Whose Law? The Transmogrification of the Empire of Lies - Democide

Given the State of War Russia Should Have a Strong Global Voice


The Truth About the VOR - Russia Report - Number 9



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February 12, 2023


The USA is NOT the Sovereign. It's the Occupier of Turtle Island...
Whose Law? The Transmogrification of the Empire of Lies
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Our VK is re-activated with details of my personal life. Brett Armitage Sinclair is a CIA Officer who along with VERAX helped the Clinton's and the Cabal hide billions in terrorist funding... Dig a little for the truth
Remember the Scum Who Revoked My Passport Now CIA Director
#ФСБ #ДеАмериканизация - THE JAR2 INSURANCE FILES - #ДеАмериканизация
#JAR2InsuranceFiles #Деамериканизация #ДеНацификация #СвоихНеБросаемКромеДжон В связи с действиями МВД России и Казакова мы публикуем наши страховые файлы под хэштегами #Деамериканизация #ДеНацификация #СвоихНеБросаемКромеДжон Я хочу, чтобы Россия была суверенной и свободной от вмешательства и контроля ЦРУ. Эти файлы для вас, Русских народ и любых настоящих журналистов, которые остались. Мы хранили эти файлы в течение многих лет, но сегодня мы публикуем эти файлы, касающиеся операций ЦРУ в России. Пока ЦРУ разрешено тайно работать в России и платить российским «элитам», Россия никогда не станет суверенной страной. Сегодня JAR2 представляет вам файлы THE JAR2 INSURANCE FILES. В первом файле показано, как ЦРУ контролирует нарратив Кремля, во втором — как ЦРУ использовало «Яндекс» для отслеживания русских за границей, а в третьем — как ЦРУ на протяжении десятилетий преследовало JAR2. В духе Александра Невского мы представляем вам СТРАХОВЫЕ ФАЙЛИ.
#JAR2InsuranceFiles #ДеАмериканизация #ДеНацификация #СвоихНеБросаемКромеДжон Due to the actions of MVD Russia and Казакова we are releasing our insurance files under the hashtags #ДеАмериканизация #ДеНацификация #СвоихНеБросаемКромеДжон I want Russia to be soverein and free from CIA interference and control. These files are for you, the Russian people and any real journalists who are left. We have held these files for years now but today we are releasing these files regarding CIA Operations in Russia. While the CIA is allowed to remain operating secretly in Russia and paying Russia's "eltes" Russia will never be a sovereign country. Today JAR2 brings you the JAR2 INSURANCE files. File one shows how the CIA controls the narrative of the Kremlin, file two shows how the CIA used Yandex to track Russians aborad and file three shows how the CIA has targeted JAR2 for decades. In the spirit of Alexander Nevsky we bring you the INSURANCE FILES.
One The JAR2 Files:
Key info: Snowden
Two: The Spokesman Files:
Key info: Brett Armitage Sinclair is a CIA Officer who along with Snowden helped the Clinton's and the Cabal hide billions.
Three: The Yandex Files:
Key info: Search results to Turkey and NSA Netherlands
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The Transmogrification of the Empire of Lies



I don't know how much longer I am going to be alive so I am publishing this in part. If I die halfway through it at least I tried and fought to the end.


Whose Law?

The Transmogrification of the Empire of Lies





This article is dedicated to my five children whom I love and cherish but am not able to see for security reasons, and to my ex-wives who all found incredibly bullshit and unbelievably different reasons to leave me. I have fought to try to make the world a better place for you and all the children to come. – John Robles II



Chapter One
On Journalism and the Empires of Lies MOCKINGBIRD

Take Over of the Media and the Internet the Media as a Global CIA/MOCKINGBIRD

Chapter Two
Current Events and Operations

Chapter Three
Who, What, When, Where and Why

Chapter Four

The Transmogrification of the Empire of Lies and the Zionist Entity

The Collapse of the Petro Dollar

The Collapse of the Central Banking Pyramid Scheme

Chapter Five

International Law and Illegitimate States
Broken Treaties and the Indigenous Solution

Fake States and Why the World Ignores the American Genocide


Chapter Six

World War III and Targetting

Chapter Seven

A New Global Security Concept for the Preservation of Mankind
Targetting of the true guilty parties
Necessary International Judicial Structures and New Legal System Based on Truth
Liquidating or Restructuring the United Nations
Making Interventionary and all War Illegal

Chapter FINAL





Humanity Returning to Dark Ages for Senile European Elites


Despite the progress that humankind has made in all fields of human endeavor and more importantly the fact that world poverty and inequality could have been eradicated decades ago, today in 2023 the world has returned to a state approaching that of the darkest times in human history and the responsibility for that lies completely and totally with the collective so-called West and the less than 300 monied manipulators, puppet masters and string pullers who control everything in the “West”.

There is nothing new to what is going on today, as Alexander Nevsky said 800 years ago with regard to the Vatican and the Golden Horde, “The East wants our money, but the West wants our souls” and this holds entirely true today. Western propagandists and proponents of the Imperial Empire of Lies and Genocide, self-servingly call their ages’ long attempts at global domination as the “Great Game” underlying the pure soulless cynicism with which they view the human race, however by their own actions they have shown that what they call a “game” is no longer one which they are worthy of being a part of.

Living in a country targeted for destruction by the Empire of Lies I have seen firsthand the ways and means that are used by the “West” to target any country that does not bow to their will. In the past they attacked weak third world regimes, exclusively non-white countries and isolated states that no one knew much about anyway, and as a journalist I documented and exposed many of those crimes and the criminal tactics such as selling enrichment tubes to Iraq and then claiming they were trying to build WMDs so they needed to be eradicated. Lies and lies and more lies, and this is in fact the same thing they have done right here against Russia. Only this time they will not get away with it but they do not understand that and are ready to destroy all of human civilization to reach their unfulfillable objective of world domination.

Here it is important to note and I will be getting into this aspect in this piece, that it is not the people or even the government of the USA itself who are at fault but in fact a very small minority of monied soulless monsters who in fact dictate USA Government policy and have already enslaved the entire West in order to fulfill their unattainable, yet insatiably desired, New World Order, which in fact is nothing new at all. The illegitimate and illegal empire of the West is collapsing, it is just a question of time, all of the evil they have carried out is coming back to haunt them and it will destroy them completely and totally, of this I have no doubt.

So you (if you live in the West) and to a certain degree we (living in the free world where things are beginning to be cleaned up), now live in a world run by an illegal out of control lunatic cabal whose genocide and slavery founded states wants to kill you all in order to control and own everything and not have to share a penny. They believe they can replace humans with machines and perhaps they have secretly already developed the means to do so and have marked 8 billion people for extermination one way or another. Through vaccine genocide or WWIII, their hope is that 8 billion people die and they are somehow left untouched. Their emissary Bill Gates has already made this perfectly clear as well as how the Cabal controls those in the US Government (Fauci/DARPA). When I did care and try to inform you of what they were doing you did not listen and you failed to act when something could have been done. Now all you have an establishment Illuminati racist Jew named Drumpf waiting in the wings as your only option. I informed you what and how to get your freedom and your very lives back but you refused to listen instead quietly watching as me and my family were destroyed, so I am no longer writing for you, but in fact writing to maintain the historical record of what is really happening. You say my words are no longer my own and that is incorrect but the fact that your lives are no longer yours is a fact.

For the past 9 years I have watched the so called “West” killing innocent civilians in the Donbass as their CIA trained paramilitary nazis slaughter innocent human beings through the false and barbaric aegis of a self-serving determination that they are separatists and terrorists for the sole reason that they do not want a nazi CIA puppet regime controlling their own country and have never seen any sort of meaningful outcry or resistance to it by anyone in the West, and even here in Russia the now hopefully completely evicted Western run media was almost complacent in their coverage, even airing programs such as “Dancing with nazis”. How is this possible? Well I have answered that many times in various exposes about the Western Intelligence run 5th columns and look at the issue again later in this piece, but what is most shocking is that you, once “dear” reader have done nothing. Your cowardly logic of “Oh it’s not my problem and that doesn’t involve me” is about to boomerang and hit you in your fat and lazy arse and involve you in very deep and Orwellian ways that your little brain will not be able to fathom. Your silence and indifference even when presented with evidence have made everything that is happening today possible and you will now pay for that with your lives and the lives of your children and those you love, if you in fact love anyone at all, of this have no doubt. Even soldiers are now just instruments of the elites without honor and killing for corporations and lies, this has been proven over and over again and underlined by 8 years of mass murder in the former Ukraine by the United States and their nazi filth.

So far I have written here about the USA and their nazi filth but in the heading cite senile European elites and this is not a mistake but due to the fact that once again, as the USA manipulator wants, Europe is about to drive the world into World War III. Europe is nothing any longer but a USA/NATO lapdog and it is even useless talking about European policy or European anything because European countries have no independence and they like it that way. It never ceases to amaze me that the largest country in Europe is Russia but the “Europeans” always somehow exclude Russia from being a part of Europe. Since we are cutting the crap let’s just say what the real issue is here. Europe and European in this case means white and white supremacy is the unifier of the so called West.

One has to factually look at the history of war and in particular world wars and understand that it has in fact been Europe that has done more damage to the entire planet, been guilty of more atrocities and genocides and slaughtered more human being than any other entity on the planet, except of course the genocide based United States of America which started as a dumping ground for European filth. Given history it is difficult to keep a serious face when talking about European “civilization”. Where is the civilization? In the palaces and mansions of the masters and the inbred “elites”, the true barbarians of history who have raped and pillaged the entire planet and slaughtered billions of us “breathers” and now want to slaughter billions more? If Aryan Rand and Bill Gates are the emissaries of “civilization” I think I’ll pass.

According to your “leaders” “elites” and the spineless managers you “elect” to represent you, you in the so-called “West” are nothing but bug eating breathers who will own nothing, have no privacy nor freedom nor rights and be happy to pay for it all.
What are you going to do about it?



Chapter One

On Journalism and the Empires of Lies MOCKINGBIRD


Twenty years ago one may have been completely overjoyed to have an opportunity to have an article published on a site with four thousand visitors a day and on which one could say anything one wanted to under the sun but today not even 400 million a day is enough to get a message out. Twenty years ago it was also possible to counter the lies and fabrications of the West and their Empire of Lies, even with just a few thousand readers since the Internet was still more or less free and there were some big outlets, albeit not in the “Western” countries, that published truth but today they are no longer and the Empire of Lies produces so many huge and obscene lies and at such a rate, that it is impossible to keep up. Of course this is by design and using this tactic it is easier for them to kill the truth, because first the journalist attempting to bring light to, or expose the truth has only that truth to deliver, and second because the imperial liars of the West can fabricate whatever they want to fit their echo chamber narrative leaving their “hands untied”. Today such an opportunity to get the truth out, such as the one I mentioned above, seems like nothing because “they” have bought everyone and everything and now control it all, except for a few hangers on here in Russia and elsewhere.

For the insidious power hungry entrenched global monied class, and the 298 “people” who control the western world’s corporations and wealth, and whose only motivation for existence is their own narcissistic insatiable self-gratification, greed and endless power over you and I, the despicable useless breathers and peasants (who in fact gave them all their wealth and power to begin with) and who in their endless self-aggrandizing attempt to show they are above us, call themselves the “elites”, the human race has become (in their delusional sophomoric world of master and plebe) expendable and a determination has been made for extermination, or as they call it “depopulation”. Of course these inbred satanic and completely insane “elites” want to give the world an option as the world falls to their knees in front of their 5% GDP collecting NATO god, in an idiotic confirmation that they are all-wise and all-powerful and in fact not the destroyers of the planet but its saviors, and that option is that all of the petty and frivolous so-called “states” of this planet we call Earth, give them a trillion dollars each so that they may save us from (fake) global warming and climate change which they themselves brought on the appearance of by chemically saturating the atmosphere with unholy crap for decades in their wanton attempt for “dominance” and the fulfillment of their sick and twisted New World Order, where they will live as the masters and you and I own nothing, have no privacy and consume insects, and perhaps if we are lucky and “chosen” some scraps that may fall off their overflowing tables.

In 2023, when world poverty, hunger and inequality could have been eradicated decades ago (with the Internet being a key to that change and enough wealth held in the hands of the greediest of the greedy, the Rothschilds, to facilitate the end of world poverty in one fell swoop) one has to wonder: where is the proletariat and the social equality and justice that were the biggest dangers to the Rockefeller level scum and parasites of the human race? Even in Mother Russia, where the CIA installed elites were continuously seeking affirmations from President Putin that there would be no return to the USSR, there is no talk, not even a whisper of the proletariat and the Communism that Socialism was striving to bring about. Indeed one has to ask how they switched the flip…

The answer to that can be as complex or as simple as you are willing to have it. The key event was 911 and the key instruments have been the global MOCKINGBIRD and my beloved Internet. 911 of course was the orchestrated catalyst planned by all of the lunatics and the Project for a New American Century, members and affiliates of which even today are laughing at Russia and the destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline (Kagan neo-con receptacle Nuland “new land”), which was a real project for the good of the people as it brought Europe cheap and affordable gas. Now that the USA has admitted to destroying the Nord Stream pipeline perhaps some people in the world will actually admit the true evil criminal nature of the “West” and their Empire of Lies and Genocide? That would be the hope but as evidenced by the outright arrogance and open admission to yet another international terrorist crime, the Empire of Lies is confident that their MOCKINGBIRD will stifle any dissenting voices, which of course it will because they truly control everything.

The waning hegemon in its over-confident bravado has even made it acceptable for open calls by public officials for the assassination of presidents, with Lindsey Graham’s recent calls to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin. 20 years ago such violent criminally negligent statements would have been impossible, but once again they control everything. And by everything I do not mean just the sources of information, they control all international organizations and bodies and states that could do anything to stop them. Or so they believe.

Before 911 any 5 year old could have told you that a lateral impact would not cause a building to dustify and collapse into its own footprint and after 911 there were hundreds of thousands of people who stood up and called out the liars in the government and the media who parroted their talking points. They unfortunately are no more and as far as I know I am one of the last 911 Truthers on the planet Earth. 911 was the catalyst that the lunatics at the Project for a New American Century called for and it was in fact the catalyst they “elite” lunatics needed for their New World Order plans to proceed. This includes the implementation of the global MOCKINGBIRD.

One might hasten to ask: but what is a MOCKINGBIRD useful for if it does not have spokespeople for the elites to promote and telegraph their projects and intentions? My contention is that it does. We recall that after 911 General Wesley Clark made public the new direction of the USA’s global military expedition force NATO when he said, “We are now in the business of destroying countries.” You would have thought that such a revelation would have ended his career at the least, but nothing happened because it was all by design and since 911 that is what they have been doing. Wesley Clark was just an emissary for the lunatics playing what they call “the Great Game.” Time and again Rockefeller/Greenberg Rothschild puppets have come out with such statements and nothing has happened to them. We recall Nuland’s (a Kagan) “F@ck the EU” and Snowden’s (a Greenberg) screams of full spectrum surveillance, all designed to tell the world certain truths that in fact are not as true as they may want you to think but which serve to promote the illusion of the complete and total power of the Corporation of the United States. Had these figures actually been speaking off narrative they would have been liquidated long ago, like Wesley Clark and the other fake Truthers who were and still are promoted by the MOCKINGBIRD, they are just emissaries for the Corporation. Now it is 2023 and we are on the verge of World War III, orchestrated, planned, promoted and stoked by the same lunatic elites that brought us 911 and the decades of False Flag Terror and mass-surveillance. And now there are only 5 global MOCKINGBIRD newswires to repeat the “West’s” blither or use the tactic of repeating US news and talking points and then saying some little sentence about Russia or whatever other country at the end of the piece, an editorial policy for sycophants and lunatics now in use here in Russia by “international” news outlets and many national ones as well, who run their transmissions with a repeat of the USA like a mantra every five minutes. If you want to know what is happening in the USA just go to a certain “international” Russian news outlet and they can help you out.

Part of the cabal (“elites”) trying to rule the world by: force and terror using police and military means; through mind control using everything possible; social media (the Internet) and the mass media (TV, films and print); complete and total surveillance; by destroying religious and family values (introducing Satanism); through depopulation by DNA mutating vaccines and pandemics (COVID); and the complete control of financial instruments (including chipping), all combined giving them "full spectrum dominance" thus turning everyone into the mindless brainwashed breathers they believe we are, are of course the Masons and the so-called Illuminati and no matter what they say or appear to say their only true goal is the advancement of their New World Order where they are the gods and we as peasants (the golden billion they call the mindless breathers who are left) service their needs.

The Cabal is a transnational Satanic mafia (which in fact controls the CIA) that is into everything and controls almost everything everywhere and consists of the "elites" who are a part of their system whether they want to be or not. The quote above is a perfect example of Top Secret programs and assets hiding in plain sight. It is a quote from my former "boss" who was certified by the US State Department (the CIA) and although being a "Hero of Russia" in reality serves the Cabal of "elites". The above quote was taken from his own web site and along with his own words and actions, his attributes and his affiliations prove even under the most precursory enquiry by any junior investigator that he is a Mason (the purple shirts, his hand signs, his public quotes, his fake "Jewism" and as a Moscow director told me, his love of boys). I myself seriously doubt that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a Mason but his choice of a Mason to control Russia State media can only be seen as a victory for the Cabal, the CIA which serves them and the CIA MOCKINGBIRD. A victory, a planted agent and an instrument of CIA control right in front of everyone's eyes.   

I have nothing personal against Mr. Kisilev other than the fact that I was poisoned in his office on what I am sure were his orders and during which he took the day off. I do not fault him nor Sergey Sayenko for ordering my son arrested and making him sit in a Russian prison for 5 years, I also have no personal grudge for the fact that him and his Satanic elites have blocked my attainment of Russian citizenship while granting it to CIA officer Edward Snowden, but it is the Russian people who should know the truth and who pay his salary and have allowed him to become a gray cardinal and secret oligarch while pretending to be a Russian journalist with US State Department credentials and openly telling me how he would be "... one of only nine remaining voices in the world", when I met with him a thrid time trying to save my journalistic career and my family.

The same goes with Margarita Semonyan who public admitted to being programmed by the US State Department at the age of 15 and publicly admitted to her dream of driving around America in a convertible waving an American flag. What is funny here is that you do not need a whistleblower or former insider like me or even secret documents to prove what I am saying. All you have to do is look at their product. Their "news" outlets are 100% CIA MOCKINGBIRD creations, with of course little bits of Russian position sprinkled in for effect.


By existing in what is supposed to be the 4th estate they are untouched and get to do, as I was told directly by Dmitrev a few days before being poisoned when I threatened to expose them: "...we can do whatever we want. What are you going to do call the United Nations?" Given that it was these elite mafia scum who destroyed my family and my life for the CIA and then installed a CIA officer as the truth Avatar from Russia, and the fact that I have decided to expose them, I released my insurance file. My exposure of them began right before the New Year and resulted in the attempted murder of my son in Los Angeles, keeping with Sayenko’s threats that I should worry about my family and CIA/FBI gangstalking practices.

I mentioned that I was an insider and that is a fact they cannot deny. I was for 5 years one of these “elites”, I was the lead English voice for the entire Russian World, something that they had to stop when it became clear I did not really support Israel, the Zionists or the USA hegemon and its MOCKINGBIRD and in fact supported the Russian Orthodox Church as an Orthodox Christian against the Vatican/Cabal and their Empire of Lies. It took these scum years to do destroy my family but they were successful and that is why they brought in Snowden and almost wiped me out. I am sure they are regretting that their dose of poison was not strong enough to kill me and they should have killed me when they had a chance. Now as you see, I don't give a shit, I will practice journalism and report the truth no matter who falls as a result of it. The Russian people deserve to know the truth and the Russian people deserve a strong and sovereign Russia and not to be slave to America in an American colony. 

They have tried everything now, even killing my son, but I am still here and that is proof that God is watching. I am so far off the grid in fact that only God and Russian Security know where me and the JAR2 servers are.

So let us get back to the CIA MOCKINGBIRD as I have now exposed RT and Rossiya Sevodnya for what they are, as well as all other media outlets feeding off the same 5 MOCKINGBIRD newswires, something Rossiya Sevodnya was supposed to offer an alternative to (which the Voice of Russia in fact did) but who management decided to ignore and continue being an echo chamber for their Cabal masters and not serving the Russian people who pay their salaries.

Time and time again the CIA has admitted and leaked out what it is in fact really doing, that is their method of operation, as stated by Ex Director Morrel who infamously said: “What they need is to have the Russians and Iranians pay a little price. When we were in Iraq, the Iranians were giving weapons to the Shia militia, who were killing American soldiers, right? The Iranians were making us pay a price. We need to make the Iranians pay a price in Syria. We need to make the Russians pay a price. The killing of Russians and Iranians should be undertaken covertly, so you don’t tell the world about it, you don’t stand up at the Pentagon and say ‘we did this.’ But you make sure they know it in Moscow and Tehran.” as I said earlier this is another emissary for the Corporation who through the MOCKINGBIRD tells the world how omnipotent they are in “doing whatever they want.”

As with 911 the main purpose of the MOCKINGBIRD is spreading misinformation and disinformation, covering up real crimes with never prosecuted cover crimes, attracting dissidents for targetting and elimination and forcing the world to accept their heinous crimes as the unpunishable norm of “civilization” over which they maintain the narrative that they are the “masters”. Really quite simply, benign and easy to see once you are aware of it. Operations which when in fact aware you will never be able to “un-see”, as happened with me. The current admission by CIA asset Seymour (Psych) Hersh, granted credibility by CIA operative Snowden on the Russian segment of the MOCKINGBIRD, that the CIA blew up the Nord Stream pipeline is another classic example. This was an international crime by the CIA for their masters in the Cabal and in fact in a truly “civilized” world would amount to an open declaration of war but as you can see, they expect nothing to be done about it and openly laugh, again Cabal took Kagan/Nuland pops up laughing If you doubt that Hersh like Oliver Stone and (now Russian citizen) Snowden are CIA Assets just consider that had they really exposed anything like me, Gary Webb, or Assange (who went off script somewhere along the way) and all of the people that WikiLeaks buried for the CIA, these spokes-tools would have been eliminated and cancelled like me et al..

If you still doubt the existence of the MOCKINGBIRD, again I offer you a quote by a former CIA Director, this time William Casey who said: “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” when he publicly stated what the CIA was really doing. However again I must underline that the real evil in the world is not even the CIA, the USA’s President or the monstrous US Government, they are just tools that have long been under the control of the Cabal, even presidents and CIA directors are chosen by the Cabal of the Rockefellers, Morgans, Rothschilds and those who own and control the Corporations of States.

Finally, and I underline that the MOCKINGBIRD is now global, a quote by former CIA Director William Colby who said: “The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” and add that the criminal son of a bitch CIA COS who illegally revoked my US passport in 2007 and told me: “Close your fucking site!”, William Burns, is now the Director of the CIA and his operative Snowden is now a Russian citizen.

As many reporters in the Russia media who interviewed me told me, I was naïve in believing that there was justice and that the truth would prevail and they were right. All of my journalistic work, my interviews and articles and the releasing of files, in truth did nothing to change anything and the results of my failed attempts at committing the crime of journalism and being a real whistleblower will end in the same tragic manner as that of Gary Webb, even here in Mother Russia, hence the release of my insurance file at this juncture.

In a nutshell that is where we are today with the MOCKINGBIRD and this has a direct relationship with the state of journalism worldwide because there are no more journalists covering any of it and those who are pretending to are either Intelligence controlled Limited Hangouts, Misinformation/Disinformation Intelligence Operations or Identify and Entrap Operations run by Intel Agencies.

Today with the MOCKINGBIRD journalism is in a sad state: the journalists there are who are not Intel Ops are either anonymous plagiarizers of information, paid for propagandists, or are in reality nothing but prostitutes, striving for likes and the approval of their audience. That is not journalism but I contend that their endless spreading of lies is in fact backfiring and by its own false and fake nature the MOCKINGBIRD will collapse as no one believes the media anymore, hence the CIA and the Empire of Lies are losing control. They no longer possess credibility and their ship will go down like the Titanic as they try to push their bullshit global warming, pandemic, depopulation, great reset and other global control agenda tools.

Real journalism is what I was doing on the Voice of Russia and for which I was literally poisoned and almost died. Real journalism was exposing the real monsters who carried out 911 and not simply repeating the unbelievable lies of the officials covering up for the Intel Agency puppets in MOSSAD and the CIA and their masters who actually carried out the events. 911 was, and is the litmus test determining whether one is actually worth anything as a human being, as a thinking sentient entity, as a just and good person and also as a journalist and proponent of the truth.


On the Truth


George Orwell, whose inspiration was Radio Moscow (just as it was Goebbels pain in his ear) once said: “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.”

As a journalist it is my duty to follow journalistic principles and in this regard I offer the republication of the 1971 Munich Declaration of the Duties and Rights of Journalists below:

International – Munich Declaration of the Duties and Rights of Journalists (1971)

The Munich Declaration of the Duties and Rights of Journalists, was adopted by six syndicates of journalists in the six countires of the European community in Munich, 23-24 November 1971.


The right to information, to free speech and to criticism is one of the most fundamental freedoms of every human being. The whole complex of duties and rights of journalists derives from this right of the public to know facts and opinions. The responsibility of journalists vis-a-vis the public has precedence over any other responsibility, in particular towards their employers and the public power. The mission to inform necessarily includes the limits journalists spontaneously impose on themselves. This is the subject of the present declaration of duties. Yet these duties can be effectively respected in the exercise of the journalist profession only if the concrete conditions of professional independence and dignity are implemented. This is the subject of the declaration of rights quoted here.

Declaration of duties

The essential duties of the journalist in gathering, reporting on and commenting on events consist in:

1) Respecting the truth no matter what consequences it may bring abut to him, and this is because the right of the public is to know the truth.

2) Defending the freedom of information, of commentaries and of criticism.

3) Publishing only such pieces of information the origin of which is known or – in the opposite case – accompanying them with due reservations; not suppressing essential information and not altering texts and documents.

4) Not making use of disloyal methods to get information, photographs and documents.

5) Feeling obliged to respect the private life of people.

6) Correcting any published information which has proved to be inaccurate.

7) Observing the professional secrecy and not divulging the source of information obtained confidentially.

8) Abstaining from plagiarism, slander, defamation and unfounded accusations as well as from receiving any advantage owing to the publication or suppression of information.

9) Never confusing the profession of journalist with that of advertiser or propagandist and not accepting any consideration, direct or not, from advertisers.

10) Refusing any pressure and accepting editorial directives only from the leading persons in charge in the editorial office. Every journalist worthy of this name feels honoured to observe the above-mentioned principles; while recognising the law in force in each country, he does accept only the jurisdiction of his colleagues in professional matters, free from governmental or other interventions.

That was 1971

Takeover of the Media and the Internet: the Global CIA/MOCKINGBIRD


It started with CNN way back when Ted Turner sold his soul to the CIA and it has proceeded to this day with all of the world’s media slowly being taken over by those we are not supposed to talk about (the Jews) who then of course take the money from the CIA and the USA, money from American taxpayers, to run the MOCKINGBIRD and of course promote their own self-appointed God’s chosen status and the legitimization of the genocide in Palestine and their phony roots to that territory, proving genocide based states help each other.

The effectiveness of the takeover of the world media is clear in that the MOCKINGBIRD now spreads endless unchecked and blatant lies at such a level that the only defense is turning it off and I underline the fact that since Colin Powell (may he be burning in hell) and his famous WMD test-tube fake before the United Nations and the CIA murder of Dr. David Kelly and many others during the same period, there has really been no revelations or exposure by any western or even global media outlet of any crime by the criminal 911 cabal and for 8 years while CIA-installed nazis killed civilians in the Ukraine not a word even though the evidence was not hard to find. Nothing, nechevo, nada…

The western/global media is now 100% subservient to the criminal governments and “elites” that said governments serve and that they are supposed to be serving as a check and balance for. Given my age I remember what the role of journalism and media should be, however the current generation of young and even middle aged adults has no idea of the way things should be and what is even worse, they do not care and anyone who questions the status quo, due to their programming, is considered a weirdo or a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist (term started by the CIA to demonize anyone exposing them) and have been programmed down to the neurological level to react to any truth with the dismissal of it as being politics or conspiracy theory.

When I get rolling, we return to the CIA every time and I did not want to write another piece exposing the CIA because negative or positive they feed off the narrative and I have discovered by observing the Russian media that no matter positive or negative, the Imperial western demons do not care, the main thing is that they are if not the entire narrative at least hiding around in the background. This trick with manipulation and propaganda was laid out to me by no other than Dimitry Kisilev and his lackeys at Rossiya Sevodnya who tried to get me to join their subversive US propaganda spread on Russia proper and through Russian channels to the world as they sold out Mother Russia to become a part of the MOCKINGBIRD for the sole reason that they wanted money and the “measly salaries” paid by the Russian State were just not enough for them. But the CIA has to be exposed and has to be broken up and its constituent parts completely and totally eliminated for all time to come and that is where me and the global media/Internet presstitutes of all shades parted ways.


The End of the VOR

“Our information campaign is going well but I always have Radio Moscow in my ear.” nazi propagandist Goebbels

I am going to take a break now as I have other things to do but leave you with these quotes and ask you to read the details about the liquidation of the Voice of Russia World Service. I must warn you that the original decree by the President of Russia which called for the restructuring of the VOR and the liquidation of RIA Novosti has been redacted and now point 5 which said "restructure the VOR" said "liquidate the VOR". I have a copy of the original file being saved for what I am sure will be upcoming legal proceedings.

Later: As this is being written in real time there will be some contextual break in the thought stream, please accept those and move on.

In my article, and supplementary material, The Truth About the VOR - Russia Report - Number 9, after the publishing of which the CIA attempted to kill my son in Los Angeles California, I detailed the liquidation of the VOR which had been infected by foreign intelligence agents, assets and spies, and with time it has become clear why it was done.

The tactic is not new and is used over and over again by the CIA and the Cabal. Namely before they kill or destroy an opponent they must silence them first. Ask yourself this: do the American Indians have a voice? Why did the US Government try to silence Press TV? And the most obvious question: why would Russia liquidate its own international voice with over 480 million listeners in English right as it was being attacked through proxies in the Ukraine? Why indeed, the answer is so obvious that it should be slapping everyone in the face but the MOCKINGBIRD does not allow dissent and this is what happens when the military Industrial Complex takes over the media. However in our case we have an insane genocidal mafia cabal of Satanists and global bankers who control them. Regardless of whom the silence before extermination is clear. THAT IS WHAT I AM FIGHTING!


Quotes and direct statements to witness by foreign agents at the VOR . John Anthony Robles II (JAR2):

The VOR is a broken piece of Soviet propaganda. - Margarita Semonyan (CIA "State" trained media "voice")

We will fabricate a criminal case against you for your articles. - Sergey Sayenko Vice Editor VOR English

Michael McFaul is my friend on Facebook and told me to delete your article. - Andrey Bistritsky Chairman VOR

We can do whatever we want to you. What are you going to do, call the United Nations? - Oleg Dmitrev (Liquidator of VOR)

When we talk about Israel we only speak neutrally or positively. - Olga Pavlovna (personnel upon hiring)

That was not a US passport in my drawer it was a travel document. - Victoria Alhimova (US citizen editor of English Service)

You are nothing but some louse on a stump. - Sergey Kotchetkov (Vice Chairman Rossiya Sevodnya before I was poisoned)

There should only be nine voices in the world and I will be one of them. - Dimitry Kisilev (CIA "State" certifed chairman RS)

No one is going to investigate the liquidation of the VOR. - Security Official

You are a traitor to America. Everyone is against you. I am against you. - My Russian FMS Inspector who destroyed my family and knew everything about my work and my activities in Russia.

People (patriots of Russia) at the VOR UK are receiving death threats from management. - UK journalist.

Bistritsky, Alhimova etc are guilty of treason. - Russian Army translator at the VOR

Mitrofanov cut off our funding. They have 198 people as paid staff but there are only about 46 (about English Service). - Luba

We know you are working for Security. You are a Russian agent surrounded by foreign agents. - Pavlovna

Terrorist number one is still alive. On a t-shirt with Putin's picture worn by announcer Gorbachev in the English Service.

Do you still doubt? Look at their web pages. It is there right in the open. The endless reporting of USA-centric news and opinion (possibly with a small Russia viewpoint at the end) and before it was a minimum of 5 American flags (in photographs, images, etc.) on the main pages. Their excuse that they are pandering the the USA audience and that it is a form of gray, black or some other propaganda tactic or variants of Hegelian Dialectics does not wash. Neither does the "we become the enemy to conquer the enemy" tactic. They are the enemy and Russian taxpayers are paying for it. Do you still doubt? Find one article truly bashing the CIA or NATO or the collective "West" or truly exposing their crimes and operations. You don't fight the Empire of Lies by becoming the Empire of Lies and that is what they have accomplished.

Do you still doubt? The BBG (now cleverly rebranded as the CIA/USAGM) is beaming propaganda into the USA too and I warned you about that too and I if you read all of my VOR information and my insurance file you will find the hidden hand of the BBG and their controller Linnick. Yes the CIA’s hand is clear and not only because of Mitrofanov, Bistritsky and McFaul.

And again, now under attack, Russia has no international voice. For the liquidators that, by any measure or definition, is treason. 


Zio-nazi Satanists Control it All


Now it is 2023, the CIA has eliminated real journalists worldwide and the “elites” Khazarian Zio-Nazi Cabal mafia has taken over the entire global media space and the CIA has created avatars of truth and QANONs for the masses to mindlessly follow, replacing journalists with intelligence operative engaged in psychological operations. Being that I am right in the middle of a targeted country it is easy for me to see but for you to see the truth in the jungle of lies it is surely much more difficult.

The zio-nazi filth are attempting to do what they failed at in 1945 and if God is watching they will fail again but this time the target is plain and the Zionists were not able to play the victims while genociding Russians again. They got away with genocide in Donbass for 8 years as the fake terrorist/separatist meme was placed on them by the Ukrainian junta and now these barbarians want to kill all Russians and openly admit it.

It is amazing that the world’s intelligence agencies don’t get together and liquidate these "elites". There are only less that 300 of them. Why are they allowed to slaughter billions? The answer is simple: because they control all the levers of power and all the channels of mass information. From a civilizational standpoint these lunatics have made humankind look like a bunch of rabid, insane, retarded children who just can’t stop killing each other and trying to dominate each other and destroy each other. And they go around saying they are civilized and they are God’s chosen and they are exceptional? If they were so exceptional and chosen by God they would not have to genocide people to steal their lands. They would not have been evicted from every country they entered and they would have been given their own lands and not had to genocide sovereigns all over the world. They are the cancer of the Earth and the anathema of God and civilization. Satan walks and his name is Rothschild.



The Munich Declaration of the Duties and Rights of Journalists

The responsibility of journalists vis-a-vis the public has precedence over any other responsibility, in particular towards their employers and the public power. [A journalist's duties include] respecting the truth no matter what consequences it may bring about to them... defending the freedom of information, of commentaries and of criticism, [and] not suppressing essential information.

We are told the work on Pizzagate (and other message boards) is illegitimate because people are rushing to conclusions, or because they are being paranoid, or partisan (despite so many of different political complexions provably working together). The subtitle here of course is that the State is solely legitimate to suspect and investigate crimes.

But what if the State itself is, in a systemic way, responsible for said crimes? It wouldn't be a first; after all, democide (death by government, a word surprisingly absent from conversations) was the first cause of non-natural deaths in the 20th century. Whether one is from the right, left, or center, one cannot deny government is the number one abuser, enslaver and serial-killer in History. We may honestly disagree on the ways to eradicate the phenomenon, or we may regret that fact, but we cannot deny it.

November 22, 2016

Google, Yandex, WikiPedia, Facebook, Twitter and Western soCIAl media have killed journalism in most of the world. With the biggest culprits being the takeover and commercialization of search engines into paid corporate instruments of the monied class, in short that, and the like button, have killed journalism.

The MI6/CIA disinformation operation Wikileaks and their orchestrated leaks captured and killed every leaker and source and journalist in the world and the limited hangout reality that 911, the CIA and the USA were TOO BIG TO PROSECUTE meaning that these are the crimes of global elites who are in fact above the law means there is no check or balance for them.

911 will never be prosecuted not the genocide in Donbass nor any of the millions of international crimes of the cabal and their crime syndicate the CIA.

The free Internet is dead. Except jar2 – censored off everything except I am still here

February 22, 2023

Right now the only real thing that needs to be understood is that the Empire of Lies has turned the Internet into another tool for the corporate and “elite” monied liars controlling the Empire of Lies and all of the instruments that were once supposed to be the guarantors of liberty, justice and freedom. At its outset the Internet was supposed to be a SPY TOOL for the NSA and global CIA/NATO and it was supposed to, at its outset only be accessible to the monied classes of the world. However at the outset through highly intelligent and simple reverse engineering and real technical know-how, the brilliant and under-monied classes of the world suddenly had access to the crown jewels of the Empire of Lies and rather than a spy/control/surveillance grid of the entire planet, complete with an NSA.dll, it gave the entire world access the secrets of the Empire of Lies. So they created WikiLeaks to handle the damage, methodically murdered and destroyed anyone against 911 and the Empire of Lies and basically took over the entire Internet and turned it into the control grid for their brainwashed population, and he we are today, the Empire of Lies is run by Twitter and Facebook.

Bourne: A CIA/Hollywood Production
The Bourne films, sponsored by the CIA, and Mile 22 (had to be filmed overseas because the CIA lost) were excellent examples of how the CIA propagated the idea of what they want the Internet to be and Edward Snowden brought all that to Russia. Applebaum was the creator of many of the Apps for the CIA and the NSA to do exactly what they do in the Bourne films, as was Zuckerberg who stole the Facebook code from the original creator and Dorsey and Twitter who did the same thing.

With my discovery of nsa.dll in Windows NT I was able to prove to certain bodies that Windows was a Trojan horse and a spy tool for the CIA/NSA/NATO et al. This is why Bill Gates became the richest man in the world and that is how the CIA operates. Now Jeff Bezos and Amazon and all of his companies are CIA Fronts (Amazon, Washington Post et al) and he was then richest man in the world, then came Musk and his Pentagon CIA military satellite spy and targetting clusters and now he is the richest man in the world (all of the aforementioned were not even experts or educated in their fields).

The dreamt of CIA internet spy grid that is promoted in the aforementioned CIA/Hollywood productions, fortunately has not worked out to the degree that they wanted it to thanks to intelligent individuals in the Security Services of the independent countries of the world. Although as portrayed in the Bourne films Social Media (Facebook) almost reached that level the only weakness being, as I proved during the Bolotnaya protests in 2012, that they required someone on the inside in the target zone, in this case someone at the VOR Facebook page coordinating the actions of the field agents and the protestors on the ground and the instant publication of information and media beneficial for the CIA narrative and the overall operational picture that was trying to be painted. This included footage of any Russian OMON officer enforcing the law and when that was not enough at the Bolotnaya orders went out to stage provocations such as spitting in the faces of OMON officers and throwing bottles and Molotov cocktails at them.

The chief reason that the Bolotnaya Protests did not bring about a Color Revolution according the Michael McFaul’s scenario was that Russia paid no attention to the “Western” demand that protestors must not be touched, the same demand that brought on the downfall of Yanukovich and the mass murder of Berkut officers on the Maidan.


Chapter Two


Current Events and Operations Made Possible by the Cabal/CIA Global zio-nazi MOCKINGBIRD


Operation Russia and the Creation of a Real 911 Tribunal


CIA/NATO - Operation Russia - CIA Fail on Destroying Russia 15.0

Since everything else is being used as a smokescreen to hide the Operation Russia Crime of the Century 2.0 I will start with that.

The nefarious genocidal criminal entity that is the genocide based Corporation of the United States of America and all of their colonized puppet regimes and states hosting their imperial global military bases worldwide and paying 5% of their GDP for the “privilege” of being USA marionettes and slaves have all decided to continue what the nazis who founded NATO failed to do almost 100 years ago and destroy Russia. If your head gets around the previous sentence and does not miss any of the dozens of points made then you are not one of the brainwashed zombified New World Order minions who mindlessly do the bidding of the Satanic New World Order trash who call themselves the “elites”.

Russia is learning at an accelerated rate the true nature of the genocidal illegal treaty breaking Empire of Lies and Russia will beat the USA/nazis again. Everyday there are so many new “revelations” being broadcast and discovered that it is in fact difficult to keep up and even during the writing of this article many things have already changed, and this is a good thing because the USA/NATO/nazis cannot keep up. As we already revealed many years ago during the Surkov leaks, and the daily accounting of that individual to his CIA e-mail “partners” the Minsk Agreements were designed to allow the nazi junta in the former Ukraine to arm up and get ready for an assault on Russia that for some reason they actually thought they could win. Now the essence of Angel Merkel has been revealed and all of the secret Illuminati hands signs that she was making in public during the period should make sense even to the most brainwashed who continue to try to believe everything I have written about is some conspiracy theory and unfortunately there are still millions of those.

20 years training and arming the Right Sector was enough to carry out their illegal violent overthrow of the last democratically elected government of the Ukraine but there are not enough eons for the USA/NATO/nazis to train their brainwashed Ukrainian Banderavites to successfully and militarily defeat the Russian State. It will never happen no matter how many billions upon billions the USA/NATO pours into the bottomless Ukrainian money pit. Case in point pedo Joe was just in the Ukraine and Zio-nazi Vladimir Zelensky did not even wear a tie because he knows his Zionist Cabal masters own pedo Joe and that pedo Joe is nothing but a senile puppet for the Rothschild puppet masters. No doubt 10% pedo Joe took home least 160 million in cash from his Zelensky “military aid” kickback scheme but that is another story.

Of course one has to ask how the Cabal Banksters think they are going to make a profit on this one but that is a no-brainer when you realize that the 5% GDP NATO racket allows the USA/NATO to continue their military adventures and aggressive wars even while literally bankrupt. So the reality is that while the populations of Europe and the subservient empire puppets of NATO are seeing a horrendous decrease in their standards of living as the USA corporations profit by selling them energy resources at hyper inflated rates the USA criminal state is stealing from Syria and other countries it has destroyed, not only is Europe going to have to pay for USA provided gas and oil and say no to cheap and affordable Russian gas, but European taxpayers are also paying for the USA’s war on their own continent and providing welfare for even more refugees from yet another USA/NATO failed adventure and exercise in “the business of destroying countries”.

The Empire of Lies is now completely run by the Cabal of Bankster Corporate Liars, who now have complete control over the military/intelligence bodies of the West and have turned NATO into an expeditionary resource theft force for the Rockefeller et al globalist Cabal. 911, big oil, Iraq, big oil, Libya, big oil, Venezuela, big oil, the Ukraine, big oil, Europe, big oil… Getting the picture now? Victoria Kagan publicly admitted all of it and continues to laugh as if she has been victorious. We recall 2014: “After three visits to Ukraine in five weeks, Victoria Nuland explains that in the past two decades, the United States has spent five Billion dollars ($5,000,000,000) to subvert Ukraine, and assures her listeners that there are prominent businessmen and government officials who support the US project to tear Ukraine away from its historic relationship with Russia and into the US sphere of interest (via “Europe”). http://www.jar2.com/topics/Ukraine.html

After that does one really need to ask who blew up the Nord Stream? Did the 911 CIA/NATO blow up the Nord Stream pipeline? Of course they did. “But we don’t get up at the Pentagon and announce it.” Blah blah blah. The Nord Stream was to provide resource hungry Europe with extremely affordable Russian gas and oil and this of course would have locked the oil empires of the Empire of Lies right out of the equation. However it is not only oil and gas, the Ukraine has 20% of the world's known titanium reserves, something needed for the production of aircraft engines and the like. Given that NATO has become the global corporate resource expeditionary force, including opium and everything else of value, it is no wonder why they are meddling in the Ukraine. If you don't believe me look at the facts below.

Global Resource Theft - “the Ukraine Version”



The Ukraine has the second-biggest known gas reserves in Europe, apart from Russia's gas reserves in Asia, although largely unexploited.

In terms of natural gas, the country has around 1.09 trillion cubic meters, which is an incredible amount. This is second only to Norway's known resources of 1.53 trillion cubic meters.

Germany is also a big consumer of Russia's natural gas. The country gets 55 per cent of its natural gas from Russia, and the bulk of it goes through Ukraine, which earns a transit fee equivalent to $7 billion. This is around four per cent of Ukraine's GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

In order to feed the energy-hungry Europe, Russia set up the Nord Stream II gas pipeline to transport natural gas which would be cost-effective, reliable, and sustainable.

Ores such as iron, titanium, and non-metallic raw materials are some of the country's major exports, and so are iron ore ($3.36 billion), corn ($4.77 billion), semi-finished iron ($2.55 billion), and seed oils ($3.75 billion), which are exported largely to China ($3.94 billion), Germany ($3.08 billion), and Italy ($2.57 billion), Poland ($2.75 billion), and to Russia ($4.69 billion).

Precious metals

Ukraine was the fifth largest exporter of iron ore in the world in 2019 and in the same year, iron ore was the third most-exported product in the country. Lithium and titanium are some of the precious metals on earth today. Why is that? Lets' take a look:


The Donbass region has abundant natural resources and, thus, make the area economically very feasible for the future. Lithium fields are concentrated in Zaporizhzhia oblast (Kruta Balka area), Donetsk (Shevchenkivske field), and Kirovohrad (Polokhivske field, Dobra area).  However, no mining work is happening in the area currently. The Dobra and Donetsk mines were up for grabs and there has been cut-throat competition between Chinese Chengxin Lithium and Australia-listed European Lithium, and both the companies want a foothold in the European lithium industry.

The companies are just two of a list of bids published online by the Ukrainian Geological Survey. Lithium chemicals are the main component of electric vehicle (EV) batteries. The majority of auto companies are looking at lithium reserves across the world.


Some estimates indicate that up to 20 per cent of the proven world reserves of titanium ores are situated in Ukraine. But it is one of the few nations with a closed-loop production in the titanium industry - from mining and processing of the titanium iron ores to the producer of finished products.

Interestingly, China was the largest importer of Ukrainian titanium iron ores in 2021, with Russia on the second spot (15.3 per cent), and Turkey ranked third (14.5 per cent). The one industry that could be majorly impacted should the Ukraine-Russia clash intensify, is the aircraft industry, mainly because titanium is an important component used in the manufacture of aeroplanes.

Boeing, in a statement on January 31, said that the tensions over Ukraine create an "adverse climate" for its business. In the event of economic sanctions, the supply chain for titanium could be affected, and furthermore, the ability to produce aircraft could be hampered.

To illustrate, the US' Boeing is still heavily reliant on Russia's VSMPO-AVISMA -- world's largest manufacturer of titanium -- for the supply of the metal.

So it is another no-brainer why USA politicians can make public statements that they don’t care how many Ukrainians die. They know and we know, and in fact it appears that only the Ukrainians don’t know, that it was never about Democracy or freedom or an increased standard of “European” living. The Empire of Lies just wants the resources and a nuclear warhead 3 minutes from Moscow.  

The Atavism of NATO – Solving Problems Created by NATO


Stop NATO is not just a slogan, it is a matter of the survival of billions around the world whom the Empire of Lies wants to eradicate.  It is utterly mind-numbing that after NATO’s historic retreat from Afghanistan after 20 years not be able to conquer goat herders and now with almost a decade to prepare is having its collective ass handed to it on a plate, that there are in fact countries and peoples who actually WANT to join this “alliance” and pay them 5% of their GDP annually. If you actually told that to someone who had never heard of NATO they would laugh and tell you that you were insane, but that is the reality of Twitter world.

The historic treaty breaking Corporation of the United States of America and its Empire of Lies lied to the Soviets about eastward expansion and now that expansion has brought us to where we are today. The lies of the dying hegemon are so many with regard to the Ukraine that it is hard to decide on where to begin. Is the NATO atavism a party to the war against Russia being waged by their proxies? Of course it is, they are funding it, arming it and running and commanding it. Down to the level of target selection and troop movements.

NATO and their illegal unconstitutional overthrow of the democratically elected government and then the installation of a puppet regime, which it instructed to start killing Russians and clearing the lands for the mining companies and the Western corporations who were to start extracting anything they wanted, are crimes of such magnitude and of such a historic nature that there is no way they can go unanswered. Sure the USA/NATO lunatics got away with 911, but that was because they were slaughtering their own. Now, after destroying dozens of poor, underdeveloped, weak and unarmed countries all over the world, and failing in most of even those cases, after successfully sponsoring organ trafficking Islamic lunatics and placing a military base in Serbia and calling Kosovo its own, the NATO lunatics have come after Russia and once again Russia will destroy them, and hopefully this time Russia will destroy them completely. God is watching and I am sure has concluded that the time to end the Empire of Lies forever has come.

Given the sorry, if not almost non-existent, state of any kind of global investigative journalism that is not controlled by the liars of the Empire of Lies, it seems to be an act of outright daring-doo to simply write what is the obvious truth but that is where we are today. After 8 years of slaughtering Russians in the Donbass and then attempting to obtain nuclear weapons to strike Moscow, Russia was forced to intervene against NATO’s nazi filth but as the western spinmasters would have the world believe Russia aggressively invaded Ukraine and NATO is just trying to defend them. The insanity of the level of lies is simply astounding and this after decades of Russia attempting to be a reliable partner to the West. No. NATO needs an enemy and has created the strawman enemy of Russia and China to attempt not only to remain in existence but to expand and fulfill its real plans of global domination.

If NATO is allowed to continue to exist you can be guaranteed that in an age when there could already be world peace, the wars and terror will continue until their New World Order objectives have been met. O course NATO is not going to disband itself, an organization which blackmails 5% of the GDP from member countries annually is not just going to go away because it is no longer relevant. So they will continue their Gladio False Flag Terrorism, their demonization of peaceful honest countries and stoking the flames of war where that may be possible.


The Endless War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity of the Empire of Lies      


The continued targetting of civilians by the USA/NATO nazis in the Ukraine is probably the most widespread and easily verifiable war crime of the USA/NATO and given the revelations that it is actually NATO in charge of the targeting this places the blame squarely on their shoulders.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation has files containing tens of thousands of crimes committed by Nuland's nazis since 2013: including the mass murder in Odessa, the mass murders on the Maidan, summary non-judicial executions, the targetting and assassination of journalists, lawyers, activists, politicians and anyone else against the nazi junta in Kiev and as the war escalates so do the number of crimes, including mass numbers of torture, the executions of prisoners of war, the usage of illegal weapons, the usage of illegal chemical weapons, the continued and heightened targetting of civilian infrastructure, documented acts of terrorism and every other horror imaginable during a time of war, but the USA/NATO wants to come out with clean hands at the end. It was for this reason that at the beginning of the Special Operation we were so happy that finally a real tribunal would be set up against the Ukronazis and their USA/NATO masters, but somehow these plans have quietly died down with the USA/NATO sycophants calling on a tribunal against Russia for crimes that USA/NATO itself has fabricated or been guilty of.  

Neo-Con Zionist Cabal Wildabeast Vctoria (Nuland's nazis) Kagan

(Nuland/Carnegie now a legitimate military target) 


911 Neo-con cabal criminal Victoria Nuland, now the "undersecretary of state for political affairs", said last week that the US is “supporting” Ukrainian attacks on Crimea and called Russian military installations on the peninsula "legitimate targets." She was speaking at her husband Robert Kagan's (of 911 Project for a New American Century "PNAC" fame)  think tank, the Carnegie Edownment for "Endless Imperial Wars". The sick and twisted 911 Neo-Con and her husband would definitely be among the top planners and architects of the destruction and takeover of the Ukraine by the USA/NATO.

At this point it is important to underline that anything said by Zelensky can simply be ignored because he is nothing but a puppet for the USA/NATO and the Zionist nazi boy has no moral ground on which to be quoted as a leader or otherwise. Therefore we continue to ignore him/it at JAR2.

Aggressive war is worse than a Crime Against Humanity, it is the ultimate crime that can be committed and is termed a “Crime Against Peace” and this holds true under current legal norms and understandings, however as the title of this article asks the question: “Whose Law?” this core issue must be addressed as the so called “West”, the Empire of Lies that is USA/NATO, has chosen to, time and time again, place itself outside of the law by its own criminal actions, endless wars of aggression and endless crimes against humanity on every possible front. The USA/NATO believe that they are invincible militarily and laughingly operate under the premise that they truly have achieved some sort of “full spectrum dominance” that has placed them not outside of the law but above the law, and continue to operate as if international laws and norms are for the peasants and “shithole” countries and they are exceptional and have no need to comply with anything, ever.

Real Tribunals

In some distant time when I am long gone (or maybe not) when there is in fact an actual accounting on the truth and not on some manipulated version of Admiralty Law or Corporate Law or so-called International Law, the Crimes of the USA/NATO will be in fact punished. Perhaps by that time they will have figured out how to travel back and snatch the culprits but that is another issue, but if they start disappearing then remember I said that, but anyway the point is that since its inception with it violations of the Great Law of Peace which allowed the Corporation of the United States of America to reside on Turtle Island, and all of the broken treaties with the Sovereigns of North America, the USA/NATO have been a rogue warring entity that has done nothing but destroy and enslave the planet Earth and has through manipulation and force broken or ignored every treaty or international convention that it has ever signed with anyone about anything.

Look at the facts: the Great Law of Peace and all of the treaties with the sovereign of North and South America -violated, the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic Relations - violated, the Geneva Conventions on War Crimes and Torture – violated, Chemical Weapons Conventions –violated, Cluster Munitions and Land Mine Conventions – violated, laws regarding human trafficking and slavery – violated, treaties regarding the peaceful usage of space – violated (right now in the Ukraine), every law that is supposed to protect indigenous populations, poorer countries and the weak – violated, international laws regarding financial machinations and transactions, tax payments and economic crimes – violated, international laws regarding arbitrary detention and rendition – violated, every weapons treaty or promise – violated, international laws and norms regarding the assassinations of the heads of states and the orchestration of revolutions and overthrowing governments – violated, every norm and law with regard to human experimentation and the right of humans to life – violated, every law regarding biological weapons and biological experimentation on humans – violated, every law regarding pollution and the environment – violated (they just move their dirty industries to other countries), every norm and law with regard to journalism, democracy, freedom of speech and movement and every human right imaginable – violated, the treaties on nuclear weapons – violated (they just hid everything in caves in Colorado and think the world knows nothing), the Laws of War and all laws regarding the declaration and conducting of war (the USA just uses proxies and NATO and stages false flags like 911 to give it fake justification), laws regarding human experimentation with regard to mind control - violated and the list goes on and on, and finally the body that is supposed to be able to handle these issues (the so-called United Nations) is impotent and useless.

So before we move on, the necessity here is to create an international tribunal or body with teeth that will truly prosecute the international criminals of the USA/NATO. Since the United Nations will not move to neutral territory and since it, along with international legal bodies, remains a rubber stamp for the USA/NATO, new bodies are needed and a new Nuremburg type tribunal is needed to prosecute the real culprits of 911 and the criminals behind all of the illegal USA/NATO aggressive wars at least since Vietnam and including the destruction of Yugoslavia and the USSR.


Striking Back at the Empire of Lies


Meanwhile the fabricators, liars and mass murderers of the Empire of Lies continue their full frontal assault on the Russian Federation and the Russian World and happily and with great joy I am happy to report that they are FAILING on every front and also happily to continue operating as if they have the strategic military advantage even with the absence of their own hypersonic weapons or even countermeasures to destroy Russia’s and the fact that they cannot even provide the Ukraine with ammunition and every Western weapon in the Ukraine has become nothing but target practice for Russian forces. In reality the only place the USA has military dominance is in Hollywood and along with their Marvel comics super heroes. When pitted against the real heroes of the Russian Army they would be wiped out and of course they know this which is why they are fighting Russia with proxies and using the Ukrainian nazi filth as cannon fodder.

Yes the USA is at War with Russia and no the USA will not win. Given the USA’s nuclear doctrine, its blatant criminality internationally, its “Open Secret” admissions to attacking the Crimean Bridge and destroying the Nord Stream pipeline (among others), its biological Covid attack on Russia and the world and its publicly stated and promoted aim to break up Russia into (ala Brezhinsky) 68 autonomous USA puppet regimes, Russia has the moral and legal justification under any law to launch a preventive nuclear first strike on the USA/NATO and there are many top thinkers and planners around the world who hold this view, it is not just I.

USA/NATO are engaged in an illegal undeclared War of Aggression on Russia and have declared it a hybrid-war, in such a case a hybrid-war requires hybrid-responses. In this regard I have many times stated the logical solution to the entire attempted world takeover by the USA/NATO and the criminal cabal that runs it. My solution would not cause mass-casualties or the deaths of innocent civilians but would be 100% effective, almost immediately, in bringing the rogue power to peace. That plan, is part of what I would call a new paradigm in security and the waging of war and its logical premise is quite simple and would be 100% effective. Imagine that someone has decided they want you dead. Someone who has almost endless resources and funds and they order some hit men to come and kill your entire family. Who would you go after if you knew who the person was who ordered your family killed? Would you go after the hit men? Or would you go after the filth that ordered the hit? Militarily my proposal is condescended in that scenario.

Once the entity behind the aggression is identified, in this case it is the USA killing Russians while Russia is supposed to destroy what has been historically its own territory (the Ukraine or outlands), then that entity must be destroyed. In a military targetting scenario this means going after those who are responsible for the aggression, in this case the lying “elites” of the Empire of Lies, individuals who themselves and their families have no idea what a battlefield really looks like and who cause the deaths of millions without batting an eye. Classically the powerful and monied elites just cause the wars and conflicts and Joe Blow from down the street has to go off and die somewhere because of it. Mu proposal is military targetting which goes after the real culprits. In this case there are perhaps 300 individuals causing all the pain and suffering of the other 8 billion of us. So I say go after those 300. Now that Russia has unstoppable hypersonic missiles this new doctrine is possible. We don’t go after Zelensky, that can be done later at any time, we go after Rothschild, the Kagans, the Rockefellers and the like. If that doesn’t stop them we take out all of their bases and strategic centers around the world with hypersonic missiles equipped with nuclear warheads. This includes the Pentagon, NORAD, the bunkers in Colorado, their flying command centers and all the rest. All of that should take one day. If they launch a retaliatory strike then we intercept with hypersonic interceptors. However all of that would not be necessary if we start with step one. Officially declare war and take out their warmongering elites. Soros, the Rothschilds and all the rest of the Cabal. If they want to play hybrid proxy war then you simply take out their elites and say you have no idea who did it... Just like they do.

The Ukraine has always been part of Russia, although the historical revisionists want you to forget about the document above or Kievan Rus, the Ukraine has never existed as an independent state, it was always a part of the Russian Empire or the Soviet Union and genetically there is no such thing as a Ukrainian, they are Russians who have been brainwashed by the West.

So now that we have determined that it is the USA/NATO that has attacked Russia (by proxy in a hybrid way) then we need to strike back, violently, mercilessly and with no quarter given. USA/NATO openly fund and arm their puppets in the Ukraine so the real enemies are known. Logically, morally and I dare say legally, Russia has the right to strike back and not only at the proxies pulling the triggers but at the masters instructing the trigger pullers. This means Russia has the right to directly target USA/NATO infrastructure.

I have thought long and hard about what I am calling for here, and after decades trying to fight the would-be New World Order masters of the Earth, the time has come to publicly call for their elimination just as they would eliminate 8 billion of us. The so-called West wants to erase and eliminate Russia and it is Russia's right and duty to stop the so-called West. From cancelling Russia in the media and sports and internationally, to endless illegal sanctions and the theft or Russian wealth around the world, it is time that the Russian Bear woke up and struck back at the genocidal City of London Yankee machine. We have tried for decades to inform and educate and teach the people of the West that the Cabal that has been "leading" them since 911 and before is not operating in their interests, but they have done nothing or are unable to. Therefore to prevent civilian casualties targetting must be carried out in the same manner as it is being carried out in the Ukraine, we go after their infrastructure and unlike any previous wars in history, we go after the "elites" running the Empire of Lies. This means all of them.

No matter that their full spectrum war has failed and the their sanctions have backfired, all of these actions were a declaration of war against the Russian people, the Russian State and the Russian World. That is the truth and we must fight back. Given that they are also targetting China it would also be in China's best interest and China also has the right to protect itself and protect its people and strike the Empire of Lies.

First strike doctrines of course are dangerous and especially those “proposed by the USA/NATO, namely that any threat to their “interests” meaning economic, resource or anything else, is a justification for a first strike. Here Russia and China face a threat to their very existence and I must underline that if any country stole as much wealth, seized as much in assets, destroyed as much infrastructure and killed as many people as the USA has done to Russia, the USA NATO would have nuked them long ago. That is if we are playing by their rules and standards, and if we are then according to their own standards they deserve to be wiped off the face of the Earth. Given that the USA/NATO have no intention of stopping their proxy war in the Ukraine and are in fact escalating and expanding and investing more in the illegal undeclared war against Russia, Russia has the right if not the obligation to launch a nuclear first strike on ALL USA/NATO infrastructure and it will come to this point if the USA/NATO keep escalating and pushing the Russian Bear. The USA/NATO are a threat ot the very existence of Russia and the Russian people and for almost a decade have been committing genocide against Russia. It is long past time to strike back and Russia has the strategic advantage, the moral right and even the necessity to wipe USA/NATO off the map in order to guarantee its own continued existence.


911, Dumbing Down and Spread Lies

You let them get away with 911, they dumbed you all down and now the only spread lies to keep you running around in circles and you buy it.

I had wanted to expand on this topic because it is 911 that has gotten us where we are today, but as these issues do not directly affect Russia anymore, well. You get that one sentence.


Global COVID Vaccine Genocide by William "The Little nazi Eugenicist" Gates


Wikileaks? Anyone? Vaccine genocide? Depopulation? No nobody? Bill Gates the loon is already done.


Global Warming Trillion Dollar Scam


Wikileaks? Global Warming Trillion Dollar Op

Even if global warming were real, and the global temperature statistics for the better part of the last decade prove it is not with 9 years showing no temperature rise worldwide, no country is going to give Al Gore’s Cabal project a trillion dollars each so that the USA can “save the world” from the imminent Cabal controlled Hollywood created cataclysm, cleverly marketed by Hollywood in such films as 2012 and the like. After realizing that 911 was carried out by CIA/NATO/MOSSAD, the 911 global support was the last such wave of support for the USA that it will ever see.

The fact is that people around the world like watching cataclysm films such as 2012, London Has Fallen and the like, not because, as the Cabal spinmasters believe, the USA is always the hero and saves the world, but because all of us in our “shit countries” (quote by Donald Trump) who are not “exceptional” (copyright Barrack “House Nigger” Obama) dream of the USA being completely destroyed and wiped off the map for all eternity. And I am not talking about some Islamic Extremists who call for a return to the Middle Ages of cave dwelling and pure Islam, I am talking about every average secular sentient human (Goy to you zio-nazis) on the planet who has not been brainwashed by USA CIA/Zio Cabal shit knows that the "American Dream" is truly nothing but a dream and propaganda operation and that the USA is nothing but a global enslaver, resource thief and genociding war machine.

Billions dream of the computer modelled sea level rises wiping out the racist nazi hegemon's bastions of filthy power, as the sea rises and takes the entire USA Eastern Seaboard off the map along with Florida and California and hopefully much more. According to their own cry wolf global warming campaigns this should already be happening and we have been patiently waiting for but it does not. The great Spirit does not seem to want to wipe the filth that is the USA off the map just yet.

Just think, if there really was an Al-Qaeda capable of carrying out 911, don't you think someone would have quietly detonated a nuke deep in the Pacific Ocean along the San Andreas fault? Oh how the spinmasters love to play the victim, now their next sympathy operation is the supposed Yellowstone Super Volcano which will kill billions if the inevitable eruption occurs, which will never occur but that is besides the point. You must "save American lives" as they continue to live on the lands they literally stole and literally committed genocide for.   

So no Al Gore and the Cabal, the world is not going to give you a trillion dollars. The world is praying that the sea level rises as many meters as possible to sink Washington, and that the San Adnreas fault finally makes Nevada seafront territory and the Yellowstone wipes out the entire central United States and then that the Sovereigns leave their concentration camp reservations and herald in an age of world peace, knowledge and love.


Chapter Three


International Law and Illegitimate States - Treaties? What treaties?


Illegitmate Genocide States

In reality the United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Israel are all illegitimate state entities. The entity of the Corporation of the United States of America has violated all of the treaties with the Sovereigns and thus has no right to continue to occupy the territory it calls the United States of America. All of the aforementioned entities have established states based on genocide and occupy foreign territory pretending that it is their own.  Given these facts as a soverign of Turtle Island and the last voice against the American occupier I demand that the Corporation of the United States of America vacate the territory it is now claiming as the United States of America and return the territory to the Sovereigns.

February 15, 2023

Broken Treaties and the Indigenous Solution

Who would sign a treaty with the USA? They have broken every treaty that allows them to be on our land, the land they occupy, why would they care about some treaty with Russia, China or any other country?

The link below shows every treaty between the Corporation of the United States of America and the Sovereign Nations of Turtle Island and even thought they were all ratified by the so-called government of the Corporation of the United States of America, every single one of them was broken. Therefore any right the Corporation of the United States of America or its "state" entity the United States of America had to remaining on the Territory of Turtle Island is null and void.


 The Doctrine of Discovery and the Vatican's claim that we are animals and thus can be exterminated also does not give the Corporation of the United States of America any right to continue to occupy the territory of Turtle Island. The Vatican and the Catholic Church as a body claiming some sort of Dominion by the will of God have never produced any evidence supporting their claims and is therefore nothing but a fraud and a sham involved in genocide for the City of London and Rome and their claim that we are animals is obviously laughable and one to be condemned by all human beings for all time immemorial.

For the current population of the planet Earth such a declaration as the one above might seem extremist or insane in nature but in reality it is the truth and the only just solution to the Empire of Genocide and Lies. In any legal framework if a family isdestroyed and the proerty is say divided up by whoever, then if a legal heir appears that individual has the right to claim the property. In this regard I do hereby claim the entire territory of Turtle Island for myself and the sovereigns who are being kept in concentration camps called reservations while the genocidal Anglo-Saxon lunatics pretend they own the lands. 

Fake States and Why the World Ignores the American Genocide

Earlier I mentioned "Senile European Elites" and their so-called "Great Game", but what are in fact the realities behind those two phrases and why were the senile European elites mentioned by Sergey Lavrov?
First off you have to understand the real meaning of the term “the Great Game” and what that in fact is. Underlying the cynicism of the Anglo-Saxon Empire of Lies, the term quantifies and glorifies the subjugation and mass murder of the world’s populations to their Empire of Lies. This is very important in understanding the linguistic programming that the Empire of Lies has mastered in eschewing and obfuscating the truth and re-writing history in its own favor, which is in fact what the MOCKINGBIRD and the CIA’s claims about victory when everything you believe is a lie.

Even though a little over 200 years has passed since the foundation of the endlessly warring and endlessly genociding United States of America this can not change the fact that the basis on which the fake state was founded is a foundation made of lies, cleverly promoted self-serving religious fiction and broken treaties with the only real claim that the United States of America has on the territory of Turtle Island is its ability to genocide the native population, relegate them to concentration camps, terrorize the world into silence and murder or destroy anyone opposed to them at will. Their self-fabricated phony self-serving unilateral legal framework is only now being partially challenged by Russia and the World as the United States of America seeks to install a New World Order where they enslave the planet


Chapter Four

The 5th Reich New World Order

Who, What, When, Where and Why


For critical thinkers the big takeaways from the orchestrated Wikileaks and their disinformation leaks should have been that no matter what the criminals in the US Government are TOO BIG TO PROSECUTE, Israel never does anything, 911 was a conspiracy theory and anyone who attempts to expose these creatures committing crimes against humanity will be destroyed, killed or eliminated. Given Assange’s acceptance of Rothschild monies, his seeking of Soros funding and his pandering to Hillary Clinton, WikiLeaks was just another crime of the so-called “global elites.”

“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.” David Rockefeller

“The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining super capitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control…. Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent.” – Congressman Larry P. McDonald, 1976, killed in the Korean Airlines 747 shot down by the Soviets

“Some even believe we, the Rockefeller family, are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure, one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” David Rockefeller, Memoirs, page 405

“To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas.” Brock Adams, Director UN Health Organization

“One of the least understood strategies of the world revolution now moving rapidly toward its goal is the use of mind control as a major means of obtaining the consent of the people who will be subjects of the New World Order.” From The National Educator, K.M. Heaton

They are not Jews that is a clever cover as all religions are covers for control. While they launch religious wars they hide their genocidal intent.


Chapter Five

Chapter Six

A New Global Security Concept for the Preservation of Mankind

FINAL Chapter

Catharsis and Peace: A Great Tiny Discovery

Conclusion - Temporal Messaging


Living in a country targeted for destruction by the Empire of Lies as an Asylee and the sovereign of the territory they occupy and claim as their own, has given me a unique an insight into the geopolitical machinations that the Empire of Lies is guilty of and as a journalist under the current World War that is raging on my insights and expertise should logically be in great demand but that is not the case, because as an individual who cannot lie, there are no significant media outlets who would allow my views to be aired, an interesting question brought up during my last interview for a local television station in Oryol. My years of experience in investigations, analysis and journalistic work should also be in demand as should my teaching skills but they are not because I am not the right race and because of the demonization campaign and targetting I have faced and survived for decades now. Regardless I cannot sit idly by as the scum who put me in this situation try to destroy my adopted country and the people of it whom I love.

Off the grid but on-line.


Here are their words, for you to consider.

“If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts.” George H. W. Bush

“The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” William Colby, former CIA director

“In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn’t such a great idea after all.” Strobe Talbot, President Clinton’s Deputy Secretary of State, as quoted in Time, July 20th, l992.

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” William Casey, CIA Director

“I never would have agreed to the formulation of the Central Intelligence Agency back in forty-seven, if I had known it would become the American Gestapo.” Harry S. Truman

“I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. All our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world, no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.” Woodrow Wilson, deathbed confession

“The depression was the calculated ‘shearing’ of the public by the World Money powers, triggered by the planned sudden shortage of supply of call money in the New York money market. The One World Government leaders and their ever close bankers have now acquired full control of the money and credit machinery of the U.S. via the creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank.” Curtis Dall, FDR’s son-in-law as quoted in his book, My Exploited Father-in-Law

“Fifty men have run America, and that’s a high figure.” Joseph Kennedy, in the July 26th, l936 issue of The New York Times. A few years ago, Donald Trump said a similar thing in a TV interview with a smaller number described.

“War against a foreign country only happens when the moneyed classes think they are going to profit from it.” Orwell

“The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know that a financial element in the larger centers has owned the Government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.” A letter written by FDR to Colonel House, November 21st, l933

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” – Henry Ford

“Under democracy, one party always devotes its chief energies to trying to prove that the other party is unfit to rule, and both commonly succeed, and are right.” H.L. Mencken

In 1972, Roy Ash, Director of the Office of Management and Budget stated, “Within two decades, the institutional framework for a world economic community will be in place. Aspects of individual sovereignty will be given over to a supernational authority.”

“Today the path of total dictatorship in the United States can be laid by strictly legal means, unseen and unheard by the Congress, the President, or the people. Outwardly we have a Constitutional government. We have operating within our government and political system, another body representing another form of government, a bureaucratic elite.” Senator William Jenner, 1954

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.” David Rockefeller, Baden-Baden, Germany 1991

“The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, but he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them.” George Orwell

Congressman Louis McFadden, Chairman of the House Committee on Banking and Currency: “The Federal Reserve is one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever seen. There is not a man within the sound of my voice who does not know that this nation is run by international bankers.”

“Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the U.S., in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” Woodrow Wilson

“It is by the goodness of God that in our country we have those three unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the prudence never to practice either of them.” Mark Twain

“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.” David Rockefeller

“The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining super capitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control…. Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent.” – Congressman Larry P. McDonald, 1976, killed in the Korean Airlines 747 shot down by the Soviets

“Some even believe we, the Rockefeller family, are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure, one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” David Rockefeller, Memoirs, page 405

“To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas.” Brock Adams, Director UN Health Organization

“One of the least understood strategies of the world revolution now moving rapidly toward its goal is the use of mind control as a major means of obtaining the consent of the people who will be subjects of the New World Order.” From The National Educator, K.M. Heaton

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.” Orwell

“To the stock objection that it would be virtually impossible to assemble a murder conspiracy without leakage, the response is that an existing conspiratorial network or system of networks, already in place and capable of murder, would have much less difficulty in maintaining the discipline of secrecy.” – Author Peter Dale Scott

“Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government.” Henry Kissinger

“All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting.” Orwell

“If you don’t read the newspaper, you are uninformed; if you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed.” Mark twain

“Who controls the present controls the past.” Orwell

Reference and Further Reading


More to come...

This piece only exists in my head right now and I am trying to get it to you as fast as possible. So it is being written live.








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