L DHS EA 202-254-7703 DC US
Campbell, LaShawn DHS Program Analyst 202-357-8430 202-357-8293 DC US
Campbell, Mark A DHS Service Desk Analyst 1-800-250-7911 IN US
Campbell, Michael DHS BMC Remedy Implementation Manager 703-736-8573 VA US
Campbell, Michelle DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Campbell, Pamela W DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5255 202-447-5310 DC US
Campbell, Pamela M DHS Test Policy Manager/Operations Research Analysis 202-254-2359 202-254-6915 DC US
Campbell, Sandra L DHS Director, PLCY Executive Secretariat 202-282-8556 DC US
Campbell, Scott M DHS Security Authorization Specialist 202-536-6002 DC US
Campbell-Smith, Patrice M DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-3021 VA US
Campo-Bradford, Theresa DHS Program Analyst 212-620-3683 212-620-3600 NY US
Campos, Juan A DHS Manager 1 -Defense Analysis 202-282-9685 202-282-8782 DC US
Canaday, Velma DHS OAST Accessibility Specialist 202-447-0739 DC US
Canadiate, Avionne J DHS Enrollment Official 202-697-0882 DC US
Canales, Omar DHS Financial Analyst 202-254-2284 DC US
Canary, Joshua DHS Program Manager 703-908-7030 VA US
Canestrari, Michael DHS Budget Analyst 631-323-3301 NY US
Canevari, Holly E DHS Senior Advisor 202-282-8134 DC US
Cangemi, Mark DHS Mission Advocate MN US
Cannon, Jennifer DHS Management & Program Analyst 703-603-4732 703-603-4712 VA US
Cannon, Juan D DHS Computer Security Engineer 202-357-7804 202-357-1299 DC US
Cannon, Nichole DHS 202-447-5205 DC US
Cannon, Priscilla Y DHS General Clerk III 202-447-5044 202-447-5043 DC US
Cannon, Robert F DHS Transportation & Environmental Project Manager 202-713-7710 DC US
Canny, Regis DHS Financial Analyst 703-741-7676 x-612 703-741-0990 VA US
Cantrell, Tanya DHS EEO Manager 202-254-8214 202-254-8240 DC US
Canturk, Kaan DHS Program Planner 703-235-2558 VA US
Canty, David DHS Intern 202-254-5334 DC US
Canty, Kara L DHS 703-235-9547 VA US
Canty, Ricardo T DHS Security Officer 202-282-8956 DC US
Cao, Long DHS 202-447-3088 DC US
Cao, Vien K DHS IT Specialist 703-235-8108
Caouette, Amy DHS Analyst 703-235-9429 703-235-7911 VA US
Capasso, Josette DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-3562 202-282-9969 DC US
Capella, Gregory S DHS Deputy Executive Director, ESDO 202-447-0168 DC US
Caperton, James DHS Program Manager 202-570-6014 VA US
Capitano, David DHS Director, Oversight and Strategic Support 202-447-5417 202-447-5310 DC US
Caplan, Marc H DHS Chief 202-254-6134 DC US
Caposell, Megan DHS International Research Analyst 703-235-2897 703-235-3060 VA US
Capovilla, Michael DHS Cost and Price Analyst 202-447-0807 DC US
Capozzi, Christine DHS Lead Associate 919-472-5305 919-472-5303 NC US
Capozzi, Michael A DHS Program Analyst 202-612-1177 DC US
Cappannari, Michael DHS Director 202-447-5457 202-772-9734 DC US
Capparra, Michael DHS Operations Center Analyst 703-994-0780 DC US
Capper, Hillary L DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6149 DC US
Capps, David J DHS Inspector 202-527-4243 OR US
Capps, Iva DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5570 202-447-5564 DC US
Capps, Michael DHS Manager FL US
Capps, Rhonda N DHS MGMT and PROG Analyst/ Policy 850-452-7729 FL US
Caputo, Jerry DHS Service Delivery Leader 434-374-3530 VA US
Caracciolo, Anthony DHS Accountant 202-254-6741 DC US
Carawan, Thomas DHS 202-447-3692 DC US
Caraway, Kimberly DHS Production Analyst 703-235-8834 VA US
Cardenas, Edward J DHS Senior Acquisition Analyst 703-647-8043 VA US
Cardoza, Tanya V DHS Contractor 202-357-8287 DC US
Cardwell, Anthony DHS Program Analyst 202-447-4143 DC US
Carey, Donald J DHS Computer Systems Security Analyst 202-357-6157 DC US
Carey, Elizabeth J DHS Storage Administrator 434-374-3544 VA US
Carey, Emily U DHS Executive Program Support 202-447-0780 DC US
Carey, Holly DHS Accountant 202-447-5799 DC US
Carey, Nelson DHS Engineer 609-813-2768 609-383-1973 NJ US
Carey, Phil DHS Health Security Liaison 202-254-5665 DC US
Carey, Yolanda K DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-8231 202-282-9186 DC US
Cargo, Stephen D DHS Biometrics SETA Support 202-254-6471 DC US
Carlile, Katrina M DHS DC US
Carlsen, Jerry DHS Executive Consultant 703-235-5193 VA US
Carlson, Eugene DHS Sr. Infrastructur Specialist 919-424-5618
Carlson, Jay DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9246 DC US
Carlton, Tracy D DHS Mission Advocate 601-665-2164 LA US
Carlyle, Robert DHS Senior Security Specialist 202-447-3602 202-282-9512 DC US
Carmichael, Sarah L DHS Resource Manager 202-343-4515 202-343-4550 DC US
Carnevale, Greg DHS Deputy Branch Chief 703-603-5135 VA US
Carpenter, Kendall DHS Telecommunications Specialist 202-343-1610 DC US
Carpenter, Rochelle Z DHS Correspondence Analyst 703-235-1522 VA US
Carr, Alan B DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-4571 DC US
Carr, Ayanna DHS Administrative Specialist 703-235-0798 VA US
Carr, Deborah A DHS Analyst 202-612-1685 DC US
Carr, Dianna DHS Privacy Analyst 703-235-1919 VA US
Carr, Hilary DHS Program Analyst 703-235-4275 703-235-4981 VA US
Carr, Jed R DHS Program manager 703-821-0030 DC US
Carr, Nicholas DHS Cyber Exercises Program - NCSD 703-235-2889 VA US
Carr, Prudence DHS Attorney Advisor, Litigation 202-282-9060 DC US
Carr, Rebecca DHS Facilities Manager 202-343-4062 DC US
Carr, Saehee K DHS Technology Consultant 919-424-5681 NC US
Carr Friday, Sophia DHS Contractor 703-603-5223 VA US
Carraway, Camille DHS Industrial Hygienist 202-731-2678 DC US
Carrick, Robert J DHS Business Analyst 202-447-5060 DC US
Carringer, Michael DHS Chemical Defense Specialist 202-254-5696 202-254-6914 DC US
Carrington, David DHS Enrollment Official DC US
Carroll, Christopher DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-6769 DC US
Carroll, Heather M DHS Correspondence Analyst 703-235-2147 VA US
Carroll, James DHS Enterprise Architect 202-447-3457 DC US
Carroll, Richard L DHS Senior Program Manager 703-235-5068 VA US
Carroll, Sean DHS VA US
Carroll, Valaria D DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-254-5715 202-254-6173 DC US
Carroll, Veronica DHS Administrative Officer 202-447-0570 202-447-0020 DC US
Carson, Katie J DHS Administrative Assistant 703-235-9358 VA US
Carson, Kevin DHS 202-282-9095 DC US
Carswell, Christopher DHS Knowledge Management & Collaboration Coordinator 202-254-7520 DC US
Carter, Caren L DHS OPS COOP Program Manager 202-447-4573 DC US
Carter, Gail A DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5302 DC US
Carter, Gary E DHS Dir, T&E and Standards Division 202-254-2409 202-254-6165 DC US
Carter, John C DHS Sr. Systems Administrator 540-542-2147 VA US
Carter, John W DHS Directory Government Assistant 703-289-4548 VA US
Carter, Melvin DHS Management/Program Analyst 202-343-2484 DC US
Carter, Mercedes DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-343-2483 DC US
Carter, Quintin DHS Financial Analyst 202-447-5238 DC US
Carter, Roscoe L DHS Tier I Coordination & Support Specialist 202-282-8089 202-282-8074 DC US
Carter, Serena T DHS Financial Programs Cost Analyst 703-235-1513 VA US
Carter, Tiffany DHS Staff Assistant 202-357-8361 202-357-8471 DC US
Carter, Vincent G DHS Architect/Sr. Program Manager 202-657-7648 DC US
Carter-Johnson, Monica M DHS Administrative Specialist 703-235-0351 703-235-0442 VA US
Cartledge, Leilani A DHS Program Specialist 202-357-7604 202-357-7678 DC US
Cartwright, James R DHS technical leade 703-460-1804 DC US
Caruso, Daisy DHS NCR COMSEC Manager 202-282-8314 DC US
Carvajal, Joseph DHS PKI Services Manager 202-357-1272 DC US
Carver, Chris DHS Intelligence Officer - Nevada 775-687-0309 775-687-0328 NV US
Carver, David DHS Operations Assistant 202-447-5443 202-447-5437 DC US
Carver, Gregory N DHS Customer Relationship Manager 703-235-3041 VA US
Cary, Richard B DHS Supervisory Chemical Security Inspector 202-510-4947 TX US
Casapulla, Stephen L DHS Senior Information Strategist 703-235-5732 VA US
Case, Catherine DHS Senior Analyst 703-235-5080 VA US
Case, Sarah DHS 202-357-6289 DC US
Casella, Ralph F DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-510-4894 DC US
Casem, Erma DHS 703-293-7948 VA US
Casey, Betsy DHS Senior Analyst 202-447-0392 202-447-5335 DC US
Casey, Bryan DHS Sr. Consultant 703-235-4068 VA US
Casey, John DHS TIP IV&V 202-557-8014 DC US
Casey, Kinsey DHS Advance Representative 202-612-1603 DC US
Casey, Suzanne DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5960 DC US
Cash, Jamie DHS SETA Support 202-254-2250 DC US
Cason, Oscar L DHS Security Training Specialist 202-447-5418 DC US
Cason, Willie F DHS Security Officer 202-282-9700 DC US
Cassisa, Joseph P DHS Project Manager 228-813-3305 MS US
Casson, Andrew DHS Engineer DC US
Castaneda, Fernando DHS Chemical Security Inspector 703-603-4650 703-603-4711 DC US
Castleberry, Susan L DHS Administrative Specialist 703-603-4627 VA US
Caston, Joseph DHS CA US
Castor, Edgar DHS Federal Team Leader 703-235-9423 VA US
Castor, Robert DHS Special Investigator 202-447-0033 202-447-5335 DC US
Castro, Alicia DHS Help Desk 703-889-3425 VA US
Castro, Danell A DHS US-CERT 703-235-5309 VA US
Castro, Pedro H DHS NCS Shares Project Manager 703-235-5024 703-235-5534 VA US
Castro, Raul DHS Director, Resources Division 202-282-8323 DC US
Cataldo, Harold DHS Lieutenant 202-282-8150 DC US
Catchpole, Allan DHS Senior Consultant, S E Solutions 202-447-5076 DC US
Cater, Alex M DHS CS&C Budget Analyst 703-235-5407 VA US
Cates, Veronica DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-357-7771 202-401-4708 DC US
Cathey-Blomquist, Trishia DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-9008 202-282-8810 DC US
Caton, Kathleen DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8127 DC US
Caufield, Patricia DHS Resource Administrator 631-323-3155 631-323-3066 NY US
Causseaux, Lindsey A DHS Assistant Administrator 202-254-7151 DC US
Cavagnaro, William C DHS Senior Information Specialist 609-813-2779 NJ US
Cavanaugh, Jeffrey S DHS Security Analyst 703-603-5197 VA US
Cavazos, Jose DHS Operations Officer 202-282-8130 DC US
Caver, John A DHS Food & Agriculture Sector Specialist 703-603-5035 DC US
Caverly, Jim DHS Director, Partnership & Outreach Division 703-603-5011 VA US
Ccb, Remedy DHS Remedy CCB 800-250-7911 IN US
Cdd DHS CDD Inbox 202-282-8864 DC US
Cefalo, Jennifer DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-9852 202-282-8191 DC US
Celli, Michael DHS HR Specialist 703-235-2179 VA US
Cellucci, Thomas DHS Chief Commercialization Officer 202-254-5309 202-254-6176 DC US
Cervoni, Katia DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-282-9380 DC US
Chacko, Betsie DHS Program Analyst 202-282-8743 DC US
Chadwick, Andrew DHS Program Analyst 202-612-1168 DC US
Chai, Hao-Ping DHS MEDIC DC US
Chalker, Carol DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5528 202-447-5160 DC US
Chamberland, Francis W DHS Ste Construction Representative 631-477-4449 NY US
Chambers, Taunja DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5504 DC US
Chambliss, Gary A DHS Senior Spectrum Manager 202-357-7872 DC US
Chan, Kai M DHS Software Engineer VA US
Chan, Sun Y DHS IT Specialist 202-447-0813 DC US
Chanal, John DHS Developer 202-447-5411 202-447-5897 DC US
Chancellor, James D DHS Security Authorization Analyst 228-813-3326 MS US
Chandler, Andre DHS 202-447-5359 202-447-5160 DC US
Chandler, Kyshina S DHS Program Support 202-254-6798 202-254-6170 DC US
Chandler, Matthew M DHS Press Secretary 202-282-9633 DC US
Chandler, Tiana DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0643 DC US
Chaney, Michael L DHS Senior ICS Security Engineer 703-235-8870 VA US
Chang, Caroline S DHS Senior Advisor 202-357-8186 DC US
Chang, Daniel S DHS Sr. Program Analyst 703-235-5308 VA US
Chang, David DHS Software Engineer 703-464-6429 VA US
Chang, Jacob K DHS Consultant 703-733-3328 VA US
Chang, Jui-mei V DHS Open Source Specialist 202-447-4366 DC US
Chang, Suzanne DHS Chemical Engineer 703-603-4696 703-603-4712 VA US
Chapman, Arion O DHS 202-254-5684 DC US
Chapman, Elizabeth M DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5067 202-447-0533 DC US
Chapman, Gale DHS Program Analyst 703-235-2861 VA US
Chappelle, Virginia DHS Information Coordinator 202-282-8572 DC US
Charczuk, Paul DHS 631-323-3211 631-477-4464 NY US
Charity, Cathy DHS Program Analyst/Human Capital 703-235-2105 VA US
Charles, Raymond DHS TSA REPRESENTATIVE 202-282-8123 DC US
Charleston, Brian DHS Access Control 202-282-9173 DC US
Chase, Crystal DHS Administrative Specialist 202-447-5731 202-447-5725 DC US
Chase, Steve DHS Director, Strategic Analysis Group 202-282-8165 DC US
Chassot, Charles H DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 703-235-8552 VA US
Chastang, Rebecca E DHS SETA 202-281-5701 DC US
Chastine, Rose M DHS Program Analyst 202-282-8233 DC US
Chatfield, Catherine DHS Senior Strategic Risk Specialist 202-343-1745 202-343-4011 DC US
Chatterjee, Ash K DHS Lead, IT Operations & Maintenance 703-235-9566 VA US
Chattopadhyay, Panchanon DHS Database Administrator 202-824-7504
Chavez, Norcelene DHS Financial Analyst 202-254-5854 202-254-5392 DC US
Chavez, Richard DHS Acting Director OPS 202-282-9580 DC US
Cheatham, Donald DHS Regional Director, S/W PSA Region 916-202-5301 CA US
Cheatham, Ron DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9559 VA US
Chebatoris, Matthew DHS Intelligence Officer 714-628-7630 CA US
Chebegia, Whitney DHS 202-282-9753 DC US
Checknita, Dean E DHS Senior Risk Analyst, HITRAC 202-282-8844 DC US
Cheek, Michael W DHS Administrative Specialist 202-254-6472 DC US
Cheesebrough, Tony DHS Deputy Assistant Director for Risk Analytics 202-343-1739 DC US
Chen, Chih-Tsai DHS General Engineer 609-813-2814 609-383-1973 NJ US
Chen, Darren DHS Deputy Assistant Director (acting) 202-254-7347 DC US
Chen, Harriet Y DHS IV&v Engineer 703-752-5561 VA US
Chen, Joseph C DHS Financial Analyst 703-351-1101 VA US
Chen, Paul L DHS IT Engineering Lead 202-447-0317 DC US
Chen, Susan A DHS 703-276-2236 DC US
Chen-Young, Adrienne DHS 703-235-9525 VA US
Cheng, Ivy DHS Presidential Management Fellow 202-357-7681 DC US
Cherry, Andrew C DHS Systems Engineer 202-447-0534 DC US
Chervenak, Elizabeth W DHS Contractor 202-282-9879 DC US
Cheshire, Paul DHS Budget Analyst 703-235-1966 VA US
Cheshire, Terri DHS 202-254-5886 DC US
Cheski, Richard DHS System Admin 202-447-4492 DC US
Chetla, Karunakar DHS Software developer 703-460-1239 VA US
Cheung, Grant DHS None 703-341-4076 703-813-5855 VA US
Chewning, Diane DHS Prop Mgmt Specialist 202-697-3520 DC US
Chiappa, Ben DHS 202-323-4641 DC US
Chieco, Gena DHS Counselor to the Principal Deputy General Counsel 202-447-4056 DC US
Chilbert, Chris DHS Chief Architect 202-447-3781 202-282-8062 DC US
Childers, Mark J DHS System Engineer 703-742-2695 VA US
Childs, Timothy L DHS Supervisory Air Marshal 202-324-7896 202-324-4316 DC US
Chin, Bobby DHS 703-413-7809 VA US
Chin, Jason M DHS Staff Accountant 202-447-0110 DC US
Chinery, Edwin S DHS Human Resources Specialist 703-235-1514 703-235-2054 VA US
Chipman, Jean DHS DC US
Chirhart, Thomas DHS Telecommunications Specialist 202-254-6063 202-254-6169 DC US
Chirico, Marcia C DHS Associate 703-902-6772 DC US
Chism, Eric M DHS Accountant 202-447-0124 202-447-5822 DC US
Chism, Russell DHS Procurement Technician 202-447-0921 DC US
Chisolm, Dionne DHS DHS Fleet Manager 202-731-1700 202-343-4236 DC US
Chisolm III, Edward DHS Security Officer 202-282-8956 DC US
Chisolm Jr, John H DHS Inspector 202-330-8130 DC US
Chiu, Matilda DHS Customer Engagement Manager (CEM) 202-447-0390 DC US
Chiu, Norman DHS Electronics Engineer 212-620-3304 212-620-3600 NY US
Chiuminatta, Christine DHS Branch Chief (A) 703-235-8130 VA US
Cho, Christopher J DHS Application Architect 703-742-2553 VA US
Cho, Inho DHS Research Chemist 609-813-2782 609-383-1973 NJ US
Cho, Peter C DHS SETA Support to Tom Tomaiko 202-254-6932 202-254-5397 DC US
Choe, Alexander S DHS Assistant 202-447-4137 DC US
Choe, Ivy DHS DHS/S&T Support Contractor 631-323-3011 NY US
Choi, Hae-Jin DHS Immigration Law Analyst 202-357-8100 202-357-0042 DC US
Choman, Tom DHS Writer-Editor 202-282-8069 DC US
Choucaira, Kozhaya G DHS Open Source Officer 202-447-3801 DC US
Choudhary, Saif R DHS Systems Administrator 202-282-8081 DC US
Chow, Ron DHS Systems Administrator 202-306-4784 DC US
Chrismer, Ron DHS Associate Director, Policy & Procedures Branch 202-447-5601 202-447-5545 DC US
Christ, Michael J DHS Team Lead, Security Certifications Program 202-447-5314 202-447-5312 DC US
Christensen, Roger E DHS Senior Program Manager 202-343-2485 DC US
Christian, Cindy DHS Business Analyst 202-254-5357 202-254-6179 DC US
Christian, Damon L DHS Wintel Sys Admin 228-813-4842 MS US
Christian, Jose DHS Systems Engineer 202-254-7263 202-254-7749 DC US
Christian, RaShaunda M DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5513 DC US
Christianson, Matthew DHS Security Branch Chief, Mt Weather Branch 571-258-2496 571-258-2578 VA US
Christie, Joseph DHS Intern 202-282-8850 DC US
Christoff, Michael J DHS Acquisition Training Team Lead 202-447-0116 DC US
Christopher, Chris DHS Deputy Director & Director of Conferences 202-254-5761 202-254-6175 DC US
Chronister, Scott DHS Assistant Director 202-447-5220 202-447-5233 DC US
Chu, Brian L DHS Lead Analyst/Sr. System Engineer, APMD 202-343-4520 202-343-4550 DC US
Chu, David DHS Engineer 202-254-7616 202-254-7749 DC US
Chu, James DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5530 DC US
Chu, Kai-Dee DHS Program Manager 202-254-2315 202-254-6169 DC US
Chuang, Theodore DHS AGC for General Law 202-282-8830 202-282-9186 DC US
Chudy-Scheible, Adam DHS Program Analyst/Assistant Chief of Operations 202-254-6835 DC US
Chui, Christine DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0538 202-447-5545 DC US
Chung, Alex H DHS Intel Analyst 202-282-8310 DC US
Chung, Allen C DHS CBAT Section Chief 703-235-9438 VA US
Church, Adrian DHS 202-254-7231 DC US
Ciccarello, Michael A DHS Sr. Consultant 202-254-6088 DC US
Ciovacco, Carl J DHS Analyst 202-447-3095 DC US
Cirillo, Laura DHS Legislative Affairs Specialist 202-447-5380 202-447-5437 DC US
Cissna, Francis DHS Director, Immigration Policy 202-447-3835 202-282-8503 DC US
Claffie, Kathleen L DHS Associate Director, Privacy Incidents and Inquiries 703-235-0788 703-235-0442 VA US
Clanahan, Chuck DHS Protective Security Advisor (PSA) 785-295-2630 785-232-1765 KS US
Clare, Annette DHS Leader Development 202-357-8177 DC US
Clark, Bill DHS Analyst VA US
Clark, Charles E DHS Fusion/State & Local Support 202-282-9685 DC US
Clark, Craig M DHS SAN Services 228-813-4211 MS US
Clark, Gregory S DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 317-821-6068 IN US
Clark, James B DHS Test & Evaluation Manager 202-254-2367 DC US
Clark, Jason R DHS Intelligence Officer 312-550-6620 IL US
Clark, Jillian DHS Program Analyst 202-447-3361 DC US
Clark, Karen DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-0123 DC US
Clark, Matthew DHS Director, Office of University Programs 202-254-6377 202-254-6179 DC US
Clark, Oliver J DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-612-1689 202-447-4441 DC US
Clark, Peggy DHS Administrative 703-603-5014 703-603-5097 VA US
Clark, Philip E DHS Facility Security Officer 434-374-3528 434-374-3976 VA US
Clark, Robert DHS HSIN Desk Officer 202-282-8808 202-282-8782 DC US
Clark, Tammy P DHS Project Manager, PMP, ITIL 202-447-0250 DC US
Clark, Tara E DHS FOIA Program Specialist 703-235-0790 703-235-0443 DC US
Clark, Thomas M DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9355 DC US
Clark, Tommie Lee DHS Information Assurance Analyst 228-813-3303 MS US
Clark, Tracy R DHS EEO Specialist 202-254-8215 202-254-8241 DC US
Clark-Moe, Loren DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-3341 DC US
Clarke, Janet DHS Program Manager - HR 202-447-5376 202-447-5757 DC US
Clarke, Leo G DHS Tech Writer 202-282-9864 202-282-9020 DC US
Clarke, Stephen DHS Reports Officer 850-410-7746 FL US
Clary, Chad M DHS Team Lead, Security Engineering 202-357-7820 DC US
Clausen, Rebecca DHS Presidential Management Fellow 202-343-1694 202-343-4010 DC US
Clay, Robeata DHS CPD Desk Officer 202-282-9034 DC US
Clayborne, Jennifer DHS Financial Management Specialist 202-580-5348 DC US
Clearwater, Elaine DHS Personnel Security Assistant 202-235-5455 VA US
Cleary, Scott D DHS Intelligence Officer-Texas Fusion Center 512-627-0634 TX US
Cleere, Gail S DHS Writer/Editor in S&T OCC 202-254-5691 DC US
Cleggett, Benita DHS Senior Security Specialist 202-447-5789 202-447-5312 DC US
Cleghorn, DeShelle DHS Administrative Specialist 703-235-5344 703-235-5889 VA US
Clemens, Robert DHS 202-254-5359 DC US
Clemens, Ruth E DHS Intern 202-254-7789 DC US
Clement, Audrey R DHS SAS Programmer 202-786-9892 202-786-9910 DC US
Clement, Matthew DHS SETA Support Contractor 202-254-2314 DC US
Clements, Michael N DHS 202-447-4638 DC US
Clements, Nicholas A DHS Consultant DC US
Clemons, Tequilla DHS IP Human Capital 703-235-8158 VA US
Clerval, Beth D DHS Computer Operator Security 609-813-2656 609-813-2733 NJ US
Cleveland, Melinda M DHS Analyst/Executive Secretariat 703-235-2886 VA US
Clever, Daniel DHS Deputy Chief Procurement Officer 202-447-5372 DC US
Clever, Trina DHS Learning Technologies Team 202-357-8434 DC US
Clifton, Elizabeth A DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9369 VA US
Climenhaga, Jennifer S DHS Program Manager 202-254-7348 DC US
Clinehens, Neal A DHS Planner 202-447-3940 DC US
Clinton-Carr, Evonne DHS Service Level Manager 703-253-9712 VA US
Cloe, David DHS Director, Latin America and Caribbean Affairs 202-447-4647 202-282-9254 DC US
Clopton, Lena G DHS Project Analyst 202-447-3464 DC US
Clukey, Taylor DHS Consultant 202-447-5346 000-000-0000 DC US
Cmeyla, Michael E DHS Software Developer 202-447-4070 DC US
Co, Wilson A DHS CIP Cyber Analyst VA US
Coady, Kelly J DHS Deputy Asst. Director 202-254-7042 DC US
Coaster, Jamesetta DHS Acquisitions Review Analyst 202-343-2524 DC US
Coates, Peter DHS Analyst, CBAT/ECIP/IST Team 703-235-9330 VA US
Coates, Rebecca E DHS ECIP/IST Program Analyst 703-235-9309 VA US
Coates, Thomasina DHS Sr. Project Manager 202-447-5324 DC US
Coates, Toby L DHS Louisiana Fusion Center Representative 225-925-3678 LA US
Coats, Matthew I DHS Program Manager 202-254-6018 DC US
Cobb, Elwyn C DHS Sr. Network Engineer / Architect 202-254-6059 DC US
Cobb, Eric DHS IT Specialist 850-452-7802 FL US
Cobble, Jolie DHS Administrative Officer CO US
Coble, Kyle DHS IT Specialist 703-235-4994 VA US
Cobran, Ewan DHS Summer Intern 202-254-5740 DC US
Cochran, Shawn P DHS Lieutenant Colonel VA US
Cochrane, Michael DHS Special Agent 202-323-4614 DC US
Cockrell, Jeannette DHS IT Speciialist 703-235-5268 VA US
Coddington, Michael W DHS Software Development Lead 703-679-6399 VA US
Cody, Byron DHS 202-447-3527 DC US
Coe, Michael D DHS Open Source Collector 202-447-3150 DC US
Coeburn, Mitzi DHS 202-254-5883 DC US
Coen, Todd DHS Program Manager 202-905-2636 DC US
Coffey, Mark A DHS Protective Security Advisor - Nashville and Eastern TN 615-736-5841 TN US
Coffey, Michael J DHS DOE/NNSA Detailee 202-254-7153 DC US
Coffman, Helen DHS Program Specialist 609-813-3021 NJ US
Cogert, Brian DHS Intelligence Analyst 703-235-5679 VA US
Cogswell, Patricia DHS Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary 202-447-3784 202-282-8240 DC US
Cohen, Eric M DHS Deputy Datacenter Federal Manager 434-374-3567 VA US
Cohen, Jason C DHS Consultant 202-447-0715 DC US
Cohen, Joel DHS Director, Western Region 202-447-4523 DC US
Cohen, John D DHS Deputy CT Coordinator, SR Advisor to the Secretary 202-447-4075 DC US
Cohen, Michael L DHS CIKR Systems Engineer 703-603-5029 VA US
Cohen, Nancy DHS External Affairs Specialist 202-254-6448 DC US
Cohen, Peter M DHS Data Architect 202-447-3832 DC US
Cohen, Sara E DHS DHS Support to Responder Technologies 202-254-5832 DC US
Cohen, Sharon DHS General Engineer Operations 202-254-5669 DC US
Cohen-Hopkins, Kawana DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5107 703-603-5190 VA US
Cohn, Alan DHS Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy (Strategic Plans) 202-282-9382 202-282-8492 DC US
Cokes, Samuel DHS Record Specialist 1-202-603-6329 1-202-343-4241 DC US
Colangelo, David DHS Chief, Security Systems Division 202-447-5320 DC US
Colbert, Sheena G DHS Senior Correspondence Analyst 202-357-8271 202-357-0042 DC US
Colbert, Steven J DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-254-6667 DC US
Colby, Michelle DHS Chief, Agriculture Defense Branch 202-254-6883 DC US
Cole, Amy K DHS 202-447-4420 202-282-9603 DC US
Cole, Andrew H DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5586 202-447-5564 DC US
Cole, Christopher DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Cole, Diane M DHS Program lManager 202-357-8409 202-357-8504 DC US
Cole, Dunstan DHS IT Support 202-604-5212 DC US
Cole, James DHS Management Program Analyst 202-282-8816 202-282-8416 DC US
Cole, JoVonnie D DHS Director, PPM 202-447-4604 DC US
Cole, Juan DHS HSIN Outreach Team Manager (Contract Support) 703-244-1806 DC US
Cole, Mark A DHS 202-254-6381 DC US
Cole, Neal W DHS SETA 202-254-6796 202-254-6167 DC US
Cole, Raymond DHS Senior Ops Advisor 202-282-8799 DC US
Cole, Rise DHS SETA Support 202-254-7037 202-254-7755 DC US
Cole, Teresa T DHS 703-235-1521 VA US
Cole, Vivian DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-5534 202-447-5540 DC US
Cole, Walter P DHS LTC 202-254-7349 DC US
Cole-Walker, Elizabeth A DHS Analyst 301-657-7590 ext 108 301-657-7592 MD US
Coleman, Amy E DHS Resource Manager 202-254-7121 DC US
Coleman, Christopher L DHS Network Engineer (Firewall) 434-374-0953 VA US
Coleman, Darion DHS Systems Administrator 202-447-3231 202-447-4457 DC US
Coleman, George L DHS IT Specialist, State and Local Fusion Center 202-477-3648 DC US
Coleman, Harold DHS Administrative Clerk II 202-343-2536 DC US
Coleman, James E DHS Staff Officer 202-282-8110 202-282-9705 DC US
Coleman, Kelvin DHS Program Manager 703-235-2871 703-235-5696 VA US
Coleman, Kimberly D DHS 703-284-7009 DC US
Coleman, Marcellus D DHS Assistant Senior Watch Officer 202-282-8308 VA US
Coleman, Michelle DHS Administrative Officer 202-357-8446 202-357-0042 DC US
Coleman, Patrice M DHS Small Business Specialist 202-447-5477 DC US
Coleman, Ricardo DHS Counterintelligence Officer 202-447-4660 DC US
Coleman, Shantelle DHS DHS ELA Program Manager 202-447-0487 DC US
Coleman, Sophia M DHS 202-447-5762 VA US
Coleman, Thomas DHS Infrastructure Protection Branch Manager 609-813-2715 609-813-1973 NJ US
Coles, John D DHS Facilities Manager 202-343-1646 DC US
Coles, Thomas W DHS Security Specialist 202-447-3908 202-447-3464 DC US
Coles-Johnson, Michelle DHS Administative Specialist 202-254-2324 202-254-6911 DC US
Coley, Coy B DHS Training & Exercise Specialist 703-235-2521 VA US
Colglazier, Deborah DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7602 DC US
Coll, Kristen E DHS Analyst 202-447-4179 DC US
Coll, Michael DHS Security Specialist 202-282-9989 202-447-3462 DC US
Colleli, Ralph DHS Attorney Advisor 703-603-4628 VA US
Colley, Charles DHS Regional Commander 202-302-6367 NY US
Colley, Thomas DHS Chemist 703-603-4629 DC US
Collick, John W DHS Senior Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8309 DC US
Collier, Amy R DHS Facilities/Reception support 202-254-5686 DC US
Collier, Darrel W DHS Supvy HR Specialist (Classification) AZ US
Collier, Erin DHS TSA Liaison to DHS OIA 202-282-9537 DC US
Collier, Mark DHS Senior Reports Officer for South East and South Central Regions 571-331-9638 TN US
Collington, Janice DHS Staffing Consultant 202-447-3317 202-447-3653 VA US
Collins, Catherine DHS Contracting Officer 202-254-6814 202-254-6911 DC US
Collins, David T DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5609 202-447-5693 DC US
Collins, Douglas DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-0973 OK US
Collins, Glen DHS Protective Security Advisor 503-250-2815 OR US
Collins, Jonathan B DHS Computer Operator 434-374-3850 VA US
Collins, Rashema A DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5582 202-447-5774 DC US
Collins, Walter T DHS NCC Watch Communications/Intel Analyst 703-235-5080 703-235-5078 VA US
Colman, Paul M DHS Principal Systems Engineer 202-447-0513 DC US
Colmenares, Leonardo G DHS Sr. Consultant 202-447-0705 DC US
Colon, Yvette B DHS Deportation Officer 571-350-4670 VA US
Comber, Ryan P DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9567 VA US
Combs, Crystal DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-0490 202-447-0290 DC US
Communications DHS DC US
Communications, ITP DHS 202-447-5275 DC US
Companion, Tod DHS Program Manager 202-254-6619 202-254-6165 DC US
Compton, Dana DHS Program Analyst 703-235-3691 VA US
Compton, Michael DHS Information Assurance Engineer 703-235-5133 VA US
Compton III, James DHS Customer Relationship Manager 202-447-0379 DC US
Concepcion, Kenneth DHS PM 202-254-5351 DC US
Concepcion-cruz, Julian J DHS Help Desk Coordinator 5 703-889-3468 DC US
Concey, David O DHS OCIO Change Control Manager 703-235-3669 VA US
Condon, Patrick L DHS Liaison Officer 202-254-6933 DC US
Coney, Jeff DHS Program Mgr. 703-235-5422 703-235-5673 VA US
Conklin, Craig W DHS Director, Sector Specific Agency Execitive Management Office 703-603-5168 703-603-5190 VA US
Conklin, James JC DHS Research & Development Business Specialist 202-254-6385 DC US
Conley, Amanda DHS Program Analyst 202-298-5106 VA US
Conlin, Roger A DHS Wireless Support Lead 202-357-7828 DC US
Connect Feedback DHS Connect Feedback Mailbox
Connelly, Ryan J DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7219 DC US
Conner, David A DHS contractor 202-786-9876 202-786-9897 DC US
Conner, Donald W DHS Senior Security Specialist 202-282-9568 DC US
Conneran, Angela C DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7238 DC US
Connolly, Charles M DHS Associate Director - Liaison 703-235-5154 VA US
Connolly, Emmet DHS Configuration Analyst 202-357-8357 DC US
Connolly, Stuart DHS Document Control Officer 202-282-9517 DC US
Connor, Timothy R DHS Hardware Services 434-374-3809 VA US
Conrad, James O DHS Senior Network Engineer 202-447-0024 DC US
Conrad, James N DHS Project Manager 202-447-5426 DC US
Conrad, Jerome DHS Director, DHS Lexicon Program/DHS Lexicographer 202-447-3518 DC US
Conrad, Michael DHS Postal Inspector 202-282-8132 DC US
Conrad II, Charles J DHS Director, Intelligence Operations Acquisition Division 202-447-5827 202-447-5564 DC US
Conroy, Julia DHS 703-235-5125 703-235-5697 VA US
Conroy, Michelle L DHS Executive Staff Officer 202-282-8210 DC US
Conroy, Olivia DHS 202-447-0554 DC US
Constantin, Phillip E DHS Mr. 504-202-1081 LA US
Constantine, George DHS Supervisory Intelligence Ops Sp 202-282-8690 202-447-3095 DC US
Constantopoulos, Alexander M DHS Reports Production Officer (Lead) / NOC NDD Support 202-612-1155 202-282-8782 DC US
Contee, Yvonne DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-0286 202-447-0020 DC US
Conteh, Al M DHS Information Security Engineer 202-357-1224 DC US
Conti, Mario DHS technical security officer 202-282-9810 202-282-8591 DC US
Contreras, January DHS CIS Ombudsman 202-357-8201 (Direct) 202-357-0042 DC US
Contreras-Guzman, Carolyn DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-3941 202-447-4441 DC US
Convin, Kiwii DHS Cyber Intrusion Analyst 703-235-8832 VA US
Conway, Tyghe M DHS Jr. EMOC Sys Admin 866-972-3662 MS US
Cooch, Shila DHS Administrative Officer for ESDO 202-447-5793 DC US
Cook, Cheryl DHS Chemical Security Inspector 703-603-4687 703-603-4617 VA US
Cook, Kelly DHS Security Specialist 202-254-5362 DC US
Cook, Mary E DHS Director, Land Border Screening & Identification 202-282-9523 202-282-8701 DC US
Cook, Patti DHS Human Resource Specialist IT 870-203-0854 870-203-0854 AR US
Cook, Rachel DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5464 202-447-5545 DC US
Cook, Richard DHS Supervisory Inspector 202-447-5356 202-447-5335 DC US
Cook, Robert C DHS DC US
Cook, Robert L DHS 202-282-8956 MD US
Cook, Timothy J DHS U.S. Rep. to NATO CCPC 703-235-3625 VA US
Cooke, Allyson M DHS Training Specialist 631-323-3108 NY US
Cooke, Jasper DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-4428 202-282-9207 DC US
Cooke, Quinn H DHS Executive Secretariat VA US
Cooler, Daniel DHS Regional Director, Northeast Region 518-786-2499 NY US
Cooley, James DHS Informal Complaints Manager 202-245-1133 202-245-1141 DC US
Cooley, Michael S DHS eTravel 202-447-0448 DC US
Cooley, Shawn DHS Acting Director, Foreign Investment Security Review Team 202-282-8489 202-282-8503 DC US
Cooper, Bradford DHS Acting Chief Administrative Officer 202-281-9641 DC US
Cooper, Corey DHS Network Egineer 228-813-4808 MS US
Cooper, Lisa M DHS Security Project Manager 202-357-7803 202-357-1299 DC US
Cooper, Nakeeta DHS Consultant 202-254-6740 DC US
Cooper, Perry DHS intern/volunteer 202-357-6287 DC US
Cooper, Robert DHS Legislative Assistant 202-447-5882 DC US
Cooper, Therese DHS 202-357-7694 DC US
Cooper, William DHS TRIPwire Unit Chief 703-235-9394 VA US
Cooper, Zacira DHS Accountant 202-477-5222 DC US
Coose, Matt DHS Director, Federal Network Security 703-235-5888 VA US
Cope, Mark A DHS SETA 202-254-6312 DC US
Copeland, Byron D DHS Chief, Digital Analytics Branch 703-235-5064 703-235-5042 VA US
Copeland, Glen DHS Lead, Human Capital Planning 202-447-0569 DC US
Copenhaver, Chris DHS Senior Program Analyst 202-447-3175 DC US
Copp, Joseph M DHS Security Officer 1 609-813-2804 NJ US
Corbet, Erica N DHS Acquisition Management Executive Secretariat 703-235-5452 VA US
Corbett, Charles DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-579-8136 DC US
Corbett, Stephen J DHS Advisor 202-447-3287 DC US
Corbin, Susan DHS DHS HQ Budget Officer/Assistant Director, Office of Financial 202-447-0080 DC US
Corbitt, Jr, Robert DHS 202-447-0499 DC US
Corcoran, William DHS Analyst 703-284-5046 VA US
Cordes, Rick DHS Communication Watch Officer 202-282-8590 DC US
Cordes, Samuel DHS Project Manager 202-384-8639 DC US
Cordova, Edwin DHS NPPD Chief of Acquisitions 703-235-1489 VA US
Cordova, Frank DHS ET 631-323-3261 NY US
Cordova, Gonzalo H DHS Protective Security Advisor 702-868-3088 702-382-2437 NV US
Cordova, Marion DHS Senior Attorney 202-254-7307 DC US
Corgan, Andrew DHS Security Analyst 434-374-3573 VA US
Corgan, Kenneth DHS Intelligence Oversight Offiicer 202-282-9326 DC US
Corkum, Lori DHS Web Dev 2 DC US
Corliss, John DHS 850-452-7941 FL US
Cornecelli, George M DHS Process Improvement Mgr 202-447-5613 DC US
Cornelius, Eric DHS Chief Technical Analyst (Cyber Ninja) 208-526-5825 ID US
Cornett, Aaron B DHS Technical Consultant III 434-374-3543 VA US
Cornish, Dante DHS Equal Employment Specialist 202-254-6160 202-254-8240 DC US
Cornwell, Janice DHS Chief, SLTPS Branch 202-447-5345 202-447-5312 DC US
Correa, Oliver DHS TSA Desk Officer 202-282-8123 DC US
Corrigan, Patricia DHS Acting Dir. Acq Policy and Legislation 202-447-5430 202-447-5310 DC US
Corry, Michael G DHS 202-254-6073 DC US
Corsini, Donato DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8349 202-357-8462 DC US
Corson, Adrienne DHS Section Chief, Communications & Government Affairs 703-603-4630 VA US
Cortes, Herminio DHS engineering tech 609-813-2869 NJ US
Cortese, Frank DHS Information Tech. Spec 631-323-3313 NY US
Cortez, Fabian DHS Contract Specialist 571-357-3434 202-254-6402 DC US
Cortez, Michael DHS Project Manager 817-649-6252 TX US
Corti, Gianfranco DHS (A)Director 202-282-8732 202-447-3594 DC US
Corwin, Norma DHS Hazmat Technician 631-323-3112 NY US
Corwin, Raymond DHS facilities manager 631-323-3261 631-323-3339 NY US
Cory, Jennifer K DHS DC US
Cosgrove, John DHS Exercise Support 703-235-3025 VA US
Costa, Cleanthis D DHS Lead Network Engineer 703-968-2521 VA US
Costello, Michael DHS Support Contractor 202-254-2302 DC US
Cotner, Dave L DHS Sr. Systems Engineer 202-343-4521 202-343-4550 DC US
Cotter, Dana M DHS 202-447-3707 DC US
Cotter, Daniel DHS Chief Technology Officer 202-447-3749 202-282-9111 DC US
Cotto, Maria L DHS Specialist 703-235-3656 VA US
Cotton, Michael A DHS 202-245-1163 DC US
Cotugno, Jaclyn DHS Creative Lead 202-254-6845 202-254-6175 DC US
Coty, Thomas DHS Standoff Detection Project Officer 202-254-5857 202-254-5398 DC US
Couch, David DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Couch, Howard DHS Emergency Programs Coordinator 202-282-8966 DC US
Coughran, Anthony DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9051 DC US
Coughtry, Lindsay DHS DC US
Coulson, Andrea L DHS Program Support 703-341-4054 VA US
Coulson, Brenda DHS Software Developer 703-460-1423 VA US
Coulter, Eric DHS Director, Program Analysis & Evaluation 202-447-5131 202-447-5144 DC US
Coulter, Kathryn A DHS Consultant 202-254-6865 DC US
Coulter, Tom DHS Contractor 202-447-3005 DC US
Courchaine, Lauren A DHS Air Force Fellow 202-343-1748 DC US
Coursey, Bert DHS Standards Executive 202-254-5811 DC US
Courtemanche, Wayne N DHS Electronic Tech 631-323-3242 NY US
Courtenay, Dan DHS Data Integration / ETL Lead 202-447-5070 DC US
Cousino, Judy DHS CBP Desk Officer 202-282-8130 DC US
Couto, Antonio DHS Business Support Team Lead 703-603-5221 703-603-5203 VA US
Couto, Nathania D DHS IT Specialist, Operations Support 703-235-3049 VA US
Coven, Ann DHS Security Specialist 202-254-6443 202-254-6403 DC US
Coven, David S DHS Branch Chief - Access Control 202-282-8742 202-282-9257 DC US
Coven, Mark A DHS Enrollment Official DC US
Cover, Sandra DHS Supervisory Program Analyst 202-254-6012 DC US
Cover, Steven DHS Director, SAPCO 202-254-6458 202-254-6402 DC US
Cowan, Stephen DHS 703-603-5066 VA US
Cowdrey, Laura DHS Program Analyst 202-282-8511 DC US
Cowell, Mark W DHS Service Management Leader 434-374-3529 VA US
Cox, Adam DHS Deputy Director (Acting), HSARPA 202-254-5717 DC US
Cox, Ashleigh DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-343-2487 DC US
Cox, Debra DHS T&E Policy and Processes 202-254-2410 DC US
Cox, Jessica A DHS Chemist 410-436-8367 MD US
Cox, Joplin DHS Wireless Business Analyst 202-617-0997 VA US
Cox, Karen L DHS Contractor Support 202-447-0229 DC US
Cox, Michael DHS SETA Support Contractor 202-254-6189 DC US
Cox, Michael L DHS USCG, DHS HQ GWO 202-612-1684 DC US
Cox, Reid DHS Attorney Advisor 202-282-9550 202-282-9186 DC US
Cox, Renita S DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Cox, Richard DHS Chemical Inspector 202-617-0972
Cox, Stephen DHS TSA Desk Officer 202-282-8123 DC US
Coxon, William DHS Senior Systems Engineer 814-899-0686 DC US
Coyle, Robert E DHS DAEO/Legal Advisor for Ethics 202-447-3515 202-282-9099 DC US
Coyle, Wendy DHS Information Sharing Lead 703-235-3942 VA US
Coziahr, Rustin DHS TSA Desk Officer 202-282-8123 DC US
Crabb, Scott I DHS Project Manager 202-570-8249 DC US
Crabill, Mark A DHS 703-908-7025 VA US
Craft, Cynthia M DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-4546 202-447-3925 DC US
Crafton, Wilson DHS Chief, Commercial Facilities Branch 703-603-5123 VA US
Craig, James A DHS Program Analyst, IP / CPIMD / IMC 202-282-8610 DC US
Craig Jr, William H DHS Project Manager 202-306-6825 VA US
Craighead, Sonia L DHS Sharepoint Governance & Content Administer DC US
Cramer, Christopher DHS Watch Analyst 703-235-5085 VA US
Cramer, Drew W DHS 202-282-8978 DC US
Crandall, Brian DHS SOC Engineer 202-357-6177 DC US
Crane, Christopher E DHS Senior Writing Consultant & Developer 202-254-5363 DC US
Crane, Earl DHS Director, Cybersecurity Strategy 202-357-6114 DC US
Crane, Melissa A DHS Senior Accountant 202-447-5275 202-447-5118 DC US
Crane, Robert DHS Senior Homeland Security Advisor 202-482-2206 202-482-4429 DC US
Craswell, Kimberly E DHS Intelligence Analyst - IWW Desk 202-282-9268 DC US
Crawford, Carl R DHS Lead Engineer 202-580-9395 WI US
Crawford, Dana DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8559 202-357-8138 DC US
Crawford, Dane J DHS HSIN System Administrator 703-889-3403 DC US
Crawford, James E DHS Special Security Officer 202-254-5674 202-254-6402 DC US
Crawford, Nicole DHS Planning and Management Analyst 202-254-8603 202-254-5671 DC US
Crawley, Ayn DHS Director, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Institute 202-357-6261 NoMa 202-357-1187 DC US
Creaghe, Megan M DHS Personnel Security Assistant 202-447-5241 202-447-0697 DC US
Creek, Alexander DHS Desktop Support Technician 202-447-0294 DC US
Crenshaw, Anthony S DHS Operations Analyst 202-282-8328 DC US
Crescenzi, Alfred A DHS Director Administration Division 212-620-3571 212-620-3600 NY US
Crider, Simone L DHS Security Authorization Specialist 228-813-4216 228-813-4215 MS US
Crider, Tracey DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-282-8734 DC US
Crippen, Susan DHS Mgr, CRMD Program Administration 202-447-4305 202-282-9505 DC US
Crisler, Vincent O DHS Contractor 703-235-5317 VA US
Crisman, Neil DHS DC-2 ISSO 434-374-3533 VA US
Crist, Brooke DHS personnel security specialist 202-447-5388 202-447-5333 DC US
Critchley, Ronald DHS Detective Sergeant 202-282-8612 DC US
Critchlow, Michael A DHS PROGRAM ANALYST 202-254-6158 DC US
Critterton, Christian P DHS Acting Deputy Director EA 703-235-3643 VA US
Crockett, Sidney DHS Intelligence Officer CA US
Croft, John L DHS Disaster Recovery Specialist 571-258-2414 VA US
Cromwell, Ted T DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4631 VA US
Cronin, Kevin A DHS Analyst 703-603-5170 VA US
Cronin, Regina DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5982 DC US
Crosby, Clayton M DHS Sr. Manager - Operations 202-447-0572 DC US
Crosby, Kevin DHS Correspondence Analyst 703-235-2145 VA US
Crosby, Lisa G DHS Assistant Director 202-447-0762 202-447-0536 DC US
Crosby, Robert DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-0978 FL US
Crosby, Timithy DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-510-6810 MO US
Crosby, Yong R DHS Program Manager 240-492-2424 MD US
Crosier, Lerone M DHS IT Technician 202-282-8081 DC US
Cross, Megan R DHS Clerk 202-343-2461 DC US
Cross, Michael B DHS Systems Engineer 703-277-1205 703-277-1361 VA US
Cross, Robert L DHS Senior Intelligence Analyst 202-447-4101 DC US
Crossett, Andrew P DHS Senior Consultant VA US
Crosson, David DHS 703-647-2757 VA US
Crosson, Jonathan DHS Exercise Planner 703-235-2529 VA US
Crosswait, Mitch DHS Deputy Director, Requirements, Capabilities and Assessments 202-282-9026 DC US
Crouch, Katherine DHS 202-447-4443 DC US
Crouch, Kevin J DHS Chief, Special Projects Division 202-447-5424 202-447-5897 DC US
Crouter, Mark DHS System Engineering Consultant 202-447-0172 202-447-0146 DC US
Crowell, Ronald A DHS Contractor - The MITRE Corporation 703-983-3952 DC US
Crowley, Katherine M DHS Protective Security Advisor 501-370-2010 501-324-6097 AR US
Crowley, Tonya R DHS Recruitment Outreach Program Coordinator 202-357-8137 DC US
Crowther, Douglas DHS it specialist 703-235-8858 VA US
Crowther, Kenneth G DHS Dr. VA US
Croy, Walter B DHS Systems Engineer 919-767-7254 NC US
Crum, Christina M DHS Project Coordinator 202-447-5049 DC US
Crumb, Thomas J DHS Senior Project Manager 203-743-4328 203-743-4328 CT US
Crumpton Jr, Isaac DHS IT Specailist 703-235-8510 VA US
Cruz, Deborah DHS Infrastructure Protection Liason, OAS DC US
Cruz, Jennifer DHS US-CERT Production 888-282-0870 VA US
Cruz, Joel DHS Enterprise Vault migration lead VA US
Cruz, Johanna DHS Intern 202-282-9581 DC US
Cruz-Morales, Betsie DHS ESS Analyst 703-603-5139 VA US
Csanyi, John DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0543 DC US
Csulak, Emery DHS Director, Information Security Compliance 202-357-6113 DC US
Cu, Lisa H DHS IT Security Engineer 202-254-2431 DC US
Cubbal, Jeffrey DHS Program Analyst 202-254-2373 202-254-6170 DC US
Cubbler, Scott DHS Section Chief - Supervisory Protective Security Advisor 703-235-9350 VA US
Cucinella, Amy DHS Policy Advisor 202-357-6273 DC US
Cudney, James DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-527-3620 NV US
Cuellar, John P DHS Rad/Nuc Liason 202-254-2438 DC US
Culbertson, Amy DHS Assistant Director, Performance Management 202-447-0333 DC US
Cullen, Shane DHS Program Manager 202-254-5679 202-254-6164 DC US
Cullenberg, Gretchen G DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6678 DC US
Cummings, Erin A DHS Advisor 202-282-9747 DC US
Cummings, John C DHS Software Developer 703-679-6453 VA US
Cummings, Melanie C DHS 202-254-6646 DC US
Cummins, Richard DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-407-5407 IL US
Cummins, William DHS Oil and Natural Gas Sector Specialist 703-603-5030 VA US
Cummiskey, Chris DHS Deputy Under Secretary 202-447-3400 DC US
Cunningham, Bill DHS technician, electronics 212-620-3650 212-620-3600 NY US
Cunningham, Linda L DHS Team Lead, SCI ISCR 202-447-5928 202-447-5312 DC US
Cunningham, Stanley DHS Dir. Change Management 202-254-2311 202-254-6172 DC US
Cuomo, Jacob F DHS Staff Assistant to the Military Advisor to the Secretary 202-282-8239 202-447-3682 DC US
Cupid, Lera B DHS LAN Desktop Support Tech 202-254-5342 DC US
Cupp, Cameron DHS SETA Support 202-254-7515 DC US
Curran, Lawrence DHS 202-282-8110 DC US
Curran, Steven DHS General Engineer 609-813-2730 609-383-1973 NJ US
Currence, Stephen DHS Team Lead - Reporting and Analysis 202-253-9894 202-343-4237 DC US
Current, Keirsten DHS Acquisition Analyst 202-447-3395 DC US
Currie, Meredith DHS Desk Officer 202-447-5777 DC US
Currier, Benjamin P DHS Attorney Advisor 202-282-9826 DC US
Curry, Angela DHS Director, National Cybersecurity Workforce Structure Strategy 703-235-3612 VA US
Curry, Patrick DHS 202-447-0142 DC US
Curry, Sean B DHS Security Specialist 202-447-5579 DC US
Curry, Timothy DHS Deputy Director 202-282-9158 DC US
Curtin, Pat DHS Personnel Research Psychologist 202-357-8560 DC US
Curtis, Christine DHS Project Manger 703-234-2981 VA US
Curtis, Craig DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-0512 202-447-5310 DC US
Curtis, Ryan DHS 202-447-5514 202-447-5160 DC US
Curtis III, James DHS Security Officer 202-282-8685 DC US
Custer, Heidi E DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-5393 202-447-0374 DC US
Cutitta, Irene DHS ER/LR Specialist; HQ Work/Life Program Manager 202-357-8189 DC US
Cutler, Phaedra P DHS 202-447-4298 DC US
Cutlip-Mason, Rena DHS Senior Advisor 202-357-8159 DC US
Cutshall, Charles DHS Policy Analyst 703-235-0767 VA US
Cyr, Matthew DHS Intelligence Officer 804-201-5527 804-674-2983 VA US
Cyrus, Lenise DHS Staff Accountant 202-447-0544 DC US
Czech, Richard P DHS Database Engineer 540-226-2203 VA US
Czerpak, Lawrence M DHS Program Management Support 202-447-4263 DC US
Czopek, Joseph DHS Cyber Threat Analyst 703-235-8528 VA US
Czuchna, Craig A DHS Pilot Director 202-254-7235 DC US
D'Agostino, Paul DHS Special Agent DC US paul.d'
D'Amico, Elie DHS Senior Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5821 DC US elie.d'
D'Amico, Mark V DHS Division Support 202-612-1977 DC US mark.d'
D'Antonio, Christopher DHS (Acting) Deputy Assoc. General Counsel for Intelligence 202-447-3133 DC US
D'Souza, Rodney K DHS IP/IICD JTL Support VA US rodney.d'
Daage, Sue DHS Program Analyst 703-235-4964 DC US
Dada, Babatope DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5115 VA US
Dade, Kayona DHS Employee Relations Specialist 703-235-2113 VA US
Dahlgren, Robin DHS Supervisory Program Analyst 202-612-1128 DC US
Dahnke, Roy S DHS Information Systems Engineering Principal 703-983-6572 703-983-5864 VA US
Daigle, Anjanette DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-3366 (Open/STE) DC US
Daigle, John A DHS Program Manager 571-258-2440 VA US
Dailey, Michael DHS Office for Bombing Prevention, Training Unit Chief 703-235-9387 VA US
Dailey, Ryan O DHS Access control Specialist 202-282-9015 DC US
Daines, Cameron K DHS Sr. Budget Analyst 202-254-7061 DC US
Daines, Gregory DHS Sr Budget Analyst 202-254-7570 DC US
Dainton, Albert DHS Contracting Officer 202-254-7168 DC US
Daise, Adrienne DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5499 202-447-5564 DC US
Daitch, William B DHS Assistant Director, National Technical Nuclear Forensics Center 202-254-7700 DC US
Dalboe, Kirsten DHS Customer Engagement Manager 202-447-0702 DC US
Dale, John DHS Operations Chief 202-282-9906 DC US
Dale, Jon C DHS SETA 202-254-2380 202-254-6170 DC US
Dallas, William B DHS 202-282-8941 DC US
Dalmado, Michael J DHS 703-235-3697 VA US
Dalrymple, Jason DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9570 VA US
Dalrymple, Jennifer MD DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9526 703-235-9709 VA US
Dalrymple, Mary DHS Senior Consultant 202-343-1719 DC US
Dalton, Colette EM DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5616 DC US
Daly, John Jack DHS Asst. Senior Watch Officer 202-282-9679 DC US
Daly, Joseph DHS IT Specialist (Network) 703-235-3037 VA US
Daly, Maura A DHS Deputy Chief Learning Officer 202-357-8402 202-357-8471 DC US
Daman, Alex DHS Attorney 202-282-9940 202-447-3111 DC US
Damato, Karen A DHS VA US
Dame, Leon D DHS Inspector 202-604-8013 CA US
Dame, Michael E DHS Chief, Multi-Jurisdictional Communications Services 202-343-1663 DC US
Dammer, Tya DHS Deputy Director, Human Capital 202-254-6481 DC US
Dams, Paul E DHS DC1 Program Office 615-673-7341 TN US
Danchenko, Jeffrey DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist (Medical), CISD/CBRNHI 202-282-9740 DC US
Danco, Marie E DHS NSS JPMO Business Management Section Lead 202-447-0698 DC US
Dandridge, Stacy D DHS 202-447-5391 DC US
Danfa, Karen A DHS Executive Assisstant - Deputy CIO 202-343-2400 DC US
Dang, Dzung DHS Project Coordinator 202-447-0699 DC US
Dang, Tan DHS IT Specialist 850-452-7686 FL US
Daniel, Jeanette DHS NICC Watch Analyst 202-282-9201 VA US
Daniel, Valencia A DHS Project Manager 202-357-8579 DC US
Daniels, Erin S DHS Program Analyst 703-235-4212 VA US
Daniels, Jessica A DHS Intern 703-235-8165 VA US
Daniels, Krista DHS Financial Officer 202-254-2381 DC US
Daniels, Latasha S DHS Program Analyst 703-235-8139 703-235-8190 VA US
Daniels, Pamela DHS Management/Program Analyst 202-343-2488 DC US
Danielson, Glenn DHS Senior Systems Engineer 202-282-9646 DC US
Danis, Suzanne C DHS Mission Support Analyst 202-254-7346 DC US
Danisek, Debra M DHS Privacy Analyst 703-235-0791 VA US
Dannholz, Michael W DHS Special Agent (Commerce) 202-482-7962 DC US
Dannucci, Robert DHS Operations/Mission Analyst 202-254-7120 DC US
Danquah, Lisa DHS Prorgram Analyst 703-235-5346 VA US
Dansereau, David DHS IBM Project Manager & IT Security Specialist (CISSP/PMP) 703-235-9544 (DHS Courthouse) VA US
Dansky, Kara DHS Section Lead, Impact Assessment Section 202-357-7675 DC US
Danzy, Greg S DHS Security Officer 202-282-9700 DC US
Dao, Dang M DHS Customer Support Specialist 202-447-3214 DC US
Daodu, Abayomi E DHS Network Engineer 202-447-5932 DC US
Darby, Angela M DHS Executive Assistant Production Management Division 202-282-8626 DC US
Darden, Chris DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9548 VA US
Darrington, Selina R DHS Security Specialist 202-282-9540 202-282-8416 DC US
Dasher, David DHS OSA Acting Director, Acting Head of the Contracting Activity 202-447-0516 DC US
Dashiell, Jeffrey M DHS Technical Site Lead 202-254-7031 DC US
Dass, William DHS RFI Manager DC US
Dastgir, Ieshah DHS Privacy Compliance Specialist 703-235-0764 703-235-0442 VA US
Dastouri, Amir DHS Enterprise Architect 202-282-9628 DC US
Daugherty, William L DHS Director of Enterprise Implementation 202-447-0380 DC US
Daughtery, Crystal DHS Human Resource Specialist Infosys 202-357-8456 202-357-8474 DC US
Daughtry, Tonya C DHS Change Administrator 703-742-1978 VA US
Davenport, Eric J DHS IT consultant 1-202-631-6815 DC US
Davenport, Matthew DHS Dr. 202-254-6093 DC US
Davey, Matthew F DHS 703-603-4632 VA US
David, Nancy DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0459 202-447-5545 DC US
Davids, Dale M DHS Sr. Business Analyst 202-295-0223 VA US
Davidson, Bruce B DHS Director, Office of SAFETY Act Implementation 202-254-5792 DC US
Davidson, Jeffrey DHS Branch Chief, Plans and Policy 202-282-8681 DC US
Davidson, Robert DHS Geospatial Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9369 DC US
Davies, Matthew T DHS Incident Management Officer 202-282-9693 DC US
Davis, Alexander W DHS Operations Analyst 919-424-5388 NC US
Davis, Amos DHS Section Chief, Critical Asset Mobility Officer 202-447-4009 202-447-4474 DC US
Davis, Andre D DHS Information Resource Mang Analyst 202-447-3611 DC US
Davis, April D DHS Budget Analyst 202-510-5560 DC US
Davis, Bob M DHS Communications Director 703-235-1917 VA US
Davis, Brian L DHS Management Analyst 202-254-2370 DC US
Davis, Bruce A DHS IMAAC Director 202-254-5893 DC US
Davis, Byron DHS IT Specialist VA US
Davis, Carla DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-6349 202-254-8600 DC US
Davis, Catherine DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-282-9437 202-282-9186 DC US
Davis, Charles H DHS Federal Employee/Director, NIPP PMO 703-603-5061 703-603-5095 VA US
Davis, Claris C DHS Information Security Manager 202-282-8539 DC US
Davis, Costella DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5571 202-447-5564 DC US
Davis, David A DHS Senior Spectrum Manager 202-357-7836 DC US
Davis, David M DHS Consultant 703-736-4090 VA US
Davis, Erica S DHS HR Specialist 703-235-2101 VA US
Davis, Ethel M DHS Operations Research Analyst 212-620-3361 212-620-3600 NY US
Davis, Ewana DHS Project Manager 919-424-9258 919-424-9858 NC US
Davis, Gloria DHS Management and Program Analyst (Budget Specialist) 703-603-5157 703-603-5203 VA US
Davis, James DHS IT Asset Data Manager 202-447-0351 DC US
Davis, James S DHS Technical Site Lead - NAC 202-447-4297 DC US
Davis, Jenelle DHS Network Product Manager/DARA 202-447-0254 202-447-0369 DC US
Davis, Jerry DHS Intelligence Officer 573-522-2651 MO US
Davis, Joshua W DHS Security Supervisor 202-282-8956 DC US
Davis, Keyonna M DHS Training Coordinator 703-235-2140 VA US
Davis, Patrice H DHS Senior Correspondence Analyst 703-235-2148 VA US
Davis, Patricia L DHS Personnel Security Lead 228-813-3376 MS US
Davis, Peter B DHS IT TECHNICIAN 202-447-0631 DC US
Davis, Ramon R DHS Operation Intelligance Manager 202-447-3936 DC US
Davis, Richard DHS Senior Watch Officer (SWO) 703-235-8832 VA US
Davis, Robert DHS Director of External Affairs 202-254-6650 202-254-6094 DC US
Davis, Scott DHS Information Systems Security Manager 703-235-9543 VA US
Davis, Shane M DHS Security Specialist 202-254-5749 202-254-5783 DC US
Davis, Sharon DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-0104 DC US
Davis, Shawn V DHS IT Specialist 202-447-5086 DC US
Davis, Shirley DHS 703-235-5340 VA US
Davis, Stevie W DHS PM Field Technology Requirements program 202-447-3718 DC US
Davis, Tenedia DHS EEO Assistant 202-254-8216 202-254-8241 DC US
Davis, Timothy B DHS DHS/OPO/S&T Contracting Officer 202-254-2333 DC US
Davis Jr, Edward DHS Project Manager Office Lead 202-447-5866 202-447-0626 DC US
Davitch, Gerald DHS DHS JAG Operations Manager 703-275-8678 VA US
Davitz, Dayna DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4633 VA US
Dawkins, Iris C DHS Information System Engineer, Lead 703-235-9528 VA US
Dawkins, Stephanie H DHS Grants Specialist 202-447-0495 202-447-5749 DC US
Day, Mia K DHS Program Analyst (FOIA) 703-235-0771 703-235-0443 VA US
Day, William E DHS Sr. Testing Engineer 703-742-2648 VA US
Dayton, Daniel DHS Special Assistant 202-254-5607 DC US
Dayton, Mark DHS Counselor 202-282-9819 202-282-9181 DC US
Dc1scans DHS 228-813-4843 MS US
Dd, RECON DHS Deployable Situational Awareness Team 202-510-3949 DC US
De Castro, Camille DHS 202-254-5358 DC US
De Koninck, Guy DHS Personnel Liaison for ISB 202-295-5474 VA US
De La Pena, Joyce DHS HR Specialist (INFOSYS) 202-357-8488 202-357-8474 DC US
Deal, Dean A DHS USCIS LIAISON TO DHS Intelligence & Analysis 202-447-3893 DC US
Dean, David R DHS 281-468-7565 DC US
Dean, John C DHS Security Authorization Professional 228-813-3343 MS US
Dean, Megan M DHS Military Assistant to the Secretary 202-282-8156 DC US
Dean, Nicole M DHS Deputy Director NCSD 703-235-5145 VA US
Dean, Thomas L DHS Senior Telecom Tech 703-235-9406 VA US
Deangelis, Dave DHS Deputy Chief - OBP 703-235-9393 VA US
Dearcangelis, William DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-324-1505 DC US
Deas, William DHS Region 4 Commander 202-510-4354 GA US
Debnam, Sandra H DHS Administrative Specialist 703-235-0784 703-235-0442 VA US
Debruin, Nicole A DHS Associate 703-235-5863 VA US
Decesaris, Karen DHS Customer Service Branch Chief 202-357-8264 202-357-8474 DC US
Decker, Karin M DHS Chemist 212-620-3410 212-620-3600 NY US
Decker, Scott N DHS CRC-Active Member 202-663-0847 DC US
Decol, Antoni M DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9304 VA US
Deegan, Christian DHS Help Desk Coordinator 202-282-8020 DC US
Deel, David A DHS Technical Writer 703-733-3141 VA US
Dees, Bobby J DHS Security Officer 1 609-813-2804 609-813-2733 NJ US
Dees, Brandon DHS Executive Assistant 202-254-6003 DC US
Defee, Thomas W DHS General Engineer 202-282-8280 DC US
Degeratu, Iulia DHS 703-235-2127 VA US
Degnan, Robert DHS Acting Associate Director 202-447-5576 DC US
Degrazia, Jeannine DHS Research Chemist 609-813-2849 NJ US
Deitle, John DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7158 202-254-7755 DC US
Dejausserand, Richard A DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-254-5810 DC US
Del Campo, John DHS Program Manager 202-612-1966 DC US
Del Monico, Timothy DHS Business Liasion 202-447-4397 DC US
Del Vecchio, Kathryn DHS LAPD Desk Officer 202-282-9370 DC US
Delaney, David DHS Deputy Associate General Counsel 202-447-3528 DC US
Delaney, Laura DHS 703-235-3015 VA US
Delargy, Martha F DHS Emergency Planner 202-282-8109 DC US
Delawter, Denise A DHS Executive Officer, SLPO 202-282-8194 202-447-4247 DC US
Delgado, Antonio DHS Consultant 202-447-3678 DC US
Delgado, Jose L DHS Deputy Director, Current Intelligence Division 202-447-3083 DC US
Deline, James DHS Research Chemist 609-813-2860 NJ US
Delk, Dennis DHS Infrastructure Analyst\Transportation 703-603-5031 VA US
Della Fave, Valerie DHS QA Specialist 609-813-2651 NJ US
Dellinger, Monica DHS Executive Assistant 301-619-5760 301-619-1436 MD US
Dellon, Matt DHS 703-235-2869 VA US
Dellon, Matt D DHS Banking & Finance Sector Liaison VA US
Delong, John A DHS 202-447-3083 DC US
Delong, Joshua DHS Deputy Director of Strategic Studies 202-282-9243 DC US
Delp, Melissa DHS Director, Performance Management Division 202-343-2472 DC US
Delph, Charlie DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-536-6094 DC US
Deluca, Laura DHS HR Specialist (Benefits) 202-357-8241 202-357-8293 DC US
Demarr, LaMarsha DHS Human Resource Specialist 202-357-8209 202-357-8460 DC US
Demeyere, Richard A DHS Facilities Operations 703-235-1953 703-235-1561 VA US
Demiral, Zehra G DHS EOC Workstreams Support 202-343-2429 DC US
Dempsey, Kathleen DHS Contract Support 202-407-5425 VA US
Demski, David DHS Law and Technology Analyst 202-357-6265 DC US
Denby, Harry DHS Budget Officer, OCIO 202-343-2454 202-343-2530 DC US
Deng, Steven DHS Senior Research Chemist III 609-813-2778 609-407-9632 NJ US
Dengler, Claudia G DHS R & D Staff Scientist 609-813-2663 609-813-2819 NJ US
Denman, Samuel S DHS Performance Management 703-235-3086 VA US
Dennis, Stephen J DHS Technical Director 202-254-5788 202-254-6175 DC US
Denny, Christine DHS Program Analyst 703-235-2571 VA US
Denny, Palmer C DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5760 DC US
Dent, Christopher J DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0958 DC US
Dent, Marques DHS ECO 202-243-3600 DC US
Dent, Martina DHS Program Analyst 202-357-6117 DC US
Dent, Willia DHS Security Officer 202-282-8956 DC US
Dentzer, Ann Marie DHS Policy Advisor 202-357-7781 202-401-4708 DC US
Depersia, Trent DHS Technology Engineering Advisor 202-254-6152 202-254-6170 DC US
Depew, Eugene D DHS Systems Programmer 228-813-3309 MS US
Deprenger, Michelle DHS Graphic Designer 202-282-8200 DC US
Depsec DHS Deputy Secretary DC US
Derby, Paul DHS BioWatch IT Lead 703-647-2745 703-683-2866 VA US
Derusha, Christopher DHS Cyber Security Strategist 202-282-9862 DC US
Desai, Roopa DHS IV&V Analyst 202-447-0959 DC US
Desiderio, George DHS Mr. 703-416-3565 DC US
Desimone, Raymond J DHS 202-282-9228 DC US
Desimone, Winifred DHS Research Chemist III 609-813-2867 NJ US
Deso, William DHS Program Manager 202-254-6748 DC US
Despanza, Ashley D DHS Security Manager 228-813-3375 MS US
Desta, Fana DHS Policy Analyst 202-282-8551 DC US
Destefano, Anton DHS Attorney Intern 202-612-1781 202-282-9186 DC US
Destry, John DHS Briefer 202-282-8110 DC US
Desuze, Qiana L DHS Switchboard Operator 202-282-8000 DC US
Detjen, Andrea DHS Deputy Director, European and Multilateral Affairs 202-282-9459 DC US
Devaughan, Lisa B DHS IT Specialist 703-235-5445 VA US
Devereaux, Keith T DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-3168 DC US
Devine, Stephen DHS Fusion Desk 202-282-9685 DC US
Devins, John E DHS ISSO 202-254-5791 DC US
Devison, John DHS SOC Engineer 202-357-7892 DC US
Devlin, Daren DHS Intel Operations Specialist 202-447-3531 202-282-8804 DC US
Devlin, Suzanne G DHS Law Enforcement Liaison 202-447-4186 DC US
Dewitt, Ashleigh DHS Staff Assistant 202-298-0224 VA US
Deziel, Dennis DHS Acting Director, Infrastructure Security Compliance Division 703-603-4611 VA US
Dhs HQ Support, FedTraveler DHS DHS HQ Employee Support ONLY 202-447-4069 DC US
Dhs OBP Taskings DHS Security Specialist VA US
Diamond, Jacob DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8424 DC US
Diamond, Laundrew K DHS Program Management Support 202-447-0824 DC US
Diaz, Josue M DHS SETA 202-254-5339 DC US
Diaz, Suzette DHS Engineer 305-804-7501 FL US
Dib, Marc DHS Commander (O-5) 202-282-9262 DC US
Dicamillo, Lisa DHS Advisor 202-282-9487 DC US
Dicarlo, Michael DHS SharePoint Migration Team 703-456-5111 VA US
Dice, Anne L DHS Mission Management Analyst 202-254-7363 DC US
Dickerson, Bradley DHS Director, Chemical Security Policy 202-447-3997 DC US
Dickerson, Shone DHS Procurement Technician 202-447-0044 DC US
Dickey, Ody DHS Program Manager 703-235-8135 VA US
Dickey, Walter DHS Deputy, T&E Infrastructure 202-254-6900 202-254-6915 DC US
Dickson, Dorothy O DHS Security Specialist DC US
Diehl, David DHS Network Engineer MS US
Diener, Debra DHS Senior Advisor and Director of Privacy Policy 703-235-0199 703-235-0422 VA US
Diep, Heng DHS Principle Systems Engineer 703-279-6903 DC US
Dietch, Sarah DHS 202-447-5058 DC US
Dietrich, Rolf DHS Chief Knowledge Officer 202-254-6737 DC US
Dietz, Zachary A DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-357-8382 DC US
Dietzel, Christopher DHS COOP and Disaster Recovery Planner 240-620-6474 VA US
Difalco, Frank DHS Acting Deputy Director OPS 202-282-9107 DC US
Difrancesco, Bryan DHS IT Specialist 202-357-1209 DC US
Digate, Juli DHS Intern, Trade and Economic Analysis 202-282-8037 DC US
Dighionno, Luciana DHS Chief Engineer 703-603-4612 VA US
Diliberto, Joseph B DHS System Engineer 703-341-4072 VA US
Dilisio, Anthony E DHS Lab Manager 703 277-1359 VA US
Dill, David A DHS Procurement Analyst 703-235-5047 VA US
Dillman, Joshua DHS Enterprise System Management Validation and Assurance 228-813-4805 MS US
Dillon, Jennifer DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9685 DC US
Dillon, Jennifer M DHS Security Specialist 202-603-2011 DC US
Dillon, Kevin E DHS Program Manager 703-235-3029 VA US
Dillon, Peter C DHS 703-603-4634 DC US
Dilonardo, Robert DHS Chief Information Officer / DNDO 202-254-7518 DC US
Dimaio, Kenneth P DHS Technical Consultant III 434-374-3948 WA US
Dimas, Sonya DHS Special Assistant 202-447-5116 DC US
Dimuzio, Steve DHS 202-731-4107 VA US
Dingerdissen, Matthew L DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7458 DC US
Dinh, Thien DHS Facilities and Property Operations Specialist 202-254-6826 202-254-2372 DC US
Dinson, Alphonso DHS Information Security Engineer 202-447-0793 DC US
Dinunno, Donn DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-0960 DC US
Dion, Thomas DHS Program Analyst 703-235-2866 VA US
Dionisio, Miles DHS General Engineer 212-620-3633 212-620-3651 NY US
Dipalo, Victoria A DHS Associate 703-377-4231 VA US
Dipasqua, Frances DHS Purchasing agent 212-620-3610 212-620-3600 NY US
Disalvo, Shanna M DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-0121 202-447-5333 DC US
Disciascio, Pietro DHS Analyst 202-282-8803 DC US
Disharoon, Donald DHS Facilities & Equiipment Technician 202-254-7073 DC US
Dishman, Christopher DHS Director, Southwest Region 202-701-7582 972-548-4747 TX US
Dismukes, Donna DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-3961 DC US
Dister, Daniel DHS Director, National Security Systems 202-357-6116 DC US
Divecchio, Michael DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-343-4522 DC US
Dixon, Ernestine DHS Systems Administrative Specialist 202-282-8006 DC US
Dixon, Fionia R DHS Accountant 202-254-7134 202-254-7757 DC US
Dixon, Lekeith DHS Project Manager 228-813-4120 MS US
Dixon, Susan E DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6310 202-254-6915 DC US
Dixon, Theresa L DHS Budget Analyst 202-357-8452 202-357-0042 DC US
Dixon Jr, Robert L DHS Human Resources Assistant 202-357-8342 202-357-8470 DC US
Do, Nhan H DHS Executive Support Services 202-870-2965 DC US
Dodd, Michael S DHS OCFO - Financial Management Specialist 202-447-0335 DC US
Dodd, Michael W DHS Technical Consultant, ESDO 202-447-5802 DC US
Dodd, Timothy DHS Attorney Advisor 202-447-3476 202-282-9186 DC US
Dodson, Karla DHS 812-853-0344
Dodson, Kendra DHS Branch Chief 202-447-5783 202-447-0697 DC US
Dodson, Ricky DHS Security Escort 202-282-8438 703-235-5961 DC US
Doelle, Miles DHS Chief Operator 631-323-3305 631-477-4429 NY US
Doelle, Rosemarie DHS Hospitality Mgr 631-477-4401 631-323-3066 NY US
Doerschuk, Andrew DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-7207 202-254-7752 DC US
Doerwaldt, Hannah DHS 202-282-9108 DC US
Doheny, Craig M DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-357-8533 DC US
Doherty, Dan E DHS ISSO 703-579-0742 DC US
Doherty, Ruth DHS Chief Scientist 202-254-5349 202-254-5396 DC US
Dolan, Terrence P DHS GIS Desk Officer 202-282-9369 DC US
Dolberry, Belinda NMI DHS Sr. Security Specialist 202-447-0625 202-447-0697 DC US
Dole, Melinda DHS Sr. System Sec. Analyst/CO/IR Team Lead 202-254-6782 202-254-5814 DC US
Dole, Mike DHS Director, Diversity Management Unit 202-254-8220 DC US
Dolhon, Michael DHS Program Manager/Lead Engineer 202-282-8375 VA US
Domenici, Helen DHS Consultant 202-447-3774 DC US
Dominy, Anh H DHS Customer Advocate Stennis Data Center 202-824-7962 DC US
Domyan, Laura DHS 202-254-6066 DC US
Donahue, Jeremiah DHS Oracle Database Administrator 228-813-4121 MS US
Donahue, William T DHS Asst. Fire Chief 631-323-3359 631-323-3248 NY US
Donaldson, Charles DHS Sr SQL Database Engineer 703-904-6471 VA US
Donawa, Holly DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5566 202-447-5564 DC US
Done, Brian DHS VA US
Donelan, Sean M DHS Program Manager, Trusted Internet Connections 703-235-5122 VA US
Donella, Donna A DHS 202-343-2489 DC US
Doney, George D DHS Architect DC US
Doniger, Colin NM DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-447-3954 DC US
Donkor, Jeffrey DHS Network Engineer 202-447-0192 DC US
Donnan, Stephanie DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9516 DC US
Donnelly, Michael DHS Geospatial Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9369 DC US
Donohue, Kaitlin DHS 202-254-5870 DC US
Donohue, Sean M DHS Senior Business Analyst 202-254-6637 DC US
Donohue, Thomas J DHS 202-254-7199 DC US
Donovan, John J DHS Technical Manager 202-683-8629 DC US
Dooley, Ann Marie DHS Special Assistant to COS 202-282-8471 DC US
Dooley, Kris DHS Administrative Assistant 631-323-3129 631-323-3097 NY US
Doolittle, Douglas M DHS SIA 202-447-3294 DC US
Doolittle, James A DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8310 DC US
Doran, Kevin J DHS Security 609-485-5246 NJ US
Dorgan, Mark DHS FOIA Officer, Management Directorate 703-235-0755 VA US
Dorland, Lindsay A DHS Senior Program Manager 703-351-1101 VA US
Dorn, Malisa V DHS SETA Support 202-254-2323 DC US
Dorris, Earl E DHS Executive Secretariat, Director 703-235-2144 VA US
Dorsainvil, Reginald R DHS EDMO Techincal Support 202-447-3744 DC US
Dorsey, Alphea K DHS Program Analyst, Current Operations 202-447-4092 DC US
Dorsey, Shakia D DHS SETA Support 202-254-8616 DC US
Dorsey, Trayonne N DHS Program Analyst 202-447-3879 DC US
Dorville, Kristina DHS 703-235-3666 VA US
Doshier, Thomas W DHS ISSO 703-676-7931 VA US
Doty, David B DHS DC2 - Mainframe Support 919-424-5389 NC US
Doucett, Philip DHS Animal Caretaker 1-631-323-3291 NY US
Doucett, Timothy DHS shipping/recieving 631-477-4483 631-323-2352 NY US
Douel, Robert DHS Special Investigator 202-447-5460 202-447-5335 DC US
Dougherty, George DHS 202-447-3962 DC US
Douglas, Edwenia DHS Immigration Law Analyst 202-357-8510 202-357-0042 DC US
Douglas, Russell DHS Cyber Intrusion Analyst VA US
Douglass, Sarah F DHS 703-983-2941 703-983-1339 DC US
Dove, Jeff DHS Assistant 202-447-5269 DC US
Dove, Stephen DHS Director, Congressional Actions 202-282-9890 202-282-9188 DC US
Dowd, Vincent DHS DC US
Dowgwillo, Rene DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-573-4669 DC US
Dowling, Peter DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-282-9914 DC US
Downer, Natalie F DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5773 202-447-5118 DC US
Downes, James DHS Standards Manager - OEC 202-343-1703 202-343-4016 DC US
Downey, John B DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-447-4117 202-282-9888 DC US
Downey, Michael J DHS Branch Chief, CHQ Physical Security Branch 202-680-2253 DC US
Downey, Teresa K DHS Program Specialist 202-447-3963 DC US
Downing, Barry DHS Deputy Branch Chief, Risk Analysis & Data 703-603-4926 VA US
Downs, Melissa L DHS Continuity of Operations Officer 202-254-6618 202-254-2372 DC US
Doyle, Christopher DHS Director, Infrastructure and Geophysical Division 202-254-5745 DC US
Dozier, James A DHS Enrollment Official DC US
Drabkowski, Douglas J DHS Transition Manager 202-254-5808 202-254-6165 DC US
Dragon, Ernst DHS Project Coordinator 202-447-0690 202-447-0437 DC US
Dragseth, John DHS 703-603-5080 VA US
Drake, David DHS Business Analyst 202-447-5429 DC US
Drake, Jaemie L DHS Privacy Analyst 202-254-6715 DC US
Drake, John W DHS 202-254-6884 DC US
Drake, Karenya DHS 202-254-6016 DC US
Draper, Keesha DHS Financial Resources Analyst 703-235-2125 703-235-2051 VA US
Draper, Vicki Lynn DHS HR Specialist (Compensation) 202-357-8316 DC US
Draughn, Darryl DHS SIA 202-282-9068 DC US
Draxler, Deborah DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-331-4066 DC US
Dreher, Thomas DHS NJSP Desk Officer 202-282-8612 DC US
Dreuth, Marie DHS Desk Officer 202-447-0223 DC US
Drew, Daniel E DHS Program Manager/Sr Intel Analyst 915-760-2744 TX US
Drew, Jonathan DHS Mr. 202-447-5721 DC US
Drews, Adam H DHS Government Watch Officer 202-612-1684 DC US
Drezek, Leon C DHS Counterintelligence Advisor 202-254-6420 DC US
Drier, Kathleen D DHS Service Desk Manager 434-374-8009 NC US
Driggers, Richard J DHS 703-235-9401 VA US
Driscoll, David DHS FSSI, telecom 631-323-3054 NY US
Driscoll, Kevin J DHS Linux Systems Admin 228-813-4816 MS US
Drumming, Antonio D DHS Site Lead 703-235-8179 VA US
Dryden, Sheila DHS Senior Advisor 703-235-3084 703-235-5694 VA US
Du Bosq, Marianna DHS (Acting) Assistant Director, Business Integration 202-447-5162 202-447-5144 DC US
Dub, Nicholas G DHS Emergency Preparedness 202-447-3757 DC US
Dubin, Heidi DHS Collections Requirements Manager 202-447-4684 DC US
Dublin, Ann DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8282 DC US
Dubose, Mary DHS Management Program Analyst 202-357-8135 202-357-8295 DC US
Duck, Walter DHS Do Not Use/Use ICE Email VA US
Ducos-Bello, Jose DHS CBP Desk Officer 202-282-8130 202-282-8782 DC US
Duda, David B DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5415 DC US
Dudasko, Diane M DHS Contractor 202-420-1428 DC US
Dudley, Gwendolyn DHS Administrative Specialist 202-282-9515 DC US
Duff, Elissa DHS Efficiency Review Fellow 202-612-1189 DC US
Duffield, Crystal D DHS Executive Secretariat 703-235-9512 VA US
Duffy, Jeffrey F DHS Data Center Service Desk Analyst 919-424-9273 NC US
Duffy, Michael DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9032 DC US
Duffy, Ryan DHS 202-357-6267 DC US
Duffy, Steve DHS Project / Technical Leader 609-813-2871 609-383-1694 NJ US
Dufour, Flora DHS Legislative Assistant 202-447-5672 202-447-5437 DC US
Dugan, Aaron M DHS Ofc. 202-282-9700 DC US
Dugan, Catherine DHS Component Liaison Officer 202-282-9163 DC US
Dugan, Christina DHS Security Specialist (Administrative) 202-447-3212 202-282-9969 DC US
Duggan, Alaina DHS Deputy Director, State Affairs 202-447-3101 202-282-1044 DC US
Duggan, Tara L DHS SETA 202-254-6758 DC US
Duggins, Tanya A DHS 703-235-8105 VA US
Duhart, George W DHS Sr Security Spec 703-235-5457 VA US
Dukas, Raisa DHS Policy Analyst, Foreign Investment Risk Management 202-447-3031 DC US
Dulmes, Eric S DHS Intern 609-813-2798 NJ US
Dumas, Lydia DHS Supervisory Contracting Officer 202-447-4302 DC US
Dunaway, Lisa E DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-604-8820 PA US
Duncan, Bruce DHS Consultant - Program Analyst 703-235-3617 VA US
Duncan, Glenn A DHS 540-834-9557 VA US
Duncan, Richard C DHS Infosec engineer (ISSE) 703-235-5638 VA US
Duncan, Tammy DHS IT Specialist 850-452-7438 850-452-7836 FL US
Dunfee, Elyssa DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-4537 DC US
Dunford, Alexandria M DHS Admin Specialist 202-282-9853 DC US
Dunford, Scott DHS Management & Program Analyst 703-603-5054 VA US
Dunlap, Harley E DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-731-9647 IL US
Dunlap, James C DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-612-1760 DC US
Dunlap, Meghann DHS Deputy White House Liaison 202-447-4574 DC US
Dunn, James E DHS technician/ engineer 202-343-1601 DC US
Dunn, Kathryn DHS Project Manager OCIO Apps Branch 202-254-5830 DC US
Dunn, Sasha DHS Lieutenant / Watch Commander 202-447-3856 202-447-3008 DC US
Dunphy, Robert DHS Contractor 703-983-0028 DC US
Dunson, Kenan B DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0593 DC US
Duong, Anh DHS Director, Borders & Maritime Security Division 202-254-2358 DC US
Duong, Cindy M DHS Program Analyst/Budget Analyst 703-235-4299 VA US
Duong, Robin DHS Financial Analyst 202-254-2338 DC US
Duong, Tuyet G DHS Policy Advisor 202-357-7764 DC US
Duplyakin, Andriy DHS Solution Architect 703-989-5452 DC US
Dupre, Kyle DHS Component Liaison Officer 202-447-3658 DC US
Duraisamy, Joshua DHS SharePoint Systems Administrator 202-254-6604 DC US
Durant, Jonathan W DHS Program Analyst - Facilities 202-254-6314 DC US
Durcsak, David DHS Deputy Program Manager 571-309-9617 VA US
Durette, Paul DHS Director, Office of Compliance and Security 703-235-3010 VA US
Durham, Bernard DHS PRC 202-447-5283 202-481-0427 DC US
Durham, Chastity DHS Intern 202-357-8147 202-357-8295 DC US
Durham, Debra S DHS Senior Advisor 202-254-6948 DC US
During, Linda DHS Project Manager 202-254-6499 DC US
Durkovich, Caitlin A DHS Chief of Staff 703-235-2091 VA US
Duron, Ricardo DHS Branch Chief 202-282-9674 DC US
Dushane, Charles M DHS Protective Security Advisor 312-353-5431 312-353-1225 IL US
Dusina, Jeremy DHS 202-254-6629 DC US
Dutt, Kirat DHS 703-603-5174 VA US
Dutton, Connie DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-5308 202-447-5310 or 0520 DC US
Duty, Bradley D DHS Senior Operations Advisor, NOC Media Monitoring 202-895-7620, ext 119 DC US
Duval, James DHS CDR 202-282-8254 DC US
Duvall, Christina DHS Financial Manager 202-306-4968 202-343-4238 DC US
Duvall, Christopher F DHS Cyber Policy Analyst 703-235-4081 VA US
Duvall, John W DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-282-9528 202-282-9186 DC US
Dwyer, Thomas DHS Environmental Protection Specialist 631-323-3045 631-323-3169 NY US
Dybvik, Terry D DHS Communications/Network Engineer IV 703-235-4271 703-235-4981 VA US
Dymond, John C DHS HS/NSPD Training Specialist 202-357-8464 DC US
Dynys, Timothy M DHS Incident handler 703-235-8832 VA US
Dyson, Jennifer DHS IT Specialist 202-254-6795 DC US
Dzubin, Laura DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist/Reports Officer 858-495-7290 CA US
Dzurilla, Christopher M DHS Security Specialist DC US
Eade, Cathy A DHS Sector Specialist 703-603-5032 VA US
Eagan, William DHS Protective Security Advisor 703-235-9343 VA US
Eagleton, Ralph DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5805 202-447-5545 DC US
Earle, Scott DHS Systems Administrator 317-821-6053 IN US
Early, Emily N DHS OEC External Affairs 202-343-1692 DC US
Earnest, Mary M DHS 609-289-6363 NJ US
Easton, Kirk M DHS Operations Manager, HQ SOC 202-357-6187 DC US
Eaton, Rick DHS Mission Advocate 775-336-9924 NV US
Eaves, Victor H DHS Program Analyst - HC 703-235-5190 VA US
Eberle, Carole DHS Program Analyst 703-235-5438 VA US
Ebert, Brian J DHS Section Chief 703-235-9351 VA US
Echazarreta, Sergio DHS Operation Officer 202-282-8130 DC US
Echols, Michael DHS Chief, Government Industry Planning and Management 703-235-4218 VA US
Eckenrode, Joanne M DHS Project Manager 703-742-1316 VA US
Eckes, Martin DHS Chief, Training Development 202-447-4183 DC US
Edge, Jeremy K DHS Production Team Lead 703-235-2500 VA US
Edmiston, Liana DHS Project Manager 703-506-9515 x8109 VA US
Edmondson, Sarah DHS Reports Officer 202-282-8623 DC US
Edmunds, Tammie DHS Chief, HRMS Policy & Programs Branch 202-357-8157 202-357-8140 DC US
Edwards, Alexandra DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-9673 DC US
Edwards, bruce DHS Grant Specialist 202-447-0232 202-447-5600 DC US
Edwards, Jeffrey L DHS Program Manager DC US
Edwards, Kingsley DHS Chief of Facilities 202-536-6023 VA US
Edwards, Marty DHS Director - Control Systems Security Program 703-235-2859 ID US
Edwards, Shelton N DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-0615 DC US
Edwards, Thomas D DHS Program Analyst 202-254-8625 DC US
Edwards, Yasmin DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5262 DC US
Egeland, Andrew M DHS Executive Secretary, Enterprise and Mission Support 202-282-8713 DC US
Eger IV, August DHS Assoc. Dep. Under Secretary for EMS 202-282-9044 DC US
Egerton, Walter E DHS Operations Specialist 703-235-2547 VA US
Eggleston, Queen S DHS 202-447-4513 DC US
Eggleston, Rodney DHS COMSEC Manager 202-447-3430 202-282-8649 DC US
Egli, Charles J DHS NEP Requirements Analyst IV 703-235-2520 VA US
Ehrhardt, Elvin E DHS Sr. Intelligence Officer 307-777-6615 307-777-7301 WY US
Ehsan, Adnan DHS IT SPECIALIST 202-447-5458 DC US
Eicher, Susan DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5015 DC US
Eicholtz, Erika D DHS Executive Assistant 202-343-4046 202-343-4236 DC US
Eickenhorst, Marisa DHS BioWatch SPO Business Manager 703-647-2725 VA US
Eidelkind, Michael DHS Schedule/Risk Management 202-357-8358 DC US
Eilets, Robert DHS Program/Analyst/Policy/ISCD 703-603-4635 VA US
Eineker, Lauren Ann DHS Administrative Assistant 202-343-2459 202-343-2530 DC US
Eingorn, Erik A DHS Senior Consultant 703-235-8162 VA US
Eisenbraun, Gary DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9436 VA US
Eisenstadt, Mark DHS Staff Accountant 202-447-5776 DC US
Ekedahl, Carolyn M DHS I&A Senior Reviewer 202-447-3277 DC US
Ekman, Brian J DHS IRS 202-282-8129 DC US
Eknes, Trisha D DHS IT-NOVA Chief of Operations 202-297-3476 DC US
Ekpo, Inemesit DHS 202-357-8502 DC US
Ekren, Elizabeth M DHS Production Specialist/Editor 202-447-4483 DC US
Elder, William D DHS Process Analyst
Eleazer, Angel DHS Consultant 202-447-5254 DC US
Eliasof, Mark DHS Service Desk 866-843-9220
Elkins, Debra A DHS Section Chief, Risk Assessments and Analysis 202-343-1785 DC US
Eller, Joshua A DHS HIFLD to the Regions 202-480-5530 GA US
Elliot, Brant J DHS Senior Software Engineer 919-790-9895 EXT 106 DC US
Elliot, Gary DHS DC2 - Mainframe Support 434-374-3847 VA US
Elliott, Joe DHS Lead COMSEC Custodian 202-447-3404 202-282-8802 DC US
Elliott, Michael K DHS First Responder/Inter-Agency Relations Manager 202-254-6048 202-254-6094 DC US
Elliott, Roger L DHS Image Management Lead 202-447-0009 DC US
Ellis, Berneta B DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5872 DC US
Ellis, Imani DHS Accounting Technician DC US
Ellis, John DHS 410-961-6675 DC US
Ellis, Kathleen M DHS 703-235-5192 VA US
Ellis, Leland C DHS Science Advisor 202-254-5769 202-254-6164 DC US
Ellis, Maria W DHS Project Analyst Advanced 703-733-3186 VA US
Ellis, Robert M DHS Technical Lead 843-218-5695 SC US
Ellis Peed, Sarah G DHS Section Chief 202-343-1786 DC US
Ellison, Robert DHS Deputy Section Chief, Office of Continuity Operations 202-557-5301 540-542-5451 VA US
Ellmore, Kimberly DHS Lead Architect 202-282-9752 DC US
Elmore, Trae E DHS Linux System Administrator 228-813-4846 MS US
Elnahal, Iman H DHS Project Lead 202-357-8317 DC US
Elson, Stephen DHS Program Analyst 703-235-2503 VA US
Elsts, Brian DHS CRMD O&M Systems Engineer 202-447-5797 DC US
Elwell, Patrick DHS Clerk 202-282-9824 DC US
Ely, Nathaniel DHS Solutions Architect 571-230-5827 VA US
Emerson, Catherine V DHS 202-357-8151 DC US
Emery, James W DHS Protective Security Advisor 513-246-1561 513-684-3436 OH US
Emery, Mark J DHS Account Director 703-641-3365 VA US
Emmett, George C DHS Senior Research Scientist 410-436-1558 410-436-6203 MD US
Enciso, April DHS 850-452-7795 FL US
Eng, Benedict DHS Senior Acquisition Analyst 202-343-4523 202-343-4550 DC US
Eng, David DHS Program Manager 703-235-3038 VA US
Eng, Janie DHS Policy Analyst 202-282-8478 DC US
Eng, Joseph TK DHS OHA\NBIC 202-282-8749 DC US
Eng, Katherine KE DHS IT Specialist 202-447-0475 202-447-0582 DC US
Engblom, Raymond A DHS General Engineer 202-254-6032 202-254-6910 DC US
Engel, Joseph DHS Deputy IT Operations Manager 202-254-2388 DC US
Engel-Yamane, Victoria DHS Enterprise Architect DC US
England, Karl DHS 850-452-7700 FL US
Engle, Elizabeth DHS Media Coordinator 202-447-4151 DC US
Engle, Herbert DHS Program Manager 202-254-6713 202-254-6169 DC US
Engleman, Billy DHS Information Technology Specialist (INFOSEC) 202-357-7880 Office DC US
English, Charlton C DHS Avaition Sector Specialist 703-235-3624 VA US
Engvall, Jane DHS Chief Architect 202-447-5639 DC US
Ennis, Eileen DHS Director, ASD 202-254-6300 DC US
Ennis, Kelly DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-7208 202-254-7752 DC US
Enos, Lynn DHS Security Specialist 703-603-5235 VA US
Enos, Michael DHS SPAWAR Systems Engineer 843-218-3910 843-218-5505 SC US
Enriquez, Vince DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4561 202-282-8803 DC US
Epley, Veronica DHS Policy Analyst 703-235-8178 VA US
Eppenstein, Larry DHS Program Manager 202-282-9420 DC US
Epperson, Anthony L DHS Sys Admin 202-612-1122 DC US
Epperson, David B DHS NPPD CIO 703-235-3024 VA US
Epps, Albert N DHS 202-447-4654 DC US
Epstein, Rena DHS Senior Reviewer 202-447-4620 DC US
Erickson, Mitchell D DHS Director, Northeast Operations, Interagency Coordination DC US
Ericson, Douglas A DHS ISSO 202-447-0166 DC US
Erkun, Mui DHS DHS Procurement Ombudsman and Industry Liaison 202-447-5309 DC US
Errabolu, Naveen DHS Project Manager 202-254-7092 DC US
Errera, Michelle L DHS Office Manager/Scheduler 202-282-8055 DC US
Erskine, Donald K DHS Supervisory PSA 703-235-9352 VA US
Ervin, Angela M DHS Chemist 202-254-5624 202-254-6167 DC US
Ervin, James DHS 202-447-3308 202-447-3074 DC US
Ervin, Paul M DHS Rent/Space FM System Administrator 202-731-0401 DC US
Ervin, Vanessa M DHS Information Technology Manager 202-282-9211 DC US
Erwin, Tanesha C DHS Administrative Specialist 202-447-4023 DC US
Escatel, Patti P DHS Analyst 571-241-1001 VA US
Eschmann, Ron DHS Program Information 703-603-5024 VA US
Escobar, Deanna L DHS Graphic Designer 202-254-6801 DC US
Eshun, Solomon DHS ISO 202-357-7884 DC US
Eskridge, Gloria DHS Director-Administrative Operations NAC 202-282-9241 DC US
Espenschied, Jared DHS Data & Metrics Specialist 202-447-5355 DC US
Espeseth, Craig DHS Intel Ops Specialist 202-447-4540 DC US
Espinosa, Gregorio DHS HHS LNO 202-282-8977 DC US
Espinosa, John A DHS 703-488-4088 VA US
Espinoza, Chris C DHS 202-254-6196 DC US
Espinoza, Richard DHS Assistant Director for Real Property DC US
Esquivel, Craig E DHS Analyst 703-284-6626 VA US
Essid, Chris DHS Director, Office of Emergency Communications 202-343-1712 DC US
Esslinger, Charles F DHS Systems Administrator 571-258-2801 VA US
Estelle, Shawn DHS Asset Managment Lead 202-447-0312 DC US
Esterday, Clifford DHS Project Manager (supervisor) 817-649-6260 TX US
Estes, Elizabeth DHS Project Manager 301-982-2874 MD US
Estes, Tiffany DHS Clerk 202-254-6321 DC US
Estorga, Alejandro DHS Engineering Senior Scientist 575-496-7431 575-522-3136 DC US
Etedali, Suzanne DHS Deputy Section Chief, Incident Management 202-282-9680 DC US
Eubank, Kaye DHS EOC Workstreams Support 202-343-2428 DC US
Eun, James DHS Assistant Director 202-447-5812 202-447-5779 DC US
Eustace, Carolyn DHS Construction Project Manager 202-407-1919 VA US
Evancoe, Paul R DHS SETA LNO coordinator 202-254-6434 DC US
Evaniuck, Michael DHS DC2-Unix Administrator 434-374-0956 VA US
Evans, Allison DHS 703-235-3028 VA US
Evans, Andrea C DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0654 DC US
Evans, Bradley DHS Data Manager 703-803-4810 703-968-1141 VA US
Evans, Carlton C DHS Administrative Specialist 202-604-7249 DC US
Evans, Jeffery DHS 202-254-6331 DC US
Evans, Jonathan R DHS 202-447-5713 DC US
Evans, Joseph R DHS HSIN Watch Officer 202-282-8808 DC US
Evans, Matthew DHS 202-357-8423 202-357-8295 DC US
Evans, Melissa M DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5211 DC US
Evans, Michael DHS Sr. Security Specialist 202-447-0340 202-447-5333 DC US
Evans, Natalie DHS Special Assistant to Admiral Mike Brown 443-654-6062 MD US
Evans, Nathaniel DHS Nuclear Assessment Specialist 202-254-7164 DC US
Evans, Robert C DHS Security Consultant 202-357-1227 DC US
Evans, Shawna DHS Special Agent DC US
Evans, Thomas W DHS Project Technical Lead 703-742-2560 VA US
Everett, Tracey L DHS EMOC Agent 228-813-4825 MS US
Everette-Duncan, Tracy DHS Branch Chief 202-343-2491 DC US
Everhart, Javita DHS Systems Engineer 202-603-4636 VA US
Evetts, Mark V DHS NOC Deputy Director 202-282-8950 DC US
Ewell, Casey R DHS Intern 202-447-0714 DC US
Ewell, Michael G DHS PwC - Senior Associate 202-357-7629 DC US
Ewing, Gregory C DHS Capital Investment Specialist 202-450-0467 DC US
Exum-Brown, Charnita DHS Enrollment Official 202-604-1292 DC US
Ezeldin, Amany S DHS Immigration Law Analyst 202-357-8270 202-357-0042 DC US
Fabbri, Alexis DHS SETA Support 202-254-5887 DC US
Fabel, Larry R DHS Radiation Safety Specialist 609-813-2882
Faber, Birch S DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-447-4077 DC US
Fabry, David DHS Test Engineer 609-813-2757 609-646-2536 NJ US
Facer, Thomas J DHS Chief of Staff, SLPO 202-447-3131 DC US
Facilitator, EACOE DHS EACOE FACILITATOR 202-447-3670 DC US
Fagan, James W DHS Systems Engineer 703-868-8027 DC US
Fagan, Marcia M DHS Cyber Analyst 202-447-3309 DC US
Fagerholm, Eric N DHS Director, Continuity & Doctrine Division 202-282-9131 DC US
Fahey, Kelly M DHS Senior Data Architect 202-447-4468 202-447-3874 DC US
Fahmy, Nasr DHS Assistant Director 202-447-5146 202-447-0374 DC US
Faisal, Abdullah DHS Intern DC US
Fajemisin, Shola DHS 703-235-4956 VA US
Fakhari, Henry DHS Enterprise Architect 703-733-3290 VA US
Falcon, Gregory DHS Duty Officer WA US
Falcon, Jessica DHS Regional Commander-Region 9 CA US
Falkenstein, Cindy V DHS Senior Privacy Analyst 703-235-5675 VA US
Falls, Douglas DHS ISSO, Vulnerability & Compliance Analyst 202-254-7213 DC US
Falstreau, Matthew J DHS Director 228-813-4849 MS US
Famini, George DHS Director, CSAC 410-417-0901 410-417-0915 MD US
Fandinga, Darcy DHS Executive Assistant/Administrative Officer 703-603-4695 703-603-4712 VA US
Farag, Silvia A DHS Public Affairs Specialist 703-235-2879 VA US
Farah, Abdirizak DHS Policy Advisor 202-357-7611 DC US
Farah, Lee E DHS Senior Unix Administrator 703-618-5858 DC US
Farah, Susan DHS Chief, Formulation & Execution Branch 202-447-0574 DC US
Farinetti, Dennis DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-0975 TX US
Farka, Ina DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4904 VA US
Farley, Gail DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8310 202-282-8801 DC US
Farmer, Derek L DHS Budget Analysis 202-282-8205 202-447-3464 DC US
Farmer, Jack DHS Sr. Intelligence Officer 915-760-2489 928-396-3841 TX US
Farquharson, Clayton R DHS Senior Technician 202-447-0589 DC US
Farr, Rebecca DHS Senior Privacy Engineer 202-447-4552 DC US
Farrell, Adwoa DHS 703-235-5056 703-235-5961 VA US
Farrell, Aine DHS Continuity Analyst 202-447-4352 DC US
Farrell, Brian DHS Management Analyst 202-254-5730 DC US
Farrell, Jeffrey M DHS Production Analyst - US-CERT 703-235-8832 VA US
Farrell, John DHS Policy Section Chief 703-603-4686 VA US
Farrell, John F DHS C&A Analyst 228-813-3325 MS US
Farrell, Sonja B DHS Branch Chief, Policy and Planning 703-235-3918 VA US
Farrow-Smith, Kay DHS Executive Assistant 202-254-7101 DC US
Farzaneh, Brian DHS Sr. IA Analyst 703-235-8535 VA US
Fast, Stephanie DHS ILA 202-357-8484 202-357-0042 DC US
Faulcon, Jason D DHS 202-754-7011 DC US
Faulk, Beverly DHS Management & Program Analyst 703-235-5171 703-235-5963 VA US
Faulk, Roxana E DHS 703-587-9480 DC US
Faulk, Todd C DHS Analyst 202-282-9390 (open) DC US
Faulkner, Jean E DHS Chief, Training Branch 202-447-5894 202-447-5897 DC US
Faulkner, Richard D DHS Computer Operator 434-374-3850 VA US
Fausett, Andrew D DHS Attorney Advisor 202-447-3406 DC US
Favereau, Clifford DHS Inspector 202-360-0064 GA US
Fayard, John F DHS 228-813-4834 MS US
Featherston, Christopher T DHS 202-254-6117 202-254-5783 DC US
Featherstone, Jenista DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0463 202-447-5545 DC US
Fee, Richard A DHS DC2 - System Administrator 202-407-3645 NC US
Feeney, Paul H DHS 571-258-2828 VA US
Feld, Steven R DHS Project Manager 703-736-4070 VA US
Felder, Anthony D DHS IT logistician 202-447-0197 DC US
Feldman, Matthew J DHS Information Technology Specialist 202-447-0914 DC US
Feliciano, Luis DHS Intelligence Officer 267-322-4149 PA US
Felix, Lindsay A DHS Analyst 703-875-2952 DC US
Feliz, Joseph A DHS Executive Assistant 202-357-8176 DC US
Fell, Marvin DHS Economist 202-282-8172 202-282-8504 DC US
Feller, Kayla G DHS 703-235-5478 VA US
Fellerman, Jesse DHS Program Analyst 202-295-5442 VA US
Felmly, Kenneth P DHS IT Systems Manager 703-803-4857 VA US
Felts, Ryan C DHS Contractor 202-343-1627 DC US
Fenn, Max DHS Protective Security Advisor 601-965-4436 601-965-4012 MS US
Fennel, Carl A DHS AppAuth Engineer 202-447-5475 DC US
Ference, David B DHS Fusion Desk/ State Local Support 202-282-6985 DC US
Ferency, Stuart DHS Chief, Critical Manufacturing Sector 703-603-5140 DC US
Fergus, Perry DHS Senior Associate 202-343-1715 DC US
Ferguson, Bobbie DHS Director, Office of Multimedia 818-840-6319 818-526-0911 CA US
Ferguson, Janice DHS DNDO SETA Support 202-254-7237 202-254-7749 DC US
Ferguson, Jeena M DHS File Transfer 202-447-3447 DC US
Ferguson, Scott DHS 202-447-4503 DC US
Ferguson, Zachary DHS Program Analyst Intern 202-447-5613 202-447-5144 DC US
Ferman, Geoffrey S DHS Biosurety Officer 631-323-3085 631-323-3335 NY US
Fernandez, Diana DHS NSSB Exec Assistant 202-447-4086 DC US
Fernandez, Kathryn E DHS Senior Exercise Specialist 703-235-2516 VA US
Fernandez, Lepido V DHS animal care taker 631-323-3291 NY US
Ferreira, Angelino D DHS Civil Engineer 703-603-5159 703-603-5190 VA US
Ferrell, Christa L DHS Security Specialist 202-282-8096 DC US
Ferrell, Erica D DHS 202-254-6727 DC US
Ferrell, Madalyn E DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-450-7679 TX US
Ferris, George W DHS CBRNE Analyst 202-447-4145 202-282-9705 DC US
Ferte, Kathleen DHS Deputy Chief of Staff, Administration 202-254-7030 202-254-7755 DC US
Fesler, Lorenzo DHS Senior Program Analyst 202-447-4236 202-447-4246 DC US
Fetzer, Kaitlin J DHS Policy Analyst 703-235-9384 VA US
Feyh, William A DHS EMT/Security/Watch Officer 202-282-8956/202-282-8808 DC US
Fiddler, Pamela L DHS Special Assistant 202-343-4514 DC US
Fiechtl, Herman W DHS 202-282-9670 DC US
Fiedelholtz, Glenn DHS Risk Manager,Network Security Deployment 703-235-4990 VA US
Fields, Charles C DHS Senior Budget Analyst 202-447-5886 202-447-5118 DC US
Fields, Jacquelyn T DHS ESDO Acquisition Manager 202-447-0827 DC US
Fields, Latonya DHS Supervisory Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5384 202-447-5013 DC US
Fields, Lorin E DHS Labor Relations Specialist 703-235-2180 VA US
Fields, Mary B DHS Receptionist 631-323-3200 631-323-3001 NY US
Fields, Paul DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-302-6376 DC US
Fields, Robert T DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5652 DC US
Fields, Sabrina DHS Finance 703-235-2128 VA US
Fields, Sandra DHS OCIO--EA 202-254-6848 202-254-6171 DC US
Figlear, John F DHS Senior Consultant 703-742-2703 VA US
Figueroa, Christine B DHS Protective Security Advisor 602-241-4336 AZ US
Figueroa, Juan DHS Defense Industrial Board Sector Specialist 703-603-5033 VA US
Figueroa, Melissa A DHS Analyst 202-445-1866 MA US
Fildebrandt, Eric DHS Computer Scientist 703-235-5483 VA US
Filipovic, Nenad DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-282-9530 DC US
Filippone, Tom DHS 202-282-8033 DC US
Filko, Jeremy S DHS 202-447-3965 DC US
Finan, Tom M DHS Senior Cybersecurity Strategist and Counsel 202-447-3810 DC US
Findorff, Maureen DHS Principal 703-284-5049 VA US
Fine, Josh DHS Site Manager 631-323-3022 NY US
Fine, Mark T DHS SLPO Duty Desk 202-447-4288 202-447-4246 DC US
Fink, Isabel DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-254-2366 202-254-5625 DC US
Fink, Randy S DHS Program Management Analyst 202-302-9307 DC US
Finkle, Tomi DHS CEM 202-254-6847 202-254-6917 DC US
Finley, Francis DHS IT Specialist - International Coordination VA US
Finnerty, Catherine R DHS Senior Associate 703-465-5913 VA US
Fioravanti, Mark DHS Security Architect 202-870-9942 DC US
Fiore, David DHS Management & Program Analyst 631-323-3244 631-323-3295 NY US
Fiorenza, Christopher M DHS Administrative Officer, OEC 202-343-1684 202-343-4015 DC US
Firaben, Kay F DHS Engineer 703-235-5633 VA US
Firozvi, Nadia DHS Policy Advisor 202-357-6293 DC US
Firth, Christine A DHS Policy Analyst 703-235-9375 VA US
Fisch, Hayley B DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6447 DC US
Fischer, JoAnne DHS IWW Senior SIA 202-282-8309 DC US
Fischer, Mark E DHS Senior Intelligence Analyst 202-447-3035 DC US
Fischer, Michael DHS Technical Analyst 703-282-7779 DC US
Fischler, Daniel DHS Honors Attorney 202-282-8056 DC US
Fishburne, William B DHS Database Administrator 301-442-9864 VA US
Fisher, David L DHS DHS HQ PKI Team 202-357-1273 DC US
Fisher, Eric M DHS Program Management Advisor 703-983-5138 VA US
Fisher, James J DHS Deputy Asst Director - MMD/Maritime 202-254-7387 202-254-7455 DC US
Fisher, John K DHS PSCD 703-235-9379 VA US
Fisher, Matthew S DHS Financial Analyst 202-540-9320 DC US
Fisher, Nicole J DHS Support Contractor 202-254-2270 DC US
Fisher, Ronald DHS Contractor 703-235-5790 630-252-9559 VA US
Fisher, Sian M DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8226 DC US
Fisher, Tammi T DHS SETA Support 202-254-6102 202-254-6170 DC US
Fisher, William J DHS Program Security Advisor 202-573-5124 VA US
Fiske, Abigail D DHS Senior Program Manager 202-684-5595 DC US
Fiske, Erik D DHS 202-254-6673 DC US
Fiske, Ian DHS 202-612-1913 DC US
Fitch, Shawn DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9514 VA US
Fitch, Thad DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-302-6363 SD US
Fitzgerald, Darwin G DHS Security Authorization Analyst 228-813-3342 MS US
Fitzgerald, Dawn M DHS Project Manager 202-447-0013 202-447-0725 DC US
Fitzgerald, Elaine E DHS Contractor 703-341-4053 DC US
Fitzgerald, Kristen A DHS 202-447-3930 DC US
Fitzhugh, Carlena DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-0017 202-447-5333 DC US
Fitzmaurice, Peter DHS 703-235-9427 VA US
Fitzpatrick, Brian DHS HSDN/LAN C IT 703-235-5531 VA US
Fitzsimmons, Lee DHS SWO 703-235-5080 VA US
Fixmer, Scott DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-841-1019 IL US
Flament, Guy DHS OBP Taskings 703-235-9416 VA US
Flanagan, Christina DHS BVTI SME-WMD 202-254-2216 202-254-6914 DC US
Flanagan, Patrick DHS Policy Advisor 202-282-9807 DC US
Flanzer, Andrew DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8337 DC US
Flatt, David DHS 850-452-7685 FL US
Flax, Shira A DHS Program Specialist (Pandemic Preparedness) 703-235-2556 703-235-3052 VA US
Flegal, Kevin DHS Senior Intelligence Analyst 915-760-2123 TX US
Fleischaker, Deborah DHS Policy Analyst 202-357-7695 DC US
Fleming, David G DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5184 202-447-5545 DC US
Fleming, Franklin M DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9946 DC US
Fleming, James DHS Service Desk Analyst 919-424-9275 NC US
Fleming, Stephen L DHS Project Manager 202-447-4613 DC US
Fleming, Tim DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0052 202-447-0061 DC US
Fleming, William C DHS HSIN Operation and Management 703-218-3849 DC US
Flennoy, Jason DHS Coast Guard Liaison 202-282-9593 DC US
Fletcher, Christine DHS Director, External Ops Division 202-447-3116 DC US
Fletcher, Etta M DHS Executive 202-604-2767 DC US
Flinkstrom, Paul DHS Lead Information Systems Engineer 202-447-0596 DC US
Flint, Monica DHS Recruitment Outreach Coordinator 202-357-8371 202-357-8295 DC US
Flinter, William DHS Senior Watch Officer 202-282-8101 DC US
Flood, Jacqueline M DHS EAPMO Contractor Support 202-447-4440 DC US
Flores, Carla B DHS Accountant 202-447-5905 202-447-5192 DC US
Flores, Gina DHS Advisor DC US
Flores, Michael DHS Principle Engineer 888-282-0870 VA US
Flores, Miguel DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 305-470-3883 305-470-3928 DC US
Florin, John DHS 609-813-2840 NJ US
Flournoy, Sean S DHS Switchboard Operator 202-282-8000 DC US
Flowers, Justin W DHS Security Tester 202-254-6198 DC US
Flowers, Sharon DHS Contracting Officer 202-254-6816 202-254-5392 DC US
Flowers, Thomas E DHS Assistant Senior Watch Officer MID Shift 703-235-5111 VA US
Floyd, Angela V DHS Support Contractor 202-254-6763 202-254-5365 DC US
Floyd, Karon DHS Safety Officer 631-323-3332 631-323-3335 NY US
Floyd, Nicshan DHS IT Specialist 202-447-0301 DC US
Flugstad, Jonathan M DHS Support Contractor 202-254-2361 DC US
Flynn, Kenneth DHS Incident Management Analyst 202-447-4133 202-612-1773 DC US
Flynn, Payton DHS Mission Integration/Liaison Officer 703-235-5168 VA US
Flynn, William F DHS Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary 703-235-8115 VA US
Foard, Ross DHS ICAM PMO Enterprise Architect 202-282-9473 DC US
Fofana, Cherinor M DHS Enrollment Official DC US
Fogarty, James DHS Telecom Manager. 703-235-4208 VA US
Foia, NPPD DHS Shared
Foley, David DHS Regional Director (Middle East, Africa, South Asia) 202-612-1933 202-282-9254 DC US
Foley, Jennifer DHS 202-254-6154 DC US
Foley, Joshua DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4637 VA US
Foley, Stephen N DHS USFA Desk Watch Officer 202-282-9286 301-447-1093 DC US
Follendore, Roy DHS Chief IT NBIC 202-282-8750 DC US
Fonash, Peter M DHS Chief Technology Officer 703-235-5611 VA US
Foncello, Martin J DHS Senior Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-870-4311 718-449-4954 NY US
Fong, Ivan DHS General Counsel 202-282-8359 DC US
Fong, Kathryn Y DHS Senior Privacy Analyst 202-254-2343 DC US
Fontanez, Martin DHS Network Security Analyst 703-235-5111 VA US
Fontenette, Scott D DHS Senior SAN Engineer 228-813-4220 MS US
Fontenot, Jessica M DHS SOC / Sys Admin / EMOC 866-972-3662 MS US
Foote, Bruce A DHS IT Security Specialist 202-282-9237 DC US
Forbes, Melissa DHS Strategic Risk Specialist 202-343-1643 202-343-4011 DC US
Forbis, Monique DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-0594 202-447-0626 DC US
Ford DHS US-CERT Senior Watch Officer 202-235-8832 VA US
Ford, Aaron L DHS Analyst 202-282-9140 DC US
Ford, Aaron DHS Team Lead/Contracting Officer 202-254-6302 202-254-6911 DC US
Ford, Deborah DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5260 DC US
Ford, Don DHS Sr Tech 703-235-8812 VA US
Ford, Janet M DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-9040 DC US
Ford, Justin T DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Ford, Kevrain K DHS Program Security Officer 202-254-6058 DC US
Ford, Lauren P DHS Personnel Security Assistant 202-447-5614 202-447-5013 DC US
Ford, Michael D DHS Systems Administrator 202-612-1662 DC US
Ford, Pamela A DHS Executive Asst. 202-343-2426 DC US
Ford, Robert W DHS IT Security Specialist, Sr. 202-282-9501 202-282-9603 DC US
Ford, Roger L DHS Senior Security Specialist 202-447-0461 DC US
Ford, Ronald M DHS Cyber Security Analyst 703-235-3032 703-235-5962 VA US
Ford Page, Sandy DHS Chief, Business Ops 202-343-1792 DC US
Fordnorris, Beverly C DHS STAFF ASSISTANT 202-282-9737 202-447-3111 DC US
Foreman, Deidre DHS HR Specialist 202-343-2439 DC US
Foreman, Katie M DHS Economist 202-282-8044 DC US
Foreman, Monica DHS 202-549-5852 VA US
Forestiere, Pamela A DHS Computer Operations EMOC 228-813-4826 MS US
Forkey, Zachary G DHS Executive Comm Officer DC US
Forman, Fred L DHS 202-343-2492 DC US
Forman, Rick DHS BCON 2.0 SA Tech Mgr 865-964-6767 DC US
Formo, Kimberly E DHS Analyst 703-235-9419 VA US
Forney, Renee DHS Manager, Program Management Office 202-357-8531 DC US
Forrest, Barbara DHS Program Analyst/PCII 703-235-9521 VA US
Forster, Anne DHS Mgmt & Program Analyst, APMD 202-343-4524 DC US
Forster, Mathew DHS Network Engineer 228-813-4890 MS US
Forsthoffer, Mark R DHS Citrix 571-334-6211 DC US
Fortune, John DHS Branch Chief 202-254-6622 DC US
Forward, Shawn R DHS Customer Feedback Team Lead 202-447-3379 DC US
Fosmire, Kurt DHS Supervisory IT Specialist 703-235-5437 VA US
Fosson, Adam DHS SETA 202-254-5891 DC US
Foster, Carl B DHS Deputy Chief 703-235-5500 VA US
Foster, Diane M DHS IT SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-282-8300 DC US
Foster, George C DHS Senior Continuity Planner 202-824-1148 DC US
Foster, Helen G DHS Senior Advisor for Information Sharing 703-235-0760 703-235-0442 VA US
Foster, Joe DHS Program Manager 202-254-5314 DC US
Foster, Patricia DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-5431 202-447-0520 DC US
Foster, Weldon L DHS Project Manager 202-447-3263 DC US
Foucher, Michael DHS Inspector 202-604-2625 WA US
Foulkes, Tyler DHS Senior Open Source Officer 202-282-8286 DC US
Fouss, Andrew DHS NICC Watch Analyst 202-282-9201 VA US
Fowler, Malcolm DHS Integration Engineer 703-235-3022 VA US
Fowler, Marita A DHS Section Chief, Surface Analysis Group 703-235-5114 VA US
Fowler, Mark A DHS COMSEC Manager 540-542-4229 540-542-2695 VA US
Fowler, Richard B DHS DC US
Fowler, Stephen M DHS CWIN Training Support Officer 703-341-4078 VA US
Fox, Dennis DHS Sr System Engineer 202-447-0580 DC US
Fox, Gary DHS Administrative Specialist 202-357-7602 202-282-8106 DC US
Fox, John M DHS PMO Business Manager 202-357-8469 202-357-8474 DC US
Fox, Shannon DHS Senior Research Scientist 410-417-0906 410-417-0915 MD US
Fox, Victoria DHS Program Production Manager 202-282-9970 DC US
Fox, William DHS Enterprise Architect [HP] 703-736-4014 VA US
Fraga, Jorge D DHS Manager 305-609-6175 DC US
Frail, Bruce R DHS Aviation Mission Analyst 202-254-7377 DC US
France, Otis DHS Assistant Director, Budget Division 202-447-5182 202-447-5154 DC US
Franceski, Mary C DHS Policy Advisor 202-357-6288 DC US
Francis, Camara DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5904 202-447-5564 DC US
Francis, Jennifer DHS Technical Writer 609-813-2654 609-272-7512 NJ US
Francis, Kirk DHS 202-343-1608 DC US
Francis, Samuel DHS Consultant 202-254-6070 973-660-0766 DC US
Francis, Stephen DHS Change Management Specialist 202-357-7649 202-357-1299 DC US
Francisco, Kenneth R DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-282-8264 202-447-3475 DC US
Frangipane, Anthony F DHS Intelligence Officer - Arizona 602-644-5860 602-644-8718 AZ US
Frank, Tim DHS Senior Procurement Analyst 202-447-5252 202-447-5310 DC US
Franklin, Bruce DHS 434-374-0965 VA US
Franklin, Debra DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0399 DC US
Fransen, Benjamin DHS Senior Risk Analyst 202-343-1647 DC US
Frantz, Andrew DHS Branch Chief 202-447-3807 DC US
Frantz, Byung H DHS 202-254-6416 DC US
Fraser, Darren DHS General Engineer 202-834-3078 DC US
Fraser, Donald DHS Operations Research Analyst 202-254-2412 DC US
Fraser, Loy M DHS Configuration & Change Management Specialist 202-357-1253 DC US
Fraser, Nalani A DHS IT Specialist 703-235-8512 VA US
Fraser, Timothy DHS Cyber Strategist 202-447-3140 DC US
Fraser, Tsahai M DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-5304 202-447-5172 DC US
Frazee, John C DHS Enrollment Official DC US
Frazier, Jacqueline DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-447-5178 202-447-5172 DC US
Frazier, Jeanine DHS IWW Intel Analyst 202-282-8309 DC US
Frazier, Louis DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-3314 202-447-3464 DC US
Freche, Edwin J DHS DC2 Service Account Manager 434-374-3853 VA US
Freeland, Barbara DHS Program/Management Analyst 202-447-5409 202-447-5164 DC US
Freeland, Dennis DHS Program Manager 202-447-4508 DC US
Freeman, Craig A DHS Region Commander 202-302-6390 WA US
Freeman, Jerrell E DHS Lead Program Analyst 202-343-4525 DC US
Freeman, Mark C DHS USCIS Liaison to DHS I&A 202-447-4168 DC US
Freeman, Michael S DHS EMS/KMD IAMB Chief & SIO 202-447-3592 DC US
Freeman, Pamela DHS Program Specialist 202-447-4343 202-447-3500 DC US
Freeman, Thomas DHS Officer 202-282-9700 410-293-3951 DC US
Freeman, Wenona DHS Program Analyst 703-235-5254 703-235-5877 VA US
Freeman, Wes DHS Software Engineer 703-293-7993 VA US
Freer, Craig DHS Analyst 703-235-9346 VA US
Fresenko, Victoria DHS Deputy Committee Managment Officer 202-282-8872 DC US
Frey, Gregory J DHS Executive Director 202-447-0828 DC US
Frey, Mary DHS Executive Assistant 202-254-6072 202-254-5388 DC US
Frias, Michael DHS 202-282-9609 DC US
Frieders, Twila Y DHS Budget Analyst 202-254-7028 202-254-7785 DC US
Friedman, Bruce DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-357-6274 DC US
Friedman, Jennifer DHS Deputy Assistant Secretary for Strategic Communications 202-282-8682 DC US
Friedman, Nancy L DHS Attorney 202-447-3189 DC US
Friedmann, Pamela DHS 202-282-9880 DC US
Friedrich, Wendy DHS Intelligence Officer 406-431-8151 MT US
Frierson, Michael DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0434 DC US
Friscone, Patrick J DHS Intelligence Officer 614-301-4654 614-644-8377 OH US
Frison, Eddie L DHS Chief of Facilities 202-447-4585 DC US
Fristoe, Emory G DHS Emergency Programs Coordinator 202-254-5748 202-254-5671 DC US
Frome, Stu DHS Executive Director (Acting) 202-282-8812 DC US
Fronczak, Dana DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0047 DC US
Frost, John E DHS Duty Director 202-447-4407 202-282-8191 DC US
Fry, Mark DHS Manager Conveyance Protection 609-813-2658 609-383-1973 NJ US
Frysiak, Joanne DHS Administrative Support 703-603-5034 VA US
Fs, RECON DHS Deployable Situational Awareness Team 202-384-6769 DC US
Fuchs, Edward E DHS FS1 Head Chef 202-282-8954 DC US
Fuchs, Matt DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-282-9596 DC US
Fuell, Tia DHS 703-235-3016 VA US
Fuentes, Nora DHS 202-447-5518 202-447-5540 DC US
Fulham, Thomas DHS Operations Analyst 202-447-4306 DC US
Fullem, Cristin DHS Planning and Performance Management Lead 703-235-8147 VA US
Fuller DHS Secretary 202-786-9872 202-786-9897 DC US
Fuller, Andrew DHS Intelligence Analyst 703-235-5080 VA US
Fuller, Ellen C DHS Red Team SETA 202-254-7574 DC US
Fuller, James DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-357-8144 202-357-8295 DC US
Fuller, Rodney DHS Information Assurance Analyst 703-235-5151 VA US
Fuller, William C DHS Contracting Officer 202-254-7068 DC US
Fullin, Donna L DHS Business Process Expert 202-254-6599 202-254-6169 DC US
Fulmer, Debra DHS Program Analyst 202-447-3772 DC US
Fulmer, James DHS Physical Scientist 703-235-9572 703-235-9709 VA US
Fulton, Christal DHS Branch Chief, Industrial Security 202-447-5347 202-447-5312 DC US
Fulton, Thomas R DHS DC2-Blackberry Server Engineer 919-424-5633 NC US
Fulwood, Darlene A DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-357-8475 202-357-8504 DC US
Fumey, William DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-343-2520 202-343-2530 DC US
Funderburk, Darnell DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-3492 DC US
Funk, David DHS Attorney Advisor 202-447-5510 202-282-9186 DC US
Furey, Inette L DHS Director, Research & Standards Integration 703-235-3674 VA US
Furman, David A DHS Manager 703-235-8170 VA US
Furst, Hala DHS PMF, Program Analyst 202-612-1768 DC US
Fusting, Tom DHS Component Advocate 202-824-7711 DC US
Futch, Kayla M DHS 202-447-5127 DC US
Gabbert, Lindsay R DHS ORISE Fellow 631-323-3133 NY US
Gabbrielli, Tina DHS Director, Office of Risk Management and Analysis 202-343-1790 202-343-4011 DC US
Gabbrielli1, Tina DHS Director, Office of Risk Management and Analysis 202-343-1790 202-343-4011 DC US
Gabriel, Emily DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-254-2256 DC US
Gaby, Eric DHS CWO 202-282-8590 DC US
Gaeto, Cassandra M DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9867 DC US
Gaff, Jonathan DHS Senior Field Reports Officer 202-282-8623 IL US
Gagnon, Michael A DHS mainttence mechanic 631-323-3395 NY US
Gagnon, Ovila T DHS Protective Security Advisor, West Florida District 813-227-2362 813-228-2618 FL US
Gaines, Dana DHS Analyst 202-282-8224 DC US
Gaines, Scott D DHS Special Programs & Projects Manager 202-612-1796 DC US
Gaiser, Ross DHS IT Specialist 703-235-4992 VA US
Gaither, Melissa E DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-254-7084 DC US
Gajewski, Gary J DHS ISSO 703-603-4682 VA US
Galang, Michael DHS Program Manager 202-343-1735 DC US
Galdiano, Raymund DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-8544 DC US
Gale, Prenston DHS 202-357-6154 DC US
Galeckas, Cristiena DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9531 VA US
Galitsky, Andre DHS Sharepoint Administrator 952-215-6753 KY US
Gall, Lisa DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6150 DC US
Gallacher, Dominic DHS Safety Tech 1-Paramedic 1-631-323-3099 NY US
Gallagher, Erin DHS Aviation Mission Analyst 202-254-7376 DC US
Gallagher, Kelsey T DHS Consultant 202-343-1608 DC US
Gallegos, Gabrielle DHS Director, Executive Steering Committee Branch 202-343-2493 DC US
Galligan, Thomas A DHS DHS HQ Sr. IS Program Manager 202-357-6291 DC US
Gallipeau, Sean DHS File Transfer Team Lead 202-447-4555 DC US
Gallo, William T DHS GDOS Program Manager 703-307-3342 DC US
Gallop-Anderson, Deirdre DHS Management and Program Analyst 703-235-4282 VA US
Galmiche, John E DHS Senior Consultant 202-254-6943 DC US
Galotti, Steven DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0547 DC US
Galuski, Daniel M DHS Data Analyst DC US
Galusky, Gail DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Gambill, Sarah DHS ACAMS Project Officer 703-235-9549 VA US
Gamble, Dave DHS TSA Contract Support 202-685-0301 DC US
Gamboa, Reyhan L DHS Technical Site Lead 202-447-0630 DC US
Ganascioli, Joseph DHS SECURITY ADMINISTRATOR 202-282-9540 202-282-8416 DC US
Gandhi, Ajay DHS 202-670-7132 202-282-8805 DC US
Gappert, Jeffrey DHS Special Investigator 202-447-5468 202-447-5335 DC US
Garber, Mark S DHS Security Manager 703-803-4954 VA US
Garcia, Felix C DHS Senior Intelligence & Operations Specialist 571-280-0422 571-280-0607 VA US
Garcia, Gladys DHS PKI Branch Chief 202-357-1278 DC US
Garcia, Michael E DHS Senior Cybersecurity Strategist 202-590-0979 DC US
Garcia, Noel A DHS 703-733-3054 VA US
Garcia, Ramon DHS Program Manager 202-343-4126 DC US
Garcia, Sharon M DHS 202-254-6371 DC US
Garcia, Tammy A DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-9239 DC US
Gardner, Al DHS Analyst 888-282-0870 VA US
Gardner, Arisbe DHS 202 254-6416 VA US
Gardner, Edward K DHS Systems Engineer 540-656-8172 VA US
Gardner, Gregory B DHS Midwest Regional Director 816-329-5067 MO US
Gardner, Robert DHS Systems Architect 202-254-7409 DC US
Gardner, Waltrunette DHS Deputy Human Capital Officer 703-235-2087 VA US
Garfield, Yolanda DHS Administrative Specialist 202-282-9220 202-282-8952 DC US
Garforth, Joseph DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0517 202-447-5550 DC US
Garibaldi, Glenn DHS NJSP Desk Officer 202-282-8612 202-282-8782 DC US
Garis, Dylan C DHS Intelligence Analyst 915-760-2161 TX US
Garland, Jasmine DHS 202-447-4196 DC US
Garland, Jonas M DHS Director, PPPM Business Office 202-282-9958 DC US
Garland, Kristine DHS BAH Consultant Public Affairs 631-323-3146 631-323-3295 NY US
Garman, Jon DHS DHS Deputy Program Manager 202-282-9330 DC US
Garner, Billy R DHS Asset Management 703-253-9355 VA US
Garner, Bradley DHS Administrative Specialist 202-282-9608 DC US
Garner, Ian DHS Information Technology Specialist VA US
Garner, Kathi L DHS EA 202-254-6662 202-354-5395 DC US
Garnett, Barbara DHS Special Security Officer 202-447-5877 202-447-5406 DC US
Garnett, Robyn B DHS Senior Analyst 202-612-1903 DC US
Garofalo, Joseph DHS Chief KMD State and Local Branch 202-447-3992 DC US
Garofalo, Lynn M DHS Security Authorization Lead - O&M 228-813-4204 MS US
Garrett, Ellen DHS VA US
Garrett, Kemble DHS Asst.General Counsel/Employment Law 202-282-8942 202-447-3111 DC US
Garrett, Lena F DHS Supervisory Personnel Security Speciallist 202-447-5756 202-447-5333 DC US
Garrett, Nicholas D DHS Wintel System Engineer 228-813-4134 MS US
Garrett, William M DHS Program Analyst 202-834-4599 DC US
Garrett, Willie DHS 703-235-3678 VA US
Garrison, Justin DHS Correspondence Analyst 703-235-1496 VA US
Garrison, Richard J DHS EOC 434-374-3850 VA US
Garrity, Grace DHS 202-254-6095 DC US
Gary, Caroline T DHS 202-298-5240 VA US
Gary, Lizzy DHS Director, Information Management & Business Culture 703-235-2086 VA US
Garza, Alexander G DHS 202-254-2369 202-254-6094 DC US
Garzone, Carmen D DHS Project Manager DC US
Gaskins, William D DHS Information Sharing Architect 202-341-7677 DC US
Gaskins-Curtis, LaShawn DHS Personel Security Specialist 202-447-0179 202-447-5333 DC US
Gassama, NaTasha DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9341 VA US
Gassman, Fredrick DHS 850-452-7647 FL US
Gates, Daniel J DHS Senior Watch Officer 202-282-8791 202-282-8782 DC US
Gates, Darrell B DHS Senior Spectrum Engineer 202-357-7837 DC US
Gates, Jason DHS Program Analyst 703-235-5418 703-235-5440 VA US
Gathers, Angela D DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5229 202-447-5873 DC US
Gathman, Dixi A DHS
Gatling, DeAngelo DHS CIO Security Officer 202-447-0389 202-447-0579 DC US
Gatling, Fannie DHS Asset Project Analyst 703-253-9356 VA US
Gattoni, Brian R DHS Chief, Systems Engineering & Acquisition Oversight 703-235-3018 VA US
Gatz, James DHS Coast Guard Desk Officer 202-282-8114 DC US
Gauthier, Robert K DHS Program Manager 202-824-7386 DC US
Gavan, William H DHS 202-447-4141 DC US
Gavin, Kevin DHS Project Engineer 202-447-0632 DC US
Gawlak, Walter DHS 703-603-5155 703-603-5190 VA US
Gawlik, John A DHS SPLO ExecSec 202-447-4242 202-447-4247 DC US
Gay, George E DHS VTC 202-447-3226 DC US
Gaynor, Rebecca M DHS Outreach Specialist 703-235-8249 VA US
Gear, Dale V DHS 703-674-2794 DC US
Gebhard, Susanna P DHS Attorney Advisor 202-282-9744 DC US
Gebreselassie, Yohannes DHS Associate 703-984-1957 VA US
Gebreyes, Kiesha DHS 703-235-2238 DC US
Geddis, Eric M DHS Special Security Officer DC US
Gedeon, Tania DHS Clerk (Intern) 202-357-8483 202-357-0042 DC US
Gedicks, Ann DHS 202-254-6866 DC US
Gedney, Dane C DHS Graphic Designer 202-343-2462 DC US
Geels, Joni DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8129 202-357-8140 DC US
Geenhuizen, Peter DHS DC2 SYSTEM SUPPORT TEAM 919-424-9856
Gehring, Wendy M DHS 202-447-3956 DC US
Geibig, Matthew E DHS All-Source Analyst 202-447-4169 DC US
Geier, Katie E DHS Sr Operations Research Analyst (GS-15) 202-343-4526 DC US
Geiger, Morgan DHS Deputy Director, Program Analysis and Evaluation 202-447-0518 202-447-5144 DC US
Geijer, Elisabeth DHS APCP Cost Estimator 202-447-0470 DC US
Geisinger, August DHS Protective Security Advisor 605-224-1291 605-224-1297 VA US
Geist, Kevin DHS Junior Acquisition Specialist 202-447-5597 202-447-5691 DC US
Gekler, Garrett A DHS Duty Manager 866-972-3662 MS US
Gelfand, Nancy E DHS Budget Formulation / Execution Analyst 202-447-0783 DC US
Gelfer, Elizabeth DHS Deputy Budget Director 202-447-5190 202-447-5164 DC US
Gemelas, Theophilos DHS Program Manager 202-254-6108 202-254-6176 DC US
Gemunder, Megan DHS Attorney Advisor 202-447-3710 DC US
Genest, Keith DHS Special Security Officer 703-235-2585 VA US
Gensemer, Brad S DHS VSAT Systems Engineer 202-450-0414 DC US
Gentry, Danny R DHS DC2-Unix System Admin 919-424-5423 NC US
Gentry, Elmer L DHS Remedy Developer 434-374-3860 VA US
Gentry, Scott S DHS Senior Procurement Analyst 202-447-5217 DC US
Genua, Daniel S DHS Program Analyst 703-235-8244 VA US
Georgacopoulos, George DHS DHS Detailee/USSS 202-282-8070 DC US
George, Asha DHS Senior Analyst 202-447-3115 DC US
George, Barbara DHS 703-235-5486 VA US
Gerber, Benjamin S DHS I&A Privacy +1-202-282-9374 DC US
Gerena, Alexandre DHS SGT/Armed Security Officer 202-282-8956 DC US
Gereski, John DHS Attorney Advisor 202-282-8625 DC US
Gerhart, Timothy DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5854 DC US
Gerke, John DHS Sr Information Specialist 609-813-2880 609-272-7512 NJ US
Germain, Michael DHS ASAIC 202-447-3086 DC US
Geronimo, Anthony G DHS MR 601-584-1537 MS US
Gerow, Scott DHS RFI Manager 202-447-4592 DC US
Gerstein, Daniel DHS Deputy Under Secretary for S&T 202-254-6776 DC US
Gersten, David DHS Director for CRCL Programs 202-357-6264 DC US
Gervais, Carlene DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5194 703-603-5190 VA US
Gerwin, Michael J DHS physical security specialist 202-731-4234 DC US
Gewercman, Renee DHS PMF 202-612-1973 DC US
Geyer, Shane DHS Logistics Technician-Asset Management 202-282-8528 DC US
Ghannam, Amera DHS OSINT Collector 202-282-9996 VA US
Ghannam, Samie DHS Sr. Foreign Disclosure Advisor 202-447-3674 DC US
Ghate, Shruti DHS Consultant VA US
Ghormley, Timothy F DHS Program Manager DC US
Ghoston, Stephanie DHS 202-357-6192 DC US
Gianfala, Gina DHS 703-463-7335 DC US
Gianlorenzo, Nancy DHS EEO Specialist 202-254-8217 DC US
Gianni, Ben DHS vice president 202-824-7960 DC US
Gibbons, Andrea T DHS Senior Information Architect 202-447-3696 DC US
Gibbons, Lisa S DHS Senior Program Analyst 202-254-7689 DC US
Gibbons, Stacy DHS 202-447-4370 DC US
Gibbs, Kelly DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-494-5631 FL US
Gibbs, Michael DHS Staff Director 202-282-8523 DC US
Gibson, Andreas V DHS AppAuth Engineer 202-603-1109 DC US
Gibson, Brendon DHS SETA 202-254-5871 DC US
Gibson, Donnesha E DHS Intern 202-254-6802 DC US
Gibson, James DHS Intrusion Detection Analyst 202-447-4005 DC US
Gibson, Lara DHS Writer/Editor 703-235-5844 VA US
Gibson, Marian P DHS Appropriations Liaison 202-447-5239 DC US
Gibson, Ryan J DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-906-9171 IL US
Gibson, Sidney L DHS Principal Information System Eng. 202-447-0564 DC US
Gibson, Tracie A DHS Administrative Specialist 202-343-1676 DC US
Giddings, Bryan DHS NORAD-USNORTHCOM Liaison to DHS 202-447-4694 DC US
Gifford, Ashley A DHS 202-282-8204 DC US
Gilbert, Benjamin P DHS Cyber Security Analyst 703-235-3002 VA US
Gilbert, Ernest D DHS Security Escort Sr Specialist 703-235-5457 VA US
Gilbreath, Paul DHS Regional Commander 202-689-5077 TX US
Gilburth, Harry E DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9454 VA US
Giles, Jo DHS Program Analyst, CS&C 703-235-5658 703-235-5697 VA US
Giles, Joshua DHS ISC Analyst 703-284-6679 VA US
Giles, Margaret DHS Policy Advisor 202-447-3779 202-282-8503 DC US
Giles, Marissa J DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7615 DC US
Giles, Michelle DHS Program Analyst 202-254-5896 DC US
Gill, Suzanne DHS Business Analyst DC US
Gillespie, Fannie C DHS Sr Industrial Security Spc 202-447-5270 202-447-5312 DC US
Gillespie, Frank M DHS Sr Security Specialist 202-254-6409 202-254-6403 DC US
Gillis, David DHS Security consultant 703-742-1318 VA US
Gillis, Ryan M DHS Director for NPPD 202-447-5447 DC US
Gillotte, Timothy M DHS Program Manager 703-342-6614 VA US
Gilmore, Maureen E DHS Deputy Ethics Official 202-447-3516 202-282-9099 DC US
Gilmore, Sheron DHS IT Help Desk Analyst 202-282-8226 202-612-1673 DC US
Gilmour, Lillian A DHS Section Chief Risk Policy 202-343-1784 DC US
Gilpin, Justin A DHS 202-357-8211 202-357-8162 DC US
Gingles, Darryl DHS I&A IM - IA Certification Agent 202-447-3329 DC US
Ginyard, Tretisious M DHS Personnel Security Assistant 202-447-5835 202-447-5873 DC US
Giordano, Dean DHS Acquisitions 202-254-7630 DC US
Gipson, Angela DHS ESEC Detailee (USCIS) 202-282-8268 DC US
Gipson, Deion DHS PPPM Executive Secretariat 202-447-4516 DC US
Givens, Theresa DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8255 202-357-8105 DC US
Gladden, Darcie S DHS 202-343-1615 DC US
Gladney, Melinda D DHS Facility Monitor DC US
Glah, Janeen DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-0319 202-447-0582 DC US
Glass, Janelle DHS Accounting Tech. 202-254-5672 202-254-5391 DC US
Glass, Jeffrey M DHS Intelligence Liasion Officer 850-410-8370 850-410-7069 DC US
Glass, Pamela DHS Human Capital Strategic Liaison 202-343-2436 202-343-2530 DC US
Glaze, Ronald E DHS 202-443-5703 DC US
Glazewski, Matthew DHS NOAA NOC DESK SUPPORT OFFICER 202-282-9937 DC US
Gleason, Ed J DHS Supervisory Protective Security Advisor 312-469-1503 IL US
Gleason, Eddie DHS Director, Legislative Affairs 202-447-5448 202-447-5437 DC US
Gleason, Joseph J DHS Acting Director, CPIMD 703-235-2567 VA US
Gleason, Margaret DHS senior advisor 202-357-8141 202-357-0042 DC US
Gleason, William M DHS Protective Security Advisor 317-822-5016 317-635-6290 IN US
Gleaton, Mary DHS Program Analyst 202-254-5842 202-254-6402 DC US
Gleeson, Kellie A DHS Business Systems Analyst 703-235-9554 VA US
Gleichsner, William DHS Telecommunications Specialist 703-235-5701 VA US
Glenn, Christine P DHS 631-323-3234 NY US
Glenn, Isaiah A DHS Software Analyst 202-365-5735 DC US
Glenn, Jeremiah DHS Management and Program Analyst 703-235-9303 VA US
Glenn, Twylia D DHS Watch Analyst VA US
Glick, Jeffrey DHS Chief, Critical Infrastructure Protection Branch, NCS 703-235-5791 VA US
Glidden, Trina DHS DC US
Glock, Porter DHS Legal Intern 202-447-5237 DC US
Glonek, Leesa DHS Research Chemist 609-813-2859 609-407-9632 NJ US
Glover, Brian DHS Project Manager 202-447-0785 DC US
Glover, Melissa DHS ERS Manager 571-258-2837 VA US
Glover, Shirleeta DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-9849 202-282-8008 DC US
Glynn, Anthony M DHS Drupal developer 202-447-5114 DC US
Gnerlich, Janet DHS Associate General Counsel 202-254-6668 202-282-9186 DC US
Go, Hilton C DHS ISSE 202-447-5299 DC US
Goad, Michael L DHS Attorney Advisor 202-447-3702 DC US
Godette, Curtis DHS Logistics Manager 202-447-4235 202-447-4246 DC US
Godette, Karnelis DHS OCHCO Chief of Staff 202-357-8372 202-357-8140 DC US
Godette, Patrick F DHS Information Security/ Policy & Oversight 202-357-8212 DC US
Godlewski, Paul DHS Intelligence Officer 816-260-1216 MO US
Goes, Sarah W DHS Intelligence Research Specialist 202-447-3038 DC US
Goettler, Stephen DHS Research Chemist II 609-813-2812 NJ US
Goetz, Richard DHS 631-323-3261 NY US
Goffner, Robert S DHS 202-612-1155 DC US
Goggins, Tony L DHS Sr IT Technician 202-612-1771 DC US
Gogol, Sandra L DHS Physical Scientist 202-254-7435 DC US
Gohl, Ashley N DHS Cybersecurity Risk Analyst VI US
Goins, Oscar O DHS EMOC Shift Duty Manager 866-972-3662 228-813-4215 MS US
Goins, Ricky D DHS Protective Security Advisor 314-444-2238 314-539-2567 MO US
Goins, William S DHS Manager BUR/SAN/STAR 434-374-3532 VA US
Gold, Todd DHS Special Security Representative 202-447-3471 202-447-3462 DC US
Goldberg, David DHS Sr. Management Analyst 202-447-5500 703-750-3989 DC US
Golden, Brian DHS Financial Analyst 202-254-6124 DC US
Golden, James D DHS Physical Security Specialist 703-603-4813 703-603-4715 VA US
Goldfinger, Michael N DHS Facilities Manager 703-235-1951 703-235-1561 VA US
Goldhagen, Paul E DHS Physicist 212-620-3645 212-620-3600 NY US
Goldsborough, Stuart DHS Project Manager 850-452-7559 FL US
Goldsmith, Christopher M DHS Senior Program Manager/Team Lead 202-503-5039 DC US
Goldstein, David A DHS Open Source Collection Officer 202-447-4135 DC US
Goldstein, Eric L DHS 202-282-8878 DC US
Goldstein, Rachel K DHS Special Assistant to the Senior Counselor to the Secretary 202-612-1676 DC US
Goldston, Danny E DHS Comunications Security Specialist 202-282-8081 DC US
Goldy, Jesse DHS Security Assistant 609-813-2803 609-813-2733 NJ US
Golesorkhi, Hossein DHS Exchange Application Engineer VA US
Golson, Brad DHS Advisor 202-282-9508 DC US
Golubic, Steve DHS Director of Tribal Affairs 202-282-9429 202-282-1044 DC US
Gomberg, Brett DHS Project Manager 202-282-8293 DC US
Gomes, Patrick DHS Network Engineer 202-447-5561 DC US
Gomez, Leah DHS Consultant, Emergency Management/Continuity 202-468-5324 VA US
Gongwer, Polly DHS 609-813-2759 609-383-1973 NJ US
Gonyea, David DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-329-0849 IL US
Gonzales, Kimberly A DHS Sr. Intelligence Research Specialist 571-350-4888 VA US
Gonzalez, Barbara DHS FOIA Analyst 703-235-1924 703-235-2052 VA US
Gonzalez, Eric B DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-3551 DC US
Gonzalez, Henry I DHS Director, Acquisition Support & Operations Analysis 202-254-2282 DC US
Gonzalez, Juan M DHS Senior Strategist, Research and Standards Integration (RSI) 703-235-3682 VA US
Gonzalez, Julio R DHS Protective Security Advisor 787-774-4176 VA US
Gonzalez, Luis DHS Network Services Branch Manager 202-447-0206 DC US
Gonzalez, Omar A DHS Support Contractor 202-254-2277 DC US
Gonzalez, Ricardo DHS Management and Program Analyst 703-235-8142 703-238-9707 VA US
Goobic, Mary T DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6144 DC US
Goodacre, James DHS Project Control 202-447-0662 DC US
Goode, Brendan W DHS Director, Network Security Deployment 703-235-2853 VA US
Goodfellow, Robert DHS SETA 202-254-6726 202-254-6167 DC US
Gooding, Rachel DHS Sr. Research Scientist 410-436-0018 410-436-6203 MD US
Goodland, Elizabeth H DHS Intern NY US
Goodman, Noah K DHS PM DC US
Goodman, Sarah DHS JAC Watch Officer/Operations Specialist 202-254-7077 DC US
Goodstein, Peter DHS DC US
Goodwin, Jaysen DHS Vulnerability Assessment Branch Security Specialist VA US
Goodwin, Mark C DHS Senior Intelligence Officer 202-447-3034 DC US
Goodwin, Susan DHS Secretary 703-235-4961 703-235-4941 VA US
Gootzit, David DHS 202-282-9439 DC US
Gordon, Catherine DHS Administrative Specialist 703-235-2154 703-235-2057 VA US
Gordon, Celia DHS 202-357-7691 DC US
Gordon, Craig S DHS PM, NISAC 202-612-1784 DC US
Gordon, Ellis E DHS Principal Security Engineer 202-489-9947 DC US
Gordon, Michael F DHS Test Engineer 703-235-3020 VA US
Gordon, Ray DHS BioWatch SETA Program Manager 703-647-8058 703-647-8250 VA US
Gore, Carmen DHS Program/Management Analyst 202-343-2494 DC US
Gosch, Greta L DHS IT Security Consultant 703-235-9573 VA US
Gotlinger, Ashley H DHS ISC Policy Analyst 703-603-5125 VA US
Gottfried, Jordan DHS Chief of Staff 703-235-0346 VA US
Gould, Joshua A DHS System Administrator 703-889-3519 VA US
Goulding, Kathleen DHS Exercise Planner 703-235-2518 VA US
Gourdain, Gerald J DHS Program Manager 571-722-6310 VA US
Govan, Elizabeth D DHS Acquisitions Analyst 703-235-5513 VA US
Govednik, Erica R DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-9105 DC US
Govil, Amit DHS Database Engineer 703-733-3048 VA US
Gowadia, Huban A DHS Deputy Director 202-254-7302 202-254-7751 DC US
Graber, Kara M DHS Chemical Threats Analyst 202-447-4231 DC US
Graber, Kevin DHS RMD ISB Branch Manager 202-357-7683 DC US
Grace, Michael D DHS Sr. Associate 703-377-1377 VA US
Gracik, Suzanne DHS Human Resources Specialist (IS) 202-357-8425 DC US
Grady, Darryl DHS Contractor 202-254-2265 DC US
Grady, Denise DHS Special Security Officer 202-343-4533 DC US
Graf, Adam DHS Nuclear Assessment Specialist 202-254-7161 202-254-7753 DC US
Graff, Shawn M DHS Director, NICC 703-235-2536 VA US
Graham, Briana M DHS Admin Security Specialist 202-245-1114 DC US
Graham, Christina M DHS Program Management Support 202-447-5946 DC US
Graham, David C DHS HISN Watch Officer DC US
Graham, LaFaye DHS Budget Analyst 202-306-8711 DC US
Graham, Lynette DHS Assistant ComSec Custodian 202-254-7215 DC US
Graham, Michael DHS Sergeant 202-282-8119 DC US
Graham, Tanya DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4591 DC US
Gramlick, Carl DHS Director 202-282-8349 202-282-8402 DC US
Grant, Christopher DHS Research Scientist 202-282-8373 DC US
Grant, Daniel DHS Special Assistant 202-282-9385 DC US
Grant, Donald J DHS supervisor 631-323-3115 NY US
Grant, Dwayne DHS IT Support 703-235-8210 VA US
Grant, Martha DHS Correspondence Management Analyst 202-282-8183 202-282-9188 DC US
Grant, Ted DHS Branch Manager, TSL-220 609-813-2793 NJ US
Grant, Vanese E DHS Program Specialist 703-235-2080 VA US
Grasheim, Adam DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist DC US
Grasso, Paul DHS Chemical Engineer 410-436-3672 MD US
Graumann, Kyle D DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-254-6800 DC US
Graves, Justin DHS Program Support 202-447-0525 DC US
Graves, Margaret DHS Team Lead - Data Center Support Team 202-447-0453 DC US
Graves, Margaret E DHS 202-282-9039 DC US
Graves, Margie DHS Deputy CIO 202-343-2400 DC US
Gray, Anthony DHS Executive Management Analyst 202-254-6056 202-254-6168 DC US
Gray, Carol DHS Chief Talent Acquistion Sectioni 202-298-5194 VA US
Gray, Dana M DHS Project Manager 703-904-4050 VA US
Gray, Elizabeth DHS Emergency Programs Support Contractor 202-254-2375 202-254-5671 DC US
Gray, Frances A DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-6790 DC US
Gray, Jeff DHS Program Analyst 703-235-2858 VA US
Gray, Jeffrey DHS Chief, Technical Services Branch 202-282-8289 202-282-9072 DC US
Gray, Jessica F DHS Training Coordinator 703-235-9399 VA US
Gray, Lauren M DHS Support Contractor 202-254-6494 202-254-6167 DC US
Gray, Nicholas DHS Assistant General Counsel for Litigation 202-282-8093 202-282-9186 DC US
Gray, Paul DHS Visual Information Specialist 202-447-3063 DC US
Gray, Robert DHS NSS Policy Manager 202-357-6144 DC US
Grayburn, Lindsey DHS 202-282-8575 DC US
Graydon, Amy H DHS Chemical Branch Chief 703-603-5169 VA US
Grayson, Alexis DHS SETA Support 202-254-2307 202-254-6170 DC US
Grazioso, John F DHS Sr. Information Security Assessor (Compliance) 202-357-7813 202-357-1299 DC US
Greely, Jacqueline DHS Grants Technician 202-447-0724 DC US
Green, Alisa R DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8395 DC US
Green, Brian M DHS Systems Engineer 202-343-4528 202-343-4550 DC US
Green, Charles DHS Senior Realty Specialist 202-527-3630 DC US
Green, Charles W DHS ANALYST 202-447-3482 DC US
Green, Christopher D DHS Certification Engineer 202-282-9587 DC US
Green, Christopher B DHS Requirements Management 202-447-3922 DC US
Green, Darryl DHS Senior Telecommunications Technician 202-603-4747 VA US
Green, James L DHS UNIX Systems Admin 202-603-6301 MS US
Green, Jeff DHS 703-284-6673 VA US
Green, Jennifer DHS Administrative Assistant 434-374-3522 VA US
Green, Joseph S DHS Contractor 202-357-7624 DC US
Green, Karen A DHS Contracting Officer 202-447-5634 202-447-0574 DC US
Green, Keiling DHS Consultant 703-760-8866 DC US
Green, Keith D DHS PCIIMS Support Project Manager 703-235-9574 813-990-4340 VA US
Green, Patricia L DHS Administrative Associate 228-813-3318 228-813-4135 MS US
Green, Robert S DHS Analyst 202-447-5956 DC US
Green, Shirelle DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8301 DC US
Green, Tiffany DHS Enrollment Official DC US
Greenbaum, Steve DHS Program Manager, Contractor Support to the Regulatory Compliance 202-254-5320 DC US
Greenberg, Marc W DHS Life Cycle Cost Estimator 703-235-1909 VA US
Greene, Abigail DHS Policy Analyst 703-235-9376 VA US
Greene, Daniel DHS Program Manager 202-447-0055 DC US
Greene, Derrick S DHS 703-289-4537 VA US
Greene, James W DHS IT Technician 202-357-7757 DC US
Greene, Jonathan DHS Director of Incident Coordination 202-254-5829 202-254-5401 DC US
Greene, krista L DHS Intern NY US
Greene, Lawrence M DHS QA Analyst 202-447-0444 DC US
Greene, Marc DHS SETA 202-254-6027 DC US
Greene, Michael K DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-254-2260 DC US
Greene, Richard E DHS Director, Planning & Operations 202-282-9119 202-282-8775 DC US
Greene, Stanley DHS Recruiting & Outreach 202-447-3701 202-447-3791 DC US
Greenhill, John DHS DOE Liason to the NCS 703-235-5538 703-235-5961 DC US
Greenhill, Ronald C DHS Inspector 202-507-0018 OR US
Greenlaw, Pamela DHS Division Director of the NUSTL Testbeds Division. 212-620-3649 212-620-3600 NY US
Greenlee, Norma Jo DHS Subject Matter Expert 202-447-5002 202-447-0697 DC US
Greenspoon, Susie DHS Program Analyst 202-447-3806 202-447-3462 DC US
Greenwood, Caroline P DHS Support Contractor 202-254-5376 202-254-6177 DC US
Greenwood, Frances DHS Executive Assistant to DUS 703-235-2093 VA US
Greenwood, Kennedi A DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-5848 DC US
Greenwood, Todd DHS 202-282-9830 DC US
Greer, Liz DHS Senior Software Developer 703-276-2247 DC US
Greeson, Robert DHS Protective Security Advisor 302-674-2791 302-734-8653 DE US
Gregg, Maria A DHS Communications Watch Officer 202-282-8101 DC US
Gregg, Michael DHS IT Specialist (Infosec) VA US
Gregoria, Sarah E DHS Analyst 703-284-3202 VA US
Gregory, Eric DHS Trainer/Instructor 202-357-8419 DC US
Gregory, Shari DHS CyberSecurity Strategy 571-730-7223 DC US
Grenis, Timothy P DHS Intelligence Officer 303-239-5886 CO US
Gresham, Gregory DHS Emergency Preparedness Coordinator 202-282-8152 202-447-4197 DC US
Greve, Ashley DHS Senior GIS Analyst 703-235-5080 VA US
Grey, Julie DHS Exercise & Training Specialist 703-235-2528 VA US
Griffin, Brad B DHS Infrastructure Analyst - Backup/Restore 919-424-5639 NC US
Griffin, Brian E DHS LTC DC US
Griffin, Bruce DHS Analyst 703-235-5043 VA US
Griffin, Julie A DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Griffin, Randall DHS Program Specialist 202-254-5313 202-254-6180 DC US
Griffin, Robert P DHS Director of First Responder Programs 202-254-6421 DC US
Griffin, Steven DHS CERT Liaison Officer 703-235-8857 VA US
Griffith, Roberta DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9790 DC US
Griggs, Ronnie L DHS Implementation Manager 434-374-3508 VA US
Grigoriev, Julia DHS Senior Database Architect 202-447-0136 DC US
Grigus, Shawn DHS Research Chemist 609-813-2866 609-407-9632 NJ US
Grimes, Andrew DHS Director Support Staff 202-282-8626 DC US
Grimm, William DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0549 202-447-5725 DC US
Grinberg, Marc DHS Policy Analyst 202-282-9835 DC US
Grisenti, David L DHS Chemical Security Inspector CO US
Groff, Joedy R DHS Helpdesk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Groghan, Thad B DHS Test Area Analyst 202-254-5668 202-254-5397 DC US
Groll, Emily A DHS CWO 202-282-8590 DC US
Groome, Kyle DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5281 202-447-5552 DC US
Gropp, Erica DHS Contract Specialist 703-235-5118 VA US
Gross, Aver DHS Special Security Officer 202-282-8396 202-447-3555 DC US
Gross, Daniel DHS 202-447-5214 DC US
Gross, Ian DHS Associate 202-447-4658 DC US
Gross, Jeremy DHS Deputy Security Manager 228-813-4819 MS US
Gross-Davis, Leslie DHS Deputy Assistant Secretary (Senate) 202-447-5890 202-447-5437 DC US
Grossman, Matthew E DHS Watch Analyst 703-603-4777 VA US
Grossman, Seth DHS OGC Chief of Staff 202-282-9882 DC US
Grosso, Lauren M DHS Biological Compliance Analyst 205-254-6076 DC US
Groth, Warren Adrian DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-254-6928 DC US
Grove, James DHS Senior Advisor, Mid-Atlantic and Great Lakes Regions 202-254-6941 DC US
Groven, Philip J DHS Deputy Chief of Staff (Acting) 202-282-9543 202-282-8803 DC US
Grubbs, Carolyn DHS EOC Chief 202-693-7527 292-693-7527 DC US
Grubbs, Karen DHS Sr. Enterprise Architect 202-282-9861 DC US
Gruber, Charles DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-3859 DC US
Grubin, Andrew DHS Project Associate 703-235-3086 866-865-9903 DC US
Gruden, Michael G DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-6363 202-254-6911 DC US
Grulke, David R DHS Alternative ISSO - CFATS 703-603-4682 VA US
Gruskin, Gregg I DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-0345 DC US
Grzesik, Sandy M DHS Lead Programmer 301-982-2861 MD US
Guenterberg, Sharon DHS Program Manager 202-447-0165 (Tu-Wed-Th) DC US
Guerra, Jose A DHS VTC 202-612-1179 DC US
Guerra, Rudy DHS TWD Operations Manager 571-258-2212 VA US
Guest, Janeen C DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0201 DC US
Guest, John J DHS Regional Director, Mid Atlantic Area 215-446-6482 215-861-3311 PA US
Guevremont, Marc R DHS CBP DHSIE ERG Team 571-258-2770 VA US
Guice, Debra DHS Business Management Specialist 202-343-1791 DC US
Guiden, Nancy A DHS 202-254-2313 DC US
Guidetti, Raymond DHS Lieutenant 202-447-4507 DC US
Guiler, Hadley DHS 202-447-4089 DC US
Guilford, Christopher N DHS Senior Analyst 202-612-1792 DC US
Guillot, Greg P DHS Customer Assurance 202-447-3328 DC US
Guliani, Neema DHS Special Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Staff 202-447-4057 DC US
Gulley, William J DHS IT Specialist 703-244-9055 VA US
Gunn, Adam DHS Program Analyst 202-447-3126 202-282-8008 DC US
Gunning, Dawn DHS Environmental Specialist 202-603-2252 202-343-4241 DC US
Gunnink, D Steven DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7106 202-254-7752 DC US
Gunter-Holiday, Deborah V DHS Switchboard Operator 202-282-8000 DC US
Gupta, Akshay Y DHS Student Trainee/Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4695 DC US
Gupta, Rahul DHS Partner / Sr. Mgmt Advisor 202-447-4525 DC US
Gurley, David DHS 202-447-5030 DC US
Gurnard, Teresa L DHS Communication and Special Projects Team Lead 202-357-8325 202-357-8293 DC US
Gurudatha, Nikhila DHS Systems Management Analyst 202-447-5573 DC US
Gustafson, John DHS EEO Specialist 202-254-8218 202-254-8240 DC US
Gusty, Denis DHS Program Manager 202-254-5647 202-254-6169 DC US
Gutbrodt, Kurt DHS Detective 702-828-2219 NV US
Gutierrez, Kevin DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7610 DC US
Gutierrez, Richard DHS Mail Operations Manager 202-570-2848 DC US
Guzman, Karla DHS 703-235-5224 VA US
Gwaltney, Orville DHS Systems Engineer 202-282-8505 DC US
Haack, Edee DHS Senior Consultant 703-235-8151 703-235-3052 VA US
Haahr-Escolano, Kathryn DHS Open Source Collector 202-447-4291 DC US
Haak, Anne M DHS Sr. Data Engineer 703-464-9974 VA US
Haak, Russell DHS Task Manager 1-703-235-2562 VA US
Haak, Sarah DHS Administrative Specialist 202-282-9495 202-282-8952 DC US
Haas, Dennis DHS Program Manager OPRON 540-542-4434 540-542-4649 VA US
Haas, William DHS Senior IT Consultant 703-647-8054 703-647-8250 VA US
Haase, Mark DHS Project Manager 202-282-8347 DC US
Hackley, Lashelle N DHS Special Security Officer, MGMT/OGC 202-447-3974 202-282-9186 DC US
Hackney, Terry W DHS Technology Consultant 434-374-3536 VA US
Hadden, Andrew DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0435 202-447-5564 DC US
Hadiji, Carolyn M DHS Strategic Planning and Communiciations Specialist 202-357-8303 DC US
Hadley, Alexandra A DHS Liaison Officer 202-282-9944 DC US
Hadziselimovic, Dina DHS Scheduling and Advance 202-282-8737 DC US
Haefeli, Elizabeth DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8164 DC US
Hafeez, Ata DHS Program/Management Analyst 703-235-8127 VA US
Hagan, Katrina T DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-254-6342 202-254-6172 DC US
Hagar, Richard DHS Program Analyst 202-447-4165 DC US
Hage, Jeffrey M DHS Threat Analysts 202-282-8721 202-447-3172 DC US
Hageman, Natalie DHS Admin Officer 202-282-9090 202-447-3173 DC US
Hagen, Katharine DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5801 202-447-5144 DC US
Hager, Matthew DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9197 DC US
Hagerling, Don DHS Dep CISO & Dir Sec Policy/Arch/FO 202-357-6112 202-357-6197 DC US
Haghdan, Sohela DHS Engineer 202-447-5782 DC US
Hagood, Ward DHS Government Watch Officer 202-282-8752 DC US
Hahn, Linda M DHS BPR Specialist 202-447-0059 DC US
Haight, Elizabeth DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9397 VA US
Hailu, Ribkha DHS 703-235-9568 VA US
Hailwood, Brandon DHS Travel Coordinator 202-254-5360 DC US
Haines, James A DHS Database Administrator SME 228-813-4249 MS US
Haines, Nathan DHS Watch Officer 202-282-8312 DC US
Hairston, Judy DHS Staff Accountant 202-447-0964 202-343-4240 DC US
Hajian, Eleanore DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-254-5319 DC US
Hake, Denise E DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Hale, David DHS Systems Programmer 228-813-3306 MS US
Hale, Duane DHS 202-282-8553 202-447-3111 DC US
Hale, Geoffrey H DHS DC US
Hale, Olin T DHS Program Manager 202-254-7358 DC US
Hale, Robert DHS Counterintelligence Officer 202-282-9976 DC US
Hall, Brice DHS IT Policy Analyst 703-235-4966 VA US
Hall, Bruce P DHS Wireless Support 202-357-7848 DC US
Hall, Chrisdon DHS Chief, Policy Division DC US
Hall, David DHS NOC Duty Director 202-282-8101 DC US
Hall, Ernest DHS Sys Admin 703-235-5051 VA US
Hall, Gregory J DHS Project Manager 202-254-7015 DC US
Hall, James DHS FBI location (Watch Officer) DC US
Hall, John L DHS DHS Intelligence Officer 713-884-4721 713-884-4726 TX US
Hall, Karen DHS Contractor 202-254-5368 202-254-6173 DC US
Hall, Laurie DHS 703-235-8843 VA US
Hall, Robert E DHS Sr. Wintel Systems Admin 228-813-4134 MS US
Hall, Sha'Quana DHS Police Officer 213-847-1050 DC US sha'
Hall, Steven DHS Administrative Assistant 202-343-4196 DC US
Hall, Tammie DHS Management and Program Analyst 703-603-4913 VA US
Hall, Tina DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5074 VA US
Hall, Wendy DHS Special Senior Advisor for Biological Threats 202-282-9078 202-282-8503 DC US
Hallberg, Theodore K DHS Solution Architect 703-927-6955 DC US
Hallenbeck, Christopher T DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-5011 VA US
Hallowell, Susan DHS Director, TSL 609-813-2702 NJ US
Halsaver, Jeffrey C DHS TalentLink Project Manager 202-357-8321 DC US
Halverson, Jennifer R DHS Contractor 202-254-5803 DC US
Halverson, Richard D DHS Engineer-Info Assurance 703-235-5080 703-235-5078 VA US
Ham, Douglas DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-447-3565 202-282-8504 DC US
Hamblin, Robert R DHS Security Specialist 202-282-9349 DC US
Hamerman, Warren DHS 202-603-3843 202-343-4240 DC US
Hamidi, Heela DHS Correspondent Analyst 202-447-3641 DC US
Hamilton, Charles F DHS Protective Security Advisor 915-540-9626 TX US
Hamilton, Donald L DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-282-8440 202-282-9500 DC US
Hamilton, Gene DHS Attorney Advisor 202-447-4216 202-282-9186 DC US
Hamilton, LaShawn DHS EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT 202-343-4047 202-343-4236 DC US
Hamilton, Laura DHS Policy Analyst - Detailee 202-282-9820 DC US
Hamilton, Mark DHS Project Manager - StE TIP 202-447-5420 202-447-0290 DC US
Hamilton, Tyrone DHS Deputy Director, National Security Systems 202-447-0094 DC US
Hamlin, Charles T DHS Migration Management Support 202-447-0095 DC US
Hamlin, Duane DHS Console Operator 202-282-8000 DC US
Hammar, Patricia DHS Consultant 202-447-3284 301-657-7591 DC US
Hammen, Jennifer DHS Field Security Coordinator 202-447-0359 202-447-5312 DC US
Hammer, Lorraine DHS Intern 202-343-1779 DC US
Hammill, James B DHS Senior Analyst 202-447-0141 DC US
Hammond, Clarence DHS 202-282-8238 DC US
Hammond, Dorthea DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-5701 202-447-5335 DC US
Hammond, Elizabeth C DHS Analyst 202-447-3662 DC US
Hammond, Henri DHS Deputy Director, WHMS 202-254-6044 DC US
Hammouda, Sabrina DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5179 703-603-5190 VA US
Hamon, Rita DHS Senior Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5943 (PSD) 202-447-5013 (DHS) DC US
Hampton, Benita DHS Management Analyst 202-343-4242 DC US
Hamrick, Barry M DHS Security Officer 703-603-4740 VA US
Han, Dewyon DHS Computer Engineer 703-235-4950 VA US
Han, John DHS Deputy Director, Asia-Pacific 202-254-5822 202-254-5397 DC US
Han, Sang DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0558 DC US
Han, Sohl T DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0852 DC US
Hancock, Claudia DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8751 202-282-9897 DC US
Hancock, Desiree DHS Administrative Assistant 202-447-4270 202-282-8008 DC US
Hancock, Stephen D DHS Deputy Director, Research & Development Partnerships 202-254-6909 DC US
Handke, Gregory DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-604-7242 IL US
Haney, Scott P DHS Senior Advisor 703-608-9149 DC US
Hanna, Raymond A DHS Protective Security Advsior 443-827-2059 MD US
Hannah, Tracy D DHS Deputy Director 202-447-0927 DC US
Hannan, Jason J DHS CWIN Systems Architect 703-341-4066 VA US
Hansen, Doug DHS IT Management Specialist 202-245-1156 DC US
Hansen, Garret DHS Regional Commander 202-302-6365 215-446-8750 PA US
Hanson, Eric DHS Chief of Staff, CICPA 703-235-2870 VA US
Hanson, Mary E DHS Dir., Adv. Committee/Executive Branch Liaison 202-254-5866 DC US
Hanson, Robert DHS Performance Management Lead 703-235-1905 VA US
Hanson, Tracie DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4638 VA US
Haq, Amal DHS Homeland Security Program Analyst Biosafety/Biosecurity 202-254-6792 DC US
Haque, Aasia M DHS Application Relocation Lead 202-824-7909 DC US
Harbert, Karen DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-3059 202-282-8805 DC US
Harbour, James S DHS Enterprise Architect 202-357-7632 DC US
Hardesty, Rebecca S DHS Executive Assistant 703-603-5161 VA US
Hardiman, Tara DHS Director 202-447-3243 DC US
Hardin, Michael M DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-3782 DC US
Harding, Heather M DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9486 DC US
Hardley, Kirston DHS Recruitment Coordinator 202-357-8417 202-357-8293 DC US
Hardy, Ashley DHS Information Security 850-452-7712 850-452-7197 FL US
Hardy, Ciani DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8292 DC US
Hardy, Gary DHS HR Security Specialist 703-235-1498 703-235-1562 VA US
Hardy, James DHS Protective Security Advisor 404-222-4831 404-222-4940 GA US
Hardy, Jeffrey DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-8414 DC US
Hardy, Randolph DHS 703-235-2515 703-235-3052 VA US
Harford, Robert M DHS ERA Developer 202-447-5531 DC US
Harger, Kyle B DHS Analyst 703-284-6285 VA US
Hargrove, Deon E DHS HSIN/Tier I 703-889-3510 DC US
Hargrove, Rick J DHS 2210 202-203-9758 703-235-5963 VA US
Harker, Howard DHS Sr. Manager 202-447-0176 DC US
Harkins, Therese M DHS Consultant 202-447-3681 DC US
Harkness, Shirley R DHS Database Analyst VA US
Harksen, James D DHS Chemical Facility Inspector 202-821-9905 WA US
Harley, Candace DHS Senior Consultant 720-395-5824 VA US
Harley, Cheryl DHS Mentoring Program Coordinator 202-357-8216 202-357-8471 DC US
Harley, Davina A DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-0126 DC US
Harley, Nicole DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5117 DC US
Harlow, Richard DHS Sr. Systems Engineer 703-277-1258 DC US
Harmon, Sharon R DHS Technical Programmatic Support / SETA 202-254-7687 DC US
Harmon, Willard DHS Supervisory IT Specialist (InfoSec) 703-235-5735 VA US
Harper, Bruce G DHS Dir of Science 631-323-3354 631-323-3097 NY US
Harper, DJ DHS Senior Advisor 202-447-3739 DC US
Harper, Jason D DHS Senior Staff Engineer 609-813-2846 609-813-2819 NJ US
Harper, Jerald DHS Assistant Director, FEMA, USCG, USSS, TSA 202-447-0458 DC US
Harper, Roy DHS DHS HQ Incident Response Lead 202-357-1236 DC US
Harrell, Elizabeth H DHS Senior Exchange Engineer 703-742-2574 VA US
Harrell, Larry E DHS security 202-254-6433 DC US
Harrell, Sean DHS Emergency Programs Coordinator (OEP) 202-527-3342 DC US
Harrell, William DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-302-6368 IL US
Harrigan, Georgia DHS Operations Research Analyst 202-254-5643 DC US
Harrigan, Thomas DHS Contractor: Subject Matter Expert 202-357-7849 DC US
Harrington, Donald J DHS Future Plans Branch Chief 202-254-2419 DC US
Harrington, Patricia DHS Energy Program Analyst 202-573-4702 DC US
Harris, Belinda DHS Correspondent Analyst 202-447-4081 DC US
Harris, Belinda N DHS Budget and Finance 703-235-5159 VA US
Harris, Cerise DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-5108 202-447-5118 DC US
Harris, Dale W DHS IV&V Project Manager 202-357-7869 DC US
Harris, David W DHS CBP Desk Officer 202-282-8130 DC US
Harris, Don E DHS Program Manager 202-254-7137 DC US
Harris, Douglas D DHS Administrative Specialist 202-343-1706 DC US
Harris, Elizabeth A DHS NSS Risk Management Division 202-357-6168 202-357-6197 DC US
Harris, Jacquelyn D DHS Sr. Procurement Analyst 202-447-5993 DC US
Harris, James E DHS SSA 703-235-5627 VA US
Harris, James D DHS Business Service Representative 434-374-3583 VA US
Harris, Jeffrey E DHS Senior IT Engineer 703-674-2702 NY US
Harris, Jessica DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5394 202-447-5873 DC US
Harris, John W DHS Exchange Administrator 434-374-3511 VA US
Harris, Kimberlee A DHS Reporting Team Lead 202-357-8538 DC US
Harris, Kimberly M DHS HIFLD to the Regions 573-356-7930 MO US
Harris, Laura DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0472 DC US
Harris, Lynn DHS Test Planner 202-254-7534 202-254-7749 DC US
Harris, Malika DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-5616 DC US
Harris, Mark E DHS Advisor to the CFO 202-447-0829 DC US
Harris, Michelle M DHS IA Security Engineer 202-357-1231 DC US
Harris, Moncrease E DHS Database Management Specialist 202-447-0479 DC US
Harris, Randall D DHS Program Analyst: Conference Room-AV/VTC/Facilities 202-254-5779 202-254-6172 DC US
Harris, Richard DHS Program Management Analyst 703-235-5417 703-235-5961 VA US
Harris, Ricky J DHS Desktop Tech 202-282-8081 DC US
Harris, Ronald DHS Supervisor 631-323-3114 NY US
Harris, Sally DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-254-6886 DC US
Harris, Steven E DHS Director, Professional Development & Training 703-235-1908 703-235-2056 VA US
Harris, Stic DHS Veterinary Medical Officer 202-254-2238 DC US
Harris, Ulister J DHS Planning Coordinator/Program Analyst 202-254-6626 202-254-2295 DC US
Harris, Vincent J DHS Solution Architect 202-536-6033 DC US
Harris, Virginia DHS HR Assistant 202-357-8547 202-357-8462 DC US
Harrison, Cassie DHS Director of Administration 202-282-8296 202-282-9188 DC US
Harrison, Clark E DHS Contractor 202-282-8433 202-447-3074 DC US
Harrison, Darryl L DHS Financial Analyst 202-282-8259 DC US
Harrison, Gregory L DHS Systems Engineer 402-660-2997 NE US
Harrison, Mashean DHS Travel Coordinator 202-254-2209 DC US
Harry, Ryan DHS Booz Allen Hamilton Contractor, Geospatial Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9369 DC US
Hart, Andrew J DHS DC US
Hart, Bruce DHS Lead BUR/Storage Engineer 703-742-2708 VA US
Hart, David E DHS Inspector 202-731-9297 FL US
Hart, Gregory J DHS Consultant 202-282-8252 DC US
Hart, Kevin DHS Special Assistant 202-254-7114 DC US
Hart, Markies E DHS Enrollment Official DC US
Hart, Regina DHS 202-282-9727 DC US
Hart, Thomas D DHS Operations Research Analyst 202-343-4529 DC US
Hartdegen, Kevin J DHS Information Assurance/SOC Lead 228-813-4209 228-813-4215 MS US
Hartley, William DHS
Hartman, Katrina R DHS Scheduling and Advance 202-447-3209 202-282-8415 DC US
Hartman, Matthew M DHS Customer Relationship Manager 703-235-3047 VA US
Hartman, Peter G DHS Attorney/Advisor 202-447-5099 202-447-3111 DC US
Hartsough, Guy N DHS Nuclear Detection Specialist 202-254-7142 DC US
Harvey, Ben DHS Director Executive Program Support Office Division 202-447-0111 DC US
Harvey, Chester W DHS 202-447-5784 DC US
Harvey, David L DHS SEDI (MITRE) Department Head 202-447-0436 DC US
Harvey, Gloria DHS Resource Manager 202-254-7406 202-254-4717 DC US
Harvey, Henry DHS Manager CRMD/RMCD/BFSD 202-447-0794 DC US
Harvey, Ki DHS SETA Contractor 202-254-7139 DC US
Harvey, Timothy E DHS SETA Support- Senior Systems Engineer 202-254-2318 DC US
Harwood, Deanne DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-4974 VA US
Hasan, Muhammad A DHS ESS VIP 202-450-7009 DC US
Hasham, Sikina DHS Policy Analyst 202-282-8767 DC US
Haskins, Janice W DHS Employee Relations Consultant 703-235-2114 703-235-2054 VA US
Haskins, Wanda DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-9558 202-282-9895/9896 DC US
Hasley, Julia C DHS Acting Chief of Staff/Chief Exec Sec Office 703-235-4223 703-235-5696 VA US
Haslup, Margaret A DHS Program Manager, TAC Operations 202-282-8641 DC US
Hassan, Ramsey S DHS Enterprise Architect DC US
Hassel, Debby M DHS Assistant Senior Watch Officer (ASWO) 202-282-8101 DC US
Hassen, James E DHS Mr. 202-282-9846 202-282-8804 DC US
Hastings, Patricia DHS Army Liaison 202-254-5723 DC US
Hatchett, Anthony DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5148 DC US
Hatten, Jennifer DHS R&D Business Specialist 202-254-6711 DC US
Hatten, Walter L DHS Change Manager 228-813-4892 MS US
Hattis, Daniel DHS Legislative Affairs Specialist 202-282-9678 DC US
Hauer, Aaron DHS Budget Analyst 703-235-1477 VA US
Haugan, Greg DHS Senior Analyst 202-254-7152 DC US
Haupt, Rob A DHS Systems Engineer 202-447-0675 DC US
Haushalter, Laura B DHS Program Specialist 202-612-1961 DC US
Haut, Sarah L DHS IT Project Manager, PMP 202-447-5322 DC US
Hautala-Bateman, Cheri DHS Physical Scientist 202-254-7438 DC US
Haverback, Craig B DHS PCII Tech Support 703-235-9575 703-235-9709 VA US
Havranek, John DHS Associate General Counsel 202-447-3544 DC US
Hawkins, Courtney A DHS Future Ops 202-282-8715 DC US
Hawkins, Daniel M DHS Regional Coordinator 406-443-0170 MT US
Hawkins, Danielle DHS Support Contractor 202-254-6335 202-254-6910 DC US
Hawkins, Destiny DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-0763 202-447-5873 DC US
Hawkins, Jill C DHS Technical Research Assistant 410-417-0905 410-417-0915 MD US
Hawkins, John DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-573-5078 DC US
Hawkins, Kristin K DHS DNDO Counterintelligence Officer 202-254-7573 202-254-7759 DC US
Hawkins, LaTanya C DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-343-2455 DC US
Hawkins, Natasha L DHS Senior Risk Analyst 202-343-1775 DC US
Hawkins, Paula DHS Management Analyst 202-357-8556 DC US
Hawkins, Randal L DHS Data Center & Network Services Lead 202-447-0027 DC US
Hawkins, Richard DHS Sr. Tech 703-235-5415 VA US
Hawkins, Sandra L DHS Director of Administration 703-235-0780 703-235-0442 VA US
Hawkins, Stefanie D DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5339 202-447-5333 DC US
Hawkins, Timothy DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-302-6369 TN US
Hawman, Susan DHS 202-642-4507 DC US
Haws, Elijah W DHS Operations Analyst: Knowledge Management Officer 202-282-9353 DC US
Hayes, Emma DHS Resource Manager 202-254-7111 202-254-7747 DC US
Hayes, Erin DHS Sr. Human Resources Specialist 202-615-5782 DC US
Hayes, Kara DHS Protocol Officer 202-282-9602 DC US
Hayes, Nancy DHS Financial Specialist 202-447-5923 DC US
Hayes, Pratt G DHS Project Manager 228-813-4135 CT US
Hayhurst, Benjamin E DHS Reports Officer 858-495-7284 DC US
Hayhurst, Robert E DHS Program Analyst 202-447-3077 DC US
Hayman, Khiana DHS Human Resources Assistant 202-357-8246 202-357-8138 DC US
Haynes, Carey L DHS Redress Officer 202-324-5418 DC US
Hazen, Richard M DHS Physical/Personnel Security Lead 228-813-4818 228-813-4215 MS US
Hazera, Francisco DHS GIS Desk Officer 202-282-9639 DC US
Hazlewood, Kathryn DHS Enterprise Content Manager 202-357-8315 DC US
Hazou, Ivette M DHS Network Steward Support 703-921-6744 VA US
Hazzard, Larry DHS Telecommunications Specialist 703-235-5279 VA US
Hcao DHS HSDN Connection Approval Office 202-282-8842 202-612-1673 DC US
Head, Kyle DHS McAfee Subject Matter Expert (SME) 202-357-6106 DC US
Headen, Mary F DHS Ms. 202-447-3401 202-447-3464 DC US
Headen, Samantha DHS Management Analyst/Executive Assistant 703-235-3079 VA US
Heard, Taylor DHS 703-235-5305 VA US
Hearn, Charles T DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 803-896-3941 SC US
Hearn, Robin E DHS Executive Assistant 202-254-5758 DC US
Hearns, Sean T DHS Senior Operations/Exercise Planner 202-254-7032 DC US
Heath, Stanley DHS Public Affairs Specialist 202-282-9117 DC US
Hebert, Rodney J DHS Sr Watch Officer 888-282-0870 703-235-5024 VA US
Hedge, Christopher DHS NCSD / FNS CCV Team Lead 703-235-5186 VA US
Hedgpeth, Ryan E DHS Systems Engineer 703-235-5707 VA US
Hedlund, Lee J DHS Program analyst 202-357-8180 DC US
Heeter, Kevin W DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Hefley, Conley DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8926 202-282-8803 DC US
Hegarty, Timothy B DHS Chief, NGA Support Team 202-282-8614 202-282-8803 DC US
Heide, Bruce DHS Appropriations Liaison Officer 202-447-5095 202-447-5164 DC US
Heider, Alyssa D DHS Personnel Security Assistant 202-447-0133 202-447-5813 DC US
Heider, Anthony DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-447-5629 202-447-5335 DC US
Heil, Daylen DHS Plans & Integration 202-447-3923 DC US
Heimbach, Susan DHS HP information consultant NH US
Heimer, Lloyd D DHS DHS RMS Tier II Support 202-357-6100 DC US
Heinig, Patrick E DHS Senior Enterprise Architect 202-254-7256 DC US
Heintz, Craig DHS Deputy Director 202-357-8305 202-357-8504 DC US
Heinz, Todd W DHS Deputy Chief of Staff 202-282-8432 DC US
Heise, Ryan M DHS 571-350-4736 VA US
Heiser, Nicole DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-447-3029 202-447-3111 DC US
Heitman, Kathleen DHS FS2 202-282-8954 DC US
Helbock, David DHS Physical Security Branch Chief 202-282-9260 202-282-9500 DC US
Heldibridle, Travis K DHS Desktop Support Technician 202-343-4101 DC US
Helfrich, William T DHS 703-474-0289 VA US
Heller, Jacob N DHS Advisor to the Chief of Staff 202-447-3982 DC US
Heller, Veronica DHS CITA Program Manager 703-235-9558 VA US
Helt, James DHS Manager, Laboratory Operations & Oversight 202-254-6050 202-254-6179 DC US
Helwick, Rudolph J DHS Wintel System Administrator 228-813-4146 MS US
Helwig, Jonathan S DHS Exercise Planning and Special Events 703-235-9334 VA US
Hemer, Mary DHS International Protocol Advisor 202-254-5635 202-254-5395 DC US
Hemmati, Dan N DHS SETA 202-254-2335 DC US
Hemmer, Lisa DHS Staff Accountant 202-447-5892 DC US
Hemphill, Anthony T DHS Operations Manager 202-254-5733 202-254-6171 DC US
Henderson, Debra DHS Human Resource Specialist 202-357-8114 DC US
Henderson, Gerradi C DHS Emergency Programs Coordinator 202-254-6603 202-254-5671 DC US
Henderson, Jacqueline Y DHS 202-254-6015 DC US
Henderson, Jesse K DHS Branch Chief, OPSEC Branch 202-447-5423 DC US
Henderson, Julius DHS Special Security Representative 202-282-8838 202-282-9361 DC US
Henderson, Lakeisha DHS Architect, Program Manager 202-407-3400 DC US
Henderson, Nichelle R DHS Organizational Change Management 202-447-0965 DC US
Henderson, Starr DHS Program Analyst, Team Lead 202-254-6107 202-254-6739 DC US
Hendricks, Kevin DHS 703-235-5797 VA US
Hendrickson, Bruce A DHS System Engineer 301-795-2031 MD US
Hendrix, Clu W DHS Database Administrator 228-813-4123 MS US
Henke, Keith A DHS Fire Program Specialist 202-282-9286 DC US
Henkels, Suzanne DHS Press Assistant 202-282-8196 DC US
Henn, James F DHS Program Manager 703-304-1027 703-682-4824 VA US
Hensley, James E DHS Program Manager 703-603-5147 703-603-5190 VA US
Hensley, Jenny F DHS Consultant 202-282-9933 DC US
Henson, Lawrence DHS Director, Program Management for Information Security 202-357-6115 DC US
Herbaugh, Daniel C DHS Program Manager DC US
Herman, Steven W DHS 202-254-7326 DC US
Hermance, Donald M DHS 631-323-3291 NY US
Hern, Samuel L DHS Summer Intern 609-813-2875 NJ US
Hernandez, Bill DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-282-9422 202-282-9186 DC US
Hernandez, David DHS Research Chemist/Explosives Specialist 609-813-2807 609-383-1973 NJ US
Hernandez, Jared DHS Analyst / RFI Manager DC US
Hernandez, Kristian DHS communication engineer 202-253-8336 DC US
Hernandez, Larry DHS Program Support 202-357-7784 DC US
Hernandez, Luis D DHS IT Business Systems Analyst 202-254-6951 DC US
Hernandez, Shanika S DHS Administrative Assistant 202-254-7654 DC US
Herndon, Carrie DHS Associate Director 202-447-5559 202-447-5564 DC US
Herrera, Jose L DHS Sensitive Source Reporting Program/ Control Officer 202-282-9101 DC US
Herrera, Rose M DHS Operations Officer 703-275-8674 VA US
Herrin, Steven DHS Acting Chief, Risk Integration and Analysis Branch 202-447-4495 DC US
Herrod, Christopher M DHS Wintel Systems Engineer 228-813-3345 MS US
Herron, Shawn M DHS Government Watch Officer 202-612-1684 DC US
Hershfield, Neil DHS Deputy Director - CSSP & ICS-CERT 703-235-4976 VA US
Heselton, Glenn E DHS Contingency Planner 703-235-2560 VA US
Heshmatpour, Bahman DHS Nuclear Engineer 703-603-5227 703-603-5190 VA US
Hess, David DHS Principal Deputy CoS 703-235-2090 VA US
Hess, Gwainevere C DHS Senior Policy Analyst 703-603-5051 DC US
Hessman, Jeri DHS Program Mgr/Sr Program Support 202-254-6340 DC US
Hester, Alfreda DHS Senior Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5390 202-447-5013 DC US
Hester, Christopher DHS 703-235-8861 VA US
Hester, DeLacie DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-357-7772 202-401-4708 DC US
Hester, Lynn Y DHS Administrative Officer 202-507-2924
Hester, Tekechia R DHS Veterinary ResearchTechnician 631-323-3214 NY US
Hewitt, DelRaye M DHS Information Operations Specialist (Cyber) 202-282-8586 DC US
Hewitt, Victoria E DHS Senior Computer Security Specialist 202-357-1241 DC US
Hewitt, William T DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-3137 202-282-8803 DC US
Heyman, David DHS Assistant Secretary for Policy 202-282-9708 DC US
Hiatt, John D DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-282-8209 202-282-9500 DC US
Hibbetts, Brian DHS LVPD Desk Officer 202-282-9274 DC US
Hickey, Emily R DHS Lead, Policy and Governance, IICD 703-235-9522 VA US
Hickey, Gary DHS Contracting Officer 202-358-7739 202-358-7810 DC US
Hickman, Kathleen DHS Laboratory Ops 703-647-8045 703-647-8250 VA US
Hickman, Martin L DHS Liaison Officer 202-282-8345 DC US
Hickman, Matthew L DHS Phyiscal Scientist 202-254-5340 DC US
Hickox, Allen DHS Strategy Consultant 202-343-1757 DC US
Hicks, Elliott DHS LESMC Core Team Lead 202-447-4569 DC US
Hicks, Ivin M DHS Network Engineer DC US
Hicks, Terry W DHS Program Risk Analyst 202-447-4386 DC US
Hicks, Tiffany DHS Program Analyst, IRAPP 202-447-3901 DC US
Hides, James J DHS Reports Officer 202-447-4097 DC US
Higa-Smith, Karyn DHS Program Manager/Engineer 202-254-5335 DC US
Higginbotham, David DHS Deputy Director, NICC 202-510-7192 VA US
Higgins, Bernadette A DHS SETA Support Contractor 202-254-5707 202-254-6167 DC US
Higgins, James J DHS HSIN Mission Advocate NY US
Higgins, Kathleen M DHS Chief, Stakeholder Engagement 202-254-2293 202-254-5388 DC US
Higgins, Patrice M DHS Branch Chief, Human Resources 202-254-7165 202-254-7576 DC US
Higgins, Patricia DHS Associate Director of Support Operations 202-447-5442 202-447-5438 DC US
Higgins, Tyler T DHS Sr. Program Analyst 703-235-5510 VA US
Higgins-Bloom, Kate DHS Legislative Fellow 202-447-5466 DC US
Highfill, Amy C DHS Media Services Geospatial Analyst 202-282-8594 DC US
Hildebrandt, Kathryn L DHS Inst Systems Specialist 202-447-5421 DC US
Hill, Alice DHS Senior Counselor to the Secretary 202-447-4100 DC US
Hill, Andrea DHS Associate Director of Operations 202-447-5459 202-447-5437 DC US
Hill, Armand M DHS Production Specialist 202-282-9393 DC US
Hill, Arnold DHS IT Project Manager 202-447-0909 202-447-0290 DC US
Hill, Clair DHS Sr. Communications Analyst 703-647-8055 703-647-8250 VA US
Hill, Crystal DHS Senior Operations Research Analyst 202-343-4530 DC US
Hill, David B DHS Professor 202-685-3333 DC US
Hill, Frances DHS Administrative Specialist 202-343-4040 DC US
Hill, Frederick F DHS Senior Watch Officer 202-282-8101 DC US
Hill, John W DHS Director of Program & Budget 202-282-8418 202-282-8803 DC US
Hill, Julian DHS Assistant Director 202-254-7440 DC US
Hill, Melissa A DHS Critical Manufacturing Task Lead VA US
Hill, St John G DHS Customer Assurance 202-282-8934 DC US
Hill, Tanya M DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5511 202-447-5545 DC US
Hill, Terrence DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8290 DC US
Hill, Tonya DHS Section 508 Outreach and Awareness Coordinator 202-447-0305 202-447-0330 DC US
Hill, Wendy DHS Small Business Advocate 202-447-5286 202-447-5552 DC US
Hillery, Jeff DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Hilliard, Amanda DHS Telecommunications Manager 202-343-1614 DC US
Hillman, Fides DHS Senior Program Analyst 202-343-4531 DC US
Hilton, Bonnie R DHS COMSEC Manager 202-447-5399 202-447-5312 DC US
Hilton, Purnell C DHS Information Technology Specialist 202-447-0159 DC US
Hilts, Robert L DHS SESP Liaison 202-254-7162 DC US
Hilyer, Brian M DHS GDAIS Ops Manager 888-282-0870 VA US
Himeles, Sara B DHS Public Affairs and Strategic Communications Assistant 202-447-3533 DC US
Himes, Patrick J DHS Information Operations Specialist 703-235-5117 VA US
Himler, Allen D DHS Contractor 202-357-7789 DC US
Himmel, Chloe DHS Legislative Affairs Specialist 202-282-9277 DC US
Hines, Rita DHS HR Specialist 609-813-3019 609-813-3314 NJ US
Hinkle, William DHS Supervisory Specialist 202-375-9242 TX US
Hinton, Stephen DHS Personnel Seccurity Assistant 202-447-0157 DC US
Hipp, Roger A DHS Attorney Advisor 202-447-0556 DC US
Hirt, Ryan DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-821-8790 MA US
Hite, Michael T DHS DC-2 Security Analyst 434-374-3573 VA US
Hite, Pamela DHS Project Technical Lead 434-374-3540 VA US
Hite, Travis M DHS 202-254-6709 DC US
Ho, Melissa A DHS BusOps Manager 202-254-6017 DC US
Ho, Sandra DHS 703-235-5123 VA US
Ho, Tiffany DHS IT Specialist 703-235-3648 VA US
Hoadley, Travis DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-357-8207 DC US
Hoang, Anthony DHS Director, NIEM PMO 202-447-3726 202-447-3874 DC US
Hoang, Stephen DHS Consultant 202-447-4371 DC US
Hoang, Trinh DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5772 DC US
Hoareau, Emile DHS Senior Tech 703-235-1920 VA US
Hoban, Robin J DHS Hifld to the Regions 678-277-2702 GA US
Hobson, James DHS Sr. Analyst 202-447-3183 DC US
Hodas, Luke M DHS DC2 - System Support 919-424-9358 NC US
Hode, Matthew DHS Network Eng. 228-813-4802 MS US
Hodge, Darian DHS Sr. Intel Analyst \ Operations Specialist 631-477-4497 NY US
Hodge, David DHS Program Manager 202-254-5813 202-254-6164 DC US
Hodge, Henry E DHS Contractor - CACI Prog Mgr 703-235-9332 VA US
Hodge, Kimberly DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0514 DC US
Hoefel, John S DHS NICC Watch Coordinator 202-282-9201 VA US
Hoefer, Michael DHS Director, Office of Immigration Statistics 202-786-9871 202-786-9910 DC US
Hoelzle, Jen DHS Director of Director of External Engagement 202-282-8170 DC US
Hoexter, Marcia A DHS Executive Assistant 202-254-7425 DC US
Hofer, Carrie DHS Occupational Health Nurse Practitioner 631-323-3217 631-323-3360 NY US
Hofer, Christine A DHS Support Contractor 202-254-5322 DC US
Hoffecker, Frank DHS Systems Engineer 703-235-5808 VA US
Hoffman, Allen DHS Deputy Executive Director 202-447-0303 DC US
Hoffman, Andrew DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-3505 202-447-3600 DC US
Hoffman, Cynthia DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-245-1108 DC US
Hoffman, Erin C DHS Special Assistant to the Senior Counselor to the Secretary 202-447-3512 DC US
Hoffman, Jesse DHS Service Desk Manager 1-317-821-6061 IN US
Hoffman, Nancy DHS Contracting Officer 202-254-2281 DC US
Hoffman, Rebecca DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0105 202-447-5564 DC US
Hogan, Claire E DHS Analyst 703-235-8154 VA US
Hogan, Phillip DHS SA DC US
Hogan, William D DHS Senior Program Manager 703-235-5789 VA US
Hogenmiller, Mark E DHS Program Director VA US
Hogues, Barry DHS Access Control 202-282-9015 DC US
Hoitt, Janine A DHS Program Analyst 202-612-1770 DC US
Hoke, Janine DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5188 DC US
Holbrook, Brett DHS DOD Desk Officer 202-282-8116 DC US
Holbrook, Tina Y DHS IT Security Specialist 202-631-5517 DC US
Holcomb, David L DHS Protective Security Advisor (PSA) 206-654-5709 206-654-6479 WA US
Holden, David A DHS Tracking Officer 202-282-8328 DC US
Holden, Michael A DHS Senior Exercise Coordinator 202-254-7143 202-254-7752 DC US
Holder, Richard DHS Security Specialist 202-254-6463 202-254-6403 DC US
Holl, Troy DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-9691 202-282-9897 DC US
Holladay, Michael DHS Enrollment Offical 202-384-5996 DC US
Holland, Bobbie L DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0799 DC US
Holland, Clayton DHS Security lead 202-254-5776 DC US
Holland, Donna C DHS Program Specialist 202-357-7735 202-357-7678 DC US
Holland, Gerald D DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5842 202-447-5118 DC US
Holland, Robert R DHS Technology Consultant IV 434-374-0626 VA US
Holland, Steven F DHS Sr. Property Manager 703-235-1495 703-235-1561 VA US
Hollands, Andrew DHS SETA Contractor 202-254-5859 202-254-6169 DC US
Holley, Alisha DHS Telecommunication Technician 202-357-7890 DC US
Hollingsead, Gregory DHS Protective Security Advisor, Omaha District 402-981-8970 NE US
Hollingsworth, Allen DHS Special Agent 202-357-7620 DC US
Hollis, Mari Ann DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-5084 DC US
Hollis, Mary J DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5079 202-447-5333 DC US
Hollis, Tracy DHS IDM Project Manager 202-357-6108 DC US
Hollister, Edouard T DHS Remedy Administrator 228-813-3380 MS US
Holloway, Jane DHS Requirements Analyst 202-357-8429 DC US
Holly, Elaine R DHS 202-447-4330 DC US
Holm, Rudy DHS Protective Security Advisor (PSA) 505-248-5298 505-248-5296 NM US
Holmberg, James B DHS DC US
Holmberg, John P DHS Contractor 703-603-5065 VA US
Holmer, Georgia DHS Program Manager 202-447-4550 DC US
Holmes, Beverly S DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-4226 DC US
Holmes, Donnell L DHS IT TECH 703-235-5345 MD US
Holmes, Linda S DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9516 VA US
Holmes, Sheila DHS Associate Director, EXD/BMD/IDD/HF 202-254-5603 DC US
Holt, Bernard DHS Security Specialist 703-603-5165 VA US
Holt, Bonnie DHS Training Officer-Director of Management Office 703-235-8141 VA US
Holt, Jack DHS 703-235-5080 VA US
Holt, Kenneth DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-282-8636 DC US
Holton, Jerome J DHS 703-647-2748 VA US
Holtz, Jennifer S DHS 202-343-1711 DC US
Holzbach, Thomas G DHS Project Associate 571-289-2301 VA US
Holzer, James V DHS Associate Director of Disclosure and FOIA Operations 703-235-0149 VA US
Homan, Michael A DHS Business Analyst 434-374-3550 VA US
Homovich, David M DHS 703-205-5065 VA US
Hong, Alice DHS Deputy Director 212-620-3619 212-620-3651 NY US
Hong, Eric W DHS VA US
Hong, Susan DHS 703-235-5787 VA US
Hong, Traci DHS Policy Advisor 202-357-6142 DC US
Hongola, Ian DHS Foreign Liaison Officer 202-282-9526 DC US
Honig, Charles DHS I T Technician 202-447-0684 202-447-0691 DC US
Hood, Norma J DHS System Administrator 202-697-3516 DC US
Hooks, Robert DHS DAS for Biodefense & WMD 202-254-5833 DC US
Hoopengardner, Stephen DHS Intern 202-447-0944 DC US
Hooper, William A DHS Executive Secretary (CTR) 202-447-4879 DC US
Hoover, Julie A DHS ITO Svc Delivery Rep II 434-374-3850 VA US
Hoover, Mark E DHS DC2 - Mainframe Support 919-424-5612 NC US
Hope, Ingrid G DHS Occupational Medicine & Safety Analyst 202-254-2334 202-254-6094 DC US
Hopeck, Scott E DHS Analyst 703-736-4041 VA US
Hopkins, Christine L DHS Geospatial Analyst 703-506-9515 VA US
Hopkins, Courtney DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-254-5775 202-254-5713 DC US
Hopkins, James DHS Executive Support Services DC US
Hopkins, Jason M DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Horan, Eileen DHS Purchasing Agent 631-323-3062 631-323-3001 NY US
Horenstein, Keith A DHS Principal Information Systems Engineer 202-447-5035 DC US
Horn, Elke E DHS US-CERT ExecSec 703-235-5302 VA US
Horn, Scott DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8309 DC US
Horne, John O DHS Monitoring Tools Admin 434-374-0689 VA US
Horne, Vaughn G DHS Assistant Chief 202-447-5225 DC US
Horowitz, Scott DHS Correspondence Control Assistant 202-447-5819 DC US
Horst, Brian L DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5659 DC US
Hortega, Josiah DHS Deputy Branch Chief 703-603-4639 VA US
Horton, Donald DHS Senior Intelligence Liaison Officer 202-447-3632 DC US
Horton, Eric DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-3332 DC US
Hoskins, Mitchell DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-447-3529 DC US
Hosmer, Mark DHS TSA LNO 202-447-3688 DC US
Hossain, Akter DHS Configuration Manager-ITNOVA 202-447-5004 DC US
Hostetler, Aaron T DHS Senior Voice Systems Engineer 202-447-0798 DC US
Hostetler, Bryan DHS Communications Analyst 202-447-0002 202-447-0725 DC US
Hotin, Edward L DHS IT Specialist 434-374-0910 VA US
Houck, Bradford L DHS Principal consultant 703-371-2812 DC US
Houder, John DHS Web Content / Media Specialist 202-282-8095 DC US
Houghtaling, Pamela A DHS Communications Liaison 202-343-2463 (Desk) DC US
Houghton, Douglas DHS InfoSec Engineer 703-235-9576 VA US
Houghton, Lucas DHS Assoc Systems Engineer 703-464-9964 VA US
Houpt, Alex DHS Geospatial Analyst VA US
House, Arley DHS Special Agent / Program Manager 703-235-8409 703-235-3417 DC US
House, Robert L DHS Assistant Director HQ Support Services 202-282-8490 DC US
Houser, David L DHS DHS Chief Regulatory Economist 202-282-9995 DC US
Houser, Eric DHS Director, Explosives Division 202-254-5366 202-254-9396 DC US
Houser, Jason P DHS Intelligence Liaison 202-447-3596 202-282-8803 DC US
Houser, Walter DHS Contractor 703-284-6180 VA US
Houser, Willie J DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-282-9784 202-282-9500 DC US
Houston, Rephael T DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4640 703-603-4715 DC US
Howard, Brenda K DHS SMS Requirements/IT HRIS Analyst 202-510-8086 DC US
Howard, Gregory DHS Protective Security Advisor 502-540-2625 502-582-6329 KY US
Howard, Kathryn DHS Program Specialist 703-603-4929 VI US
Howard, Lia DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7308 DC US
Howard, Rothley DHS Assistant Director, Office of Financial Operations 202-447-5109 202-447-5118 DC US
Howard, Tammy L DHS Chief of Staff 202-282-9264 202-282-8408 DC US
Howcroft, Loren DHS Program Support Specialist 202-447-5662 202-447-5310 DC US
Howe, George W DHS Chief Security Officer 703-736-4130 VA US
Howe, Jeffrey DHS IPDS Support Desk Manager 202-447-3073 VA US
Howe, Maurice DHS IT Security Specialist 202-447-3326 202-447-4457 DC US
Howe, Wendy DHS Chief, Business Operations 202-254-5816 DC US
Howell, Christian DHS Cyber Investigator 202-254-6976 202-254-6403 DC US
Howell, Dennis DHS Intern 410-417-0918 MD US
Howell, John G DHS Senior Consultant 703-235-3645 VA US
Howell, Scott DHS Associate Director of Congressional Actions 202-282-9961 DC US
Howell, Shawn W DHS Forensics Team Chief 703-275-8670 VA US
Hower, Christopher DHS Resource Analyst 703-235-4276 VA US
Howerton, Karen N DHS Personnel Security 434-374-0694 VA US
Hoxie, Brian DHS Program Analyst 202-447-4155 DC US
Hoying, James DHS Site Lead 228-813-4151 228-813-4884 MS US
Hoyle, Robert DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-604-7239 CA US
Hrin, Erik J DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5988 DC US
Hsdn-ESD DHS Program Management Office DC US
Hsiao, Michael DHS 214-808-4021 TX US
Hsieh, Patty DHS 202-254-5882 DC US
Hua, Jianhai T DHS Enterprise Architect 202-447-4663 DC US
Hua, Justin S DHS Senior Consultant 703-235-9533 VA US
Hubbard, Angela DHS Communications Liaison 202-357-7682 DC US
Hubbard, Bryan M DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Hubbard, Gredta Y DHS BPM Manager 202-447-3452 (NAC) 202-282-9505 DC US
Hubbard, Sabrina DHS IT Specialist 202-357-7871 DC US
Hubbell, Tina DHS Program Management Analyst 202-282-8981 202-447-3924 DC US
Huber, Joseph C DHS Database Analyst, Lead 703-349-3708 MO US
Hubert, Christina DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4218 DC US
Hubert, Damien DHS Cyber Threat Analyst 703-235-5111 703-235-5042 VA US
Huddleston, Timothy DHS IICD Deputy Director (A) 703-235-9565 VA US
Hudgen, Terrence DHS IT Program Manager 202-447-0219 DC US
Hudson, Jennifer C DHS IT Support Tech 631-323-3251 NY US
Hudson, Juan A DHS Senior Security Engineer 703-921-7019 VA US
Hudson, Melinda S DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8683 DC US
Hudson, Raymond DHS Senior Watch Officer 202-282-9201 VA US
Hudson, Tammy DHS Management & Program Analyst DC US
Huey, Homer D DHS CDR 202-282-9590 DC US
Huff, Stephen DHS Program Specialist 202-357-8578 DC US
Huff, Tyrone O DHS Clearance Officer 202-343-2496 DC US
Hugee, Leon DHS Network Engineer 202-447-5944 202-447-0437 DC US
Huggard-Gallagher, Judy DHS Program Analyst 609-813-2770 609-383-1973 NJ US
Hughes, Benjamin M DHS Senior Acquisition Specialist 202-447-0562 202-447-5160 DC US
Hughes, Christian A DHS Senior Policy Advisor-DHS HQ-NAC 202-447-4113 202-282-9254 DC US
Hughes, Cris DHS Civil Engineer 703-603-5121 703-603-5190 VA US
Hughes, Dylan M DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-0729 DC US
Hughes, Kalynn DHS Intern 202-357-7647 DC US
Hughes, Keith T DHS Chief of Staff 703-235-5356 703-235-5673 VA US
Hughes, Kimberly DHS Senior Liasion Officer 202-447-3687 DC US
Hughes, Melanie DHS Program Mgmt Support 703-235-9517 VA US
Hughes, Ronald K DHS Mr. 615-744-4079 615-744-4011 TN US
Hugill, Sandy L DHS Senior IT Consultant 202-343-2517 DC US
Hull, Marcus DHS Mr. Marcus Hull 202-282-9273 DC US
Hultgren, Anne DHS Bio Project Manager 202-254-5858 DC US
Humble, Julian DHS IT Specialist 703-235-4967 VA US
Humes, Karen DHS Branch Chief 703-235-1518 VA US
Hummel, William DHS Content Manager 202-447-4313 DC US
Humphrey, Toni D DHS Veterans Affairs Liaison Officer 202-282-8109 202-282-8401 DC US
Humphreys, Genevieve DHS Real Property Program Manager 202-254-6475 202-254-5671 DC US
Humphries, Chris DHS Headquarters Training Manager 202-357-8244 DC US
Humphries, Patrick DHS GS-9 / Program Specialist DC US
Hunert, Roy D DHS Analyst 703-603-5053 VA US
Hung, Jonathan J DHS FISMA Inventory Analyst 202-357-7862 DC US
Hunsicker, Macy DHS Regional Director, Mid-Atlantic Region 571-814-8832 VA US
Hunt, Jay DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-580-5482 IL US
Hunt, June DHS Program Analyst 703-284-3253 VA US
Hunt, Ken DHS Dir, Leglislative and Regulatory Analysis 703-235-0762 VA US
Hunt, Martha DHS Policy, Outreach, and Training Support 703-603-5238 VA US
Hunter, Bruce DHS IT Security Tech 202-282-8300 DC US
Hunter, Carlarease DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4743 VA US
Hunter, Danny T DHS VTC Operations 202-447-3226 DC US
Hunter, Kenneth R DHS Principal Enterprise Architect 202-254-5367 DC US
Hunter, Teresa DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-5256 202-447-0697 DC US
Huntsman, Bradley S DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4641 VA US
Hunziker, Ann DHS Mgmt & Prg Analyst 703-603-4905 DC US
Huq, Evan DHS IT Support 202-254-6308 DC US
Hurley, Erin DHS Special Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8310 DC US
Hurley, Vincent DHS PMO Support 202-357-7633 DC US
Hurtle, William DHS 631-375-1589 631-323-3295 NY US
Huskey, Amanda J DHS Consultant 703-235-8166
Husson, Brian DHS IT 703-235-5454 VA US
Hustead, Michael J DHS Systems Engineer 703-917-2405 VA US
Huston, Michael DHS Deputy Director 202-447-3915 DC US
Hutchings, Charles DHS Senior Systems Engineer 202-343-4532 DC US
Hutchinson, Tamara L DHS Director, ITACG 571-280-6201 DC US
Hutter, Adam R DHS Laboratory Director 212-620-3576 212-620-3611 NY US
Hutton, Michael DHS Senior Intelligence Officer 202-447-4580 DC US
Huynh, Giang DHS Computer Scientist 703-235-4227 VA US
Huynh, Lu H DHS Systems Analyst 202-282-9699 DC US
Huynh, Maria DHS Policy Advisor 202-254-6129 DC US
Hwang, Caroline DHS Junior Resource Manager 202-254-7356 DC US
Hyer, Brian C DHS 703-603-5059 VA US
Hyland, Kyle DHS Security Specialist 202-254-6105 DC US
Hyland, Stephen T DHS ACAMS Application SME 703-235-9556 VA US
Hylemon, Debra S DHS Cyber Collections Manager 202-282-8295 DC US
Hyman, Tamika D DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-3414 DC US
Hymowitz, Emily DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-282-8976 DC US
Hynes, Kristina DHS Program Analyst 202-612-1705 202-282-8008 DC US
Hynes, Mary Ellen DHS Director of Research for IGD 202-254-5807 202-254-6179 DC US
Hyson, Martin DHS Infrastructure Engineer 202-282-8475 DC US
Ibrahim, Anthony Khalil DHS LAN SME VA US
Ice, Stacy DHS Mission Integration Officer 703-235-5837 VA US
Igersheim, Daniel DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-5930 DC US
Ignacio, Joselito S DHS Deputy Program Director, Chemical Defense 202-254-5738 202-254-6914 DC US
Ignarro, Russell F DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8820 202-447-3173 (Unclassified) DC US
Ignatz, Bryan S DHS Lab Manager 434-374-3574 VA US
Ikeanyi, Christian DHS Cyber Security Analyst 703-603-4697 VA US
Ikuma, Akira DHS Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM) 202-357-7684 202-357-1299 DC US
Ileto, Carlene DHS Director, EBMO 202-343-2434 DC US
Illsley, Terrie L DHS DC US
Imbesi, Guy T DHS IA & Compliance Specialist NY US
Imc, IP DHS 202-447-3002 DC US
Indarsingh, Rudran DHS SharePoint Engineer 703-733-3060 VA US
Inge, Andrew L DHS 434-374-3875 VA US
Inge, Pearlester DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8149 202-357-8470 DC US
Ingram, Joel T DHS IT Specialist 202-447-3102 DC US
Ingram, Ronald DHS Cyber Security Analyst 703-603-4952 VA US
Inman, Brent DHS Supervisor 202-447-0279 DC US
Innis, Greg DHS Protective Security Advisor Memphis 901-237-7347 TN US
Insidesandt DHS
Internicola, Jennifer DHS Mission Liaison 202-447-4832 DC US
Inzer, Michael W DHS Senior Watch Officer 202-282-8101 202-403-3486 DC US
Iorio, John R DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-5860 202-447-5233 DC US
Ipac DHS 202-295-0994
Iraheta, Oscar DHS Lead Human Resources Specialist 703-235-1503 703-235-2054 VA US
Irvin, Keith W DHS Systems Engineer 571-258-2451 VA US
Irving, LeMarcos A DHS Special Security Representative 202-447-3446 DC US
Irwin, Kelly DHS Reports Production Officer 202-612-1155 DC US
Irwin, Stephen DHS Reports Officer NC US
Isaac, Jonelle V DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-343-2443 DC US
Isaac, Synette DHS Program Analyst 202-447-4238 DC US
Isaacs, Charles DHS Clerk 202-357-8576 DC US
Isaacson, David DHS Nuclear Assessment Specialist 202-254-7189 202-254-7753 DC US
Isacco, Michael DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-447-3197 DC US
Islam, Monty DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Islam, Nazrul DHS Test Manager 202-447-5152 DC US
Ismail, Eithquan M DHS 202-447-0106 DC US
Isola, Meredith DHS Public Affairs Specialist 202-447-4107 DC US
Isreal, Charles DHS 703-603-4798 VA US
Itle, Laura DHS Technical Evaluation Administrator 703-575-4536 VA US
Ito, Yumiko DHS FSMO Risk Manager 202-447-0966 DC US
Itso EPO DHS Executive Program Office 202-447-0454 DC US
Ivanchev, Yavor H DHS Program Analyst 202-282-8988 DC US
Ives, Millie S DHS Chief, IT Applications Branch 202-254-6828 202-254-6171 DC US
Ivy, Robert G DHS Program Manager 202-254-7086 DC US
Iyer, Mansie G DHS Dr 202-254-7405 DC US
Izadi, Azadeh DHS Booz Allen Associate 703-377-7944 DC US
Ja, RECON DHS Deployable Situational Awareness Team 202-510-2414 DC US
Jabbour, Adnan DHS Exercise Coordinator / Task Manager 703-235-8107 VA US
Jabbour, Gus DHS Program Manager 202-309-8523 DC US
Jablonski, Bryan DHS Senior Reports Officer 202-731-1691 (blackberry) DC US
Jablonski, Raymond DHS Operations Research Analyst 410-417-0909 MD US
Jac, DNDO DHS 877-363-6522 DC US
Jackman, Kristin DHS Budget Analyst 703-235-3088 VA US
Jackson, Amanda L DHS 202-357-7824 DC US
Jackson, Andie DHS Senior Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5397 202-447-5013 DC US
Jackson, Angelie DHS Senior Procurement Analyst 202-447-5250 202-447-5310 DC US
Jackson, Arthur L DHS Financial Analyst 202-254-5694 DC US
Jackson, Brandy A DHS Executive Assistant 202-254-6803 202-254-6164 DC US
Jackson, Christina DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-254-5752 DC US
Jackson, Denise DHS Security Specialist 301-682-6994 301-620-7998 MD US
Jackson, Donald DHS Financial Program Specialist 202-447-5292 DC US
Jackson, Gale DHS Branch chief 202-447-5387 202-447-5013 DC US
Jackson, Harry DHS IT Specialist 202-447-0228 DC US
Jackson, Helen DHS Deputy Branch Chief 703-235-4957 VA US
Jackson, John DHS 703-235-3639 VA US
Jackson, Katie L DHS Senior Protective Intelligence Research Specialist 571-258-2767 DC US
Jackson, Keith DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-4651 DC US
Jackson, Kevin M DHS FFRDC Branch SEDI Support 202-254-6130 DC US
Jackson, Kimberly R DHS Director, NPPD CIO PMO 703-235-3916 VA US
Jackson, Lantra E DHS Security Officer 202-282-8956 DC US
Jackson, Mandi W DHS 202-447-0742 DC US
Jackson, Melvin L DHS Sr. Exchange Administrator 202-254-6162 DC US
Jackson, Robert A DHS Armed Security Officer 202-282-8956 DC US
Jackson, Sylvia DHS Program Specialist 202-357-6167 202-357-6198 DC US
Jackson, Wilfred L DHS Lead Engineer-Info Tech/Data Acess Analyst 202-447-4416 202-612-1936 DC US
Jacob, Ben DHS Assistant Chief 202-282-9311 DC US
Jacobs, Brenda A DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 202-357-7801 DC US
Jacobs, Ethel DHS Program Specialist 202-282-8675 202-282-8492 DC US
Jacobs, Mark DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 202-357-6188 DC US
Jacobs, Michael E DHS 703-742-2506 VA US
Jacobs, Michael DHS Section Chief VA US
Jacobs, Richard DHS CRMD Projects Coordinator 202-447-0077 DC US
Jacot, Vincent DHS Report Officer 202-870-9962 TX US
Jacques, Deborah A DHS Executive Assistant to DAS Sue Armstrong 703-235-8120 VA US
Jacques, Richard DHS NOC LNO to FEMA & NRCC /Co-owner of the HSIN EM Portal 202-212-2349 DC US
Jaeger, Kenneth DHS Deputy Branch Chief 703-235-2525 VA US
Jaeger, Robert DHS Configuration Manager 202-689-5312 cell DC US
Jaeger, William L DHS 919-542-4681 DC US
Jaffer, Navin DHS Computer/Electronics Engineer 703-235-4228 VA US
Jahn, Elise M DHS Executive Assistant-PAD 202-254-7320 202-254-7749 DC US
Jaikaran, Chris DHS Senior Planner/Analyst 202-612-1638 DC US
Jalbert, Lindsay DHS Geospatial Analyst ESRI 703-506-9515 x. 8148 703-506-9514 VA US
James, Arriet L DHS Security Specialist 202-254-7035 DC US
James, Camille E DHS Strategic Policy Analyst 703-284-3262 VA US
James, Christopher D DHS CCSi IT-NOVA Program Manager 202-447-5358 202-447-0290 DC US
James, Glenn DHS Operations and Logistics 202-254-7533 202-254-7751 DC US
James, John DHS Technology Consultant 434-374-3805 VA US
James, Rosalyn D DHS Human Resources Specialist (Policy) 202-357-8385 DC US
James, Rosemary DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-254-6133 DC US
James, Shonna R DHS Deputy Director, Executive Resources 202-357-8523 DC US
Janca, Andrew DHS Risk analyst 202-343-1783 202-343-4011 DC US
Jankowiak, Jerome T DHS SSRP/Intelligence Operation Specialist 202-282-9012 DC US
Jankowski, Keith J DHS 202-254-7604 DC US
Jankowski, Paul DHS Outreach Liaison 609-813-2838 609-383-1973 NJ US
Janos, Alan DHS Program Manager 202-254-7606 DC US
Janowitz, Joan L DHS Senior Human Factors Engineer 609-813-2826 609-272-1888 NJ US
Janowski, Jennifer L DHS 202-254-7169 DC US
Jardines, Eliot DHS Senior Advisor to the CRD Director 703-577-9790 VA US
Jarin, Ronald DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 850-452-7641 850-452-7836 FL US
Jarvela, Thomas DHS NSD 202-573-0217 VA US
Jarvis, Bretton DHS Request Manager 434-374-3575 VA US
Jarvis, James DHS Regional Coordinator 202-834-0631 MI US
Jarvis, Tyler A DHS Security Specialist 202-447-4335 DC US
Jarzombek, Joe DHS Director for Software Assurance 703-235-3673 VA US
Jaski, Larry DHS Acting Director 202-282-9839 DC US
Jasper, Pete P DHS Sr. Enterprise Architect DC US
Javan, Pirooz DHS 202-357-7630 DC US
Jayaram, Sanchitha DHS Director, Trade Policy and Economic Analysis 202-447-3817 DC US
Jean Paul, Willio DHS IT SPecialist 202-281-6985 VA US
Jean-Baptiste, Ronald DHS Contracting Officer 202-447-5705 202-447-5725 DC US
Jeanes, Diana M DHS E.A. 202-282-9485 DC US
Jeffers, Kelvin DHS Information Security Specialist, Lead 540-542-4258 VA US
Jefferson, Aaryn D DHS 202-254-2304 202-254-5393 DC US
Jefferson, John D DHS Security Specialist 202-447-4300 DC US
Jefferson, Kenda DHS Watch Officer 202-282-9262 DC US
Jefferson, Tawanna DHS Paralegal Specialist 703-603-4642 VA US
Jefferson, Tenika DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8171 DC US
Jefferson, Victor DHS procurement 202-254-6818 DC US
Jeffery, Marie DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-343-2456 DC US
Jeffries, Jacob S DHS Support Contractor DC US
Jeffries, Ryan M DHS Personnel Security Assistant 202-447-0609 202-447-5813 DC US
Jekel, Michele M DHS 703-235-4959 VA US
Jenkins, Charles T DHS Alt. COMSEC Custodian 202-447-3093 DC US
Jenkins, Duane DHS Director 202-447-0356 DC US
Jenkins, Jeffrey A DHS Force Protection Officer 202-282-9935 DC US
Jenkins, Jody W DHS Database Administrator / VSAT Communications 202-579-1159 DC US
Jenkins, Kathleen M DHS Account Executive 703-733-3230 VA US
Jenkins, Kim DHS Program Analyst 703-235-2166 DC US
Jenkins, Kina M DHS Communications Analyst 703-235-2162 VA US
Jenner, Jessica DHS Reports Coordinator 202-612-1927 DC US
Jennings, Douglas A DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0967 DC US
Jennings, Jarrett C DHS Help Desk Supervisor 703-674-3026 VA US
Jensby, Julianne DHS Volunteer Scholar DC US
Jensen, Craig DHS Sr. Consultant - EA PMO 415-297-3556 DC US
Jensen, Daniel DHS Assistant Director (Intelligence) 202-447-5451 202-447-5437 DC US
Jensen, Mary S DHS Senior Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9640 DC US
Jeo, James DHS Branch Chief Operational Financials 202-447-5059 DC US
Jerdan, Denielle M DHS Project Control Specialist 609-813-2650 NJ US
Jerdan, Thomas DHS Security Specialist 609-813-2801 609-813-2733 NJ US
Jermunson, Deborah DHS Special Assistant 202-254-2387 202-254-5823 DC US
Jester, Steven DHS 631-323-3161 NY US
Jett, George DHS O&M Manager, NPPD-NCR 202-557-4478 VA US
Jetton, Allison DHS Attorney 202-254-5735 202-254-6178 DC US
Jillson, Donald W DHS Budget & Finance Manager 202-254-7575 202-254-7785 DC US
Jimenez, Sarah R DHS Purchasing Clerk 631-323-3246 631-323-3087 NY US
Joel, Dora D DHS Communications Manager 202-447-0902 DC US
Jogie, Nicholas DHS IT Specialist 703-235-5111 VA US
Joh, Joseph DHS Assistant Dir--CIS and ICE/Immigration Issues 202-447-5463 202-447-5437 DC US
Johanns, Tim DHS Project Management 202-612-1135 DC US
Johanson, Nils DHS Branch Chief 202-447-4637 DC US
John-Crosland, Geninne A DHS Visual Information Specialist 202-282-9799 DC US
Johns, Malcolm B DHS Deputy Program Manager for Quality Assurance 202-254-6080 DC US
Johns, Robert DHS Deputy Assistant Director 202-254-7330 DC US
Johnson, April DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-4673 DC US
Johnson, Audrey H DHS Value Management Branch Manager 202-447-5007 202-447-0290 DC US
Johnson, Barrett P DHS Project Execution 202-282-8081 DC US
Johnson, Barry W DHS Section 508 Analyst 202-447-0130 202-447-0582 DC US
Johnson, Bart R DHS Principal Deputy Under Secretary for Intelligence & Analysis 202-282-9690 202-282-8810 DC US
Johnson, Beth DHS Mission Systems Program Manager 202-282-8550 202-282-8106 DC US
Johnson, Bradley DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-3288 DC US
Johnson, Brian DHS Program Manager, Mentoring and Rotational Assignments 202-357-8428 DC US
Johnson, Bryan DHS Director, CT Policy 202-447-3070 DC US
Johnson, Charlie M DHS Attorney - Advisor 202-447-4076 DC US
Johnson, Cheryl V DHS Financial Analyst 202-254-5698 202-254-6175 DC US
Johnson, Clark A DHS Senior Consultant 202-254-2301 DC US
Johnson, Corlitta R DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5016 703-603-5097 VA US
Johnson, Craig M DHS AEMT/Safety Technician 1 631-323-3099 NY US
Johnson, Daniel I DHS 202-324-4076
Johnson, Daniel DHS Operations Mgr. 228-813-4801 MS US
Johnson, Deborah A DHS Program Manager Analyst 202-447-3275 DC US
Johnson, Duane DHS Program Manager 202-447-0120 DC US
Johnson, Geri DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-0848 202-447-0374 DC US
Johnson, Gretchen V DHS 703-235-8143 VA US
Johnson, Jackie R DHS Procurement/Acquisition Lead 703-235-8152 VA US
Johnson, Jameeka DHS Management and Program Analyst 703-235-9455 703-235-9707 VA US
Johnson, James DHS Director, Office of National Labs 202-254-6098 DC US
Johnson, James M DHS Senior Operations Security Analyst 202-447-0716 202-447-5897 DC US
Johnson, Jeffrey-Paul DHS Director, Operations and Resource Management 202-282-8873 202-447-4401 DC US
Johnson, Jeremy DHS Program/Management Analyst 703-235-4969 703-235-5696 VA US
Johnson, Jesse J DHS Program Analyst 202-447-3665 202-447-3352 DC US
Johnson, Joan DHS Manager, HR IT Operations 202-357-8167 DC US
Johnson, Jocelyn DHS Information Technology Specialist 202-357-6169 202-357-6198 DC US
Johnson, Juancara DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8413 DC US
Johnson, Justin DHS Human Resources Assistant 202-357-8551 DC US
Johnson, Kaliyma N DHS Acquisition Analyst 703-235-5733 VA US
Johnson, Karen DHS Program Analyst/Risk Management 202-254-6851 DC US
Johnson, Karl M DHS Director Records, Pub. & Mail Mgt. 202-360-0662 202-343-4240 DC US
Johnson, Keith DHS Program Specialist 703-235-8239 VA US
Johnson, Kim R DHS Coordinator - State and Local 202-282-8481 202-282-1044 DC US
Johnson, Kim A DHS cyber strategy analyst 202-447-3768 DC US
Johnson, Kirk DHS Management Interface Director 202-282-8094 202-282-8492 DC US
Johnson, Laura M DHS Acting Chief Deliberate Plans 202-282-8313 DC US
Johnson, Lisa DHS 202-447-5094 DC US
Johnson, Michael M DHS Chief Scientist 202-447-3973 DC US
Johnson, Michael A DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5149 DC US
Johnson, Mike DHS Requirements Group Coordinator 202-447-4437 202-254-7755 DC US
Johnson, Monica R DHS Switchboard Operator 202-282-8000 DC US
Johnson, Nieema DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5568 202-447-5564 DC US
Johnson, Noble T DHS Senior Program Analyst 202-254-7253 DC US
Johnson, Pamela J DHS Applications Manager 703-742-2515 VA US
Johnson, Phetima DHS Management & Program Ananlyst 703-603-4910 VA US
Johnson, Reginald DHS Inspector 202-302-6387 FL US
Johnson, Renee A DHS Administrative Specialist 202-447-3104 DC US
Johnson, Richard DHS IT Security Specialist 202-357-7821 DC US
Johnson, Robert R DHS Network Data Communications Analyst Senior 202-282-8030 DC US
Johnson, Rodney L DHS contractor DC US
Johnson, Romonte DHS Administrative Specialist 202-447-3167 DC US
Johnson, Samuel DHS FEMA Desk Officer 202-282-8131 DC US
Johnson, Sharon D DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5804 202-447-5725 DC US
Johnson, Sharon Y DHS Sr Analyst 703-564-7132 DC US
Johnson, Staci DHS Sr. Analyst 202-282-9344 202-282-8492 DC US
Johnson, Terence L DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8227 202-357-8162 DC US
Johnson, Toi DHS Associate Director 202-447-5541 202-447-5545 DC US
Johnson, Torian DHS Program and Management Analyst 202-447-3087 DC US
Johnson, Vertinia DHS Financial Officer, FBD 202-254-6615 DC US
Johnson, Wilma C DHS Switchboard Operator 202-282-8000 DC US
Johnson, Winston E DHS Engineering Section Chief 202-447-0195 DC US
Johnson, Zachary L DHS Computer Scientist 703-235-4239 VA US
Johnson Jr, Neal DHS Watch Analyst 703-235-5080 VA US
Johnson Jr, William B DHS Lockheed Martin Program Manager 202-447-0214 DC US
Johnston, Jennifer DHS Counselor, Government Oversight & Investigations 202-282-9080 DC US
Johnston, Mikeal B DHS Director, State/Local Program Office 202-447-4321 202-447-4746 DC US
Jones, Barry H DHS Mr. 703-235-9577 VA US
Jones, Brian K DHS Incident Handler VA US
Jones, Brittany DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-4264 DC US
Jones, Brittni DHS Clerk 202-357-7855 DC US
Jones, Byron DHS CHEMICAL INSPECTOR 202-731-2514 GA US
Jones, Calvin DHS BUDGET ANALYST 202-447-5185 202-447-5164 DC US
Jones, Candi DHS NOC Duty Director 202-282-8100 DC US
Jones, Caroline DHS IT Security Specialist 202-282-9860 DC US
Jones, Carolyn DHS Project Execution Specialist 202-447-5473 DC US
Jones, Cecily DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 202-357-6119 DC US
Jones, Charlie DHS Facilities Operation Specialist 202-282-8552 202-447-3462 DC US
Jones, Cheryl A DHS Instructional Systems Designer 202-447-0088 DC US
Jones, Christopher DHS IT Asset Manager 202-447-5054 DC US
Jones, Collin b DHS Personnal Security Specialist 202-447-5400 202-447-5013 DC US
Jones, David L DHS Emergency Preparedness Specialist 571-258-2827 VA US
Jones, David DHS Email Product Manager 202-447-0167 DC US
Jones, Deborah D DHS Security Specialist 202-447-3066 DC US
Jones, Dennis DHS Treaty Compliance Officer 202-254-5321 DC US
Jones, Denver DHS Deputy Project Manager AV/VTC SME 703-235-5168 VA US
Jones, Doyle DHS Branch Chief, OCIO 202-357-7865 202-357-6104 DC US
Jones, Elizabeth DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0840 202-447-5144 DC US
Jones, Faye DHS Small Business Specialist 202-447-5572 202-447-5545 DC US
Jones, Gregory DHS Business Analyst 202-254-5797 DC US
Jones, Jacqueline DHS Clerk DC US
Jones, Jamie L DHS Intelligence Analyst 915-760-2437 TX US
Jones, Janice R DHS System Admin 919-424-5397
Jones, Jeffery DHS Security Assistant SR Specialist 703-235-5457 VA US
Jones, Jeremiah DHS Chief, Strategy, Plans & Outreach 703-235-3660 703-235-4981 VA US
Jones, Julius DHS FEMA 202-323-4619 DC US
Jones, Keith A DHS Deputy Exec. Director, ITSO 202-447-0032 DC US
Jones, Keith M DHS Protective Security Advisor 803-772-4015 803-772-1920 SC US
Jones, Keith DHS Deputy Director, Program and Performance Management Division 202-282-9553 DC US
Jones, Kevin D DHS Production Specialist 703-235-2580 VA US
Jones, Laron M DHS FS2 202-447-3037 DC US
Jones, LaShauna DHS HR Consultant 703-235-2251 VA US
Jones, LaTanya D DHS Production Manager 202-282-8068 DC US
Jones, Lisa L DHS Deputy Program Manager & Acting ESD/DCCD Manager IT-NOVA PMO 202-447-0778 DC US
Jones, Mark W DHS Acquisition SME 202-254-7203 DC US
Jones, Matthew S DHS Facility Security Officer 434-374-3599 VA US
Jones, Michael E DHS Contracting Officer 202-447-5587 202-447-5545 DC US
Jones, Michael W DHS Watch Captain VA US
Jones, Richard DHS Policy Analyst, Project Manager 202-447-3960 DC US
Jones, Roderick W DHS Operation/Monitoring 434-374-3850 VA US
Jones, Ronald DHS Chemical Security Inspector 703-603-4690 VA US
Jones, Ronald R DHS Computer Operator 434-374-3850 VA US
Jones, Selima DHS Communications Watch Officer 202-282-8590 DC US
Jones, Sharon F DHS Rotations & Mentoring Coordinator 202-357-8153 DC US
Jones, Sheilita DHS Acquisition Project Mgr. 202-447-5524 202-447-5538 DC US
Jones, Stephen DHS Security Specialist 202-447-5699 202-447-5873 DC US
Jones, Susan F DHS Procurement Analyst 703-904-8921 VA US
Jones, Tameka DHS Administrative Specialist 202-282-8634 DC US
Jones, Virginia DHS Asset Management 228-813-4872 MS US
Jones, Wanda DHS Desk Officer 202-447-5156 202-447-5154 DC US
Jones, William DHS Sector Specialist, Aviation & Maritime 703-603-5037 VA US
Jones-Meehan, Joanne DHS Biosurety Officer 202-254-5350 202-254-6179 DC US
Jones-Moore, Micki DHS IA Acquisitions Branch Chief 202-447-3914 DC US
Jordan, Cheryl DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-282-9778 202-447-3598 DC US
Jordan, Josha DHS 703-603-5111 703-603-5190 VA US
Jordan, Krystal A DHS Assistant General Counsel to the Office of Health Affairs 202-254-2413 DC US
Jordan, Lydell DHS Technical Site Lead 202-447-0784 202-447-0691 DC US
Jordan, Stephen DHS Administrative Speciialist 202-384-4621 IL US
Jordan Jr, Gerald DHS Security Officer 202-282-9700 DC US
Jordan-Barker, Cherain DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-5814 DC US
Joseph, Derrick M DHS COMSEC Manager 703-235-3698 202-282-8649 VA US
Joseph, Leonard DHS Chief of Staff 202-447-3318 202-282-9598 DC US
Joustra, Lawrence DHS Mr 703-235-2561 VA US
Jovanovic, Kristian DHS Team Lead/Contracting Officer 202-254-6071 DC US
Joves, Alexander DHS Counterterrorism Working Group 202-282-9638 202-282-8191 DC US
Joy, Kimberly DHS IT Security Specialist 202-357-6131 DC US
Joyce, Mark DHS Deputy Chief Internal Security and Investigations Division 202-254-6426 DC US
Joyce, Stephen P DHS Inspector 703-603-4643 VA US
Joyner, Janice M DHS Branch Chief, Special Projects 202-254-7033 DC US
Joyner, Robby DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-0054 202-447-5725 DC US
Js, RECON DHS Deployable Situational Awareness Team 202-579-1522 DC US
Judkins, Demetrius M DHS Counterintelligence Officer 202-254-6487 DC US
Jung, Steve DHS System Administrator 202-282-9200 DC US
Junker, Monika L DHS PSCP Administrator 703-235-8229 VA US
Jurewicz, Thomas DHS Security Architect 202-254-7038 DC US
Justus, William DHS USSOUTHCOM Liaison to DHS 202-447-3882 202-282-8804 DC US
Kachmor, John DHS RAO 202-604-8859 NH US
Kaczmarek, Mark DHS Program Manager 202-254-5877 202-254-5397 DC US
Kada, John DHS Chemist 212-620-3514 212-620-3600 NY US
Kadambi, Nandini DHS Performance Manager 202-357-7560 DC US
Kadunce, Daniel DHS Acq Mgr 703-235-5706 VA US
Kaiser, Lisa DHS Director, Control System Strategic Planning 703-235-2857 703-235-3060 VA US
Kale, Kay M DHS MSD Mgt & Program Analysis 202-447-4337 DC US
Kalegha, Daniel DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-5612 DC US
Kalis, Sarah DHS 202-282-8174 DC US
Kallarakal, Thomas G DHS Business Analyst 703-460-1042 VA US
Kamenshine, Wendy DHS Senior Ombudsman 202-357-8110 DC US
Kamicker, Barbara J DHS Senior Life Scientist 631-477-4471 NY US
Kaminsky, Glenn DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-282-9659 202-282-9186 DC US
Kamprad, Nicholas DHS IT Specialist 202-357-1243 DC US
Kander, Jennie I DHS Support Contractor 202-254-6042 DC US
Kane, Anastasia DHS Special Assistant to the Senior Counselor to the Secretary 202-282-9070 DC US
Kane, Catherine A DHS Special Rep 202-282-9194 DC US
Kane, Jean E DHS Tradecraft Advisor/Mentor 202-447-3818 DC US
Kane, Jessica E DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-3021 DC US
Kangior, Mike DHS Director, Resilience & EPR 202-282-8939 DC US
Kann, Stephanie A DHS Senior Analyst 202-245-1110 DC US
Kanter, Jordan DHS Associate 703-412-7667 DC US
Kanterman, David M DHS Wireless Support 202-357-7854 DC US
Kanupke, David DHS 202-343-1670 DC US
Kanz, Linda DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4644 VA US
Kapadia, Mustufa DHS Data Support 202-254-7036 DC US
Kaplan, Jeffrey DHS DC US
Kaplan, Jessica DHS 202-254-6197 DC US
Kaplan, Randall DHS Attorney 202-282-9941 202-447-3111 DC US
Kapoor, Amit DHS HSIN PMO - Systems Engineer 202-357-7640 DC US
Kapoor, Sandie DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-0786 DC US
Kapuscinski, Shannon DHS Intern 202-282-8230 DC US
Kaputa, Jessica DHS Training and Exercise Planner 703-235-5703 VA US
Karabatsos, Mary J DHS Security Analyst 434-374-3538 VA US
Karas, Robert DHS 703-235-5799 VA US
Karasiewicz, Edmund DHS Chemical Inspector 202-604-7008 NJ US
Karau, Michael DHS Senior Asset Manager 202-343-4242 DC US
Kardell, Amy DHS Senior Advisor to the Under Secretary 202-447-4048 DC US
Karfakis, Julie A DHS Research Analyst 202-254-5649 DC US
Kargbo, Sebora DHS Component Liaison Officer 202-282-9552 DC US
Karim, Charbel DHS Program Analyst Intern 202-447-5069 DC US
Karoly, Stephen DHS Assistant Director, Product Acquisition and Deployment 202-254-7794 DC US
Karonis, Jeff DHS Director of Incident Communications 202-282-8014 202-282-8408 DC US
Karpel, Todd DHS Intelligence Officer 302-741-2791 DE US
Karty, Steven L DHS Electronics Engineer 703-235-5826 703-235-5534 VA US
Karwacka Krantz, Joanna K DHS Training and Education Specialist 202-282-8993 202-282-9598 DC US
Kasbeer, Amber DHS Staff Engineer VA US
Kasdan, Matthew DHS Advisor 202-680-2285 DC US
Kasper, Daniel DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-0204 202-447-5233 DC US
Kassekert, Anthony DHS Statistician 202-786-9953 202-786-9910 DC US
Kasten, David DHS 202-447-3293 DC US
Kasulke, Stephen DHS Analyst 703-603-5062 VA US
Katarki, Anil B DHS DC2 Security Manager 703-742-2326 VA US
Katavolos, James DHS threat analyst 202-282-8695 DC US
Katz, Brian D DHS Designated Agency Representative (DAR) 202-447-5916 DC US
Katz, Daniel J DHS Technical Lead 202-447-5569 DC US
Katz, Eric DHS Engineer 609-813-2771 609-646-2536 NJ US
Kauffman, Matthew DHS Training/Education Specialist 202-357-8535 202-357-8471 DC US
Kaufman, Gail DHS Deputy Chief of Staff 202-447-3770 DC US
Kaufman, Susan DHS Budget Officer 202-254-7021 202-254-7757 DC US
Kaup, Eric DHS 202-573-3292 VA US
Kaur, Gunveen DHS Exercise Planning Specialist 703-235-2514 VA US
Kaur, Sarabdeep DHS Travel Support Office Team Member 202-254-5308 DC US
Kauzlick, Ryan M DHS Project Manager 202-906-0293 DC US
Kavanewsky, Peter J DHS 703-387-4929 VA US
Kay, Pontea DHS Engineering 202-604-1416 VA US
Kaylor, Judeth A DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4745 703-603-4712 VA US
Kazyak Ordonez, Adina DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-447-3651 202-282-8420 DC US
Kealiher, Mark DHS Analyst 703-235-5181 VA US
Keane, Mortimer DHS 703-235-1510 VA US
Kearney, Patrick J DHS Director, Border Security Office 202-447-3415 202-282-8503 DC US
Keasler, Larry C DHS NICC Watch Analyst 202-282-9201 VA US
Keating, Gina DHS Config Mgt Branch Manager 202-357-1208 DC US
Keatley, Douglas DHS VTC Technician 202-612-1179 DC US
Keats, Leo DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4662 DC US
Keck, Benjamin R DHS Business Integration 202-447-0822 DC US
Keckler-Yerkes, Casey DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-3507 DC US
Keefe, Dan DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8283 202-357-8480 DC US
Keefer, Christopher L DHS Environment, Safety, and Health Specialist 202-254-6945 202-254-5671 DC US
Keeffe, Catherine M DHS 202-447-4264 DC US
Keegan, Michael DHS Associate Director 202-282-9772 DC US
Keehner, Katie DHS Consultant 202-343-1725 DC US
Keeling, Carrie K DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-357-8450 202-357-8293 DC US
Keen, Donald DHS Eastern District Commander (Acting) VA US
Keen, Jeffrey DHS Team Lead, Obligation Management Team 202-447-0084 202-447-5118 DC US
Keene, Christopher DHS Eastern District Commander, ISCD 703-603-4718 202-282-8510 VA US
Keese, Brian DHS Security Specialist 202-447-4674 202-447-3464 DC US
Keffer, Trent DHS Senior Analyst 202-603-1214 DC US
Kehler, Cameron J DHS 703-506-9515 Ext 8025 VA US
Keil, Todd M DHS Assistant Secretary 703-235-8110 703-235-9707 VA US
Keiser, Joan DHS Financial Assistance Analyst 202-447-5603 202-447-5600 DC US
Keister, Michael DHS SharePoint SME 703-742-2728 VA US
Keith, Brian DHS Protective Security Advisor 213-533-4314 CA US
Keith, Juan DHS Security Guard VA US
Keith, LaShonda C DHS Contracting Officer 202-447-5644 DC US
Keith, Michael DHS Policy Analyst III 202-447-3912 DC US
Kellam, Diane DHS Customer Support Specialist, OCIO/Operations & Maintenance 202-254-5306 202-254-5814 DC US
Kelleher, David DHS Supervisory Physical Security Specialist/Technical 202-282-9750 202-282-9072 DC US
Keller, Deborah DHS Research Librarian 202-570-1274 202-343-4241 DC US
Keller, Dumuria DHS PMD Program Support 202-447-3557 DC US
Keller, Fernando H DHS SIO 202-447-3206 DC US
Keller, Jason DHS Collection Strategist 202-447-4619 DC US
Kelley, Adrian D DHS System Administrator 202-612-1771 DC US
Kelley, Matthew DHS Sr. Consultant 571-321-1427 X101 703-991-7595 VA US
Kelley, Robert E DHS Intelligence Officer 608-240-3598 (WSIC office) 608-240-3592 (WSIC office) WI US
Kelley, Steven D DHS 202-254-7098 DC US
Kelley, Tamara DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-6368 DC US
Kelley, William R DHS Intrastructure Analyst 434-374-3552 VA US
Kelliher, Brian D DHS Assistant General Counsel for Immigration Benefits 202-282-8930 DC US
Kelliher, Marybeth DHS Policy Section Chief 703-603-4645 VA US
Kellogg, Dorothy A DHS Senior Technical Specialist 703-603-4646 VA US
Kelly, Anne Marie DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8622 DC US
Kelly, Arlene A DHS DC US
Kelly, Barbara L DHS Assistant Director 202-447-0367 DC US
Kelly, Brian P DHS Chief, Intelligence Training 202-447-3721 DC US
Kelly, Bryan DHS Intel Analyst / RFI Manager 202-282-9991 Bldg 19 DC US
Kelly, John J DHS Mainframe Systems Programer 202-258-4410 MS US
Kelly, Joseph DHS 202-254-2259 DC US
Kelly, Kim Y DHS Sr. Information Security Systems Engineer 202-357-6194 DC US
Kelly, Michael DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-612-1669 DC US
Kelly, Rachel E DHS Program Analyst 703-235-1538 VA US
Kelly, Rich DHS Mission Advocate 732-691-2357 NJ US
Kelly, Trevor C DHS Information Assurance Engineer 202-821-3552 (BB) VA US
Kels, Charles DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-254-6969 202-254-6094 DC US
Kelso, Shannon DHS Privacy Analyst 703-235-0783 703-235-0442 VA US
Kempthorne, Nathan DHS Senior Reports Officer NY US
Kendall, Sylvia DHS Program Support Assistant 212-620-3516 212-620-3651 NY US
Kendrick, Warren DHS Telecommunications 202-357-7839 202-357-1299 DC US
Kennedy, Craig S DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-4593 DC US
Kennedy, James DHS Operations Analyst - KMO 202-282-8117 DC US
Kennedy, Joseph E DHS Senior DHS SE Region Fusion Representative 404-486-6420/31 404-486-6446 GA US
Kennedy, Lyn DHS Compliance Lead 202-357-8166 DC US
Kennedy, Michael R DHS Field Reports Officer 866-362-6422 ext: 238 573-751-9950 MO US
Kennedy, Patrick DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5478 202-447-5545 DC US
Kennedy-Sullivan, Jackie DHS Executive Officer 202-254-5840 DC US
Kennett, Mila DHS Architect/IP Basic Research 202-254-8296 DC US
Kenny, Helene DHS PKI Program Analyst 202-357-1274 202-357-1299 DC US
Kenny, Timothy DHS Project Manager 202-612-1165 DC US
Kent, Deborah DHS Acting Director, HSIN Program Office 202-357-1215
Kentis, Samantha DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7709 202-254-7751 DC US
Kenworthy, Lauren DHS 703-235-5721 VA US
Kenyon, Kathleen M DHS STORE Project 202-254-6812 DC US
Keo, Kino DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0753 202-447-5545 DC US
Kepp, Jason J DHS Commander 202-732-8012 DC US
Kerins, James P DHS Component Advocate 202-824-7633 DC US
Kerkvliet, Kevin J DHS DMZ-LAN Manager 202-447-3491 DC US
Kern, Lance DHS Collection Manager 202-282-9751 DC US
Kern, Mark S DHS Plans Team Leader 202-282-9647 202-282-8008 DC US
Kern, Michael W DHS Unix Virtualization Architect 703-250-0672 VA US
Kern, Pamela A DHS State and Local Program Office 202-447-3716 DC US
Kerns, Michael DHS Special Agent 202-282-8112 DC US
Kerns, Terry L DHS Deputy Assistant Director 202-254-7125 202-254-7752 DC US
Kerr, Dwayne DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-0977 MO US
Kerr, Gibson B DHS Supervisory Program Analyst 202-343-4534 202-343-4550 DC US
Kerr, Sharnette DHS Customer Service Specialist 202-282-3061 DC US
Kessler, Martha DHS ombudsman 202-282-8049 DC US
Kessler, Roger DHS 866-459-5385 DC US
Kessler, Tamara DHS Deputy Officer 202-357-6272 DC US
Kesteloot, Giles DHS Manager 202-245-1159 DC US
Kett, Terri DHS HS SEDI 202-282-9606 202-282-8803 DC US
Kettell, Kent DHS Senior, IT Program Manager 202-447-0372 202-447-0261 DC US
Kettl, Jonathan D DHS NICC Comms SME 703-563-3476 VA US
Kettles, Jerome J DHS 202-447-3225 202-282-8782 DC US
Keville, Chester R DHS Unix System Admin 919-424-5370 NC US
Key, Jacqueline S DHS DC US
Key, Joseph DHS IT Specialist 202-357-6132 DC US
Key Jr, Theodore R DHS Budget Officer 202-447-0180 202-447-5310 DC US
Keys, Adrienne R DHS System Analyst 202-357-8112 DC US
Keys, Curtis B DHS Sharepoint Developer DC US
Keys, Zandreia DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4588 DC US
Keywan, Michael P DHS Director of Cross Functional Services 228-813-4227 VA US

Khanahmadi, Peter DHS Sr. Consultant 202-508-6500 DC US
Khatri, Neema DHS Policy Analyst 202-282-9458 DC US
Khemka, Vishal DHS Data Architect 202-447-3764 DC US
Khetan, Sunil K DHS 202-254-7244 DC US
Khosla, Amit DHS IT Specialist 202-480-5536 VA US
Khoury, Cyrena DHS Policy Advisor 202-357-6266 DC US
Kidwell, Shane DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Kieler, Lauren E DHS Requirements Analyst 703-908-7038 VA US
Kielman, Joseph K DHS Lead, Futures Research 202-254-5787 202-254-6170 DC US
Kielsmeier, Lauren DHS Executive Director for Academic Engagement 202-282-8162 DC US
Kilby, Kristen DHS Management and Program Analyst 703-603-5164 703-603-5190 VA US
Kilian, Sally A DHS Travel Analyst 202-254-5798 DC US
Killens, Erica DHS Training Specialist 202-357-8439 202-357-8471 DC US
Killoran, Beth Anne B DHS 202-343-4535 DC US
Kilman, Emily A DHS Geospatial Analyst 202-282-8953 DC US
Kim, Bo P DHS Graphic Artist 703-803-4913 VA US
Kim, Eugene H DHS Solutions Architect 202-245-1158 DC US
Kim, Grace M DHS Compliance Officer 202-254-6323 DC US
Kim, Jennifer DHS Contractor 202-343-1634 DC US
Kim, Jin DHS Risk Analyst 202-282-9283 DC US
Kim, Kil DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0140 DC US
Kim, Mae C DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5604 202-447-5550 DC US
Kim, Michael I DHS Financial Analyst 202-254-6067 DC US
Kim, Mike DHS 202-282-8733 DC US
Kim, Peter S DHS Electronics Engineer 202-343-1718 DC US
Kim, Sean DHS IT Specialist - TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS 703-235-5612 VA US
Kim, Sharon DHS Analyst VA US
Kim, Shawn W DHS VA US
Kim, Won K DHS 703-235-2863 VA US
Kim-Mitchell, Elena DHS Associate Deputy Under Secretary for Plans, Policy and Performan 202-447-3797 DC US
Kimmitt, Ryan M DHS Sr. Fusion Analyst 703-235-8825 VA US
Kimzey, Samuel DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5056 VA US
Kinard, Joshua A DHS IT Specialist 703-235-8859 VA US
Kinder, Harold DHS Technical Editor 202-447-3026 DC US
Kindred-Lopez, Tiffany DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5742 DC US
King, Audrey R DHS EA 202-254-7686 DC US
King, Carolyn DHS Management Analyst 703-235-4960 703-235-4941 VA US
King, Christine DHS Financial Management Specialist 202-447-5792 202-447-5891 DC US
King, David M DHS Watch Officer 202-282-8302 DC US
King, Dwayne E DHS VTC Engineer/Technician 202-612-1179 DC US
King, Gregory DHS Customer Relationship Manager 202-447-0704 DC US
King, Gregory A DHS ISSO 202-447-5057 DC US
King, Jeffrey L DHS Division Chief 202-343-1708 DC US
King, Julie E DHS Senior Security Specialist 202-447-0670 202-447-0841 DC US
King, Linda S DHS Strategic Planning & Performance Management Manager 202-450-0465 DC US
King, Pamela J DHS Ms. 202-343-1736 DC US
King, Patrick DHS NOC IP/NICC/IWW Analyst 202-282-8308 VA US
King, Ria N DHS Executive Secretary 202-282-9128 202-282-8492 DC US
King, Robert C DHS Section Chief - Personal Property 202-536-9955 DC US
King, Steven DHS Division Director 202-353-0788 DC US
Kingrea, John R DHS DC2 Security Administrator VA US
Kingsbury, Cindy L DHS Field Security Coordinator 202-447-5326 202-447-0841 DC US
Kinstler, Raymond L DHS DIR Future Operations, US-CERT 703-235-5018 703-235-5042 VA US
Kinton, Michael K DHS 434-374-3828 VA US
Kipouros, Elias G DHS IT Architect 202-824-7643 DC US
Kirby, John DHS Associate 703-235-5882 703-235-5889 DC US
Kirby, Maureen DHS 703-235-8218 VA US
Kirby, Nina DHS Supv. Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5381 202-447-5013 DC US
Kirby Jr, John D DHS DoD Rep to DHS 202-282-9695 DC US
Kirk, Jason K DHS Intelligence Officer 405-879-2639 405-879-2967 OK US
Kirk, Mark DHS Special Advisor for Chemical Defense and Toxicology 202-254-2407 202-254-6094 DC US
Kirk, Robert DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5113 VA US
Kirkland, Wayne DHS Program Manager 202-447-3991 202-282-8806 DC US
Kirkley, Donald DHS Lead, Laboratory Utilization 202-254-6135 202-254-6179 DC US
Kirsch, IJ DHS Solutions Architect 301-502-0081 DC US
Kirschner, Wade DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-9434 DC US
Kirson, Antonio DHS Risk Analyst 202-343-1622 DC US
Kish, Jennifer DHS MP&A 202-343-2467 DC US
Kisko, John DHS Test Area Manager 202-254-6973 DC US
Kissane, Dennis DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Kisselburg, Alexander DHS 202-447-3520 DC US
Kitt, Coutoura DHS Human Resources Spec. 703-235-2240 VA US
Kizzee, Carlos DHS Deputy Director, CICPA Director, Strategic Initiatives 703-235-2849 VA US
Klein, Kristen DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8146 202-357-8140 DC US
Klein, Micaela N DHS NCSD Front Office ExecSec 703-235-5336 VA US
Klein, Seth T DHS Career Fellow 202-447-0154 DC US
Klem, Nicholas J DHS Intelligence Operations Officer for North Carolina 919-716-1118 NC US
Klemic, Gladys DHS Physicist 630-252-2374 630-252-3696 NY US
Klessman, Todd DHS Branch Chief (Acting), Programs and Policy Branch 703-603-4614 VA US
Kligerman, David DHS HSSAI 703-416-3459 202-447-3152 DC US
Kline, Andrew H DHS 202-254-6853 202-254-2295 DC US
Kline, Roger DHS IT Specialist 202-254-6780 DC US
Kline, Theresa DHS Principal Forensic Examiner 703-275-8671 703-275-8706 VA US
Kliner, James DHS Deputy Director, NICC 703-235-2538 VA US
Kliner, William M DHS HSIN Support 703-277-1312 DC US
Klinger, Brian J DHS Sr Technical Support Help Desk 1-800-250-7911 IN US
Klingler, Carol D DHS Principal Software Systems Engineer 703-983-6194 DC US
Klock, Brenda DHS Program Analyst 609-813-2763 609-383-1973 NJ US
Klotzer, Kurt DHS Environmental Protection Specialist 631-323-3357 631-323-3169 NY US
Klucking, Sara DHS Program Manager 202-254-6669 202-254-6181 DC US
Klueg, Robert E DHS Physical Scientist 609-813-2872 NJ US
Klugman, Richard DHS SA DC US
Knafla, Susan J DHS SENIOR REPORTS MANAGER 571-258-2832 VA US
Knake, Robert DHS Special Counselor 202-447-4103 DC US
Knight, Jamal R DHS Sr. IT Analyst SME team 202-343-2497 DC US
Knight, Richard A DHS DHS LNO 571-280-0422 VA US
Knight, Rodney DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-0985 GA US
Knight, Traci DHS Wireless Engineer 202-343-1637 DC US
Knight-Smith, Elizabeth DHS Security Specialist 202-447-3204 202-282-8416 DC US
Knights, Lawrence DHS 919-424-9361 NC US
Knouse, Angela D DHS Personnel Security Administrator 434-374-3877 VA US
Knouse, Mike DHS Account Tenant Manager 434-374-3527 434-774-8929 VA US
Knox, John W DHS SENIOR WATCH OFFICER 202-282-8101 202-282-8782 DC US
Knox, Stephen DHS Operations Research Analyst 202-254-2291 DC US
Knudson, Chris H DHS Plans & Policy 202-447-3556 DC US
Ko, Peter DHS Sr. Program Analyst 202-447-5823 DC US
Kobberod, Christopher DHS Policy Analyst - European Affairs 202-282-9225 DC US
Koc, Levent DHS IT Specialist - Test Engineer 202-357-8546 DC US
Kocha, Darrell T DHS SOC Analyst 228-813-4827 MS US
Kochan, John DHS SEDI (MITRE) Principal Engineer 202-447-5969 DC US
Kochis, Todd DHS Sr Deployment Technician 202-254-5610 DC US
Kocken, Harold P DHS Senior Program Anaylst 202-612-1769 DC US
Koehler, Michael DHS Program Analyst 703-235-4979 VA US
Koeppel, Kimberly DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7322 202-254-7755 DC US
Kogan, Patti DHS 703-235-3962 VA US
Kohler, Michael DHS Watch Analyst 202-282-8308 DC US
Kohorst, Wendy S DHS CAS Representative 202-447-4069 DC US
Kolakowski, Jan DHS Research Chemist 410-436-2755 MD US
Kolasky, Robert DHS Assistant Director 202-343-1755 DC US
Kolb, Linda DHS Administrative Specialist 609-813-3016 609-813-3314 NJ US
Koldewey, Todd W DHS SE Solutions Inc. Deputy Program Manager 202-447-0905 DC US
Kolkmeyer, Anthony DHS DOD DESK OFFICER 202-282-8116 DC US
Koll, Steven W DHS Management, Program Analyst 202-447-4489 202-447-3462 DC US
Kolterman, Robert F DHS COL 202-254-7186 DC US
Konieczny, Matt DHS 202-282-9085 DC US
Konopka, Matt A DHS Incident Management Officer 202-282-9693 DC US
Kontny, David DHS Senior Advisor 202-302-6137 VA US
Kontor, Alexander DHS Requirements Analyst 703-235-4216 VA US
Kooler, Noelle M DHS Budget & Program Analyst 202-282-9652 DC US
Koons, Jennifer K DHS Contract Splst. 202-447-5963 DC US
Koontz, Holly DHS Compliance Analyst 703-603-4647 DC US
Koontz, Lincoln M DHS Senior Security Analyst 434-374-3538 VA US
Koontz, Linda D DHS Principle Information Systems Engineer - Privacy 202-282-9374 DC US
Kopanski, Patrick E DHS Wireless Support 202-357-7851 DC US
Kopeck, Stephen DHS Special Agent 703-235-8863 VA US
Kopel, Richard S DHS Senior DHS Representative to NCTC 571-204-6038 VA US
Koprucu, Feza S DHS DHS Chair, National Defense University 202-685-4325 DC US
Korch, James A DHS Cryptic Watch Officer 202-282-8302 DC US
Kordys, Ronald A DHS Business Service Representative 434-374-3897 VA US
Kordys, Susan K DHS Implementation Manager (DC2) +1 434-374-3559 VA US
Koren, Dori DHS Detective 202-282-9274 DC US
Koren, Elizabeth DHS Program Analyst 202-343-1630 DC US
Koresko, Jocelyn DHS Project Analyst 202-447-4649 202-447-4246 DC US
Koroma, Cynthia DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-0983 IL US
Kosciusko, Gary P DHS DHS Liaison Officer 202-324-0203 202-324-9427 DC US
Kosh-Suber, Jacquelyn DHS Branch Chief, MQM 202-254-5372 DC US
Kosinski, Doc DHS 202-282-9885 DC US
Kossally, Gary DHS 202-282-9123 DC US
Koster, Glen E DHS Bio Systems Saftey Mechanic 631-323-3271 NY US
Kotecki, Dana E DHS Contractor 703-284-8215 VA US
Kottemann, Tina DHS Senior Functional Analyst 202-824-7609 VA US
Koumans, Mark DHS Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of International Affairs 202-282-9250 202-282-9254 DC US
Kovalchuk, Pavel DHS Security Officer 202-282-8956 DC US
Kovar, Louis DHS DNDO SETA Support 202-254-7141 202-254-7141 DC US
Kovner, Matt E DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-612-1955 202-282-8803 DC US
Kowalczyk, Thomas DHS 202-262-7940 DC US
Kowalski, Heather T DHS Dep Branch Chief 703-235-4202 VA US
Kowgios, Kristos W DHS Grant Policy and Oversight Officer 202-447-0628 DC US
Kozar, Steven DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-447-3368 202-447-3654 DC US
Kozma, Beatrix DHS Senior Policy Analyst/Project Manager 703-235-5141 VA US
Kozole, Joseph DHS Senior Staff Scientist 609-813-2662 NJ US
Kramer, Darryl DHS Analyst-Private Sector Program Manager 703-275-3080 VA US
Kramer, David DHS DHS HQ Incident Response Federal Manager 202-357-7690 DC US
Kramer, Steven R DHS 703-235-2131 VA US
Krause, Scott A DHS Knowledge Management Task Lead, DC2 703-918-6068 813-329-3228 VA US
Krauss, Ronald DHS 609-813-2752 609-383-1973 NJ US
Kraynak, Brett D DHS Senior Information Security Assessor (Compliance) 202-357-7814 DC US
Kreibich, Briana DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-0531 DC US
Kreilein, Alex A DHS 202-343-1654 DC US
Kreischer, Jon DHS Assistant Director, Coast Guard 202-447-5466 202-447-5437 DC US
Krell, Mitchell DHS System Admin Principal Lead 228-813-4815 MS US
Krempley, Mark D DHS 202-343-1738 DC US
Krenzien, Brian L DHS TSL Business Manager 609-813-2709 NJ US
Krenzler, Karen DHS Program & Management Analyst 703-235-2557 VA US
Krewson, David G DHS FDO 202-447-4071 DC US
Kreyer, Mark W DHS Protective Security Advisor 716-843-5659 716-551-5075 NY US
Krimmel, Gretchen DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-3680 DC US
Kristin, Steven DHS Management and Systems Analyst 703-603-4736 703-603-4715 VA US
Kristosturyan, Ruben E DHS BAIRS System Administrator 301-444-4218 DC US
Krizay, Glenn D DHS Deputy Under Secretary for PPPM 202-282-8454 DC US
Kroloff, Noah DHS Chief of Staff, Policy 202-282-8350 DC US
Kronisch, Matthew DHS Associate General Counsel (Intelligence) 202-282-8292 202-447-3925 DC US
Kropf, John W DHS Deputy Chief Privacy Officer 703-235-0780 703-235-0790 VA US
Krstich, Michael DHS Test Director 202-254-7514 202-254-7749 DC US
Krueger, Brandon T DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4051 DC US
Krueger, William R DHS Research Fellow 202-731-8518 703-235-3057 VA US
Kruger, Mary DHS Chief of Staff 202-447-3408 202-282-8191 DC US
Kruger, Providence DHS Clerk 202-612-1953 DC US
Kruger, Randy DHS NPPD Transition Director 703-235-1910 VA US
Krumaker, Deborah DHS Human Resource Specialist 609-813-3023 609-813-3314 NJ US
Kruppa, Jenna N DHS Budget Analyst 202-254-2433 DC US
Kruse, Denise M DHS Support Contractor 202-254-6788 202-254-6912 DC US
Krysiak, Paul A DHS Service Delivery Leader 434-374-3531 VA US
Kuban, Sara A DHS Director of External Engagement 202-282-9840 DC US
Kubik, Marcia M DHS Management Analyst 202-254-6827 202-254-5671 DC US
Kubokawa, Jay DHS Branch Chief BCEP 703-235-9447 VA US
Kucsan, Jason E DHS Geospatial Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9743 202-447-3172 DC US
Kuether, Amy DHS intellegence analyst 202-447-4162 DC US
Kuhn, Austin DHS Program Manager 202-254-7619 DC US
Kuhn, Eric DHS CBP Desk Officer 202-282-8130 DC US
Kuleski, Brian R DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7131 DC US
Kulesza, Anthony W DHS Disaster Recovery Engineer 540-272-6184 DC US
Kulick, Betsy DHS Information Security Principal Leader 703-235-5830 VA US
Kumar, Manohar DHS Project Manager 202-447-5488 DC US
Kumarraj, Sabina DHS IT Specialist (policy & planning) 703-235-3665 VA US
Kunkulis, Andy DHS Security Officer 609-813-2804 609-813-2733 NJ US
Kuntz, Kimberly a DHS Program Analyst 703-235-2116 703-235-2051 VA US
Kuterbach, James R DHS Premier Field Engineer 202-447-5921 DC US
Kutsch, Steven C DHS PSCD Exec Sec 703-235-9337 (Office) DC US
Kwiatkowski, Stephen J DHS Geospatial Analyst 703-506-9515 ext. 8071 VA US
Kyger, David DHS Analyst 703-235-5172 VA US
La, Kevin DHS VA US
La Lena, Anne F DHS 703-235-5144 VA US
Labianca, Victor DHS Federal Air Marshal 202-282-9286 DC US
Labonte, Brian A DHS System Administrator 703-899-3478 DC US
Laborde, Bruce A DHS EMC Resident 504-628-3928 MS US
Lacasse, Jacqueline DHS Audit Liaison Analyst 202-447-5112 202-447-5120 DC US
Lacey, Alonzo DHS Instructor 571-223-3934 VA US
Lacey, Suzanne DHS Program Manager 202-447-0007 DC US
Lacis, John W DHS R&D Analyst 202-254-7441 DC US
Lacivita, Brendan DHS Deputy Director of Strategic Communications 202-447-3477 DC US
Lacour, Charles DHS Transportation Manager 631-323-3073 631-323-3087 NY US
Lacour, Sam DHS IT Specialist 850-452-7534 FL US
Lacy, Diane DHS Sr. Enterprise Data Architect 202-357-7662 DC US
Ladnier, Stacy L DHS Applications Support 228-813-4244 MS US
Ladowicz, Pete DHS Industry Liaison 202-254-5689 202-254-6172 DC US
Lafontant, Patrick B DHS SETA Support 202-254-8636 DC US
Laggan, Chelsea DHS 202-447-5989 DC US
Lagomarsino, Raymond DHS chemist 212-620-3662 212-620-3611 NY US
Lahlou, Omar L DHS Test Lead 703-283-2084 DC US
Lake, Debbie DHS Director, USPHS Commissioned Corps Affairs 202-254-2403 DC US
Lake, Gary DHS Intern / Intel Ops Spec 703-235-8551 VA US
Lake, Merritt DHS Director of Force Health Protection & Wellness 202-254-5645 DC US
Lake, William J DHS NGA Geospatial Analyst 202-282-8307 DC US
Lalla, Rakesh C DHS QA/CM Analyst 609-813-2896 609-272-7512 NJ US
Lallis, Judith DHS Acq Prof Career Program Manager 202-447-5296 DC US
Lam, Anh-thu N DHS Sr. Infrastructure Specialist 703-742-2214 VA US
Lam, Keith DHS 228-813-4838 MS US
Lam, Vincent DHS Sector Engagement Manager 703-908-7020 VA US
Lamaallem, Yasmina DHS 202-343-1645 202-343-4015 DC US
Lamar, Kimberly DHS Management/Program Analyst 202-447-3875 DC US
Lamb, Chad DHS Accessibility Technician 202-447-5883 DC US
Lamberson, Joseph R DHS Consultant Architect 703-736-8612 VA US
Lambert, Leslie DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9357 VA US
Lambo, Brett DHS Director, Cyber Exercises Program - NCSD 703-235-2852 VA US
Lambrecht, Mike DHS Security Specialist 703-235-9392 VA US
Lamm, Travis DHS DC2 Project Manager 703-736-8555 VA US
Lamonica, Diane DHS Program Manager - Contractor NJ US
Lancaster, Wendy M DHS IT Technician 202-447-0656 DC US
Lanczycki, Shawna DHS Communications Specialist 202-357-8275 202-357-0042 DC US
Landers, Francisco O DHS Division Manager, Applications Delivery & Quality Assurance 202-447-0256 DC US
Landesberg, Martha DHS Associate Director for Privacy 703-235-0797 703-235-0442 VA US
Landry, Huet C DHS IV&V Analyst, Scrum Coach 202-357-6103 DC US
Landry, Ronald DHS Program Analysis 703-603-4607 VA US
Lane, Douglas DHS SETA Contractor 202-254-5341 202-254-5395 DC US
Lane, Jim J DHS Technology and Mission Support Programs 202-282-8984 202-282-8806 DC US
Lane, Kathleen DHS Selective Placement Program Manager 202-245-1132 202-245-1141 DC US
Lane, Melvin R DHS Executive Assistant 202-343-2498 DC US
Lane, Paul A DHS Security Officer DC US
Lane, Skip DHS Safety Officer / International Liaison / Special Projects 609-813-2718 609-646-2536 NJ US
Laney, Richard B DHS Open Source Collection Officer 202-447-3921 DC US
Lange, Markus DHS cwo 202-282-8101 DC US
Langer, Elliott M DHS Analyst 202-447-3897 DC US
Langer, Esther DHS Chemical SSA 703-603-5112 VA US
Langford, Eric L DHS IT Specialist 434-374-0909 VA US
Langham, Russell DHS Data Center Program Manager & COTR 202-447-0468 202-447-0261 DC US
Langhelm, Ronald J DHS HIFLD to the Regions 253-683-0291 WA US
Lanham, David DHS 202-447-5328 DC US
Lanham, Pamela DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5377 DC US
Lanoue, James DHS HSIN Deputy Program Manager 202-357-7635 DC US
Lantzer, Paula K DHS 202-254-7538 202-254-7755 DC US
Lappo, Karmen N DHS Interagency Liaison 202-254-6666 202-254-5396 DC US
Laprairie, Glenn DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-841-0631 LA US
Lareau, Richard DHS Chief Scientist 609-813-2760 609-383-1973 NJ US
Largo, Emily DHS Security Monitor DC US
Lark, Calvin DHS Telecommunications Officer 202-282-8831 202-282-9324 DC US
Lark 1, Calvin DHS Telecommunications Officer 202-282-8831 202-282-9324 DC US
Laroche, Marie B DHS CLERK 202-282-8959 DC US
Larossa, Connie DHS Director 202-282-8329 DC US
Larrimore, David K DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0968 DC US
Larson, Megan DHS Management and Program Analyst 703-603-4918 VA US
Larson, Norm DHS Instructor 571-223-3934 VA US
Larson, Steven DHS Senior Program Manager 202-343-4536 DC US
Lasalle, Gabrielle D DHS Consultant 703-235-8153 VA US
Laska, William DHS Program Manager 202-254-5337 DC US
Lasko, Linda A DHS FOIA Program Specialist 703-235-0130 703-235-0443 VA US
Lasley, Pamela DHS Compensation Program Manager 703-235-2173 VA US
Lasov, Jeffrey S DHS Sr. Intelligence Officer 202-282-8557 DC US
Lassiter, Max DHS NOC Liaison 202-282-8514 DC US
Lassiter, Shevaun DHS Outreach and Awareness Program Support-Speakers Bureau 703-235-4084 VA US
Lassiter, Tontresa E DHS Systems Administrator 202-282-8300 DC US
Lastrina, Mike DHS Continuity Programs Manager 540-542-5028 540-542-5032 VA US
Latchana, Samantha DHS Counterintelligence Officer 202-282-9893 DC US
Latimer, Jennifer DHS Program Coordinator 202-254-7002 DC US
Latkiewicz, Frank DHS Contractor DC US
Latta, Douglas A DHS Sr. Trainer 202-447-3955 DC US
Latta, John N DHS Director 202-447-4403 DC US
Laubscher, Margaret DHS Advisor 202-447-4156 DC US
Laurenz, Brian D DHS 202-357-7815 DC US
Lauria, Robert DHS Deputy Director - Performance Management Program 202-357-8240 DC US
Laurie-Read, Hope DHS AEMT/FIREFIGHTER 631-323-3099 NY US
Lauver, Mark DHS 202-447-3967 DC US
Lavarnway, David E DHS Network operations manager 703-968-3424 VA US
Lavarreda, Hector DHS Purchasing Manager 631-323-3307 631-323-3087 NY US
Lavoy, Diane DHS Strategic Initiatives & Special Projects Team Lead 202-282-8229 DC US
Law, Bradley M DHS Senior Application Development Lead DC US
Law, Edward DHS Human Resources Specialist (Staffing) 202-357-8238 DC US
Law, Susan L DHS Deputy Director, Interagency Office 202-254-6195 202-254-5823 DC US
Lawler, Rosemarie DHS Deputy Chief, Security Systems Division 202-447-5765 202-358-2025 DC US
Lawless, Thomas DHS Regional Coordinator 858-692-3977 CA US
Lawrence, James DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 614-387-1083 (Desk) OH US
Lawrence, Kirk W DHS Business Analyst 703-235-5490 VA US
Lawrence, Paul DHS Visiting Scientist 631-477-4496 NY US
Lawrence, William DHS Senior Test Scientist 609-813-2798 NJ US
Laws, John V DHS Infrastructure Analyst 703-603-5039 VA US
Laws, Valerie DHS ADMIN SPECIALIST 202-282-9404 202-282-8952 DC US
Lawson, Andria DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0768 202-447-5564 DC US
Lawson, Eric DHS Security Analyst 703-235-8852 VA US
Lawson, Lori DHS Contracting Officer 202-447-0809 DC US
Lawson, Tammy DHS IC/CS RFI Team Lead 202-447-3228 DC US
Layne, Clyde B DHS 202-254-7353 DC US
Lazarus, Lawrence DHS Acting Deputy Director, Resources Division 202-612-1157 (NAC) 202-357-7678 DC US
Le, Brian K DHS Senior Programmer DC US
Le, Duyet DHS Intel Support Specialist 202-282-8642 202-447-4247 DC US
Le, Trong T DHS Systems Engineer 202-254-5764 VA US
Lea, Zachary W DHS Service Desk Technical Lead 919-424-9267 NC US
Leach, Sean DHS Audit and Security Training Officer 202-357-1233 DC US
Leake-Davis, Arvette M DHS Grants Specialist 202-447-5537 202-447-5600 DC US
Leary, Kristi DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-4018 DC US
Leasure, Ashley N DHS Geospacial Analyst 724-840-6094 NY US
Leatherman, Wayne T DHS 208-526-9004 VA US
Leavell, David B DHS Information Manager 202-447-4130 DC US
Leavitt, David E DHS Senior Analyst 202-612-1759 DC US
Leavitt, Jason DHS LVPD Desk Officer 202-282-9274 DC US
Leblanc, Jeffrey DHS Systems Analyst - Lead 202-731-1673 202-447-0061 DC US
Lebleu, Lambert M DHS Security Authorization Specialist 228-813-3344 MS US
Leckey, Eric DHS Associate Director for Privacy Compliance 703-235-0781 703-235-0442 VA US
Ledbetter, Andrew DHS Secretarys Briefing Book Coordinator 202-282-8754 DC US
Lee, Anthony D DHS BCEP Chief Readiness 202-525-9284 DC US
Lee, Antionetta DHS Cyber Engineer 703-235-5820 VA US
Lee, Brandon DHS Subject Matter Expert 202-357-8160 DC US
Lee, Changta DHS Engineer 703-983-4375 VA US
Lee, Charles C DHS SharePoint Developer 202-447-0182 DC US
Lee, Charmaine DHS Program Analyst 202-282-8864 DC US
Lee, Christine DHS Program Manager 202-254-6397 202-254-6177 DC US
Lee, Christopher DHS Senior Privacy Officer 202-254-2341 DC US
Lee, Dou K DHS 703-235-3943 VA US
Lee, Gaile DHS Operations Support Assistant 202-343-1772 202-343-4010 DC US
Lee, HsiNa DHS Physical Scientist 212-620-6607 212-620-3600 NY US
Lee, James DHS Statistician 202-786-9898 202-786-9910 DC US
Lee, Jane DHS IT Specialist VA US
Lee, Jisun DHS Program Manager 202-254-2353 DC US
Lee, John DHS Solution Architect 703-818-4657 VA US
Lee, John J DHS Enterprise Architect (GD Team Lead) 202-447-3094 DC US
Lee, Julia S DHS Program Analyst 609-813-3022 609-813-3314 NJ US
Lee, Keith M DHS DHS-HQ Senior Printing Officer 202-557-5373 DC US
Lee, Kenneth A DHS IT Specialist/INFOSEC 703-235-3679 VA US
Lee, Kim DHS Electronics Engineer 609-813-2809 609-383-1973 NJ US
Lee, Kris DHS INFOSEC 202-357-6129 DC US
Lee, Nakia D DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-0537 202-447-5813 DC US
Lee, Pamela T DHS Staffing Assistant 202-357-8237 DC US
Lee, Robert W DHS NCS Liaision 719-556-2134
Lee, Robert DHS Senior Administrative Specialist 202-282-8000 DC US
Lee, Roy K DHS Executive Staff Officer 202-282-9149 DC US
Lee, Stephen DHS Analyst 202-447-4494 DC US
Lee, Susan DHS Assistant Director 202-447-5841 DC US
Lee, Susan Jayne DHS ERMS Solution Architect 202-603-6327 DC US
Lee, SY DHS Press Assistant 202-447-3698 DC US
Lee, Tyna DHS Correspondence Manager 202-343-4516 DC US
Lee-Lewis, Linda D DHS Watch Officer 202-282-8126 DC US
Leftwich, Veronica DHS Executive Assistant 202-254-6372 DC US
Legault, Richard L DHS Program Manager 202-254-6829 DC US
Leger-Kelley, Lesley DHS Deputy Director, Immigration and Border Security 202-447-3763 DC US
Leggett, Mary Ann DHS Dr. 703-235-5819 VA US
Leggett Jr, Rodney J DHS IT Support Technician 202-447-0816 DC US
Legrady, Terrence DHS Security Supervisor 631-323-3115 NY US
Legros, Jesse M DHS Inspector 202-302-4428 TX US
Legrys, Lavita DHS Special Counselor to the CPO 202-447-5244 DC US
Leiro, Alexander DHS 202-447-5467 DC US
Leitch, Stephen DHS 631-323-3353 NY US
Leith, Pamela DHS PM 202-447-0160 DC US
Leiva, Christina DHS Intern 202-447-5898 DC US
Leking, Michael A DHS Senior Cybersecurity Specialist 703-235-3030 VA US
Leland, Justin P DHS DC US
Lemere, Ben DHS HSIN Outreach Team Manager 703-294-6111 Ext. 208 202-282-8806 DC US
Lemieux, Daryl DHS Cyber Threat Analyst 703-235-5022 VA US
Lemieux, Nancy DHS Technical Evaluation Administrator 703-575-4506 VA US
Lemire, Dana DHS computer op. 2 631-323-3055 NY US
Lemme, Clayt Q DHS 202-447-4540 DC US
Lemons, Jeffery L DHS Security Officer 202-282-8956 DC US
Lempert, Richard DHS Research Deputy/Chief Scientist - Human Factors 202-254-6874 202-254-6910 DC US
Lems, Peter DHS Work Control Manager 631-323-3046 631-323-3237 NY US
Lemus, Ricardo DHS Special Assistant / Program Manager 202-697-3519 DC US
Lenkowsky, Matthew DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8603 DC US
Lennen, Jaime DHS Consultant 202-343-1618 DC US
Lennen, Matthew D DHS Lead Security Specialist 703-277-1728 DC US
Leon, Cesar DHS Quest Engineer VA US
Leon, Miguel DHS Remote MRT Tech 202-447-5688 DC US
Leonard, Clarissa DHS Special Assistant to the CIO 202-343-2424 DC US
Leonard, Jawara K DHS Sr. Information Security Analyst 202-570-1365 DC US
Leonard, Jessica DHS 703-235-9476 VA US
Leonard, Karen K DHS Information Systems Engineer, Lead 202-343-2499 DC US
Lepage, Richard DHS Director of Management 703-235-8133 703-235-3052 VA US
Lepesqueur, Eloise DHS 703-235-5512 VA US
Lerner, Hillary DHS 202-447-4223 DC US
Lesesne, Crystal DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5733 202-447-5725 DC US
Leshinski, Deborah DHS Chief Technology Officer 202-282-9398 202-447-4078 DC US
Leslie, Latousha DHS Nurse Specialist, Medical Quality Management 202-254-6833 DC US
Lessane, Manvell DHS Information System Security Manager (ISSM) 202-447-3456 DC US
Lester-Saura, Victoria DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-282-9764 DC US
Leszczynski, John A DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6764 DC US
Letavec, Albert DHS Boat Captain 631-236-6194 NY US
Leung, Alfred B DHS Research Chemist 609-813-2799 609-407-9632 NJ US
Levi, Frank R DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-282-9422 DC US
Levin, Susan DHS Management Analyst 202-447-0208 DC US
Levine, Cheryl A DHS Management Analyst 202-357-8505 DC US
Levine, Eric S DHS Lead Scientist 410-417-0907 410-417-0915 MD US
Levine, Evan DHS Chief Scientist 212-620-6421 NY US
Levinson, Stephen M DHS EEO Specialist 202-254-8223 202-254-8240 DC US
Levy, Barbara J DHS Quality Assurance Analyst 202-447-0744 DC US
Levy, Jason DHS Attorney Advisor 202-282-8582 202-282-9186 DC US
Levy, Samantha J DHS 202-447-4170 DC US
Lew, Kimberly D DHS Chief, Personnel Security Division 202-447-5895 202-447-0697 DC US
Lewe, Sung DHS Network Security Engineer 703-456-5057 VA US
Lewis, Alexis K DHS Management and Program Analyst 703-603-4605 VA US
Lewis, Ashley DHS Dir, Acquisition Workforce & Policy 202-447-5263 DC US
Lewis, Donna A DHS Attorney Advisor 202-447-3519 DC US
Lewis, Gregory H DHS Manager 703-961-5733 VA US
Lewis, Jacquet B DHS Deputy, Mission Management 703-235-8835 VA US
Lewis, James S DHS ATSAIC 202-282-9159 DC US
Lewis, James DHS Watch Officer 202-282-8808 DC US
Lewis, Jason DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5236 703-603-5095 VA US
Lewis, Jerry DHS Service Desk Analyst 1-800-250-7911 IN US
Lewis, John A DHS Senior Engineer 202-343-4538 DC US
Lewis, Keena DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0812 DC US
Lewis, Lawrence DHS Compliance Investigator 202-357-6295 DC US
Lewis, Lena DHS Staff Accountant 202-447-0709 DC US
Lewis, Morris DHS incident Handler 703-235-8844 VA US
Lewis, Pamela M DHS Project Manager 202-447-0805 DC US
Lewis, Rachel DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9998 DC US
Lewis, Russell B DHS Storage Administrator 434-374-3580 VA US
Lewis, Ryan DHS Staff Consultant 703-908-7027 VA US
Lewis, Scott DHS Program Analyst 202-343-4409 DC US
Lewis, Shalonda DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-0533 DC US
Lewis, Sharon K DHS Administrative Specialist 202-384-5340 TX US
Lewis, Sharon M DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8557 DC US
Lewis, Sheena M DHS Security Specialist DC US
Lewis-Banks, Johnnie DHS Associate Director 202-447-5583 202-447-5545 DC US
Lewis-Blake, Beverly DHS 202-357-7756 DC US
Lexicon DHS 202-282-8265 DC US
Ley, Ralph DHS Protective Security Advisor (PSA) Utah/Idaho District 801-258-5274 UT US
Leyden F, John DHS Business Liaison 202-447-3959 DC US
Li, J Jean DHS Database Administrator 202-357-8265 202-357-8470 DC US
Liang, Rachel DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5136 VA US
Libby, Scott DHS Deputy CIO 703-235-3624 VA US
Licata, Lee DHS Policy Advisor 202-447-3483 DC US
Lichtenfels, Rick DHS Deputy Director, NCCIC Assist and Assess Branch 703-235-5225 VA US
Lichtman, Bruce DHS Assistant Director 202-447-5242 DC US
Liciardello, Joseph DHS Data Integration Section Chief 215-717-5807 202-343-4011 PA US
Liddell, Diane DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5769 202-447-5154 DC US
Lidie, Manny DHS Financial Analyst 202-447-5177 202-447-5118 DC US
Liebeck, Carl E DHS Asset Management Team 202-447-5210 DC US
Liebenow, Kelly DHS 703-603-4657 VA US
Lieberman, Norman DHS Regional Director 303-239-4301 CO US
Lierni, Trinh DHS Program Control 703-908-7005 VA US
Liford, Jeff S DHS Principal IT Security Engineer 703-742-2711 VA US
Liles, Val L DHS Telecom Manager 703-235-4235 VA US
Lillianfeld, Becky DHS 202-357-8136 202-357-0042 DC US
Lilly, Emma L DHS Program Analyst 202-357-8276 202-357-8295 DC US
Lilly, Sara E DHS Compliance Investigator 202-357-7782 DC US
Lilly, Sean A DHS Grants Specialist 202-447-5869 202-447-5600 DC US
Lilly, Tamara DHS Branch Chief 202-357-6148 DC US
Lim, Alexander DHS System Analyst 202-447-3080 DC US
Lim, Richard DHS Infrastructure Protection Analyst 703-235-9453 VA US
Lim, Zunsik DHS Software Engineer 703-679-6799 VA US
Limauro, Nancy DHS Acting Director, International Affairs, NCSD 703-235-2864 VA US
Limer, Jerri L DHS Creative Services 202-447-4340 DC US
Liming, Bruce DHS HQ LAN-A ISSM & Information Assurance Federal Manager 202-357-1212 DC US
Lin, Hui DHS Staff Scientist NJ US
Lin, Jeanne DHS Deputy Director 202-254-5737 DC US
Linden, Gregory S DHS IT Sytems Engineer, Principal 202-447-3040 DC US
Lindenbaum, Francis DHS Special Agent 202-447-5368 DC US
Linderer, Donald J DHS Security Eng 202-357-1250 DC US
Lindler, Luther E DHS Senior Science Advisor 202-254-2336 DC US
Lindsay, Justian T DHS Systems Administrator 202-282-9124 202-612-1673 DC US
Lindsay, Kenneth DHS Detective 202-282-9274 DC US
Lindsey, Daniel DHS Intern 703-235-4949 VA US
Lindsey, Willie F DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-7008 202-254-7785 DC US
Lindsey Jr, Douglas P DHS SHARES Project Managment 703-235-5341 VA US
Lines, Gary W DHS NICC Watch Analyst 202-282-9201 VA US
Lines, Jacob DHS Admin Specialist 202-447-4670 VA US
Ling, Guang L DHS Executive Support Services 202-507-2610 DC US
Link, David DHS Information Technology Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-5718 VA US
Link, Jessie DHS Software Engineer 571-228-5700 VA US
Link, Thomas DHS Open Source Content Manager 202-447-3988 202-447-9895 DC US
Linkins, Venus DHS Program Coordinatior (SETA) 202-254-7005 DC US
Lino, Arleen N DHS IT Technician DC US
Linson, Desiree DHS Director, Planning and Outreach 202-254-6309 DC US
Linzer, Matthew DHS ISSO 202-447-5980 202-447-0626 DC US
Lipka, Daniel DHS Acting Deputy Director, Operations Coordination Division 202-282-9328 202-282-9705 DC US
Lipperini, Michael J DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5631 202-447-5749 DC US
Lippmann, Elizabeth J DHS COOP Analyst 202-447-3159 DC US
Lipscomb-Teal, Shirley A DHS Support Contractor 202-254-6934 DC US
Lipski, James DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-527-3456 AL US
Liriano, Ismael DHS Financial Management Specialist 202-447-5975 202-447-5118 DC US
Lister, Mark J DHS DC US
Listhrop, Raelene A DHS Budget Analyst 703-647-8040 Ext. 141 VA US
Little, Debrah M DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0045 DC US
Little, Demarko J DHS Technical Site Lead 202-254-6101 DC US
Little, Francis E DHS 703-741-7676 x 629 VA US
Littlepage, Alison M DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5201 VA US
Littles, Chandra DHS Budget Officer, OEC 202-343-1747 DC US
Littles, Charles B DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-0605 202-447-5013 DC US
Littleton, Robert A DHS DHS/OCIO SharePoint MBA, PMP DC US
Liu, Debra A DHS CMQA 571-239-7489 DC US
Liu, Kenneth D DHS Policy Analyst 202-612-1708 DC US
Liu, William DHS Field Operations and Maintenance Manager 703-439-7951 DC US
Lively, Valerie DHS Computer Scientist 609-813-2721 609-383-1973 NJ US
Livengood, Alina DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5497 202-447-5545 DC US
Livick, Todd S DHS Senior PA/SC Program Analyst VA US
Livingston, Charles M DHS Deputy Program Manager 240-274-1486 DC US
Livingston, Mark R DHS NCCIPS Quality Manager 228-813-4862 MS US
Livoti, Carmen DHS Senior Labor and Employee Relations Advisor 202-357-8175 DC US
Lizada, Audra DHS Headquarters Operations Center Manager 202-447-3191 DC US
Lizewski, James F DHS SRO / Richmond RO 571-258-2773 571-258-2845 VA US
Llewellyn, David DHS Database Application Developer 703-235-5667 VA US
Lloyd, Kathryn DHS Program Specialist 202-357-8482 202-357-0042 DC US
Lloyd, Roger D DHS Sr. Budget Analyst 703-235-4279 703-235-4980 VA US
Lloyd, Wallace H DHS Desk Officer 202-447-5226 202-447-5154 DC US
Lluberes, Andrew DHS Director of Communications for Intelligence and Analysis 202-282-8694 202-282-8408 DC US
Lo Hing, Margaret DHS Staff Accountant 202-447-5803 202-447-5779 DC US
Lobsenz, Serafina E DHS Attorney-Advisor 703-603-4649 VA US
Lockard, David DHS Records Specialist 202-650-7777 DC US
Lockard, Edward DHS Information Technology Specialist 202-357-6174 DC US
Locke, Amanda DHS Program Analyst, Strategy Policy & Budget Office 202-254-2287 202-254-6163 DC US
Lockett, Rodney E DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-841-2065 CA US
Lockett, Vania DHS Senior Privacy Analyst 703-235-1509 VA US
Lockett-Reynolds, Janae DHS Human Systems Research & Engineering Program Manager 202-254-6611 202-254-6739 DC US
Locknane, Matt M DHS Network Engineer 228-813-3341 MS US
Lockwood, Jonathan DHS Senior Instructor, ITB, MSD 571-223-3934 DC US
Lockwood-Shabat, Eugene DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7362 202-254-7752 DC US
Loeffler, Paul DHS IT Policy & Planning 703-235-3667 VA US
Lofstad, Colleen M DHS Executive Assistant 631-323-3163 631-323-3295 NY US
Lofton, Lindsay DHS 703-603-5189 VA US
Lofurno, Frank A DHS IT-NOVA Program Control Analyst 703-253-2865 VA US
Logan, Robert DHS Continuity Analyst 202-282-8368 DC US
Logan, Shanita DHS Financial Management Analyst 202-447-5212 202-447-5828 DC US
Loh, Bee Choon DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8256 202-375-8140 DC US
Loiacono, Adam V DHS Attorney Advisor 202-282-8588 DC US
Lojek, Anne M DHS Protection Operations Specialist VA US
Lomax, Dessadra DHS OCIO Facilities Coordinator 202-343-2430 202-343-2529 DC US
Lomax, Tandu-La DHS intern 202-357-6135 DC US
Lombardi, Angelo J DHS Wireless Business Analyst 202-573-0419 VA US
Lombardo, Stephanie DHS SES CDP Manager 202-357-8330 DC US
Lombardy, Mark DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-510-3898 DC US
London, Darrin DHS Project Manager 202-254-6369 DC US
London, Jacqueline DHS 202-447-3711 DC US
Long, Barbara DHS Deportation Officer 571-350-4615 VA US
Long, Dana Y DHS Senior Procurement Analyst 202-447-5718 DC US
Long, Deborah F DHS Contingency Services Manager 302-391-8303 DE US
Long, Joseph DHS Police Officer 202-282-9034 DC US
Long, Matthew DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-8587 202-447-3068 DC US
Long, Melanie DHS Executive Assistant 703-235-9373 703-603-4920 VA US
Long, Patti DHS Secretary 609-813-2713 609-383-1973 NJ US
Long, Randolph DHS Deputy Director, CB Div 202-254-5774 202-254-6166 DC US
Long, Richard DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-1650 NJ US
Long, Sabrina DHS Enrollment official 202-510-8689 DC US
Longfritz, Kenneth DHS Protective Security Advisor 307-432-5589 307-432-5588 WY US
Longstaff, Thomas A DHS Chief Scientist, Mission Assurance Branch 443-778-9389 VA US
Lonnquest, Matthew DHS Requirements Manager 202-447-4453 DC US
Loper, Edward G DHS Lead Electrician 631-323-3150 631-477-4457 NY US
Loper, Edward DHS Special Projects Manager 631-323-3122 631-477-4457 NY US
Lopez, Alfonso DHS Legislative Affairs Specialist 202-447-5806 202-447-5437 DC US
Lopez, Eugenio DHS Program Analyst- Incident Management Officer 202-282-9693 DC US
Lopez, Javier DHS Financial Officer 202-254-6078 202-254-5392 DC US
Lopez, Jose J DHS Project Manager, CWO 202-282-8590 202-282-8782 DC US
Lopez, Lisa DHS DHS Liaison Officer to Spain 202-527-4522
Lopez, Martha DHS CPIMD ExecSec 703-235-2569 VA US
Lopez, Norma DHS Human Resources Specialist, Benefits 202-650-7769 202-357-8462 DC US
Lopez, Philippe M DHS BioWatch SETA DPM 703-647-2744 703-683-2866 VA US
Lord, Lisa J DHS Communications Engineer 703-968-1265 703-968-1227 VA US
Loredo, Ethel C DHS Contracts Manager 703-742-1671 703-742-2674 VA US
Lorick, Kelly DHS Management Program Analyst 202-447-0831 DC US
Lotierzo, Kathryn B DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6407 202-254-6402 DC US
Louck, Cheryl DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-0982 IL US
Louis, Richard DHS Platform Engineer 703-733-3417 VA US
Louison, Lisa DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-6745 202-254-6911 DC US
Lovato, Rhonda DHS Executive Secretariat 202-343-4236 DC US
Love, Becky DHS Training Manager, NPPD 703-235-2160 VA US
Love, Samyan DHS Geospatial Analyst 703-506-9515 VA US
Love, Tommy L DHS Network Engineer 703-341-4068 VA US
Loveday, Marcelle DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0566 DC US
Lovell, Akilah DHS 202-357-7621 DC US
Lovett, Edward DHS Assistant Director - Transportation 202-447-5471 202-447-5437 DC US
Lowden, Andrew C DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0122 DC US
Lowe, Glen DHS IT Technician 202-447-4426 DC US
Lowery, Wayne N DHS Financial Management Specialist 202-447-0181 202-447-5785 DC US
Lowman, Deborah DHS Account Technician 202-254-6473 DC US
Lowry, William DHS CIC 202-254-6409 DC US
Loyka, Stephan DHS 202-447-4042 DC US
Lozada, Antonio A DHS Senior Technical Consultant 703-812-9700 DC US
Lu, Zhiqiang DHS Microbiologist 631-323-3123 631-323-3166 NY US
Lucas, Barbara DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-8378 DC US
Lucas, Erik DHS SETA Support Contractor 202-254-5623 202-254-6167 DC US
Lucas, Marle DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5912 202-447-5333 DC US
Lucas, Richard DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-0734 DC US
Luckett, Janine DHS Administrative Specialist 202-343-1664 202-343-4016 DC US
Ludtke, Meghan DHS Associate General Counsel for NPPD 202-282-8889 DC US
Lue, Andrew DHS Branch Head (General Engineer) | IT Policy Branch 202-538-5551 DC US
Luemen, Jessica DHS Information Assurance Team Lead 202-447-3078 202-282-8803 DC US
Luescher, Kirsten K DHS 202-254-2365 DC US
Luetkemeier, James DHS Compliance Assurance Program Office Analyst 202-254-6623 DC US
Lugo, Isabel DHS Senior Logistics Analyst 202-343-4539 202-343-4550 DC US
Lugorui, Stuart DHS DHS AttachA© Assistant 613-688-5356 ON CA
Lukianovich, Mark J DHS Acting Director - IA Acquisitions 202-282-9112 202-447-3464 DC US
Lukow, Stefan R DHS Research Chemist 609-813-2831 609-383-1973 NJ US
Lum, Jonson DHS Budget Analyst 202-343-1682 DC US
Luna, Margio A DHS Telecommunications Specialist 202-447-0149 DC US
Lundsted, James DHS Regional Coordinator 573-298-0484 573-636-2977 MO US
Luong, Dzu DHS General Engineer 703-603-4651 703-603-4715 VA US
Luong, Vandai DHS IT Specialist 703-235-3683 703-235-5889 VA US
Luque, Gustavo M DHS Analyst 703-603-5102 VA US
Lusso, Charles DHS NICC Senior Watch Officer 202-282-9201 VA US
Lusso, Timothy DHS SSR 571-258-2764 571-258-2845 VA US
Luster, Kenneth DHS Lead Security Specialist 202-282-9916 202-282-8604 DC US
Lustig, Teresa E DHS Program Manager 202-254-5766 202-254-6180 DC US
Luther, Margaret A DHS Executive Staff Officer 202-447-4269 DC US
Lutz, Arthur DHS Deputy - Executive Telecommunications Office 202-282-9198 202-282-9324 DC US
Lutz, David DHS SIA 202-282-8309 DC US
Lutz 1, Arthur DHS Dep. Director 202-282-9198 202-282-9324 DC US
Luu, Cuong Q DHS Program Manager 202-254-6374 202-245-5388 DC US
Luu, Khanh-Quan N DHS Software Engineer/ISSO 703-235-5050 VA US
Luu, Thanh DHS SETA Program Manager 202-254-5327 202-254-5395 DC US
Luu, Tommy DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-343-2457 202-343-2530 DC US
Lux, Toby R DHS Special Assistant 703-235-5423 VA US
Ly, Duy Q DHS System Administrator 202-282-9200 DC US
Ly, Lam DHS Business Analyst 202-447-3354 DC US
Ly, Nhan T DHS System Engineer 202-447-5104 DC US
Lyerly, Raymond DHS IT Specialist 703-235-5460 703-235-5963 VA US
Lyerly, William DHS Director 202-254-5646 202-254-6094 DC US
Lynch, Christal A DHS Travel Coordinator 202-254-7505 202-254-7594 DC US
Lynch, Devin DHS Legislative Assistant 202-447-4533 DC US
Lynch, Kimberly K DHS Analyst 202-282-8678 DC US
Lynott, Michael T DHS Program Manager NCSD Inventory 703-235-5447 866-473-8802 VA US
Lyon, Jaime DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-282-9857 DC US
Lyons, David J DHS Senior SAN Engineer 202-824-1137 DC US
Lyons, James E DHS Lead Program Analyst 202-343-4551 DC US
Lyons, James DHS Principal Systems Analyst 202-612-1655 DC US
Lyons, John DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-447-4436 202-282-8504 DC US
Lyons, Liz DHS Privacy Analyst 703-235-0802 703-235-0442 VA US
Lyttle, Gregory DHS Financial Analyst 202-254-6860 DC US
Ma, Carrie J DHS IT Specialist 703-235-3644 VA US
Maas, Michael A DHS MILITARY ASSISTANT 202-282-8278 DC US
Mabelitini, Christopher DHS 703-235-5141 VA US
Mabeus, Steven DHS Dep Director, CITA 202-447-3142 DC US
Mabry, Christopher DHS Research Analyst 202-282-8423 DC US
Macdonald, Bruce DHS IT Specialist 202-357-6123 DC US
Macdonald, Christopher DHS 202-254-6188 DC US
Macdonald, James DHS Security Officer 703-235-5458 VA US
Macdonnell, James P DHS Senior Watch Analyst 703-603-4882 VA US
Macdougall, Scott C DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-4393 DC US
Macdowell, James DHS ICE Liaison 202-612-1793 DC US
Mace, Leslie H DHS Network Engineer 703-818-4386 VA US
Maceyko, Rudolph DHS ISSO 412-268-6818 PA US
Macha, Michael DHS Protective Security Advisor TX US
Macherelli, Marco DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5964 DC US
Machion, Dominic J DHS Project Manager 202-282-8565 DC US
Macias, Marva Ann K DHS Administrative Support Assistant 915-760-2489 TX US
Maciejewski, Richard A DHS QA Manager 703-742-1130 VA US
Mack, Delbert D DHS Special Security Officer 202-282-9684 DC US
Mack, Wayne DHS Administrative Assistant 202-357-8100 202-357-0042 DC US
Mackin, Sam DHS Associate Director for Operations 703-235-8831 VA US
Mackinney, John A DHS Director, Nuclear and Radiological Policy 202-447-3885 202-282-9703 DC US
Macklem, Michaela E DHS 202-254-7010 DC US
Macklin, Theodore O DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9641 DC US
Macknight, Richard DHS Senior Acquisition and Budget Analyst 202-254-6755 DC US
Maclaren, Jon M DHS Program Manager 703-603-4615 VA US
Macleod, John B DHS Support Contractor 301-825-7599 DC US
Macnow, Ethan DHS photographer 631-323-3220 NY US
Maday, Brian DHS Management Integration Analyst 202-507-3579 DC US
Madden, Daniel A DHS Engineer 631-323-3109 NY US
Maddox, Kenneth DHS Enrollment Official DC US
Madello, Alethea DHS 202-282-9556 DC US
Mader, Laura J DHS Financial Program Cost Analyst 703-235-1968 VA US
Madera, Christian DHS Facility Assistant 212-620-3608 212-620-3600 NY US
Madison, John T DHS Project Manager 757-746-5751 DC US
Madison, Laverne R DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5711 202-447-5693 DC US
Madlock, Sylvonica DHS Program Analyst 202-282-8946 DC US
Madon, James DHS Director, NCS 703-235-4900 VA US
Mageau, Michael J DHS Senior Program Manager 703-277-1754 VA US
Magee, Christy DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5155
Magee, Matthew P DHS Scientist III 609-813-2783 NJ US
Magnarelli, Ellen E DHS Program & Management Analyst 202-447-4629 DC US
Magnusen, Priscilla D DHS Senior Acquisition Specialist 202-447-0835 202-447-0369 DC US
Magoveny, Harry W DHS BSSM 631-323-3263 631-323-3333 NY US
Magrino, Christopher DHS Deputy Assistant Director, Securing the Cities 202-254-7443 DC US
Maguire, Bill DHS 609-813-2766 609-383-1973 NJ US
Maher, Joseph DHS Deputy General Counsel 202-282-8137 DC US
Maher, Monica DHS Director of Operations, ICS-CERT 703-235-2863 VA US
Maher, Pat DHS Senior Analyst 202-447-3378 DC US
Mahle, Megan DHS Program Analyst 202-254-2245 DC US
Mahmood, Sarah DHS Program Manager 202-254-6721 DC US
Mahn, Amy V DHS NPPD International Affairs 703-235-1902 VA US
Mahon, Nicole A DHS Operations Analysts 703-235-9363 VA US
Mahoney, Shawn DHS Physical Security Specialist DC US
Mahoney, Sherry DHS 202-357-8221 202-357-8105 DC US
Mahony, Mary DHS Assistant Director 202-447-5820 202-447-0374 DC US
Mai, Huong L DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0384 202-447-5120 DC US
Mai, Mai N DHS Web Developer 202-407-3591 DC US
Maier, Mark DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-3539 DC US
Mains, Jeffrey DHS Policy and Plans Section Chief 202-282-8050 DC US
Maisonet, Eliezer DHS Senior Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-8195 DC US
Majidi, Jeanne DHS Executive Assistant to Assistant Secretary Keil 703-235-8121 703-235-9707 VA US
Major, Crystal DHS 703-235-8838 VA US
Mak, Darrell DHS Systems Engineer 202-447-5952 253-648-5946 DC US
Makarow, Arsenti DHS Enrollment Official DC US
Makowski, Kevin DHS Planner 703-235-2559 VA US
Makrokanis, Darron DHS SETA Task Lead 202-254-6647 202-254-5396 DC US
Malcolm, Susan DHS Deputy, STC 202-254-7504 202-254-7751 DC US
Maldonado, Gabriela Y DHS GEOINT Collections Manager 202-282-8169 DC US
Maldonado, Luis A DHS ICE Desk Officer 202-282-8129 DC US
Maldonado, Martin DHS TX US
Malenab, Jennifer DHS Office Manager 202-786-9917 DC US
Malhotra, Suraj DHS Intern 703-235-5796 VA US
Malik, Mohammed S DHS SharePoint Developer 703-253-9708 VA US
Mall, Colleen DHS Progam Analyst 703-603-5138 703-603-5190 VA US
Mallison, William DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-5880 202-254-6911 DC US
Mallory, Stuart C DHS Intelligence Operation Speciaist 202-447-3323 DC US
Malm, Jason L DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-3011 DC US
Malo, Manuel D DHS Senior Security Engineer 202-680-0850 VA US
Maloney, Michael J DHS Systems Engineer 703-968-1401 DC US
Maloney, Sarah G DHS HSI Division Manager 703-416-3364 DC US
Malooly, Kimberly DHS Intelligence Analyst, Border Security 202-447-4594 DC US
Maltby, Joseph M DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9534 VA US
Manahan, Joseph E DHS Attorney Advisor 202-732-8079 DC US
Mancini, Stephen DHS Deputy Director for Analysis 703-235-8869 VA US
Mancuso, Dominic J DHS Senior Information Security Assessor 202-357-1267 202-357-1229 DC US
Manders, David P DHS Sr. System Administrator 228-813-4118 MS US
Manfra, Jeanette DHS Deputy Director, OEC 202-343-1721 DC US
Mangan, Chris DHS Attorney/Advisor 202-282-8211 202-282-9186 DC US
Mangelsdorf, Dianna G DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8517 DC US
Mangiameli, Mario DHS CT Policy Advisor 202-447-4090 DC US
Mankin, Amy DHS Dir, IP Facilities Planning 703-603-5013 VA US
Manley, Andrew M DHS Staff Director 202-447-3376 DC US
Manley, Richard N DHS National Security Systems Analyst 202-447-3286 DC US
Manley, Rupert S DHS Customer Relations Manager 202-447-3342 DC US
Manlove, Marian DHS Deputy Director, Workforce Engagement 202-357-8291 202-357-8162 DC US
Mann, Amelia DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-282-8919 DC US
Mann, Eric DHS Special Agent 202-254-6419 DC US
Mann, Melissa DHS Director 202-447-0849 DC US
Manning, Meagen DHS Special Advisor 202-612-1963 DC US
Mannix, David M DHS Intelligence Analyst 915-760-2094 TX US
Mannix, Dawn L DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 401-458-1191
Manno, Daniel J DHS DC US
Mannschreck, Suzanne DHS Deputy Assistant Director, Financial Operations 202-447-5096 202-447-5118 DC US
Manohar, Savitha DHS Project Manager 202-447-5919 DC US
Manookian, Eric DHS Exercise Designer 703-235-2523 VA US
Manrique, Herill F DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8453 DC US
Manry, Amber DHS Software Developer 703-506-9515 VA US
Mansfield, Richard DHS Customer Relationship Manager 202-447-0484 DC US
Manson, Antione DHS Program Manager 703-235-5228 VA US
Mansour, Mark DHS Analyst 202-282-9046 DC US
Mantel, Simon DHS Branch Chief, Cyber Forensics 202-254-6449 DC US
Manu, Samidha DHS Program Manager 703-955-6126 DC US
Manuel, Julia F DHS Business Case Analyst 703-253-9706 VA US
Manz, Patrick DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-612-1181 202-282-9895 DC US
Manzo, James DHS Director, Cost Analysis Division 202-343-4512 DC US
Manzur, Fahim DHS Support Contractor 631-323-3391 631-323-3335 NY US
Mapar, Jalal DHS Program Manager 202-254-6663 202-254-6180 DC US
Marantan, Lorraine P DHS Nursing Coordinator 202-447-3363 202-282-9067 DC US
Marantz, Michelle A DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5818 202-447-5725 DC US
Marcellin Moore, Camala R DHS Program Analyst 703-235-5420 VA US
March, Irene DHS Senior Scientist 703-647-2726 703-647-8250 VA US
Marchand, Michael DHS Network Engineer 202-447-0480 DC US
Marchant, Michael J DHS Reports Officer 202-447-4639 DC US
Marchette, Louis V DHS Senior Associate 228-452-2698 MI US
Marcinkowski, Viola DHS Management and Program Analyst 703-235-8508 VA US
Marcott, Stacy A DHS Senior Advisor 202-282-3356 (NAC) 202-447-5172 DC US
Marcson, Nicole DHS Deputy Associate General Counsel for Technology Programs 202-254-5626 202-254-6178 DC US
Marcus, Brian A DHS Anyalyst 571-280-4014 VA US
Marcus, Jeremy DHS Program Analyst 202-282-8837 DC US
Marechal, Naomi L DHS Special Projects Manager 202-282-8832 DC US
Maree, Catherine DHS Program Analyst 202-357-8262 DC US
Marenic, Tom T DHS CBP National Security Systems Director 202-282-9006 DC US
Margaros, Jenny R DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9381 VA US
Margolis, Sarah DHS Intern 202-447-5855 DC US
Margulies, Jonathan DHS Detailee VA US
Marinelli, Joe DHS DHS NCA Classified Network Manager 202-282-9213 202-612-1673 DC US
Marinetti, Camille DHS IT Specialist 212-620-3272 212-620-3600 NY US
Marino, Charles A DHS Law Enforcement Advisor to the Secretary 202-447-3346 DC US
Marino, Edward DHS SETA 301-619-1434 DC US
Markey, Betsy DHS Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs 202-282-8256 202-282-1044 DC US
Marks, Amanda S DHS Project Manager 202-254-6931 DC US
Marks, Steve DHS Law Enforcement Advisor to the Secretary 202-447-3346 DC US
Marlow, Alyssa M DHS Contingency Planning and Incident Management Division 703-235-8195 VA US
Marosz, Robert DHS Contract Specialist 631-323-3397 631-323-3169 NY US
Marouf, Afif DHS NBIC 202-282-8379 202-282-8805 DC US
Marquez, Omar DHS 202-447-5223 DC US
Marquiss, Richard G DHS Information Analyst 512-535-3101 TX US
Marsala, Blake E DHS Applications Delivery Manager 202-824-7514 DC US
Marsden, Paul D DHS Section Chief 703-235-4953 VA US
Marsh, David L DHS HSIN Lead Mission Advocate 703-888-4609 DC US
Marsh, Jewel DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6026 DC US
Marsh, John DHS Computer Engineer 703-235-3621 VA US
Marsh, Ryan DHS Counterintelligence Officer 202-282-8885 DC US
Marshall, Gregory A DHS Deputy Chief Security Officer, Office of Security 202-447-5404 DC US
Marshall, John DHS Remedy Developer 703-283-1423 VA US
Marshall, Keona L DHS Customer Service Specialist 202-447-5935 202-358-2025 DC US
Marshall, Marsha DHS Business Analyst 703-235-5649 VA US
Marshall, Richard DHS Director of Global Security Management VA US
Marshall, Tom DHS Branch Chief-Projects 202-282-8746 202-282-9500 DC US
Martak, David DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-0984 MO US
Martensen, Kevin DHS 202-447-5998 DC US
Marteny, Jennifer L DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8433 202-357-8470 DC US
Martha, Elizabeth DHS 703-235-2178 VA US
Martin, Brenda R DHS Executive Program Support Team Member 202-447-5436 DC US
Martin, Charles W DHS Executive Assistant 202-254-7472 DC US
Martin, Christopher R DHS RFI Manager 202-447-3624 DC US
Martin, Christopher S DHS TSL Researcher 609-813-2875 NJ US
Martin, Daniel C DHS Statistician 202-786-9894 202-786-9910 DC US
Martin, Darin DHS Senior Watch Officer VA US
Martin, David W DHS Nuclear SSA 703-994-7266 VA US
Martin, David J DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-604-8716 520-836-8499 AZ US
Martin, Delores A DHS Clerk 202-282-9951 DC US
Martin, Dennis DHS Director of Resources, EMS Business Office 202-282-8849 DC US
Martin, John D DHS Food and Agriculture Infrastructure Analyst 703-603-5042 VA US
Martin, Joseph F DHS Deputy Director 202-254-5844 DC US
Martin, Larry DHS Contract Specialist 631-323-3203 NY US
Martin, Linda DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7516 202-254-7455 DC US
Martin, Mitchel DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5976 DC US
Martin, Patrick E DHS Analyst 703-235-9428 VA US
Martin, Peggy DHS Division Director 202-343-2447 DC US
Martin, Philipe DHS Help Desk Coordinator DC US
Martin, Ronald P DHS wireless support 202-357-7860 DC US
Martin, Thomas H DHS Director Support 202-612-1729 202-447-3615 DC US
Martin, Timothy DHS Director, Current Intelligence 202-282-8579 DC US
Martin, William DHS Fire Program Specialist 202-282-9286 DC US
Martinez, Alex A DHS Engagement Manager 202-447-0719 DC US
Martinez, Angelina M DHS Administrative Specialist 202-384-5366 GA US
Martinez, Edmer S DHS FNS Executive Secretariat 703-235-5442 813-375-7854 VA US
Martinez, Gabriel A DHS Electronics & Computer Engineer 703-235-4286 VA US
Martinez, Hugo R DHS Sup Det Dep Officer 202-447-3010 DC US
Martinez, Jesus DHS Financial Analyst 202-254-6743 202-254-5392 DC US
Martinez, Michael DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-0980 VA US
Martinez-Jimenez, Vladimir DHS Mission Support Specialist/Intel Watch Officer DC US
Marvin, Christopher DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5490 202-447-5873 DC US
Marvin, Scott DHS Liaison Officer 202-282-9956 DC US
Marzonie, Gabriel DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5181 VA US
Masciocchi, Louis DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5277 202-447-5552 DC US
Masias, Timothy DHS VA US
Mason, Arthur E DHS VTC Technician 703-235-5446 VA US
Mason, Bill DHS Assistant Director Internal Control Over Operations 202-447-5195 DC US
Mason, Christopher DHS immigration case resolution specialist 202-357-8545 202-357-0042 DC US
Mason, Glenn C DHS Desktop Administrator 202-254-6641 DC US
Mason, Gregory DHS Mr. 202-254-6752 DC US
Mason, James W DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9425 DC US
Mason, Latoya LM DHS Security Specialist 202-447-5364 DC US
Mason, Preston DHS IT Specialist 202-282-8781 VA US
Massaro, Kristin DHS Executive Assistant to Richard Williams, CFO 202-254-6456 202-254-6163 DC US
Massey, Nicholas G DHS Software Engineer 202-282-9006 DC US
Massey, Stephen K DHS Jr. EMOC Sys Admin 1-866-972-3662 MS US
Massey, Travis N DHS CAPTAP/PCII Instructor 703-235-9550 VA US
Mastapeter, Craig DHS Deputy Director, Mission Support Division 202-447-3926 202-282-8803 DC US
Mastapeter, John DHS 202-447-4490 DC US
Masters, Barry DHS general engineer 609-813-2722 609-383-1973 NJ US
Masters, David L DHS Deputy Director of Innovation 202-254-6364 DC US
Mastrangelo, Justine M DHS Program Support Assistant 202-447-5619 202-447-5400 DC US
Mateyka, Randall DHS Information Security Engineer 202-357-6136 DC US
Matheny-Rushdan, Mary E DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9584 DC US
Matheu, Enrique DHS Chief, Dams Sector Branch 703-603-5110 703-603-5190 VA US
Mathews, Megan DHS Statistician 202-786-9612 202-786-9910 DC US
Mathews, Scott S DHS Senior Privacy Analyst, Intelligence 703-235-0777 703-235-0442 VA US
Mathis, Alisa DHS Program Specialist 703-235-5163 703-235-5961 VA US
Mathis, Felicia DHS Administrative Officer 202-282-8623 202-447-3068 DC US
Mathis, Holly N DHS Program Analyst 202-870-0345 DC US
Mathis, Marsha D DHS Director, Grants and Financial Assistance Division 202-447-5950 DC US
Mathur, Sidd DHS Emergency Programs Support Contractor 202-254-2285 DC US
Matrone, Joshua R DHS Associate Security Engineer 202-357-6193 DC US
Matson, Jeremy E DHS Admin. Assistant 202-254-7620 DC US
Mattea, Michele DHS Program Analyst 202-343-4552 DC US
Matthes, Justin DHS Director 202-282-8076 202-447-3654 DC US
Matthews, Christopher T DHS State and Local Law Enforcement Representative 202-282-9274 DC US
Matthews, Derek G DHS Supervisory Protective Security Advisor/Acting Branch Chief 703-235-9362 VA US
Matthews, Gregory S DHS Technical Consultant III 434-374-0621 VA US
Matthews, James H DHS Service Account Manager 434-374-0943 VA US
Matthews, Mark A DHS Data Analyst 703-235-2534 VA US
Matthews, Michael DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8492 202-357-8413 DC US
Matthews, Mike DHS Program Manager/Analyst 202-254-5663 202-254-6179 DC US
Matthews, Stephen G DHS DC2 - Technology Consultant III 919-424-5399 NC US
Mattimiro, Sal P DHS Project Manager 571-258-1063 571-258-2578 VA US
Mattingly, Bernard DHS PBX Technician 703-235-5444 703-235-5699 VA US
Mattingly, Katina M DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-8881 202-282-8810 DC US
Mattson, Philip J DHS Program Manager 202-254-5861 202-254-6915 DC US
Maturan, Karl B DHS Continuity Specialist 202-254-6955 DC US
Matwijec, Thomas A DHS Senior Engineer 703-235-5710 VA US
Maughan, Douglas D DHS Program Manager 202-254-6145 DC US
Maxey, Serena DHS Program Analyst 703-235-4954 VA US
Maxson, Margaret DHS Director of National Cybersecurity Education 703-235-5196 VA US
Maxvill, John J DHS Safety Act helpdesk 703-674-2895 VA US
Maxwell, Brian DHS Physical Security Specialist 301-619-5763 MD US
May, David DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-3810 DC US
May, Echano DHS Technical Site Lead 703-235-4031 VA US
May, Gail DHS Senior Security Specialist 202-447-5405 202-447-5312 DC US
May, Jenny DHS 212-620-3663 212-620-3600 NY US
May, Larry DHS Deputy Branch Chief, NIPP Program Management Office 703-603-5070 VA US
May, William J DHS Senior Consultant 202-570-3676 DC US
Maycock, Brett M DHS OHA FEMA Liaison 202-254-6939 DC US
Mayer, Michael J DHS VA US
Mayfield, Peggy L DHS GAO/OIG Audit Liaison 202-447-5125 202-447-5120 DC US
Mayhew, Valerie DHS Administrative Specialist 202-447-0387 202-447-5545 DC US
Mayi, Jackie DHS Complaints Manager 202-357-7769 DC US
Maynard, Stephen P DHS Program Specialist 202-612-1958 DC US
Maynard-Noel, Evette DHS Deputy Chief Information Security Officer 571-294-3360 703-235-2865 VA US
Mayo, Ben DHS Infrastructure/Program Analyst 703-603-5177 VA US
Mayo, Patty J DHS Grant Specialist 202-447-0266 202-447-5600 DC US
Mays, Leta G DHS Financial Analyst 202-254-5338 202-254-5392 DC US
Maytorena, Ricardo DHS Project Manager 202-282-8263 DC US
Mazzarella, Annalisa DHS Senior Analyst 202-447-3139 DC US
Mazzaro, Michael DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-307-4482 DC US
Mazzola, Cory A DHS VA US
Mazzone, David M DHS Assoc. All Source Analyst VA US
Mc, RECON DHS Deployable Situational Awareness Team 202-510-2820 DC US
Mcafee, Sean M DHS Executive Assistant 703-235-5818 703-235-5961 VA US
Mcalister, Kariann DHS Assistant to the Branch Chief 703-235-9331 VA US
Mcallister, Deirdre DHS Communications & Governance Manager 202-343-2525 DC US
Mcalpine, Stacy L DHS Analyst 202-245-1113 DC US
Mcanderson, Brenda DHS IT Specialist 703-235-3039 VA US
Mcandrew, Cathy DHS Project Control Specialist 609-813-2892 609-272-7512 NJ US
Mcandrew, Natalie I DHS MITRE 202-357-6140 DC US
Mcaraw, Sean DHS Protective Security Advisor 703-235-9339 VA US
Mcateer, Francis W DHS DC2-Infostructure Specialist 919-424-5625 919-424-9858 NC US
Mcbee, Reginald C DHS Management Analyst Space/Rent 202-450-0471 DC US
Mcbride, Deborah DHS Human Resource Specialist 703-235-2099 703-235-2051 VA US
Mcbride, Timothy J DHS 703-235-5215 703-235-5963 VA US
Mccabe, Tanusree D DHS Sr. Technical Analyst 202-245-1157 DC US
Mccabe, Timothy DHS Analyst 703-235-2895 VA US
Mccaig, Carol S DHS Physical Scientist 703-235-9551 VA US
Mccain, Corliss DHS IT Specialist 703-235-5165 703-235-5963 VA US
Mccain, Ryan S DHS Linux System Administrator 985-788-7632 MS US
Mccall, Lorraine DHS Senior Planner & Strategist 202-447-4309 202-295-4390 DC US
Mccall, Ralph T DHS State & Local Program Office Duty Desk Officer 202-447-4400 DC US
Mccalla, Alison DHS Information Analyst 202-254-7182 202-254-7753 DC US
Mccann, Jennifer JM DHS HUMINT Collection Manager 202-612-1147 DC US
Mccann, Lluana C DHS Director, Financial Assistance Policy & Oversight 202-447-0240 DC US
Mccarroll, Edward DHS Division Director 703-418-9884 DC US
Mccarron, Patrick J DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 1-800-250-7911 IN US
Mccarthy, Bryan DHS NICC SWO 202-282-9201 VA US
Mccarthy, Desmond P DHS Project Manager 703-462-0162 DC US
Mccarthy, Kevin DHS Assistant Director, Red Team/Net Assessments 202-254-7317 DC US
Mccarthy, Melissa DHS Senior Consultant 202-254-6822 DC US
Mccarty, Thomas DHS Director, Identity, Credential and Access Management PMO 202-447-3729 202-447-3738 DC US
Mcclain, Alex DHS Policy Analyst 202-282-8957 DC US
Mcclain, Darron W DHS Facilities Operations Manager 202-447-4331 202-447-1404 DC US
Mcclain, Ellen DHS Assistant General Counsel 202-282-8219 202-282-9598 DC US
Mcclain, John A DHS Communications Liaison 202-235-5505 VA US
Mcclaude, Rasheed J DHS Desktop Support Tech 202-343-1796 DC US
Mcclean, Walter F DHS CIP Cyber Analyst 703-235-5065 VA US
Mcclellan, Michael O DHS Program Specialist 202-447-5161 DC US
Mcclintick, Leslie A DHS DC US
Mccloskey, Keith DHS Solutions Architect 202-245-1164 DC US
Mccloskey, Sean DHS Intelligence Officer 703-212-4585 VA US
Mcclure, Brenda DHS Information Security Assessor 202-357-1252 DC US
Mcclure, James R DHS Sr. Enterprise Architect 703-235-5715 VA US
Mcclure, Jill C DHS SETA Facilities Manager 202-254-7083 202-254-7755 DC US
Mccoll, Kathryn C DHS Analyst 202-282-8917 DC US
Mccollim, Janis DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-3400 202-447-3713 DC US
Mcconahie, Teresa DHS Senior Procurement Analyst 202-447-0271 202-447-5310 DC US
Mcconnell, Bruce W DHS Senior Counselor 202-447-3809 DC US
Mcconnell, Patrick R DHS Project Manager 571-730-7014 VA US
Mcconnell, Scott M DHS 703-235-2163 VA US
Mccorvey, Tim DHS PSS Eagle Program Manager 202-447-3907 202-447-3464 DC US
Mccoy, Allison B DHS Open Source Collector 202-447-3554 DC US
Mccoy, Heath D DHS Training Officer 202-357-8503 202-357-8471 DC US
Mccoy, Lamarr T DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-254-7157 DC US
Mccoy, Thomas DHS Seta Facilities Support Specialist 202-254-7034 202-254-7755 DC US
Mccracken, Robert D DHS DC US
Mccranie, Darby R DHS EMOC Agent/Computer Operator 866-972-3662 MS US
Mccranie III, Paul L DHS Wintel Systems Administrator, AppAuth Engineer 1-228-813-4207 MS US
Mccray, Erica DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6880 DC US
Mccray, Ruth DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7549 DC US
Mccrea, Christopher DHS SharePoint SME 202-254-2360 DC US
Mccreery, Lee DHS IT Specialist 850-452-7834 FL US
Mccullin, David DHS Security Specialist 202-447-4041 DC US
Mccullough, Lashae D DHS Support Contractor 202-254-6725 DC US
Mcdaniel, Keith DHS Information Technology Specialist 703-235-3058 VA US
Mcdavid, Harry DHS Director, Program Services Division 202-343-2475 DC US
Mcdermid, Jack DHS Project Manager 228-813-3304 MS US
Mcdermott, James F DHS Managing Consultant 703-742-2081 VA US
Mcdermott, Thomas DHS Attorney-Advisor 703-235-5222 VA US
Mcdevitt, Thomas DHS Coast Guard Liaison 202-447-4862 202-282-8492 DC US
Mcdonald, Charlene DHS Industrial Security Manager 703-968-1527 VA US
Mcdonald, Christina DHS Associate General Counsel for Regulatory Affairs 202-447-3626 202-282-9186 DC US
Mcdonald, Christopher B DHS Personnel Security Assistant 202-447-5670 202-447-5813 DC US
Mcdonald, Harold D DHS NCPS Engineering 703-235-2854 VA US
Mcdonald, Jack S DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-507-2341 CO US
Mcdonough, Ryan P DHS NICC Watch Analyst 202-282-9201 VA US
Mcdougal, Lonnie DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-0847 202-447-0374 DC US
Mcdowell, Bob L DHS DRO 571-721-6336
Mcdowell, Paul j DHS Intelligence Analyst 571-280-0422 VI US
Mceachron, Jeanarta C DHS Deputy Director, HR Policy and Programs 202-357-8169 202-357-8140 DC US
Mcelroy, Cheryl DHS Chief, Deployment Branch 202-357-8225 DC US
Mcelroy, Deron T DHS Senior Strategist for External Engagement 703-235-5666 VA US
Mcentee, Jonathan H DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6139 202-254-5394 DC US
Mcfadden, Amanda DHS Human Resource Specialist 202-254-6046 DC US
Mcfadden, Quention DHS Project Engineering Manager 202-447-5867 DC US
Mcfadden, Timothy DHS Contractor 202-343-1690 DC US
Mcfadden-Lane, Deborah DHS Contracting Officer 202-447-4301 DC US
Mcfadden-Wilcox, Tasha DHS DC US
Mcfarlane, Elizabeth DHS Outreach Support 202-254-5361 DC US
Mcfarlane, Lea S DHS Management Analyst (Transportation Programs) 202-538-5508 DC US
Mcfaul, Janet L DHS Sr. Systems Engineer VA US
Mcfetridge, Bruce DHS Wireless Services Support 202-357-1210 202-357-1299 DC US
Mcgarvey, David DHS Chief scientist 410-436-4582 MD US
Mcgaw, Bridger E DHS Special Advisor for Cyber Security and Infrastructure Resilience 202-282-8035 DC US
Mcgee, Douglas O DHS EMOC Agent 866-972-3662 MS US
Mcgee, William A DHS 703-603-4654 VA US
Mcgeever, Michael DHS SIO 703-235-8836 VA US
Mcgeorge, Laurel DHS Program Analyist, Exec Sec 202-254-6327 DC US
Mcghee, Nicole M DHS Privacy Analyst 703-235-0350 703-235-0442 VA US
Mcghee, Theresa A DHS Physical Science Technician 609-813-2805 609-383-1973 NJ US
Mcghee, Zachary DHS Enrollment Offical 202-697-3312 DC US
Mcgill, Caitlin A DHS VA US
Mcgill, Robert F DHS 202-282-9789 DC US
Mcginley, Kirk DHS Contractor 703-299-9171 DC US
Mcginn, Tom Mcginn DHS Chief Veterinarian 202-254-5708 202-254-6094 DC US
Mcginnis, Shawna DHS Foreign Disclosure Advisor 202-447-3467 DC US
Mcgough, Daniel DHS NDD 202-447-4407 202-282-8728 DC US
Mcgovern, Steven DHS Foreign Liaison Officer 202-282-9313 DC US
Mcgrail, Michael DHS USCG Desk Officer 202-282-8114 DC US
Mcgrath, Daniel A DHS Analyst 202-282-9957 DC US
Mcgrath, Laurie DHS Mgmnt Prog. Analyst 609-813-2723 609-383-1973 NJ US
Mcgregor, Julie K DHS Exhibits Coordinator 202-254-2377 202-254-6175 DC US
Mcgruder, Renaldo DHS Student Trainee Criminal Investigator - Investigator Assistant VA US
Mcgruder, Richard K DHS Director, HQ Management & Development 202-834-4621 DC US
Mcguire, Chuckie DHS Asset Mangement Officer 202-447-3645 202-282-8803 DC US
Mcguire, David DHS 202-343-1727 DC US
Mcgurk, Sean P DHS Director, NCCIC 703-235-5158 VA US
Mchargue, Kieran C DHS Contract Oversight 202-447-0970 DC US
Mchenry, James J DHS Cost Analyst 202-343-4553 DC US
Mchugh, Glenn B DHS Engineer Analyst 609-601-6800 NJ US
Mcintosh, Elfina DHS Lead Business Operations Specialist 202-447-4138 DC US
Mcintyre-Bray, Tyeshia DHS NSS-JPMO Program Managager 202-447-5902 DC US
Mciver, Michelle S DHS Deputy Director 202-612-1964 DC US
Mcjeon, Erin DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-4387 DC US
Mckee, Richard DHS Senior Program Analyst 703-235-9398 VA US
Mckeever, Jason DHS Supv. Security Specialist 202-447-5403 DC US
Mckenna, Fisher S F DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-4384 DC US
Mckenna, Suzanne M DHS 202-282-9405 DC US
Mckenney, William P DHS Director for Review and Compliance 202-357-7778 202-357-8298 DC US
Mckennon, Steven M DHS Contractor DC US
Mckentry, Cassandra L DHS Training and Exercise Support 202-612-1121 202-282-8279 DC US
Mckenzie, George F DHS Subject Matter Expert 202-357-6106 DC US
Mckenzie, James DHS Privacy Analyst 703-235-0787 VA US
Mckibben, Barrett L DHS Sr. Engineer 202-254-5720 DC US
Mckinney, David DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-0992 IL US
Mckinney, Reggie DHS Director Operational Integration and Outreach 703-235-4204 VA US
Mckinnon, Donald M DHS Section Chief 202-447-4150 DC US
Mckinnon, Nicky DHS Enterprise Architect 202-282-9636 DC US
Mclain, Marty K DHS Communications Liaison 703-235-5704 VA US
Mclaughlin, Daniel DHS Director, OPO 202-447-5500 DC US
Mclaughlin, Sue DHS Executive Assistant 609-813-2700 609-813-2811 NJ US
Mclaughlin, Tonya DHS Access Control Specialist 202-447-0599 (O) 202-447-0119 (F) DC US
Mclaughlin-Nelson, Rosalyn DHS Program Analyst - SEDI 202-447-5134 DC US
Mclean, Desiree DHS Budget Analyst/Admin. POC 202-447-0613 202-447-5335 DC US
Mclean, Travors DHS Intern 202-447-5791 DC US
Mcleese, Nadia DHS RESOURCE MANAGER 202-254-7537 DC US
Mclendon, Timothy T DHS 202-447-3125 DC US
Mclennand, Andrew J DHS Security Specialist 202-254-6496 202-254-6403 DC US
Mcleod, Heather DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-4082 DC US
Mcleod, Justin DHS Analyst 202-573-4254 DC US
Mcleod, Maurice DHS IT Specialist 202-357-6163 DC US
Mcmahon, Brenda A DHS Administrative Specialist 202-343-1632 DC US
Mcmahon, Steven C DHS Sector Specialist 703-603-5045 VA US
Mcmasters, Michael DHS 202-447-4833 DC US
Mcmenamin, Robert D DHS Environmental Protection Specialist 202-870-8056 202-343-4241 DC US
Mcmickens, Courtney M DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5625 DC US
Mcmillan, Ryan A DHS Support Contractor 202-254-6757 202-254-5365 DC US
Mcmillen, Jacen A DHS Data Center Support Analyst 202-447-0034 DC US
Mcmurchy, Christine DHS DHS HQ Special Emphasis Program Coordinator 202-357-8485 202-357-8295 DC US
Mcnabb, Emily N DHS Front Office Task Lead 202-254-6797 DC US
Mcnair, Bertha DHS Secretary 703-235-5669 VA US
Mcnamara, Phil DHS Executive Secretary 202-282-8221 DC US
Mcnamara, William R DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9371 VA US
Mcnaught, John DHS Confidential Assistant 202-447-3122 202-282-9598 DC US
Mcnaught, William B DHS CSSP Liaison 703-235-2867 VA US
Mcneal, Ron DHS Deputy Director 202-254-6772 202-254-6168 DC US
Mcneely, James DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-357-7791 DC US
Mcneill, Ronald DHS Project Manager 202-680-3617 VA US
Mcninch, Jerry DHS Senior Intelligence Officer 402-479-4078 402-471-4950 NE US
Mcpherson, Ronald DHS Protective Security Advisor 210-380-7485 TX US
Mcpoland, Michael DHS Director, NPPD GAO-OIG Liaison Office 703-235-2175 VA US
Mcqueen, George E DHS Watch Analyst 202-646-2423 DC US
Mcquillan, Patrick DHS Director 202-447-3409 202-282-9207 DC US
Mcrae, Robert DHS Branch Chief - NPPD Security Support 703-235-4938 703-235-1561 VA US
Mcshane, Gregory DHS Technical & Facilities Support Manager 703-235-2539 703-265-3052 VA US
Mcshea, Kathleen DHS Director of New Media and Web Communications 202-282-8166 DC US
Mcvay, Barry DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5610 202-447-5545 DC US
Mcvey, Ryan J DHS Service Desk Analyst 1-800-250-7911 IN US
Mcvicker, Richard L DHS SharePoint Coordinator 703-464-9036 VA US
Mcwilliams, Melissa DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8108 202-357-8470 DC US
Meaney, Patrick DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4618 DC US
Meck, James R DHS Systems Engineer 571-318-7292 DC US
Meckes, Doug DHS Branch Chief FAVD Branch 202-254-6746 202-254-6094 DC US
Medicalofficer1, OHA DHS MEDICAL OFFICER1 202-680-2652 DC US
Medicalofficer2, OHA DHS Medical Officer 2 202-731-9198 DC US
Medina, Daniel DHS Performance Management Analyst 703-235-5219 VA US
Medina, Rebecca L DHS 202-254-6313 DC US
Medina, Soldenise DHS Certification Agent 202-282-9715 DC US
Mednick, Bradley DHS 703-275-8669 VA US
Medrano, Melchor DHS Chemical Security Inspector TX US
Medved, Christopher DHS NOC Fusion Desk 202-282-9685 DC US
Medved, Eric DHS Budget Officer 202-447-0489 DC US
Mee, Brian DHS 202-254-7535 DC US
Meehan, Erin A DHS Program Analyst 703-235-4039 VA US
Meehan, John R DHS 202-254-6123 DC US
Meek, Jake DHS Student Volunteer 202-612-1920 DC US
Meekhof, John M DHS Acquisition/Finance Support 202-447-5656 202-447-0082 DC US
Meenan, Nardia S DHS IT SPECIALIST (INFOSEC) 703-235-5111 DC US
Meglathery, Ross A DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6038 DC US
Mehling, Nisha L DHS 202-447-3979 DC US
Mehta, Coleman DHS Chief of Staff, OEC 202-343-1710 DC US
Meikle, Jonathan DHS NG Night Shift Ops Manager 202-282-9216 DC US
Meinders, Marvin DHS Vet Medical Officer 202-254-2218 202-254-5399 DC US
Meisel, Randall DHS 703-235-5816 VA US
Mekis, Jennifer A DHS Program Support - Cyber Security 202-254-6147 202-254-6146 DC US
Meko, Kristina V DHS SETA 202-254-6675 202-254-6164 DC US
Mekonnen, Beniam M DHS Security Moniter 202-282-8956 DC US
Melcher, James K DHS Senior Analyst 703-603-4774 VA US
Melcher, Scott DHS Assistant Operations Officer 202-282-9329 DC US
Melia, Kristin DHS 202-447-0663 DC US
Melichar, Brad D DHS Spc Asst to Dep Asst Sec Cybersecurity and Communications 703-235-5637 703-235-5697 VA US
Mellon, Patrick J DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-5171 DC US
Mellor, Scott DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-821-9780 NH US
Melnichenko, Svyatoslav DHS VA US
Melnick, Max J DHS 202-447-3046 DC US
Melusky, Raymond DHS Engineer 202-357-7628 202-357-7678 DC US
Mena, Carlos E DHS SETA Senior Program Analyst 202-254-7058 DC US
Mendel, Kevin DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9630 DC US
Mendillo, Darryl J DHS Research Chemist 609-813-2868 NJ US
Mendoza, Esteban DHS Incident Handler 1-888-282-0870 VA US
Menendez, James N DHS Vice President 240-456-6115 VA US
Menna, Jenny DHS Director, CICPA 703-235-2846 VA US
Menne, Aimee R DHS Senior Management Consultant 202-447-0464 DC US
Mercado, Angel M DHS Occupational Medicine and Safety Analyst 202-254-2416 DC US
Mercer, Thailia G DHS Senior Analyst 202-254-2418 DC US
Merchlinski, Joshua T DHS consultant 703-908-7035 VA US
Meredith, Daniel C DHS Analyst/Admin Support 202-254-2364 (VTA) DC US
Mereish, Kay DHS Deputy Director for DHS @ NCMI 202-282-9953 DC US
Merkel, Jeffrey A DHS 202-254-2292 DC US
Merkl, Kathleen E DHS 202-612-1152 DC US
Merkle, Thomas J DHS IT Specialist 202-447-0139 202-447-0290 DC US
Merlin, Ross DHS Telecommunications Specialist 202-343-1667 202-343-4017 DC US
Merrill, John DHS PNT Program Manager 202-447-3731 202-447-3500 DC US
Merrill, Michael K DHS Geospatial/Air Domain Analyst 202-282-9518 DC US
Merson, Gary DHS Chief of Policy 202-857-8103 DC US
Messier, Lynette DHS 202-447-4369 DC US
Mesterhazy, Paul DHS Deputy Director (Acting) 703-235-5175 VA US
Metter, Harvey DHS EXCHANGE SUPPORT ANALYS 434-374-3555 VA US
Metts, Kimberly A DHS Program Administrator 202-282-8597 202-282-8805 DC US
Metz, Dawn DHS Program/Management Analyst 202-357-8219 202-357-8295 DC US
Metzler, Kenneth C DHS NCS-CIP Project Manager 703-284-6269 VA US
Mewes, Timothy J DHS NG LNO 703-235-9418 VA US
Meyer, Derek DHS Office Automation Assistant 703-235-4971 VA US
Meyer, Joel T DHS Counterterrorism Working Group 202-612-1757 202-282-8492 DC US
Meyer, Jonathan DHS Senior Counselor to the General Counsel 202-282-9563 DC US
Meyers, Ashley M DHS Research Chemist I/FSO 609-813-2836 609-407-9632 NJ US
Meyers, Deborah DHS Director, Canadian Affairs 202-282-8206 202-282-9254 DC US
Meyers, Eric A DHS Task Lead 703-603-5079 VA US
Meyers, Patrick DHS Physical security specialist 202-447-3316 DC US
Meyers, Paul DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9437 VA US
Michaelidis, Gregory DHS Director of Speechwriting 202-282-8148 DC US
Michaud, Kurtis J DHS Chemical Security Inspector PA US
Michele, Adrianne DHS 703-695-9155 DC US
Michener, Susan E DHS Regional Coordinator Program - Support 703-927-3055 DC US
Mickles, Crawford DHS 703-235-5080 VA US
Micone, Vincent DHS Chief of Staff 202-447-3400 DC US
Middlebrook, Randy DHS Protective Security Advisor 406-449-5307 406-449-5308 MT US
Middleton, Patrice A DHS EMT 202-282-8956 DC US
Middleton, Robert DHS Program Manager 202-254-2204 DC US
Midgette, Fred M DHS Military Advisor to the Secretary 202-282-8155 202-447-3682 DC US
Mielke, John DHS Senior Architect 202-650-7856 DC US
Mieszcanski, David DHS NCSD Chief Architect 202-617-6539 (BB) VA US
Mikalis, Nicholas DHS SSO / ATO 301-619-5975 301-619-1436 MD US
Mike, Deidre DHS Information Technology Specialist 703-235-4972 VA US
Mikell, Priscilla DHS Staff Accountant 202-447-0524 202-447-5828 DC US
Milam, Pamela DHS Operations Analyst 202-282-8279 DC US
Miles, Christopher A DHS Biometrics Program Manager 202-254-6642 202-254-6910 DC US
Miles, Ryan M DHS 866-615-5150
Miles, Subrina E DHS Project Manager 202-343-4156 DC US
Miles, Terry L DHS IT Technician 202-282-8081 DC US
Milhouse, Anthony DHS Assistant Director, Systems & Accounting Support 202-447-0931 DC US
Milhouse, Robert DHS IT Specialist/COMSEC Manager 703-235-2851 202-282-8649 VA US
Milicich, Mark DHS Protective Security Advisor 757-314-1819 757-441-3811 VA US
Millan, Elliott G DHS 202-357-8302 202-357-8462 DC US
Millar, Thomas R DHS Chief of Communications (Acting) 202-631-1915 703-235-5963 VA US
Millemaci, Marlene A DHS Personal Property Support 202-254-6324 202-254-5671 DC US
Miller, Allen S DHS Deputy Assistant Director 202-343-1756 DC US
Miller, April DHS
Miller, Arthur DHS NMBB Branch Chief 202-447-4522 DC US
Miller, Bradley M DHS Contractor 412-303-0809 VA US
Miller, Bruce E DHS Senior Policy Analyst 703-399-7938 VA US
Miller, Christopher B DHS Information Technology Specialist 202-357-6126 DC US
Miller, Deloris DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5479 202-447-5550 DC US
Miller, Dorothy M DHS Security Specialist 202-579-8842 VA US
Miller, Emily DHS Senior Policy Analyst 703-603-5078 703-235-3055 VA US
Miller, Francis E DHS Intelligence Officer NV US
Miller, Jacquelyn DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9518 VA US
Miller, Jared DHS Facility Manager 703-235-5269 VA US
Miller, Jill F DHS Chemist 609-813-2748 NJ US
Miller, Linda A DHS COMSEC Analyst 540-542-2036 540-542-2695 VA US
Miller, Lorenzo L DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-5693 703-235-5962 DC US
Miller, Michael DHS Security Specialist 202-447-4019 DC US
Miller, Myrtle DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5581 202-447-5545 DC US
Miller, Rich DHS Application Support Engineer 571-296-7515 LA US
Miller, Ruby L DHS Branch Chief, Training and Exercises 202-282-9086 DC US
Miller, Ryan DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4208 DC US
Miller, Sharon E DHS Course Administrator 703-888-2037 x205 DC US
Miller, Shawneque DHS Manager, Information Security Policy 202-357-6138 DC US
Miller, Stacy B DHS Security Specialist DC US
Miller, Steven V DHS Chief of Budget and Aquisitions Branch 202-357-6122 DC US
Miller, Tara L DHS ISSO / A-ISSO DC US
Miller, Theresa L DHS Analyst 703-603-5127 VA US
Miller, Tracy C DHS Contracting Officer 202-254-7027 202-254-7785 DC US
Miller, Tyler DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4584 DC US
Millhench, Kara DHS Secretary's Briefer 202-282-8110 DC US
Milligan, Jasmine A DHS Assistant to Director of Operations 631-323-3011 631-323-3295 NY US
Milligan, Kayla DHS Financial Analyst 202-447-5107 202-447-5891 DC US
Milliken, Charlene DHS Dr. 202-254-5637 202-254-5823 DC US
Millner, Gary L DHS DC2 Security Engineer 434-374-3582 VA US
Mills, Angela L DHS Enrollment Offical 202-604-1173 DC US
Mills, Chris D DHS St. Elizabeths Program Manager 202-329-8782 DC US
Mills, Larry W DHS ISSO 202-254-6089 DC US
Mills, Maggie DHS 703-235-8106 VA US
Mills, Raymond DHS Director of Communications and Information Technology 202-357-8100 202-357-0042 DC US
Mills-Edmonds, Pamela DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8324 DC US
Milosevic, Vladimir DHS DHS Senior Systems Engineer 571-969-2497 VA US
Milovidov, Ivan V DHS Principal Network Engineer 703-674-2783 VA US
Milsap, Dineisha DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-4575 DC US
Minai, Karla L DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4527 DC US
Mincey, Robert K DHS 228-813-4243 MS US
Mincey, Terry DHS Facility/Logistics Specialist 202-612-1172 202-447-3462 DC US
Mink, Brian DHS Integration Architect/Lead Engineer +1 202-306-8568 NY US
Minner, Roger DHS Inspector 202-657-7396 610-444-1914 PA US
Minnick, John DHS Director, HSAC 202-447-3488 DC US
Minor, Ricky DHS Spectrum manager-TSA 202-357-7841 DC US
Minor, Tina W DHS Knowledge Manager 202-343-4554 DC US
Minson, Shantel DHS Network Analyst 703-235-5111 VA US
Minter, Ebony DHS Executive Secretary 202-447-5207 DC US
Mintz, Terry L DHS Deputy Director 703-235-1475 VA US
Minucie, Alexavier J DHS DC2 Systems Administrator 919-424-5449 NC US
Minwalla, Farah DHS Intern 646-733-3115 DC US
Mirabella, John DHS Electronics Engineer 703-235-4237 VA US
Miranda, Ricardo DHS VA US
Mirmelstein, Jeremy DHS Geospatial Analyst 703-506-9515 VA US
Miron, Mike DHS Deputy Director (Acting) 202-447-3151 202-282-9207 DC US
Miseveth, Theodore S DHS Security 202-282-8956 DC US
Mishra, Kate DHS Assistant Director, Formulation and Performance 703-235-2255 703-235-1561 VA US
Misuinas, Peter DHS Systems Engineer and Acquisition Support 202-254-7403 202-254-7747 DC US
Mitch, Ian DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-3058 DC US
Mitchel, Ann DHS Associate Booz Allen 202-254-2374 DC US
Mitchell, April DHS Accountant 202-447-5548 DC US
Mitchell, Jason B DHS Compliance Investigator 202-357-7776 DC US
Mitchell, Jeffrey R DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-5719 DC US
Mitchell, Justina DHS Financial Management Analyst 202-447-5450 DC US
Mitchell, Kelli R DHS Analyst 703-603-5081 VA US
Mitchell, Mark DHS Tier 1 Lead 202-447-0069 DC US
Mitchell, Michelle A DHS Program Analyst 202-536-9690 VA US
Mitchell, Nathan L DHS HR Specialist DC US
Mitchell, Ronnie DHS Sr. Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5385 202-447-5873 DC US
Mitchell, Ryan DHS Analyst 202-447-0496 DC US
Mitchell, Sidney R DHS Law Enforcement Advisor 202-431-9095 KS US
Mitchell, Ted DHS Environmental Protection Specialist 202-254-5771 202-254-5671 DC US
Mitchell, Timothy DHS Senior Associate 703-603-4655 VA US
Mitchell-Nation, Coann DHS Supv. Program Analyst, Human Capital 202-254-6085 202-254-5625 DC US
Mitchem, Richard S DHS PROTECTIVE SECURITY ADVISOR 808-264-0395 808-541-2346 HI US
Mitchum, Robert DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-0990 SC US
Mitroka, Jennifer DHS Veterinarian Research Technician 631-323-3067 NY US
Mitten, Carol DHS Executive Director for HQ Consolidation 202-282-8361 DC US
Mizelle, Lenard C DHS Logistic Coordinator 202-447-0004 DC US
Mizhir, Laura G DHS Program Analyst 202-343-1717 DC US
Moan, Kelly DHS Clerk 202-612-1163 DC US
Mobley, Joshua O DHS Project Manager 202-824-7607 DC US
Modica, Timotheus DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9305 VA US
Mody, Ankit DHS Business Analyst 202-245-1124 202-245-1127 DC US
Moffett, Sarah DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-0473 202-447-5333 DC US
Moffitt, Mary A DHS Intelligence Officer - Oregon 503-593-9770 (BB) 503-378-5018 OR US
Moghadami, Farideh DHS Sr. IT Security/EA Strategy & Security 703-377-7979 VA US
Mohamed, Mirghani DHS Cybersecurity Knowledge Management, Chief 202-357-6149 DC US
Mokabber, Anthony H DHS Budget Analyst 202-254-6113 202-254-5365 DC US
Molesky, John D DHS InfoSec Analyst 202-821-3471 DC US
Molina-Turner, Stephanie DHS Fusion Desk Officer 202-282-9685 DC US
Moll, Michael E DHS Protective Security Advisor 616-233-0237 616-456-6563 MI US
Moll, Robert DHS Contractor 703-235-0136 703-235-0442 VA US
Mollers, Raymon DHS Security Analyst 703-603-5129 VA US
Molloy, Dennis D DHS Intel Analyst 703-235-9388 VA US
Mom, Phannarith P DHS Network Engineer 202-447-0618 DC US
Monaghan, Thomas J DHS Deputy Chief 202-254-6440 DC US
Monahan, Kathleen E DHS 202-447-3141 DC US
Monarez, Susan C DHS Senior Science Advisor 202-254-2279 DC US
Monastero, Benjamin DHS Director, Oversight & Pricing 202-447-5402 DC US
Moncarz, Benjamin DHS Branch Chief, Program Development and Analysis 202-447-3676 DC US
Moncrief, Carisa A DHS Inventory Analyst 202-447-0760 DC US
Moncrieffe, Marlon DHS Mgmt & Prgm Analyst 703-603-4608 VA US
Mondo, Francis DHS Project Manager 704-665-4430 704-525-2838 NC US
Mondoza, David A DHS Reports Officer 202-447-4470 DC US
Monetti, Matthew A DHS Physical Scientist 212-620-3625 212-620-3600 NY US
Monfredo, Leo DHS 703-235-9578 VA US
Mongeon, Albert H DHS NOAA Watch Officer 202-282-9937 DC US
Monger, Randall DHS Statistician 202-786-9884 202-786-9910 DC US
Mongold, James R DHS Senior Principal Specialist; Intelligence & Ops Analysis 703-235-5131 VA US
Monroe, Keisha M DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8370 DC US
Monroe, Michelle DHS HR Specialist (Executive Resources) 202-357-8431 202-357-8293 DC US
Montague, Gloria DHS Business Consulting 919-424-5647 NC US
Montague, Spencer DHS Presidential Management Fellow 202-447-4510 DC US
Monteiro, Stephen DHS Program Manager 202-282-9793 DC US
Montelibano, Juan M DHS Cybersecurity Analyst 412-268-6946 VA US
Montemayor, Robert DHS Associate Chief 202-282-8419 DC US
Montezemolo, Mark DHS Chief, Analysis Division 202-286-9877 202-786-9910 DC US
Montgomery, Jason E DHS ENSS Systems Engineering 703-968-1187 VA US
Montgomery, John W DHS Senior Analyst 202-447-4446 DC US
Montiel, Donna DHS Deputy Director, HIST 915-760-2446 DC US
Monza, Adrian J DHS Business Architect DC US
Moody, Gerald A DHS Team Lead 434-374-3850 VA US
Moody, Jamison B DHS Intelligence Officer - Utah 801-834-2951 801-256-2359 UT US
Moody, Jane DHS Correspondence Managemane Analyst 202-282-8182 202-282-8420 DC US
Moody, Veronica DHS Operations and Exercise Planner 202-254-8622 DC US
Moon, Krystal S DHS Contractor 703-284-6681 VA US
Moon, Namdoo DHS Program Manager 202-254-7627 202-254-7747 DC US
Moon, Sean DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-282-9063 DC US
Mooney, Matthew DHS Deputy Director for Asia/Pacific 202-282-8217 DC US
Mooney, Robert DHS Protective Security Advisor 703-235-9336 VA US
Moore, Alphonso DHS ISSO 703-235-5050 VA US
Moore, Angela C DHS Information Technology Specialists 202-357-6179 DC US
Moore, Carlease S DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-447-5271 DC US
Moore, Carlton J DHS Project Implementation 202-495-9330 DC US
Moore, Catherine DHS Sr. Architect DC US
Moore, Charlotte DHS Associate Director, NPPAD 202-447-5729 202-447-5725 DC US
Moore, Deborah O DHS Associate Director 703-235-1901 VA US
Moore, Denise DHS Senior EEO Complaints Manager 202-254-8230 202-254-8241 DC US
Moore, Glenn DHS Protective Security Advisor 405-228-1940 OK US
Moore, Gregory DHS T&E Program Coordinator 202-254-7422 DC US
Moore, Julie A DHS 202-282-8355 DC US
Moore, LaShawn DHS Travel Card Organizational Program Coordinator 202-447-0636 202-447-5118 DC US
Moore, Lianne M DHS Program Coordinator 202-254-4651 DC US
Moore, Miriam R DHS Policy Advisor 202-357-7793 DC US
Moore, Myisha L DHS Clerk 202-282-9952 DC US
Moore, Patrick M DHS Chief Financial Officer 202-254-7023 202-254-7785 DC US
Moore, Richard DHS Intelligence Research Specialist 202-447-4164 DC US
Moore, Robert DHS Consultant 202-302-6729 VA US
Moore, Ryan DHS 202-447-0755 DC US
Moore, Sharon DHS Program Analyst 609-813-2724 609-383-1973 NJ US
Moore, Stacy L DHS Interagency Fellow 202-447-3671 DC US
Moore, Terry L DHS Program and Management Analyst 202-343-2458 DC US
Moore, Tobi DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5224 703-603-5190 VA US
Moore, Tony DHS Sr. Technician 202-254-6074 DC US
Moore, William H DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-0981 TX US
Moorman, Wanda DHS Associate Director/Contracting Officer 202-447-5027 DC US
Morad, Girgis M DHS System Admin 202-282-9200 DC US
Morales, Adalis DHS 202-357-7798 DC US
Morales, Hector DHS Police Officer 202-282-9034 DC US
Morales, Lupe DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-3079 DC US
Morales, Lyndsey DHS Contractor 202-447-4058 DC US
Moran, James H DHS Coast Guard Liaison to ISCD 703-603-4891 VA US
Moran, Jay DHS Management & Program Analyst 703-603-4698 703-603-4711 VA US
Moran, John K DHS Senior Advisor 202-254-7378 DC US
Moraniec, William D DHS Analyst 703-603-5073 VA US
Morant, Gaynie DHS Security Officer VA US
Morant, Synthia W DHS HR Specialist, Executive Resources 202-357-8115 202-357-8293 DC US
Moreland, Harold C DHS 703-235-8842 VA US
Morell, Abigail DHS FBI LNO 202-282-8327 DC US
Morelle, Christin C DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-5554 202-447-5335 DC US
Moreno, Anthony DHS Spectrum Manager 202-357-7842 DC US
Moret, Frank DHS Sr. Intelligence Analyst 202-447-4313 DC US
Moreta, Richard DHS Senior Counterintelligence Advisor 202-254-6844 DC US
Morgan, Audrey DHS Budget Analyst 703-235-3089 VA US
Morgan, Ava B DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-0743 202-447-5310 DC US
Morgan, D'Arcy DHS Program Manager 202-254-5848 DC US d'
Morgan, Eric M DHS Project Manager 202-447-5389 DC US
Morgan, Joe DHS 202-441-5466 DC US
Morgan, Joy DHS Dep Dir BFMD/ITSO 202-447-5909 DC US
Morgan, Kyle L DHS Security Specialist 202-561-7911 DC US
Morgan, Marilyn J DHS Program Manager 202-254-6469 DC US
Morgan, Ricky DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9545 703-235-3050 VA US
Morgan-Lowden, Melissa DHS Deputy Director 202-447-5085 DC US
Moriarty, Kelcey DHS Analyst 202-447-4350 DC US
Morie, Travis E DHS Network Engineer 228-813-4858 MS US
Morita, Tia DHS HIFLD to the regions 202-557-9048 CA US
Morningstar, Aaron DHS Watch Analyst III, IP 703-603-4776 VA US
Morningstar, Arlene B DHS Computer Operator 434-374-3850 VA US
Morningstar, Robert W DHS Information System Security Mgr 202-447-0467 DC US
Morris, Brenda A DHS Sr. Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8245 202-357-8504 DC US
Morris, Gregory DHS NICC Watch Analyst 202-282-9201 VA US
Morris, Joseph DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6055 202-254-2295 DC US
Morris, Kelli R DHS Mission Advocate 502-551-5771 KY US
Morris, Matthew E DHS Division Manager, Customer Engagement 202-447-0103 DC US
Morris, Shana M DHS Financial Analyst 202-447-4037 DC US
Morris, Wallace R DHS Intelligence Operations Speciailist 202-447-3847 DC US
Morris-Jones, Donald R DHS OA Analyst 703-235-8503 VA US
Morrison, Allen D DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9701 DC US
Morrison, Jeffrey J DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7414 DC US
Morrison, Lew DHS Electronics Engineer 703-235-4234 VA US
Mortensen, Annan T DHS Policy Analyst 202-282-8566 202-447-3654 DC US
Morton, David DHS Senior Research Scientist 410-417-0911 MD US
Morton, James V DHS IP.NICC 202-282-8308 DC US
Moscovitz, David DHS Network Engineer 571-280-3527 VA US
Moseley, Anthony DHS Sr.Technical Solution Architect 202-447-0647 VA US
Moseley-Brown, Maranna DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-5958 DC US
Mosellen, Matthew DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5636 DC US
Moser, Janet DHS Research Leader 410-417-0908 410-436-6203 MD US
Moser, Richard A DHS Information Security Analyst 434-374-3538 VA US
Moses, Arthur DHS Emergency Management Specialist 703-235-9315 VA US
Moses, Tanya DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-604-7272 DC US
Mosley, Ellen DHS Program Manager 609-813-2654 NJ US
Mosley, Ferne DHS Attorney-Advisor/Deputy Ethics Official 202-447-3302 202-282-9099 DC US
Mosley, Nicholas DHS infrastructure specialist 434-374-3548 VA US
Mosley Jr, Steven DHS Executive Support Services 202-570-6116 DC US
Mosquea, Rosemary DHS 202-282-8599 DC US
Moss, Beate DHS Senior Program Manager 202-713-7688 DC US
Moss, Elizabeth DHS FOIA Specialist 703-235-0348 VA US
Most, Cynthia DHS IT Security Specialist 540-858-2686 540-858-3018 DC US
Mosteller, Michael H DHS Senior Consultant 540-542-2313 VA US
Moticka, Janet DHS Report/Service Level Management 703-742-2717 VA US
Mott, Dennis DHS Security Specilaist 703-235-9424 VA US
Motto, Morgan R DHS SETA Support 202-254-5312 202-254-6177 DC US
Mourtoupalas, Christine DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-4486 DC US
Moussa, Hannah DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-7118 202-254-7752 DC US
Mowatt, Albert W DHS Technology Policy Analyst, PMP 202-447-3919 DC US
Mowen, Lauren DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5948 202-447-5545 DC US
Mowery, Steven D DHS Project Manager, PMP, ITIL 202-447-5908 813-856-4511 DC US
Moxness, Greg DHS Chief Economist, NPPD 703-235-1944 VA US
Moy, Wesley R DHS Senior Advisor 202-282-8187 DC US
Moyer, Ashley DHS Requirement Manager 202-447-3480 DC US
Moyer, Bruce DHS MPD Desk Officer 202-282-8968 DC US
Moylan, Patrick DHS Facilities Operations Specialist 631-323-3142 631-323-3295 NY US
Moynihan, Brian DHS Intelligence Officer 443-436-7708 MD US
Moynihan Gomes, Patricia DHS Acqusition Support 202-447-0308 DC US
Mozell, Dorothy DHS Section Chief 703-603-4656 VA US
Mp, RECON DHS Deployable Situational Awareness Team 202-510-2816 DC US
Muccio, Anthony DHS Pay and Compensation Specialist 703-235-2245 VA US
Muceus, Ian O DHS 202-343-2501 DC US
Muehlenbeck, Todd DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0221 202-447-5144 DC US
Mueller, David DHS DC-1 Deputy Program Mgr 202-657-7664 MS US
Mueller, Troy J DHS SEDI (MITRE) DC US
Muenchau, Ernest DHS Assistant Director 202-254-7618 DC US
Muffoletto, Kelly DHS Resource Manager 202-254-7701 DC US
Mulcahy, Kevin N DHS Business-Systems Integration Accountant 202-447-0971 DC US
Mulkearns, Frank J DHS Special Agent 703-621-7607 703-621-7780 VA US
Mullen, Laura DHS Inspector 202-577-7433 DC US
Mullen, Michael R DHS Senior Acquisition Specialist 202-447-4266 202-447-3924 DC US
Muller, Dominic B DHS 703-603-5143 VA US
Mulligan, Michael R DHS Director Operations & Planning 703-235-5674 VA US
Mullins, Allyson N DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-254-6866 DC US
Mullins, Katherine A DHS Mission Advocate - LE and Intel 202-357-7646 DC US
Mun, Christopher J DHS Contractor 202-447-3156 DC US
Munck, Harry J DHS System Administrator 703-235-5530 VA US
Munkachy, Alex S DHS Sys Admin 703-674-3016 DC US
Munoz-Acevedo, Carlos DHS Policy Advisor 202-357-6284 202-357-1150 DC US
Murata, Christina E DHS Deputy Chief of Staff 202-254-6431 DC US
Murphy, Amanda J DHS Communications 202-343-4406 DC US
Murphy, Candise DHS Procurement Technician 202-254-2411 DC US
Murphy, Carla J DHS Executive Assistant 202-254-6707 DC US
Murphy, Carolyn J DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-357-8145 DC US
Murphy, Crystal DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-5168 DC US
Murphy, Cullen S DHS IT Security Specialist 703-235-9323 VA US
Murphy, David J DHS Couterintelligence Specialist 202-447-3694 DC US
Murphy, Kathleen DHS Intelligence Analyst/NOC 202-282-9126 DC US
Murphy, Kenyetta F DHS Paragon Clerk 202-282-8963 DC US
Murphy, Kristin DHS Senior Budget Analyst 703-647-8041 703-647-8250 VA US
Murphy, Luc Y DHS Physical Scientist 202-254-7539 DC US
Murphy, Matthew R DHS Program Analyst 202-254-8613 DC US
Murphy, Moreen DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-357-7770 202-401-4708 DC US
Murphy, Renee DHS Section Chief, Partnerships Program 703-603-5083 VA US
Murphy, Shavone DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-3700 202-447-3462 DC US
Murphy, Tara DHS Contract Specialist 571-227-3868 VA US
Murphy, Thomas E DHS Technology & Intergration Pl 202-447-5764 202-447-0369 DC US
Murray, Benjamin D DHS FS2 DC US
Murray, Ellen A DHS Director, Acquisition Workforce 202-447-5311 202-447-5310 DC US
Murray, Ericka J DHS Laboratory Officer 202-510-6137 TX US
Murray, Jacqueline A DHS Unarmed Officer/Clerk 202-344-1765 202-282-8964 DC US
Murray, James DHS NOC CBP WATCH OFFICER 202-282-8130 DC US
Murray, Jeffrey T DHS Protective Security Advisor 703-235-9338 VA US
Murray, John DHS FEMA watch officer 202-282-8131 DC US
Murray, Nicholas DHS Analyst 703-284-3209 VA US
Murray, Timothy DHS SharePoint Architect 202-447-5925 DC US
Murray, William D DHS Incident Handler 703-235-8832 VA US
Murrell, Faith DHS Budget Officer 202-447-3343 DC US
Murtagh, Cecilia DHS Mechanical Engineer 212-620-3315 212-620-3600 NY US
Muse Duma, Katherine L DHS HFD - HSRE Contract Support 202-254-2251 DC US
Musgrove, Brenda L DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0190 DC US
Musselwhite, Christopher C DHS USCG Desk Officer 202-282-8114 DC US
Musser, John F DHS VA US
Mustafa, Sinem DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5097 DC US
Mutschler, Michele L DHS Contracting Officer 202-254-7163 DC US
Mycko, Henry DHS System Architect 202-357-8263 202-357-8474 DC US
Myers, Andrew DHS Branch Chief - Future Plans 202-447-3098 DC US
Myers, Eric M DHS Program Manager / OHA 202-254-6480 DC US
Myers, Frederick DHS Physical Scientist 202-254-6011 202-254-5396 DC US
Myers, Gary D DHS DHS Workers Comp Program Manager 202-357-8455 DC US
Myers, Jennifer R DHS Policy Analyst 202-282-8542 DC US
Myers, John DHS Senior Security Specialist 301-619-1410 MD US
Myers, Robert O DHS Border Patrol Agent 202-282-8130 DC US
Myers, Scott DHS Director, Asset and Logistics Managment 202-302-5365 DC US
Myers, Wendy DHS Program Specialist 202-447-5412 DC US
Myers, William R DHS Remedy Developer 434-374-0690 VA US
Myles, Sonya DG DHS Inventory Analyst 202-447-5972 DC US
Myrthil, Charlene DHS Deputy Executive Director 202-343-2476 DC US
Nabie, Kadia M DHS Data Management Process Analyst 703-235-9535 VA US
Nadeau, Genevieve C DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-447-3530 DC US
Nadler, Kristi DHS Executive Assistant to the Military Advisor 202-282-8245 202-447-3682 DC US
Naito, Takahiko DHS Contractor 703-956-8739 DC US
Nam, Haeme DHS Lead, Econ & Bus Analysis 781-786-1164 VA US
Nannetti, Dena L DHS Contract Specialist, EAD 202-447-5727 DC US
Nansteel, Mark W DHS Sr. Research Scientist 609-813-2821 NJ US
Naples, Heather N DHS Project Manager 703-599-9743 VA US
Napolitano, James DHS control room supervisor 631-323-3115 NY US
Nappier, Christopher DHS System Administrator / Network Engineer 202-282-9200 DC US
Naquin, Sterling DHS EMOC Jr. Sys. Admin MS US
Narlee, Luke DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-612-1639 DC US
Narvacan, Mark HP DHS Enterprise Architect 202-447-4027 DC US
Nash, Barry S DHS Information Systems Engineer 202-447-5579 DC US
Nassif, John B DHS Analyst 703-647-8241 VA US
Nathan, Robert L DHS Technical Site Lead - 2451 Crystal Drive 703-603-5232 VA US
Nathaniel, Ronojit J DHS Director, Enterprise Technology Investments Branch & Deputy Prog 202-447-5868 DC US
Nauta, David M DHS Training Analyst 703-235-1911 VA US
Navratil, David DHS Sr. Security Specialist 571-258-2404 VA US
Nayak, Nick DHS Chief Procurement Officer 202-447-5300 202-447-5310 DC US
Naylor, Greg A DHS IT Specialist 202-447-5325 202-447-5310 DC US
Neal, Brian DHS Software Developer 202-447-5498 DC US
Neal, Joseph L DHS 703-889-3522 VA US
Neal, Kerry DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-0263 202-447-0374 DC US
Neal, Michael R DHS System engineer 703-341-4077 VA US
Neal, Sonnita DHS Administrative Specialist 202-282-8644 202-447-3221 DC US
Neary, Patrick C DHS Research Director 202-447-4605 DC US
Nebiyeloul-Kifle, Yonas DHS Analyst 202-254-5837 DC US
Nee, Carissa M DHS 703-387-2218 VA US
Neel, David DHS Intelligence Officer 907-265-8123 907-274-0851 AK US
Neglia, Samuel DHS LE Liaison 202-528-9268 VA US
Negron, Adolfo DHS Deputy Director CSAC 410-417-0904 410-417-0915 MD US
Neigh, Roy DHS Mgmt & Program Analyst 202-579-7617 DC US
Neilan, John DHS Dr 631-323-3133 NY US
Neises, Patrick DHS Analyst 202-282-8759 DC US
Neitz, Philip S DHS Deputy Director (acting) 202-447-3506 202-282-8803 DC US
Nellist, Marie E DHS ISSO 202-447-5218 DC US
Nelson, Andrew DHS Systems Engineer 202-357-8443 DC US
Nelson, Benjamin M DHS Software Engineer 703-674-2916 VA US
Nelson, Beverly DHS Sr. Analyst, Reporting Branch 202-447-3009 DC US
Nelson, Daniel L DHS Operations Manager, DHS COMSEC Central Office of Record 540-542-3292 540-542-2695 VA US
Nelson, Derrick M DHS SETA Support 212-620-6035 212-620-3651 NY US
Nelson, Douglas C DHS Technical Consultant 434-374-3812 VA US
Nelson, Jeanette DHS IT Security Specialist 703-235-8841 VA US
Nelson, LeDina DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5501 202-447-5545 DC US
Nelson, Robert M DHS CWO 202-282-8101 DC US
Nelson, Sabrina DHS Program Management Specialist 202-447-0071 DC US
Nelson, Tama DHS Admin Ass't 609-813-2837 609-383-1973 NJ US
Nelson, Trevor DHS 202-447-4627 DC US
Nelton, David S DHS System Administrator 228-813-3383 MS US
Nemchik, Joseph DHS Administrative Specialist 202-447-5638 202-447-5160 DC US
Nenneman, Milton W DHS Director, First Responder-West 202-841-7898 DC US
Nersesov, Timur R DHS Program Analyst 202-612-1176 DC US
Nesbitt, Toni DHS INTERMEDIATE ACQUISITION SPECIALIST (XL) 202-447-5668 202-447-5160 DC US
Ness, Michael E DHS Team Lead, Security Compliance Review Program 202-447-5901 DC US
Ness, Monica DHS Correspondence Analysist 202-282-9492 DC US
Neth-Parr, Tracy DHS Human Resource Manager 202-447-0746 DC US
Neuman, Eric DHS Associate 202-254-6805 202-254-5365 DC US
Neuschaefer, Eric A DHS Privacy Analyst 703-235-0761 VA US
Neville, Peter DHS Assistant Director 202-447-5194 202-447-5891 DC US
Newburg, Jennifer E DHS Sr. Web Analyst 202-282-9187 202-282-9187 DC US
Newby, Shareeya DHS 202-282-8358 202-447-3173 DC US
Newcomb, Enrique DHS Deputy Branch Chief/ NPPD/IP/BCEP 703-235-2551 VA US
Newell, Daniel N DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5144 VA US
Newell, Paul DHS Senior Cyber Threat Analyst 703-235-5111 VA US
Newingham, Marty DHS Counterterrorism 202-282-8040 202-282-9705 DC US
Newman, Amy DHS Attorney Advisor 202-282-9729 DC US
Newman, Emily DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5965 DC US
Newman, John M DHS IA Lead 202-357-7655 DC US
Newman, Leigh B DHS 208-447-3585 DC US
Newman, Marie DHS Project Manager/Interior Designer 202-282-9962 DC US
Newman, Patrick DHS Manager, Student Programs 202-357-8569 202-357-8293 DC US
Newman, Reginald L DHS Network Engineer 202-282-8518 DC US
Newsome, Kerry DHS 703-235-2253 703-235-1561 VA US
Newsome, Terrence E DHS Hifld to the Region 719-387-3973 CA US
Newsome, Valencia DHS Accountant 202-447-0941 DC US
Newton, David DHS Office of University Programs 202-254-5612 202-254-6177 DC US
Newton, Dennis DHS Program Analyst 202-343-4555 202-343-4239 DC US
Newton, Holly A DHS Executive Assistant to the Director of ORA Mike Capps 703-235-2176 VA US
Newton, Jennifer G DHS CAO Web Manager 202-343-4056 DC US
Newton, Ronald O DHS Analyst 202-282-9201 DC US
Ng, Chip DHS Engineering Manager 202-447-0619 DC US
Ng, Mon Ching C DHS 703-235-9573 VA US
Ngo, Laura DHS Program Analyst - Business Support Team 703-603-4658 VA US
Ngo, Paul DHS NGN Security 703-235-4232 703-235-4980 VA US
Ngo, Tram-Tiara DHS EEO Manager 202-254-5855 202-254-8240 DC US
Nguon, Sierah DHS HSIN Helpdesk 703-889-3514 DE US
Nguyen, Amy DHS Inventory Manager 703-235-9340 703-235-9711 VA US
Nguyen, An P DHS Electronics Engineer 703-235-4205 VA US
Nguyen, Binh DHS system administrator 703-481-3699 VA US
Nguyen, Gi DHS Cybersecurity Specialist 703-235-3686 VA US
Nguyen, Hiep DHS IT Specialist 202-447-0026 DC US
Nguyen, Joseph K DHS Project Manager 202-824-1147 DC US
Nguyen, Kham DHS Sr. Network Engineer 228-813-4804 MS US
Nguyen, Loc B DHS Senior Financial Analyst 202-447-0162 DC US
Nguyen, Shannon Diem DHS Program Analyst 703-235-3659 VA US
Nguyen, Suong H DHS System Analyst 202-447-3073 DC US
Nguyen, Tam T DHS Enterprise Architect 202-357-1288 DC US
Nguyen, Tommy H DHS EMOC Agent/System Administrator 866-972-3662 MS US
Nicholas, Steven DHS IP, Regional Director Gulf Coast TX US
Nichols, Kate DHS Policy Analyst 202-254-6855 DC US
Nichols, Lynda K DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8299 202-357-8473 DC US
Nichols, Rebecca E DHS IT Specialist 202-343-2504 DC US
Nichols, Todd DHS Chemical Inspector CT US
Nichols, Tony DHS MGMT Program Analyst 202-343-2444 DC US
Nicholson, Denise M DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-731-4619 DC US
Nicholson, Landis DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5392 202-447-5813 or 202-447-5333 DC US
Nicholson, Mike DHS Chief Architect 202-306-3279 DC US
Nickerson, Rick L DHS Consultant DC US
Nickodem, Alexander DHS Presidential Management Fellow 202-343-1672 DC US
Nielsen, Andrew DHS Chief, Special Operations Support Team 202-282-9076 DC US
Nielsen, Brent D DHS Health Physicist 703-603-5092 703-603-5190 VA US
Niesterowicz, Christopher W DHS Senior GEOINT Analyst 202-282-8307 DC US
Nigborowicz, Meghan V DHS Accountant 202-447-0186 202-447-5192 DC US
Nill, Robert DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-8745 202-282-9895 DC US
Nini, Melanie DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8120 DC US
Nino, Joel DHS KMO 202-282-8117 DC US
Niuman, Kenneth H DHS Training and Policy Manager 540-542-3848 540-542-2695 VA US
Nix, ThoMarcus R DHS Enrollment official 202-697-0865 DC US
Nix, WKeith DHS Supervisory Chemical Security Inspector IL US
Nixon, Eric N DHS Sr. IT analyst 202-357-8529 DC US
Nixon, Ericka DHS 202-282-9677 DC US
Nixon, Pierce P DHS 703-603-5141 VA US
Noakes, Douglas D DHS ISSO / A-ISSO DC US
Noe, Christopher D DHS Software Engineer 703-679-6397 VA US
Noetzel, Jonathan C DHS NCSD/CEP Task Lead, SRA Int'l 703-307-5236 VA US
Nolan, David DHS Supervisory Computer Engineer 703-235-4207 VA US
Nolan, Matthew DHS 202-447-3502 DC US
Nolan, Patricia DHS Senior Liaison Officer 202-282-9125 DC US
Nolan, Thomas DHS Senior Program Analyst 202-357-6292 202-357-6040 DC US
Nolen, Bruce DHS Security Specialist 202-254-7072 202-254-7759 DC US
Noojin, Deborah G DHS Contract Specialist 540-352-2958 AL US
Noonan, Alison DHS Infrastructure Analyst 703-603-5182 703-603-5190 VA US
Noonan, Michael DHS Cost Estimator 703-235-3623 VA US
Norman, Amanda L DHS Program Analyst - Policy 703-603-4660 VA US
Norman, Edward DHS 202-447-5202 DC US
Norman, Keanna DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5151 DC US
Norman, Michael DHS Acting Deputy Director, PSCD 703-235-9372 VA US
Norman, Sara DHS 202-447-3888 DC US
Norman, Tia L DHS Project Manager 202-447-0973 DC US
Norris, Ginger DHS Mrs. 703-603-5010 VA US
Novak, Roberta L DHS Receptionist 202-254-6006 202-254-6177 DC US
Nowak, Paul A DHS QC Lead/Geospatial Analyst VA US
Nowak, Philip DHS Senior Program Manager 202-357-8427 202-357-8471 DC US
Nowak, Thomas G DHS Intelligence Officer 207-402-0778 ME US
Nppd Meetings DHS NPPD Meetings Manager VA US
Nppdtasking DHS 202-591-0677 DC US
Nu, Winmin DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5187 DC US
Nuccetelli, Kathleen A DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5160 VA US
Nunez, Carlos A DHS Program Analyst 202-447-4344 DC US
Nunez, Vetocarlo B DHS MSD Executive Officer 202-447-3193 DC US
Nurre, Stephen DHS Systems Engineer 202-357-1295 DC US
Nusbaum, Keri L DHS Director, Recruitment and Development 202-615-0127 VA US
Nusbaum, Paula DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0907 DC US
Nwankwo, Emmanuel DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-5861 DC US
Nwoke, Magnus O DHS TECHNICAL CONSULTANT 202-357-7876 202-357-6198 DC US
Nyame, Felicite DHS Database Administrator 202-254-7702 DC US
Nye, Lindsey DHS Special Assistant 202-447-4053 DC US
Nyuyse, Honore DHS Program Manager/Engineer 202-254-6781 DC US
O'Brien, Matthew J DHS 202-357-8257 DC US matthew.o'
O'Brien, Michael DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US michael.o'
O'Brien, Sally DHS Clerk 202-357-8280 DC US sally.o'
O'Byrne, Frank DHS DC US frank.o'
O'Connell, Ian P DHS 703-603-5162 703-603-5190 VA US ian.o'
O'Connell, Paul E DHS SharePoint Architect 202-447-0354 DC US paul.e.o'
O'Connor, Daniel W DHS Management Reconstution Specialist 202-657-9997 DC US daniel.w.o'
O'Connor, Desta DHS Physical Scientist - Geospatial Support 703-235-9552 VA US desta.o'
O'Connor, Erin A DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-8204 DC US erin.o'
O'Connor, Jennifer DHS Social Scientist 202-254-6716 DC US jennifer.o'
O'Connor, John DHS Manager NCC 703-235-5028 VA US john.o'
O'Connor, Kelly A DHS Project Analyst DC US kelly.o'
O'Connor, Kerry DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5108 703-603-5190 VA US kerry.o'
O'Connor, Patrick J DHS DNDO IRAIL/FSDS SETA Support 202-254-7007 202-254-7749 DC US patrick.o'
O'Connor, Patrick DHS Explosives Lead 609-813-2808 609-383-1973 NJ US patrick.o'
O'Day, Kevin M DHS Branch Chief, Future Operations 202-447-3239 DC US kevin.o'
O'Dell, Yakita DHS Workforce Analysis & Reporting Branch/EAC Support 703-235-2117 VA US yakita.o'
O'Donnell, Cara M DHS Biosurveillance Operations Analyst 202-447-4262 DC US cara.o'
O'Donovan, Denis P DHS HSIN Mission Advocate 410-991-9663 DC US denis.o'
O'grady, Casey W DHS Accessibility Technician 202-447-0371 DC US casey.o'
O'Hanley, James DHS Securituy Assistant Sr. Specialist 703-235-5457 VA US james.o'
O'hanlon, Brady DHS Exercise Branch Chief 202-254-7105 DC US
O'Hanlon, Kimberly DHS Sr. InfoSec Systems Engineer 202-527-5582 DC US kimberly.o'
O'hara, Thomas W DHS Analyst 202-343-1687 DC US thomas.o'
O'Kane, Megan E DHS Communications Liaison 202-357-7762 202-357-1188 DC US megan.o'
O'Keefe, Joseph DHS Protective Security Advisor 303-850-2745 303-850-2746 CO US
O'Konek, Jeffrey L DHS 202-254-5856 DC US jeffrey.o'
O'Loughlin, Thomas DHS Senior Budget and Acquisition Analyst 703-235-9377 VA US thomas.o'
O'Neal, Charlotte DHS Senior Logistics Analyst 202-343-4556 202-343-4550 DC US charlotte.o'
O'Neal, Tyler K DHS Administrative Assistant 202-447-3090 202-282-8679 DC US tyler.o'
O'Neil, Kristopher DHS Tracking Officer Team Lead 202-282-8328 DC US kristopher.o'
O'Neill, Kimberly DHS Contract Specialist 631-323-3346 631-323-3169 NY US kimberly.o'
O'Rourke, Shawn DHS Management and Program Analyst 703-235-2573 VA US shawn.o'
O'Toole, Tara DHS Under Secretary for Science & Technology 202-254-6033 DC US tara.o'
Obaugh, Ricky L DHS Communications Manager 703-803-5735 VA US
Obermeyer, Michael DHS APM Deployment HSDN 703-803-4745 703-968-1141 DC US
Ocampo, Christopher J DHS Systems Administrator 703-460-1160 VA US
Ochs, Christopher DHS Geospatial Production Manager 703-483-5665 VA US
Oconnell, Mary DHS Senior IA Functional Analyst 703-235-5250 VA US
Odderstol, Thad DHS Senior Analyst 703-235-2884 VA US
Odom, Erin DHS Administrative Specialist 703-235-0779 703-235-0442 VA US
Odomsbolden, Kim DHS NSA Liaison 202-282-8384 DC US
Offterdinger, Allison DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4548 DC US
Ogburn, Sonya M DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5889 DC US
Ogden, David R DHS 202-254-2344 DC US
Ogden, Jason DHS Info Sec Specialist 202-357-6189 DC US
Oglesby, Lisa DHS 202-254-2352 202-254-6168 DC US
Ogunfiditimi, Sharon Y DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5560 202-447-5725 DC US
Ogunshakin, Deborah DHS 202-254-8211 202-254-8241 DC US
Ohe, Antonio DHS 703-235-2143 703-235-2056 VA US
Ohm, Michael DHS 703-674-2717 VA US
Okazaki, Gene DHS DNDO SETA Logistics 202-254-7251 202-254-7749 DC US
Okimoto, Stephanie A DHS ICPO, Eurasia Portfolio Director 202-431-9213 DC US
Oklesson, Gail DHS Real Estate Specialist 202-343-4080 DC US
Okon, Jamal DHS 202-282-9842 MD US
Olabode, Olatokunbo DHS Program Analyst VA US
Olafusi, Abimbola D DHS Security Officer 703-603-4740 VA US
Olavarria, Esther DHS Counsel to the Secretary 305-597-2879 FL US
Oleary, David DHS Legislative Assistant 202-447-0385 202-447-5437 DC US
Oliphant, Mark DHS Deputy Assistant Director for Red Teaming 202-254-7525 DC US
Oliver, Angela DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4308 DC US
Oliver, Nicole DHS Executive Administrator 202-357-6263 DC US
Oliver, Patricia A DHS CONTRACTING OFFICER 202-447-5648 202-447-5725 DC US
Oliver, Susan R DHS Ms. 202-254-6808 DC US
Oller, Roberta L DHS HR Support 202-447-5546 202-447-5540 DC US
Ollison, Damon Jr DHS Summer Intern 202-447-5947 DC US
Olmo, Elizabeth DHS Director, Strategic Requirements, Capabilities and Assessment 202-282-8042 202-447-3594 DC US
Olsen, Allen W DHS Security Officer 202-254-5352 202-254-6163 DC US
Olsen, Kathleen E DHS Travel Analyst 202-254-6194 202-254-5365 DC US
Olsen, Sara H DHS 703-284-5045 VA US
Olson, Jane DHS Data Analyst 202-447-3069 DC US
Olson, Jerry F DHS SR. PROCUREMENT ANALYST 202-447-5197 DC US
Olson, Laura DHS Section Lead, Immigration Section 202-357-1284 202-357-1187 DC US
Oman, Paul DHS Procurement Attorney 202-447-0696 202-282-9186 DC US
Omar, Mohamed E DHS Network Security Engr. 202-447-4665 DC US
Omishore, Olaleye DHS 202-447-5535 202-447-5545 DC US
Onello, Andrew DHS Security Compliance Manager 202-357-1234 DC US
Ong, Brian J DHS Network Engineer 228-813-4890 MS US
Onken, Richard J DHS Project Manager 402-390-4429 NB CA
Onwuteaka, Christian I DHS Program Analyst 703-235-4295 VA US
Opsdirector, IMD DHS Ops Director 202-612-1773 DC US
Opsec DHS OPSEC Group mailbox 202-447-5690 DC US
Oram, Alex DHS 703-603-5161 VA US
Orandi, Koorosh DHS ESS Analyst 703-603-5196 VA US
Orchard, James J DHS Executive support services 202-447-0649 DC US
Orchard, Paulina DHS Policy Analyst 202-282-8266 202-282-8492 DC US
Oreilly, Shawn M DHS Security Specialist 703-603-4661 VA US
Oremland, Ryan B DHS Supervisory Program Analyst 202-343-1679 DC US
Orfanides, MARIOS DHS ENSS Engineering Manager 703-968-1280 VA US
Orluskie, Larry DHS Director of Communications 202-282-8783 DC US
Ormes, Eric S DHS Analyst 703-235-5121 VA US
Orndorff, Janet M DHS Management Analyst 703-235-4224 703-235-4980 VA US
Orndorff, Rhonda K DHS Continuity Manager 540-542-2206 571-258-2576 VA US
Ornelas, Leigh DHS Systems Analyst-HRIT 202-357-8426 DC US
Orogun, Bamidele DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-3063 VA US
Orozco, Nicholas DHS Acting Chief, Media Services Branch 202-282-9987 DC US
Orr, Kim DHS Intel Ops Specialist/Senior Reports Officer 571-258-2794 VA US
Orr, Marilee DHS Consultant 703-235-8176 703-235-9707 VA US
Orr, Robert DHS Consultant 202-254-6606 DC US
Orsini, Eric DHS Intelligence Officer 202-282-8357 202-228-3003 DC US
Ortega, Francisco DHS Asset Coordinator / Logistician 228-813-4219 MS US
Ortiz, Karen M DHS Compliance Officer 202-254-2421 DC US
Ortiz, Louis DHS Director, Asia-Pacific 202-282-8731 202-282-9254 DC US
Ortman, Chris J DHS Assistant Press Secretary 202-447-4282 DC US
Osband, David DHS CS&C Budget 703-235-5424 VA US
Osborne, Cheryl DHS Security Specialist 202-447-3538 202-282-8416 DC US
Oshon, Krystle S DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-3536 DC US
Osorio, Marina V DHS Visitor Center Clerk Bldg 89 202-282-9951 DC US
Osowski, Christine DHS PMF/Program Analyst 202-447-3623 202-282-8492 DC US
Ossowski, Tim DHS Business Liaison 202-282-8167 DC US
Osterhus, Diane DHS Sr. Grants Policy Officer 202-447-5606 202-447-5749 DC US
Ostwind, David S DHS Deputy Assistant Director 202-254-7332 DC US
Oswald, Vaughn I DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-2406 202-254-5393 DC US
Otlin, Bradley K DHS Network Engineer 434-374-3801 VA US
Otto, Zachary DHS Office Automation Clerk 703-235-4973 VA US
Ouimet, Michael P DHS Information Exchange Broker 512-416-6601 TX US
Outten, Nelson DHS Senior Cyber Strategist 703-235-8872 VA US
Overbey, Daniel DHS Risk Analyst 703-603-5173 VA US
Ovuh, Lawrence O DHS Systems Administrator 202-612-1750 DC US
Owan, Clyde T DHS HQs Analyst 202-282-9978 DC US
Oweis, Majed DHS NCC Watch Senior IA Analyst 703-235-5080 703-235-5078 VA US
Owen, Peter DHS Protective Security Advisor, San Diego 619-733-9262 CA US
Owens, Craig DHS Principle Systems Engineer 202-447-4088 DC US
Owens, Derick DHS Inspector 703-603-4689 703-603-4711 DC US
Owens, Jacquelyn DHS Sr. Procurement Analyst 202-447-5512 202-447-5538 DC US
Owens, Juania DHS HSIN Communications Specialist 202-357-7822 DC US
Owens, Marlene M DHS Technology Transfer Program Manager 202-254-6671 DC US
Owens, Michael A DHS Executive Secretariat 703-235-8125 DC US
Owoyemi, Semiu A DHS Technology Consultant III 434-374-3537 VA US
Oxendine, Mary C DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-0844 DC US
Pablo, Ben C DHS Deputy Director, Finanicial Management 703-235-1942 VA US
Pabon, Carlos DHS CBP Representative 202-447-4596 DC US
Pace, Brandon DHS IT Specialist 202-391-0258 DC US
Pacholk, Wendy DHS Program Assistant 631-323-3233 631-323-3295 NY US
Pachucki, William S DHS Chief, CTB 202-357-7720 STE DC US
Padilla, Marco DHS Systems Engineer 202-254-6616 DC US
Padilla, Tammy DHS Security Specialist 202-447-3338 202-447-3462 DC US
Pagan, Luis DHS SOC Engineer 202-357-6156 DC US
Page, Abigail DHS Advance Representative to the Secretary 202-282-8046 DC US
Page, Donald J DHS IT PM Consultant 202-357-7658 DC US
Page, Iitanyia DHS Manager 202-641-6029 MD US
Page, Marsha DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-5338 202-447-5312 DC US
Page, Mary DHS Infrastructure Analyst 703-603-5146 VA US
Page, Michael A DHS FOIA/Privacy/Records Officer 202-357-7626 202-357-7678 DC US
Page, Ryan P DHS Legal Policy Analyst 703-957-0783 DC US
Paglee, Ed J DHS Lead Program Analyst 202-343-4557 DC US
Paine, James DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-0991 IL US
Paine, Kenneth DHS Network Manager 434-374-3547 VA US
Paine, Victoria F DHS Configuration Analyst 434-374-3570 VA US
Painter, Allan DHS Sr Tech 202-357-8230 DC US
Pais, Anthony B DHS Chief - Team 4 202-282-9849 202-282-8679 DC US
Pak, Murang DHS FBI Liaison Officer 202-282-8154 DC US
Palacio, Martha DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-6771 202-254-8600 DC US
Palacky, Tami L DHS Remedy Developer VA US
Palazzi, Gabriel DHS Protective Security Advisor MA US
Palma, Joseph J DHS Research Scientist NJ US
Palmadesso, Chris DHS Intelligence Officer 802-872-6119 802-872-6125 DC US
Palmer, Charlene DHS Administrative Officer 703-235-5517 VA US
Palmer, David DHS Deputy Associate General Counsel (Legal Counsel) 202-282-9735 202-282-9186 DC US
Palmer, Kip K DHS Security Firewall Engineer 434-374-3546 VA US
Palmer, Latoya M DHS IT Technician-NAC 202-282-8081 DC US
Palmer, Michael DHS 202-235-3940 VA US
Palmer, Zachary DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7217 DC US
Palmieri, Jim DHS Security Manager 631-323-3259 NY US
Palmieri, Joseph DHS Senior Program Analyst 703-235-2526 VA US
Palmieri, Lisa DHS Intelligence Officer 978-451-3713 978-451-3707 MA US
Palmisano, David DHS Future-OPS Plans & Analysis Officer 202-282-8711 202-282-8402 DC US
Pals, Traci K DHS General Biological Scientist 202-254-5657 DC US
Panagoulias, Despina A DHS Consultant 703-235-2574 VA US
Panidis, Panos I DHS 202-213-8207 VA US
Pankow, Mark DHS NOC Duty Director 202-447-4407 202-282-8279 DC US
Panlilio, Carminia DHS Strategic Planning 202-343-2425 DC US
Pannell, Barry DHS 703-289-4520 703-641-4807 VA US
Panov, Ivan DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-254-6379 DC US
Pantoja, Julie DHS Security Analyst
Pantuck, Bradford DHS Mr. 202-254-5879 DC US
Papa, Patrick D DHS Virtualization Capability Leader 214-755-9432 TX US
Papas, Charles DHS 202-282-8561 DC US
Paquette, Joshua DHS NCPS Deployment 703-235-2874 VA US
Parada, Gabrielle DHS Executive Officer 202-447-3591 DC US
Pardi, Justin DHS 703-235-9432 VA US
Pardue, Todd DHS ASP Program Manager 202-254-7224 202-254-7749 DC US
Parent, Ron DHS Law Enforcement Program Manager 202-282-9143 DC US
Parent, Steven J DHS Senior Advisor 202-282-8215 DC US
Parent, Wayne DHS Senior DHS Advisor to DOD 703-697-3630 DC US
Pargament, Robert DHS CBP Watch Officer 202-282-8130 DC US
Parham, Monica DHS Administrative Assistant 703-235-5814 703-235-5887 VA US
Parikh, Sarang S DHS Financial Analyst 202-447-0498 DC US
Parikh, Toral DHS Intern 202-447-5018 DC US
Paris, Theresa M DHS Personnel Security Liaison 703-235-5453 VA US
Park, Jae O DHS Financial Resource Analyst 202-254-6014 DC US
Park, Tom DHS 202-447-4872 DC US
Park, Yale DHS Senior Exchange System Engineer 202-447-0672 DC US
Parker, Angela DHS Office Manager 202-357-1213 202-357-1196 DC US
Parker, Bradford DHS Intelligence Officer 202-612-1640 DC US
Parker, Christopher DHS Financial Analyst 202-254-6777 DC US
Parker, Courtney DHS 202-357-8574 DC US
Parker, Daniel A DHS SVC Info Developer II 434-374-3850 VA US
Parker, Decemma DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6632 202-254-5365 DC US
Parker, Erika M DHS EEO Assistant 202-254-8226 202-254-8241 DC US
Parker, Jason DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-4414 202-447-3462 DC US
Parker, Kimberly DHS IT Specialist 202-447-5307 DC US
Parker, Laura DHS Program Manager 202-254-2395 202-254-5396 DC US
Parker, Lori Anne DHS 202-447-3803 DC US
Parker, Lynn DHS Special Advisor to the General Counsel 202-447-4435 DC US
Parker, Melody A DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-4144 DC US
Parker, Michael DHS VMO-Epidemiologist 202-282-8753 202-254-6914 DC US
Parker, Michael W DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-357-8494 DC US
Parker, Paul D DHS 202-282-8270 DC US
Parker, Shane DHS Inspector 202-604-8093 501-803-0893 TX US
Parker, Steve DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8414 DC US
Parker, Tracy D DHS General Biological Scientist 202-254-2316 202-254-6914 DC US
Parker, Wanda A DHS Senior Correspondence Analyst 202-507-0261 DC US
Parker, William A DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-343-2505 DC US
Parkinson, Deborah P DHS Deputy Chief of Staff 202-447-3786 DC US
Parks, James DHS Intel Ops Specialist 202-282-9686 (NAC) DC US
Parks, Larry DHS 202-282-8602 DC US
Parks, Winnifred R DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5837 DC US
Parlor, Timothy DHS PBX Technician 202-282-8524 DC US
Parnell, Michael DHS Systems Engineer 202-282-9200 DC US
Parson, Calvin D DHS 703-235-4952 VA US
Parson, Tisha A DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-3319 202-447-3464 DC US
Parsons, Brian DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-357-7787 DC US
Parsons, Christina DHS Executive Assistant 202-357-7765 DC US
Parsons, Johnnie D DHS DC2 Service Account Manager - FEMA 919-424-5414 NC US
Partner, Norita DHS Procurement Technician 202-447-0109 202-447-0597 DC US
Paschal, Brent E DHS Manager Officer 202-282-9693 DC US
Paschall, Robert DHS Deputy Associate General Counsel (Acting) 202-282-9762 202-282-9186 DC US
Pasco, Brandt DHS Attorney Advisor 202-254-6031 DC US
Pascoe, Lyndsay H DHS Consultant 703-235-8163 VA US
Pascu, Ramona DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4650 202-282-8803 DC US
Pashikanti, Suhasini DHS Analyst VA US
Pashley, Christopher J DHS Reports Officer 202-282-9497 DC US
Pasley, Benjamin J DHS Enterprise Architect 202-282-9648 DC US
Passow, Richard A DHS General Engineer 202-254-7445 202-254-7747 DC US
Pasternak, Kristin DHS SETA - Program Analyst 202-254-5728 202-254-6165 DC US
Pastiva, Penny DHS Director, Business Services Division 202-447-0581 202-447-0020 DC US
Pastor, Ashley DHS Intern 202-447-3664 DC US
Pasupneti, Rameshbabu DHS security analyst 202-447-4005 DC US
Paszkiewicz, James DHS Communication Engineer 202-254-2203 202-447-0725 DC US
Patel, Jagruti DHS Budget Analyst 703-235-4015 703-235-4980 VA US
Patel, Minal R DHS Attorney 202-254-5382 202-254-6178 DC US
Patel, Monal DHS Project Management Analyst 703-235-4213 VA US
Patel, Rimesh DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-603-9410 NJ US
Patil, Maheshwar DHS SETA - System Architect 202-254-7211 DC US
Patno, Francis DHS Chemical Security Inspector-Region 1 202-557-6390 NH US
Patrick, Christella E DHS Human Resources Business Partner 202-447-0669 202-447-0695 DC US
Patrick, David M DHS Lead Program Analyst 202-343-4558 202-343-4550 DC US
Patrick, Gregory DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5525 DC US
Patrick, Marcella DHS Personnel Security Assistant 202-447-5297 202-358-2025 DC US
Patrick, Orantes DHS Program Manager, Non-Nac Telecommunications 202-447-0011 202-447-0725 DC US
Patrick, Richard W DHS Chief, Medical First Responder Coordination 202-254-6840 202-254-6094 DC US
Patrick, Shirley A DHS Executive Assistant 202-254-7303 202-254-7755 DC US
Patron, Ryan DHS Web Content Administrator 609-813-2842 609-383-1973 NJ US
Pattarozzi, Victor L DHS Program Analyst DC US
Patten, Kimberly DHS Budget Assistant 202-254-7223 DC US
Patterson, Alan M DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5119 703-603-5190 VA US
Patterson, Debra A DHS Business Process Re-engineer Specialist Sr. 202-447-5071 DC US
Patterson, Geffon M DHS OUTREACH 202-343-1700 DC US
Patterson, Jerome DHS Security Officer 202-282-8956 VA US
Patterson, Larry S DHS Deputy Dir IT Security/ISSM 703-235-3696 VA US
Patterson, Willie J DHS Storage Engineer 434-374-3579 VA US
Pattie, David C DHS Health Intelligence Analyst, CISD/CBRNHI 202-282-9091 DC US
Patury, Krishna P DHS Developer DC US
Paul, Michael DHS SETA Lead Engineer 202-254-6607 DC US
Pavelec, John DHS DESK OFFICER 202-282-8302 DC US
Pavlock, Steve DHS Voice Over IP Engineer 703-341-4075 VA US
Paxson, Tamar DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-3805 DC US
Payamps, Kathy DHS Protocol Officer 202-612-1197 DC US
Payne, Ashley DHS Contractor Support 703-235-2125 703-235-2150 VA US
Payne, Jamison DHS Branch Chief Facilties 202-254-7071 202-254-7755 DC US
Payne, Janet DHS Financial/Program Analyst 202-254-6656 202-254-6171 DC US
Payne, Kathryn G DHS IT Service Desk Analyst QA 800-250-7911 IN US
Payne, Stephanie DHS Budget Analyst 703-235-8150 VA US
Payson, Peter DHS Intelligence Officer 860-256-0859 860-706-5535 CT US
Payton, Emanuel DHS IT Senior Consultant 202-447-5074 DC US
Payton, Theresa M DHS Security Consultant 703-235-5335 VA US
Payton, Towanda DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5295 202-447-5333 DC US
Peacock, Nelson DHS Assistant Secretary 202-447-5455 DC US
Pearce, Lauren DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5995 DC US
Pearlstein, Kenneth DHS Information Technology Specialist 202-357-6164 DC US
Pearson, Edie C DHS Deputy Division Director 202-447-4692 DC US
Pearson, James A DHS Requirements Engineer 202-447-5137 DC US
Pearson, Latarsha A DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-357-8460 DC US
Peasley, Mark L DHS Assistant Director RPM/PM - Records 202-207-8223 DC US
Pecere, Peter D DHS BUR Administrator 434-374-3873 VA US
Peck, Jason DHS Oracle Database Administrator 703-481-3699 VA US
Pecoraro, Matthew DHS CPD Desk Officer 202-282-9034 DC US
Pedersen, Erik J DHS Analyst 202-612-1687 DC US
Pedersen, Robert DHS Regional Coordinator 202-604-1376 DE US
Peeden, William L DHS Tools Admin 919-424-9264 VA US
Peel, Phorsha DHS Contracting Officer 202-447-5224 DC US
Peeling, Brett M DHS Contract Support to DHS IP 703-908-7024 VA US
Peerman, Kristen DHS Training Registrar 202-282-9892 202-447-3933 DC US
Peery, John C DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-282-8234 DC US
Peery, Lisa DHS Security Compliance Leader 202-604-1891 TX US
Pegeron, Alisha M DHS Continuity Analyst 202-447-4566 202-612-1773 DC US
Peimer, Ronald E DHS Protective Security Advisor 603-666-0109 603-666-0105 NH US
Pejic, Gregory DHS away on detail 202-447-5144 DC US
Pellegrino, Michael DHS Assistant Director 202-447-5036 DC US
Pelowski, Gregg DHS SES 202-357-8383 202-357-8295 DC US
Pelton, Bryan W DHS Senior CI/CT Analyst 202-254-6445 202-254-6403 DC US
Pena, Lynne M DHS Help Desk Liason 202-357-8403 202-357-8474 DC US
Pendleton, Bryan T DHS Chief, Production Branch 202-282-8097 (unclass) DC US
Penland, Marineka DHS SBS 202-282-8110 DC US
Pennington, Susan DHS Prin. Info. Sys. Engineer 202-447-3020 DC US
Penny, Diane DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-282-8282 DC US
Pepin, Andrew W DHS Program Security Officer 866-490-7250 x1025 DC US
Perceful, Shawn DHS Chemical Security Inspector TX US
Pere, David DHS 202-282-9421 DC US
Pereira, Fernando DHS 202-447-0282 DC US
Perez, Angel L DHS Associate Director 202-447-0454 202-447-5545 DC US
Perez, Debbie DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0331 DC US
Perez, Emilio DHS Chief Information Security Officer 202-254-6020 DC US
Perez, Eric DHS Staffing Assitant 202-357-8250 202-357-8140 DC US
Perez, Ernest J DHS Help Desk Coordinator DC US
Perez, Harvin A DHS COOP Planner 703-603-4734 703-603-4711 VA US
Perez, Janelle R DHS Executive Assistant to A/S and DASs 202-282-9113 202-282-8504 DC US
Perez, Javier DHS Intelligence 915-760-2368 TX US
Perez, Vera DHS Sr. Program Analyst 703-235-5127 VA US
Perezous, Jonathan DHS Immigration Law Analyst 202-357-8100 202-357-0042 DC US
Perkins, Christopher A DHS Computer Operator 434-374-3850 VA US
Perkins, Eric S DHS Sr. Network Engineer 202-357-7817 202-357-1299 DC US
Perkins, Michael C DHS PCII System Administrator 952-393-9979 DC US
Perkins, Sara DHS External Affairs 703-235-5217 DC US
Perlman, Alissa R DHS 202-254-7423 DC US
Perotti, Melissa DHS Analyst VA US
Perrin, Deborah C DHS Tracker Desk Officer 202-282-8328 DC US
Perrin, Dennis W DHS Business Operations Manager 703-674-2626 DC US
Perrini, Jo Ann C DHS Mgr, Compensation & Benefits 202-357-8541 202-357-8470 DC US
Perriott, Harvey DHS Protective Security Advisor - North Texas 972-868-3147 972-868-3232 TX US
Perry, Clifford A DHS Accounting Tech 202-254-5860 DC US
Perry, Craig S DHS DC US
Perry, Frank J DHS Architecture/Risk Analyst 202-254-7103 DC US
Perry, Iman DHS Budget Analyst 202-254-6921 DC US
Perry, Keith DHS Contractor 202-612-1670 DC US
Perry, Michelle DHS IT Specialist, NPPD OCIO PMO 703-235-3647 VA US
Perry, Nicholas DHS Assistant General Counsel for Immigration Enforcement 202-282-9922 202-282-9186 DC US
Perry, Pamela DHS Physical/Facility Security Officer 703-235-5463 703-235-5412 VA US
Perschau, Stephen DHS 703-235-4206 VA US
Persell, Elizabeth D DHS Senior Consultant 202-357-8394 DC US
Person, Michelle D DHS Special Security Officer 202-357-7812 DC US
Person, Princess DHS Counter-terrorism Analyst DC US
Persons, Jacqueline DHS Emergency Telecommunications Specialist 703-235-5690 703-235-5806 VA US
Peruzzi, Joseph DHS SAMS Technical Support 202-603-6326 DC US
Pesce, Douglas J DHS Protective Security Advisor 203-773-4637 203-865-2525 CT US
Peterlin, Katherine DHS Assistant for Office of The Undersec 202-282-9773 DC US
Peters, Craig R DHS Planner 202-447-3984 DC US
Peters, Dollie DHS 703-235-9356 VA US
Peters, Gary DHS Senior Advisor 202-282-8063 202-282-8492 DC US
Peters, Jennifer DHS Project Manager 703-603-5068 VA US
Peters, Kevin DHS (Acting) Chief, Southwest Border - Transnational Issues Branch 202-447-4059 DC US
Peters, Michelle DHS enrollment official DC US
Peters, Samuel DHS BUR Engineer 703-733-3105 VA US
Peters, Scott H DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9418 DC US
Peters, Thomas G DHS Chief, PSET 703-235-4203 VA US
Petersen, Edward DHS Senior Reviewer 202-447-3747 DC US
Petersen, Mikenzie DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist DC US
Peterson, Bill DHS Executive Director, OAST 202-447-0304 202-447-0330 DC US
Peterson, Brenda DHS 202-447-5592 202-447-5545 DC US
Peterson, Christopher DHS Project Lead 202-447-0213 DC US
Peterson, Eric DHS IAA Specialist 202-254-6791 202-254-5391 DC US
Peterson, John E DHS Telecommunications Specialist 202-343-1625 DC US
Peterson, Keith A DHS Network Engineer 202-447-0857 DC US
Peterson, Kevin DHS Protective Security Advisor 917-710-3642 NY US
Peterson, Matthew R DHS Intelligence Anlyst 202-282-9268 DC US
Peterson, Michael DHS DHS - Intelligence Officer 513-263-8224 513-263-8225 OH US
Peterson, Miranda J DHS Program Analyst 703-235-8203 VA US
Peterson, Rae M DHS Program Manager 202-447-3216 DC US
Peterson, Robert DHS NSS-JPMO HTSN Program Manager 202-447-4328 202-447-0164 DC US
Peterson, Samara DHS 202-447-4630 202-282-8806 DC US
Peterson, Shelly DHS 202-343-2464 DC US
Peterson, Stephen L DHS Security Specialist 202-447-3164 202-282-8416 DC US
Petracci, William M DHS Test Director 609-813-2708 NJ US
Petring, Monica M DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9409 703-235-9709 VA US
Petrusek, Marissa DHS Contracts Specialist 202-282-8638 DC US
Petruzel, Oliver G DHS Analyst 202-282-9285 DC US
Petruzzi, Karen DHS Senior Document Specialist 609-813-2843 NJ US
Pettway, Kerri L DHS TSP Coordinator 703-235-5738 703-235-5806 VA US
Petty, Dominic DHS Program Manager 202-357-8360 DC US
Pevey, William DHS Appropriations Liaison 202-447-0158 DC US
Peyton, Zena DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5071 VA US
Pezutti, Dave DHS DC US
Pfleger, Jenna DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-3847 DC US
Pham, Christina T DHS Secretary's Briefing Staff 202-282-8110 202-282-8402 DC US
Pham, Greg DHS Senior Network Engineer 202-254-6620 DC US
Pham, Paul DHS Mr. 703-235-8855 VA US
Pham, Peter DHS Configuration Manager 202-254-6897 DC US
Pham, Quang X DHS Contractor 703-284-6085 VA US
Phan, Tri M DHS Contractor 703-299-9171 ext. 108 703-995-4927 DC US
Pharness, Rodney B DHS 202-447-0823 DC US
Phelan, Dennis DHS Cyber Security Analyst 703-284-8518 VA US
Phelps, Larry D DHS Special Security Representative 202-447-4693 202-282-9512 DC US
Pherson, Kathy DHS Contractor 202-447-4388 DC US
Pherson, Randy DHS Tradecraft Advisor 202-447-4388 DC US
Philbin, Patrick DHS Chief of Staff 202-254-7001 202-254-6171 DC US
Philipps, Roxanne DHS DC2 Access Managment 919-424-5392 NC US
Phill, Marcus DHS Special Agent - DHS HQ DC US
Philliou, Thea M DHS DC US
Phillip, Damischa DHS Program Analyst 202-357-8192 202-357-8474 DC US
Phillips, Christopher S DHS US-CERT Assistant Senior Watch Officer 888-282-0870 (24/7) VA US
Phillips, Edward F DHS Project Manager 703-235-8207 VA US
Phillips, Michael DHS PCII Program Analyst 703-235-9536 VA US
Phillips, Nathaniel DHS Assistant Director 202-447-0535 202-447-5233 DC US
Phillips, Sally DHS Deputy Director, HTR 202-254-6489 DC US
Phillips, Sharon DHS Senior Procurement Analyst 202-447-5287 202-447-5552 DC US
Phillips-Morris, Lisa DHS Outreach Program Coordinator 703-235-4238 VA US
Philogene, Patricia I DHS Analyst 703-603-5076 VA US
Phoenix, Kevin DHS Physical Scientist 202-254-7436 DC US
Phounsavath, Alexandria DHS 202-254-5853 DC US
Physicalsecurity DHS mailbox DC US
Phythyon, Daniel DHS 202-343-1678 DC US
Piantedosi, Brian DHS 202-447-3581 DC US
Piekarski, Kevin DHS Portfolio Manager, IP 703-235-8144 VA US
Pierce, Brenda L DHS Administrative Specialist 202-357-8125 202-357-0042 DC US
Pierce, Elouise DHS Security Specialist 703-603-4618 VA US
Pierce, Raymond E DHS System Administrator 228-813-4207 MS US
Pierce, Talithea M DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-0764 202-447-5813 DC US
Pierce, Terry DHS Special Advisor for Disruptive Innovation 719-333-3974 202-254-6170 DC US
Piercy, Gary DHS Director - COE Division 202-343-2448 202-343-2530 DC US
Piermarini, Gregg DHS Deputy CIO 202-254-6087 202-254-6171 DC US
Pierpoint, Anthony DHS Safety and Health Manager 202-631-2801 DC US
Pierre, Eunice DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-5080 202-447-0374 DC US
Pierson, Edwin G DHS 202-282-9018 DC US
Pierson, Virginia DHS CBP Liaison 202-275-8680 VA US
Pignone, John P DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9268 DC US
Pikrallidas, Damaris DHS Executive Support Services 202-447-4431 DC US
Pilcher, Thomas L DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0975 DC US
Pilika, Iris DHS Analyst 202-447-4473 DC US
Pillai, Segaran P DHS Chief Medical and Science Advisor 202-254-6199 202-254-6141 DC US
Pineiro, Fernando DHS FOIA Officer 202-357-7672 DC US
Pineiro, Marlen DHS 202-477-4868 DC US
Pinkard, Brandon A DHS HQ SOC 202-447-4005 DC US
Pinkoske, Tania D DHS SSO 703-235-2084 703-235-2053 VA US
Piper, Joel DHS Risk Analyst 202-343-1737 DC US
Piperni, Vincent M DHS Property Asset Manager 202-447-3513 DC US
Pipia, Sean D DHS Liaison Officer 202-323-3300 DC US
Pippin, Gregory DHS Customer Solution Architect 301-730-0548 DC US
Pires, Joseph DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist DC US
Pisano, Melia DHS Research Fellow 631-323-3183 (office) NY US
Pitner, Timothy DHS 202-447-3590 DC US
Pittack, Brian J DHS Branch Chief, Policy and IT, Identity Management Division 202-245-1107 DC US
Pittman, Elise M DHS Geospatial Analyst 703-506-9515 x 8149 VA US
Pittman, Henry G DHS EMOC Sys Admin 866-972-3662 MS US
Pitts, Diane DHS Senior Intelligence Analyst 202-447-3054 DC US
Pitzen, Philip DHS PSA 515-284-4565 515-284-4566 DC US
Pizzichemi, Anne DHS Information Technology Director 631-323-3345 631-323-3172 NY US
Plambeck, Chad DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC)/HSIN Training Officer 202-357-7686 DC US
Plangetis, Maroulla DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-6315 202-254-8600 DC US
Plapp, Brendan B DHS Physical Scientist 202-254-7066 202-254-7747 DC US
Plascencia, Fernando DHS Special Agent DC US
Platon, Bryan DHS Chief Engineer 703-235-5659 VA US
Platt, Bret R DHS Business Consultant 202-447-5031 202-447-0488 DC US
Platt, Jonathan S DHS Operations Officer 703-603-4841 VA US
Plehal, James DHS Senior Advisor 703-235-8119 VA US
Plenty, Michael DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-4863 DC US
Plott, William DHS SETA support 202-254-6767 202-654-6912 DC US
Plummer, Douglas DHS DOT DHS Liaison Officer 202-282-8120 DC US
Plush, Donald R DHS Security Oifficer (Sgt) 703-603-4740 VA US
Poblete, Sharon DHS 202-254-6120 DC US
Pogash, John DHS 202-282-8819 DC US
Pogue, S DHS 703-416-3055 VA US
Pohlman, Teresa DHS Director, Safety and Environmental Programs 202-821-9380 DC US
Poindexter, Heather DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-7094 DC US
Poindexter, Markita DHS Information Technology Specialist 703-235-5462 VA US
Pointer, Sequoia S DHS Supervisory Special Agent 703-235-4948 VA US
Points, Michelle DHS CBD Action Officer 202-254-6155 DC US
Poirier, Christopher DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4531 DC US
Poirier, Guy L DHS Detective Sergeant 202-282-9356 DC US
Pokres, Allyson DHS Budget Section Chief 202-282-8857 DC US
Pol, Rakesh DHS IT Specialist 202-447-5936 DC US
Poland, Chad DHS Deputy Director, Investment Management 703-235-3630 VA US
Policay, Ryan DHS Consultant 202-254-6893 202-254-5823 DC US
Poling, Jack DHS General Engineer 202-604-7259 DC US
Polit, Cynthia DHS Special Assistant to the Director 202-447-5268 202-447-0374 DC US
Politis, Lisa DHS IT Specialist 202-357-6107 DC US
Polito, Michael D DHS Electronics Engineer 212-620-3495 212-620-3600 NY US
Polk, Kenneth DHS Director of Security 202-447-3733 202-447-3464 DC US
Polk, Lareatha DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-254-5831 DC US
Polk, Otis DHS Senior Support Technician/Analyst 202-447-0795 DC US
Pollack, Ginny DHS National Recruiting Advisor 202-357-8279 DC US
Polley, Walter DHS Contractor Support to S&T CIO 410-306-8579 DC US
Pomerleau, Nancy M DHS Infrastructure Analyst 703-603-5044 703-603-5098 VA US
Pomponi, Felix DHS Buffer Zone Protection Program Section Chief 703-235-9421 VA US
Poncina, Karen E DHS Project Manager 703-736-8610 VA US
Ponikowski, Keith DHS Systems Administrator 202-447-0347 DC US
Ponikvar, Donald DHS SETA- Special Assistant 202-254-7530 202-254-7455 DC US
Ponish, Howard W DHS 202-282-9579 DC US
Poole, David E DHS DC3 LNO 703-235-5485 VA US
Poole, Michael DHS Administative Officer 215-446-8740 PA US
Poon, Emma DHS Program Analyst 1-202-447-4195 DC US
Pope, James E DHS SE Solutions Program Manager. 202-447-5009 DC US
Pope, Willie DHS 202-343-4055 DC US
Popovich, Anthony P DHS SETA Analyst 202-254-7386 202-254-7456 DC US
Poptanich, Kristine DHS Senior Advisor 703-235-8117 VA US
Populis, William R DHS Network Engineer 228-813-4243 MS US
Porr, Lauren E DHS SETA Contractor 609-813-2825 609-272-7512 NJ US
Porter, Charles DHS Intelligence Operations Analyst DC US
Porter, Cheryl DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-0825 DC US
Porter, Gary DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0173 202-447-5160 DC US
Ports, Douglas DHS Deputy Director for Operations 631-323-3210 NY US
Posato, Joseph A DHS Senior Security Specialist 202-282-8360 DC US
Posavetz, Doug DHS Telecommunications Specialist 703-235-5523 703-235-5677 VA US
Posey, Jason DHS Dissemination Team Lead 202-282-8935 DC US
Potak, Joseph M DHS Branch Chief / Visitor Management 202-282-8456 202-282-8416 DC US
Potocki, Jessica DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0152 DC US
Potter, Alexander S DHS Headquarters Operation Center Engineer 202-282-9200 DC US
Potter, Colby DHS 202-447-3822 DC US
Potter, Don DHS DAD, Systems Engineering 202-254-7444 202-254-7747 DC US
Potter, Murray F DHS Project Manager, MCM 202-254-6075 202-254-2295 DC US
Potts, Michael DHS Deputy Under Secretary For Enterprise & Mission Support 202-282-9279 DC US
Potts, Philip L DHS Cyber Intelligence Analyst 703-235-8547 VA US
Pough, Kenneth N DHS System Administrator 202-254-2220 DC US
Pounders, Lori L DHS 202-357-8406 DC US
Powell, Arlyce DK DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-0845 DC US
Powell, Cynthia DHS Administrative Specialist 202-245-1130 202-245-1141 DC US
Powell, Donna DHS Program Specialist 202-447-5350 DC US
Powell, Lashaune DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-3700 202-447-3462 DC US
Powell, Marilyn DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-447-5918 202-447-5858 DC US
Powell, Tracee DHS Enterprise Architecture Spec., Jr. 202-282-8846 DC US
Powers, Billy V DHS Senior Advisor 703-235-9456 VA US
Powers, George R DHS Project Manager 703-741-7676 x617 703-741-0990 VA US
Powers, Jeffrey D DHS Field Security Coordinator 202-447-0018 202-447-0841 DC US
Prado, York V DHS Contractor 202-282-9054 DC US
Prahl, Charles DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9371 DC US
Prasad, Ajoy DHS IT Specialist 703-235-5167 VA US
Prater, Daniel V DHS Executive Support Service Lead 202-447-5231 DC US
Prater, Shareef J DHS Grants Specialist 202-447-5903 202-447-5600 DC US
Prather, Brent W DHS 202-282-8589 202-282-9188 DC US
Pratsch, Eric W DHS Cyber Security Analyst 202-449-7113 DC US
Pratt, Holly F DHS Enrollment Official DC US
Pratt, Orville C DHS Logistics Support Analyst II 703-235-8204 VA US
Prebble, William DHS Executive Assistant 202-357-8497 202-357-8471 DC US
Prebyl, Alan DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-3433 DC US
Preda, Steve DHS Senior Advisor 540-845-5858 VA US
Preissman, David A DHS Test Engineer 609-813-2738 NJ US
Prelogar, Brandon DHS Special Advisor for Refugee & Asylum Affairs 202-447-3260 DC US
Prenatt, Lynne S DHS Financial Mnagement Analyst 202-447-5045 DC US
Prendergast, Julia D DHS DNDO/PADD SESP Lead Technical Liaison 202-254-7204 DC US
Prentice, Curtis DHS Mgmt & Prgm Analyst 703-603-4903 DC US
Prep, IMPT DHS Planner 202-612-1773 DC US
Presman, Dylan TG DHS Appropriations Liaison 202-447-0741 202-447-0536 DC US
Pressley, Madelyn DHS Training Specialist 202-357-8331 202-357-8471 MD US
Pressman, Jamie DHS Associate Director, Privacy Compliance 703-235-0768 703-235-0442 VA US
Presswalla, Jenny DHS Policy Advisor 202-357-6269 DC US
Preston, Christopher DHS NAC Regional Technical Lead, Lockheed Martin 202-447-3315 DC US
Preston, Clinton DHS Intelligence Research Specialist 202-447-3912 DC US
Preston, Erica DHS Associate 703-899-0488 DC US
Prestwich, Kevin DHS Sr. Business Process Engineer 202-254-6670 DC US
Pribish, Donavan DHS Project Manager 703-349-5644 703-848-3560 VA US
Price, Chaquonna DHS Student Intern 703-235-0349 703-235-0442 VA US
Price, Cynthia L DHS Budget Analyst 202-254-7067 DC US
Price, David DHS 202-447-3672 DC US
Price, George DHS Analyst 202-447-3929 DC US
Price, Gregory D DHS Director, TechSolutions 202-254-6720 DC US
Price, John B DHS Branch Chief 202-254-5662 DC US
Price, Paulette DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8513 DC US
Price, Stephen P DHS Project Manager 571-212-3456 DC US
Price-Gibson, Andrew DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-4656 DC US
Prichard, Anita DHS Principal Analyst 202-447-4675 DC US
Prichard, Nicholas DHS Admin Support Analyst 202-447-4034 202-612-1773 DC US
Priest, Suzanne DHS Program Analyst 703-235-4278 VA US
Prikazsky, Cyril H DHS DHS-CTTA 202-447-3114 (Off) 202-282-8406 DC US
Primeaux, Ronald DHS Utilities manager 631-323-3170 631-323-3001 NY US
Prince-Williams, LaJuan DHS Staff accountant 202-447-5200 DC US
Pringle, Jeffrey K DHS Intel Analyst 202-282-9830 DC US
Prisco, Patrick DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-282-9575 202-282-9254 DC US
Pritchard, Kenneth J DHS Remedy Developer 703-456-2466 VA US
Privette, Pamela S DHS Administrative Officer 202-447-4520 202-282-8398 DC US
Probst, Maria-Teresa DHS Mission Support 703-235-8126 VA US
Process Changes, CRMD ITSD DHS HSD ITSD Process Changes 800-250-7911 IN US
Proctor, Dorothy DHS Office Manager 703-235-4298 703-235-4980 VA US
Proctor, Francis DHS SWO 1-888-282-0870 VA US
Prosperi, Aldo DHS Program Analyst 202-477-0783 DC US
Protacio, Mark DHS SETA 202-254-6749 DC US
Prude, Thomas DHS Sr Systems Engineer 228-813-3306 MS US
Pruett, Nicho DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8472 DC US
Pruit, Brett DHS Senior Analyst 202-282-8640 DC US
Pruitt, Steven R DHS animal care tech NY US
Pruitt, Tonya DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0212 202-447-5545 DC US
Prystal, Mary DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8267 202-357-8140 DC US
Przybyla, Thomas DHS USCG Desk Officer 202-282-8114 DC US
Pscp DHS Security Specialists 703-235-3056 VA US
Puchalsky, Brian J DHS Attorney Advisor 202-447-3349 DC US
Pugh, Amy DHS FOIA Program Specialist 703-235-0776 VA US
Pugh, Scott DHS Interagency Programs Project Manager 202-254-2288 DC US
Pugliese, Thomas J DHS Security Assessor 202-357-1277 DC US
Pulgar, Gabriel A DHS Computer Security Analyst 202-357-7894 DC US
Puller, Davon M DHS 571-258-1059 VA US
Pulsifer, Jesse E DHS Program Specialist 202-612-1970 DC US
Pummill, Shane M DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-3370 DC US
Purcell, Daniel F DHS Chief, Program Operations Branch 202-343-2495 202-343-2530 DC US
Purcell, Michelle A DHS Human Resources 202-447-0171 DC US
Purdy, Caroline DHS Dr. 202-254-7519 202-254-7747 DC US
Purple, Robert G DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-8346 DC US
Putman, Chong DHS Malware Project Lead 703-235-3937 VA US
Puype, Eric C DHS Protective Security Advisor 208-376-3089 208-376-0039 ID US
Pyapali, Vikram R DHS ISSO DC US
Pyfrom, Stephen DHS App Auth Lead Architect 202-245-1152 DC US
Pyle, Trevor DHS Senior Planner 703-235-9302 VA US
Quaker, Arthur DHS DR & COOP Specialist 202-604-2812 DC US
Quandahl, Kathy S DHS Administrative Officer 202-507-2658 DC US
Quijas, Louis DHS Assistant Secretary - OSLLE 202-282-9545 DC US
Quinn, Jim DHS DHS HQ Deputy CISO (Enterprise) 703-235-3920 VA US
Quinn, Melinda A DHS Administrative Officer/Borders Security Division 202-612-1978 DC US
Quintana, Anthony DHS Project Manager 202-254-6159 DC US
Quiram, Timothy DHS DHS Fellows 2011 202-282-9460 DC US
Quist, Janet DHS State and Local Coordinator 202-282-9814 202-282-1044 DC US
Quitugua, Teresa DHS Deputy Director & Chief Scientist, NBIC 202-447-3853 202-282-8805 DC US
Quiveors, Lisa DHS Program Analyst 202-407-2951 DC US
Quon, Nicholas DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-3675 DC US
Qureshi, Sadiq DHS Tech Consultant IV 301-330-5720 301-330-2375 VA US
Raba, Laura DHS 703-235-8543 VA US
Rabinovitz, Jeffrey DHS IT Specialist 703-235-5058 VA US
Radley, Scott DHS DC2 Security Architect 434-374-3566 VA US
Radosh, Jennifer N DHS Health Intelligence Analyst, CISD/CBRNHI 202-282-9094 DC US
Radosh, Michael A DHS intelligence analyst 202-447-3559 202-282-8803 DC US
Rafferty, Brendan G DHS Research Chemist/Subject Matter Expert 609-813-2728 NJ US
Rafter, Edward M DHS contractor 202-343-2506 DC US
Rager, Angela R DHS EMOC 228-813-4826 MS US
Ragin, Remond DHS Program Analyst/HITRAC 202-282-9518 DC US
Ragole, Joseph DHS PMO Manager 703-742-2602 703-733-3623 VA US
Ragone, Ray V DHS Manager, HSIN Outreach and Mission Integration 202-357-7856 DC US
Ragsdale, Keith A DHS Staff Writer 202-282-9760 DC US
Ragsdale, Paul DHS Science Advisor for International Programs 202-254-6301 202-254-5395 DC US
Ragston, LaVera DHS Program Analyst 202-295-5498 VA US
Rahman, Mohammed R DHS 571-722-3391 703-689-4680 DC US
Rahmani, Ahmad DHS Senior Consultant 703-289-4545 VA US
Rai, Ravinder DHS PERSONNEL SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-447-5395 202-447-5813 DC US
Raika, Kianoosh DHS Software Developer & Architect 202-447-0938 DC US
Raine, Laurence DHS Director, Division of Mitigation and Capability Enhancement 202-254-6112 202-254-6094 DC US
Raines, Willie DHS Enterprise Architect 202-447-4143 DC US
Raja, Jassim DHS Firewall Administrator 703-733-3215 VA US
Raja, Omar S DHS Executive Support Services 202-282-8458 DC US
Raja, Razwan DHS Sr. Lead Infosec Engineer VA US
Ramadan, Faheem DHS Incident / Response Spec VA US
Ramage, Jason G DHS SETA 202-254-6799 DC US
Ramallosa, Armin DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5761 202-447-5333 DC US
Ramanathan, Sue DHS Counselor to the Secretary 202-447-4286 DC US
Ramaswamy, Ramesh D DHS 202-254-7124 DC US
Ramey, Bryan DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5653 DC US
Ramirez, Lilia DHS Director for International Programs 202-254-6311 DC US
Rammon, Joyce DHS 202-447-0942 DC US
Ramos, Bruce J DHS Chief, DHS-Joint Analysis Group 703-275-8656 202-447-3615 VA US
Ramos, Taria DHS MGMT & Program Analyst 202-343-4223 202-343-4240 DC US
Rampey, Mark DHS PAD SETA Lead 202-254-7236 202-254-7747 DC US
Ramsauer, Haley S DHS Communications Watch Officer 202-282-8590 DC US
Ramsburg, Nick N DHS 202-254-5613 DC US
Ramsdale, Amanda DHS Intelligence Enterprise Management 202-447-4010 DC US
Ramseyer, Joe DHS DHS OCIO Programs Support (HSIN) 202-357-1244 DC US
Rand, Elise G DHS Speech Writer 202-254-5608 202-254-6175 DC US
Randall, Ruby DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9368 703-603-9711 VA US
Randels, Scott DHS Acquisition Branch Chief 202-254-6053 202-254-5391 DC US
Randolph, Christopher B DHS USCG Intelligence Liaison to DHS 202-282-8559 DC US
Randolph, Christopher A DHS IT Specialist 202-447-0272 DC US
Randolph, David DHS IT Technician 202-254-5765 DC US
Randolph, Denise DHS Deputy Chief of Staff 202-447-5981 202-447-5540 DC US
Randolph, Kevin B DHS Sr. Remedy Developer 202-579-6255 202-447-0290 DC US
Randolph, Sharron DHS Management Analyst 202-603-3429 DC US
Randolph, Sheron DHS 703-235-5810 VA US
Randorf, Jeffrey A DHS Systems Engineer 202-343-4559 DC US
Ranger, William E DHS Chief of Exercises, Contigency Programs and Exercises Branch 202-447-3759 DC US
Ranhofer, Robert DHS Biowatch OPS Director/Gen-3 Transition Program Manager 703-647-8075 202-254-5395 DC US
Rankin, Gregory DHS Data Center Program Manager 228-813-4153 MS US
Rankin, Robert G DHS Supervisory Intelligence Operations Specialist 206-437-1269 WA US
Ranson, Matthew DHS DHS NAC Facility Staff 202-282-8297 202-282-8700 DC US
Rao, Naresh B DHS Mr. 703-235-9582 703-235-3059 VA US
Raper, Charles DHS Sr. Security Analyst 202-357-1237 DC US
Rapoport, Victoria DHS Attorney Advisor 202-612-1149 DC US
Rapp, Edith DHS Support Contractor 202-254-5863 202-254-5391 DC US
Rapsis, John A DHS FBI LNO 202-282-8327 DC US
Rapuano, Bryan DHS Cyber Exercise Program Analyst 703-284-6637 VA US
Rasmussen, Jay M DHS National Guard LNO to DHS 202-282-9899 DC US
Rasmussen, Max V DHS Microbiologist 631-323-3116 NY US
Rasmussen, Paul A DHS Personnel Security Assistant 202-447-0940 202-447-0697 DC US
Rasor, Margaret DHS Sr. Accessibility Technician 202-447-5278 DC US
Rath, Charles DHS Deputy Director for Management Integration 202-447-3105 DC US
Rathell, Stacey M DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9697 DC US
Rather, James DHS Senior InfoSec Engineer 202-357-6137 DC US
Ratliff, Ann DHS Chemical Security Inspector/Program Analyst 202-527-3617 DC US
Ratnam, Lavanya S DHS Asst Gen Counsel Intellectual Property 202-254-6161 DC US
Ratzer, Eileen K DHS Program Manager 703-387-2267 VA US
Raungtriphop, Chakris DHS Branch Chief 202-343-2507 DC US
Rausch, Sharla P DHS Deputy Director (Acting) 202-254-6901 202-254-6180 DC US
Raw, David DHS Division Manager DC US
Rawlings, Prince DHS OPS SPECIAL SECURITY REP 202-282-8366 202-282-8406/02 DC US
Ray, Aiste DHS Associate 202-282-9039 DC US
Ray, Denise DHS Senior Forms Management Officer 202-557-5961 DC US
Ray, Donald L DHS Protective Security Advisor 213-533-4313 213-533-4726 CA US
Ray, Lori A DHS Senior Procurement Analyst 202-447-5452 DC US
Ray, Lynne DHS IT Specialist 703-235-4229 VA US
Ray, Ryan DHS Sr. Test Engineer 703-742-2564 VA US
Ray, Sikha DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8320 DC US
Raymond, Eric DHS Management & Program Analyst 703-603-4609 DC US
Raymond, Mary A DHS Regional Director Northeast OIP 917-207-7960 718-840-1322 NY US
Raymond, Nicole DHS Transit Subsidy Program Manager 202-510-3020 DC US
Rayno, Bruce DHS Principal Deputy Assistant Director 202-254-7261 DC US
Raynsford, Craig DHS Legal Advisor 202-447-3303 202-282-9186 DC US
Raza, Mohammed H DHS Principal Engineer 202-447-0770 DC US
Razick, Ramsey S DHS Test Area Manager 202-254-6128 202-254-6915 DC US
Razumovsky, Andrew DHS SME 202-254-7417 DC US
Readinger, Jeffrey T DHS Director, Office of Legislative Affairs 202-447-5462 202-447-5437 DC US
Reagan, Michael J DHS SETA Support Contractor 202-254-6375 DC US
Real, Jennifer L DHS IT Analyst 703-647-8067 703-647-8250 VA US
Reap, Jason DHS General Engineer 609-813-2755 609-383-1973 NJ US
Reaves, Betty G DHS Acting Branch Chief, ALB 202-357-7601 202-357-7678 DC US
Reaves, Phyllis DHS Contract Specialist 609-813-2894 609-383-1973 NJ US
Recruiter, IA DHS I&A Recruiting Mailbox 202-447-3701 202-447-3791 DC US
Redburn, Jessica A DHS Program Coordinator - CREATE & START 202-254-5872 DC US
Redd, Vincent F DHS Senior Technician 7th&D IT Support 202-447-0633 DC US
Reddick, Camille DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5780 202-447-5160 DC US
Reddick, Derrick J DHS Facilities Operation Specialist 202-447-3646 202-447-4014 DC US
Redding, Cheri L DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5635 202-447-5725 DC US
Reddish, Reba D DHS Support Contractor 202-254-5767 DC US
Reddon, George DHS Transportation Security Specialist 202-282-8123 DC US
Redman, Lynn DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5593 DC US
Redmon, Patricia DHS Program Specialist 703-603-4662 VA US
Redmond, Christina M DHS Security Officer 202-282-8956 DC US
Reece, John DHS 202-343-2516 404-816-9553 DC US
Reed, Edward DHS FBI Detailee to DHS National Operations Center 202-282-8327 DC US
Reed, James A DHS Mr. 202-282-8403 DC US
Reed, Justin D DHS HIFLD to the Regions 703-235-9537 VA US
Reed, Kimberly R DHS Service Desk Level II 866-843-9220 NC US
Reed, Richard E DHS Branch Chief 202-343-1666 202-343-4015 DC US
Reed, Samuel DHS Assistant Director 202-447-5236 202-447-5858 DC US
Reed, Sherri L DHS Program Analyst for IT&E 609-813-2655 609-272-7512 NJ US
Reed, Taylor DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-9176 202-282-8492 DC US
Reed, Teresa DHS Analyst 202-447-0621 DC US
Reed, William R DHS Assistant Director 202-447-0587 202-447-5144 DC US
Reeder, Frank N DHS CBP Liaison (Temporary) DC US
Reese, Alex J DHS Senior Intelligence Analyst 202-447-4062 DC US
Reese, Christopher DHS Security assistant 202-282-8530 DC US
Reese, Daniel P DHS Contracts Specialist 703-235-5543 VA US
Reese, David DHS Environmental Planning & Historic Preservation Program Manager 202-360-0971 DC US
Reese, William A DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0660 DC US
Reesey, Laurence R DHS Technical Engineer 202-245-1165 DC US
Reeves, Custrina DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9583 VA US
Reeves, Theresa D DHS Management & Program Analyst 703-235-4216 VA US
Reeves, Tracie DHS Reports Coordinator 202-447-3123 DC US
Register, Jeffrey E DHS System Admin 228-813-4227 MS US
Register, Larry L DHS Program Analyst/Budget Analyst 703-603-4663 VA US
Rehm, Heather A DHS Strategic Risk Specialist 202-343-1656 DC US
Reich, Loren DHS Management & Program Analyst 631-323-3040 631-323-3295 NY US
Reichenbach, Patricia W DHS Logistics Management Specialist 609-813-2710 609-383-1973 NJ US
Reid, Bobby DHS Project Engineer 202-447-3906 DC US
Reid, Brett M DHS Policy Analyst Detailee 202-447-4417 DC US
Reid, Cornell DHS AppAuth Systems Engineer DC US
Reid, Jason A DHS Cyber Security Analyst 703-235-3009 VA US
Reid, Randy R DHS Budget Analyst 202-280-9473 DC US
Reid, Robbie L DHS Security Specialist 202-245-1115 DC US
Reidel, Christopher M DHS Protective Security Advisor - Maine 207-400-2769 ME US
Reif, Brennan M DHS FOB Training Coordinator 703-235-9445 VA US
Reifenberger, Lauren DHS Senior Budget Analyst 703-235-5030 VA US
Reifer, Chad DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-9035 DC US
Reifsteck, Craig DHS Chief, Specials Security Programs Division 202-282-9848 202-447-4147 DC US
Reig, Jorge E DHS Continuity Operations 540-542-0847 571-258-2577 VA US
Reilly, Kevin F DHS Emergency Programs Manager 631-323-3347 NY US
Reilly, Patrick C DHS Program Analyst 202-254-2330 DC US
Reimel, Douglas DHS Senior Data Architect 202-282-8332 DC US
Reimer, Dennis DHS Director of IT Operations 703-235-3033 VA US
Reinhardt, Jessica L DHS Management Analyst, SETA 202-254-6821 202-254-6167 DC US
Reinhold, Charles E DHS Security Specialist 703-235-9431 VA US
Reinitz, Michael J DHS Software Engineer 202-447-5073 DC US
Reisman, Roxanne DHS Organizational Performance Management Team Lead 202-254-2320 202-254-5391 DC US
Reisner, Paul H DHS Geospatial Support 202-254-2339 DC US
Reiss, Amira DHS AWF Training Systems Support 202-447-5396 DC US
Reiss, David DHS Budget Analyst 202-254-2348 202-254-2372 DC US
Reiter, Alyson DHS EMT 631-323-3099 631-323-3001 NY US
Remer, Jim DHS Electronics Engineer 609-813-2729 609-646-2536 NJ US
Remshard, Erica A DHS IT Specialist 202-357-7832 DC US
Remshard, Harry T DHS Executive Director, HRMS 202-357-8520 202-357-8140 DC US
Renaut, Jonathan DHS 202-447-0717 DC US
Rendell, Tavis L DHS 202-282-9219 DC US
Renga, Jordan DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-4028 (STE) DC US
Renieris, Elizabeth M DHS Honors Attorney 202-447-3349 DC US
Reniers, Alexander DHS Watch Analyst 202-282-9201 VA US
Renken, Robin DHS IT Project Manager 202-447-5696 DC US
Rennie, Robert DHS Program Analyst 703-235-8221 703-235-9709 VA US
Renstrom, Robert W DHS Lead Analyst Production & Analysis 703-235-5567 VA US
Rentas-Alvarez, Jorge DHS Systems Engineer 202-282-9813 DC US
Renwick, Kermit DHS Manager - Project Implementation Team 202-447-0151 DC US
Reporting, Periodic DHS 202-447-5900 DC US
Reta, Wossenseged Y DHS CRMD DC US
Retamoza, Ami DHS Consultant 202-343-1675 202-343-4015 DC US
Revells, William DHS PMO - Deputy Director 703-235-3917 VA US
Reves, Nicholas DHS Research Analyst 202-282-9948 DC US
Rey, Alexander DHS Counterintelligence Officer 202-447-3053 DC US
Reyes, Hugo DHS Information Security Specialist 202-357-6134 DC US
Reyes, Ivelisse DHS Senior Program Manager 202-254-8227 202-254-8240 DC US
Reyes, Rosa E DHS SETA Support 202-254-5862 DC US
Reynolds, Ann F DHS Business Improvement Lead 302-229-2935 DE US
Reynolds, Antonio DHS Security Specialist 703-603-5188 VA US
Reynolds, Kathy E DHS Security Lead 202-824-7746 DC US
Reynolds, Kevin T DHS Technology & Transition Manager 202-579-0949 VA US
Reynolds, Michael J DHS Project Manager, HSIN NG 703-674-2964 VA US
Reynolds, Paul DHS Sr. Data Architect 202-617-5068 DC US
Reynolds, Stephen C DHS Lead SW Systems Engineer 202-447-5649 DC US
Reynolds, Thomas P DHS Supervisor Operations Research Analyst 202-343-4560 202-343-4550 DC US
Reynolds, Tiffany D DHS Senior Developer DC US
Reynolds, Toya A DHS Contracting Officer 202-447-5666 202-447-5725 DC US
Reynolds, Wilma J DHS Management and Program Analyst/COTR 202-282-9440 DC US
Rezmovic, Jeffrey DHS Special Assistant 202-612-1957 DC US
Rhea, Terry DHS Physical Scientist 703-235-9553 VA US
Rheingans, Lisa DHS IP, Budget & Finance Manager 703-235-8149 VA US
Rhoades, Everett G DHS SETA 202-254-2268 DC US
Rhoades, Michael A DHS HSIN NextGen Contractor 703-283-2455 VA US
Rhoads, Robert DHS Supervisory Program Analyst 202-343-1620 202-343-4015 DC US
Rhodes, Natasha A DHS Executive Assistant 703-235-3646 VA US
Rhodes, Thomas DHS Network Security Analyst 202-447-4005 DC US
Rhye, Michael DHS Current Operations 202-447-3208 DC US
Rhyne, Edward P DHS Program Manager 202-254-6121 202-254-6167 DC US
Ribble, Michael T DHS Senior Logistics Analyst 202-343-4561 DC US
Ricard, George DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4814 VA US
Ricca, Maria DHS Senior Program Analyst 609-813-2885 609-272-7512 NJ US
Riccardi, Christine F DHS Section Chief, CIKR Information Sharing Environment 703-603-5088 703-235-3055 DC US
Rice, Mike DHS Business Process Re-engineering Specialist 910-987-4338 VA US
Rice, Timothy J DHS DC2 Program Manager 434-374-3564 VA US
Rich, Bryan DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9539 VA US
Richard, Chondrea D DHS Research Chemist IV 609-813-2863 609-407-9632 NJ US
Richards, James DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-2294 DC US
Richards, Jamie DHS VAB 703-235-9439 VA US
Richards, Jay DHS Designated Agency Representative (DAR), ITIL V3 202-447-5064 DC US
Richards, Rebecca DHS Director, Privacy Compliance 703-235-0134 VA US
Richards, Steven DHS Assoc. Director of Comms 703-235-0352 DC US
Richards, Wayne DHS Program Analyst:Procurement and Facility Support 202-254-6640 202-254-5671 DC US
Richardson, Andrew G DHS Paragon Lt., Visitor's Center Supervisor 202-282-8959 DC US
Richardson, Carl DHS Data Center Service Desk Anaylst 434-374-0792 NC US
Richardson, Christopher DHS Assistant General Counsel for Leg Affairs 202-447-3717 DC US
Richardson, Danielle DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0348 DC US
Richardson, Herbert L DHS Alternate COMSEC Manager 202-282-8570 DC US
Richardson, James DHS Procurement Attorney 202-447-5834 DC US
Richardson, James R DHS Security Specialist DC US
Richardson, Jemel DHS SENIOR SECURITY SPECIALIST 202-447-0265 202-447-5897 DC US
Richardson, Jeri H DHS Program Manager, Audit 202-357-6133 DC US
Richardson, Jill DHS Executive Assistant 202-343-2431 DC US
Richardson, Kevin W DHS Info Systems Engineer 703-983-3300 DC US
Richardson, Marcus DHS Information Technology Specialist 202-447-3587 202-282-9324 DC US
Richardson, Pamela S DHS Attorney-Advisor Employment 202-282-9406 202-282-9186 DC US
Richardson, Ronald DHS Senior Program Analyst 202-343-2521 DC US
Richardson, Sharee DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0624 202-447-5564 DC US
Richardson, Sherri D DHS Chief, Acquisition Branch 202-343-2522 DC US
Richardson, Terra DHS 202-357-8155 202-357-8293 DC US
Richardson 1, Marcus DHS IT Specialist 202-447-3587 202-282-9324 DC US
Richeson, Jonathan DHS Security Specialist 703-603-5175 VA US
Richmond, Albert DHS Protective Security Advisor/MA 617-303-5638 617-565-5659 MA US
Richmond, Harvey DHS Assistant Director Business Management and Integration 202-360-0668 DC US
Richmond, Maria DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-5864 202-447-5144 DC US
Richmond, Taressa A DHS 703-235-5537 VA US
Richter, Bruce H DHS Regional Coordinator 202-603-3841 AK US
Richter, Oliver H DHS Project Manager 703-736-4141 VA US
Rickerson, Jamie L DHS ASWO 202-282-8101 DC US
Rickett, Benjamin DHS Program Analyst 571-258-2205 VA US
Rickman, Julie DHS Administrative Assistant 202-357-6266 DC US
Ricks, Derond DHS Chief, Internal Controls/Audit Branch - FBD 202-254-6651 202-254-5392 DC US
Ricks, Joe DHS Protective Security Advisor - Richmond District 804-474-6021 804-592-3504 VA US
Riddle, Richard S DHS Technical Consultant 434-374-3817 VA US
Rider, Michael DHS Sr. Consultant 202-414-8201 VA US
Ridge, Stephen DHS CWO 202-282-8590 VA US
Riggan, Robert D DHS Branch Chief, Operations 202-282-8246 202-282-8279 DC US
Riggs, Thomas C DHS Intelligence Officer 515-725-6315 515-725-6320 IA US
Riley, Lorinda DHS Tribal Liaison 202-447-4074 DC US
Riley, Raymond DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-4439 DC US
Rimpsey, Barry L DHS Asset Management Operations 202-834-2465 DC US
Rinehart, Kalee E DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-282-8192 DC US
Riner, Lauren DHS Industrial Engineer 202-447-5321 202-447-5816 DC US
Ringenbach, Todd DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-3082 DC US
Ringler, Scott W DHS Systems Administrator 215-521-2223 PA US
Rios, Don DHS Activity Team Lead 202-282-9854 202-447-3462 DC US
Rios, Jason DHS Procurement Technician 631-323-3376 631-323-3169 NY US
Risheq, Samer DHS helpdesk 571-214-7064 DC US
Risher, Michael A DHS Sr Technical Manager 703-271-7534 VA US
Rissmiller, Scott DHS 202-385-0787 VA US
Ritchie, Deborah A DHS Senior, Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5941 202-447-5013 DC US
Riter, Michael W DHS Customer Relationship Manager 202-447-5815 DC US
Ritter, David DHS Associate Director, CS&C Branch, OPO 202-447-5739 202-447-5725 DC US
Ritter, Laura K DHS Analyst 703-603-5093 VA US
Ritter, Valerie L DHS Open Source Officer 202-447-4873 DC US
Ritz, Daniel DHS Chief, Capability Development Branch 703-235-4944 VA US
Ritz, David DHS RFI Manager 202-447-4578 DC US
Rivera, Juan P DHS Security Test & Evaluation Analyst 202-254-5375 DC US
Rivera, Lynda DHS Mission Management Analyst 202-254-7511 202-254-7751 DC US
Rivera, Ramon DHS Assistant Chief Patrol Agent 202-447-4317 202-282-9254 DC US
Rivera-Alcazar, Jose A DHS Telecommunication Specialist 703-235-4240 VA US
Ro, Hyosun K DHS Senior Procurement Analyst 202-447-5401 DC US
Roane, Raymond DHS System Administrator 703-235-5148 VA US
Roat, Jessica DHS Intern 202-357-8571 DC US
Roat, Maria DHS Chief of Staff 202-343-2432 (455 Mass Ave) DC US
Robb, Michael L DHS Database Administrator 228-813-4236 MS US
Robbins, Kevin M DHS Branch Chief 202-525-9290 DC US
Robella, Victoria A DHS 703-235-2524 VA US
Roberson, Ronald DHS Management and Program Analyst (DHS HQ Fleet Program Manager) 202-507-3116 DC US
Roberts, Alpha D DHS 202-447-0097 DC US
Roberts, Donald DHS Program Manager 202-254-5850 DC US
Roberts, Edward DHS FPS Area Commander 202-282-8127 202-282-8782 DC US
Roberts, John A DHS CTO 703-592-6540 DC US
Roberts, Kimberlee J DHS 202-282-8291 DC US
Roberts, Marlene DHS Detailee 202-898-6690 VA US
Roberts, Richard DHS 202-357-7692 DC US
Roberts, Stacy N DHS 202-254-2283 DC US
Roberts II, Charles D DHS Manager, Network Engineering Services 228-813-4845 MS US
Roberts III, Clarence E DHS DOE Support 202-254-7055 DC US
Robertson, Amy DHS International Affairs Research Analyst 202-631-5678 VA US
Robin, April D DHS Information Technology Specialist 202-447-3886 DC US
Robinson, Amanda DHS Staff Assistant 202-282-8482 202-282-1044 DC US
Robinson, Anthony DHS Senior Liaison Officer 202-282-8824 DC US
Robinson, Barbara DHS Human Resource Specialist 703-235-2097 703-235-2051 or 703-235-2054 VA US
Robinson, Carlos DHS Program Coordinator 202-357-6276 DC US
Robinson, Charles B DHS Deputy Director, Collection and Requirements Division 202-282-8294 DC US
Robinson, Chrystal DHS Human Resources Assistant 202-357-8183 DC US
Robinson, Donald A DHS Regional Director-Protective Security Advisor 404-222-4887 GA US
Robinson, Edward T DHS System Administrator 202-357-8312 DC US
Robinson, Harry DHS Technical Writer 202-357-7734 DC US
Robinson, James R DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5874 DC US
Robinson, Jay A DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5156 703-603-5190 VA US
Robinson, Keri DHS 571-730-8371 770-918-9721 DC US
Robinson, Kyle DHS Assistant Program Manager 703-235-9396 VA US
Robinson, Mary A DHS 202-447-5247 DC US
Robinson, Norman B DHS Information Technology Specialist 202-447-0322 DC US
Robinson, Ricky L DHS Management Analyst 202-447-5517 202-205-9028 DC US
Robinson, Sean DHS Recruitment Outreach Coordinator 202-357-8489 DC US
Robinson, Shannon W DHS Instructional Designer, Training Specialist 703-235-2532 VA US
Robinson, Stanley DHS Acting Deputy Division Director 202-447-0766 DC US
Robinson, Tasha DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5445 202-447-5333 DC US
Robinson, Tina DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-235-5035 VA US
Robinson, William DHS CIP CS Consultant 202-253-6965 VA US
Robles, Yolanda DHS Cyber Security Analyst 703-284-6249 VA US
Rocha, Ricardo DHS Operations and Maintenance Mgr 202-282-8795 202-282-9603 DC US
Rochester, Monica DHS Deputy, CBRNe/IMAAC 202-612-1160 202-282-9075 DC US
Rock, Lee DHS 703-235-5017 703-235-5042 VA US
Rodezno, Amalia DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-6086 DC US
Rodgers, Gregory R DHS Sr. Systems Engineer DC US
Rodriguez, Christine DHS Asst Director, Org Change Mgmt 202-447-0976 DC US
Rodriguez, Jackeline M DHS Analyst 703-235-8137 VA US
Rodriguez, Jose DHS Facility Security Officer 703-235-2595 703-235-1561 VA US
Rodriguez, Pedro DHS Financial Specialist 202-447-0727 DC US
Rodriguez, Robert E DHS 1421 Jefferson Davis -Technical Site Lead 703-603-4741 VA US
Rodriguez, Sonja DHS Branch Chief Components Support 202-254-5867 DC US
Rodriguez, Susan C DHS 202-357-6286 DC US
Rodriguez, Victor DHS Supervisory Chemical Inspector 202-258-9914 DC US
Roe, Peter B DHS Deputy Director, Cyber, Infrastructure & Science Division 202-447-3780 202-447-3615 DC US
Roepe, Lisa A DHS Program Manager for Policy, Outreach and Training Support 703-603-5152 DC US
Roessner, Acadia DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8064 DC US
Rogers, Charles DHS Deputy Chief, Administrative Security Division 202-447-5433 202-447-5312 DC US
Rogers, Daniel DHS Sr. Network Engineer 850-452-3235 FL US
Rogers, Debra DHS Deputy Director 202-357-8102 202-357-0042 DC US
Rogers, Dennis DHS Facilities Operations 817-649-6235 817-649-7221 TX US
Rogers, Donna DHS Program Analyst 609-813-2889 609-272-7512 NJ US
Rogers, Glenn T DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8967 DC US
Rogers, Janet E DHS Security 609-813-2656 NJ US
Rogers, John N DHS Information Security Specialist 202-282-9152 202-447-4246 DC US
Rogers, Richard W DHS ISR Program Analyst 202-254-5828 202-254-6402 DC US
Rogers, Steven DHS 703-412-0120 DC US
Rohde, Brian DHS CWG member 202-447-4856 DC US
Rohner, Boyden DHS Director, Secretary's Briefing Staff 202-282-8110 DC US
Rohrbaugh, Benjamin DHS Counselor to the Special Representative for Border Affairs 202-447-4113 DC US
Rohrer, Stephanie DHS Sr. Program Analyst 202-447-5745 DC US
Rohring, Matthew DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-5147 VA US
Roiz, Peter DHS Electronics Technician 212-620-3650 212-620-3600 NY US
Rojas, Cristina M DHS Communications System Engineer 703-968-1038 703-968-1227 VA US
Roland, John DHS Systems Engineer 202-254-7411 DC US
Rolince, Michael DHS Intel Analyst 202-282-8310 DC US
Roller, Robert DHS 202-447-3344 DC US
Rolling, Montrece S DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-357-7763 202-357-1188 DC US
Rollman, Chris M DHS Database Administrator 000-000-0000 DC US
Roman, Natasha R DHS 703-235-9440 VA US
Roman, Rafael DHS Division Director 202-302-3884 DC US
Romanishin, Janet DHS Senior OPS and Training 202-701-0189 NY US
Romano, Gregory L DHS 703-460-1412 DC US
Romano, Inge DHS Change Administrator 434-374-0938 VA US
Romanowski, Christopher J DHS Security Specialist 202-447-3949 DC US
Romans, Clayton DHS Presidential Management Fellow 202-343-1734 DC US
Romeo, Nadley DHS Financial Analyst 202-447-0922 DC US
Romero, Eric D DHS USCG Desk watchstander 202-282-8114 DC US
Rone, Lesley A DHS Assistant to the Senior Advisor 202-447-5040 DC US
Ronsberg, Donald DHS Protective Security Advisor, North Dakota District 701-250-4429 701-250-4430 ND US
Roohr, Peter DHS NOAA Desk Officer 202-282-9937 DC US
Rooke, Connie DHS International Affairs 703-235-9450 VA US
Rooms DHS
Rooney, Edward S DHS Infrastructure Analyst 202-447-3322 202-282-8807 DC US
Roper, Martha A DHS Operations Research Analyst 202-343-4563 202-343-4550 DC US
Rosario, Leyni DHS Director, Employee and Labor Relations 703-235-2085 DC US
Rosario, Phaedra DHS Analyst 703-235-8837 VA US
Rose, Allen R DHS Enterprise Architect 202-612-1123 DC US
Rose, Brian H DHS Writer-Editor 202-447-5274 DC US
Rose, Briana DHS 202-254-5316 DC US
Rose, Chris DHS DC US
Rose, Harry J DHS Staff Scientist 609-813-2691 609-813-2819 NJ US
Rose, Marilyn DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-5218 VA US
Rose IV, Earl DHS Intelligence Officer 502-564-2081 KY US
Rosebush, Matthew A DHS Senior IT Security Specialist 202-282-8314 202-282-9307 DC US
Rosen, Seth DHS HCTD Analyst 202-447-4125 DC US
Rosenband, Amy DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-4128 DC US
Rosenberg, Larry DHS Financial Analyst 202-447-0678 202-447-0678 DC US
Rosenblum, Ian DHS Chief, Environment, Safety, and Health Branch 202-254-6638 202-254-5671 DC US
Rosengrant, Patricia A DHS Program Analyst 609-813-2706 NJ US
Rosenthal, Mark L DHS 202-447-4581 DC US
Rosenthal, Michael DHS Physical Scientist 202-254-7552 DC US
Rosiere, Sandra JB DHS CI Officer (Policy) 202-447-4087 202-447-3074 DC US
Roskind, Michael DHS National Command and Coordination Capability 703-235-5626 VA US
Ross, Alberta DHS Program Analyst 703-235-3921 703-235-5887 VA US
Ross, Bob G DHS Chief, Risk Sciences Branch 202-254-5727 202-254-6180 DC US
Ross, David DHS COOP Planner 703-603-4909 VA US
Ross, Dennis DHS Analyst 202-282-9649 DC US
Ross, Diana L DHS VA US
Ross, George DHS Financial Analyst 703-235-5098 VA US
Ross, Jacqueline DHS Open Source Collection Officer 202-447-4657 DC US
Ross, Julian DHS TSA/FAMS Detailee 202-282-8389 DC US
Ross, Michelle DHS EEO Director - DHS - HQ EEO 202-245-1131 202-245-1141 DC US
Ross, Veda DHS Tech delivery manager 703-736-4031 VA US
Rossman, Joseph H DHS Business Continuity Manager 817-455-6002 TX US
Rosta, Terry D DHS Program Analyst 202-282-8748 DC US
Rostom, Michelle L DHS Consultant 703-769-5898 DC US
Roth, Marianne DHS Director, DHS Efficiency Review 202-282-8869 DC US
Rothenberg, Laurence DHS 202-282-8548 DC US
Rotolo, Stephan P DHS Acquisition Workforce Training and Certification Manager 202-447-0606 DC US
Roumel, Maria DHS Senior Correspondence Analyst 202-447-3188 202-282-9186 DC US
Rovegno, John S DHS Intelligence Officer 717-525-5264 PA US
Rovine, Valerie L DHS Business Analyst 703-835-9395 DC US
Rowan, Thaddeus DHS Director, Acquisition Data Management Division 202-447-5533 202-447-5538 DC US
Rowe, Christopher R DHS Director of Special Projects Intelligence & Analysis 202-282-9368 DC US
Rowe, Margie DHS Chief 202-254-6338 DC US
Rowland, Gary DHS Intelligence Analyst 915-760-2310 TX US
Roy, Dilip K DHS Systems Engineer 202-254-2280 DC US
Roy, Donna DHS Executive Director, Information Sharing / NIEM Program 202-282-9635 202-447-3874 DC US
Royall, William F DHS Systems Architect DC US
Royster, Kristin DHS Director 703-235-5792 VA US
Royster, Rodney DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) VA US
Rubens, William B DHS policy advisor 202-282-9074 DC US
Rubinstein, Joshua DHS Engineering Research Psychologist 609-813-2762 NJ US
Rucker, Antoinette E DHS Project Manager 202-447-5024 DC US
Rucker, Michael L DHS E&LR Consultant 703-235-2120 VA US
Rudell, James DHS Pysical Security Specialist 202-384-5610 202-373-0164 DC US
Rudick, Matthew DHS Coast Guard Liaison 202-282-9210 202-282-8191 DC US
Rudnick, Diane DHS Accountant 202-447-5113 DC US
Rudolph, Daniel H DHS Program Manager Leadership Development 202-357-8422 DC US
Rue, Amy DHS Critical Infrastructure Analyst 703-603-5142 VA US
Rufe, Roger DHS Director, Operations Directorate 202-282-9580 DC US
Ruff, Frank M DHS 434-374-3868 VA US
Ruffin, Joan DHS Security Assistant 202-282-8438 DC US
Ruffner, Christopher A DHS Executive Services Support 202-447-0342 DC US
Ruffner, Rhonda DHS Data Coordinator 703-968-1190 VA US
Ruhf, Laurence C DHS Project Manager 703-742-1597 VA US
Ruiz, Mario DHS Telecommunication Engineer 202-282-9501 202-282-9603 DC US
Rumbaugh, Sarah DHS NSD support - Program Status Briefings & Reports, Communication 703-235-3085 VA US
Rumph, Frank L DHS Contracting Specialist 202-447-5588 202-447-5545 DC US
Rundle, Crystal DHS DC US
Runfola, Timothy P DHS Policy & Planning Analyst 703-235-3652 VA US
Ruoff, Thomas DHS Dirctor, Cybersecurity Education Office 703-235-4936 VA US
Rush, Carmelia L DHS Contracting Officer 202-447-5323 202-447-5545 DC US
Rushing, Elliot DHS Configuration Management Specialist 202-357-1297 DC US
Rushing, Randall L DHS Protective Security Advisor 217-547-1168 217-726-8430 IL US
Russell, Christopher E DHS Mr. 202-254-5876 202-254-6167 DC US
Russell, Glenn DHS Test Area Manager 202-254-6306 202-254-6915 DC US
Russell, Michael D DHS Senior Counselor to the Under Secretary for Management 202-447-3526 DC US
Russell, Michelle R DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5847 DC US
Russin, Robert W DHS Project Manager 703-736-8603 VA US
Russo, John DHS Contractor Support 202-254-6899 DC US
Russo, John A DHS Solution Architect 202-824-7729 WA US
Rust, Evan A DHS IT NOVA Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Ruth, Lawrence DHS Director, Systems Div (acting) 212-620-3609 212-620-3600 NY US
Rutherford, Edward L DHS Senior Reports Officer 303-239-4327 720-852-6758 CO US
Rutherford, Jovon A DHS security officer 202-282-8956 DC US
Rutland, Lindsay A DHS Policy, Outreach, and Training Support 703-603-5166 VA US
Rutledge, Robert DHS NICC Watch Operations 703-563-3440 VA US
Ruttig, Maria A DHS LCDR 202-254-7154 DC US
Rutz, Whitney DHS Applications Analyst 202-573-6289 DC US
Ruwaldt, Paul DHS 609-813-2725 609-383-1973 NJ US
Ruzic, Jessica E DHS Information Security Analyst 202-570-5504 DC US
Ryan, Bill J DHS Electrical Engineer 703-235-4290 703-235-4980 VA US
Ryan, George R DHS Special Advisor 202-254-5703 DC US
Ryan, Jodie DHS Mission Advocate HSIN 206-920-6459 WA US
Ryan, Kelly DHS Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary 202-447-3643 DC US
Ryan, Matthew J DHS IT Security Specialist 434-374-3534 VA US
Ryan, Nicholas DHS Advisor 202-282-8707 DC US
Ryan, Rebecca DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4666 VA US
Ryan, Ronald E DHS Telecommunications Service Mgr-DC 202-447-0016 202-447-0725 DC US
Ryan, Timothy A DHS Executive Officer, Borders Division 202-447-4067 DC US
Ryan, William J DHS Protective Security Advisor 215-446-6446 215-861-3311 PA US
Rydeen, Taylor F DHS Computer Operator / Jr. Systems Admin
Ryder, Roxanne DHS Chemical Inspector 202-834-5840 TX US
Rydinsky, Richard F DHS Mr. 202-357-7720 DC US
Ryn, Charles DHS 202-254-6341 202-254-6911 DC US
Rynes, Joel DHS Assistant Director 202-254-7608 202-254-2271 DC US
Rytina, Nancy DHS Deputy Director 202-786-9887 202-786-9910 DC US
Saad, Fayrouz DHS 202-282-8365 DC US
Saadat, Lauren DHS Director, International Privacy Policy 703-235-0773 VA US
Saari, Christina E DHS Collection Operation Manager 202-282-9011 DC US
Saavedra, Donald DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9412 DC US
Sabapathy, Vallaban DHS 202-254-7227 DC US
Sabet, Cori DHS Program Manager 202-447-5651 202-447-5310 DC US
Sabetto, Rock DHS 703-377-4385 VA US
Sachs, Kelly A DHS 202-282-8436 DC US
Sadek, Maria DHS Program Manager 202-447-5167 202-447-0061 DC US
Sadler Jr, William A DHS IT Specialist 202-357-7868 DC US
Sadowsky, Emily M DHS Internal Controls 703-235-2133 VA US
Saeed, Irfan DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-357-6283 DC US
Safran, Roselle DHS Digital Media Analysis Team Lead 703-235-5134 VA US
Sager, Lawrence C DHS Senior Human Factors Engineer 609-813-2851 NJ US
Saha, Landry DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-0474 202-447-5333 DC US
Sahagian, Armen A DHS Program Manager, Aircraft Vulnerability & Mitigation 202-254-5364 DC US
Saif, Zafar M DHS IT-NOVA Engineering and Projects 202-447-0270 DC US
Saindon, Michael DHS FBI Supervisory Special Agent 202-612-1631 DC US
Saitta, Christopher DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-282-8758 DC US
Sakris, Derek DHS Medical Planner/PHSO 202-254-6774 202-254-2295 DC US
Salama, Kaab M DHS Architect 703-456-2283 VA US
Salazar, Carly DHS Immigration Law Analyst 202-357-8398 DC US
Salazar, Ronald M DHS Director, Strategic Studies and Analysis 202-447-3855 DC US
Sale, Jeffrey DHS Readiness Training Web Developer 703-235-2531 VA US
Salem, David DHS Chemical Engineer 703-603-4667 VA US
Sales, George C DHS 202-447-3416 DC US
Salet, Lee Z DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-4154 DC US
Salientes, Maria DHS Production Specialist 202-282-8110 DC US
Salinas, Lauren DHS 202-447-4582 DC US
Salinas, Sostenes DHS Chemical Security Inspector - Region (6) 202-603-6343
Saliunas, Barbara DHS Senior Advisor to the Chief of Staff 202-282-9423 DC US
Salle, P Joyce DHS Program Analyst 703-235-5448 VA US
Salley, Denascia DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8140 DC US
Salvano-Dunn, Dana DHS Senior Policy Adivisor 202-357-7773 DC US
Samimi, Negar DHS Senior IT Project Manager 202-447-5481 DC US
Sampley, Eric RB DHS Intelligence Officer 304-558-4831 304-558-6592 WV US
Sampson, Ashley J DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9866 DC US
Sampson, Keith E DHS Chief, Emergency Programs Branch 202-254-6126 DC US
Sampson, Tiffany S DHS Healthcare and Public Health Infrastructure Analyst 703-603-5049 VA US
Sampson, Timothy B DHS Director, Border Security Division 202-447-3465 202-447-3925 DC US
Samuel, Cheryl E DHS Domestic Disclosure Officer 202-447-3938 DC US
Samuel, Christine DHS management program analyst 202-254-6446 DC US
Samuel, Delimo L DHS enrollment official DC US
Samuel-Kerr, Elamae DHS Senior Systems Consultant 202-447-5984 DC US
Samuelian, Steve DHS Tech Editor/SharePoint Administrator 703-235-2149 VA US
Samuels, Jamar M DHS Asst. Operations Specialist 202-282-8421 DC US
Sanchez, Glenda DHS General Engineer 703-603-4601 VA US
Sanchez, Ricardo T DHS Enterprise/Performance Architect 202-447-3821 DC US
Sanchious, Tony DHS Certification Agent 202-282-9696 DC US
Sand, Peter DHS Director of Privacy Technology 703-235-0774 703-235-0442 VA US
Sanders, Ashleigh L DHS Senior Strategic Risk Specialist 202-343-1769 DC US
Sanders, Christina A DHS SETA 202-254-2354 202-254-6167 DC US
Sanders, Debra C DHS Organizational Services Lead 703-253-9707 VA US
Sanders, Glenn A DHS Protective Security Advisor 612-215-6501 MN US
Sanders, John DHS Veterinary Medical Officer 202-254-6778 DC US
Sanders, Paul DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-821-3779
Sanders, Sean O DHS DC2-Technical Consultant NC US
Sanders, Steven A DHS HSDN Deployment Engineer 703-803-4816 703-803-4850 VA US
Sandler, Kaiya DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-282-9043 202-447-3111 DC US
Sands, Jason T DHS Mr. FL US
Sandweg, John DHS Counselor to Secretary and Deputy Secretary 202-282-8465 DC US
Sankar, Donna T DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8374 DC US
Santa-Sosa, Miguel A DHS Incident Response Analyst 202-357-7892 (Temporary) DC US
Santana, Raul DHS Information Technology Consultant 571-218-6027 VA US
Santiago, Albert DHS Cyber Security Specialist 703-603-4737 VA US
Santiago, Carlos J DHS Information Technology Specialist 703-235-4231 703-235-3060 VA US
Santiago Caicedo, Linda A DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-6823 202-254-6911 DC US
Santiago-Pinto, Angel DHS Security Manager/Team Lead 202-254-7063 202-254-7759 DC US
Santillana, Hector DHS Reports Officer 202-282-9217 DC US
Santillo, Michael DHS ARU Supervisor 631-323-3291 NY US
Sapienza, Thea DHS Human Resources Sr. Specialist 202-447-5917 DC US
Sapp, Lesley M DHS Statistician 202-786-9878 202-786-9910 DC US
Saraceni, Pete DHS Facility Officer 609-813-2810 609-383-1973 NJ US
Saraceno, Daniel B DHS Consultant (Contractor) 202-282-9521 DC US
Saraco, Michael S DHS Lead Mainframe System Programmer 228-813-3309 MS US
Sarahan, Charles DHS Team Lead, Financial Reporting & Systems 202-447-0568 202-447-5192 DC US
Sarao, Leon A DHS Security 609-813-2804 NJ US
Sarazen, John T DHS Project Manager 703-742-2831 VA US
Sargent, Emily DHS Contractor 202-343-1612 DC US
Sargent, Howard DHS intelligence analyst 202-220-9061 DC US
Sargent-Oliver, Sonya DHS Senior Security Specialist 202-447-0358 202-202-447-5335 DC US
Sarradet, Brandon G DHS Wintel Systems Administrator 228-813-4146 MS US
Sarraiocco, Brett DHS 609-813-2731 NJ US
Sass, James DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6415 DC US
Sass, Kimberly DHS Program Analyst 703-235-8122 VA US
Sass, Stephen V DHS CDR USN, USEUCOM LNO 202-447-3174 DC US
Sasscer, Thomas D DHS technical facility designer 202-447-4395 DC US
Sasser, Billy E DHS Protective Security Advisor 850-942-9588 850-942-9526 FL US
Sastry, Ravi S DHS Project Manager 703-736-4030 VA US
Satterfield, Maureen DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5111 DC US
Satterwhite, William H DHS EOC 434-374-3850 VA US
Satterwhite, Jr, William H DHS Tech Cons III 919-424-9257 VA US
Sauer, Michael DHS Program Manager - ISS LoB 703-235-5157 VA US
Sauer, Robert D DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-0994 VA US
Saulsgiver, Emily DHS Program Coordinator 202-254-2414 DC US
Saunders, Christopher J DHS consultant 202-245-1160 DC US
Saunders, Diane DHS Executive Secretary (Acting) 202-254-8601 202-254-6172 DC US
Saunders, Jack DHS Special Security Officer/NPPD 703-235-5049 703-235-5150 VA US
Saunders, Rin R DHS Application Lead (202) 374-6878 DC US
Saunders, Ronald J DHS Intern 703-235-8164 VA US
Saunders, William A DHS Safety Specialist 631-477-4422 631-323-3335 NY US
Saunders, Yolanda L DHS SETA 202-254-2206 202-254-6164 DC US
Saupp, Jennifer E DHS Assistant Director 202-447-0238 202-447-5437 DC US
Saupp, Kevin DHS SLPO Federal Interagency Coordination 202-447-4554 DC US
Sauter, Mark DHS Honors Attorney 202-447-4215 DC US
Savage, Brian DHS 202-254-7184 202-254-7752 DC US
Savage, Stephen DHS Deputy Director 202-282-9847 DC US
Savanh, Somvilay D DHS SharePoint Administrator 202-824-7693 DC US
Savarese, Lauren E DHS Immigration Officer 571-350-4778 VA US
Savkar, Lina A DHS Director, L&D Policy, Planning, Assessment and Outreach DC US
Savoy, Linda DHS Executive Assistant to the Deputy Chief Procurement Officer 202-447-0442 202-447-5310 DC US
Sawhney, Umang DHS Budget Analyst 202-254-6925 DC US
Sawicki, Thomas DHS Mr. 631-323-3204 631-323-3295 NY US
Sawyer, Shelley R DHS 202-447-4003 DC US
Sawyer, Stephanie DHS Attorney Advisor 202-447-3951 202-282-9186 DC US
Saxe, James A DHS Consultant 202-447-4599 DC US
Scalia, Scott S DHS Project Mgr. 228-813-4231 MS US
Scalici, Caroline DHS Foreign Liaison Associate 202-447-4158 DC US
Scalici, Dawn E DHS Deputy Undersecretary for Analysis 202-282-9384 DC US
Scallan, James DHS Policy Analyst, Strategic Framework and Investments 202-282-8052 DC US
Scanlon, Krystyna N DHS Administrative Assistant 703-235-9361 VA US
Scannell, Sarah DHS Resource Manager 202-357-8218 202-357-8470 DC US
Scannelli, Vincent J DHS Chief, Incident Management Section 202-447-4333 202-612-1773 DC US
Scarbrough, Julian A DHS Communications Team/Graphics 703-253-9350 VA US
Scardaville, Michael DHS Director, European and Multilateral Affairs 202-282-8321 DC US
Scardino, Dan DHS Staff Scientist 609-813-2777 NJ US
Scarola, Michael DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9471 DC US
Scavetta, Brian DHS Sr. Systems Engineer 609-254-0423 888-722-8388 NJ US
Scearse, David W DHS Senior Associate 703-235-5875 VA US
Schaad, Timothy A DHS Information Systems Security Officer 703-674-2773 VA US
Schaaphok, Jasmine DHS Director of Resource Management 703-235-5332 VA US
Schadle II, Warren C DHS Sr. IT Analyst 202-343-2508 DC US
Schaefer, James C DHS Systems Engineer 703-803-4887 VA US
Schaefer, Kevin M DHS Lead Incident Management Officer 202-282-9051 DC US
Schaefer, Margaret DHS Policy Advisor 202-357-7790 DC US
Schaeffer, Luther DHS R&D Chemist, Trace Explosives 609-813-2864 609-813-2819 NJ US
Schaffer, Gregory DHS Acting Deputy Under Secretary NPPD 202-282-8632 DC US
Schapiro, Amy DHS 202-612-1173 DC US
Scharer, John W DHS 202-447-4306 DC US
Scharett, David DHS Senior Research Scientist 202-254-5701 202-254-6166 DC US
Schartiger, Jeffery E DHS COMSEC COR 540-542-4188 540-542-2695 VA US
Schatz, Duane DHS Contracting Officer 202-254-2417 DC US
Schauer, Ronald F DHS Wintel SME 228-813-3345 MS US
Schaum Jr, Michael J DHS IT Technician 703-235-5312 VA US
Scheduler, Lute DHS Excutive Assistant 202-282-8204 DC US
Scheibel, Lorie A DHS ICE/SC Liaison | CRCL Project Manager 202-357-6277 DC US
Schelble, Michael DHS 703-284-8265 VA US
Schell, Duane DHS Senior Systems Engineer 703-399-7705 VA US
Schenk, Edward DHS Senior Network/Telecom Analyst 703-235-5080 703-235-5078 VA US
Schenkel, Gary DHS Deputy Assistant Secretary Stae and Local Law Enforcement 202-282-8812 DC US
Schepanski, Donna M DHS Human Resources Officer 202-282-9436 202-282-9186 DC US
Scheppers, William DHS Contingency Plans 703-235-5323 703-235-5887 VA US
Scherger, Michael DHS Branch Chief 202-447-4389 DC US
Scheuer, Amy DHS 202-254-6869 DC US
Scheuer, Mark A DHS Executive Secretary 202-254-7193 202-254-7755 DC US
Scheuerman, Michelle W DHS Customer Advocate 703-742-2404 VA US
Scheye, James E DHS Mr. 202-282-9438 202-282-8679 DC US
Schiesl, Kevin M DHS Assistant Director 202-447-0977 202-447-0992 DC US
Schillinger, Ray M DHS Aerospace Engineer 609-813-2769 609-383-1973 NJ US
Schindler, Ralph G DHS Program Security Advisor 202-510-8401 VA US
Schiro, Daniel L DHS IA Security Engineer 202-357-1266 DC US
Schiro, Kenneth T DHS IT Spec- Executive Telecom Services 202-282-9800 202-282-9324 DC US
Schiro1, Kenneth DHS IT Specialist- Executive Telecom Services 202-282-9800 202-282-9324 DC US
Schlanger, Margo J DHS Officer for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties 202-357-7765 DC US
Schliesske, Harold DHS Use Case Manager 703-235-4978 VA US
Schloer, Kelli N DHS Facilities Support 202-254-7057 DC US
Schmid, Patrick C DHS Deputy Branch Chief, Future Operations 202-282-8879 DC US
Schmidt, David G DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-906-9301 MI US
Schmidt, Emily S DHS SETA Support Contractor 202-254-2242 DC US
Schmidt, Lashawn R DHS FOIA Program Specialist 703-235-0785 VA US
Schmierer, Brian W DHS DHSTIER/Aspex Program Manager 202-447-5245 202-447-0061 DC US
Schmitt, Sharon DHS Associate 202-357-8113 DC US
Schneickert, Kevin A DHS HSDN Deployment Engineer 703-803-4909 VA US
Schneider, David S DHS Agent 202-282-8119 561-688-3909 DC US
Schneider, Drew DHS Deputy Director of Local Affairs 202-447-3902 DC US
Schneider, Eric DHS Associate Director for Watch & Warning 703-235-5334 VA US
Schneider, Laurie DHS IV&V Project Manager 202-447-0978 DC US
Schneider, Matthew A DHS Analyst 202-254-6036 DC US
Schneider, Thomas DHS Contractor 202-282-8323 DC US
Schober, James H DHS Deployment Engineer 703-968-1731 VA US
Schoene, Thomas DHS Open Source Specialist 202-282-9874 202-447-3074 DC US
Schoenleber, Tracy DHS Senior Program Mgr VA US
Schoettinger, Daniel G DHS Contracting Officer 571-357-2224 202-254-6402 DC US
Scholbe, Christopher DHS Cyber Security Analyst 703-285-3934 VA US
Scholten, Megan B DHS Admin Assistant, Human Capital 202-254-7076 202-254-7576 DC US
Schomburg, Paul DHS Sr. Project Manager 703-603-4669 VA US
Schoonmaker, Sonny DHS Senior Personnel Security Analyst 202-447-5942 202-220-9143 (FBI) DC US
Schopfer, Carl J DHS Health Physicist 212-620-2040 NY US
Schrank, Michael DHS 703-983-5784 703-983-1339 VA US
Schreiber, Tracy J DHS Program Analyst 703-235-8146 VA US
Schriner, Laura DHS VA US
Schroeder, Richard DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-3060 202-282-8803 DC US
Schulman, Dana E DHS Government Watch Officer 202-612-1684 DC US
Schultheis, Mark E DHS 703-803-4799 DC US
Schultz, Andrea DHS Commercial Facilities Sector 703-603-5134 VA US
Schumacher, Steven DHS DC US
Schumann, Kelly DHS Ms. 202-536-9698 DC US
Schuster, Adam DHS Special Programs Branch Chief 202-447-4603 DC US
Schutta, Christopher DHS Microbiologist 631-323-3182 631-323-3097 NY US
Schwalm, Chris DHS Technical Manager 202-357-7733 DC US
Schwartz, Alan R DHS Tradecraft Advisor 202-447-4659 DC US
Schwartz, Alison DHS White House Liaison 202-282-9184 DC US
Schwartz, David DHS 631-323-3253 NY US
Schwartz, Efraim DHS 201-587-9045 NJ US
Schweigart, Bill DHS Commercial Facilities SSA 703-603-5148 703-603-5190 VA US
Schweinsberg, Norbert M DHS DNDO - Maritime Mission Management 202-254-7345 202-254-7455 DC US
Schwettman, Sarah DHS HSIN Program Office 202-357-7882 DC US
Schwizer, Leah DHS HIFLD to the Regions 202-579-0958 NC US
Sciullo, Luca J DHS Contractor 703-216-3788 VA US
Scoble, Joy D DHS Information Technology Security Specialist 202-357-6172 DC US
Scofield, Eva DHS CAPT (USN) 703-235-5285 703-235-5887 VA US
Scott, Ari DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-282-8218 DC US
Scott, Benjamin E DHS IT SPECIALIST 202-357-6176 DC US
Scott, Brian DHS Deputy Director, Partnership and Outreach Division 703-603-5012 VA US
Scott, Chrishonna DHS Administrative Specialist 202-447-4874 202-282-8306 DC US
Scott, Courtney C DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9247 202-282-8008 DC US
Scott, David W DHS RPO\NDD support 202-612-1155 DC US
Scott, Irma L DHS Contracting Officer 202-254-6836 202-254-6911 DC US
Scott, Jannah DHS 202-646-4317 202-646-2689 DC US
Scott, Jean DHS Management and Program Anaylst 202-786-9888 DC US
Scott, Jerome DHS Human Resources Specialist (IS) 202-357-8490 202-357-8474 DC US
Scott, Joseph L DHS Apex STORE support 202-254-5659 DC US
Scott, Justin A DHS Mgt. Program Analyst 202-663-5456 VA US
Scott, Melvin L DHS 202-447-5088 DC US
Scott, Michael B DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5623 202-447-5564 DC US
Scott, Sophia R DHS Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO) 202-447-0979 DC US
Scott II, James A DHS IT Service Desk Analyst IN US
Scovel, Catherine E DHS Geospatial Analyst 202-447-3605 DC US
Scribner, Benjamin DHS Program Analyst 703-235-3672 703-235-5961 VA US
Scriven, Kendall T DHS Intelligence Analyst 571-350-4669 VA US
Scully, Brian DHS 202-447-4248 DC US
Scurlock, Antonio DHS Deputy Director for Watch and Warning 703-235-8866 VA US
Seaberry, Joseph DHS Information Technology Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-5815 VA US
Seale, Brandon DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-447-4323 DC US
Seale, Mary Ellen DHS Deputy Director, National Cybersecurity Center 703-235-5182 703-235-5673 VA US
Seals, Kimberly D DHS Physical Security Analyst 228-813-3382 228-813-4215 MS US
Seaman, Matthew DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0457 DC US
Seamon Jr, Albert DHS System Engineer 202-447-5305 202-447-0148 DC US
Searcy, Malcolm DHS HR Personnel Security Officer 703-235-1480 VA US
Seay, Linda DHS Cyber Forensic Investigator 202-254-6444 202-254-6403 (U) DC US
Sechrest, Joanne B DHS Team Lead, Training and Exercise 703-235-5696 VA US
Seckel, Josh DHS 202-357-1206 DC US
Seckinger, Ron DHS Senior Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8380 DC US
Secor, Merideth DHS Risk Management and Analysis Intern 202-343-1782 DC US
Security - Glebe Rd DHS Security Desk 703-235-5458 703-235-5412 VA US
Securitytechsupport DHS Security Tech Support mailbox DC US
Seegar, James F DHS Helpdesk 703-674-2610 VA US
Seeholzer, Roger V DHS Cybersecurity Strategy Program Manager 202-357-6181 202-357-6197 DC US
Segal, Morris B DHS solutions 703-819-9997 DC US
Segar, Wendi DHS Program Specialist 202-447-4224 202-447-3464 DC US
Sehgal, Prashant DHS 202-447-5082 DC US
Seidel, Jimmy L DHS Special Agent 303-462-9376 CO US
Seider, Aaron D DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-4432 DC US
Seidler, Phyllis DHS Consultant 202-447-3700 202-447-3462 non-secure DC US
Seidling, Kurt DHS Director, Supply Chain Risk Management 703-235-3655 VA US
Seifarth, William H DHS EMS Analyst 202-254-6077 202-254-2295 DC US
Seifert, Katherine DHS 703-235-9306 VA US
Seifullah, Tariq R DHS Assistant Director of Congressional Actions 202-612-1954 DC US
Seitz, Alan J DHS PSA 401-528-4400 401-528-4499 RI US
Seitz, Rachel DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4459 DC US
Selden, Troy J DHS SETA Support Contractor 202-254-8626 202-254-6165 DC US
Selim, George DHS Policy Advisor 202-282-9544 DC US
Selk, Stephen J DHS Senior Compliance Officer (Acting) 703-603-4670 VA US
Sells, Cecilia C DHS 202-282-9866 DC US
Seltzer, Betty D DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8543 DC US
Semiatin, Barbara DHS Chief Accountant 202-254-7079 DC US
Seminara, Cheryl A DHS Program Manager; Policy, Plans, and Outreach 202-357-8139 202-357-8471 DC US
Sen, Subhash DHS Enterprise Architect 202-282-8838 DC US
Senf, Taylor DHS Systems Engineer 703-983-6261 VA US
Senfaute, Jocelyn DHS Contractor PM 202-254-6115 DC US
Senior, Susan J DHS 703-742-1699 VA US
Senkier, Scott DHS LT 202-447-0284 DC US
Sennetti, Suzannah M DHS Analyst 202-254-7352 DC US
Senninger, David J DHS Inspector UT US
Senthilkumar, Saravanakumar DHS Sr. Consultant 202-254-7210 DC US
Sents, Amy DHS Volunteer Scholar 202-254-2392 DC US
Sepeta, Arthur R DHS Arthur Sepeta 202-447-3984 202-612-1935 DC US
Sepulveda, Roberto DHS Staff Accountant 202-447-5953 DC US
Serafin, Andrew J DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-4263 DC US
Serio, Salvatore DHS Helpdesk Technical Support 202-447-3595 DC US
Sese, Al N DHS Director, NCSD Acquisition 703-235-5689 VA US
Sesker, Joyce DHS Administrative Specialist 202-357-7617 DC US
Sessa, Eric DHS Program Specialist 202-612-1650 DC US
Sessa, Rhonda DHS Program Analyst 202-357-8259 202-357-8295 DC US
Sessoms, Kenneth E DHS Supply Management Specialist 202-447-3858 202-282-8106 DC US
Sethi, Mohan DHS Information Assurance Engineer 202-357-1248 DC US
Sethi, Sushma DHS Sr Tech Analyst 703-603-4671 VA US
Seto, Benjamin DHS DC1 Project Office 228-813-4843 MS US
Setser, Bradly G DHS Mr. 703-647-8072 VA US
Settles, Andria DHS Deputy Director, EPS 202-447-0830 DC US
Setzer, David M DHS Sr. Programmer 919-790-9895 NC US
Seubert, George DHS Senior Asst. Security Specialisti 202-282-8438 202-282-8416 DC US
Severs, Dewey L DHS Intelligence Analyst 915-760-2760 TX US
Sewell, William K DHS Shipping & Receiving Manager 434-374-3526 VA US
Sewer, Kelly DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-3024 DC US
Sexton, Klaus DHS CS&C Director of Acquisitions 703-235-5474 VA US
Seybold, Jena L DHS Program Analyst 703-235-8138 VA US
Seymour, Gwendolyn J DHS Enrollment Official DC US
Sferrazza, Philip J DHS Project Manager 631-323-3048 NY US
Sgaggero, Rachel DHS Employee & Labor Relations Specialist 703-235-2235 VA US
Shabat, Matthew DHS Deputy Chief of Staff, NCSD 703-235-5338 VA US
Shackleford, Jeffrey DHS Preparedness Manager 703-235-9307 VA US
Shafer, Diane C DHS Lead Brief, IP Executive Briefing Team 703-235-2500 VA US
Shaffer, Bernard DHS Security Engineer 434-374-3569 VA US
Shaffer, Matthew E DHS IT-ISAC Representative VA US
Shaffer-Hardy, Remayl L DHS 202-447-3905 DC US
Shahan, David N DHS SETA SUPPORT 202-254-2221 202-254-6167 DC US
Shaheen, Erum DHS Oracle DBA 703-481-3699 DC US
Shakeer, Ameer DHS VTC Technician 202-612-1179 202-447-0688 DC US
Shalev, Moshe DHS Support Veterinrain 631-323-3338 888-577-4171 NY US
Shambayati, Sohaila DHS Program Analyst 703-235-5055 VA US
Shank, Joan F DHS Senior Consultant 410-695-0670 410-695-0670 VA US
Shanley, William DHS K-9 Officer DC US
Shannon, John A DHS Systems Architecture Analyst 202-254-7264 202-254-7747 DC US
Shannon, Ramona L DHS Administrative Officer 703-603-4672 VA US
Shannon, Robert DHS Safety/Security Specialist 631-323-3021 631-323-3001 NY US
Shannon, Toni DHS Application Relocation Lead 202-824-7611 DC US
Shannon Estep, Iris M DHS Executive Assistant 202-254-5786 DC US
Shapiro, Maxim G DHS System Analyst 202-357-8449 DC US
Sharareh, Shane S DHS Sr Financial Analyst 202-477-5850 DC US
Sharma, Daniel PA DHS IT Project Manager 703-235-5561 VA US
Sharma, Davinder DHS SR. Deployment tech 703-235-4993 VA US
Sharma, Keyur DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5154 703-603-5190 VA US
Sharma, Sanjeev K DHS
Sharp, Becca L DHS Executive Director HSAC 202-282-8047 DC US
Sharp, Jillian C DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-3327 DC US
Sharp, Sharon L DHS Editor/Writer 410-417-0913 410-417-0915 MD US
Sharp, Thomas DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-357-7766 202-357-1187 DC US
Sharpe, Jamell DHS Staff Accountant 202-447-5037 202-447-5822 DC US
Sharpe, Shameka L DHS Executive Assistant 703-235-8242 VA US
Sharpless, Woodie DHS ESDO PMO Support 202-447-0107 DC US
Shashaty, Joseph E DHS CSC/Tech. Arch. Ldr. || CIKR ISE Requirements Mgr. 703-908-7016 703-248-0745 VA US
Shaughnessy, Terrence P DHS Cyber Threat Analyst, Analysis Branch 703-235-5111 VA US
Shaughnessy, Tim DHS Technical Advisor 202-447-0908 202-447-0520 DC US
Shaulis, Kevin DHS DHS-OPS-Future Ops 202-282-9506 202-612-1773 DC US
Shavatt, Arthur DHS Systems Administrator 703-683-4599 FL US
Shavatt, Stephanie SS DHS Sr. Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5373 202-447-5873 DC US
Shaw, Adrian DHS LAN Deskside Support Technician 202-282-9018 DC US
Shaw, Bruce W DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5775 202-447-5310 DC US
Shaw, Mary A DHS Analyst 703-603-5106 VA US
Shaw, Michele DHS Program Analyst 703-235-5549 VA US
Shaw, Nai-Chung DHS 202-447-3240 DC US
Shaw, Patrick DHS Protective Security Advisor 216-525-6502 216-706-4445 OH US
Shaw, Rachel C DHS Component Liaison Officer 202-612-1642 DC US
Shaw, Robert S DHS Logistics Lead 703-647-8053 703-647-8250 VA US
Shaw, Sara DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-9817 DC US
Shawyer, Tracy A DHS Program Information Specialist 703-603-5025 VA US
Shea, Michelle DHS Education, Training and Outreach Specialist 703-603-5172 VA US
Shea, Monica M DHS HSIN Mission Advocate NV US
Shebell, Peter DHS Standards Policy Manager 202-254-5706 DC US
Shedrick, Luis A DHS Security Specialist 202-697-0853 DC US
Sheehan, Daniel M DHS Communication Center Opr 202-282-8300 202-828-8401 DC US
Sheehan, Donna DHS Administrative Specialist 609-813-3042 609-813-3314 NJ US
Sheftel, Robert A DHS 703-254-5773 DC US
Sheikh, Fazal DHS SETA 202-254-8297 DC US
Sheinbaum, Charlotte B DHS Analyst 703-603-5153 VA US
Shell, Alvin DHS Branch Chief, Force Protection 202-359-4324 DC US
Shellaway, Ruby DHS Attorney Advisor 202-282-8943 DC US
Shelton, Scott DHS International Program Specialist 202-282-9376 DC US
Shelton, Simona DHS Program Specialist 202-447-5306 202-447-0250 or 5310 DC US
Shelton, Thomas R DHS I&A Representative 210-967-7919 TX US
Shenouda, Emad DHS Protective Security Advisor 313-720-8215 313-226-3952 VA US
Shepard, Mike DHS Program Manager - Standoff Detection Programs 202-254-5325 DC US
Shepeck, Tina C DHS Cyber Security 703-968-1295 VA US
Shepherd, Dave DHS Mr. 202-254-5897 202-254-5397 DC US
Shepherd, Ronald DHS Sr. Project Manager 703-603-4673 VA US
Sheppard, Bobby DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-3272 DC US
Sheppard, Edward J DHS Sr. Intelligence Operations Specialist 915-760-2442 915-760-2306 DC US
Sheppard, Edward 1 DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-3421 DC US
Sheridan, Michael DHS Performance Advisor 202-254-6734 DC US
Sherman, Karen O DHS Senior Writer/Editor 703-235-8123 VA US
Sherman, Todd J DHS 202-282-9034 DC US
Sherrill, Nolan DHS IMO 202-447-4504 DC US
Sherrod, Ashley DHS Security Specialist 1-877-807-7230 DC US
Sherry, Peggy DHS Deputy CFO 202-447-5751 DC US
Sherwood, John F DHS Analyst 703-603-5055 VA US
Sherwood, Thomas F DHS COMSEC Auditor 540-542-4098 VA US
Shick, Laura DHS Environmental Protection Specialist 202-603-3517 202-343-4241 DC US
Shields, Amy E DHS Analyst 703-235-8168 VA US
Shields, Fazida DHS Program Analyst 703-235-5132 VA US
Shields, Leo F DHS Senior Software Engineer 413-494-3044 MA US
Shields, Peter DHS Intern NSS CISO Team 202-447-4176 DC US
Shifflett, Deloris DHS Administrative Assistant 703-235-4225 703-235-4980 VA US
Shigenaga, Debbie DHS Senior Contract Specialist 202-447-0218 202-447-5564 DC US
Shimer, Caitlin DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4653 DC US
Shin, Jason S DHS Senior Correspondence Analyst 202-447-4530 DC US
Shin, Laura S DHS Attorney Advisor 202-282-9964 DC US
Shinew, Debora J DHS Support Clerk 434-374-3514 VA US
Shinew, Terrance DHS Infrastructure Specialist 434-374-3516 VA US
Shipley, Thomas G DHS ICAO National Protection and Programs Directorate 703-603-5048 VA US
Shipman, Ronald P DHS Chief, Collection Management Br 202-447-4607 DC US
Shipp, Thomas DHS NICC SWO 202-282-9201 VA US
Shipper, Christopher DHS Security Specialist/Enrollment Official DC US
Shirk, Tom M DHS INRO Liason 703-808-1872 VA US
Shiver, Timmy DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-657-7755 GA US
Shivnen, Jeff DHS Plans, Policy & Outreach Lead 202-612-1688 DC US
Shlossman, Amy DHS Deputy Chief of Staff 202-282-9116 DC US
Shmirkin, Vadim DHS 202-343-2535 DC US
Shoaff, Michael DHS Reports Officer 202-570-5229 FL US
Shoedel, Deborah DHS 202-447-4220 DC US
Shogren, Sarah DHS Continuity & Exercise Branch Support 202-447-3804 DC US
Sholhead, John DHS Chief Financial Officer 202-254-2243 DC US
Shomo, Lawrence P DHS Senior PKI Engineer 202-357-1271 202-357-1299 DC US
Shora, Kareem DHS Section Lead, Community Engagement 202-357-6262 DC US
Shora, Nawar DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-357-6275 DC US
Shore, Stacy DHS Acting Chief, Case Resolution Unit 202-357-8397 DC US
Short, Samuel DHS APCP Program Manager 202-447-0611 202-447-5310 DC US
Short, Victoria DHS Director Director (DOAD) 202-447-5485 202-447-5564 DC US
Shorte, Cecil J DHS Project Manager 202-254-5348 202-254-1680 DC US
Shorter, Carrie Y DHS Receptionist 202-254-5820 DC US
Shotzberger, Benjamin DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-254-6049 DC US
Shousterman, Tali DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-282-9417 DC US
Shrestha, Meera DHS Chief IT OHA 202-254-2328 202-254-5625 DC US
Shuchart, Scott DHS Senior Advisor 202-357-7676 DC US
Shuler, Judy DHS 202-447-5577 202-447-0020 DC US
Shumway, Leslee DHS PM 202-254-5628 202-254-5394 DC US
Shuster, Jeff DHS Analyst 703-235-1656 VA US
Shuttleworth, Steven S DHS Stennis/DHS Project Manager 228-813-4871 MS US
Sibert, Robert DHS 202-254-5344 703-254-6164 DC US
Sibick, Keith DHS Senior Programming Officer 202-447-3096 DC US
Sibick, Leslie DHS Deputy Director for Planning, NCCIC 703-235-5865 VA US
Sickbert, Matthew DHS Analyst 703-235-3046 VA US
Sickinger, Chelsea DHS Intern 202-447-0478 DC US
Sidhu, Richanjit S DHS SharePoint Farm Administrator 202-254-2329 DC US
Siedel, Thomas DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5971 DC US
Siefert, Katherine F DHS Manager 703-908-7012 VA US
Sieg, David S DHS System Engineer 202-254-6099 DC US
Siegel, Jordana DHS 703-235-5183 VA US
Siem, Ken W DHS Software Engineer 703-733-3440 VA US
Sierze, Richard D DHS PSA 415-281-4783 415-744-9051 CA US
Sigler, William DHS SRO, Eastern Lead 202-282-9955 DC US
Sihag, Christine L DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-0767 DC US
Sikhammountry, Sheila DHS Applications Systems Analyst 703-289-4550 VA US
Sikka, Reita DHS Self Check PM 202-604-8056 DC US
Sill, Charles F DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-282-8928 DC US
Sill, Dennis R DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4674 703-603-4712 VA US
Sill, Karen E DHS HR Security Officer 202-357-8509 DC US
Sill III, Charles A DHS EMOC Manager 228-813-4840 MS US
Sills, Noel E DHS Deputy Branch Chief/SSO 202-254-7788 DC US
Sills, Robert O DHS Service Desk Analyst 919-424-5682 NC US
Silva, Mary DHS Sr. Procurement Analyst 202-447-5660 DC US
Silver, Mariko DHS Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Policy 202-282-9811 DC US
Silveri, Bryan DHS 703-235-2554 VA US
Silverman, Aaron N DHS Program Analyst/Consultant 703-235-8169 VA US
Silverman, Nan DHS Pilot Execution Manager 202-254-7434 202-254-7749 DC US
Silverthorne, Jonathan O DHS Policy Analyst 202-282-8459 DC US
Sim, John DHS Senior Analyst 202-254-8229 202-254-8240 DC US
Simanski, John DHS Chief, Communications Division 202-786-9889 202-786-9910 DC US
Simcock, Matthew J DHS 202-447-4506 DC US
Simcock, Michael DHS PM/ Enterprise Data Architect 202-447-3740 202-447-3874 DC US
Simkol, Joel DHS Architect 202-233-0278 DC US
Simmons, Caroline B DHS Director of Special Projects 202-447-3432 DC US
Simmons, Gregory DHS Test Area Manager 202-254-5631 202-254-6910 DC US
Simmons, James J DHS USCert Budget 703-677-6774 DC US
Simmons, Larry DHS Maritime Mission Management Analyst 202-254-7450 202-254-7455 DC US
Simmons, Michael DHS 202-617-0918 202-282-9072 DC US
Simmons, Nicholas DHS Deputy Military Assistant 202-282-8251 DC US
Simmons, Robin A DHS 202-447-3944 DC US
Simmons, Veronica S DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-9651 202-447-3615 DC US
Simmons, Yvette M DHS Support Contractor 202-254-6062 DC US
Simms, Almeta DHS Assoicate 703-235-9386 VA US
Simms, Mark DHS VA US
Simon, Ayinde H DHS Officer DC US
Simon, Eddie L DHS Principal Communications Systems Engineer/ Project Manager 202-447-3003 202-282-9505 DC US
Simon, Jonathan DHS Watch Officer 202-323-4641/4613 DC US
Simon, Lewis DHS Procurement Technician 202-254-7029 DC US
Simon, Lisa DHS HR Specialist (Employee Benefits) 202-495-8060 202-357-8462 DC US
Simoneaux, Thomas J DHS Wintel Sys Admin 228-813-4205 MS US
Simons, John DHS ATSAC OLE/FAMS 202-324-9614 DC US
Simons, Richard J DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0318 DC US
Simons, Ronald M DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-447-3580 DC US
Simpson, Charlotte J DHS Contracting & Acquisition Advisor (Policy) 703-235-2247 VA US
Simpson, Scott DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5661 DC US
Sims, Andrew DHS 703-603-5202 VA US
Sims, Cedric D DHS Program Security Officer 202-254-5634 202-254-6402 DC US
Sims, Cedric J DHS Executive Director, Acquisition Program Management 202-343-4510 202-343-4550 DC US
Sims, Karen DHS Security Specialist 202-447-5163 DC US
Sims, Taylor DHS Geospatial Manager 703-506-9515 VA US
Sinclair, Michael R DHS Attorney Advisor 202-447-4163 DC US
Sindhi, Ruchika DHS Senior Consultant VA US
Sines, Phillip B DHS SharePoint Consultant VA US
Singh, Harinder DHS Real Property Support Contractor 202-254-6832 202-254-5671 DC US
Singh, Jagdip DHS UNIX Engineer 703-742-2693 VA US
Singh, Shikha DHS Business Processing Analyst 202-357-8328 202-357-8480 DC US
Single, Lois DHS Executiive Assistant/SSR 410-417-0902 410-417-0915 MD US
Singletary, Alberta DHS Administrative Specialist 202-343-4214 DC US
Singleton, Andrew DHS SR. Configuration Manager 202-357-1296 DC US
Singleton, Kathy L DHS Dir, Office of Financial Operations 202-447-5301 202-447-5118 DC US
Sink, Carol G DHS Transition Program Manager 202-447-5922 DC US
Siple, Roy DHS 703-284-6620 VA US
Siraseranant, Niti DHS Lead Associate 202-343-2510 DC US
Sirois, Brian DHS Analyst 703-235-8520 VA US
Sitkoff, Charles DHS Program Coordinator - Transportation Security 202-254-2308 DC US
Sjoberg, Cynthia DHS Chief, Identity Management Division 202-245-1114 DC US
Skelley, Patrick L DHS Budget Specialist 202-447-0833 202-447-5335 DC US
Skelly, Lawrence DHS Program Manager 202-254-5718 202-254-6179 DC US
Skey, Charlotte DHS Sr. Economist 202-282-9448 202-447-3111 DC US
Skinner, Joanne DHS Financial Managment Analyst 202-447-5213 202-447-5828 DC US
Skinner, Tevick DHS Deputy Network Operations Manager 202-282-8886 DC US
Skinner, Timothy DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-357-7788 DC US
Skipper, Cutina DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-4327 DC US
Skonovd, Matthew DHS Director, West Region 916-468-3060 916-874-6180 CA US
Skoric, Vladimir DHS Special Assistant 202-282-1942 DC US
Skrivanek, Aaron J DHS ACAMS Business Analyst 703-679-6394 VA US
Skrzypkowiak, Stephen S DHS System Engineer 727-776-2354 727-343-5625 FL US
Slade, Margaret L DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-0188 202-447-5118 DC US
Slaton, Anthony DHS Comsec Custodian DC US
Slaton, Caleb DHS Analyst, PSCD 703-235-9420 VA US
Slaybaugh, Bradley DHS Analyst 703-235-5111 VA US
Slaybaugh, James DHS US Cert 703-235-5012 VA US
Slaybaugh, Timothy L DHS Digital Media Analyst 703-235-5146 VA US
Sledjeski, Chris L DHS 202-447-3285 DC US
Sleeper, Charles DHS Test and Evaluation Coordinator, GRaDER Program Coordinator 202-254-7507 202-254-7749 DC US
Slle DHS State & Local Law Enforcement 202-612-1125 DC US
Sloan, Andrew DHS Mission Advocate 505-916-1650 877-678-0475 NM US
Sloan, Matthew G DHS Java Developer DC US
Slovik, Gregory DHS General Engineer 202-254-7222 202-254-7749 DC US
Slusher, Greg H DHS Executive Program Support (EPS) 202-447-5288 DC US
Sluss, Rodney S DHS watch officer 202-282-9262 202-282-8782 DC US
Small, Bobby J DHS 202-282-8109 DC US
Smalls, Alethea DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8313 DC US
Smalls, Lendsey DHS Program Analyst 202-447-4392 DC US
Smayda, Lora Beth DHS 703-235-5811 VA US
Smidt, Geraldine DHS Program Analyst 202-254-2396 202-254-6915 DC US
Smiley, Dennis DHS Executive Director, Enterprise Acq 202-447-5553 202-447-5550 DC US
Smislova, Melissa DHS Associate Deputy Under Secretary for Analysis 202-282-9333 DC US
Smith, Alice A DHS Governance Lead 202-447-0364 DC US
Smith, Allison M DHS Acquisition Project Manager 202-447-5594 202-447-5693 DC US
Smith, Allison G DHS Program Manager 202-254-2357 DC US
Smith, Angela D DHS 202-757-8590 DC US
Smith, Anthony B DHS Supervisory Security Specialist 202-447-5348 202-447-5312 DC US
Smith, Antoinita T DHS ISO Learning Development Specialist 202-357-6170 202-357-6198 DC US
Smith, Austin DHS Executive Director Interagency Security Committee 703-603-5128 VA US
Smith, Barry T DHS Physicist 609-813-2844 NJ US
Smith, Bradley T DHS Investment Strategist 202-254-6057 202-254-6165 DC US
Smith, Brent A DHS 202-254-7116 DC US
Smith, Brian K DHS Management/ Program Analyst 202-254-6919 DC US
Smith, Bryan J DHS Technical Consultant 434-374-3918 VA US
Smith, Carolyn DHS SLA Mgmt 703-742-2724 VA US
Smith, Cheryl D DHS Staff Accountant 202-254-7041 DC US
Smith, Christopher D DHS Manager, Mitigation and Response Systems Division 609-813-2707 NJ US
Smith, Clark DHS Director, ISIEMD 202-282-8973 202-282-8804 DC US
Smith, Darrell DHS Telecommunications Specialist 202-343-1730 DC US
Smith, Dominique N DHS Project Control Specialist 202-447-5852 DC US
Smith, Douglas U DHS Program Analyst - Construction 202-254-5618 202-254-6180 DC US
Smith, Douglas A DHS Assistant Secretary 202-447-3146 202-282-9207 DC US
Smith, Douglas M DHS 202-254-5604 DC US
Smith, Earl DHS Explosives Division SETA Support 202-254-6024 202-254-5396 DC US
Smith, Edward L DHS Contract Support 202-357-7844 DC US
Smith, Erik DHS Knowledge Manager 202-282-9797 DC US
Smith, Erva L DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-603-6522 NM US
Smith, Evelyn N DHS Acquisition Analyst 202-254-2297 DC US
Smith, George R DHS DoD Advisor to DHS 202-612-1142 (NAC) DC US
Smith, Gerald L DHS Communications Network Manager DC US
Smith, Glenn A DHS Communication/Network Engineer 202-282-9200 DC US
Smith, Harrison DHS Associate Director 202-447-0445 DC US
Smith, Ike K DHS 202-447-3250 DC US
Smith, Iris E DHS HR Specialist (Benefits) 202-577-5151 202-357-8462 DC US
Smith, James B DHS security officer 202-282-8956 DC US
Smith, Jamil L DHS Financial Analyst 202-254-2389 DC US
Smith, Jeffrey R DHS SSO 202-282-8362 202-282-8279 DC US
Smith, Jeromy C DHS COTR Progam Manager 202-343-2526 DC US
Smith, Jessica DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0733 202-447-5144 DC US
Smith, Joe C DHS Asset Manager 919-424-5452 919-424-9858 NC US
Smith, John W DHS Classification Management Specialist 202-254-7226 202-254-7759 DC US
Smith, Joseph DHS Security Officer 202-282-9700 DC US
Smith, Joseph B DHS associate network engineer 703-674-3964 DC US
Smith, Judith M DHS Lead Systems Engineer 202-942-3095 DC US
Smith, Kenneth J DHS MASINT Technical Collections Officer 202-447-3067 202-447-3068 DC US
Smith, Kevin DHS Program Manager (MITRE//SEDI) 703-983-2990 VA US
Smith, Kyle N DHS Project Coordinator 585-610-3818 DC US
Smith, Latacha M DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-4294 DC US
Smith, Luke DHS Production Specialist 703-235-2500 VA US
Smith, Martin F DHS Director, Natl Security Systems Program 202-331-0629 DC US
Smith, Marty J DHS Protective Security Advisor FL US
Smith, Matthew Z DHS IT Security Specialist 202-357-6152 202-357-6197 DC US
Smith, Matthew C DHS Special Agent DC US
Smith, Maurice DHS Cyber Security Analyst 703-235-5111 VA US
Smith, Megan DHS Financial Resources Analyst 703-235-2126 703-235-2051 VA US
Smith, Michael B DHS Director DHS Strategic Sourcing 202-447-5562 202-447-5564 DC US
Smith, Michael D DHS ISSO 202-254-2233 DC US
Smith, Michael R DHS Deputy Security Compliance Manager 202-357-1223 202-357-1299 DC US
Smith, Michael W DHS PPIS Operations Task Lead 703-603-5077 703-603-5098 VA US
Smith, Michael DHS CBP Desk Officer 202-282-8130 DC US
Smith, Mike C DHS DepDir, Federal Network Security 703-235-5199 703-235-5961 VA US
Smith, Monique L DHS Budget analyst 703-235-1491 VA US
Smith, Natalie N DHS Project Control Specialist 703-466-2545 VA US
Smith, Pamela DHS Data Center Program Manager 202-447-5584 DC US
Smith, Patricia L DHS DC US
Smith, Paul N DHS DC2 - Unix systems administrator 434-374-3513 VA US
Smith, Peter DHS Network Tech 228-813-4802 MS US
Smith, Randall DHS HOC Staff 202-282-9200 DC US
Smith, Ray G DHS Computer Scientist NC US
Smith, Richard S DHS 202-447-0934 DC US
Smith, Richard T DHS NCPS IT Specialist 850-452-7570 850-452-8701 FL US
Smith, Richard B DHS Technical Lead, CIKR Information Sharing Environment 703-603-5082 VA US
Smith, Robert DHS OEC External Affairs 202-343-1648 DC US
Smith, Rochele DHS Program Analyst 202-254-8634 DC US
Smith, Romeo D DHS Security Specialist 202-447-5927 202-358-2025 DC US
Smith, Ronald L DHS Security Specialist 202-282-9142 202-282-8807 DC US
Smith, Ronesia L DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-245-1109 202-282-9055 DC US
Smith, Sabrina DHS Communications and Strategic Planning Program Manager 202-357-8251 DC US
Smith, Samantha R DHS Administrative Assistant 703-235-9355 VA US
Smith, Sandra L DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-3466 DC US
Smith, Stephan DHS CIP CS Consultant 703-235-4081 VA US
Smith, Stephanie K DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-447-3798 202-447-3713 DC US
Smith, Stephen P DHS Deputy Program Manager VA US
Smith, Stephen DHS Electronics Security Tech 631-323-3024 NY US
Smith, Susan I DHS Deputy Chief, Risk Development and Modeling Branch 202-447-3012 DC US
Smith, Tammy J DHS Security Sepcialist 202-447-5687 202-447-5897 DC US
Smith, Thomas DHS MPA - Intern 202-447-0854 DC US
Smith, Timothy L DHS Program Manager / Engineer 202-254-7297 DC US
Smith, Timothy R DHS Senior Logistics Analyst 202-343-4564 DC US
Smith, Traci H DHS Department of Labor Liaison to NOC 202-693-7512 202-693-7502 DC US
Smith, Victor C DHS CBAT Production Specialist VA US
Smith, Victoria L DHS Department Head/Project Manager 202-357-6139 DC US
Smith, Vincent J DHS Branch Chief, CIPD 202-282-8019 DC US
Smith, Wayne A DHS DHS COR Manager / COMSEC Auditor 540-542-2970 540-542-2695 VA US
Smith Funderburk, Teia D DHS QM Specialist 202-357-6171 DC US
Smith1, Stephanie DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5655 202-447-5873 DC US
Smoliga, Jennifer A DHS Biosurety Officer 631-323-3367 NY US
Smoot, Meredith Lee DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-254-5747 DC US
Smyth, Jaclyn DHS Sr. Program Analyst 202-447-0507 DC US
Sn, RECON DHS Deployable Situational Awareness Team 202-510-3844 DC US
Snare, Ross DHS Technical Integrator 202-254-7080 202-254-7456 DC US
Snavely, Michael J DHS 434-374-3545 VA US
Snell, Allison L DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4681 VA US
Sniffin, Todd DHS Senior Exercise Specialist 703-235-2519 VA US
Snow, Avie DHS Director, RMTO 202-447-0040 202-447-0061 DC US
Snowden, Chantia DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5318 202-447-5013 DC US
Snyder, Alan B DHS Homeland Security Analyst 703-465-5906 VA US
Snyder, Michael A DHS Contractor, Booz Allen Hamilton DC US
Snyder, Michael D DHS Commerce Inspection Branch Mgr 609-813-2764 609-383-1973 NJ US
Snyder, Nathaniel L DHS Liaison for Community Partnership & Strategic Engagement 202-447-3367 DC US
Snyder, Parichart DHS Unarmed Officer 202-282-9951 WA US
Snyder, Summer DHS Business and Industry Specialist 202-527-2496 VA US
Snyder, Teresa E DHS Accountant/Internal Controls 202-254-5638 202-254-6163 DC US
Sobczyk, David A DHS Senior Advisor 202-447-4232 MD US
Sobel, Seth S DHS Analyst 703-235-5506 VA US
Sobel, Ted DHS Director, Physical Screening & Redress Policy 202-282-9570 DC US
Sobieraj, Sean C DHS Analyst 703-235-5304 VA US
Sobolewski, Elissa DHS SBIR Program Director 202-254-6768 202-254-5823 DC US
Socha, Marek P DHS DC2 - Technology Consultant 919-424-5479 NC US
Soehner, Timothy T DHS Security Authorization Analyst 228-813-3329 MI US
Sokolowski, Aleida DHS CS&C Budget Analyst 703-235-5406 VA US
Soles, Martha DHS Liaison Officer, Cyber Support Element 703-235-8868 VA US
Solheim, Linda DHS Acting Director, PSCD 703-235-9374 VA US
Soliday, Ted DHS SMS Program Manager 202-254-5331 DC US
Solobay, Justin DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5150 VA US
Solomon, Matthew D DHS Chief of Plans, US-CERT 703-235-5303 VA US
Solomon, Shanika DHS 202-254-7216 DC US
Solomon, Stephanie DHS Correspondence Assistant 202-357-8294 202-357-8295 DC US
Soloway, Colin DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4205 DC US
Somers, William R DHS HSIN desk officer 202-282-8808/9946 DC US
Somppi, Ian DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0222 DC US
Song, Youngsam DHS Incident Handler 703-235-8832 VA US
Sonnenberg, Richard C DHS NICC Watch Analyst 202-282-9201 VA US
Sonnenfeld, Chad J DHS Information Security 202-357-7718 DC US
Sopko, Jeffrey D DHS Contractor 202-447-5633 DC US
Sorensen, Donald E DHS Automation Analyst 703-742-2816 703-733-3623 VA US
Soriano, Ulices DHS Functional Analyst 202-510-6183 DC US
Sorrells, Maranda DHS 202-282-8032 DC US
Sosa, Benjamin DHS Security Officer 631-323-3115 NY US
Sosa, Juan F DHS Operation Analysts 202-447-0842 202-447-0261 DC US
Soto, Jaclyn M DHS Administrative Assistant 703-235-9359 VA US
Soto, Jesus DHS Assistant Professor 202-685-4434 DC US
Soto, Ralph DHS Animal Caretaker 631-323-3291 NY US
Soto-Perez, Fernando DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-5345 DC US
Soucy, Jonathan DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-834-5839 MO US
Soule, Kathryn B DHS Presidential Management Fellow 202-447-3964 DC US
Sourinho, John DHS Executive Assistant 703-235-5436 703-235-5889 VA US
Southworth, Linda M DHS Human Resources Specialist 703-235-1501 703-235-2051 VA US
Sowell, Charlena DHS LMS Manager 202-357-8412 DC US
Soza, Liza D DHS LTJG 202-282-9262 DC US
Spaey, Marc DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0980 DC US
Spahn, Patrick DHS Program Manager (FFRDCs) 202-254-5722 202-254-5823 DC US
Spallin, Julie DHS Liaison Director (CANADA) 703-235-8128 VA US
Spangler III, Leonard L DHS Asset Management 321-454-4423 FL US
Spanier, Lee J DHS Bulk Team Lead 609-813-2732 NJ US
Spano, Robyn E DHS Human Capital Continuity Programs 202-357-8277 202-357-8293 DC US
Spano, William DHS Project Manager 202-447-5671 DC US
Spanswick, Benjamin T DHS 703-603-5173 VA US
Spargur, Kevin DHS Security Engineer VA US
Sparks, Howard DHS Service Delivery Branch Manager 202-447-5712 DC US
Sparks, Paul J DHS Computer Scientist 703-235-8855 VA US
Spaulding, Kerry T DHS Protective Security Advisor 713-252-5471 TX US
Spaulding, Mary R DHS 202-254-6762 DC US
Spaziano, Marc E DHS Systems Engineer 202-447-0648 DC US
Spear, Alan K DHS 202-254-7260 DC US
Spear, Jefferson P DHS C&A Professional 228-813-4817 MS US
Spear, Jon DHS IA Engineer, DHS NSS CISO 202-447-3987 (NAC) 202-282-8391 (NAC) DC US
Spear, Quinta R DHS Director, Human Capital 202-447-3700 DC US
Spearman, Verdis W DHS Information Technology Management Specialist 703-235-5443 VA US
Spears, James DHS CWO 202-282-8101 DC US
Spears, Terri L DHS Program Analyst 202-282-8039 202-282-8679 DC US
Speckhard, Donna DHS Contractor 571-314-1619 VA US
Speer, James DHS SETA 202-254-6373 202-254-5393 DC US
Speer, Matthew DHS Intelligence Officer 605-367-5943 605-367-5945 SD US
Speight, Dennis DHS SECURITY OFFICER 202-282-8956 DC US
Speight, Renita K DHS EEO Assistant 202-254-8234 202-254-8242 DC US
Spence, Kevin R DHS Defense Research Analyst 202-254-2235 DC US
Spencer, Bill L DHS Chemical Compliance Inspector VA US
Spencer, James B DHS 202-282-8376 DC US
Spencer, Kevin L DHS Team Lead Security Monitor 202-282-9489 DC US
Spencer, Leonard DHS Technical Site Lead - 1201 New York Avenue 202-357-8418 DC US
Spencer, Michael DHS Chemical Engineer 703-603-4738 VA US
Spencer, Roxanne DHS 703-235-9541 VA US
Spencer, William P DHS Chief Weapons & Bombings Team 202-447-3118 STE 202-282-8807 DC US
Sper, Mary DHS Senior Analyst 202-447-4418 DC US
Sperka, Steve M DHS Sunflower Systems Contractor 202-306-8794 DC US
Spicka, Joshua DHS Program Manager 703-235-5355 VA US
Spiegel, James S DHS CSC Project Office Manager 228-813-4813 228-813-4135 MS US
Spires, Richard DHS CIO 202-343-2400 DC US
Spotswood, Elizabeth D DHS Assistant Lead, Project Execution Specialist 202-384-5986 DC US
Spraggs, Paul F DHS 202-254-7290 DC US
Spragley, Yarral DHS enrollment official 202-577-9976 DC US
Spratling, Eric C DHS Watch Stander 202-282-8311 DC US
Sprenger, Michael DHS I&A COOP Operations Manager 540-542-3500 571-258-2845 VA US
Spriggs, John W DHS Project Control Analyst 202-447-4643 202-447-3464 DC US
Springer, Jed DHS Consultant 703-408-3262 DC US
Sprouls, Vincent E DHS Reporting Unit Manager 202-447-5075 DC US
Sprowl, Jason S DHS Cyber Investigator 202-254-6430 DC US
Spruill, Derek M DHS 703-742-2586 VA US
Spruill, Joe L DHS Sr. Logistics Analyst 202-343-4566 DC US
Sritapan, Vincent DHS 202-357-6182 DC US
St Hilaire, James DHS Assistant Chief 202-282-9221 DC US
Staats, Shavar T DHS ECC Operator 202-282-1949 MD US
Stacey, Robert D DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8243 202-357-8140 DC US
Stack, Seamus P DHS CIP Cyber Analyst 703-235-4081 VA US
Stackhouse, Scott DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Stadler, William DHS System Administrator 571-258-2803 VA US
Stairs, Jason DHS Trace Detection and Explosives Chemistry Team Lead 609-813-2895 609-383-1973 NJ US
Stallworth, Shawn E DHS Unit Chief 703-235-9407 703-235-9711 VA US
Stalnaker, William B DHS Configuration & Change Management Lead 202-357-1286 DC US
Stalnaker, William E DHS Manager ESD/DCCD 202-447-5005 DC US
Stambaugh, Douglas DHS CWO 202-282-8590 DC US
Stanaland, Eric J DHS Service Account Manager 434-374-3589 VA US
Standiford, Michael DHS Financial Analyst 202-254-2346 DC US
Stanford, Chad DHS Fort Myer Technical Site Lead 703-235-1921 VA US
Stankewick, Cara DHS Deputy Assistant Director, JAC 202-254-7155 202-254-7753 DC US
Stanley, Carleen DHS Primary Certifier 703-467-2000 DC US
Stanley, Morgan DHS Communications Consultant 202-254-6110 DC US
Stansfield, Jessica DHS 703-235-4081 VA US
Stanton, Charles DHS Mgt. & Program Analyst 202-282-8121 DC US
Stanton, Sidney DHS Project Coordinator 202-447-0532 DC US
Stark, Nicholas DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-282-8680 202-447-3462 DC US
Stark, Ted C DHS ICE SSA/DTTF Branch Chief 202-447-4166 (STE) DC US
Starks, Christopher T DHS 571-350-4660 VA US
Starmann, Richard DHS Director, Federal Law Enforcement Policy 202-282-9549 DC US
Starr, Gary DHS MMD SESP Lead 202-254-7470 DC US
Starr, Michael DHS Program Specialist 703-965-8813 DC US
Stasiuk, Tanya DHS Program Manager 202-254-7247 DC US
Staten, Sarita DHS Help Desk 202-282-9055 DC US
Stauffer, Peter C DHS 202-254-5667 202-254-6171 DC US
Stearns, Hugh B DHS Future Ops 202-282-1967 DC US
Steedley, Sonya DHS Director, Procurement Support Branch/OSS 202-447-5657 DC US
Steel, George DHS Mgt & Program Analyst 202-447-0035 DC US
Steelberg, Nancy J DHS Account Director 703-288-1639 VA US
Steele, Celeste DHS SR. PROCUREMENT ANALYST 202-447-5551 DC US
Steele, Elston H DHS Chief, IT Operations Branch 202-254-7228 DC US
Steele, Jeremiah D DHS HIFLD to the Regions MO US
Steele, Michael DHS Operations Manager 703-235-3633 VA US
Stefano, Benjamin DHS Branch Chief 202-282-8646 DC US
Stefko, Chris DHS 703-235-2242 VA US
Stehr, Lynette DHS Systems Architect Analyst DC US
Steigman, David S DHS Communications Manager 202-357-7809 DC US
Stein, Daniel R DHS Program Analyst 703-235-3664 703-235-5961 VA US
Stein, David R DHS Senior Program Analyst 202-447-3613 DC US
Stein, Lesley DHS Attorney Advisor 202-282-9582 202-282-9186 DC US
Steiner, Kurt DHS Oversight & Compliance Officer 703-235-5488 VA US
Steinhagen, Jennifer S DHS CITA Deputy Program Manager 703-235-9520 VA US
Steinitz, Mark S DHS Senior Intelligence Analyst 202-447-3765 DC US
Steinman, Howard DHS Sr. Mgmt. Advisor 202-447-4525 DC US
Steinour, Timothy J DHS Sr. Cyber Security Policy Analyst VA US
Stekervetz, Justin A DHS IT Specialist 202-447-3968 DC US
Stelmarski, Chris DHS New Media Specialist 202-282-8549 DC US
Stelter, Christine DHS Solutions Architect 202-254-6193 202-254-6171 DC US
Stempfley, Roberta DHS Director, National CyberSecurity Division 703-235-5511 VA US
Stenson, Albert F DHS Protective Security Advisor 518-427-3158 NY US
Stenzler, Jacob DHS Risk Consultant 202-343-1737 DC US
Stephens, Corwin DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5967 DC US
Stephens, Mark J DHS US-CERT Handler 703-235-5111 VA US
Stephens, Michael L DHS Operations Analyst 202-447-3018 DC US
Stephens, Rita E DHS SDC 615-217-7845 TN US
Stephenson, Ebony S DHS Administrative Assistant 202-357-1186 DC US
Stephenson, Emily J DHS Attorney-Advisor 202-254-8224 202-254-8241 DC US
Stephenson, Erik DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5484 DC US
Stephenson, Jessica L DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-254-6655 DC US
Stephenson, Justin DHS Exchange Helpdesk Support 434-374-3558 VA US
Stephenson, Michelle D DHS IT Customer Service Rep 202-447-3355 DC US
Stephenson Jr, Richard DHS Branch Chief, Intel Solutions & Integration 202-447-3186 DC US
Sterling, Brian DHS Program Analyst 202-357-6278 202-357-6040 DC US
Stern, Ira A DHS Program Director 703-235-5787 VA US
Stern, Warren m DHS Director 202-254-7300 DC US
Stevens, Cameo DHS Security Specialist 703-235-9382 VA US
Stevens, Harry DHS Senior Mission Advocate - HSIN 202-357-1264 DC US
Stevens, Jeanne DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-2384 202-254-6911 DC US
Stevens, Lauren DHS Security Specialist 1-877-807-7230 DC US
Stevens, Michael J DHS Program Manager 202-447-5413 DC US
Stevens, Nancy DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-254-6329 202-254-6172 DC US
Stevens, Rick DHS Chief Information Officer 202-254-8221 DC US
Stevens, Robert H DHS Facilities Manager 631-323-3326 631-323-3231 NY US
Stevens, Sherri DHS Program Manager 202-447-5240 DC US
Stevenson, Jamin DHS RFI Manager 202-447-4560 DC US
Stevenson, Katherine A DHS Information Systems Engineer 703-235-9540 VA US
Stever, Edward T DHS Consultant 202-447-5851 DC US
Stewart, Brenda DHS NPPD Acquisition Analyst / Cost SME 703-235-2239 VA US
Stewart, Cindy K DHS HR Specialist (Benefits) 202-684-5381 DC US
Stewart, Helen DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-357-8179 202-357-8293 DC US
Stewart, Helene DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8410 DC US
Stewart, James A DHS Sr. C&A Analyst 202-357-1246 DC US
Stewart, Jeffrey DHS Analyst 202-254-8235 202-254-8240 DC US
Stewart, Sharon DHS Director, Human Resources 703-235-1906 VA US
Stickel, Nicole DHS Press Assistant 202-282-9484 DC US
Stickradt, Erik DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 317-821-6054 IN US
Stidd, Mark D DHS NICC Watch Analyst 202-282-9201 VA US
Stiefel, Jeffrey DHS Director, National Biodefense Architecture 202-254-6861 DC US
Stiffel, Ted A DHS Speechwriter 202-282-8024 202-282-8408 DC US
Stiles, Mark B DHS Security Officer 609-813-2804 NJ US
Still, William DHS Tech Writer 703-341-4074 VA US
Stinson, Diago DHS Senior Associate 703-603-4675 VA US
Stipe, Marcell G DHS Telecommunications Engineer 202-357-1283 202-282-9324 DC US
Stith, Toya S DHS Financial Management Specialist 202-447-0806 DC US
Stivaletti-Petty, Linda DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5639 DC US
Stocco, Robert DHS computer specialist/Supply Management 212-620-3629 212-620-3600 NY US
Stockard, Kenneth DHS Senior Technical Writer 703-235-9347 VA US
Stoddard, Jason M DHS NICC Watch Analyst 202-282-9201 VA US
Stokely, Katherine D DHS Analyst 703-603-5103 VA US
Stokes, Regina DHS Assistant Director 202-447-0912 DC US
Stokes, Roger DHS Senior Intelligence Officer 202-507-0048
Stokley, Rithia DHS Records Manager 703-235-2257 DC US
Stolz, Richard M DHS Confidential Assistant 202-254-8619 202-254-6094 DC US
Stone, Clarence M DHS Systems Engineering Acquisition Certification Program Manager 202-447-0836 DC US
Stone, Douglas DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6633 DC US
Stone, Gregory DHS GEOINT Analyst 202-447-3605 DC US
Stone, Jennifer DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-282-8641 DC US
Stone, Jessica M DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6756 202-254-5671 DC US
Stone, Margo A DHS Attorney Advisor, Procurement 202-447-5913 DC US
Stone, Scott A DHS Program Analyst 571-258-2509 571-258-2508 VA US
Stone, Steven J DHS Quality Manager 228-813-4247 MS US
Stone, Teshawnra DHS Miss 202-447-4866 DC US
Stoops, Leslie DHS Intelligence Analyst 703-235-8811 VA US
Story, Benjamin C DHS EPAL Support 202-343-2511 DC US
Stossel, Deborah DHS US-CERT Senior Watch Officer 703-235-8832 VA US
Stott, Bruce M DHS Project Manager 703-736-3389 VA US
Stout, Allison DHS APCP Cost Analyst DC US
Stout, Margaret DHS HSDN Provision Network MGR 703-968-1242 VA US
Stout, William DHS Senior Program Analyst 202-254-6021 DC US
Stovall, Jesse DHS RFI Manager 202-282-8762 DC US
Stover, Myles DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9555 VA US
Stoyanov, Valeri DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-5441 VA US
Strang, Margaret DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5875 202-447-5545 DC US
Strang, Paul DHS 202-254-5666 202-254-6094 DC US
Strange, Dena DHS Human Capital Consultant 202-447-0571 DC US
Strange, Patrick M DHS Operations Analyst Tracking Officer 202-282-8328 703-445-1780 DC US
Strangfeld, Charles V DHS Senior Watch Officer 202-282-8101 DC US
Stransky, Robert DHS Emergency Response Coordinator 301-415-6411 MD US
Stransky, Steven DHS 202-447-3044 DC US
Strassle, Charles G DHS NICC Watch Support SME 703-563-3346 VA US
Straub, Heather Meade DHS Staff Accountant 202-447-0981 DC US
Strayhorn, Karin DHS Certification Agent 202-282-9907 DC US
Streetman, Steven DHS SETA Support to the Office of System Architecture 202-254-7430 DC US
Streett, Bryant B DHS Analyst 703-416-4736 DC US
Stregevsky, Paul DHS Technical Writer 202-254-5725 DC US
Stribling, Richard DHS Protective Security Advisor 415-281-4747 415-744-9051 CA US
Strickland, Carmelia A DHS Grants Policy and Oversight Officer 202-447-5951 DC US
Strickland, Charles P DHS Contracts Specialist 202-447-5621 DC US
Stricklin, Manuel DHS DC1 Project Office Manager 228-813-4806 228-813-4215 MS US
Striggles, Christopher M DHS State & Local COMSEC Custodian 202-447-3166 202-282-8649 DC US
Striker, Jackson DHS IT-NOVA PMO Resource Manager 703-253-9340 VA US
Stringer, Andrew DHS 202-254-5710 202-254-5388 DC US
Stringer, William L DHS Business Operations 703-647-2738 VA US
Strittmatter, Alisa DHS Staffing Specialist 202-357-8233 DC US
Strohm, Gary DHS IA-R Ops 703-874-8824 703-744-9546 DC US
Stroman, Barry DHS IT Security/DHS Remote Access Trusted Agent 202-447-3055 202-447-4457 DC US
Stroud, Camilla DHS Director, Internal Communications 202-282-8016 202-282-8408 DC US
Stroud, Michael DHS Deputy Assistant Secretary 202-447-0117 DC US
Strozeski, Bernard DHS Test Area Manager 202-254-6151 DC US
Struba, Greg F DHS Consultant 202-254-2332 202-254-5398 DC US
Struse, Richard DHS Deputy Director for Software Assurance 703-235-3677 VA US
Stubblefield, Lisa DHS RFI Manager 202-282-8699 DC US
Stubbs, Lee DHS Deputy Chief of Staff 703-235-5358 VA US
Stubbs, Ruby R DHS EMOC Duty Manager 1-866-972-3662 MS US
Stuchell, Ray DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0804 202-447-0574 DE US
Stuckey, Matthew DHS Sr. Program Analyst 703-603-5094 VA US
Stukes, Alicia DHS Facility Manager 202-343-4132 DC US
Stupak, Philip DHS Special Assistant 202-282-8381 DC US
Stupica, Aaron DHS Program Manager, Leader Development Strategy 202-357-8564 202-357-8471 DC US
Sturdivant, Dan F DHS Senior Small Business Analyst 202-447-5289 202-447-5552 DC US
Sturdivant, Ruth S DHS Chief of Staff 202-447-5926 DC US
Stygar, James M DHS Program Analyst 202-282-8404 DC US
Styles, Albert Lee DHS Security Operations Watch Stander 434-374-3573/3538 VA US
Styles, Dwight DHS Project Analyst 202-282-8538 DC US
Suber, Amy L DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5595 DC US
Suber Kane, Rolanda DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-577-3890 DC US
Sublett, Carl DHS Executive Officer, CRCL 202-357-7654 202-357-1196 DC US
Suel, Latonya T DHS Engagement Manager 202-447-0233 202-447-0261 DC US
Suenkel, Daniel DHS SharePoint Administrator 703-736-8581 VA US
Suggs, Selena M DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-0846 202-447-5118 DC US
Suits, Lisa DHS Program Analyst/Contractor 202-254-6953 DC US
Sukys, Phillip DHS Program Analyst 571-213-7450 VA US
Sulc, Brian DHS Deputy Director 202-282-8537 DC US
Sullivan, Brent E DHS SA 202-282-9159 DC US
Sullivan, Charlotte DHS Chief Systems Engineer 571-468-5083 VA US
Sullivan, Jonathan R DHS RFI Manager 202-447-4331 DC US
Sullivan, Kenneth P DHS Project Manager, National Infrastructure Coordinating Center 703-235-8202(o) Courthouse VA US
Sullivan, Kevin DHS Program Analyst 202-731-5137 DC US
Sullivan, Quinn DHS Intelligence Officer 202-684-5189 MA US
Sullivan, Randal L DHS National Security Systems INFOSEC Analyst 202-282-8560 DC US
Sullivan, Robert C DHS S1/S2 Security Support Liaison 202-282-9050 202-447-3555 DC US
Sullivan, Roy A DHS Tradecraft Advisor 202-282-8616 DC US
Sullivent, Ernest DHS BioWatch Public Health & Preparedness Manager 703-647-2751 VA US
Summers, Bruce A DHS Network Eng 202-503-7628 MS US
Summers, Janice D DHS 202-447-0050 DC US
Sun, David DHS INFOSEC 703-235-2862 VA US
Sun, Weisheng DHS Sr. IT Specialist 202-447-0236 DC US
Sung, James DHS CBRN and Health Intelligence Branch Chief 202-447-3418 DC US
Support, IT DHS CRMD IT Service Desk 800-250-7911 IN US
Suraci, Frank J DHS GETS/WPS Program Manager 703-235-4209 703-235-3060 VA US
Surko, Stephen DHS Program Manager 202-254-6876 DC US
Surmacz, Christopher R DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-4383 DC US
Surozenski, David DHS animal Care 631-323-3291 NY US
Surti, David DHS Staff Accountant 202-447-5843 202-447-5779 DC US
Susel, Irving DHS Senior Technical Advisor 202-343-1742 DC US
Sutherland, Jennifer A DHS Support Contractor 202-254-8620 DC US
Sutherland, Julie DHS Administration Assistant 631-323-3134 631-323-3227 NY US
Sutton, Charise N DHS Associate Help Desk Specialist 434-374-0916 NC US
Sutton, Christopher DHS Einstein 3 Operations Lead 703-235-8855 VA US
Sutton, Michael E DHS Exercise Specialist, IP Readiness 703-235-9449 703-235-3052 VA US
Suver, John F DHS 202-282-8326 DC US
Suver, Roisin S DHS Deputy Branch Chief 202-447-3013 DC US
Swaar, Matthew DHS Analyst 703-235-5111 VA US
Swain, Donald R DHS Deputy Executive Secretary 202-282-9137 DC US
Swan, Benjamin J DHS Ph.D. 609-813-2850 NJ US
Swan, David G DHS Senior Storage Engineer 703-217-7390 DC US
Swann, Audrey L DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-254-5619 202-254-6094 DC US
Swanson, Jennifer A DHS Program Analyst 865-241-3947 TN US
Swanson, Robert DHS LCDR NOC OHA Asst Senior Watch Officer 202-282-9262 202-282-8782 DC US
Sweatt, Joshua DHS IT Specialist 703-235-9324 VA US
Sweeney, Daniel DHS Program Manager (Contractor) 410-306-8674 VA US
Sweeney, Thomas M DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-0439 DC US
Sweeney, Timothy J DHS DC US
Sweet, Michael C DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5178 VA US
Sweet, Montana K DHS 202-254-6450 DC US
Sweezy, Sharon L DHS Staff Assistant 202-254-8236 202-254-8240 DC US
Swengros, Richard DHS NDD 202-447-4407 DC US
Swenson, James DHS FSC James Swenson 202-282-9514 DC US
Swider, Allan J DHS U.S. CERT SWO 888-282-0870 VA US
Swift, Derrick DHS Director, Departmental Integration Division 202-447-4601 DC US
Swigart, Richard DHS Intergovernmantal Coordinator 202-282-8216 202-282-1044 DC US
Swindell, Robert DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7117 202-254-7749 DC US
Swinton, Johnathan DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-282-9065 202-282-9500 DC US
Swinton, Kala C DHS SharePoint Developer 703-253-4733 DC US
Swinton, Linda S DHS Receptionist/Training Coordinator 703-888-2037 ext 203 VA US
Sykes, Christopher J DHS IT Consultant 703-679-6378 VA US
Sykes, Karra M DHS Program Analyst 202-447-4438 DC US
Sykes, Kathleen DHS Business Analyst 703-235-5484 VA US
Sylvester, James DHS Senior Analyst 202-282-8043 DC US
Szewczyk, Robert DHS Executive Secretariat 703-235-5813 VA US
Szkalak, Elek DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-9397 202-447-3933(Unclassified) DC US
Szrama, James J DHS DHS Intelligence Officer to Washington State 206-262-2133 206-262-2014 WA US
Tabak, Megan DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-5175 DC US
Tabar, Shelly DHS J2 NORAD/NORTHCOM LNO 202-447-3742 202-447-3095 DC US
Taber, Teresa DHS Assistant Director 202-447-0189 DC US
Tadrick, Joseph W DHS Protective Security Advisor - New York District 718-840-1166 973-702-1169 NY US
Tadrus, Linda DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-4864 DC US
Taing, Holly DHS Executive Assistant/Executive Secretariat 703-235-5067 VA US
Takacs, Keith C DHS SOC Analyst 866-972-3662 MI US
Talbot, Eric DHS (A) Southwest Border -- Transnational Criminal Organizations 202-447-3990 202-282-8802 DC US
Taliaferro, Paul B DHS Configuration Analyst (Lead) 540-542-4126 571-258-2578 VA US
Taliani, Richard T DHS Consultant 202-447-0796 DC US
Talley, Barry L DHS 202-607-6846 VA US
Talley, Randy C DHS 202-447-4131 DC US
Talwar, Jagdeep DHS General Engineer 609-813-2877 609-383-1973 NJ US
Tambone, Lisa DHS SETA Support 202-254-5824 202-254-6167 DC US
Tanaka, John S DHS CPD 202-282-9034 IL US
Tang, Wing H DHS Senior Engineer 703-235-4236 703-235-5696 VA US
Tanner, George DHS Chief Learning Officer 202-357-8202 DC US
Tanner, James C DHS Deputy, Current Operations 202-282-8382 DC US
Tanner, Lindsay J DHS Operations Assistant 202-447-5317 202-447-5335 DC US
Tanner, Rebecca S DHS Attorney Advisor 202-282-8276 DC US
Tapscott, Wallicia DHS Explosives Division, Deputy Director 202-254-5782 202-254-5395 DC US
Tarallo, Sebastian DHS Special Agent 202 324 4320 DC US
Taran, Gabriel DHS Attorney Advisor (Cybersecurity) 703-235-5223 VA US
Tardiff, Rachel DHS Analyst 703-235-5716 VA US
Tarkenton, Lauren DHS Technical Writer 919-610-8626 NC US
Tarpey Jr, Ronald F DHS Counterintelligence Officer 202-254-6378 DC US
Tarte, Amy R DHS
Tassey, Paul DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-0987 MA US
Tate, Barbara R DHS HP Contractor 585-820-5071 NY US
Tate, Carol DHS Program Analyst 703-235-5426 VA US
Tate, Keturah DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5796 202-447-5725 DC US
Tatge, Robert O DHS Reports Officer c/o 202-447-4001 202-282-9896 DC US
Tauscher, Courtney L DHS Program Analyst 202-254-5759 DC US
Taylor, Antoinette T DHS Network Steward Lead 703-921-6279 VA US
Taylor, April DHS HQS Parking Program Manager 202-579-7560 202-343-4243 DC US
Taylor, Benjamin DHS Exercise Planner 703-235-2517 VA US
Taylor, Carol-Lyn D DHS Electronics Engineer 703-235-4233 703-235-4980 VA US
Taylor, Charles R DHS Acting Chief, Security Operations 202-447-5361 202-447-5335 DC US
Taylor, Connie DHS Streamlined Ops - Human Capital Lead 703-235-8237 VA US
Taylor, David DHS Program Manager BMD 202-254-5884 202-254-7749 DC US
Taylor, David G DHS Incident Handler 703-235-5111 VA US
Taylor, David M DHS Information Technology Specialist 202-357-6125 DC US
Taylor, Fred DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-617-0988 VA US
Taylor, Jay DHS Information Technology Specialist 703-235-5795 VA US
Taylor, Jeremy D DHS 202-603-2262 DC US
Taylor, Jerome D DHS SSO 202-282-8817 DC US
Taylor, LaTanya DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5658 202-447-5564 DC US
Taylor, Lori DHS Program Manager 202-447-5407 DC US
Taylor, Marlon DHS IT Specialist 703-235-5788 VA US
Taylor, Mary S DHS Program Manager 202-254-6824 DC US
Taylor, Melissa DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8311 DC US
Taylor, Michael DHS Engineering Tech 609-813-2881 609-272-7512 NJ US
Taylor, Mike E DHS NBACC Security Director 301-619-5765 301-619-9249 MD US
Taylor, Nicholas DHS HQ Mail Manager 202-573-1653 DC US
Taylor, Nicole C DHS Project Manager 703-742-2720 VA US
Taylor, Norma DHS Human Resources Specialist 703-235-2124 703-235-2051 VA US
Taylor, Rebecca A DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5480 202-447-5550 DC US
Taylor, Robert P DHS Accountant 202-447-0239 202-447-5792 DC US
Taylor, Scott A DHS NICC Watch Analyst 202-282-9201 VA US
Taylor, Stephen H DHS Associate 202-282-9475 DC US
Taylor, Susan D DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-9738 202-282-9186 DC US
Taylor, Suzanne E DHS Special Security Officer 202-282-8369 202-282-8406 DC US
Taylor, Teresa DHS Management & Prgm Analyst 202-282-9308 DC US
Teague, Paul DHS Physical Scientist 703-235-9452 VA US
Teasley, Sean C DHS IT Security Specialist - Senior 202-282-8300 202-282-8401 (U) DC US
Tedeschi, Anna DHS SETA Support 202-254-6804 DC US
Teitelbaum, Jay F DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5665 DC US
Telab, Mohamed DHS DHS/IA New Jersey Rep. NJ US
Temple, Dawn DHS 202-447-3911 DC US
Templeton, Maria D DHS Systems Administrator 202-282-9200 DC US
Tencza, Elizabeth J DHS 202-282-8436 DC US
Tenney, David DHS Spectrum Manager, Contractor Lead 202-357-7845 202-357-1299 DC US
Tenney, Richard E DHS Telecommunications Specialist 202-343-1628 DC US
Tennyson, Stephanie L DHS Deputy Assistant Secretary 202-282-8899 202-282-1044 DC US
Tenorio, Kimberly DHS Intern 202-254-5611 DC US
Terango, Marco DHS Senior Resource Manager 202-254-5690 202-254-6163 DC US
Terrazas, Ronkisha DHS 202-447-5105 DC US
Terrell, Arnella C DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-282-9726 202-282-9186 DC US
Terrones, Al V DHS Telecommunications Eng. 703-235-2270 VA US
Terry, Anne DHS Director, Acquisition Policy & Legislation DC US
Terry, Stacey DHS 202-447-4612 DC US
Tesar, Michael J DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 314-615-4839 314-615-4840 MO US
Tewell, Teresa DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Thadison, John C DHS AMS 5 601-584-1665 MS US
Thai, Ann H DHS Systems Administrator 202-357-7825 DC US
Thambidurai, Sarah DHS Policy Analyst/Boren Scholar 282-282-8578 DC US
Thebaud, Vanessa C DHS Analyst 703-603-5114 VA US
Themelis, Peter DHS 703-235-2246 VA US
Theunissen, Daniel J DHS Mr. 202-357-1263 DC US
Thieme, Rebecca S DHS Senior Consultant 903-365-2346 903-365-2349 VA US
Thies, Denzil D DHS Deputy Director. Office of Applied Technology 202-357-7622 DC US
Thimm, Lawrence S DHS 703-983-7066 DC US
Thodupunuri, Sunil K DHS Oracle DBA Developer 703-676-8602 VA US
Thoma, David DHS SIGINT Collection Management 202-447-3627 DC US
Thomas, Austin DHS Sr. Acquisition Specialist/PM 202-447-3453 DC US
Thomas, Brent DHS Telecommunications Specialist 202-447-0368 703-848-3560 DC US
Thomas, Brian E DHS Project Engineer 202-685-8583 DC US
Thomas, Burt DHS Detailee 202-447-0776 202-447-0697 DC US
Thomas, Catherine DHS TSA LNO - DTTF 202-282-9838 (unclass) DC US
Thomas, Charles F DHS Program Analyst, EAPMO 202-447-3752 202-447-3500 DC US
Thomas, Cherita DHS Associate Director 202-254-8621 202-254-6911 DC US
Thomas, Christopher D DHS Exchange Analyst 434-374-0685 VA US
Thomas, David A DHS IT Applications Specialist 202-254-6068 DC US
Thomas, Dawn E DHS BioWatch Epidemiologist 703-647-2749 VA US
Thomas, Deanna L DHS 202-447-4243 DC US
Thomas, DelShahn DHS HR Consultant VA US
Thomas, Diangela DHS ITNOVA, NOC Operations Manager 202-447-3364 202-282-9603 DC US
Thomas, Emily DHS Lead Accounting Technician 202-254-6809 202-254-5391 DC US
Thomas, Eric DHS Intelligence Officer 414-935-7704 WI US
Thomas, Erica L DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-254-7056 202-254-7755 DC US
Thomas, Ericka DHS Sr. IA Security Engineer 202-357-1221 DC US
Thomas, Felicia R DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0722 DC US
Thomas, Henry DHS Branch Chief/ Force Protection 202-282-8455 202-447-3475 DC US
Thomas, James R DHS Project Engineer 631-323-3118 NY US
Thomas, Jamieka L DHS Contractor 202-254-7091 DC US
Thomas, Joel D DHS Mr. DC US
Thomas, Jonathan E DHS Security Officer 202-282-9700 DC US
Thomas, Karen V DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5290 202-447-5310 DC US
Thomas, Kellie R DHS Program Specialist 202-447-0309 202-447-5172 DC US
Thomas, Kimberly DHS VA US
Thomas, Lawrence DHS IT Specialist 228-813-4246
Thomas, Preston DHS DC US
Thomas, Seema M DHS OUP MSI Programs SETA Support 202-254-5847 DC US
Thomas, Tiffany DHS Management & Program Anaylst 703-235-9329 VA US
Thomas, Wesley S DHS Inventory Analyst 202-510-8354 DC US
Thomas, Willard N DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5630 202-447-5160 DC US
Thomason, John DHS SETA Program Management Support 202-254-7233 202-254-7749 DC US
Thomason, Tricia DHS Senior Reports Officer 206-262-2240 WA US
Thomes, Ralph DHS Watch Analyst II/NICC ASWO/Training Facilitator 202-282-9201 VA US
Thompkins, Larry DHS ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR 202-447-5529 202-447-5600 DC US
Thompson, Charles C DHS LESO 202-282-9129 202-282-9204 DC US
Thompson, Cheryl DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-0856 202-447-5301 DC US
Thompson, David E DHS Management and Program Analyst 703-235-2110 VA US
Thompson, Gill DHS Chief - CHQ Physical Security Division 202-680-2344 DC US
Thompson, Hassan DHS Sargeant 202-282-8956 DC US
Thompson, Hassan T DHS security specialist DC US
Thompson, Iris DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5293 DC US
Thompson, John K DHS Service Delivery Branch Manager 202-447-3103 DC US
Thompson, Kimberly DHS RFI Manager 202-447-3392 DC US
Thompson, Kirk DHS CT Analyst 202-612-1169 DC US
Thompson, Lee S DHS ILS Manager 703-647-8048 703-647-8250 VA US
Thompson, Paul DHS Occupational Safety and Health Manager 202-617-4766 202-343-4241 DC US
Thompson, Rachel N DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-3350 DC US
Thompson, Russell N DHS Resource Manager 202-617-7831 DC US
Thompson, Ryan DHS Procurement Technician 202-447-5641 DC US
Thompson, Sonia R DHS Project Manager VA US
Thompson, Steve DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Thompson, Tony A DHS Senior Network Analyst 703-235-5335 VA US
Thompson, Weldon DHS IMO 202-282-9693 DC US
Thomsen, Dolaina L DHS emt-cc 631-323-3099 NY US
Thomsen, Mark B DHS Information Security Professional 202-447-4083 DC US
Thomson, Allison M DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9672 DC US
Thomson, Amanda DHS 703-275-8679 VA US
Thoreen, William DHS Director, Enterprise Acquisitions Division 202-447-5558 202-447-5550 DC US
Thorne, Robert C DHS Storage SME VA US
Thornton, Amanda DHS Reports Officer 562-345-1768 CA US
Thornton, Danny DHS Intelligence Officer 208-846-7676 ID US
Thorpe, Brandon DHS Program Analyst 703-235-5430 VA US
Thrash, Sean DHS Special Agent 202-254-6453 DC US
Threadgill, Gerald G DHS Financial Analyst 202-447-0101 DC US
Throckmorton, David DHS CBP OTIA Liaison 571-468-7099 VA US
Thunder Hawk, Jayson E DHS 301-682-7391 MD US
Thune, Aron DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-254-5336 202-254-5625 DC US
Thurman Jr, Charles T DHS Project Manager 202-316-2797 DC US
Thurmond, Jody A DHS NCC Operations Analyst 703-235-5518 703-235-5677 VA US
Tibbals, Gini DHS Communications Specialist 202-450-0468 DC US
Tidwell, Allen DHS Project Team Lead 202-357-8355 202-357-8471 DC US
Tieri, Donald J DHS 434-374-0934 VA US
Tierney, Kaitlin E DHS Team Lead VA US
Tierney, Richard DHS Test Area Manager 202-254-2402 DC US
Tillery, David DHS Management & Program Analyst 703-235-9301 VA US
Tillman, John Q DHS Mission Advocate 251-379-6719 AL US
Timlick, Daniel DHS Deputy Director 202-447-0683 DC US
Tincher, Lee L DHS DC US
Tindell, Richard J DHS ISSO 703-603-4682 VA US
Ting, John H DHS UNIX Platform Engineer 434-374-3502 VA US
Tingbo, Franck S DHS IT Technician -- NAC 202-447-4624 DC US
Tinker, Michael C DHS Hardware Technician 434-374-3829 VA US
Tinsley, Eddie B DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0982 DC US
Tinsley III, Franklin H DHS Switchboard Operator 202-282-8000 DC US
Tip-aucha, Kate H DHS Budget Analyst 703-235-5034 VA US
Tirado, Francisco A DHS SYstems Engineer, Principal 202-447-3020 DC US
Tischer, Christopher M DHS Production Manager/Reviewer 202-282-9887 DC US
Tobert, Gwen DHS Strategic Risk Specialist 202-343-1674 DC US
Tobey, Jonathan N DHS Chief, Foreign Liaison & Disclosures 202-282-9881 DC US
Tobin, Brad DHS Policy Fellow 202-447-3657 DC US
Tobin, Lawrence DHS Senior Program Analyst 202-343-4505 202-343-4550 DC US
Tobin, Noah Eli DHS 703-603-5205 VA US
Tobler, Patrick DHS Program Analyst VA US
Todd, Demetria DHS Administrative Assistant DC US
Tokmenko, James DHS IO NM US
Toland, Linda DHS ERMS Technical Project Lead 202-343-4207 DC US
Toledo, Alexis DHS CBP Desk Officer 202-282-8130 202-282-8130 DC US
Toledo, Oscar DHS EEO Specialist 202-245-1134 202-245-1141 DC US
Toles, Angela DHS 202-343-1657 DC US
Tolson, Tammy DHS Senior Policy Advisor 202-282-8424 202-447-3654 DC US
Tom, Matthew J DHS HUMINT Collection Manager 202-447-3579 DC US
Tomaiko, Thomas DHS PM 202-254-5681 DC US
Tomak, Shane DHS PSA Field Operations Branch 703-235-9366 VA US
Tomaselli, Leslie DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6714 DC US
Tomchek, Debra M DHS Executive Director, Balanced Workforce PMO 202-357-8268 202-357-8504 DC US
Tomlinson-Phillips, Jill DHS Visiting scientist 609-813-2659 NJ US
Toms, Eric DHS Informations Technology Specialist (Infosec) 202-357-7668 DC US
Topps, Jennifer DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5817 DC US
Torbert, Heather R DHS SETA 301-619-1405 MD US
Torelli, Catherine DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-669-5684 CA US
Torgerson, Rolf E DHS Executive Assistant 202-254-5795 DC US
Torrence, Donald DHS Director Collection & Requirements 202-447-3819 DC US
Torres, Carlos DHS Watch Analyst 703-235-5080 VA US
Torres, Cesar DHS 202-245-1151 DC US
Torres, Gustavo A DHS Sgt. DC US
Torres, Jennifer S DHS Program Security Advisor 202-510-7086 VA US
Torres, Jose A DHS Operations Research Analyst 202-447-0749 DC US
Torres, Maria DHS Program Analyst 609-813-2734 NJ US
Tortora, Jonathan P DHS Deputy Director, Counterintelligence 202-282-8617 DC US
Tosado, Rebekah DHS Senior Advisor 202-357-7792 DC US
Toscano, Matthew F DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4676 VA US
Totaro, Juliana J DHS White House/Interagency 202-447-3916 DC US
Toth, Kirk DHS Protective Security Advisor - Mobile 850-294-9300 251-441-5250 AL US
Totman, Jennifer DHS Office of the Director 202-343-1683 DC US
Touloumes, Kenneth D DHS Systems Engineer 202-447-5966 DC US
Tousley, Scott DHS Deputy Assistant Director, DNDO 202-254-7082 DC US
Tovar, Diane M DHS Access Control Specialist 202-447-4859 DC US
Townes, Eben G DHS Analyst 202-254-8628 DC US
Townley, Paige M DHS Intern 202-251-5271 DC US
Townley, Randy DHS Technical Program Manager 703-818-4978 VA US
Townsend, Daniel H DHS 703-797-4554 DC US
Townsend, Donna DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-557-4501 MO US
Townsend, Keeley A DHS CRD 202-447-4606 DC US
Townsend, Wade R DHS 703-603-4617 VA US
Tozzolo, Anthony T DHS Financial Analyst 703-235-1502 VA US
Trac, Dzung Q DHS Remedy Engineer 703-736-4036 VA US
Tracy, Cathleen DHS Senior Analyst 202-282-8352 DC US
Tracy, Jason DHS Program Manager 202-254-5755 DC US
Training, CRMD ITSD DHS CRMD ITSD Training 800-250-7911 IN US
Trainor, William F DHS Telecom Technician III 202-447-5422 DC US
Trammell, Tiffany L DHS Site Operations Manager 202-447-4032 DC US
Tran, Buu V DHS Systems Engineer 703-277-1792 VA US
Tran, Caroline DHS Deputy Director, Compliance and Technology 202-282-9653 DC US
Tran, Hai DHS Program Management Analyst 202-447-0137 DC US
Tran, Hang DHS Financial Management Specialist 202-447-5098 DC US
Tran, Jade N DHS System Support Mgr, DHS ENSS 703-968-3451 703-968-1324 DC US
Tran, Kimberly DHS Training Coordinator 202-357-6191 DC US
Tran, Loi H DHS SR. System Engineer 609-813-2816 609-383-1973 NJ US
Tran, Maria DHS Contracting Officer 202-447-5738 DC US
Tran, Nickie T DHS IT Specialist 202-357-7885 202-357-6197 DC US
Tran, Quyen DHS Cyber Exercise Analyst 703-284-8266 VA US
Tran, Tan DHS IT Specialist 850-452-7687 FL US
Tran, Thanh T DHS Sr IT Techician 202-282-8081 DC US
Transue, Lee E DHS 202-282-8833 DC US
Trapp, James DHS Occupational Safety and Health Manager 202-503-8215 202-343-4241 DC US
Travers, Arthur J DHS lead boiler operator 1-631-323-3395 1-631-477-4457 NY US
Travis, Tamika DHS 202-447-3700 DC US
Traylor, Elizabeth DHS Program Analyst 202-447-4442 DC US
Trexler, Adam F DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9335 DC US
Trickler-McNulty, Claire DHS Policy Advisor 202-357-6160 DC US
Triner, Donald DHS Acting Director, Ops Coordination 202-282-8611 DC US
Trinidad, Jose DHS CBP International Senior Advisor/Trainer 202-447-4310 DC US
Triplett, Michael S DHS Wireless Support 202-357-7853 DC US
Triplett, Michelle D DHS 202-254-6750 DC US
Tripp, Bruce DHS Principal Systems Engineer 202-447-0134 DC US
Trippie, Keith DHS Executive Director 202-447-0386 DC US
Tritola, Christine DHS Security Specialist 202-447-5427 DC US
Trombley, Renee DHS Project Manager 202-447-5386 DC US
Troncone, Frederick DHS ILA 202-357-8131 202-357-0042 DC US
Tropiano, Donna M DHS FINANCIAL OFFICER 609-813-2727 609-383-1973 NJ US
Tropiano, Linda DHS Quality Assurance Manager 609-813-2828 609-383-1973 NJ US
Trout, Virgle Lee DHS Network Tech 228-813-4802 MS US
Trovarelli, Linda L DHS security clerk 609-813-2801 609-813-2733 NJ US
Truax, Robert W DHS Watch Analyst 703-235-5080 VA US
Truesdell, Nicholas DHS DC US
Trugman, Neil L DHS Intelligence Specialist 202-282-8357 DC US
Trujillo, Leonard DHS Immigration Officer 202-324-6899 202-324-7036 DC US
Trujillo, Patricia G DHS Corporate Diversity Program Manager 202-357-8228 202-357-8140 DC US
Trumbo, Richard DHS Contractor 703-276-2221 DC US
Truong, Minhtam DHS Computer Engineer 703-235-4230 VA US
Trusty, Tiffany DHS IT Security 202-282-9269 DC US
Trynovich, David J DHS EPM Specialist 703-736-3306 VA US
Tsoutsouras, Voula DHS Contract Support 703-235-1935 VA US
Tt, RECON DHS Deployable Situational Awareness Team 202-384-6721 DC US
Tu, Lin DHS Budget Analyst 202-282-8760 202-447-4645 DC US
Tucker, Angela DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-5469 DC US
Tucker, Brinkley DHS Human Resources / Classification 202-357-8258 DC US
Tucker, Chandra DHS Operations 202-447-3501 DC US
Tucker, Cierra C DHS Financial Program Specialist 202-447-0668 DC US
Tucker, Lisa N DHS Senior Telecommunications Tech 202-447-5055 202-447-0725 DC US
Tucker, Rebekah DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8253 DC US
Tucker, Sharif DHS Telecommunications Specialist 202-282-9038 202-447-4290 DC US
Tucker, Tony R DHS FOIA/Records Officer DC US
Tudan, Constantin DHS IP Chief Enterprise Architect 703-235-9519 VA US
Tufanio, Donald A DHS System Architect 703-789-6639 DC US
Tulick, Joseph M DHS helpdesk specialist 609-813-2898 NJ US
Tullia, Thomas A DHS DNDO ISSM; Acting Component Chief Architect; COMSEC Manager 202-254-7407 202-254-7759 DC US
Tupay, Edmund DHS Dep. Director, Administration & Support Division 202-254-6770 202-254-5823 DC US
Turley, Colby C DHS Technical Advisor 202-357-7716 DC US
Turner, Adrienne DHS NPPD International Affairs 202-309-2105 VA US
Turner, Arch DHS Acting Director Operations Analysis and FFRDC Executive Agent 202-254-6628 DC US
Turner, Christopher G DHS Deputy Division Head 202-254-6142 DC US
Turner, Edward R DHS ISR Branch Chief 202-254-5731 DC US
Turner, Jeffrey DHS Sr. Policy Analyst. 202-447-5755 202-447-5335 DC US
Turner, Kim A DHS General Engineeer 202-254-7006 DC US
Turner, Robin L DHS Personnel Security Assistant 202-447-5208 202-447-5813 DC US
Turner, Sharene A DHS Acquisition Support 703-235-2134 VA US
Turner, Sherry DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-8146 DC US
Turner, Shona DHS Analyst 703-603-5075 DC US
Turner, Tammie M DHS Special Security Officer 212-233-8753
Turner, Tiffany DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-3495 DC US
Turner-Lewis, Regina DHS Human Resources Specialist (INFOSYS) 202-357-8581 202-357-8474 DC US
Turovlin, Dena DHS Executive Assistant 703-235-9316 VA US
Turzanski, Richard DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-821-8785 PA US
Tutino, Heather DHS 703-235-1947 VA US
Tutman, Mary DHS Grant Policy and Oversight Officer 202-447-0098 DC US
Tuttle, Christopher DHS Regional Coordinator 202-568-1510 DC US
Tuttle, James DHS Chief Systems Engineer 202-254-6069 DC US
Tuttle, Wendy A DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-5203 202-447-5172 DC US
Twisdale, Jacob M DHS Network Security Analyst VA US
Tye, John DHS Quality Assurance Manager 609-813-2711 609-646-2536 NJ US
Tyler, Ashley C DHS Program Manager 202-282-9685 202-282-8782 DC US
Tyler, Danielle DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5169 202-447-5693 DC US
Tyler, Lisa DHS PODExecSec 703-603-5021 703-603-5097 VA US
Tyrance-Gauff, Carol DHS Chief Administrative Officer 202-254-6665 202-254-6094 DC US
Tyus, Akosua DHS Management Program Analyst 202-447-5374 DC US
Uddin, Zahir DHS System Administrator 202-282-9200 202-282-8001 DC US
Ugarte, Juan DHS VTC Operations Manager 202-447-4332 DC US
Ulicny, William DHS Pre-Det Materials Program Manager 202-254-7723 DC US
Ullom, Kenneth C DHS Protective Security Advisor 304-556-3849 304-347-5187 WV US
Ulmer, Dorothy DHS Chair, BCMR 202-447-3789 202-447-3111 DC US
Ulrich, Carol A DHS Director of Policy/Comp Adv, OSA 202-447-5763 202-447-5310 DC US
Underwood, Patricia DHS Program Manager 202-254-6045 DC US
Uprety, Siddhartha DHS Ent. Architect 202-282-8271 DC US
Upson, Mark DHS USCG LT/O3 202-282-9121 DC US
Urban, Brian DHS Branch Chief 202-447-4565 DC US
Urbina, Maureen P DHS Acquisition Program Engineer 202-254-2228 DC US
Urian, Julie M DHS Supv Management and Program Analyst 703-235-8156 VA US
Uriarte, Jonathan DHS 202-447-4326 DC US
Urkums, Robin DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8213 202-357-8473 DC US
Urps, Ashley DHS Intern 202-447-4192 DC US
Utterback, John DHS Incident Handler 888-282-0870 VA US
Uwadia, Edmund A DHS Executive Support Services NAC Lead 202-447-3736 DC US
Uyttewaal, Josef DHS Telecommunication Engineer 202-282-9501 202-282-9603 DC US
Vacca, Shawna DHS Information Systems Analyst 5 202-357-8359 DC US
Vaillancourt, Brian J DHS Mission Advocate 304-433-4060 DC US
Valaboju, Navanitha DHS Data Management Process Analyst 7030-235-8220 VA US
Valdez, Fernando DHS Intelligence Analyst 915-760-2202 TX US
Valentine, Jeanne DHS Management & Program Analyst DC US
Valentine, Vincent K DHS Program Manager - FPMSS 202-447-0155 DC US
Valentinedavis, Victor DHS IMAAC Director 202-447-3443 202-282-9705 DC US
Valenzuela, Martha DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist TX US
Van Alstyne, Kenneth L DHS Enterprise SAN Architect 228-813-3383 MS US
Van Cantfort, Todd DHS Senior Advisor 202-282-9547 DC US
Van Deusen, Peter DHS Intelligence Officer 407-858-3870 407-858-3970 FL US
Van DeVoorde, Peter DHS Intelilgence Operations Specialist 202-447-4625 DC US
Van Duyn, Donald N DHS Senior Intelligence Analyst 202-447-4276 DC US
Van Fleet, Seth DHS Federal Police Officer 202-282-8747 DC US
Van Horn, Claire DHS Consultant 202-343-1648 DC US
Van Houten, Ann F DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5285 DC US
Van Houten, Erin DHS Clerk 202-447-3704 DC US
Van Roon, Catlin J DHS Security Management & Program Analyst 202-254-2231 202-254-5783 DC US
Van Roon, Marisa DHS Security Specialist 202-254-5651 202-254-5783 DC US
Van Waterschoot, Scott DHS Network Engineer 202-254-5621 DC US
Van Wormer, Benjamin E DHS Contract Specialist 703-235-5121 VA US
Vanallan, James DHS Senior Procurement Analyst 202-447-5419 202-447-5310 DC US
Vanatta, Robert W DHS Emergency Programs Coordinator 301-619-1441 301-619-1436 MD US
Vanbenthuysen, Daniel DHS Project Manager 919-943-3174 NC US
Vance, Alice DHS Administrative Specialist 703-235-0770 VA US
Vance, Amy DHS Policy Advisor 202-357-7768 DC US
Vance, Kimberly DHS Analyst 202-357-7805 DC US
Vandayburg, Angela DHS Executive Assistant to Dave Epperson 703-235-3024 VA US
Vander Voort, Paul W DHS Client Executive 703-736-4117 VA US
Vanderlaan, Kelly DHS 703-603-5015 703-603-5105 VA US
Vanderpoel, Bayley W DHS IT Specialist 703-235-5170 VA US
Vanderwerp, Timothy DHS Analyst 703-603-5076 VA US
Vandover, Harold DHS Chief, Reports Branch 202-282-9059 DC US
Vangordon, Jeffrey DHS Intelligence Officer 202-281-6512 VA US
Vanka, Kumar DHS Systems Engineer 781-929-2412 DC US
Vannaphavong, Linda DHS Program Specialist 202-447-4237 202-447-3933 DC US
Vanoverbeke, Jeffrey DHS Attorney Advisor 202-447-3023 202-282-9186 DC US
Vansteveninck, William DHS instrument design engineer 212-620-3381 212-620-3600 NY US
Vargas, Oceb DHS Comm Analyst 703-235-5080 VA US
Varney, Thomas DHS 202-245-1123 DC US
Vashishat, Diwakar DHS Chemical Engineer 703-603-4901 VA US
Vassighi, Kevin DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-9278 DC US
Vasta, Linda DHS Senior Advisor, Western Regions 202-680-4897 DC US
Vattay, Anton DHS Mr. 703-599-7543 VA US
Vaughan, Daylia DHS DNDO/TARD Program Analyst 202-254-7404 DC US
Vaughan, James C DHS Chief, Strategic Infrastructure Threat Branch 202-447-3206 DC US
Vaughan, Veronica DHS Immigration Law Analyst 202-357-8100 202-357-0042 DC US
Vaughn, Matt L DHS NICC Operation Support 703-235-2545 614-458-0407 VA US
Vazquez, Barbara M DHS Security Speialist/ Enrollment Official DC US
Vazquez, Carlos DHS Western District Commander 202-302-6353 CA US
Vazquez, Jose A DHS Director, First Responder Technologies 202-254-6092 202-254-6169 DC US
Vazquez, Samuel DHS DepDir of Operations 703-235-3034 VA US
Veasman, Julia DHS Program Management Support 703-277-1257 DC US
Vega, Alitza A DHS Chief, Human Capital Planning, Human Capital Office 202-254-8203 DC US
Vega, Michael DHS 202-447-3614 DC US
Vehe, Robert DHS Director, Great Lakes Region 202-536-6147 (BB) IL US
Vehmeyer, John R DHS Program Analyst 202-254-2261 DC US
Velarde, Nathalie DHS Chief, Asia-Pacific Programs and Science Advisor 202-254-5744 DC US
Velazquez, Nilza DHS Attorney 202-447-0588 202-447-5836 DC US
Vemury, Arun DHS Program Manager 202-254-6830 DC US
Venable, Angela DHS Asset Control Specialist 703-253-9351 VA US
Venanzi, Charles P DHS IT Program Senior Manager 202-357-1207 DC US
Vendetti, Anthony DHS Engineer 609-813-2756 609-383-1973 NJ US
Venna, Kalpana DHS Sr.Process Engineer 202-357-1232 202-357-1299 DC US
Venters, Kevin DHS Administrative Specialist 202-447-5495 202-447-5564 DC US
Venture, Veronica DHS Deputy Officer, CRCL 202-254-8210 202-254-8241 DC US
Venzor, Jose DHS Branch Chief 202-447-4312 DC US
Verardo, Matthew A DHS Program Analyst 202-447-4534 DC US
Verdejo, Jose R DHS Senior Systems Engineer 202-357-7846 202-357-1299 DC US
Veres, Barbara DHS Associate Director 202-254-7214 DC US
Vernam, Michael B DHS Engineer Tech II 609-813-2874 NJ US
Verner, Larry DHS Shift Supervisor DC US
Vernon, Morgan S DHS Security Specialist 202-447-0164 DC US
Verrico, John S DHS S&T Spokesman 202-254-2385 DC US
Versis, Geraldine B DHS Program/Budget Team Lead 703-235-4277 703-235-5694 VA US
Vestal, Pamela DHS Intelligence Oversight Officer 202-282-9327 DC US
Veysey, Anne M DHS TSC Chief of Staff 571-350-4205 571-350-4302 VA US
Vicenzo, Joseph DHS security supervisor 631-323-3115 NY US
Vickers, Randal DHS Director, US-CERT 703-235-5226 703-235-5402 DC US
Vickers, William DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-447-4568 DC US
Vidanes, Michelle L DHS IT Specialist 202-447-4410 DC US
Vielmo, Kelly J DHS DC US
Vigil, Elizabeth A DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8199 202-357-8105 DC US
Vigil, John DHS Asst. Special Agent in Charge 703-235-1954 VA US
Vigneault, Adam DHS Geospatial Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9369 DC US
Vijay, Hariharan DHS Offering Manager 703-733-3208 VA US
Vijayaverl, Rathini DHS Information Security Analyst 202-306-3291 DC US
Villa, Tony DHS Unit Chief 703-235-9391 VA US
Villafana, Antonio A DHS Chief Enterprise Architect 202-447-4136 DC US
Villalobos, Aldo DHS Executive Support Services MGR 202-447-3422 202-254-7785 DC US
Villalobos, David DHS Contracting Officer 202-254-6719 202-254-8600 DC US
Villamor, Antonio DHS Program Manager/SME 1 202-503-6574 VA US
Villano, Michael DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5591 DC US
Villao, Eduardo DHS Watch Analyst I 202-282-9201 VA US
Villoch, Deborah DHS Infrastructure Protection Liason, OAS 202-646-7690 DC US
Villyard, David DHS NCC Operations Manager 703-235-5545 VA US
Vincent, Cephous DHS Deputy Chief Administrative Officer 202-254-6730 202-254-6094 DC US
Vincent, Cloe DHS ICE S&T Liaison 202-732-7169 DC US
Viner, Henry G DHS SOC Analyst 202-604-8861 MS US
Viney, Nalita A DHS Financial Analyst 202-254-6065 DC US
Vinson, Traci M DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-0657 202-447-0626 DC US
Viosca, Daryl DHS Senior Financial Analyst 202-254-5682 202-254-6163 DC US
Visco, Thomas G DHS CID/CAP Analyst 202-447-4278 DC US
Vislocky, Lori M DHS analyst 202-447-4385 DC US
Vitola, Eviya DHS Intelligence Operation Specialist 202-447-4205 DC US
Vizcaino, Jesse M DHS 202-343-1741 DC US
Vo, Hoang DHS 703-235-5196 VA US
Vockel, James p DHS Intelligence Analyst, U.S.-Canada Border 202-282-8145 DC US
Vockel, Kimberlee DHS Congressional Actions for the Under Secretary 202-282-8971 (STE) DC US
Voeller, Elizabeth A DHS Program Analyst 703-235-2555 VA US
Vogel, Friederike M DHS German Liaison Officer 202-447-4185 DC US
Vogel, Joshua DHS Senior Strategic Risk Specialist 202-343-1652 DC US
Vogel III, Ernest D DHS VA US
Vogt, Donna M DHS Administrative Officer, NCSD 703-235-5495 703-235-5541 VA US
Vojtech, Richard J DHS Principal Deputy Assistant Director 202-254-7109 DC US
Volarich, Karen A DHS Software Engineer 808-757-9808 ext 9822 HI US
Voldal, Daniel DHS IT Project Manager 202-447-0074 DC US
Volkmar, Ashley DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7064 DC US
Vrooman, John DHS NOC HSIN Desk Watch Officer 202-282-8808 202-282-8782 DC US
Vrooman, Kenneth DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-5414 703-235-5962 VA US
Vu, Dawn DHS 202-447-5234 DC US
Vu, Huyen N DHS IT Specialist 703-235-8519 VA US
Vuxton, Christopher DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-0526 202-447-5310 DC US
Waddell, Myron DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-2322 DC US
Wade, Lea DHS Library Services Program Manager 202-480-5513 202-343-4240 DC US
Wade, Lelo DHS IT Specialist/Cyber Security 703-603-4653 VA US
Wade, Michelle W DHS Security Authorization Analyst 228-813-4216 MS US
Wade, Tammy DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-3340 DC US
Wade, Tracey DHS Assistant Director 202-447-5209 DC US
Wadsworth, Donald DHS Reports Officer 202-282-9059 SC US
Wafford, Derrick DHS Security Escort DC US
Wager, Kyle DHS Program Support Assistant 202-282-8851 DC US
Waggoner, Alexandra DHS Analyst 1-202-254-2298 DC US
Waggoner, Ilene DHS Small Business Advocate 202-447-5282 202-447-5552 DC US
Wagner, Caryn A DHS Under Secretary for Intelligence & Analysis 202-282-8353 202-282-8810 DC US
Wagner, Craig DHS ISSO 301-682-7604
Wagner, Katherine A DHS 703-603-5057 703-603-5095 VA US
Wagner, Katrina B DHS Senior Cosultant/SME DC US
Wagoner, Robert N DHS 202-357-6134 DC US
Wahi, Jatin DHS Staff Accountant 202-447-0661 DC US
Waid, Justina DHS Program Specialist 202-447-3709 DC US
Wair, Arthelia DHS Program Analyst 703-235-2139 703-235-2051 VA US
Waise, Sheraz A DHS Chief Risk Advisor 202-681-3131 DC US
Waite, Mary T DHS Information Security 850-452-7672 850-452-8455 VA US
Waites, Jennifer DHS Analyst 703-235-8227 VA US
Waites, Tony N DHS NPPD OCIO, ITIL V3 OSA 703-235-4984 VA US
Wakefield, Herbert DHS Senior Systems Engineer 202-357-7847 DC US
Walcott, Tanisha DHS 202-447-0612 DC US
Walden, Kemba DHS Senior Policy Analyst 202-447-4096 DC US
Waldrep, Lee DHS Program Analyst 202-447-3909 DC US
Waldrop, Denise DHS application lead 703-901-5922 DC US
Wales, Brandon DHS Director, HITRAC 202-447-3130 DC US
Walk, Denise E DHS Enrollment Official 202-570-1783 202-282-9055 DC US
Walker, Aaron T DHS Communications 202-447-5931 DC US
Walker, Antionette DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-6779 202-254-8600 DC US
Walker, Ashlei DHS Adminstrative Specialist 202-357-7642 DC US
Walker, Ashton R DHS Physical Security Specialist 202-603-6382 DC US
Walker, Candice C DHS Program Support Assistant 202-282-8483 DC US
Walker, Catherine DHS Program Analyst 202-357-8215 DC US
Walker, Charles W DHS Chief, Collection Ops Branch 202-447-4085 DC US
Walker, David H DHS Intelligence Officer 404-327-6819 404-486-6446 GA US
Walker, Dyrral DHS IV&V Analyst 202-447-0984 DC US
Walker, Gordon L DHS Contractor 202-447-3451 202-447-4039 DC US
Walker, James K DHS Network Technical Support Engineer III 434-374-3813 434-374-3812 VA US
Walker, Janet DHS Facility Manager 202-603-8720 VA US
Walker, Jeffrey A DHS IT Specialist 202-447-5924 202-447-0290 DC US
Walker, John T DHS Regional Commander 202-384-2756 CO US
Walker, Marvin DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-4012 202-447-4111 DC US
Walker, Michelle R DHS ESDO - Customer Engagement Manager (CEM) 202-570-9777 DC US
Walker, Monica R DHS Visitor Center Clerk 202-282-8963 DC US
Walker, Robert J DHS Network Engineer 540-542-5652 VA US
Walker, Robin DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-3603 DC US
Walker, Thomas DHS Network Engineering 703-742-2524
Walker, Varner DHS Chemical Inspector 202-617-0993 GA US
Walker, Veronique DHS mp2 clerk 631-323-3127 NY US
Walker III, John W DHS Personnel Security Professional 228-813-4217 228-813-4215 MS US
Wall, Eileen DHS Supervisory Training and Education Specialist 202-282-8387 DC US
Wall, Joel D DHS Director (Acting) 202-254-5819 DC US
Wall, Teresa DHS IT Specialist 202-357-6173 DC US
Wallace, Andrea DHS Executive Assistant 202-254-7342 202-254-7752 DC US
Wallace, Charles DHS Senior Security Specialist 202-447-5327 202-447-5897 DC US
Wallace, Nicole F DHS Financial Management Specialist 202-447-5382 DC US
Wallace, Thomas DHS RPO 202-612-1155 DC US
Wallace-Casey, Linda M DHS 434-374-3950 VA US
Waller, Anthony J DHS Security Escort 202-282-8590 VA US
Waller, Charlotte DHS Program Manager 202-357-7696 DC US
Walling, Claire E DHS Application Architect 202-425-2378 DC US
Wallis, Christopher DHS Associate Director / Contracting Officer 202-254-6718 202-254-8600 DC US
Walls, Deanna C DHS Human Resources Specialist 202-357-8480 DC US
Walsh, Arthur DHS 703-235-2501 VA US
Walsh, Bridgette S DHS Acting Director, Cyber Exercise Program 703-235-2887 VA US
Walsh, Bryan DHS Branch Chief, Current Analysis & Production 202-612-1730 DC US
Walsh, Daniel DHS Analyst 202-282-9816 DC US
Walsh, Frank E DHS Chief, Business Continuity and Emergency Preparedness Branch 202-282-9562 DC US
Walsh, John DHS Protective Security Advisor 312-469-1547 312-353-1225 IL US
Walsh, Mary E DHS Analytic Director 703-894-6989 VA US
Walter, Michael V DHS BioWatch Program Manager 703-647-8056 VA US
Walter, Regis DHS NOC NOAA Support Meteorologist 202-282-9937 DC US
Walters, Jenny V DHS Program Analyst 202-254-6841 DC US
Walters, Karen DHS 202-254-7166 DC US
Walters, Karen J DHS Change Management 202-447-0985 DC US
Walters, Rodney DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-6380 DC US
Walters, Sarah DHS Leader Development Program Coordinator, DHS SES CDP 202-357-8281 DC US
Walther, Kelli DHS Acting Senior Director 202-447-3814 DC US
Walther Jr, Robert J DHS OPS ISSM 202-357-7669 DC US
Walthour, Joseph DHS Systems Administrator 202-447-0539 DC US
Waltman, Amanda C DHS System Administrator 228-813-4227 MS US
Walton, Bridgette DHS Task Order Project Manager 202-447-4478 DC US
Walton, Kenneth DHS Counsel- EEO and Diversity Programs 202-254-8238 202-254-8241 DC US
Walton, Neal A DHS Acctg. Technician 202-254-6936 DC US
Wan, Becky DHS Consultant 703-908-7011 VA US
Wander, Mitchell DHS Senior Watch Officer (SWO) 703-235-8832 VA US
Wang, Charlie DHS 202-447-5068 DC US
Wang, Gary L DHS Systems Engineer 206-953-9653 DC US
Wang, Hsiang S DHS Consultant 720-318-8828 DC US
Wang, Jeannie DHS IT Specialist 703-235-8243 VA US
Wang, Joanna DHS Project Manager 703-904-3609 VA US
Wannage, Katelyn DHS Intern 202-447-5016 DC US
Ward, Christopher DHS Production Specialist 703-235-2549 VA US
Ward, Deborah K DHS Staff Assistant 202-447-4055 202-282-9186 DC US
Ward, Earl E DHS General Engineer 202-450-0466 DC US
Ward, Edward DHS Information Systems Engineer 202-447-0183 DC US
Ward, Kathleen R DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-507-2343 FL US
Ward, Kelvin DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5532 202-447-5160 DC US
Ward, Kevin P DHS 202-447-3560 DC US
Ward, Linda DHS Chief of Staff, CS&C 703-235-5339 VA US
Ward, Patrice L DHS Associate Director, Transition 703-235-1903 VA US
Ward, Richard DHS IT Technician 202-254-7727 DC US
Wardrett, April D DHS Program Analyst 703-235-3019 VA US
Ware, Brian DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-4669 202-447-3464 (Unclassified) DC US
Ware, Gregory DHS Enterprise Application Infrastructure Manager 228-813-4803 228-813-4135 MS US
Ware, William H DHS 703-235-3671 VA US
Warker, Philip DHS Senior Advisor, OIA 202-282-8931 202-282-9254 DC US
Warner, Gary G DHS Communications Engineer 202-447-5201 DC US
Warner, Reginald DHS Facilities Manager 202-447-0924 DC US
Warner, Wayde DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5507 DC US
Warren, Carlene DHS Deputy Branch Chief, Current Operations 202-282-8023 DC US
Warren, Gary E DHS Protective Security Advisor - Miami 305-863-5253 305-863-5011 FL US
Warren, Gerald DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-343-2468 202-343-2530 DC US
Warren, Gisele L DHS Personnel Security Professional 228-813-3385 MS US
Warren, Katy DHS Program Manager 703-983-4039 VA US
Warren, Robert D DHS Project Manager 703-235-9556 VA US
Warren, Shannon D DHS Program Security Officer 202-254-6406 DC US
Warren, William C DHS Information Technology Communications Analyst 202-343-2465 DC US
Warrick, Thomas DHS Deputy Assistant Secretary for Counterterrorism Policy 202-447-3895 202-282-8504 DC US
Washburn, Scott DHS CDR 202-254-7793 DC US
Washington, Angela DHS Program Specialist (FOIA) 703-235-0759 703-235-0443 VA US
Washington, Antoine DHS Security Specialist 202-447-3851 202-447-3462 DC US
Washington, Celeste L DHS COOP Analyst 202-447-4193 202-447-4197 DC US
Washington, Cheryl J DHS Data Center Network Engineering 703-733-3161 VA US
Washington, Deandras DHS Analyst 703-235-4934 VA US
Washington, George W DHS Armed Guard 703-603-4740 VA US
Washington, Gerald DHS Glebe/Ballston Site Manager 703-235-4031 VA US
Washington, Iann DHS Contracting Officer-NPPAD 202-447-5736 202-447-5749 DC US
Washington, Justin A DHS FS2 202-447-3037 DC US
Washington, Karinda DHS External Affairs Specialist 202-612-1602 DC US
Washington, Kaye L DHS Executive Administrative Assistant 202-254-7624 DC US
Washington, Keshia M DHS Industrial Security Specialist 202-447-5794 202-282-8406 DC US
Washington, LaJuan DHS Intelligence Analyst/Production Manager 202-447-3597 DC US
Washington, Michael DHS Facility Security Officer 703-235-2845 703-235-3067 VA US
Washington, William J DHS Attorney 202-254-6712 DC US
Wasserman, Samantha DHS Strategic Initiatives 703-235-3646 VA US
Waters, Julie DHS Section Chief, Advanced Risk Concepts 202-343-1777 202-343-4011 DC US
Waters, King DHS Program Manager 202-254-6659 202-254-6169 DC US
Waters, Michael DHS Protective Security Advisor 205-583-5854 205-731-0007 AL US
Watkins, Allan DHS Security Specialist 202-282-9757 202-282-9055 DC US
Watkins, George G DHS Project Execution Team 202-447-0629 DC US
Watkins, Jeffrey M DHS Consulting Engineer 703-742-1728 VA US
Watkins, Jennifer DHS Chief of Staff 202-282-9754 DC US
Watkins, Lois DHS IT Support, Plum Island 631-323-3157 NY US
Watkins, Monica D DHS Director, Business Operations and Support 202-357-8377 DC US
Watkins, Timothy DHS Sr. INFOSEC Engineer 609-813-2899 609-272-7512 NJ US
Watkins, Tracey DHS Employee and Labor Relations Specialist 703-235-1916 VA US
Watson, Christina DHS Sector Specialist 703-603-5234 VA US
Watson, Devin DHS General Clerk 3 202-447-5044 DC US
Watson, Jan DHS Chief, International/National Systems Modeling & Simulation 202-282-9027 DC US
Watson, John L DHS DC2 - Technical Consultant 919-424-5463 NC US
Watson, Mark DHS Administrative Officer 631-323-3330 631-323-3295 NY US
Watson, Miranda DHS Chief, Resources Logistics 202-282-9869- NAC DC US
Watson, Thomas A DHS Continuity Analyst 202-282-9229 DC US
Watson, Tom DHS Director, Infrastructure Coordination and Analysis Office 703-603-5026 VA US
Watson Jr, Archie T DHS Telecommunications Systems Engineer 202-282-8223 202-282-9603 DC US
Watts, Angela DHS Supervisory Management & Program Analyst 202-447-3171 202-282-8952 DC US
Wayne, Audwin DHS Assistant Senior Watch Officer 202-282-8328 DC US
Wayne, Claudia DHS Division Chief of OEC Regional Coordination Program 202-343-1662 DC US
Weatherall, James C DHS research physicist 609-813-2890 NJ US
Weaver, Aaron P DHS Network Engineer VA US
Weaver, Richard D DHS Web Project Manager 703-933-5162 DC US
Weaver, Robert N DHS Senior Principal Consultant 703-603-5082 DC US
Webb, Chad S DHS Service Transition Manager 228-813-4814 MS US
Webb, Christa DHS Industrial Engineer/Cost Estimator 571-227-5569 VA US
Webb, Christina DHS Alternate NCPS ISSO 703-235-5063 703-235-5963 VA US
Webb, Cory D DHS Executive Support Services 202-282-9193 DC US
Webb, Desmond C DHS Security Supervisor 202-282-8955 DC US
Webb, Robert DHS Attorney 202-254-5732 202-254-5823 DC US
Webber, Amanda E DHS Federal Police Officer 202-282-8747 DC US
Webber, Barry A DHS Senior C&A Analyst 202-357-7893 DC US
Webber, Kenneth S DHS Client Executive 703-733-3123 VA US
Weber, Edward V DHS Team Chief 202-282-8763 202-282-8008 DC US
Weber, Nicholas DHS Infrastructure Analyst: Energy Sector 703-603-5029 703-603-5098 VA US
Webster, Keith DHS Environmental Health & Safety Professional 609-813-2861 NJ US
Wechter, Ronald DHS 703-803-4953 DC US
Wedemeyer, Brian DHS 202-906-8995 DC US
Wedig, Paul DHS Photographer/Videographer/Graphic Designer 202-254-5660 DC US
Weeks, John DHS Program Mgmt Senior Principal Lead 228-813-4813 MS US
Weese, Matthew DHS Intel Officer 703-603-4683 VA US
Wehrheim, Stephanie DHS Continuity of Operations Support 703-603-4733 703-603-4711 VA US
Weichmann-Morris, Patricia A DHS Deputy Chief of Staff 703-235-1960 VA US
Weill, William DHS Swing Shift Lieutenant 202-282-8956 DC US
Weimern, Lisa DHS Program Specialist 202-447-5474 202-447-5172 DC US
Wein, Matthew J DHS 202-282-8987 DC US
Weinberg, Tovah L DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9149 DC US
Weinberger, Michelle B DHS Technical SETA 202-254-7022 DC US
Weiner, Benjamin DHS Reports Officer 202-447-3157 DC US
Weinert, Peter J DHS Branch Chief (Acting), PME Branch 202-447-4140 DC US
Weinstein, Edward M DHS Engineer 609-813-2886 NJ US
Weir, Lavan DHS Human Resources Specialist 703-235-2096 703-235-2051 VA US
Weirath, Harry DHS Chief, Physical Security 202-447-3325 202-447-3224 DC US
Weisenberger, Angela DHS 703-235-5509 VA US
Weisman, Wilma J DHS Financial Analyst 202-254-5661 DC US
Weisner, Al DHS Program Manager 703-293-7929 703-293-7979 VA US
Weiss, Aaron D DHS Special Assistant to the Principal Deputy Under Secretary 202-447-4161 DC US
Weiss, Joel DHS Audit & Compliance Analyst 202-447-5845 DC US
Weiss, Joey H DHS Technical Trainer 317-821-4005 IN US
Weiss, Marc C DHS ITNOVA Service Desk Manager 317-821-6052 IN US
Weisser, Edward DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-5620 202-447-5310 DC US
Welch, Anthony D DHS NICC ASWO 202-282-9201 VA US
Welch, Craig A DHS NCSD SLT Analyst 703-284-0766 VA US
Welch, Pat DHS senior lead specialist 202-447-4221 DC US
Welch, Patrick J DHS Component Advocate 202-824-7924 DC US
Welch, Rodney N DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Welch, Steven J DHS Program Manager 202-447-4134 DC US
Welker, David A DHS Deputy Director of TT&E 703-235-9313 VA US
Weller, Angela DHS Correspondence Analyst 703-235-2146 VA US
Weller, Timothy W DHS 414-319-2116
Wellman, Ricardo D DHS CERT ANALYST 703-235-5111 VA US
Wells, Jake DHS Program Manager 202-447-3065 DC US
Wells, Jayson DHS Systems/Network Administrator 571-258-2801 VA US
Welsh, Benjamin DHS 703-235-5834 VA US
Welsh, Murray DHS Manager, Detailee Affairs 202-282-8262 DC US
Welter, Niklaus DHS Advisor 202-612-1170 202-282-8191 DC US
Wenderoth, Charlie DHS Facility Engineer 631-323-3007 631-323-3169 NY US
Wendling, Michael J DHS Supervsory Program Analyst 202-343-1707 DC US
Wenger, Avital DHS 202-282-9265 202-282-8008 DC US
Wentling, William S DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 915-760-2088 TX US
Wentz, Ryan L DHS Intelligence Officer 866-885-8295 701-328-8175 ND US
Werner, Adrienne DHS Stakeholder Engagement 202-343-1613 DC US
Werner, Deborah DHS IT Specialist (INFOSEC) 703-235-2885 VA US
Werntz, Preston W DHS NCCIC Technical Director (Acting) 703-235-5508 VA US
Wesche, Carlie A DHS Program Support Assistant 202-447-0231 202-447-5540 DC US
Wesley, Ingrid L DHS IV&V Analyst 202-447-5021 DC US
Wessel, Ann C DHS Division Director 202-282-9912 202-447-4246 DC US
West, Jola R DHS IMO 202-285-9051 DC US
West, Robert DHS CISO 202-357-6110 DC US
Westerfield, Woodrow DHS Deputy Assistant Director 202-254-7107 DC US
Westfall, Franklin DHS Protective Security Advisor 973-971-3157 NJ US
Westray, Cindy L DHS Manager, Hiring Reform and Staffing Policy 202-357-8185 202-357-8470 DC US
Wetklow, Michael DHS Director ICPMO 202-447-5196 DC US
Wetsel, Roderick E DHS Support Contractor 703-984-3872 DC US
Wetzel, Scott DHS Program Analyst 202-447-5527 202-447-5693 DC US
Wexler, Becca DHS Special Assistant 202-612-1960 DC US
Whalen, Kory D DHS Emergency Services Sector Branch Chief 703-603-5122 VA US
Whalen, Martin DHS CBP Officer/Program Manager 202-282-8130 DC US
Whalen, Mary Kate DHS Managing Counsel 202-282-9160 DC US
Whalen, Richard L DHS Detective 202-282-8150 DC US
Whalen, Timothy J DHS Program Manager 202-447-5915 DC US
Whaley, Trevor DHS SSO 202-447-3639 DC US
Wheat, Justin DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-4657 DC US
Wheeler, Andrew DHS Director of Security 202-254-7060 202-254-7759 DC US
Wheeler, Dawn DHS Chief, Human Resource Office 202-282-8053 202-282-8952 DC US
Wheeler, Lara A DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-357-8307 DC US
Wheelock, Jeffrey DHS Security Specialist 1-877-807-7230 DC US
Wheelock, Rita DHS Personnel Security Assistant 202-447-5157 202-447-0697 DC US
Whitacre, Rex DHS Chief, DHS COMSEC Central Office Record 540-542-3456 540-542-2695 VA US
Whitaker, Aisha DHS Executive Assistant 202-254-6386 202-254-6094 DC US
Whitaker, Eva DHS Supervisory Budget Analyst 202-282-8609 202-447-3464 DC US
Whitaker, Mark DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Whitaker, Robert L DHS Mission Advocate, State and Local Analytic Partnerships 202-282-8325 DC US
Whitaker, York W DHS Sr. Program Analyst 202-447-5521 DC US
White, Alton DHS Director of Resources 202-282-9133 202-282-1044 DC US
White, Bill DHS Supervisory Veterinary Officer 631-323-3130 NY US
White, Christopher E DHS Strategic Risk Specialist 202-343-1732 DC US
White, Cynthia V DHS VA US
White, Donald J DHS Budget and Acquisition Analyst 703-235-9378 VA US
White, Elizabeth DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4950 VA US
White, Erin DHS Assistant Director 202-447-5453 202-772-9734 DC US
White, Erin H DHS 703-235-9530 VA US
White, Garth A DHS Systems Engineer 202-254-2258 DC US
White, James T DHS SWO 703-235-5080 VA US
White, Jeaneen DHS Customer Security Specialist 202-447-5694 202-358-2025 DC US
White, Jennifer L DHS Executive Officer 202-282-9228 202-282-8803 DC US
White, Jesse DHS HR/Security Analyst 703-235-9370 VA US
White, Joseph B DHS Program Analyst 703-235-9317 202-373-0409 VA US
White, Josephine DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist DC US
White, Kathleen DHS Admin Asst 631-323-3221 631-323-3335 NY US
White, Mark DHS Cyber Pilot Program Director 703-235-3017 VA US
White, Matthew W DHS Quality Assurance Manager 631-323-3267 NY US
White, Sandra DHS Resource Manager 202-254-7502 202-254-7747 DC US
White, Stephen P DHS Protective Security Advisor 717-238-4864 717-236-2461 PA US
White, Steven DHS Energy Program Manager 202-631-1820 DC US
White, Taryn DHS Program Analyst DC US
White, Thomas B DHS 202-282-8309 DC US
White, Thomas F DHS COR Technical Manager / KMI Program Manager 540-542-2023 540-542-2695 VA US
White, Tiayuana DHS HR Specialist 202-357-8373 202-357-8162 DC US
White, Todd R DHS Chemical Facilities Inspector 202-603-1134 602-274-3336 DC US
White, William M DHS Intermediate Project Manager 228-813-4836 MS US
White, William J DHS Special Assistant 703-235-1512 VA US
White, William DHS Analyst 703-275-8730 VA US
White IV, Neil W DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5714 DC US
White Jr, Michael A DHS Grants Technician 202-447-5029 202-447-5600 DC US
Whitehead, Anna J DHS SME, Trace Explosives Detection 609-813-2891 609-407-9632 NJ US
Whitehead, Cara DHS Deputy Director, FAPO 202-447-0338 DC US
Whitehead, Suriyun DHS Associate 202-254-2349 202-254-5398 DC US
Whitelaw, Barbara DHS Chief of Staff, HCBS 202-357-8323 DC US
Whiteman, Keith T DHS Director, Enterprise Svcs Div. 202-447-0350 DC US
Whiteman, Shawn A DHS DC2 SA 919-424-9318 NC US
Whiteree, Heidi DHS Deputy Director 202-254-6881 DC US
Whitlow II, Moses B DHS System Administrator 202-282-8888 DC US
Whitmire, Mark T DHS Program Manager 410-436-5969 DC US
Whittington, Angela D DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-731-9174 215-446-8750 PA US
Whittleton, Sam E DHS Acquisition Specialist 202-447-4318 DC US
Wienke, Jonathan L DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-4545 DC US
Wiese, Carl DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Wiggin Jr, John Jr DHS Technical Site Lead 202-343-1603 DC US
Wiggins, Jillian DHS Program Analyst 202-254-5697 202-254-5713 DC US
Wiggins, Marlo DHS IT Specialist (Policy & Planning) 703-235-3048 VA US
Wiggins, Marsha DHS Deputy Executive Director, HRMS 202-357-8109 202-357-8140 DC US
Wigton, Gregory DHS Program Manager 202-254-6140 202-254-6164 DC US
Wijeweera, Amali DHS Biological Compliance Analyst 301-254-6034 DC US
Wikoff, Michael DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9298 202-447-3421 DC US
Wilburn, Larissa DHS International Affairs Research Analyst 703-235-2897 VA US
Wilcher II, Larry D DHS Senior Information System Security Engineer 202-507-1582 DC US
Wilcox, Stacie A DHS Acquisition Analyst - MITRE 703-235-2137 VA US
Wilderotter, James A DHS Security Specialist DC US
Wiles, Donald DHS OSA MWEOC PCO/Branch Head 540-542-7037 VA US
Wilham, Jonathan W DHS Deputy Chief, Reporting Branch 202-282-8583 DC US
Wilk, Damian A DHS Readiness Training Development Lead 703-235-2533 VA US
Wilke, Walter A DHS Systems Engineer 202-447-0650 DC US
Wilkerson, Darryl DHS Program Management Analyst 202-447-4438 DC US
Wilkerson, Jared L DHS DC1 SOC Analyst 866-972-3662 MS US
Wilkerson, Jason T DHS System Administrator 228-813-3324 MS US
Wilkes, Harry DHS Chief, Workforce Analysis Branch 703-235-2172 703-235-2051 VA US
Wilkes, Justin DHS Employee and Labor Relations Intern 703-235-2237 VA US
Wilkins, Brian N DHS VTC Specialist 202-612-1179 DC US
Will, Michael DHS Information Security Specialist 202-282-8948 202-282-9035 DC US
Willcutts, Kathryn DHS VA US
Willett, Albert J DHS Senior Consultant 757-742-2517 VA US
Willett, Stephanie DHS Program Manager 202-254-6679 DC US
Willette, David A DHS Technical Consultant 434-374-3568 VA US
Willhoft, Daniel C DHS Technical Consultant VA US
William, Kimberly DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-282-9345 202-447-4246 DC US
Williams, Alvin H DHS Operations support 703-235-3056 VA US
Williams, Andrea C DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9255 202-612-1773 DC US
Williams, Anita A B DHS 703-235-2552 VA US
Williams, Brian DHS Senior Advisor/Program Manager 202-282-8425 DC US
Williams, Brian P DHS Support Contractor 202-254-6137 DC US
Williams, Bryan E DHS Executive Support Services 202-254-6307 DC US
Williams, Chasity DHS 202-282-8938 DC US
Williams, Cheryl Ann DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5087 VA US
Williams, Craig A DHS Sergeant 202-282-8956 DC US
Williams, Daniel J DHS 703-235-5026 VA US
Williams, Daniel E DHS Booz Allen Associate 202-254-6037 DC US
Williams, David E DHS Facilities 202-282-9001 202-447-4014 DC US
Williams, Deborah DHS Senior Analyst to CTO 202-447-3670 202-282-9111 DC US
Williams, Derrick DHS Director Executive Secretariat 202-282-8281 DC US
Williams, Dona L DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0986 DC US
Williams, Donovan J DHS Help Desk Analyst 919-424-5687 NC US
Williams, Elizabeth F DHS Paralegal Specialist 202-447-3084 DC US
Williams, Elizabeth A DHS Mgmt Program Analyst 703-235-1925 VA US
Williams, Esther DHS NPPD Acquisition Analyst / SE SME 703-235-2168 VA US
Williams, Glendora C DHS IT Specialist (Policy and Planning) 703-235-3618 VA US
Williams, Glenis DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-254-5636 202-254-5391 DC US
Williams, Grayling G DHS DIRECTOR 202-447-5800 202-447-5858 DC US
Williams, Helen DHS Branch Chief (SSO) 202-447-4091 DC US
Williams, James DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-604-8712 TN US
Williams, Jason C DHS 202-254-2253 DC US
Williams, Jay E DHS IT Technician - NAC 202-282-8081 DC US
Williams, Jemilda M DHS Staffing & Personnel 202-447-5206 DC US
Williams, Jerome DHS Management &Program Analyst 202-282-8851 DC US
Williams, Jillian A DHS Homeland Security Analyst 703-603-5133 703-603-5190 VA US
Williams, Joethan L DHS DC US
Williams, Johnnie DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5363 202-447-5813 DC US
Williams, Joshua DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-0583 202-447-5833 DC US
Williams, Julia I DHS SETA Support to EXD Deputy Director 202-254-6464 202-254-5396 DC US
Williams, Justin L DHS Enrollment Offical DC US
Williams, Karen J DHS Program Analyst 202-282-8375 202-282-8679 DC US
Williams, Kevin D DHS Government Watch Officer DC US
Williams, Marc DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5723 DC US
Williams, Marsha DHS Assistant Director 202-447-5159 202-477-0536 DC US
Williams, Maryanne DHS Financial Resource Analyst 202-447-4225 DC US
Williams, Melissa DHS 202-357-8555 DC US
Williams, Michael T DHS Technical Advisor 202-536-7011 DC US
Williams, Michelle DHS 703-284-5061 VA US
Williams, Myron A DHS General Clerk II 202-282-8421 DC US
Williams, Ralph DHS destruction operator 202-282-8947 DC US
Williams, Richard DHS Chief Financial Officer 202-254-6882 DC US
Williams, Robert DHS Data Center Managment 202-447-0646 DC US
Williams, Robert D DHS Program Analyst 703-235-5185 VA US
Williams, Ryan DHS Risk Analyst 202-343-1778 DC US
Williams, Sean M DHS Multimedia / MS-COOP Program Support 202-236-1627 DC US
Williams, Shanequa S DHS Systems Engineer 202-254-6793 DC US
Williams, Shebba DHS 202-343-2513 DC US
Williams, Starteese DHS Administrative Officer 202-282-9462 DC US
Williams, Steven R DHS Systems Engineer & Application Developer DC US
Williams, Stuart DHS Cyber Intelligence Analyst 202-447-4666 DC US
Williams, Vernado DHS US-CERT Analyst 888-282-0870 VA US
Williams, Wayne C DHS Program Analyst 703-603-5443 VA US
Williams, Will J DHS Management & Program Analyst 703-235-4970 VA US
Williams, Yul DHS Technical Director 202-282-8720 202-447-3599 DC US
Williams Jr, Ricky T DHS 703-235-2130 VA US
Williams-Johnson, Georgiana DHS Executive Assistant 703-235-4221 VA US
Williamson, Jesse E DHS Training Specialsit 703-235-9557 VA US
Williamson, Susan R DHS Continuity Communications Technician 540-542-5198 VA US
Willigan, Richard DHS Contractor 202-447-5246 DC US
Willis, Ambrose J DHS Systems Analyst III 571-258-2209 VA US
Willis, Larry E DHS Program Manager 202-254-6143 DC US
Willis, Larry L DHS NCSD Security Manager/ISSM 703-235-5038 VA US
Willis, Megan M DHS Acquisition Specialist 703-235-1965 VA US
Willis, Nicole DHS Enterprise Architect 202-282-9259 DC US
Willis, Stephanie S DHS Operations Coordinator 202-786-9440 202-786-9910 DC US
Willis, William DHS Principal Specialist/Technical Writer 703-235-5116 (Glebe Rd., 9th Floor) VA US
Willke, Bradford J DHS Senior Cybersecurity Strategist 412-375-4069 PA US
Willner, Kristin M DHS SETA 202-254-8614 202-254-6164 DC US
Willoughby, James L DHS Program Analyst 202-254-5794 DC US
Willoughby, Thomas DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-8960 202-447-3068 DC US
Wills, Kirk T DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9878 DC US
Wilson, Alex B DHS San Engineer 202-579-7620 DC US
Wilson, Alexander W DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-9268 DC US
Wilson, Andrew DHS Customer Advocate 202-414-4709 DC US
Wilson, Barry DHS Management Analyst 202-870-2059 DC US
Wilson, Brian T DHS CBAT Production Specialist 703-235-8247 VA US
Wilson, Brian R DHS Physical Serurity Specialist 202-282-9687 DC US
Wilson, Chad W DHS Sr. Systems Engineer 228-813-4816 MS US
Wilson, Charles J DHS Telecom Technician 202-254-2224 DC US
Wilson, Christopher DHS Management Program Analyst 703-603-4606 VA US
Wilson, Craig B DHS NCSD Mission Support Contract Deputy Project Manager 703-284-6091 VA US
Wilson, Daniel DHS Chief of Staff 202-360-0673 DC US
Wilson, Darren P DHS Human Systems Research & Engineering Program Manager 202-254-6657 202-254-5396 DC US
Wilson, David E DHS DC2 EOC Manager 434-374-3878 VA US
Wilson, Deborah DHS Employee & Labor Relations Specialist 703-235-2181 VA US
Wilson, George A DHS ENSS Team Lead 703-968-1290 VA US
Wilson, Jason DHS 202-254-6653 DC US
Wilson, Jessica DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-2274 DC US
Wilson, John V DHS Project Engineering Asc Mgr 202-420-9275 DC US
Wilson, Kathleen DHS Procurement Analyst 202-447-0775 DC US
Wilson, Kerry DHS Program Manager 202-254-6009 DC US
Wilson, Laura DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7312 DC US
Wilson, Mario N DHS Project Officer 202-254-6413 DC US
Wilson, Matthew W DHS SPP ExecSec 202-447-4658 DC US
Wilson, Michael L DHS Information Security Specialist 202-357-6141 DC US
Wilson, Monique F DHS Technical Writer/Editor 703-235-5695 VA US
Wilson, Myrna L DHS Program Analyst 202-447-3879 DC US
Wilson, Peggy DHS Bankcard Program Manager 202-447-5833 202-447-5828 DC US
Wilson, Peter B DHS Deputy Director, Business Operations and Support 202-357-8511 202-357-8293 DC US
Wilson, Rose DHS Technology Consultant 4 703-742-1179 703-733-3623 VA US
Wilson, Royce A DHS FLEET CARD MANAGER 202-447-5826 DC US
Wilson, Sonya DHS Human Capital Assistant 703-235-2107 703-235-2054 VA US
Wilson, Steven DHS Chemical Security Inspector 202-841-9851 WA US
Wilson, Trevor B DHS Senior Intelligence Analyst 202-664-3381 DC US
Wilson, Troy DHS 202-282-8178 DC US
Wilson, Virginia DHS 202-612-1145 DC US
Wilson, William S DHS Enrollment Official DC US
Wilson Jr, Wendell DHS Configuration Manager 202-612-1677 DC US
Wilson Sr, Robert S DHS Problem Manager 228-813-3381 228-813-4884 MS US
Wilson-Davis, Shynija DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5849 DC US
Wilson-McIntyre, Amber DHS Executive Assistant 202-254-2212 DC US
Wiltsee, James DHS Business Analyst DC US
Wimberly, Angethlor DHS Admin. Officer 202-447-4303 202-447-4441 DC US
Wimbush, James DHS Program Aquisition Specialist 202-343-2527 DC US
Winans, Mitchell DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-6365 DC US
Windelberg, Marjorie DHS Task Lead, SBPRDC 703-284-3219
Windham, Nicole DHS Budget and Planning 703-235-2236 VA US
Windisch, Beth DHS Policy Advisor 202-254-6947 DC US
Windle, Judy DHS Contractor 202-603-6326 DC US
Winford, Donneaka E DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-282-0970 202-282-8279 DC US
Wingrove, Richard DHS USCG Liaison 301-713-7706 301-713-7706 DC US
Winkler, Jeremy DHS Leiglsative Assistant 202-447-5876 DC US
Winkler, Rachel DHS Policy Analyst 202-357-8350 x.78350 DC US
Winn, Mara EB DHS Program Manager 703-351-1101 VA US
Winslow, Janett DHS 202-254-5333 202-254-6172 DC US
Winslow, Kevin DHS Senior Security Specialist 202-447-5344 202-447-5312 DC US
Winter, Dean DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-9466 DC US
Winter, Phan T DHS 202-254-5617 DC US
Winters, David L DHS Director, DNDO/OHA Acquisition Division 202-254-6952 DC US
Winters, Robert E DHS Protective Security Advisor 412-995-3750 412-281-7914 PA US
Wippert, Francis DHS Computer Support 631-323-3124 NY US
Wirth, Katherine DHS Biological Compliance Analyst 202-254-6753 202-254-6177 DC US
Wischnowski, Tom A DHS 703-341-4070 VA US
Wise, Brent DHS Reports Officer 202-657-8574 AZ US
Wise, David L DHS Security & Authorization Analyst 228-813-3322 MS US
Wise, Donna DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-357-8249 202-357-8140 DC US
Wise, James DHS Risk Management Specialist 703-235-3616 VA US
Wise, Monica V DHS enrollment offical DC US
Wise, Ryan DHS Risk Analyst 202-343-1691 202-343-4011 DC US
Wiseman, Kevin P DHS Senior IA Analyst 228-813-3321 MS US
Wiser, Jeffrey DHS Intelligence Officer 317-234-4950 IN US
Wishner, Rachel DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-3541 DC US
Wisniewski, Leo DHS Supervisory Criminal Investigator 202-254-6495 202-254-6403 DC US
Wisor, Jan DHS Chief of Staff 202-447-5547 202-447-5540 DC US
Witcher, Jerri DHS Systems Administrator 202-282-9200 DC US
Witcoski, Jonathan DHS HIFLD to the Regions 570-582-3933 PA US
Withers, Darren DHS Customer Assurance 202-447-4691 DC US
Withers, Joyce DHS Program Analyst 703-603-4739 VA US
Withrow, Casey B DHS Personnel Security Assistant 202-447-0995 202-447-0697 DC US
Wittrock, Mark DHS Deputy Assistant Director 202-254-7252 DC US
Wixted, Peter DHS Environmental Program Manager 202-664-6847 DC US
Wojnar, Patricia T DHS Systems Engineer 1-202-282-8689 1-202-447-4078 DC US
Woldemichael, Haben DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5685 202-447-5725 DC US
Wolf, Margaret H DHS 202 324 0864 DC US
Wolff, Gregory DHS Chemical Security Inspector IL US
Wolfhope, Patricia DHS General Engineer 202-254-5790 DC US
Wolfinger, Joseph DHS S&T Acquisition Division Director 202-254-6627 DC US
Wolfington, Troy D DHS Telecommunications Specialist 202-343-1713 202-343-4017 DC US
Wolfrey, Jimmy DHS FOIA Program Specialist 703-235-0133 VA US
Woller, Curt DHS Budget Analyst 202-447-5136 DC US
Wolslayer, Kelly A DHS Deputy Director, Continuity and Doctrine Division 202-282-9841 DC US
Woltz, David R DHS Security Specialist 202-612-1672 DC US
Wolynec-Werner, Ariana DHS Acquisition Management Intelligence Support Team Lead 202-282-9629 202-282-8803 DC US
Wombacher, Matthew R DHS Protective Security Advisor National Capitol Region 703-235-9344 VA US
Wombel, Raymond K DHS IT technician 202-282-8081 DC US
Womble, Rebecca DHS Proj Mgr 919-424-5454 NC US
Wong, Adrienne DHS Policy Analyst/ Boren Scholar 202-282-9761 202-282-9207 DC US
Wong, Annie DHS Policy Advisor 202-357-7777 DC US
Wong, Frank DHS NTNFC DOE Liaison 202-254-7541 DC US
Wong, Jennifer DHS Cyber Security Analyst 703-235-3026 VA US
Wong, Nancy DHS Director 703-603-5072 VA US
Wong, Natalie N DHS Accessibility Specialist 202-447-5461 DC US
Wong, Rita Y DHS Project Manager 202-447-0773 DC US
Woo, Elisabeth M DHS Database Management Specialist 202-447-5147 202-447-0688 DC US
Wood, Catherine K DHS Senior Analyst 202-254-2325 202-254-8240 DC US
Wood, Cecil DHS Information System Analyst 703-235-5088 703-235-5078 VA US
Wood, Chad R DHS 202-282-8151 DC US
Wood, Kathy Anne DHS SETA/Program Analyst/Mgr.; Exercise Support & Engagement Liaison 202-254-7144 202-254-7751/7752 DC US
Wood, Mark DHS Sr. Technical Liaison / LAN C 703-803-4826 DC US
Wood, Nicholas DHS Technical Writer/Editor 202-343-2466 DC US
Wood, Shameka DHS CIA Chief Liaison Officer/NOC Team Chief 202-282-9944 DC US
Wood, Susan DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0988 DC US
Woodard, Gil K DHS O&M/ISSO Manager 202-447-3794 DC US
Woodard, James D DHS SETA Contractor 202-254-7242 DC US
Woodberry, Stephen F DHS Contractor 202-254-7395 DC US
Woodhouse, Allen DHS Chief of Staff, NCS 703-235-4214 VA US
Woodhouse, Kenitha DHS Human Capital Intern VA US
Woodland, Joseph D DHS Facilites Operations Specialist 202-282-9351 DC US
Woodruff, Dexter DHS FEMA LNO DC US
Woods, Brenda DHS HR Specialist-Performance Mgmt 202-357-8542 202-357-8473 DC US
Woods, Stephanie M DHS Requirements Analyst 703-235-8226 VA US
Woods, Timothy DHS Watch Analyst 202-282-9201 VA US
Woods, Troy DHS 202-282-8569 DC US
Woods, Tyrone DHS Human Resource Spec 703-235-2256 VA US
Woods, William DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-8078 DC US
Woodward, Sophia L DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0511 DC US
Woody, Patrick DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-612-1152 202-282-9895 DC US
Woodyard, Jalonda DHS Senior Functional Analyst 202-343-2514 DC US
Wooten, Alfred J DHS Research Chemist II 609-813-2652 NJ US
Works, Aaron E DHS Incident Handler 703-235-5111 VA US
Worth, John F DHS Open Source Collection Manager 202-447-4836 DC US
Worthy, Gayle DHS Program Analyst 703-235-2142 703-235-2052 VA US
Worthy, Maria DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0093 202-447-0061 DC US
Wortman, Darryl DHS Security Training Specialist 202-447-5472 202-447-5897 DC US
Wotring, Edmund DHS 703-284-3231 VA US
Wrench, Kevin DHS Biodefense Analyst 202-254-6317 DC US
Wright, Alan DHS Policy Analyst 202-447-4830 DC US
Wright, Andrew DHS Intelligence Operations Specialist 202-282-9889 DC US
Wright, Jacquee DHS Confidential Assistant to Secretary 202-282-8203 282-282-8236 DC US
Wright, Karen B DHS Financial Analyst 202-447-4472 202-447-3464 DC US
Wright, Katrina DHS Systems Engineer/Test Manager 202-254-7453 DC US
Wright, Kimberly DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-384-3379 DC US
Wright, Kristy R DHS 202-254-5383 202-254-6169 DC US
Wright, Magda E DHS Executive Assistant 202-357-6111 DC US
Wright, Mark DHS Certification Agent 703-235-5726 VA US
Wright, Michelle A DHS Writer-Editor 202-447-5174 202-447-5164 DC US
Wright, Shawn P DHS IA Security Engineer 202-357-7829 DC US
Wright, Sherry T DHS Security Officer 703-235-2596 VA US
Wright, William R DHS Chief Data Architect 425-922-9229 WA US
Wrobel, Mark C DHS Program Manager 202-254-7629 DC US
Wroth, John DHS Lt Col 202-447-3483 DC US
Wulf, David DHS Deputy Director 703-603-4778 VA US
Wunder, Matthew DHS KMO Watch Analyst 202-282-8117 DC US
Wyatt, Jeffrey A DHS NICC Watch Analyst VA US
Wyatt, Sharon T DHS Personnel Security Specialist 202-447-5276 202-447-0697 DC US
Wyche, Ronnie A DHS Hoc staff 202-282-9200 202-447-3619 DC US
Wylie, Mandy DHS Contract Specialist 202-254-7230 DC US
Wylie, Wayne DHS Management & Program Analyst 703-603-5099 VA US
Wynn, Maria H DHS Executive Assistant 202-447-4157 DC US
Wyse, Gregory C DHS 202-282-9667 DC US
Xander, David A DHS Team Lead - Learning Assessment and Evaluation 202-357-8536 202-357-8471 DC US
Xie, Jun DHS OBIEE Developer 703-901-6688 DC US
Yaap, Stuart A DHS DHS I&A Liaison to NORAD 719-556-3242 CO US
Yabar, Americo DHS Program & Management Analyst 202-357-8405 202-357-8474 DC US
Yackshaw, Agnes DHS Correspondence Analyst 202-447-3120 202-282-9186 DC US
Yacovelli, Vito J DHS Operations Manager, TOOLS & Monitoring Services 202-603-6298 DC US
Yadav, Dave DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-447-0395 DC US
Yagerman, Barbara DHS Branch Chief 703-603-5022 VA US
Yang, Jennifer DHS 202-449-3763 DC US
Yang, Yifan DHS Procurement Technician 202-358-7745 DC US
Yankay, James DHS Statistician 202-786-9562 202-786-9910 DC US
Yao, Maxwell DHS General Engineer 202-254-7262 202-254-7749 DC US
Yap, Gilbert C DHS Detective 305-470-3880 DC US
Yarborough, LaMonte R DHS Deputy Director, Risk Management Division 202-357-1202 DC US
Yarn, Wayne P DHS Executive Support Services 703-235-8197 VA US
Yaros, Jerry DHS Senior Acquistion Specialist 202-343-2528 DC US
Yarusso, Daina M DHS Budget Technician 631-323-3059 631-323-3169 NY US
Yates, Donna H DHS Executive Assistant 202-282-8729 DC US
Yates, Ryan J DHS Honors Attorney 202-282-8029 DC US
Yates, Thomas DHS Sr Emergency Operations Specialist 202-282-8120 DC US
Yates Sr, Kenneth D DHS MRT-NAC Remedy Queue Master 202-282-8081 DC US
Yearry, Jessica E DHS Executive Assistant 202-254-6940 DC US
Yee, Bing DHS attorney advisor 703-603-4678 VA US
Yee, Evelyn DHS Executive Secretary 202-357-8208 202-357-8504 DC US
Yellen, Brett DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-4476 DC US
Yereb, Daniel J DHS BioWatch Field Operations PM 703-647-8052 703-648-8250 DC US
Yezierski, Michelle DHS Civil Engineer 703-603-5132 703-603-5190 VA US
Yoakum, Nathaniel DHS IT Service Desk Analyst 800-250-7911 IN US
Yochum, Peter DHS Contract Support 202-343-1731 DC US
Yoder, Stephen C DHS Intern 202-447-0576 DC US
Yokley, Charles A DHS Lead Enterprise Architect 202-447-5692 DC US
Yoon, Chris S DHS NCPS Engineering 703-235-3011 VA US
York, Matthew T DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-282-8607 DC US
York, Stephen T DHS Plans & Exercise Analyst 202-254-6339 202-254-2295 DC US
Yost, Daniel DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-447-3181 DC US
Yost, Maura E DHS Consultant 703-377-7137 DC US
Yott, William DHS Armed Security Officer 609-813-2804 NJ US
You, Young DHS NOC IT Support 202-282-9018 DC US
Young, Adam DHS Contractor DC US
Young, Andre T DHS Senior Technician 202-282-8081 DC US
Young, Barbara DHS Executive Assistant 202-357-1203 202-357-1299 DC US
Young, Carlton DHS LT/Analyst 202-447-4621 DC US
Young, Chrystal R DHS Director, Complaints Management and Adjudications Unit 202-254-8239 202-254-8240 DC US
Young, David F DHS Lead System Architect 703-907-3985 VA US
Young, Dolores DHS 202-447-5204 DC US
Young, Felecia G DHS Watch Officer 202-282-9698 DC US
Young, James DHS Transportation Security Specialist 202-282-8123 DC US
Young, John J DHS Chief, Admin Security Division 202-447-5337 202-447-5312 DC US
Young, Kathryn DHS Regional Commander - St. Louis 202-657-7655 IL US
Young, Kevin B DHS Security Officer 202-447-3796 DC US
Young, Kimberly Y DHS Security Escort 202-447-3564 DC US
Young, Lamar DHS Dep Dir, OMNCS Plans and Resources 703-235-4211 VA US
Young, LaSean DHS Program Analyst/Office Manager 703-235-8205 VA US
Young, Loretta DHS Executive Assistant 202-254-6033 202-254-5704 DC US
Young, Michelle L DHS Cybersecurity Analyst 703-284-8203 VA US
Young, Patricia DHS Training Manager 202-357-8116 DC US
Young, Richard V DHS Deputy Division Manager/IT Specialist 202-447-5911 DC US
Young, Sharene E DHS 202-254-6938 DC US
Young, Siegfred DHS SME 202-281-0345 DC US
Young, Sophia DHS Compliance Analyst 703-603-4680 DC US
Young, Tracey DHS Infrastructure Analyst 202-282-8149 DC US
Youngblood, Ernest O DHS Change Administrator 919-424-5627 NC US
Youngblood, Warren L DHS BCEP 703-235-9314 VA US
Younger, James M DHS ISSO 703-603-4682 VA US
Yrga, Elisabeth DHS Program Coordinator - Purchase Card 202-447-5189 202-447-5118 DC US
Yu, Chia-Chi DHS Program Analyst 202-447-0694 DC US
Yu, Eugene DHS Deputy Director, ICAM PMO 202-447-3578 DC US
Yu, Jina K DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0450 DC US
Yu, Mina DHS SETA 202-254-6122 DC US
Yudson, Marc DHS Security Engineering Manager 202-357-1216 DC US
Yuhas, Michael DHS Mr. 202-282-8725 202-282-9895 DC US
Yuhasz, Amy DHS Engineer 850-452-5833 FL US
Yuille, Twana DHS PRISM Support 202-447-0540 DC US
Yurevitch, Helen X DHS Executive Assistant 202-343-2446 202-343-2530 DC US
Zabko, John DHS Assistant Director 202-254-7416 DC US
Zaboski, Michael DHS Sr. Operations Research Analyst 202-343-4508 202-343-4239 DC US
Zaboski, Tom DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-5709 DC US
Zaffar, Ehsan DHS Policy Advisor 202-357-7693 DC US
Zaffuto, Jason D DHS Systems Administrator 228-813-3324 MS US
Zagorski, Joseph DHS HSIN Watch Officer 202-282-8808/9946 DC US
Zaman, Zaneb DHS 202-254-5806 DC US
Zamor, Joubert DHS Senior System Analyst GA US
Zandi, Patrick DHS BMC / Remedy Consultant 202-306-9948 VA US
Zanker, Michael DHS Senior Medical Officer 202-254-5355 202-254-6094 DC US
Zapata, Ivan DHS Management & Program Analyst 202-254-5678 202-254-2295 DC US
Zapko, Catherine DHS HR-Specialist 202-357-8537 DC US
Zappulla, Frank DHS ORISE 631-323-3039 NY US
Zarate, John DHS DC US
Zari, Sharon DHS Secretary 609-813-2750 609-646-2536 NJ US
Zarrella, Anthony DHS COOP Planning 202-343-2480 DC US
Zarzycki, Joseph H DHS Contractor 262-456-0530 MD US
Zaso, Andrew DHS Division Manager - Application Development and Intergration 202-447-5615 DC US
Zaudtke, Anne M DHS SETA Support Contractor 202-254-6366 202-254-6164 DC US
Zawasky, Michael DHS Program Security Manager 202-254-6418 202-254-6402 DC US
Zeberlein, Gregory D DHS 703-235-3614 VA US
Zebron, Victor J DHS Security Engineer | ISSO 202-447-5273 DC US
Zehler, Andrew DHS Management and Program Analyst 202-343-2515 DC US
Zehner, Matthew DHS Program Analyst 703-235-2553 VA US
Zeigler, Zachary DHS Reports Officer 202-447-4287 DC US
Zeitoun, Amalie E DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7707 DC US
Zeitz, Brian DHS Chief, Incident Management 703-235-8856 VA US
Zelando, Michele L DHS Chief, IT Operations Branch 202-254-5894 DC US
Zeller, Joshua DHS Intelligence Research Specialist 202-282-9787 DC US
Zeller, Randel DHS Director, International and Interagency Coordination 202-254-5310 202-254-6172 DC US
Zelnik, John DHS Regional Director 615-483-7965 TN US
Zenon, Elious E DHS Program Analyst 202-282-9641 DC US
Zerbato, Justin DHS Contract Specialist 202-447-0545 DC US
Zerbi, Nohemi DHS Chemical Engineer 703-603-5117 703-603-5190 VA US
Zerwick, Katherine W DHS Communications Officer 703-894-6920 VA US
Zhang, David DHS Mr. 202-254-6954 DC US
Zhitnitsky, Jacob DHS System Engineer 202-254-7225 DC US
Zia, Kamran DHS CRMD O&M Engineering Lead 202-447-0365 DC US
Ziebart, Ricky L DHS Fire Program Specialist 301-447-1821 VA US
Ziegler, Larry K DHS Technical Consultant IV 703-736-8561 VA US
Ziegler, Sarah H DHS Security Specialist DC US
Zielinski, Anthony B DHS DC2 Systems Administrator 919-424-5622 NC US
Zimmerly, Kate DHS Presidential Management Fellow 202-282-8212 DC US
Zimmerman, Marcie DHS DOE NOC Watch Officer 202-282-8125 DC US
Zimmerman, Michael E DHS Telecommunications Specialist 202-343-1729 DC US
Zimmermann, Kate L DHS Program Analyst 202-254-7726 DC US
Zisler, Melissa DHS Intelligence Analyst 202-447-4677 DC US
Zitz, Eric R DHS Collection Manager 202-282-9539 DC US
Ziu, John A DHS Associate Director 202-447-5556 202-447-5725 DC US
Zoll, Richard DHS Sr. Network Engineer II 609-813-2818 NJ US
Zoller, Adam T DHS Associate Director, Analysis Group 703-235-8869 VA US
Zou, Jun DHS 703-603-5118 703-603-5190 VA US
Zukose, Barry M DHS Enterprise Architect 845-342-5508 954-337-5925 NY US
Zumwalt, Barbara DHS Information Systems Engineer 910-319-7206 DC US
Zurcher, John DHS Control Systems Security Program Analyst VA US
Zurita, Mariceny DHS NY US  


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