I Asked Snowden If He Was a Deep Cover CIA Project

By John Robles II (retired)  

October 16, 2015

Edward Snowden and Michael Hayden

He of course has not answered

like he ignored all requests from Russian media for an interview. In his own words he is involved in secret projects yet he says his enemies are close by and is silent on every issue that affects Russian and that he could help with. My contacts in the Russian Government say he is not working with anyone, he is helping himself and is therefore more likely than not what I thought he was since day one, a deep cover illegal involved in subversion of the Russian state and distraction operations. Opening a Twitter page when ISIS is getting its ass kicked in Syria to distract the public is more evidence against him that even a child could see. Since the beginning I have had a problem with Snowden and his "being trapped in a transit zone" among other things. I voiced my suspicions to him recently and even openly called him a CIA Agent on Twitter when he made a joke about me going to Mars because they do not check documents (done openly on his Twitter page and I suspected it was a message to me after my public request to President Putin for a passport). Now he is planning to go home according to reports and interviews. My old "friends" are telling me I should be quiet and not see conspiracies everywhere.

The United States Government, the CIA and the NSA are adept at media operations and information control and manipulation. So adept that even a CIA Agent and NSA contractor like Snowden may not even know that he is simply being used. How? The US power elite have always had distractors they roll out into the media when their illegality, failures or crimes are about to be exposed. This is understandable as such would bring into question their legitimacy and thus their illegal holds on power. Classically, going back to the Kennedy assassination, those in power in the US and those in the Military/Industrial/Intelligence Complex who are the true rulers of America, have no problems starting wars, assassinating leaders, murdering opponents and using every nefarious trick in their books to maintain their power and hide their identities and crimes. This we know. Look at 9-11. When you can finally accept that 9-11 was an Inside Job carried out by CIA/Mossad/Saudi interests and rogue JSOC figures, then you can finally realize what we are up against.  

Going back to Snowden and what I call "Distractor Operations" and again going back to the Kennedy assassinations, Distractor Agents, such as Oswald, Ames, Bin Laden, Ochoa, Assange, Jackson, Segal and now Snowden, have always served the Complex in their media operations on various fronts. When these fail the Complex simply goes to war with some small defenseless country such as Clinton did in Yugoslavia when he risked losing power due to the Lewinsky affair. Distractor Agents and Operations are used and are effective in order to increase or maintain budgets, maintain power, terrorize the public or distract from the truth. The Agents may not even be aware that they are simply being used, such as may be the case with Snowden. Here again I point out the timing. He showed up and effectively threw a net over scores of events and people who threatened the Complex on a score of fronts including directly myself. Snowden does not even realize himself how he has been used, he believes he has shown the light on dark places against the wishes of the Complex but this is not really the case.

Any Hacker worth their salt and anyone such as Assange who is engaged in exposing the Complex already knew all of the information that Snowden "revealed". What Snowden did for the Complex, hidden by the web of lies that even Snowden can not see through, is consolidate the entire Internet Truth Movement into one tight little package, with a CIA/NSA Agent as the Stalwart for Truth. You are not supposed to know this. You are not supposed to know that Snowden did not reveal anything that is technically illegal. You are supposed to know that the Intercept and Greenwald and Poitras and all of the "Snowden Revelations" were bought out by Pierre Omidyar (CIA Color Revolution Funder) and his "Intercept" and that it is all an Op. Snowden himself does not want to know it. He has been so heavily programmed and is so deep under cover that he really believes he is doing the right thing and that what he exposed to the world really made a difference. I argue that the Snowden revelations only verified what all of us in the Truth Movement were doing and what any Hacker and anyone at WikiLeaks already knew. When Snowden has outlived his usefulness or his media "power" he will quietly return home, being given a new identity or be liquidated.

If you doubt that Snowden is a pawn, and Snowden you yourself think about this if you are in fact "unaware" of how you are serving the COmplex, look at the facts, the secret is all in the timing and what has NOT happened. Snowden, with all of his knowledge, and if we are to believe what we have been told, possessing the entire Holy Grail of US Intelligence, has never once revealed anything against the CIA, about 9-11 or in fact any program that is completely illegal and operating without a legal basis under US law. He has never really come out in defense of Truth Seekers like Assange, he has never made any meaningful statements in defense of Russia or President Putin, he has never spoken out against the phony War on Terror, Israel, the CIA/NATO secret armies and war in Ukraine, he has never said anything about ISIS or 9-11 or the PNAC or NATO expansion, stolen US elections, police brutality, oppression, genocide, the secret war against Hackers and information activists, yet he is the Holy Grail of Truth. Snowden, with his NSA "revelations" and his Mickey Mouse run from the Empire did serve his CIA masters well as laid out in the links below. The CIA's budget was saved and funding which was to have gone to the NSA, effectively putting DCI and CIA on the back burner, was recovered and those in the CIA Covert Operations Community had their poster boy. The NSA was also served, now the American people and the people of the world can live in fear because the NSA is everywhere. In your phone and your comps. We must all fear the USA and in that Snowden was effective. Yet ask yourself this: how is it that such an all powerful organization like the NSA and an all deadly organization like the CIA were unable to liquidate Snowden or even locate him as he travelled around on aircraft and stayed in hotels? The answer is he was allowed to escape and in fact he did exactly what he was programmed to do. Anyone who has had to go small and has escaped the Complex knows exactly what I am talking about.

Before I go ask yourself this as I have been asking myself as well: out of all of the places he could have gone and out of all the possible scenarios that could have taken place, how is it that Snowden showed and was based less than 50 kilometers away from me and my family (the only three Americans until that point with political asylum in Russia and after I was specifically targeted by ex US Ambassador Michael McFaul) and why is it that since his arrival my life has gone down hill. Why is it also that his "case" was being handled by the same people who handled mine, while his lawyer refused to even speak to me to help my and my family and all of the WikiLeaks principles who I had such a wonderful working relationship with until the day he showed up, also refuse to even admit I exist now. My employer, the Voice of Russia, which was effectively fighting the Complex, was liquidated and my life and family have been destroyed. Ask yourself that and then ask the monied interests and millionaires sucking off the CIA teat here in Moscow why they support Snowden when he has absolutely no interest in assisting or protecting the Russian State or the Russian people.

If you are unaware of how the CIA operates or how they have embedded themselves in Russia, going back to the 1980s, with entire police departments and government agencies having been or still being on the take and receiving CIA lucre, then I suggest you read up on it. These are real forces that are damaging me and I think the record makes that crystal clear. We all  know of public paid agents like Navalny, Nemtsov and Sobchak and entire staff made up of CIA advisors like that of Chubais.

Look at Snowden's Twitter page. Is there any mention of the poor people of Donbass being killed by CIA planners and Rand Corporation advisors? Is there anything on Snowden's page about the rights of the oppressed, persecuted Hackers, ISIS ties to the CIA, 9-11, droning, TPP or even about poor Julian Assange? No. There is nothing. But look, the NSA is everywhere! FEAR THEM! And look how good I am! I exposed them! He exposed what they wanted him to expose and like it or not the damage he caused to the Complex was negligible. Yet the benefits to the CIA budget noticeable!

Finally I will leave you with this: Russia has just made the world multi-polar again. Russia is wiping out a Secret CIA/Mossad/Saudi army. And POP! Here's Snowden. Look over here everyone! Snowden has a Twitter page! He has a million followers from US military and intelligence bases and installations worldwide in 5 minutes. Here is the valiant Snowden who is even being protected by Russia even though he has never said one public word in support of Russia or its truly valiant President Putin. Here is Snowden saying he wants to go home and will do prison time if his great country deems such necessary. Here is Snowden with his non-CIA boss. Maybe it is time to end Operation Snowed In? After all Robles has decided to speak out! Let's see what the reaction will be on Snowmen's Twitter page.

Update: When you realize that Snowden, Poitras, Greenwald and their platform "The Intercept" along with all the so-called Snowden Docs, are all being sponsored and are in fact owned by Iranian Color Revolution sponsor billionaire Pierre Omidyar then you will aslo question the Snowden myth.

Posted 10-16-2015 14:49 MST

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