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US and Israel Stage Another Chemical Weapons Attack in Drive to Destroy Syria

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IN SYRIA RUSSIA LIBERATED 400+ CITIES FROM US/NATO/ISIS TERRORIST ARMY! THANK YOU RUSSIA! The Russian Military is Currently Pounding ISIS Positions!! The Russian Operation is Completely Legal and is Only Targetting Illegal Terrorist Formations Formed and Sponsored by the CIA

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Alyan KurdiAlyan Kurdi

Rest in Peace Aylan Kurdi

2013 Syria: CIA Forces Slaughtered 426 Children as Pretext for War

A Compendium of Articles and Interviews by John Robles II Which May Have Been Instrumental in Preventing the Invasion of Syria

08-28-2013 Attack on Syria May Cause Massive Damage to the US

The United States of America and their leader Barrack Hussein Obama have spent billions of dollars in Syria, at a time when US taxpayers are suffering, attempting to bring about a change of regime. The money has been spent funding Al-Qaeda and Islamic terrorists to destabilize the country, groups that they have parroted time and time again as being the number one enemies of the American people. Their strategy was failing, like all of their strategies are bound to fail because they lack vision and true understanding of the world and its people. They created a red line, launched a black operation to make that red line a reality and now with extreme desperate irrational urgency, they want to carry out their plan to attack Syria. That is their goal, they set it, and no matter what happens they will obtusely carry it out without regard for the consequences and without forward planning..

08-28-201308-28-2013 The US Policy of Terror and the Invasion of Syria

The Russian Federation had no evidence of a chemical attack in Syria, but it does have evidence that one may have been staged and that those who did so were the so-called “rebels”, who we know are US backed, armed and funded. The Syrian regular army and President Bashar al-Assad have been winning the war so the urgency with which the United States is calling for an armed intervention is alarming but obvious. They have spent billions and they cannot see their plans for the destruction of the Syria state fail.. A great man once said, “the pen is mightier than the sword” and in this age of information technology and global information warfare this phrase still rings true and is even more topical in fact today than when it was first coined. With this in mind it is of utmost important that the war that is currently being fought with words, one that if lost will have the United States launching missiles into Syria, be fought with the utmost urgency and efforts by all who cherish peace.

2013 When I had the means to actually do something


Syria: CIA, US Paid Cannibal Lobbyists and Endless War

John Robles

Serptember 11 2013

The CIA has now openly begun delivering arms and weapons to the terrorists and mercenaries operating in Syria to further “assist” them in the armed insurrection that they had been losing. The next move is air support and a missile attack.

Despite the fact that the American people are beginning to wake up to the fact that they are paying billions of dollars for questionable aggressive wars in far off lands that they know nothing about and have never threatened them, the US continues to push to bomb yet another country into the dark ages.

Informed and independent thinking Americans are beginning to ask questions, and even more importantly to demand answers from those killing and invading in their name, and more importantly using their hard earned dollars to launch questionable acts of aggression.

As the economic situation worsens in America and the outlook becomes bleaker with each passing day, the man in the street is wondering why their government is closing schools and can not even provide minimal healthcare for its citizens, yet can spend billions to overthrow a leader and destroy the government of a country that was never an enemy or threat.

The answer is simple, special interests are making a killing, literally and figuratively. One such group which is lobbying the US Government for millions upon millions of dollars in support to what are nothing but terrorists and armed insurrectionists has recently become the focus of much needed attention by the alternative media. Here it is important to note that it is not the mass media, which in reality should be outraged by such news. That “should” be the case, but as they have become nothing but a propaganda wing of the special interests, they can not be expected to look out for what is best for the people or fulfill the role of the Fourth Estate.

The group in question, an organization called the Syrian Emergency Task Force, has been revealed to be receiving money from the US State Department in their billion dollar effort to overthrow the government of Syria and literally kill off the president of the country.

One might say: “So what?” Well if you come from the position that it is normal, as it has become, to hear that the US Government is being run and serves special interests and the elites, then yeah, so what. But this is much more nefarious than that. This is a case of the government funding a special interest to lobby it for money to carry out a plan that only it wants. In effect the US Government has become a government of the government, for the government, by the government and funded by its slaves, the people.

When discussing Syria it is important to note that the Syrian people have never been an enemy of the American people. There has never been a large Syrian population in America whose kin are in danger, and Syria was never a brutal dictatorial regime, oppressing and eradicating its own people, as the US State Department and those pushing for war would like the American people to believe. It was in fact one of the most progressive, secular, stable and modern regimes in the Middle East, until Saudi-controlled and US-backed-terrorist-Al-Qaeda-elements began tearing the country apart.

It was targeted for regime change and quite literally for destruction in what has become a not-so-secret geopolitical strategy for global domination. The reasons behind this are not so complex, namely: the country is in Russia’s sphere of influence (that is most important), it maintained an independent foreign policy outside of US control and manipulation, it shares a border with Israel (although this is questionable as it is hard to believe Israel would want another extremist fundamentalist Islamic terrorist state on it border, which is what Syria will become if President Assad is removed) and because it will serve as a corridor and facilitator in obtaining Middle Eastern natural resources.

So we have a very small group of people at the top in the United States who have decided to destroy another country and are paying and funding Saudi controlled Al-Qaeda Wahhabi terrorists to do their dirty work, including gassing over 400 children to bring about the pretext for providing the very same cannibal terrorists with US military air and missile support, and the very same people are using the State Department to fund a group to lobby lawmakers to allow them to continue their illegal war. Confusing? You bet. That is to their advantage and by design.

Who should be screaming stop!? US lawmakers of course and the American public who they are supposed to serve. Why? Not only because there is absolutely no reason for the bloodshed they have unleashed in Syria or the more massive bloodshed and regional conflagration that will occur if the US bombs Syria, but because: a) The US is backing and funding Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists and b) because they want to risk American lives and call on American forces to support these very same Al-Qaeda elements who supposedly carried out the events of 9-11.

There has to be a point when even if the ends are worth it, and destroying Syria and removing president is really something the world does not need, the means can in no way be justified. To ask any US soldier to be prepared to kill and give up their life to support Al-Qaeda-cannibal-rapist-child-killing terrorists to overthrow a modern secular government is beyond the pale. And then to make the economically challenged American people pay for it is only criminal insult to injury.

The American people on the whole, and most of the world, despite US claims to the opposite, are against any US military action in Syria. But so-called “senior lawmakers” (in reality entrenched war profiteers) keep pushing for more war and the forceful removal of President Assad. So what do they do? What the US always does when they can not do something legally and above board. They call in the CIA, which has become nothing more than the personal killing tool for the White House.

In an article in the Washington Post (an unrepentant US propaganda tool) some details have been released about the CIA “finally” delivering “lethal aid” to the “rebels”. The article is full of catchy code language like calling advanced weapons “lethal aid”, Al-Qaeda Saudi controlled terrorists “rebels and the like, but that is what the Washington Post does best, white-wash and obfuscate to confuse and manipulate the public.

Why the CIA? Because it is illegal what they are doing. Which is also why most of the US’ efforts are said to be “covert” or “secret”. You dear reader and especially the American taxpayer, must be kept out of the loop and continue providing your hard earned tax dollars to fund their madness, and you must not question or you will be branded an enemy of the state.

The article takes no issue with (as neither does most of the American media) the fact that the “rebels” the US is funding, arming and supporting are in reality foreign Saudi controlled terrorist formations who are guilty of committing unspeakable atrocities, but attempts to spin the case for support not by explaining how it will help the poor war weary and decimated Syrian people, but how it will help the terrorists’ chief supporter Barack Hussein Obama and their “coalition groups” win their dirty war against the legitimate government and save face and avoid what is hated the most by all American politicians, embarrassment.

So dear readers, the world community and the American people must accept US illegality, aggressive war, war crimes, extra-judicial execution, support of terrorists, threat of attack, internal meddling, the armed overthrowing of governments, global destabilization, massive spying, the stealing of resources and all of the other wonderful gifts that the United States has brought to the world because some clowns in Washington might be “embarrassed” or “lose face”.

Kerry and Obama’s logic, that an attack on Syria must be approved because they will lose credibility is the height of self-serving arrogance and so far removed from reality that it is laughable. If they were not so out of touch and completely under the control of the military industrial complex they would realize that the world respects and needs peace, not endless US missiles and aggression, but the makers of the missiles need an endless market, so the US will do anything to continue their endless war.

It might be interesting to find out, after they finish bombing and placing the entire planet under their control, who will they sell their missiles to and who will they bomb? Will they create and fund a lunatic terrorist group to fight against and cause worldwide instability so the war machine can keep devouring the world? Oh wait, sorry. That has already happened.

The opinions and views expressed here are my own. I can be reached at .

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9-11: US Created Al-Qaeda for Global Domination

Rick Rozoff

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Most people in the world remember the September 11, 2001 very clearly. It was a day when the world changed for the worse, when the world was terrorized and outraged by one of the single worst events in world history. Twelve years later no one has been prosecuted for the event and the world now knows that those events served as a catalyst and pretext for endless wars of aggression and domination against any country not under control of the United States. By attempting to convince the public that every independent, and even Russian leaning country, is somehow connected to terrorism the US has managed to launch wars of aggression against countries that never posed it a threat. The world has grown weary of American aggression. One man who has fought the military expansion of NATO and the US for decades, Voice of Russia regular Rick Rozoff, helped put the events into perspective as the US attempts to engage in yet another war of aggression.

Hello this is John Robles, I am speaking with Rick Rozoff, a regular contributor with the Voice of Russia World Service. We are speaking on the 12 year anniversary of the events of 9/11.

Robles: Hello Rick, how are you?

Rozoff: Very good John, and you?

Robles: I’m very well. It is 9/11 2013. In retrospect can you give us your views regarding those events and how they’ve changed the world and brought us to where we are today?

Rozoff: Sure. If I can be anecdotal to begin with though, I came home from work working the night shift in the emergency room of a hospital, and the attacks on the Trade Tower and the Pentagon occurred in the interim between when I left work and when I returned home.

I returned home to 3 telephone messages, from what I could call the three women of my life: my mother, my only sister and my former lover, and my sister said “are we at war”, my mother said “we have got to change our behavior in the world”, and my former partner stated “did the Palestinians really do it”, because the initial report that many of us heard was that somebody in a phone booth in the Persian Gulf claimed responsibility for the attacks and attributed them to the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which is one of the three groups in the Palestine Liberation organization, but one that has never employed hijacking of aero planes, much less terrorist activity.

So, I think that puts things into perspective immediately for me. And then as the emotion started to die down a bit, and the sense of being stunned, I mean the spectacle, and the monstrous loss of life, and then the immediate fear of course, that the wounded beast that was the Pentagon - Donald Rumsfeld at that time - would really wreak vengeance, not only on the alleged perpetrators of the attacks in Washington and New York, but on any number of other countries and in short order if you recall, some of your listeners recall, that Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld identified, as I recollect, no fewer than 63 countries who he accused of either harboring terrorists or supporting terrorism.

In the words of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld and other members of the administration at that time, that to harbor terrorists was the same as to be a terrorist and you would be dealt with accordingly, and sweeping statements like “you are either with us or with the terrorists”. So, what we all feared I think shortly after the events of 9/11, even as they were occurring in fact, was that the US might exploit this as excuse to settle scores around the world, which in fact happened in short order to the point where even though those accused of perpetrating the attacks - largely Saudi nationals, we should mention, with a Yemeni or Egyptian thrown in for good measure - but ones who had lived for years in Germany and the United States, had gone to flight school in Florida, here and so forth, apparently with complete impunity without any doubts arising in the mind of law enforcement agencies, if we are to believe the official account.

But even though they did not come from Iraq or Afghanistan or any of the other countries that have been attacked in the interim, under the pretext that we were combating the terrorism that led to the events of 9/11, we also have to remember that immediately the Bush administration started identifying as terrorist their political and ideological enemies during the cold war.

So, there was everything from the revolutionary armed forces of Colombia, the FARC rebels in Colombia, to the New People’s Army in the Philippines, to the Kurdistan Workers Party in Turkey. These are left-wing secular movements that were immediately identified as being terrorists, as though they had some connection with Al-Qaeda, which was ludicrous. But what was ignored from the very beginning was the fact that, if in fact there was a connection with Osama bin Laden, that the US bore direct responsibility for his arising to the level of the terrorist commando or chieftain they accused him of being, because he was one of an estimated 10,000 ethnic Arabs that with US and Saudi connivance, in the first place, were brought to north-western Pakistan in the 1980s.

Robles: I’d like to just underline the fact that Osama bin Laden also went by the CIA code name of Tom Osman, he was actually a CIA agent.

Rozoff: That doesn’t surprise me in the least. He was one of 10,000 alleged Afghan Arabs, as the term was, who had training in US-supported training camps in north-western Pakistan to be used against Soviet forces inside Afghanistan, but particularly against the government of the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan, which was the party of long standing, which had members in parliament for decades, part of their coming to power in the April revolution of 1978.

But there would be no Al-Qaeda, there would be no international movement of extremist terrorist network if the US had not connived with their two major military allies in the Islamic world - Pakistan and Saudi Arabia - that set it up; and to arm them, to train them, to put them into contact with each other in a global network. And even the name of the Islamic extremists armed group in the Philippines, the Abu Sayyaf group has an Afghan connection as well.

So, the US is really at the genesis … was at the genesis of the creation of this international terrorist network. But another point that struck me at the time of 9/11 of 2001 was that there were only three countries at that time that recognized the originally Taliban government, I mean they didn’t have … weren’t represented at the United Nations, but the Taliban governing entity, whatever you want to call it was only recognized by three governments.

Robles: That never stopped the United States, regarding being recognized in the United Nations. I’d like to recall Kosovo again.

Rozoff: Had they chosen to recognize them, when the rest of the world didn’t, that wouldn’t have been an impediment for the United States. But the three nations that in fact did recognize it, and had embassies in Kabul, were Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, the 2 nations that worked most closely with the United States to foster the entire Mujahidin organization and movement and war, which in turn spawned the Taliban as surely as night follows day. And the United Arab Emirates.

So, whatever we have seen in the interim, that Pakistan is our major military ally in fighting terrorism in Afghanistan - I mean please - that Saudi Arabia recently signed with the United States the largest bilateral arms deal in history, and that the United Arab Emirates has troops serving under NATO in Afghanistan. United Arab Emirates has troops serving under NATO’s international security assistance force in Afghanistan. They supplied dozens of war planes 2.5 years ago for the 6 months air war against Libya, a secular Arab government.

And these again, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Pakistan are the three US military allies pronounced in the Islamic world, whereas they were the only three governments to formally recognize the Taliban in Afghanistan, but again I suppose people … its assumed Americans aren’t informed about international affairs, and if they are, that they quickly forget yesterday’s news.

So that the entire story about 9/11 has not properly been explored, and instead what we have heard I think are two alternate red herrings, one of them was the Donald Rumsfeld, “we’ve got to drain the swamp … we’ve got to eliminate terrorists bases throughout the world including the 63 countries” and even that led by the way to Rumsfeld setting up a Train and Equip Program in the nation of Georgia where terrorists aided and abetted by the United States and its NATO allies were launching attacks into the Russian North Caucasus across both Pankisi Gorge and the Kodori Gorge. And that the Russian government is lodging complaint after complaint with the Georgian government about them, so Rumsfeld says: “well, in fact, yes there are terrorists operating in North Georgia and attacking Russia, so we are going to set up at first with the Green Berets, and then with the US Marine Corps”, what is now a permanent US military presence in Georgia, which was there of course during the 5-day war, 5 years ago last month, when Georgia attacked South Ossetia and dragged Russia into the conflict.

But the other thing, I think too, just to put it in perspective, 9/11 led to the US and NATO invasion of Afghanistan and spreading throughout the south and central Asian region. And what we now have of course is the longest war in the history of the United States; it will be 12 years old very shortly; its actuality the thirteenth calendar year, which is longer than the war in Vietnam.

Robles: Let’s not forget Iraq and all the other humanitarian interventions.

Rozoff: Yes, then gave rise to subsequent wars, their drone missile campaigns in Yemen and Somali and Libya and Iraq and now Syria of course, and the invasion of Afghanistan was the opening salvo in that effort too.

Really to put into practice, as we remembered 12 years ago, blueprints elaborated by the organizations, like Projects for the New American Century, and others, who had plotted to remake a new Middle East, a broader Greater Middle East, which would extend from Mauritania on the Atlantic Ocean to Kazakhstan on the Chinese border, and that is in fact what has happened. But as a result, we’ve seen the US and NATO bring over a 150,000 troops into Afghanistan at the extreme under NATO command, under ISAF, International Security Assistance Force, which is substantially larger than the peak strength of Soviet troops during the 1980s.

And this is then of course is the longest war in the history of Afghanistan as well, and has led to the expansion of US and NATO military bases in presence in countries like Kirgizstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan for a while. The effort by the United States and its NATO allies to ensconce themselves squarely in the convergence ground of major powers in the area, especially those gathered under the umbrella of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization – Russia, China and the Central Asian Republics as well as observers like Iran, Turkey and India.

Obama’s Empty Claims Against Syria “Imperial Hubris”

Rick Rozoff

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The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin called Obama’s claims that the Syrian Government used chemical weapons "unimaginable nonsense" and US Secretary of State John Kerry a liar, and these statements mildly characterize what the United States is attempting to get away with, another Crime Against Peace. The way the United States is attempting to attack another nation based on lies and empty rhetoric as they continue their geopolitical remapping of the world, is a sign of Imperial Hubris. Voice of Russia contributor Rick Rozoff, from Stop NATO, gave his candid reaction to the latest war speech by the US' "omniscient" Commander in Chief.

Hello! This is John Robles, I’m speaking with regular Voice of Russia contributor Rick Rozoff.

Robles: Hello Sir!

Rozoff: Hello John! It is good to be on your show again.

Robles: Thank you very much for speaking with us again. Your reaction to U.S. President Barack Obama’s speech on Syria?

Rozoff: It was short, there was no new information, to be honest with you, but what was, I think, most disturbing, aside from the almost diabolically self-assured and omniscient demeanor of the Commander in Chief of, again to use his expression, “the world's sole military superpower”, was the fact that he spoke repeatedly about, as everyone knows, their indisputable facts and so forth in relation to the putative or the alleged poison-gas or chemical weapons use in Syria on August of 21st .

His actual terms, if I can bring them up here, suggest that he is privy to information the rest of the world doesn’t have, which is a typical characteristic of Imperial Hubris and we certainly saw that come across in his presentation, statements that all sides agree on the need for action (that is military action against Syria) when, in fact, that’s not the case. This is on text of his address to the nation and, of course, to the world.

I’m reading quotes from the address; "No one disputes that there was a chemical attack in Syria", that’s a quote.

Another quote: "Moreover, we know that the Assad regime was responsible".

He alone, evidently, knows that, because the United Nations inspection team has not filed their report yet. So, we don’t have that to go on.

We have the head of state of Russia, Vladimir Putin referring to that claim as being, and I quote him: “unimaginable nonsense” but somehow Obama and his colleagues in the US Government know everything.

Robles: They keep saying “we know, we know, we know”, I mean Kerry said it 23 times in a recent speech but they haven’t offered any concrete evidence. Have you seen any of this concrete evidence?

I have a friend in England who said that Kerry recently made a reference to the material that was supposed to be on the US State Department’s website and he could not find it, anywhere. This was supposedly some real evidence. Have you seen any real evidence? and then please continue.

Rozoff: No, of course not and moreover, Obama himself, when spending a disproportionate amount of his address talking about, atrocity stories of course, because he knows that’s his trump card for egging on a war.

And again, it’s the equivalent of the so-called Račak Massacre in Yugoslavia, in Kosovo in January of 1999, which was the pretext for the war against that nation, but Obama is simply reiterating, or parroting the sort of information we’ve heard from the State Department’s spokesmen, from Kerry himself, as you alluded to.

You know the statement that “an intercepted telephone call”, I mean, please! This makes the George W. Bush administration look credible, doesn’t it? When a supposed intercepted telephone call, and the trajectory of the rockets that were fired into areas and such like, this is hardly evidence. Much less incontrovertible, or irrefutable evidence, this is instead a hastily concocted pretence.

But nevertheless, in the course of his talk he delves at great length, trying to conjure up in the minds of his listeners and viewers, I suppose, the image of corpses, particularly those of children in the suburbs of Damascus in the incident, whatever the true nature of it proves to be, of August of 21st.

He was pulling on every conceivable heartstring, you know, dead children laid out in rows. “If this can happen to Syrian children, it can happen to American children” and such like. I mean, it was really low demagoguery and it wasn’t even terribly creative.

Robles: He said this could happen to American children too?

Rozoff: He made a statement of that effect, you know, “… if we don’t stop chemical weapons use against the children of Syria, this could someday be American children”.

Robles: So, is he trying to imply that Syria is somehow a threat to America?

Rozoff: It is a very tortured logic, of course but we have to be able to kind of read the code language of the White House and the State Department.

And what we are hearing is: although the Syrian rebels, those who cut out people’s livers and eat them, and videotape it because they are so proud of what they’ve done, or people who kidnap Christian Bishops and hold them if they haven’t tortured them to death and such like are responsible democratic Jeffersonian advocates of liberty, which is basically what Obama asserted; and although there may be the “rare” extremists mixed with them…

And we know that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin called John Kerry what he was – a liar – for repeatedly claiming there were no extremists amongst the rebel factions in Syria.

But what the US has done is reserved the right to claim (talk about this being interesting John) that if the Government of Syria has chemical weapons, they could fall into the hands of extremist rebel groups who could then use them.

The US should know something about that having armed terrorist outfits in Afghanistan and the Balkans and Libya, and so forth. They know that’s exactly what is going to happen.

Robles: There is evidence that they were supplied by the US to these so-called “cannibal rebels”, that’s what I want to call them, and...

Rozoff: And that’s a fitting designation for them, I mean that sums them up perfectly.

And the same sort of Libyan-Islamic-fighting-group-types that killed the US Ambassador, Christopher Stevens, in Benghazi but the US acts like the model of outraged innocence when one of their own terrorist clients occasionally turns against them.

It is occurring incidentally in Afghanistan right now, as Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and Jalaluddin Haqqani who were two of the major recipients of US military aid during the war against the Soviets and the Afghan Government in the 1980s. So, this is nothing new. This is an old scenario.

But anyway, what the US is doing is once again playing on both sides of the street. On the one hand, they will accuse the Syrian Government of deliberately and seemingly capriciously, just gratuitously, killing their own citizens.

This is what Russian President Vladimir Putin took issue with, when he referred to the fact that the Syrian Government, scoring pretty substantial and even definitive military victory on the ground, why would they use chemical weapons at this point? And moreover, when there is a UN inspection team in the country, why do it then?

So, the US on the one hand will try to… you know, “as we all know”, as Mr. Obama said again today about the fact that supposedly the Syrian Government… “the facts cannot be denied” (that’s a quote actually from his presentation in regard of the Syrian regime).

Robles: What are those facts?

Rozoff: Again, we know there are no such facts but then, what happens is they turn around and state: “Well, if there are chemical weapons in the control of the Government and the rebels might be able to wrest those weapons away from the Government and use them”.

You know, this is disingenuous to the lowest degree and it is simply one or another Casus Belli, one or another alleged justification for going to war.

Robles: Okay, Rick unfortunately we are out of time. Thank you very much.

UN Evidence Rebels Used Chemical Weapons and Killed 426 Children

John Robles

The Government of the Russian Federation, including all of its ministries and governmental bodies whose scope of influence or operations include the exterior of Russia and in particular Syria and those countries influencing the situation in Syria, have from day one of the internal conflict fought to bring about a peaceful resolution to the conflict. The most visible efforts have of course been those of the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation and the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin himself.

The unified and unwavering effort by Russia has been directed at: attempting to get all of the parties in the internal conflict to come to the negotiating table, obtaining a ceasefire and an end to the violence, and preventing external players from getting involved in the Syrian conflict. The last has been the most difficult because of the non-stop efforts of a certain country to recruit, finance, train, arm and import foreign terrorists and mercenaries into Syria to continue attempting to bring about the forcible removal of the president of the country Bashar al-Assad and a complete collapse of the government in Damascus.

The stance of the Russian Government on Syria has been consistent and based on international law, the respect for the sovereignty of all nations, the United Nations Charter as well as respect and understanding for all regional players. If a country could receive a Nobel Peace Prize for efforts to maintain peace then the Russian Federation should be a candidate for one, rather than a certain leader involved in three wars and itching to get involved in another.


Any reasonable, intelligent, unbiased and informed member of the human race, which includes you dear reader, cannot for a minute trust the credibility of a certain country that has:

1) openly and consistently called only for the removal of Bashar al-Assad by force;

2) targeted Syria for regime change to advance its regional geopolitical agenda;

3) through a proxy (Saudi Arabia) threatened a sovereign nation, the Russian Federation, with terrorist acts during the Olympic Games if it did not pull its support for President Assad;

4) has already killed over 300 Syrian troops in an aggressive attack by one of its proxies, Israel;

5) continues to back, fund, arm, import and support the most violent elements in the conflict, including al-Qaeda and other violent genocidal terrorist elements;

6) refuses to respect the opinion of the international community in its call for following international law;

7) refuses to recognize the authority and the role of the United Nations in all matters concerning Syria;

8) refuses to even consider any evidence that does not fit into its preplanned scenario of a military action against the legimtimate government;

9) has a continuing and long history of waging wars of aggression, in particular in the recent past, and of using chemical weapons;

10) has committed crimes against humanity, crimes against peace, war crimes, torture, illegal detention and extra-judicial execution, with self granted impunity;

11) has placed itself outside of the law by passing laws and drawing up plans to invade the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the Hague if one of its war criminals is arrested;

12) has also placed itself outside the law by attempting to launch and gain support for another war of aggression on a country which in no way threatens its own security, outside of the framework of the United Nations, the only body in the world with such an authority and one which was established to prevent exactly what that country is doing;

13) drew a “Red Line” for war and then brought about the conditions to make that war possible by orchestrating, through Saudi and al-Qaeda elements, a heinous crimes against humanity.

There are more reasons why you, dear reader, must not make the mistake of believing statements by that country but those are the main ones.

The Syrian "Opposition"

The term opposition is a misnomer when applied to the Wahabist-al-Qaeda-foreign mercenary- terrorist forces operating in Syria. These forces are non-state actors and are operating entirely outside of the law. The term "opposition" forces which has been applied by the West since day one seeks to add credibility to what are in fact genocidal, murderous, mass-killers-for-hire and even cannibal elements.

Opposition means a political force that has an alternative agenda and tries to bring that about through peaceful political means. Opposition is not a force that has one goal; to remove the president. That applies to the West’s "opposition" in Russia as well.

"Opposition" stands up and makes their voice heard during debates, votes, etc., it does not launch chemical weapons attacks or try to remove a government and president by force using foreign imported weapons and fighters.

True nature of Syrian "opposition"

The monsters that the country in question (US) is backing and whose army is getting ready to risk their own lives to support have committed and continue to commit crimes of such a brutal nature that there are almost no words one can use to describe the true horror. These include:

1) the infamous 'Cannibal Commander" who was filmed cutting out and eating the organs of a Syrian soldier;

2) the sawing off of the heads of two men of god, two innocent Christian Priests;

3) the regular brutal execution of countless captured soldiers, innocent civilians, women and children;

4) regularly raping and then executing women and girls and dumping their bodies in the street;

5) mass kidnappings, murders and executions of civilians and non-combatants;

6) treating non-Muslim civilians, women and children as animals by twisting and defiling Islamic Law;

7) real and ongoing genocide;

8) the launching of over 15 chemical weapons attacks on civilians;

9) and lastly the mass kidnapping and killing of over 426 children to allow for an invasion pretext by their paymasters.

Mass murder of children

According to Thierry Meyssan in an article at Voltaire net, "All observers have noted the high proportion of children among the victims. The United States has counted 426, or more than a third. Some observers, but neither those of the US nor their French counterparts, were intrigued to find that victims were almost all of the same age and they had no families to cry over them. The wide distribution of satellite channel images of victims allowed Alawite families near Latakia to recognize their children who had been abducted two weeks prior by the "rebels." This identification was long in coming because there are few survivors of the massacre by the allies of the United States, the United Kingdom and France in loyalist villages where more than a thousand bodies of civilians were discovered in mass graves."

Non-stop rape and execution

In a "Media Blackout" segment the San Francisco Examiner reported on the monstrous gang rape and execution of a 15-year-old girl named Miriam by the US and Western backed al-Nusra: "Once abducted, the girl identified only as "Miriam," was forced into a temporary marriage with the commander of Jabhat al-Nusra and raped. He then renounced their marriage, only to pass her onto another militant for the same treatment. One after another, a total of fifteen Islamist rebels "married" the young girl, raped her and renounced the marriage, a process which continued for more than two weeks. After all had their way with her, the girl was executed."

Use of chemical weapons

The supporters of the terrorists operating in Syria continue to suppress and manipulate evidence with one Turkish publication (one of many) publishing information about the possession of chemical weapons  by the "opposition": "Russia has called on Turkey to share its findings in the case of Syrian rebels who were seized on the Turkish-Syrian border with a 2 kg cylinder full of nerve gas sarin."

Coalition of crime against peace

It must be underlined and noted that any and all countries that engage in or support any kind of a military operation in Syria that is outside of the United Nations Charter and without a United Nations Resolution are guilty of committing a Crime Against Peace and an act of aggressive war. They are also guilty of supporting the atrocities listed above against the secular and peace-loving Syrian people.

According to Rick Rozff at Stop NATO the coalition of the war criminals is growing and now includes (brackets by Rozoff): "… U.S. President Barack Obama and leaders of 10 other countries issued a joint statement on Syria," these include: "The countries included Australia (NATO's Partners Across the Globe), Britain (NATO), Canada (NATO), France (NATO), Italy (NATO), Japan (NATO's Partners Across the Globe), Republic of Korea (NATO's Partners Across the Globe), Saudi Arabia (NATO's Istanbul Cooperation Initiative invitee), Spain (NATO) and Turkey (NATO).The new additions to the list of countries that stand behind the U.S. in its dealing with the Syria crisis included Albania (NATO), (neo-Ustasha) Croatia (NATO), Denmark (NATO), (apartheid) Estonia (NATO), Germany (NATO), (post-coup) Honduras, Hungary (NATO), Kosovo ("the world's first NATO state," not recognized by a majority of the nations in the world), (apartheid) Latvia (NATO), Lithuania (NATO), Morocco (NATO's Mediterranean Dialogue, illegal military occupier of Western Sahara since 1975), Qatar (NATO's Istanbul Cooperation Initiative), Romania (NATO) and the United Arab Emirates (NATO's Istanbul Cooperation Initiative).

[Qatar and the United Arab Emirates supplied NATO dozens of warplanes for its Operation Allied Protector six-month air war against Libya in 2011.]


The state which continues to call for a military operation in Syria and hopes to destroy the government must eventually answer (in a perfect world) for non-state actors it has imported into the Syrian conflict.

The plan is clear, they want to destroy the country’s government and kill Assad in order to bring it under their control. It does not matter if the al-Qaeda elements commit genocide on the civilian populations.

Bolivian President Evo Morales said it best: "This intervention is intended to kill the president, massacre of members of the Government and the people of Syria, and to take control of the country, the US seeks geopolitical control and control over the oil fields in the Middle East . Obama is behaving as a 'master of the world', despite the fact that the UN did not support his plan for a military operation in Syria."

Media suppression, lies and manipulation

The US has continued to ignore all of the facts and push for its one obtuse pre-planned objective, namely the killing of Assad and the destruction of the state, even ignoring the fact that the United Nations has had evidence that Syrian "rebels" have been using chemical weapons since May.


The Russian Federation continues to call on all parties in the conflict to cease the bloodshed and begin peaceful negotiations. Russia also calls on all of those who wish to internationalize the conflict to follow the rule of international law and abide by the United Nations Charter.

As it has from the outset Russia also calls on every party who has influence or can sway the forces in Syria to assist in bringing about a peaceful resolution to the conflict and to help stop the loss of life.


Peace cannot be won or secured in Syria through the use of arms or by a foreign military invasion. Those who have caused the conflict to tear the country apart for so long by introducing violent insane "cannibal" elements must be removed from any equation as it has become clear that they are only interested in destroying the country and killing the leader and not in the well-being of the Syrian people.

Any views and opinions expressed here are my own. I can be reached at

The US Has Used Chemical Weapons Extensively

Professor Edward Herman

иран ирак иран война противогаз химическое оружие Газовая атака Ирано-иракская война Иранский солдат

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The United States has no legal or moral authority to bomb or attack Syria and they are chemical war criminals themselves, on a much grander scale than an other country in history. The US media has no problem with the fact that their leaders obtained positions of power by guaranteeing they would follow the rule of law but have become worse war criminals than their predecessors. In an interview with the Voice of Russia renown author Dr. Edward Herman discussed these matters and more.

Dr. Edward Herman

Hello! This is John Robles, I’m speaking with Dr. Edward Herman. He is Professor Emeritus at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He is also the author of several books, namely “Manufacturing Consent”, which he wrote with Noam Chomsky, and the “Srebrenica Massacre: Evidence, Context, Politics”.

Robles: Hello Sir! It is a pleasure to be speaking with you again.

Herman: Good to be with you, John.

Robles: Regarding this situation in Syria, does the US in your opinion have the legal authority to launch military action or bomb Syria?

Herman:That’s one of the clearest things we can say “no” to. They certainly do not. The UN was organized to prevent war, aggression, cross-border attacks by individuals – it is very clear. And in fact, the Nuremberg Tribunal, should you actually read this: “war is essentially an evil thing. Its consequences are not confined to the belligerent states alone, but affect the whole world. To initiate a war of aggression therefore is not only an international crime, it is the supreme international crime, differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole”. That’s from the Nuremberg Tribunal.

So, the whole UN system was built in order to prevent war, to make it illegal to cross borders without the vote of the Security Council. And the only basis for crossing a border otherwise is immediate self-defense. And there is no way that Syria is threatening the United States, and that it doesn’t even pretend that it has anything to do with self-defense of the United States.

So, the answer is absolutely no, the legal status is non-existent. And if you read Secretary John Kerry’s and Obama’s statements, only the media picked up the fact, in past years they have both said that they will abide by International Law. International Law controls this great country’s behavior. But now that they are in power and want to go to war, they say that they are not constrained by this, they can just go across borders and bomb.

It is just amazing! And it is amazing how the mainstream media of the United States don’t pick this subject up. It’s since the United States is regularly crossing borders and attacking other countries in violation of the UN Charter, the media played down, they play as if this is not an issue. It is only when somebody else, one of our targets crosses a border that we get excited.

Robles: I see. Following that line of thought, I read recently… now this goes back to 2002, and I was wondering if you could comment on it. I read a piece of legislation in the US Government, some people called it the Hague Invasion Act. Are you familiar with that?


Robles: It protects all US personnel and allies from being subjected to International Law basically or being tried for war crimes. And it allows for, literally, a military action against the Hague which would require an invasion to physically remove, for example if they’ve arrested somebody. Can you comment on it?

Herman:It was a brazen piece of legislation. In fact I think that was the time they were discussing the International Criminal Court. And in the International Criminal Court it was theoretically going to be possible that the United States and its soldiers and leaders could be brought before the Court. And that got some of the members of the Congress and Senate very upset. So, they actually got through this incredible piece of legislation that if anybody tried to take one of our soldiers and try them, we would be prepared to invade that country. It was a lunatic piece of legislation and I doubt if it ever would be applied, but it shows the spirit of this country – we are above the Law.

Our leaders have impunity … in fact, Harry Truman made this famous statement that “the buck stops with him”. This is not true! Impunity starts with him. Here is a man who dropped two atomic bombs on two cities and wiped out quickly 200 000 civilians. I mean, this was one of the great war crimes in human history. But nobody has ever suggested that Harry should have been brought before a tribunal. And of course George Bush and these guys, they’re all immune. Bush in his autobiography openly acknowledges that he supported waterboarding, which is a well-known form of torture…

Robles: Yes, since the Korean war.

Herman:…which is internationally illegal, it is illegal in the US law. But Obama comes along having promised to enforce the law, but he won’t bring George Bush to trial. So, all these guys are immune from the law, they have impunity. This is the superpower right to have impunity. Only lesser peoples can be brought before a court.

Robles: Back to Syria, does the United States, do they have the moral authority and the support of the American people to launch any kind of an operation against Syria?

Herman:I don’t think they have the moral authority in the least. And in fact this whole business of pursuing of Syria, first, it is not even proven that the Syrian Government used chemical weapons. But even apart from that, the hypocrisy involved in this is amazing.

As the United States Government committed aggression against Iraq, it has used chemical weapons itself during the Vietnam War, the United States have used Agent Orange. In fact, its use of chemical weapons in the Vietnam War was the most extensive use of chemical weapons since World War I.

And we of course supported Iraq when it used chemical warfare against Iran. We even supplied Iraq with various kinds of arms, protected against being attacked in the United Nations, and were attacking our enemy – Iran. So, it was okay. And they were, actually, recently sold I think 600 some million dollars’ worth of cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia. And of course Israel famously used a huge number of cluster bombs in Lebanon in 2006, just before the truce. The cluster bomb is a vicious, essentially illegal weapon.

So, here is the United States doing all these horrible things, including chemical warfare, using white phosphorus in Fallujah, depleted uranium. It has dirty hands. The moral case falls because of this incredible hypocrisy. And the American people don’t go on the offensive - this other part of your question - does it have support at home, and the answer is – in spite of the huge propaganda effort that the Government and the media are carrying out, I think it still only 60% of the polled public is against attacking Syria. The public doesn’t want it. The moral case is badly compromised. So, it is really an outrage.

Robles: Thank you very much Dr. Herman. It was a pleasure speaking with you.

Herman: It was good to be on John.

Robles: Okay, thank you Sir, I appreciate it.

That was the end of part one of an interview with Dr. Edward Herman – a Professor Emeritus of Finance at the Wharton School, at the University of Pennsylvania and the author of “Manufacturing Consent”. You can find the rest of this interview on our website at

Why the US Commits Heinous International Crimes with Impunity

John Robles

сирия химическое оружие противогаз 2012 август коллаж

The world has been in a quandary since the events of 9-11 after the initial support that flowed from the hearts of the world’s populace to the United States faded and they watched America commit international crime after international crime. Including several instances of the worst crimes known to man: crimes against peace, crimes against humanity and launching wars of aggression.

The illegality does not stop there, it includes everything from the massive illegal spying we have heard about recently, to the arrest of citizens of other countries, to situations like the one that Julian Assange has found himself in.

In an interview with the Voice of Russia, Doctor Edward Herman, the famous American author who exposed the fabrications by the United States and its “allies” of the Srebrenica Massacre, the pretext for the first illegal American war of aggression under the guise of a humanitarian intervention, against Serbia, commented on what he called a “lunatic piece of legislation”, a US law which in facts cements American impunity under its own system.

With the illegal invasion or “military strikes” on Syria that the United States is threatening and the recent threat of terrorist attacks on Russia by Saudi Arabia, both almost unprecedented acts of brazen illegality, intelligent, informed and peace-loving people are trying to make sense of it. How is it that they can behave with such impunity? Where is the rule of law and the international community? Well the answer is they have literally been terrorized into silence.

The “tool of terror” is a US law that the US Government passed giving itself the right to attack an international court or country, such as the International Criminal Court in the Hague, if anyone attempts to bring an American official or service member to trial for international crimes. In effect giving themselves complete impunity.

Dr. Herman had this to say about the law: “It was a brazen piece of legislation. I think that was the time they were discussing the International Criminal Court. And in the International Criminal Court it was going to be theoretically possible that the United States’ soldiers and leaders could be brought before the court. And that got some of members of the Congress and Senate very upset”.

“So, they actually got though this incredible piece of legislation that if anybody tried to take one of our soldiers and try him, we would be prepared to invade that country. It was a lunatic piece of legislation and I doubt if it ever would be applied, but it shows the spirit of this country: we are above the law.”

The law in question can only be likened to a situation such as if a maniac-terrorist-bomber-killer-rapist-kidnapper said: “If you come after us we will bomb you”. This is not an exaggeration but in fact an understatement. The law which has had almost no attention internationally, is basically and in all practically, a blackmail letter. An open threat of violence if anyone dares to attempt to hold American criminals to account.

The law is called “The American Service-Members' Protection Act (ASPA)” and when we look at all of the illegality that the US Government has been involved over the last decade, against the backdrop of this “law”, the reason they have behaved with such impunity while not only committing crimes against humanity but while practicing rendition, torture, kidnap, extra-judicially executiions, indefinite detention, spying on and so on, we can clearly understand why they have complete and total disregard for the laws and norms that the rest of the world lives by.

ASPA was signed by war criminal George Bush himself and came into power on August 2, 2002 and is designed to: "… protect United States military personnel and other elected and appointed officials of the United States government against criminal prosecution by an international criminal court to which the United States is not party".

ASPA authorizes the US President to use “all means necessary and appropriate to bring about the release of any US or allied personnel being detained or imprisoned by, on behalf of, or at the request of the International Criminal Court”.

The law has been called “The Hague Invasion Act” because in order to “free” U.S. citizens by force, an invasion of The Hague, Netherlands, the seat of the International Criminal Court (ICC), other international courts and the Dutch Government, would be necessary.

The Act prohibits federal, state and local governments and agencies (including courts and law enforcement agencies) from assisting the ICC or any other court and prohibits the extradition of any individual from the United States to the court in question; it prohibits the transfer of classified national security information and law enforcement information to such a body and it prohibits agents of the court from conducting investigations in the United States.

The Act also prohibits U.S. military aid to countries that are party to the Court. However, exceptions are allowed for aid to NATO members, major non-NATO allies, Taiwan, and countries which have entered into “Article 98 agreements”, agreeing not to hand over U.S. nationals to the Court. The President may waive this prohibition if he determines that to do so is “important to the national interest of the United States”.

So that is it. If you try to bring American war criminals to trial, or expose war crimes, like Julian Assange and Bradley Manning, you are finished and so is any country that does the same thing. So I guess anyone interested in the rule of law can quietly go and kill themselves now.

In related news the Syrian Government, in an attempt to rid the country of America’s Al-Qaeda cannibal brigades, and I am not making light of the gravity of the situation but characterizing them for what they are, has offered rewards to anyone who can help capture foreign mercenaries and terrorists.

As reported by ITAR-TASS the Syrian Government stated in a television address that for each foreign terrorist that is captured,  500,000 Syrian pounds ($4,000) will be paid to their captor and, for information on their whereabouts or for assisting with their apprehension 200,000 pounds.

The Syrian government has guaranteed that informants will remain anonymous and will be protected. The question is whether these terrorists, being funded, armed, trained and imported by the US are considered allies. In which case the court and country in question may be subject to invasion etc.

By enacting such legislation and committing crimes against humanity and against the international community, such as continual acts of aggressive war, the United States has placed itself outside the law, literally. It would not be a stretch to say that they have gone too far and something must be done.

The views and opinions expressed here are my own. I can be reached at

US Aggression on Syria Would Violate International Law

John Robles

As the world sits glued to their radios and TV screens and their other sources of information waiting for news of an attack on Syria other events are taking place that the nefarious planners in Mclean Virginia and Washington have successfully distracted the world’s attention from. At the cost of a couple of hundred Syrian lives, which in reality mean nothing for the Americans and their Al-Qaeda elements in Syria, the US has perhaps yet failed to launch another act of aggression and commit another crime against peace, but it has succeeded in accomplishing several other objectives.

Of the four “core international crimes” (crimes of aggression, crimes against humanity, genocide and war crimes) as determined by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, the treaty which founded the International Criminal Court (ICC), the United States of America is guilty of all of them.

Crime against peace

In international law a crime against peace is defined as the “planning, preparation, initiation, or waging of wars of aggression, or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances, or participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of any of the foregoing". The word participation means that any country that goes along with such a crime is also guilty of the same crime as the aggressor, this includes any third countries that allow for their airspace or territory to be used to launch an attack on a third state..

It is clear given the preponderance of evidence that the US attacks on Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and now the planned attack on Syria are all crimes against peace and would be prosecuted if there was a body with the will to do so.

Crimes against humanity

Under international law another type of crime that the United States may be guilty of committing on multiple occasions and which many accuse the US of carrying out in its execution of its “War on Terror”, are crimes against humanity. These crimes are defined as "particularly odious offenses in that they constitute a serious attack on human dignity or grave humiliation or a degradation of human beings." The systematic persecution of one racial group by another, as is the case with American blacks, would be eligible for this classification.

It is arguable whether for example, the targeting of Muslims as a group, the extra judicial executions of suspected terrorists by drone, rendition, illegal detention and torture would, by themselves, meet the litmus test for being classified as crimes against humanity, but there can be little doubt that all of these crimes put together as part of a continual concerted effort in which the participants know they are committing violations of human rights, international law, the Geneva Conventions, the laws of war and other international laws and conventions, could and should be classified as crimes against humanity.

It might be argued that those behind, or in collusion with, the perpetrators of 9-11, or even those who failed to prosecute the perpetrators are also guilty of crimes against humanity, especially the consequences that those events have had on the world since that date.

War crimes

An area where there is little area for debate as to the collusion and guilt of the United States is in the area of war crimes. War crimes are generally defined as including: "murder, the ill-treatment or deportation of civilian residents of an occupied territory to slave labor camps (Guantanamo, rendition sites, Abu-Ghraib, etc), the murder or ill-treatment of prisoners of war, the killing of prisoners (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria), the wanton destruction of cities, towns and villages (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya), and any devastation not justified by military, or civilian necessity (all of the previous and in particular Syria).

The US Government’s institutionalized collusion in war crimes, including torture, the use of chemical weapons and indefinite detention under conditions amounting to torture have been very well documented and proven time and time again. The persecution and prosecution of Bradley Manning serving as the best example, as well as the evidence that he revealed.


No one has called the, what could be millions, of Sunni Muslims and others killed in the illegal US wars genocide but if the numbers are in fact in the millions this would be valid.

The fact that the United States was founded on the genocide of the American Indians, something no one has ever been prosecuted for. The continuing practice of keeping the few Indians that are left living on “reservations” essentially prison zones, would be classified as a crime against humanity but no one is willing to or calling for anything to be done.

Other crimes

The number of other crimes committed by the United States since 9-11 would fill volumes and include everything from droning, to extra-judicial executions, bringing about and causing revolutions and political instability, economic manipulation, repression of dissent and protestors, attacks on media and whistleblowers and others. However the largest and most egregious offense with a truly global reach involves the revelations by Edward Snowden. It is chiefly these revelations and the backlash that the United States has avoided by threatening the world with an even greater crime. You would not tell a murderer that you have caught as he is hacking his victim to death that his car is illegally parked now can you?

Who will prosecute?

The International Criminal Court or ICC is the body that has the authority to prosecute these crimes and is supposed to do so if states can not or will not act, however they do not have arrest powers and along with the United Nations they are largely under the complete control of the United States.

So there are certainly bodies with the authority to prosecute and rein in the criminality but until they possess the independence and are pushed into taking action nothing will be done.

This has led to movements in the United States for example to prosecute George Bush for murder, for example, something easier to prove than war crimes and prosecutable in a US court, but no one has been able to pursue these attempts to a successful conclusion and apparently there is not a single body willing to arrest these criminals.

Distraction and avoidance of response

The initial response that the United States was spying on the United Nations and on allies was quickly dwarfed by the media sensation around Edward Snowden, the forced landing of the presidential aircraft of Evo Morales and now the “impending invasion” of Syria.

The initial reaction from European countries was to freeze all economic and business cooperation, when it was revealed that the United States was spying on and collecting economic, banking and financial information from even its allies in order to manipulate their markets, something that should have been a key topic for debate at the G-20, but it has successfully been for the most part ignored. This goes for other matters that the G-20 countries may have reached a consensus on as well.


All of these events, as well as the threat of terrorist attacks at the upcoming Sochi Olympics by the Saudi Prince Bandar have been carefully orchestrated to demonize and vilify Russia and to detract from the success and leadership on the world stage that Russia is taking and will take if the G-20 Summit, the Sochi Olympics and the internal conflict in Syria are allowed to take place and be resolved successfully.

Experts and international observers agree that by attacking Syria the US is going after one of Russia’s allies in order to decrease Russia’s possible influence in the region, and that Obama is so unstable and was so upset by Russia’s legal protection of Edward Snowden that he decided, by bombing Syria he would punish Russia. Regardless of the reasoning. With imminent threat, or a UN Resolution, any attack on Syria is a crime against peace.

The US has successfully caused a serious rift with Russia and is something they continue to do. Statements that Russia supplied Syria with chemical weapons is beyond the pale but proves that the United States will do anything to attempt to paint Russia as some supporter of terror. This is ridiculous beyond words, when Russia has, since day one, promoted a political solution to the conflict and the United States has been importing terrorists and its Al-Qaeda elements into Syria to bring about their repeated goal of a forceful regime change in Damascus.

In light of the recent threat by Prince Bandar against the Russian people and the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin with terrorist attacks at the Sochi Olympics, while failing to bribe the head of state, and the admission by the rogue prince that the Saudis control the Chechen terrorist groups, it should be time for the world community to seriously question the legitimacy of these states.

Some analysts have stated that Russia has every right to level Saudi Arabia as it has threatened Russia with terrorist acts, and some say that this is a threat for which war could be declared, but Russia has so far maintained the high moral ground and refrained from bellicose rhetoric against the supporters of cannibal terrorists.

Even though Russia has every right to react in an extreme manner to such an outrageous unprecedented threat President Putin chooses to act in the most diplomatic and responsible way possible, and as the record shows, seek a diplomatic and peaceful resolution to even that affront.

The psychological aspects

The state of the world, waiting whether the US will launch another illegal war and attack yet another defenseless country that poses it no threat, is one on edge. This form of psychological terrorism, placing the world in fear of possible World War III, is beneficial for the United States as it distracts from other pressing issues that the world (outside the western media bubble) was beginning to wake up about.

The fear of war is powerful tool to control not only its own population but to control and spread fear into the hearts of the world’s peace-loving nations. However it is these nations that must unite and that is where the United States may have finally over stepped the bounds and wandered into unknown territory. Fear can cause unexpected reactions and terrorizing the world with the constant threat of a “humanitarian” attack may bring about events that the US does not expect and is not prepared for.

United front

It is a given, I believe, that if the US does in fact unilaterally decide to attack Syria it will galvanize the world community against them, especially those countries who know they are next in line for Washington’s nefarious regime change invasion plans.

Even the fact that Obama is even considering to move ahead without the UN or even wait for the results of the UN inspection on the alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria, is having the effect of uniting countries against the United States.

Unilateral war and bombing poor defenseless countries and dictating to the world how to run its affairs may play well for the violence loving political base back in America but quite frankly the world has grown weary of American bombs and American aggression.

Iraq never threatened America, nor did Afghanistan, nor did Libya, nor did Yugoslavia and finally nor has Syria.

The views and opinions expressed here are my own. I can be reached at

US Attack on Syria Will be a Historic Crime

Rick Rozoff

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Statesmen, diplomats, leaders and countries worldwide are condemning the United States for their obtuse and entirely self serving desire to launch military aggression against Syria, yet another small and almost defenseless nation that the US wants to decimate with their unparalleled military might as they continue to aggressively bomb and attack every nation that attempts to pursue any king of independent foreign or other policy. Voice of Russia regular Rick Rozoff adds his voice to the growing chorus of people worldwide who are calling on the aggressors to stand down and stop their madness.

Hello, this is John Robles, I’m speaking with Mr. Rick Rozoff, he’s a regular contributor for The Voice of Russia and the manager and owner of the Stop NATO website and an international mailing list.

Robles: Hello, Rick, how are you?

Rozoff: I am as concerned and as distressed, as I’m sure you and most of the world is currently knowing that we are on the precipice of what could be a disastrous military action by the United States in the Middle East.

Robles: Is it possible that somebody may, at the last moment, talk some sense into those beating-the-war-drums in Washington?

Rozoff: Certainly there have been efforts to do so. Even today such an unlikely person as the Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon who was known to have been the United States’ choice for that position and who has generally gone out of his way not to offend Washington in any way, nevertheless reminded the world community and the US, in particular, that there are only two justifications to taking military action against another country.

The first is Article 51 of U.N. Charter that if a country is in imminent danger of attack from the other country, that is self-defense and secondly, if there is authorization through the Security Council. Neither of those criteria, of course, applies in any manner to US plans for military attacks against Syria. That’s number one.

Number two, and I think that is not insignificant, this past Sunday in his weekly address in St. Peter’s Square Pope Francis I, the head of the largest religious organization in the world, the Roman Catholic Church with 1.2 billion adherents, called for an international day of fasting and prayer for peace in Syria. And making statements like, and this is from the press agencies, quotes of his talk, stated quote: “War, never again!” And also made the following statement “Violence never leads to peace. War leads to war, violence leads to violence,” this is an almost unprecedented statement by the religious leader by the largest religious faith in history, the Catholic Church.

And this Saturday he is going for an international day of prayer and fasting, not only for the world’s Catholics, his own flock, but other religious believers and even non-believers. That's number two.

Number three, a statement was quoted today by Interfax, the Russian press agency, quoting the Chairman of the Upper House of the Russian Parliament, the Federation Council’s Defense and Security Committee, Viktor Ozerov, and I am quoting him because it is worth getting these words out more broadly than I expect they have, and his quote says: "If we recognize the supremacy of international law and sovereignty of UN member states, the start of the U.S. military actions against Syria bypassing the U.N. Security Council could only mean one thing, another American aggression against an Arab state." More or less echoing, or paralleling the statements by Ban Ki-Moon.

He further over went on to list what this means in terms of escalation of a long-term pattern, and again this is Ozerov speaking, "The aftermath of the U.S. aggressive operations are still fresh in our memory; Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya... The list could be extended. No arguments can be accepted here in defense of democracy or human rights." As the alleged purpose of those wars, my comment.

And he goes on to say, "What is really happening is that Washington cannot agree that countries exist that do not dance to its tune or play by its rules." That’s the end of the quote by the Russian senator. And that, I think That hits it pretty squarely on the head and gets to the gist of the issue.

Syria's crime is not kowtowing to the United States, capitulating to it. And any other countries, and there aren’t many currently, that have the courage to maintain an independent foreign policy, that have close state-to-state diplomatic economic and military ties, with nations like Russia and China, who are also targeted in this.

And in a way how I envision it, John, is that you have the US, as a wolf outside of a pen of sheep and it's selecting them one by one, as to which it's going to devour. And as long as the sheep permit themselves to be picked off individually and sequentially, then all of them eventually are going to be victims.

And what's needed at this point is what even the otherwise fairly timid Ban Ki-Moon has reminded the world of, that at the most the use of military aggression by one state against another and certainly not one which has military superiority that’s almost incalculable, like the United States vis-a-vis Syria, unless in immediate self-defense or with the U.N. Security Council authorization, neither of which is in the offing. And that is the sentiment of Senator Ozerov from the Federation Council, who said exactly the same thing. “That war outside the Security Council threatens the system of international law, the international global order.”

So I think, given the gravity of the situation and the almost unprecedented comments which I just shared with you, by the head of the United Nations, the head of world's largest religious faith and by the chairman of a key committee of the Upper House of the Russian Parliament, that we're looking at something quite serious right now, and that the world needs to be able to marshal all the resources it has; information, organization, moral resources, in order to combat the threat of a war against Syria, which could quite entirely possibly expand into something not only a regional conflict or conflagration, but into something that could be a global showdown.

We've already talked about this, John, repeatedly that the U.S. has exploited the Syrian crisis, to create a new Cold War with Russia, which is now simply indisputable, and on the heels of the cancelled meeting between Obama and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, the Edward Snowden affair and a number of other things. But what is resting at the base of it, is the U.S. exploiting the Syrian crisis to be berate, denigrate and threaten Russia.

We’ve heard some of the worst rhetoric coming out of Washington vis-a-vis Russia since the Cold War and even worse in certain ways, as we have has ample opportunity to discuss in the past.

So my plea would be that people take to heart very serious, the statements by Ban Ki-Moon, the statements by Viktor Ozerov, the statements by Pope Francis I and realize that something is so severe, so great, so historic at this point that all efforts have to be made between now and, say, the beginning of next week when there's likely to be a vote in both Houses of the U.S. Congress, that world public opinion has to tell Washington, both the legislative and executive branch, "No war! It's against the law internationally! It's a moral crime! And it's an historic crime that will be judged in that manner and its perpetrators will be held accountable!”

Robles: Ok, thank you, Rick! We're out of time! I really appreciate it!

Rozoff: Thank you, John!

US Proxy Saudi Arabia is a Terrorist State

John Robles

иран Саудовская Аравия карта Персидский залив

The response by the world community and by billions of informed and intelligent people all over the globe, including those in the United States, to the latest calls by the leaders of the U.S., to launch yet another war of aggression against yet another country that has never posed a threat to it, has not been one that those obtusely insisting on bloodshed expected to be faced with.

No credibility

For the international community, after decades of fabrications for going to war, war crimes, violations of international law and conventions, blatant war profiteering, military buildup, torture, illegal detention and rendition, extra-judicial executions, massive illegal spying and the refusal to abide by international laws and norms, any military action proposed to be waged by the United States of America must be looked at with the highest degree of suspicion and must not be allowed to take place without a real and true independent international consensus based on law and evidence.

For Americans the reasons to view their government with suspicion are even more numerous: endless empty patriotic war rhetoric against defenseless nations, the destruction of, and complete disregard for, constitutional rights and protections, the failure to prosecute for war crimes and crimes exposed by whistleblowers, the criminalization and violent brutal suppression of anyone who would dare to dissent against the all powerful political elites, the stifling of dissent and political discourse, the disappearance of privacy and the right to be free from unwarranted surveillance, the abuse of terror and security legislation to go after anyone the government deems to be an enemy, the all power executive that can order the extra-judicial execution of anyone, even Americans, and the list goes on.

Empty calls for war and patriotism

Last night perpetual war-monger John McCain gave a speech, just as empty and designed for a brain dead audience, as the recent speech by John Kerry that I commented about. A speech in which Kerry repeated the phrase “we know” 23 times but did not offer a single concrete piece of evidence in accusing Bashar Al-Assad and the Syrian government of using chemical weapons. Kerry’s logic for the dumbed down and brain dead masses was that, we know, I am reliable, they are bad, so you must believe us.

McCain’s was worse, he actually reasoned, I paraphrase: “Obama has decided to go to war, and the congress must support him,” whether they are right or wrong, ”because if we do not we will look illegitimate to the world.” I might remind Mr. McCain that without an imminent threat, which Syria never has and never will, pose to the United States, and without a UN resolution, any attack on Syria will be illegal and a crime against peace.

Delegitimize the entire US Government

McCain’s equation of supporting Obama’s calls to war (another reason why he must be stripped of his Nobel Peace Prize) with a support for the legitimacy of the United States are hollow and false. It is in fact these calls to war against the facts that the world already knows that has already turned the United States into a rogue nation in the eyes of the world. McCain’s speech in support of his president, something he did continually for Bush, may have been designed to terrorize the American people into supporting Obama’s obtuse insistence on attacking Syria, but in fact if the plan works the way they intend, it will then delegitimize the entire U.S. Government. The entire world sees the king has no clothes, so even if the Congress jumps on the bandwagon and says he does it will not make it so. They will also be regulated to the side of the blind.

The world knows, as well as informed Americans, that the opposition in Syria is made up of 90% Al Qaeda type, U.S. backed, funded and trained terrorists. The world also knows that the chemical weapons were delivered to the Syrian opposition by Saudi Prince Bandar and U.S. backed sources. As there is clear evidence of these facts then the United States Government has no choice but to go after those responsible (in the U.S.) and prosecute them to the full extent of the law. This would include the man sitting in the Oval Office, as he refuses to look at any evidence that does not fit with his pre-planned invasion scenario. Without that, any support by the government for another illegal invasion will only lead to delegitimizing the entire state.

Ignoring the elephant in the room

With all of the debate on all of the aspects of Obama’s bellicose rhetoric and calls for an aggressive military strike on Syria a very important fact recently emerged in the world media that is being quietly ignored.

This fact is one that goes to the heart of 9-11 and the entire “War on Terror” paradigm and transcends Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and even the Balkan war. It is the single fact that connects the contested Bush rise to power, the spread and growth of Al-Qaeda and every major event that has taken place since the day when a bankrupt George Bush was saved by the Bin Laden family and Saudi lucre. That fact is one mad Saudi Prince’s desire to be king and a thinly veiled threat to President Vladimir Putin.

With one set of attempted bribes and then subsequent threats to President Putin the entire house of cards has now been revealed and the thread that connects all of the dots has now been exposed.

Bush, the Saudis, Al-Qaeda and global domination

I would put forward, and I would welcome widespread debate and analysis of the facts on this, that Saudi Prince Bandar “Bush” is the key to the historic illegality that has spread throughout the world and the Middle East like a cancer since 9-11 and that it began with the Balkan war and the Saudi support of Bosnian Muslim terrorists. He is the key that ties the U.S. and the American elites to everything from Al-Qaeda to influencing South American oil markets.

We know

Like U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry I would like to offer my own list of “we knows”, with the difference that my “we knows” are based on uncontested facts and with the revelation by none other than Prince Bandar himself, that the Saudis control Al-Qaeda, Chechen terrorists and the terrorists in Syria, that list of we knows is now impossible to ignore. The elephant is now completely filling the building.

We now know that the Saudis do nothing without the backing and okay of the United States. Therefore everything the Saudis do we can say the U.S. is also guilty of.

We know the Saudis control Al-Qaeda, Chechen terrorists, Kosovo Albanians, Bosnian Muslim terrorists and other radical groupings.

We know they (the U.S. and the Saudis) are funding, arming, importing and training terrorists and fighters into Syria.

We know there are reports that Bandar himself delivered the chemical weapons directly to Syrian “rebels”, the same weapons used to launch an attack on the day the UN inspection team arrived.

We know Bandar promised President Putin billion dollar arms deals, and that of course it would be a win-win for the Saudis and the Americans to arm their Al-Qaeda terrorists and insurgents with Russian weapons. Then of course they could pass the blame but that is a minor point.

We know that with the backing and support of the United States the Saudis (Bandar) threatened Russia with a terrorists attack on the most peaceful of international events, the Olympic Games.

Also we know they told President Putin weeks before the “chemical attack” that they would invade Syria.

We know that for over a year the U.S. has been repeating that a chemical attack is a “red line” that must not be crossed and have been continuing to try to show that it has been crossed.

We know the U.S. has no compelling or other evidence that they can present to prove that such an attack was carried out by Syrian forces and that they will do anything to attack Syria to forcibly end the presidency of Assad and the Syrian Government.

We know the UN inspectors were controlled by rebels forces during their inspections of the chemical attacks and so any evidence they present can not be trusted.

We know that Bandar: bought nuclear warhead capable missiles from China, was involved in Iran-Contra, rescued a bankrupt George Bush along with the Bin Laden family, and was so close to the Bush family that he was called Bandar Bush.

We know Litvinenko was involved in funding Chechen terrorists which means he was aware of Saudi ties, which explains why they tried to deflect the attention to Russia.

We know the Boston Marathon suspects were Chechens, used for another false flag event to raise millions of dollars.

We know that after the events of 9-11 the Saudi Embassy was one of the most protected building in the United States.

We know the FBI had evidence of Saudi involvement in 9-11 and that they knew of Saudi connections to the 9-11 “terrorists”. Including direct involvement of a Saudi family in Florida with all of the hijackers.

We know no one has ever been prosecuted for 9-11.

It gets worse. We know that Al-Qaeda was created to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, that Osama Bin Laden was also a CIA asset named Tom Ossman, and that Al-Qaeda was and has been funded by Saudi businessmen and that the Bin Laden family continue to run banks through which Saudi money is laundered. We also know that the Bin Ladens were allowed to leave the United States after 9-11 as well as other Saudis and that a command center for the 9-11 attacks was discovered in Sarasota Florida that was hushed up by the FBI.

By threatening Russia with a terrorist attack, coupled with evidence of involvement in 9-11, ties to Al-Qaeda and more, we know that Saudi Arabia is not only a state sponsor of terrorism but is also a state which uses terrorism as an instrument of foreign policy.

We know that Saudi oil is so important to the United States that they will do anything the Saudis say and visa versa. This includes anything to protect the American dollar being used for global trade in oil. Without which the dollar would collapse. Both Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi both dared to change to the euro less than a day before their countries were attacked. Hugo Chavez was also a proponent of getting rid of the petro dollar system as is Iran.

Russia and China may move away from the dollar in oil trade with Russia already moving towards the Euro making it clear, as the world’s second largest oil producer behind Saudi Arabia, why Russia continues to be an “enemy” to the Americans.

9-11 and the resulting “War on Terror” have allowed for western global militarization and invasions of countries that threatened the petro dollar.

We know that the Saudis hold a trillion dollars in American debt and that makes the United States subservient to their interests.

We know that the Saudi forces and groups are committing war crimes executing Syrian soldiers and even engaged in cannibalism.

And finally, once again, above all else, we know that Saudi Arabia has threatened Russia with a terrorist attack.

It gets worse dear reader and the ties to Saudis, terrorists, and western special services go so far and wide and are so long that it would take thousands of pages to document.

The same people telling you they are protecting you from terror, the record has shown, are in on everything from 9-11, to Boston, to the Syrian gas attack. They have killed and continue to kill millions. The reason? The U.S. wants to rule the world and Bandar wants to be the king. Nothing else matters.

Americans Want to See Obama Defeated in Middle East

John Robles

Dear readers, I have received a lot of mail from all of you as of late in response to my efforts covering the Syrian crisis and in particular to work on trying to uncover the true connection between Saudi Prince Bandar "Bush" and terrorism, in light of his threat against President Putin and the Russian people. One of the best and most detailed responses came from an unexpected source, unexpected because I am fighting for peace and this response was from an almost lifetime member of the US military. What he has to say is worth reading, so please let me introduce Joseph Zrnchik a Retired U.S. Military Observer Controller/Trainer who served the United States from October 1981to May 2006 (24 years 8 months) and taught Battle Command Staff Training (BCST), Operational Planning, Tactical Operations Center Training (TOC Training) and Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) Training. Mr. Zrnchik has independently contributed this work for the Voice of Russia. Thank you all, and best wishes. John

The exhortations for government support has worn thin. It is currently great weather in the US if you like to be peed on and told its raining. Not only does the US government have no credibility with the international community, but it no longer has any credibility with any American displaying common sense. The excuses given for attacks on other nations, banker bailouts, NSA destruction of the 4th Amendment and the right to be free of unlawful search and seizure, having the unalienable right of habeus corpus, the institution of police state brutality for the purpose of crushing peaceful dissent, the violations of international laws banning torture, the destruction of the US Constitution with regard to presidential claiming power to assassinate Americans, the death knells of due process, the heinous abuses common people suffer at the hands tyrannical police and the criminals in robes sitting in judgement who now serve the state as opposed to providing justice to the people, all make it clear to Americans that those having any connection with the government are now using government as a means to loot the people and protect their criminal rackets that are being perpetrated on a global scale.

The absurdities, lies and hypocrisies place Washington DC at the pinnacle of human arrogance, hypocrisy and stupidity. As the economy crumbles in the US, Americans stand idly by as bankers and defense contractors steal hundreds of billions of dollars. This is occurring as the government gives perverse justifications for the expansion of police state powers. It is sickening to listen to the corporate media as they refuse to address the medacity of government officials by using even the most basic levels of reasoning abilities. And with many Americans cheering for the government against Snowden, Assange and Manning, it is as if many Americans want their government to lie to them and abuse them. The refusal by the political elite to admit what everyone knows is the truth has finally disgusted Americans to such an extent that the government is now in fear and has emplaced legislation that will shut down the internet, usurp the Constitution and turn America into a full-blown police state with the flick of a switch.

All informed Americans now know the forces fighting in Syria are 90 percent Saudi-financed foreign jihadists of the al Qaeda variety who are being rightfully crushed by Assad and Hezbollah. All informed Americans know Israel wants the US wallowing in the mire of religious and sectarian Middle East violence as they support al Qaeda as a CIA/Saudi proxy terrorist army. All informed Americans know the Saudis have supplied the terrorists with chemical weapons that they have repeatedly used in an attempt to drag the US into war. This war proves Saudi Arabia controls al Qaeda and that al Qaeda can only be defeated by attacking Saudi Arabia. But, the US wants al Qaeda so that it has an excuse to steal more money and liberty from Americans by pushing the US’s Global War on Terror into its second decade. We have spent a decade fighting the global war on terror only to watch Al Qaeda swell is numbers to division level with the entire al Nusra Front swearing loyalty to al Qaeda. The claim that al Qaeda has been attritted to a few hundred world-wide is Bush/Cheney/Obama/Clinton nonsense. We will now be forced to follow empire to its logical conclusion as Americans discover imperial politics benefits the few at the expense of the many. But Obama is being humiliated by the common soldier, sailor and marine as they post social media videos telling Obama they will never fight along side or support al Qaeda who had been killing thousands of American service members in Iraq and killed thousands of American civilians on 9/11.

Obama has decided to shoot his mouth off and attempt to place Americans in the position of supporting Sunni sectarian slaughter. Thankfully people like Rand Paul have placed a check on Obama as he is being forced to confer with congress before attempting to begin the first ever war initiated by a Nobel Peace Prize recipient. The US Congress has finally placed a check on Obama’s radical attempt to expand his executive power, and not a moment too soon. Obama has said he meant what he said about using US military might in Syria, but the US military does not belong to Obama so much as it does the American people whose representatives regarding whether to wage war is the US House of Representatives. The House of Representatives represents the American people and there is no army without the people. For the US Army to expect homage is absurd, because it is the people and not the military who provides the funds, mans the weapons and fights the wars. It is the US Army who owes the American people homage and not the other way around. I say this as a retired Army officer who had served for over 24 years.

Major media networks have played Obama’s and Biden’s speeches criticizing Bush and threatening him with impeachment for attempting to begin the Iraq War without proper congressional approval, without observing the War Power Act and without abiding by the US Constitution’s Article 1, Section 8. How both can now make the claim that the president can act as a unitary executive is rank hypocrisy and makes both look like laughingstocks every time the video is played.

Considering the way the leadership of our military has thrown soldiers under the bus for the political considerations, it is amazing anyone would be so stupid as to further believe anymore of the imperial nonsense spewn by globalists and the corporations they own. These globalist have served to loot the American people as they prove to be a knife to the throat of nations who seek to act in the best interests of their own citizens and in accordance with international law. That the US could excuse itself from the International Criminal Court and disregard the Geneva and Hague Conventions makes one question the intellectual level of any soldier who could believe such obvious lies and contradictions. That people could be made to be so stupid ought to scare leaders who expect soldiers to be able to think for themselves. I question why any American would want to serve such an obscene government.

When one considers how the US Army lied about Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch as it covered for and excused torture and murder sanctioned by senior military officers and government officials like Cheney, Rumseld, Bush, and Alberto Gonzales, this ought to force every American to support politicians who would begin war crimes tribunals. While as they literally engaged in mass murder, torturing to death even Iraqi generals, they were able to throw Pvt. Lyndee England under a bus for "torture" without batting an eye. That all she did was humiliate Iraqi prisoners which brought her years in Leavenworth ought to make people wonder how US officials got away with suffocating Iraqi generals and hanging people backwards by their wrists until death. Yet people remain ignorant, stupid and apathetic.

Look how the military allowed Israel to slaughter dozens of sailors on the USS Liberty as they machine-gunned the severely injured on lifeboats. Look how John McCain’s father, Admiral McCain covered for the Israeli atrocities by whitewashing the investigation thereby ensuring his son’s political future in the Zionist-controlled US political establishment. Not only did the military establishment lie about what happened, but it threatened with treason anyone who would expose the crimes of the elite as President Lyndon Johnson left Americans defenseless while recalling a fighter wing so that Israelis could continue their slaughter of killing injured sailors left on the high seas in life rafts.

One Hollywood movie you will never see is about the USS Liberty. Israeli savagery would make any Jaws movie seem mundane in comparison. All the movie producers would have to do is change the "A" to an "E" and the new horror movie "Jews" would show that there are creatures with less of a soul than a Great White Shark.

With regard to the war in Syria, the US screams that Assad needs to be attacked because he used chemical weapons against "his people". So let’s look at the deceptions here. First, the Syrian opposition is one-third al Qaeda. Those that are not al Qaeda are associated forces collected from across the Sunni Arab world and are militants supplied and funded by Saudi Arabia to wage war against Shiite governments. These forces are illegal under the all international law and The Rules for Land Warfare. These terrorist groups have been caught red-handed using chemical weapons supplied by Saudi Arabia both in hopes of killing Shiites and with the intention to create a false flag situation. The Syrian oppositional forces are made up of only about ten percent of the Syrian population and are hard core Salafist, Wahabbist and Takfiri fighters who in no way represent the overwhelming majority of Syrian society. The other ninety percent come from across the entire Middle East where kings rule lawlessly and democratic movements are always crushed with the utmost brutality. While Assad has asked for talks to save Syria, the foreign fighters have no concern about laying of of Syria to waste.

The US constantly talks about how we need to attack Syria due to its violations of international law while Israel and the US have both used white phosphorous to attack civilian population centers. In the case of the US in Fallujah, the Marines surrounded the city, allowed women and children to flee while holding the men captive in the city and then unleashed a vicious barrage against thousands of non-combatants.

During Operation Cast Lead the Israelis bombed a UN observer post and killed all the international observers so that no one could see the war crimes it was committing as it opened fire on schools and civilian refugee camps using the internationally banned weapon of white phosphorous. When the IDF found it could not defeat Hezbollah, it then began an orgy of destruction targeting civilians and infrastructure in violation of international law. Was there ever a word spoken by the US against Israeli atrocities?

During the Iran-Iraq War, the US supplied Saddam’s Sunni Baathist military with chemical weapons he used to conduct an illegal war and kill 600,000 Iranians. Then, the US lied about the slaughter of Iraqis by Saddam and said the Shiite civilians that Saddam killed in Iraq were killed by Iranian chemical weapons. When Saddam finally had enough of the US and decided he would no longer accept the dollar and sought to use only the euro for oil sales in the Oil-For-Food Program, the US suddenly claimed he had to be overthrown for using chemical weapons against his own people over a decade earlier.

So, how is it that this hypocrisy can be ignored by the mainstream media regarding Obama’s desire to intervene in Syria? In the US Civil War President Lincoln, regarded as a hero by neocons, presided over the slaughter of over 600,000 Americans while the population of the US at that time was only 1/3 greater than Syria. Moreover, this carnage was done with primitive weapons and would have continued indefinitely until the US central government got its way. Yet, in Syria Assad is condemned as a strongman when the deaths in his war are fractionally much smaller even given adjustments for population differences. Assad’s war would have to claim three times what the US Civil War did to be proportionally as deadly. Yet, Lincoln did not face tens of thousands of foreign fighters gathered from across the globe who were supported by the world’s greatest military powers.

In light of Saudi intervention, one also has to consider the implications if it is determined that the House of Saud was in fact behind a false flag attack as many knowledgeable military theorists and analysts admit. And if the Saudi jihadists used chemical weapons to kill Syrians that were provided by Saudi Arabia, and given the Saudi kingdom’s admitting to controlling Chechen terrorists and threatening Russia, would not Russia be within its right to conduct a major attack on Saudi Arabia as Putin has threatened to do after being threatened by a Saudi prince with terror?

That Israel would demand humanitarian bombing for alleged Assad use of chemical weapons because it care about jihadist fighters is so hypocritical that it is sickening. But, one wonders what Israel’s position would be if it was discovered that the chemical attacks were false flag operations supplied by Saudi Wahabbists.

The 600 lb. gorilla in the room that the Western media seems to ignore is that the forces in Syria are Saudi Arabia’s irregular forces that are used as an instrument of Saudi foreign policy. These forces are not accountable to anyone and have absolutely no standing under international law. During all of the Syrian war they have executed every single Syrian soldier and slaughtered thousands of civilians due to religious sectarianism. While the US and EU brand Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, it has not engaged in sectarian slaughter of civilians, is a uniformed force, and has a clear command structure that has acted in accordance with international law.

If Obama decides to attack Syria and it is found that Saudi Arabia is not only funding international terrorism in Chechnya, but supplying chemical weapons to kill Syrians and foment a world war by creating a false flag event, Russia would be completely within its rights to flatten Riyadh and begin an Arabian uprising.

The whole world knows that Saudi Arabia holds on to over a trillion dollars in US debt. The world knows the Saudis seek to maintain the dollar as the world’s reserve currency to the detriment of poor and developing nations. The petrol dollar scheme is a tax the US charges the world as it exports its inflation to the world’s economies. The US can not build a phone or television but can build the most expensive fighters Americans can be taxed to procure. As Americans are taxed to pay for the Department of Homeland Security, we find ourselves funding our own slavery.

As the dollar continues it decline, the world knows that Saudi Arabia can spend its troves of freshly printed hundred dollar bills on only four things.

They are:

Advanced US weaponry

Fomenting civil wars that pit Sunni against Shiite

Suppressing domestic dissent

Trying to buy friends (as in Egypt and the unsuccessful attempt to buy off Putin)

The Sauds will do anything to keep the bankrupt petrol dollar scheme afloat while it holds trillions in US debt. There is an old saying about governments that says: If you owe someone a billion dollars, that is your problem, but if you owe them a trillion dollars, that is their problem. We can see that the Saudis problem is that they are willing to betray Islam and their jihadi fighters in order to maintain their kingdom. Sunnis are little more then useful idiots to the House of Saud. Right now we see the beginning of the end to the defeat of Saudi lunacy in the Middle East and with it will begin the continued advancement of Iran and the Non-Aligned Movement that will provide prosperity to those nations whose governments are not so greedy that they betray their people for Zionist banking interests. The petrol dollar recycling scheme is coming to an end and US hegemony will also end. The elite at the CFR, Bilderburg and Trilateral Commission have already schemed and are willing to have America fall to advance a globalist agenda and New World Order.

Libya should be ample example that anyone foolish enough to become involved in the international loan sharking operation known and the World Bank and IMF will raped by lenders or overthrown for attempting to oppose neo-colonialism and neo-imperialism. Iran’s primary reason for being assigned membership to the "Axis of Evil" by the Bush administration is its refusal to be dominated by Zionist banking. We see the results of Qaddafi opposing the international banking cartel. The US and NATO claimed Qaddafi needed to be overthrown to protect Libyans from annihilation even while half the entire nation conducted rallies in support of him. After seeing the US lies and the Saudi funding of Qaddafi’s opposition from jihadists across the Middle East, Russia and China were not so stupid as to allow Saudi Arabia and the West to attempt this transparent ploy in Syria. It now seems Iran and Russia are both telling Obama that he is risking a serious disruption to the world’s economy and a conflict that has no end in sight and very long-term implications of which nobody can know.

Qaddafi proved to be too much of a forward thinker for the US as he worked to provide an African Monetary Fund and African central bank. He built the Great Man-made River Project that was kept hidden by the media and it was the first thing the US bombed to prevent Libya from being the breadbasket of Africa. The US then ended Qaddafi's RASCOM plan to put an advanced telecommunications satellite in space for a small fraction of what the West was trying to change. Then, the IMF got really mad when Qaddafi stopped the West from looting Africa by paying back IMF loans interest-free to indebted nations to prevent forced austerity sell-offs of resources and infrastructure for pennies on the dollar to Western corporation. This is why the Libyan people now live in lawless squalor. Such was the result of the US backing jihadist fighters.

The US has now begun to lie like the Israelis and the Israelis lie like people blink. The US has blown Iranian airliners out of the sky as in the case of IR Flight 655 and the US media, and to a lesser extent the global media, hid the fact that every single assertion made by the US proved to be a lie to cover up the slaughter of over 290 Iranians. When you consider that the US Navy accidentally shot down Flight 800 and killed dozens of US passengers and to this day continues to lie, threaten and obstruct, it is of little surprise to me that the elite can kill a president as they did with Kennedy and then kill his brother to prevent the crime from being exposed during what would have been a succeeding Kennedy administration. As the world now looks to see how successful Iran will be at suing the US for the overthrow of its elected government of Mohammed Mossadegh, few will hold their breath in waiting for the US for conform to international law. How is it that the US bombings Iranain oil platforms in support of Saddam’s war against Iran can be omitted from any conversation about international law?

As a retired Army officer and American citizen I can tell the world that we Americans are at our wit’s end in dealing with our government. This past week two major media operations were bought by globalist corporate entities so as to continue to stuff lies down the throats of the American people. It seems our elite are leaving the American people with little choice except revolution. As Orwell warned, the lies of the elite ad the reality under which the world suffer are beginning to bump up against each other in what will continue to be a growing Syrian conflict. As the US continues to define this conflict using even greater lies to hide its mendacity, the conflict will continue to spread onto a much greater battlefield. Hopefully the American people will not allow our lying Republican and Democratic criminals to lead this nation into another war.

When Sunni Muslims across the world wake up, they will see that the House of Saud is made up of a bunch of lying, murderous and pretentious infidels whose demise would benefit the entire Middle East. If the House of Saud was ended the entire Middle East could be free of radical jihadists and corrupt US and Zionist influence.

Once the US is defeated in the Middle East and Americans are left to suffer the consequences, Americans will finally realize they can also defeat the government’s tyranny under which we continue to suffer in increasingly greater measure. While this suffering had formerly only been inflicted upon the brown-skinned people of other nations, it is now being doubled down on because force is the only tool the government has and knows how to use, but this too will come to an end eventually. Then America will have a chance of being free again and regaining its lost liberties.

The US government has made itself the enemy of the American people and the nation is ripening for revolution. When the time comes I hope other governments will help American freedom fighters and true Americans will begin trials for treason and crimes against humanity by the criminals who now lead this country.

Bashar Assad a Respected Man Who Lives a Very Quiet Life

Anonymous Libyan Defense Official

башар асад портрет сирия

Download audio file

A high-level anonymous official with the Libyan Ministry of Defense granted an interview to the Voice of Russia and discussed matters of intelligence surrounding the chemical attack in Syria. After recent threats by Saudi Arabia against Russia for supporting Syria, this area was focused on. The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, spoke about the tires between the Saudis and the Bin Laden family and Al-Qaeda terrorists. In the second part of the interview he details how four members of Qatari Intelligence were killed for attempting o undermine Libya’s ability to protect itself. The official’s voice was digitized by associates of the author to protect his identity and it has been verified.


Hello this is John Robles; I’m speaking with an anonymous member of the Libyan Defence Ministry

Robles: Can you tell us about that meeting, what happened? What can you tell us about Osama Bin Laden’s brother?

Source: It was a meeting between the Libyan Ambassador and other ambassadors when they were there at security forum. He shook our hands with me and one of my colleagues. He was talking there only English, his Arabic was quite weak. I started talking with him in English and nothing like.. like that. He didn’t seem a very calm person. But he was always going heavily guarded. I don’t know why.

Robles: You say his Arabic was bad but his English was better? Was his EnglishBritish or American?

Source: It was more American. It was more American because maybe he studied in the United States I think for 4 years.

Robles: Is he active now in Al-Qaeda or any groups that you know about?

Source: No, I don’t believe that he is active in terrorist things, but I heard a long time ago from one of the people in the Libyan Embassy that his companies they used for money laundering, by the UAE family, especially Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid. They used this company mostly for money laundering, and the bank that laundered the money are situated in the island of Kish in Iran, between Iran and Abu Dhabi.

Robles: Back to Syria, you’re I think very knowledgeable for this. What is your opinion on these gas attacks, or these chemical weapons attacks, and then there was another supposed attack a few hours ago. Do you think this is all being fabricated? What’s your opinion on these attacks?

Source: I think it is very unlikely that he must use such weapons, especially when the whole world media looking at him. He didn’t use them in the beginning of the war, he didn’t use them a year ago, he is not going to use them now. He is receiving lots of infantry support from Hezbollah and from Iran and from groups in Iraq, and he is getting the upper hand, and because maybe he is getting the upper hand that’s why the support for Al-Qaeda and the rebels are bound to use a new strategy to undermine him.

Robles: He was winning against these so-called rebels.

Source: Absolutely, he’s taking the upper hand, and he’s controlling very well, and I don’t think they can keep for more than another 4 months. Militarily speaking as a man of military I mean in the army, I consider the rebels can hold on for another 3 or 4 months maximum at this stage.

Robles: So you think they will be, these so-called rebels, they will be defeated in about 3 or 4 months?

Source: Yes I believe that.

Robles: So this is why the US is so urgently trying to invade the country right, or launch air strikes?

Source: Exactly.

Robles: What can you tell us about the groups in Syria now, the different groups? Where are they from, who’s controlling them, and how many of these are like real rebel or opposition forces in your opinion?

Source: The main rebel groups are from Libya, Pakistan and from Tunisia. These are the main groups we know about especially from both Libya we have a whole list of them they are from ethnic (unintelligible). The Libyan groups are amixture of Algerian and Tunisian groups and they come from Derrida, Derrida which is an area, a very contested area between Libya and Algeria

While the Pakistani groups are groups that have, that are supported by Saudi Aabia. In fact I remember reading in one of your newspapers where the speaker of the Taliban was thanking his Arab friends for some support. This gives us an idea who the Arab friends are.

Robles: So the Taliban, he was thanking his Arab friends, or his Saudi friend?

Source: He just mentioned the Arab friends.

Robles: In your opinion this would be Saudi Arabia controlling these or or Egyptian.

No, I don’t think that the Egyptians had anything to do with that, absolutely,even at the times of Hosni, or now, or even at the time of Morsi, they had always a passive role, they never believed in supporting terrorist groups because they are afraid that these groups might propagate inside Egypt. They never had support either financial,nor militarily, nor even politically. Just a passive role.

Robles: So the main sponsor here is Saudi Arabia and Qatar then?

Source: Saudi Arabia and Qatar, yes. They had an incident about 8 months ago. I shouldn’t talk about it but I will just tell you. There are four members of the Qatari Intelligence came to the new military base here, the air field base in Tripoli, and they had a meeting on how to organize the Libyan military. There was a quarrel with our generals who refused all points. The four members of the Qatari intelligence left the base and they were shot by rocket propelled grenade, at 200 metres outside the base, and I remember that… I know the person who gave the order and then they were killed.

Robles: Wow. And they were trying to organise the Libyan army for what, to go into Syria,or do you know any details of that, what they wanted?

Source: No, the organization was meant to make it fragmented and weak. They refused to, for example, support the Air Force or create a tank division. Our military wanted to create 4 tank divisions and include an Air Force with10 to 15 active planes, and they refused those two points, they wanted just brigades andinfantry.

There was a big quarrel and then there was a big fight and I remember I received a call from one of my colleagues and he explained to me what happened and he said we shot them all. And I knew when he said he had shot them all,I know what he meant.

Three days later there was an attack on the Saudi Embassy here, and the UAE Embassy and the Kuwaiti Embassy, underlining the strategy that these 3 or 4 countries, they operate together just like one front and now all 4 embassies are closed.

Robles: Which four countries? I think this is important. 

Source: UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Robles: Now listen, my last question, regarding Syria. What is the real objective in Syria?

Source: There are two known objectives we know about. One is weakening Russia’s influence in the Middle East, that’s one thing. The second thing is for fixing the Israeli borders, that’s for sure. By weakening, they are weakening all the armies in the Middle East so they don’t pose a threat to the Israeli National Security.

These are the two main points that’s why they are creating a (unintelligible).Everything … what happened isthat they are out of control. They thought they couldcontrol it, they thought they could make a quick transition like the one that happened in Egypt and in Tunisia, and they believedthat the coalition that Bashar Al-Assad has only 200 or 300 supporters. While in reality,believe me I’m not trying to be supporter of his family, he has about 70% of the people. He is a very respected man because he lives a very quiet life. He doesn’t take a strong active role into the politics actually, he just tends to mend the social problems of the system,and he was trying to improve things.

Robles: Yes, I’ve seen Bashar al-Assad, I’ve seen him talk, I’ve studied him a little bit, and he seems like a very intelligent, even quiet and I think genuinely peaceful man. That’s my opinion of him anyway.

Source: Exactly. No, no that’s the main opinion. He’s a surgeon, graduated in the United Kingdom, and in the UK they followed him during his 5 or 6 years in university and he never caused any problems. He’s not an extravagant bloke who goes to pubs or drinks. He lives a very quiet life, he’s been an academic all his life, and even as President he neveroffended any country, even face to face. They tried to give the picture to the world of this monster, but actually it failed, because watching him talk you realize that certainly he is a true politician. Even in Libya here, even amongst the revolutionary people, people who took part in the Libyan revolution we have supporters, lots of supporters.

Robles: How will an armed conflict in Syria spread to the other countries in the Middle East, and how is this going to be a threat to the United States and to Israel? Worse than anything that could possibly happen right now, people are talking about this could possibly lead to World War Three. What’s your opinion?

Source: In my opinion that doesn’t pose a threat to the United States. It poses a threat possibly to Israel. The Arab states will lose complete control over their future, and this can lead to a full-scale war, at least not now but in 2 or 3 years, and the outcome of it. That’s why the West is being very cautious about it, because Iran will intervene, the Shia in Lebanon will intervene, then the Sunni will intervene, the Druze will have to go into the war. Even the factions who have nothing to do with the fight- the Druze and the Christians - they’ll be forcefully into it and it will create a complete mess.

Robles: I see.

That was the end of an interview in progress. For the continuation of this interview please visit our website at Thanks for listening, and I wish you the best. Read more:

World Cools to Obama and US Hysteria to Attack Syria

John Robles

The world community’s reaction to the American's desperate fanatical drive to war in Syria, which seems matched only by the irrational violent and insane behavior of the Syrian-liver-eating-opposition, has left Washington looking like a desperate schoolyard bully looking for a little kid to beat up for his lunch money. Only this time the bully has Tomahawk Missiles and is hiding in an "armored car".

Russian reaction

Russia’s reaction has been unified and unwavering since the beginning of the conflict and the latest escalation has seen some of the harshest statements so far to come out of Moscow.

The Official Spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Alexander Lukashevich has stated that Washington’s statements threatening to use military force against Syria unilaterally are unacceptable.

“Given the lack of evidence, any unilateral military action bypassing the UN Security Council, no matter how limited it is, would be a direct violation of international law and would undermine the prospects for a political and diplomatic solution to the conflict in Syria and will lead to a new round of confrontation and victims,” Lukashevich said.

In the official statement Mr. Lukashevich stated that: "Instead of executing the decisions of G8’s summit in Lough Erne and subsequent agreements to submit comprehensive report from experts investigating possible cases of use of chemical weapons in Syria to the UN Security Council, in the absence of any evidence, we hear threats of a strike on Syria.”

Lukashevich emphasizes that even "US allies" are calling to wait for the completion of the UN chemical expert group "in order to get an unbiased picture of what really happened and decide on further steps in terms of the Syrian crisis.

On Friday Russia welcomed the British Parliament's rejection of military action against Syria and warned that such an attack without UN approval would deal a major blow to the existing world order.

President Vladimir Putin's Chief Foreign Policy aide Yury Ushakov said the British vote showed growing public understanding of the dangers of an attack against President Bashar al-Assad's regime.

"This reflects the opinion of the majority of the British and Europeans. It seems to me that people are starting to understand how dangerous such scenarios are," Mr. Ushakov said.

For some the United States seems to be behaving like the brutal owner of a dog who beats his pet into submission and understands nothing but violence and force. US President Barack Obama, rather than encouraging dialogue, diplomacy and intelligent debate has decided unilaterally, as he put it to “teach President Assad a lesson”.

NATO will not be providing support

The latest defection from America's war lust has been NATO, with Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen officially stating that NATO has no plans to join the United States in military action in Syria and that such an intervention would require the approval of all 28 full NATO member countries.

Unlike the military aggression in Libya most of the European countries have failed to support the latest urgent attempts by the United States to launch an immediate military action against Syria.

U.S. Secretary of State provides no proof

US Secretary of State John Kerry, gave a lackluster speech on Friday, the beginning of which was delayed for more than an hour. Kerry looked pale, resigned, gaunt, lacking any kind of enthusiasm and was almost robotic in his delivery.

His speech, which was no doubt intended to cement and inspire a drive for war in Syria, was unconvincing and left one, from the start, waiting for expected evidence which was never presented.

During the speech Mr. Kerry robotically used the phrase “we know” 23 times, the phrase “I know” once, but the key word the world was waiting for, “proof”, was never to be heard.

As for the “evidence” he cited the “high confidence” of the "American Intelligence Community" and evidence available on the internet.

He stated that the United States Government would not repeat the “Iraq moment” (A whimsical and lackadaisical sounding way to name war crimes and war lies) with the only difference so far being that no evidence has been presented whatsoever. No yellowcake, no 45-minute-WMDs, no satellite photos of chemical weapons trailers and supposed weapons and chemical production sites, no outrageous shocking witness statements, nothing. Just endless rhetoric and statements, after which one almost expects to hear, "You believe me don't you?"

Calls for adherence to international law and UN standards

The UN is currently investigating and rather than waiting for the United Nations to complete the investigation the U.S. continues to drive for an invasion and is willing to do so unilaterally, or as they call it some kind of "limited bombardment" to complement their "humanitarian" aggression. Many countries have called for calm and for the United States to wait for the conclusion of the investigation, for a UN Resolution and for adherence to international laws.

UK Parliament and impassioned speech

According to British MP George Galloway from the Respect Party citing public opinion polls, in an August 29th speech, only 11% of the British populace supports the UK participation in going to war against Syria. This is compared to 6% of Americans.

Britain has put it to a vote, but the U.S. seems to be simply waiting for the imperial president to give the order, gone are the days of Congressional votes and declarations of war, just the "decider in chief" and his whims.

During the impassioned speech Mr. Galloway repeated the Labor leader Ed Miliband’s statements that there was no compelling evidence that the chemical weapons attacks that had taken place in Syria were the responsibility of President Bashar Al-Assad.

He stated as being ridiculous the US assertion that the Assad regime was “mad enough” to launch a chemical weapons attack on the very day that they had allowed UN chemical weapons inspectors into the country, and furthermore were insane enough to do so right in Damascus.

The MP made the very astute observation that if such a madman was ruling the country, what would he do if the West launched a barrage of Tomahawk Missiles?

The esteemed Mr. Galloway wondered aloud at the emergency session of the UK's highest government body, the UK ‘s House of Commons, as to why if Mr. Assad was such a monstrous madman, he had been allowed to be a guest at Buckingham Palace just a few years ago and why he had been recommended for an honor and hailed as a modernizer.

He said the narrative had changed because someone had decided on regime change.

He cited the unease of the people as being due to the fact that they can see the character of the Syrian opposition. he mentioned the Syrian opposition leader who had filmed himself cutting open the chest of a Syrian soldier and eating his heart and liver, and the sawing off of the heads of Christian Priests. Just some of the facts causing terror in memebers of all 23 minorities in Syria, of what will happen if the opposition wins.

Finally he asked the body when it was that Russia and China’s "2.5 billion" people had ceased to be members of the international community and who the US was to unilaterally decide to invade a country if they could not even convince the UN Security Council of the need for a military operation.

More evidence of U.S. and terrorist involvement in attack

In light of evidence that the chemical weapons were delivered to the “rebels” by Egypt and that the attacks were carried out by these same “rebels”, as well as recent threats against Russia by Saudi Prince Bandar to President Vladimir Putin over Russia’s support for Syria, it is time the world took a long hard look at who the real “madmen” here are.

The author can be reached at

Saudi Prince Bandar Delivered Israeli Chemicals to Syrian Terrorists

Anonymous Libyan Defense Official

2012 июль коллаж газ сирия газ сирия химическое оружие сирия

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A high-level anonymous official with the Libyan Ministry of Defense granted an interview to the Voice of Russia and discussed matters of intelligence surrounding the chemical attack in Syria. After recent threats by Saudi Arabia against Russia for supporting Syria, this area was focused on. The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, when asked if he could verify admissions by Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan that he controlled the terrorists groups in Syria, including Chechen terrorist formations, stated that this was true. The official then stated that there were rumors in the Libyan Defense Ministry that it was actually Bandar who delivered the chemical weapons from Israel to the Syrian insurgents and that it was Israel who was pushing the United States for a military attack on Syria.

Hello! This is John Robles, I’m speaking with an anonymous member of the Libyan Defense Ministry.

Robles: Hello Sir! How are you?

Source: I’m fine, thank you.

Robles: I’d like to ask you some very serious questions regarding, first, the Saudi involvement in the Middle East, in particular with regard to terrorist organizations and formations. Can you tell me anything that you might know about US and Saudi involvement with terrorist formations in Libya and how they might be operating in Syria?

Source: Well, most of the organizations that have been working here have been; not eradicated, but rather exiled to the eastern part of Libya. That’s where they are most active.

In the western part of the country criminal activity is very low, but in the eastern part – Benghazi, Derna, Tobruk – the criminal activity is quite high and most of these are extremist groups, funded mostly by Qatar, more than by Saudi Arabia.

Robles: I see. Would you say these are US-backed groups?

Source: It is possible that they are backed by the United States because these groups do not operate without their consent. Saudi Arabia does not operate without the consent of the United States, because they consider any move from Middle Eastern countries to be a threat to their national interests. So, they ask first advice and then permission.

Robles: So, all the countries in the Middle East, they ask the United States for permission before they do anything, is that what you say?

Source: Exactly! Especially after the invasion in Iraq most Arab countries have felt they are under threat. In fact I remember in 2004 there was a meeting between Arab countries and we were present there, it was near Tripoli. At that time there was Gaddafi and he received a letter during the meeting and jokingly he said “the fax from America just arrived”. But it was more a confession than a joke, I think.

Robles: Do you know the contents of that fax?

Source: No, we weren’t allowed to see any of those documentations.

Robles: I see. But this happened all the time?

Source: It happened all the time. In fact, most of the meetings were attended even by foreigners, non-Arabs.

Robles: And these were meetings between Libyan defense officials and who else? Who was present?

Source: Libyan defense officials, interior ministries of all Arab countries. In fact, all the Arab countries have a unified protocol in case of protests, in case of “cracks”in their governments. The recent Saudi aid in Bahrain and the recent financial support by Qatar to Kuwait under crisis, this shows that they are unified. And most of the Gulf countries have been pressuring for Hosni Mubarak to be released. And Saudi Arabia gave no support for our liberation from Gaddafi, nor to the Tunisians against Ben Ali.

Robles: Saudi Arabia gave no support.

Source: Absolutely no support and in any case.

Robles: What I’ve heard, I'm very concerned about reports that Saudi Prince Bandar, he threatened Russian President Vladimir Putin that he would release Chechen terrorists at the Sochi Olympics. And during part of the conversation which was released, which I’m sure he thought would be secret, he admitted and he said that they control Chechen terrorists, they control the terrorists in Syria, according to his words. Is that true?

Source: Yes, I believe that is true. Some rumors were spoken here in our Defense Ministry that the nerve gasses, that the chemical weapons used against Syrian civilians were brought by Bandar from Israel and given to the rebels. I don’t believe that Assad used chemical weapons against his own people.

Robles: I don’t think so either. So, the rumors have it there that the chemical weapons that were used in Syria, that actually Bandar was involved in this and they came from Israel, originally?

Source: Yes, those are the rumors. And who benefits from this? Mostly Israel. They are the ones which would want it in fact more than the United States.

Robles: What about Saudi Arabia? What is Saudi Arabia’s role then in the Middle East? What are their goals? Is this religious or is this oil?

Source: It is neither, I think. They just follow the orders. From the oil’s they give only 11 million barrels. They have no natural gas resources. And from the religionthey are mostly conservative closed in their areas.

And as the continuing Shia fight, Syria is now 85% Sunni. So, there is absolutely no role. They just provide what the American and British governments want, that’s all.

Prince Bandar is just under something that’s been in force for many years, I think for all his life. He wants the throne for himself and maybe he thinks that allying with the United States that they might help him to become the king of Saudi Arabia. But it is very difficult because there are about 5,000 princes,and only 40 are eligible and he is out of the race for that part.

Robles: So, Prince Banda, his ambition was to become the king?

Source: Exactly! His father, late father, was the heir to the throne, but he passed away a year ago, Prince Sultan. But because his mother is from a legitimate background, not from a royal background, he is not eligible to take the throne, even if he is the eldest son.

Robles: I see. But he was supposed to be helped by the United States or has that been stopped? Or what is going on?

Source: Exactly! He is trying to buy their graces so they might pressurize the Saudi Government to let him be heir of the throne, something which in the Arab world we know about.

Robles: That’s not something most of the rest “us” know about. So basically, what you are telling, I mean, this is pretty shocking. You are telling me that, basically, every country in the Middle East is following the US’s instructions.

Source: That’s what it is essentially especially in the Gulf countries. Before the revolution maybe Russia had a greater influence over North Africa, France over the Maghreb countries from Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and so on. But after the revolution mostly the Americans have gained upper hand from this point of view.

The real battle is between Russia and America. Thetwo superpowers that control most of the region. And the Russian economy has been speeding up in the past 8 years and this is something (for the first time in which) the American administrationhas no say.

Robles: And the US economy has been going down, and it’s in a very dire state right now. Can you tell us a little bit about what you know about the Muslim Brotherhood? What kind of an organization is it?

Source: Looking first at the origin of the Muslim Brotherhood, it was formed in 1940 by the British Government as a form of response to King Farouk who did not like the British occupation of Egypt. They were supported, they were funded, they were trained and they were armed.

President Gamal Abdel Nasser joined them when he was 18 years old, because he was a very strong Muslim conservative and he thought they were nationalists. But after two years he left them, found them very radical and their focus on supporting political candidates. So, nothing related to religion.

They had a strong development under the dictatorship of Gaddafi, Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak. They became a radical armed force. Prior to the revolution they became more popular. In the civil protests they gained the respect of the people as a solution against dictatorship. But after one year people in Egypt and Libya found them more oppressive, than the previous dictators. The recent changes in Egypt show that that armed forces were actually called upon by the people.

Robles: You said the Muslim Brotherhood has no religious agenda.

Source: They have no religious agenda at all, because in Islam something called a political party, political religion is a violation of the Islamic law in principle. It is the way the Hezbollah and all other political factions related to religion – they just want to gain massive support. But in Islam itself religion and politics should not go hand by hand.

Robles: I don’t know if you are aware of these threats by the Saudi prince against Russia. Do the Saudis really control Chechen terrorists, in your opinion?

Source: Yes, even long ago, even the Bosnians. The Bosnian war you know,in the Balkan war, the Bosnian actions were supported and funded by Saudi Arabia, because the opposing side, the Serbianside was supported by Russia. And this is something everyone knows.

It is very difficult toopenly say that - I’m going to support Chechen terrorists against Russia – because that would be a violation of international law. And I don’t believe the Chechens are ready for this, nor they believe in it.

Robles: OK, what do you think about this now, this would technically make Saudi Arabia a sponsor of terrorism?

Source: This is something which everybody knows. I mean,the Bin Laden family they are still operating normally. Osama bin Laden was never questioned in Saudi Arabia and he was never considered a terrorist at all. And most of the money that is going to terrorists held in Iraq are all from Saudi Arabia and all from Qatar.

Robles: Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Source: I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Tarek Bin Laden about 5 years ago in Dubai.MrTarek Bin Laden, Osama’s brother.He had an office near the palace, and I met him by chance through another Saudi Mr. Mohammed Dohteri, his lawyer. And I saw this man was always going heavily guarded, but like he is distanced from the family. He doesn’t seem like someone who is very religious or something like that, on the contrary. So, I don’t know what kind of family, not a loving family, he’s a member of the family.

Robles: Can you tell us about that meeting? What happened? What can you tell us about Osama bin Laden’s brother?

Source: It was a meeting between the Libyan Ambassador and other ambassadors when they were there at security forum. He shook our hands “with me and one of my colleagues”. He was talking there only English, his Arabic was quite weak. I started talking with him in English, and nothing like like that. He didn’t seem a very calm person. But he was always going heavily guarded, I don’t know why.

Robles: You say his Arabic was bad but his English was better. Was his English British or American?

Source: It was more American.

That was the end on an interview in progress. For the continuation of this interview, please, visit our website at

Attack on Syria is an Attack Against Russia

Anonymous Libyan Military Official

In an interview with the Voice of Russia, a high-level anonymous official with direct working knowledge of the United States missile defense system stated that the system allows 30-40 percent of all missiles to get through and is highly ineffective against small missiles.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, when asked if he could verify admissions by Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan that he controlled the terrorists groups in Syria, including Chechen terrorist formations, stated that this was true.

The official then stated that there were rumors in the Libyan Defense Ministry that it was actually Bandar who delivered the chemical weapons from Israel to the Syrian insurgents and that it was Israel who was pushing the United States for a military attack on Syria.

The official stated that all countries in the Middle East were controlled by the United States except Syria, Iran and for the most part Lebanon, with US representatives normally present at all meetings between the leaders and heads of the Middle East states.

The source also stated that it the ambition of Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan to become the King of Saudi Arabia, that drives him to do whatever the US asks of him as he needs their support to make him the king. His mother is not of royal lineage so he is ineligible to be the king.

The official explained the urgency of the United States and US President Barrack Hussein Obama to invade Syria as being due a drive to diminish growing Russian influence in the Middle East and surprisingly as revenge for Russia’s refusal to hand over Edward Snowden.

He stated that Russia’s growing and prospering economy and the US’s ever weakening economic condition is causing countries in the region to look towards Russia and this is unacceptable to the US administration.

When asked about the Muslim Brotherhood, he stated that since its creation by MI6 in the 1940s it had been under the control of the West and was in fact in no way a religious organization. Under several dictators over the decades the Muslim Brotherhood has become a radical armed force.

When asked if the Saudis in fact really controlled Chechen terrorist formations the official revealed that even during the Bosnian War the Bosnian Muslims were controlled and funded by the Saudis, who are controlled by the US and that the Bosnian War was also staged to weaken Russian influence in the region.

The source said he had met with Osama Bin Laden’s brother and that the Bin Laden family were still operating in Saudi Arabia. He added that Osama Bin Laden was never questioned or impeded in Saudi Arabia.

As in Iraq and other post-US-invasion countries such as Afghanistan and Serbia, the United States through its surrogates in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who said is also sponsoring Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups operating in Syria and the Middle East, attempted to instruct the regulate the reformation of the Libyan Army. Qatar attempted to persuade Libya to forego plans for tanks divisions and air-force formations and insisted that Libya merely maintain a small fractured army so it would not pose a threat.

When asked about Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad the official said that he was a very peaceful and intelligent man who limited his own role to dealing with the social circumstances and well being of his people. He said the West’s attempt to portray President Assad as some sort of mad dictator were ridiculous and that there was no way he would ever have launched a chemical attack on his own people in an area that was completely under the control of the Syrian forces. Especially since President Assad is winning.

The urgency of the US attacking is also due to the fact that, as he said, the Syrian insurgents and terrorist forces cannot hold out anymore than 3 or 4 months, they have effectively been almost beaten. The fact that the West has spent millions funding and arming and training these groups makes their urgency that much more pressing.

Full transcript of interview to be available soon on the Voice of Russia.

The West Will Benefit from WWIII

MI-5 Whistleblower David Shayler

сирия Дарайя пригород Дамаск Военнослужащие сирийской армии сирия армия

Download audio file

The whistleblower who outed an MI6 plan to assassinate late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi spoke to the Voice of Russia about what is going on behind the scenes in Syria. Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad would never use chemical weapons as he knows the whole world is watching and he is winning the war. Former MI5 officer Michael Shayler also said the British foreign intelligence service MI6, is a law to itself and does not have to be held accountable to the British people. This is part 2 of a larger interview.


This is John Robles. You are listening to an interview with David Shayler, a former MI5 officer and a whistle blower in the UK. You can find the rest of this interview on our website at

Robles: They want to invade Syria. And it seems to me, they are trying to fabricate a pretext to go in there. What do you think about that?

Shayler: Yes, absolutely! This is a total pretext. When you study these world things, you realize that these people are made out to be madmen, like Gaddafi and Saddam, and Assad, and so on, are not actually madmen at all. And they often are much better in their behaviour because they know the West is watching.

In the recent years, I can tell you, there are two countries went abroad and killed two million people, from other countries, used things like phosphorus and used depleted uranium, i.e. chemical weapons which are banned, who’ve used cluster bombs – and that’s the UK and the US. They are your two terrorist organizations in the world who’ve got a record for using chemical warfare.

There is no way in a situation we have with Assad at the moment in Syria that he’d want to use chemical weapons because he is actually beating the rebels. He knows the US and the UK are spending a fortune on backing these rebels, and they’re getting nowhere basically. So, he wouldn’t use chemical weapons now. The Russians are saying they have no evidence of chemical weapon use here.

And we know, in the past going to wars they’ve used any kind of stuff they can as propaganda. Remember in 1991, when we had this girl who came on and addressed the US Congress and said “Oh yes, Iraqi soldiers have been taking babies out of incubators and killing them”, and all this kind of thing. And it turned out that she was somebody of the opposition or something, and it all just turned out to be setup.

So, I cannot believe that we have politicians who are perceiving this seriously at the moment. People like William Hague, he should be on trial for war crimes, I mean, hanging really is too good for him.

I’m a man of compassion and everything else, but a politician who comes out there and constantly campaigns for war and loss of innocent life that will lead to, and never seems to learn from it. He is just a psychopath, you know. And we’ve got to get rid of those people’s from our government. It’s as simple as that. In fact we’ve got to get away from Government altogether, let’s adopt the common law and stop paying our taxes to these people because it’s gone on long enough, it really has.

Robles: What do you think about the ridiculous hypocrisy of Barak Obama being awarded a Nobel Peace Prize?

Shayler: Yes, I mean, you couldn’t make it up, could you? You really couldn’t make it up. It was just, it was 1984 that it’s happening in reality. I say if it wasn’t, you know if it wasn’t so serious we’d be laughing at it like a Monty Python sketch.

You go to the UN, sorry you go for the Nobel Peace Prize, and you use that opportunity to announce you’re going to send troops, more troops into Afghanistan. I mean, these people are taking the piss, they really are, and what I can’t understand is why, you know, the public out there can’t see that.

It’s like with the banking system, they’ve just printed 400 billion new currency. It took 350 years for the National Debt to get to 300 billion in the first place, and we’ve created more debt than we’ve ever created in history and people are now being asked to pay that back, even though that money didn’t go to the wider economy. How can they do that?

Robles: You mentioned 1984 and sometimes it seems to me like they’re actually channelling this, or using 1984 as a blueprint.

Shayler: Yes, I agree. In terms of the way they are changing the meanings of words, and everything else, it is almost like they’ve seen Orwell and that’s the blueprint they’re following.

If it’s not that one it’s the … you know if people talk about the Protocols being a forgery, but I don’t know if anybody can dispute that they’re following the agenda this hour and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, basically. Talking about using recessions and depressions to deprive us of our wealth, and off-the-record of briefings to blacken the names of their opponents. It’s all there in the Protocols, what they’re doing now, whether that’s a forgery or not.

Robles: Yes, do you know anything about MI6’s involvement in Syria.

Shayler: Well yeah, basically MI6 is obviously our foreign service. I’m not any more; I’m not in the services any more so I don’t know exactly what they are doing, but what I will say is because of the “Hangover of Empire” and because of our close relations with the Americans, MI6 does have a very active role overseas.

MI6 is virtually a law unto itself, it’s not like the security services of say the US, like the FBI and CIA, who are subject to Freedom of Information, MI6 is completely exempt from that. In fact, MI6 is in effect exempt from all forms of oversight, a bit like Mossad is with the Israeli State, basically.

It’s go and get on with it and do what they’ve got to do to, to what they see reflects the world. Of course, it not reflects the world, it reflects to their power that they police, but that’s more or less what we’ve got with MI6 in the Middle East. It’s got enormous amounts of influence.

But I do hope in this situation, so I would hope that there’s people in MI6 now, telling William Hague and David Cameron that they’ve lost their marbles, that to go into Syria risks the start of the Third World War.

Now, obviously sane people don’t want that; the powers that be behind the scenes do: these evil bankers, and so on, and you can see exactly how the agenda is unfolding. But people like William Hague and David Cameron are not part of that agenda - they’re not signed up to it - they’re just idiotic dupes, that’s the problem.

Robles: In your opinion how will this ignite a wider conflict?

Shayler: Well, it will be like when the First World War, do you remember the First World War began with the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in Serbia, by a Serbian nationalist. And because there were various alliances between countries like Russia and Serbia, and so on, that they set off a whole sort of domino effect of people that had treaties with each other, and that started the First World War.

Now, the powers that be in Europe wanted the First World War, although they didn’t declare that at the time, particularly in Britain. Nevertheless, that was the excuse that was used when, to start this, you know, mindless conflict basically, and you can feel almost exactly the same thing happening with Syria: if the Americans attack Syria, then the Russians are going to have a problem, the Iranians are going to have a problem, the Chinese are going to have a problem.

Now, I don’t think any of those countries have any appetite for the Third World War in the same way that America does, so I think that that’s what works in our favour with all these things. But, given the fact the situation is all going wrong for them at the moment - more and more of their stuff is being exposed left, right and center - America is in a desperate situation, so you cannot rule out the fact that it will carry out that attack and it could escalate.

But I’m saying to anybody who is listening to this, they should be telling their MP, their Congressmen, or anyone who represents them, that if they are involved with this in any way they’re a war criminal, and if this does turn into a Third World War with millions of deaths, hundreds of millions possibly of deaths, they will have blood on their hands basically

Robles: I see. Now what happened in Libya with Muammar Gaddafi? Would you care to comment on what actually eventually happened and how he was killed in street?

Shayler: Gaddafi had been an enemy of the West since 1976, when he nationalized the Libyan oil industry at the expense of British Petroleum, and obviously you get on the wrong side of the oil industry, that’s the problem. That’s why they went after him, nothing else, not because he’s a dictator or anything else, it’s because he’d obviously, as they saw it, caused loss to British commercial interests.

There had been several attempts on his life, one of which one of them I’d blew the whistle on. So you can kind of see who wants to get control of Libya, it’s a key strategic point in North Africa, it’s a relatively rich country by African standards. And what I did in 2011, I just watched it on the mainstream. I thought what I want to do, I won’t go on the Internet, I’ll just watch this and see what happens, as all this Libya stuff was happening.

Because there’s no coherent explanations, why somebody who for years and years was our enemy, then became our friend, suddenly was our enemy again.

Also around the things now I realized that Gaddafi was trying to sell his oil in gold-backed Libyan Dinars, and therefore the same fate awaited him as awaited Saddam, because once you start selling your oil in anything other than Dollars that would immediately provoke an almost overnight collapse of the American economy because you need Dollars to buy oil, and if you don’t need Dollars to buy oil, there is no need to have Dollars at all, so nobody would use them. And so, again, they had to take Gaddafi out, in the same way they took Saddam out, nothing to do with anything other than his threat to finance and the American economy.

Robles: I thought it was a strange coincidence that, I think it was like 18 hours before they invaded Iraq, Saddam Hussein had decided to change the oil trade into Euros, and in Libya the same thing happened.

Shayler: Yes, exactly, well yeah yeah, no you’ve got to realize, I mean people say this is all about oil, and it is about oil in one sense because oil is part of the control mechanism, you need fuel. It also is to do with the fact that we now live in this crazy world economy, in which nothing is really worth anything apart from the faith behind it. But once you take away that faith, the whole thing collapses, it’s not backed by gold, or silver, or anything else basically.

So we are going to see more and more wars like this if people threaten the economies of the West. I say the economies of the West are extremely weak at the moment, they really really are.

Robles: In your opinion what is the real goal in Syria, is it resources, or …?

Shayler: Well, I think it is a part of this wider agenda, in terms of creating a Third World War, and obviously there are reasons about it, it’s all part of the control mechanism, they can take control, even the way in which the society can handle it, taking even more rights away. They realize, I say, their whole system is teetering at the moment, many people have woken up, and so on.

If they can create the Third World War, then put all those people in prison camps, then they won’t be there to influence other people again, basically, and that I think is part of their agenda. It’s part of the wider, and again I am going to use the word Zionist - I’m not talking about Jews here, clearly Judaism is a religion - Zionism is a political idea, and to me it’s all what’s set out in terms of the Zionist agenda. They want to create a United States of Europe, with a Zionist king on the throne, and then as stated a Greater Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates, basically, and obviously if you look at that geography Syria is one of the countries in the way, basically.

Robles: I see, I see.

Shayler: Oh I can tell you something very interesting as well, is that, when I was in MI5 I once saw the European Intelligence Assessment Report that had been circulated. Under the bottom of it, it had writing in Hebrew on it. So I asked someone: “why has it got Hebrew on it?” And this guy told me, he said, and this was when there was only something like 15 nations in Europe, he said: “The Israelis consider themselves as part of the European Union”. They get all the directives. They’ve got no representation there, but the government gets all the European Directives, and stuff like that, so that they can implement them so they can be like Europe basically.

Robles: Wow!

Shayler: Yeah. Can you believe it? I had no inkling of that at all at the time, and I’ve not seen any more about it anywhere else since. But that was in MI5, they were one of the people copied in on European Assessments, because they considered themselves to be a kind of de facto member of the European Union basically.

Robles: I see, and a lot of people were saying Israel is behind all of the conflicts in the Middle East, and directing things behind the scenes. I mean, they’re buying Iranian oil. Is it realistic, I mean, if they cause all this instability, if they destroy all these countries basically, and send them into chaos like Libya right now, Iraq - is that in any way going to help Israel? Or do you think that’s going to put Israel as a state at further risk?

Shayler: Well, you see, it depends on your view of the world, doesn’t it? Obviously, if they weren’t running the world then they would be in genuine risk through all this stuff, of Israel coming under attack from Al-Qaeda basically, who are represented in various countries around Israel.

But the fact that that doesn’t seem to be part of their plan, that risk isn’t in there, it rather suggests to me that this is neither control or conflict, and actually the people who are back in places like Syria, and Lebanon and so on, and that they’ve got them under control, and that’s why they know there’s no at risk of those people then going into Israel, because they’ll then just take them out.

So, to me, this is all evidence to the fact that they could unroll this program without any risk to Israel because they’re backing all of the rebels that have appeared in countries like Egypt and Syria, and so on, in the last few years.

Robles: I see, so what can you tell us about Al-Qaeda’s link to the West, to the CIA, to MI6? I know they were …

Shayler: Can I tell you something about MI5, certainly is that what people don’t realize, something else I was blowing the whistle on was, in the mid-1990s they had declared Al-Qaeda to be the new flavour of the month after the collapse of Communism. But what they were doing, even though they were saying this was a new terrorist threat, they were letting lots and lots of veterans of things like Afghanistan, and so on, who were what they would think of as Islamic extremists, and actually tens of thousands into the country.

Now, these people were there to look at what was going on now basically. So it’s like they let all these people in to create the new terrorist threat to the West, basically, and allowed these people to live in Britain, and the CIA has called us Londonistan basically. But I was one of the first people to blow the whistle on that, and again people in the government didn’t take my evidence at the time, and I’m saying to them: “I was going to tell you that in terms of effectively, at the very least turning a blind eye to allowing these people in to create the new terrorist threat, basically, if not obviously actively encouraging it”.

You are listening to an interview in progress with David Shayler, a former MI5 officer and a whistle blower in the UK.

Bandar Bush Threatens Putin with Sochi Olympics Terrorist Attack

John Robles

11 сентября башни близнецы Нью-Йорк трагедия взрыв

Warning: What you are about to read will destroy any illusions you may have left as to who is really controlling the world and who is really using terror to bring about their own ends. It will also bring into question everything that has occurred in the world since 9-10-2001 and shed new light as to the intricacies of the relationships between the power elites in the United States and those who are funding and controlling them.

The truth goes to oil and it has its roots in the relationship between former CIA director George Bush Senior’s family and Saudi Arabian intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan also named “Bandar Bush” by the Bush clan. This story has implications on the events 9-11, Bush and his being placed into power, the entire War on Terror paradigm and the acts of aggressive war by the United States and its allies on Iraq and Afghanistan. It also affects everything from the entire Middle East upheaval, Sunni/Shia strife, the death of Hugo Chavez, the attack on the Boston Marathon, the death of Litvinenko, Princess Diana, terrorist attacks by Chechens and the true nature of al-Qaeda.

If this story takes off and is given the attention it deserves it may end the entire “War on Terror” and finally see an end to the wanton illegality being perpetuated by the West and it all boils down to a single conversation between Prince Bandar bin Sultan and the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

The conversation between President Putin and the “Bushie” was apparently released to the Russian press and then made its rounds worldwide and gives a rare glimpse into the real conversations that take place between world leaders before the handshakes, smiles and photo opportunities. This one is particularly chilling and it is clear why it was released to press.

What is almost unbelievable is that it clearly shows, apart from what I mentioned above, who has been benefitting and working with the United States to destabilize the Middle East, who is assisting in controlling the terrorists that the United States is arming, funding and giving asylum to and why Israel has nothing to fear from the chaos around it. In this short snippet of conversation, everything has become clearer, almost crystal.

It is also important to note that Bandar Bush spoke with the full backing of the United States. So what is the bombshell? Well there are three main ones actually.

The first is an admission by the Bandar to Saudia Arabia’s and the United States support and knowledge of the true nature of the Muslim Brotherhood and the screaming hypocrisy with which they operate: “There are many common values and goals that bring us together, most notably the fight against terrorism and extremism all over the world. Russia, the US, the EU and the Saudis agree on promoting and consolidating international peace and security. The terrorist threat is growing in light of the phenomena spawned by the Arab Spring.” Here we must note it was the West which drove the Arab Spring.

He continued: “We have lost some regimes. And what we got in return were terrorist experiences, as evidenced by the experience of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the extremist groups in Libya.”

The second and most shocking is this: ”As an example, I can give you a guarantee to protect the Winter Olympics in the city of Sochi on the Black Sea next year. The Chechen groups that threaten the security of the games are controlled by us, and they will not move in the Syrian territory’s direction without coordinating with us. These groups do not scare us. We use them in the face of the Syrian regime but they will have no role or influence in Syria’s political future.”

So Chechen terrorists, who supposedly carried out the attack in Boston and have killed hundreds of Russians including Russian police officers, are being controlled by the US and the Saudis? And what is more the Saudis and the US are admittedly controlling terrorists in Syria? And lastly this arrogant “Prince” has the audacity to threaten the president of the largest country in the world with terrorist attacks if he does not do his bidding?

Not only is this an admission that the United States and Saudi Arabia are state sponsors of terrorism, but they are actually using the terrorists themselves to do their bidding and as instruments to terrorize leaders into submission! This means they have become nothing more than terrorists themselves!

Bandar attempted at first to bribe President Putin with promises of oil and gas deals, arms purchases and more, to pull Russian support for Syria. He then moved on to the threats of attacks on the Olympics by the Saudi and US' terrorists.

President Putin responded by saying: “We know that you have supported the Chechen terrorist groups for a decade. And that support, which you have frankly talked about just now, is completely incompatible with the common objectives of fighting global terrorism that you mentioned. We are interested in developing friendly relations according to clear and strong principles. Our stance on Assad will never change. We believe that the Syrian regime is the best speaker on behalf of the Syrian people, and not those liver eaters.”

The Bushie, after failing in all attempts to get President Putin to pull his support for Assad then responded by saying: “… there is no escape from the military option (in Syria), because it is the only currently available choice given that the political settlement ended in stalemate. We believe that the Geneva II Conference will be very difficult in light of this raging situation.”

And today we are on the eve of an invasion because a terrorist Saudi Prince wants to protect the petro dollar and kill all Muslims who are not Sunnis.

The views and opinions expressed here are my own. I can be reached at

US/NATO Attack on Syria May Cause Massive Damage to the US

John Robles

сирия сша сирия турция сирия патриот пэтриот сша флот сша карта 2012 декабрь коллаж гр

The United States of America and their leader Barrack Hussein Obama have spent billions of dollars in Syria, at a time when US taxpayers are suffering, attempting to bring about a change of regime. The money has been spent funding Al-Qaeda and Islamic terrorists to destabilize the country, groups that they have parroted time and time again as being the number one enemies of the American people.

Their strategy was failing, like all of their strategies are bound to fail because they lack vision and true understanding of the world and its people. They created a red line, most likely launched a black operation to make that red line a reality and now with extreme desperate irrational urgency, they want to carry out their plan to attack Syria. That is their goal, they set it, and no matter what happens they will obtusely carry it out without regard for the consequences and without forward planning.

I would put forward that the goal of the United States is not to remove President Bashar Al-Assad, just as it is not to protect the Syrian people. As for Al-Assad he offered to step down multiple times in the past and if the true goal was simply removing him, they could have assassinated him years ago. Unless the CIA has grown completely incompetent that is.

As for the Syrian people, it is clear that all of the bloodshed and loss of life in the country has been caused because of, and almost exclusively by, the terrorist elements that the United States has been training, funding, arming and importing.

So if they do not want to remove Assad what do they want? Now this is part of the secret geopolitical agenda they seek for the Middle East. I would put forward that the real goal is to destabilize and destroy the country and the people and throw Syria into anarchy. This will create yet another weak and broken country from which they can steal resources and which they can manipulate as they wish. Look at the record: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and all of the other countries in the Middle East that they have destabilized and destroyed through other means.

Ala Zbigniew Brzeznski and his plans to destabilize Russia into sixty-some-odd autonomous republics, the plans for the Middle East are almost identical, and the people of all of these countries just get in the way. Why else attack countries that pose no threat? Iraq never threatened America, nor did Afghanistan or Libya. Neither has Syria.

These states did possess independent foreign policies and that has been their only crime. Other than of course, in the case of Iraq and Libya, the fact that hours before the attacks on their countries, the leaders changed the trade in oil from the dollar to the euro. Something that would completely destroy the United States if all of the countries of the world followed suit. Hence they need to destabilize the economy of Europe and all of the instruments that have been implemented to carry that out. The US cannot allow the euro to grow as an alternative currency, because the US economy will be destroyed. The United States has technically long been economically bankrupt. As for moral, well that is also obvious.

It is interesting to note, from a militarily strategic viewpoint, that by intentionally telegraphing that they are planning to attack, and even setting the date, they are guaranteeing that President Al-Assad will be protected and they are contributing to the massive civilian losses that will occur.

There will be no chance of a “surgical strike” because all of the important targets will already be moved or protected. So in order to achieve whatever military objectives there are this will require even more fire power and more missiles, something which of course will be very profitable and beneficial for Raytheon and all of the other US war contractors. Telegraphing will also allow for Syria to set up defenses, if it has not already, to knock all of the US’s million dollar missiles out of the sky. Something it has every right to do.

The plan to strike Syria is not only one of cowardice and an admission of utter and complete failure by the United States on the diplomatic front but it is also illegal without a United Nations resolution and an imminent threat to America itself. It is obviously cowardly because launching missiles while fearfully hiding behind a shield where there is no threat to yourself is not something that an honorable soldier on a battlefield would do. It is the tactic of a coward.

This tactic however is necessary for Obama because when the massive loss of American lives begins, the American people will rise up and no longer support all of the callous unthinking military adventures. Hence what some view as the illogical funding of Al-Qaeda and terrorists to carry out the dirty work.

What will happen when these terrorist elements begin to realize that they have been merely disposable pawns for the US and that they have been killing their own brothers and mothers and sisters? Of course the US has not thought of that. The backlash when Al-Qaeda and all of the motley groups of terrorists realize they have been killing their brethren for the enemy will be monumental and Americans will finally see what real terrorism is all about, I believe that is a given. But that is okay for Washington too, they have all of the plans in place and this will allow the military industrial complex to expand and invade even more countries. What are a few American lives?

What about Israel? As I have said in the past, in reality the United States does not care about Israel. The maelstrom that will occur if the US strikes Syria will be monumental and right in the middle of it will be the Jewish state. Washington, thousands of miles away, behind a missile shield, with all of its leaders protected and hiding in bunkers, will be safe. Of course the US has convinced Israel that they are safe, but I beg to differ.

Let this be a warning then to reactionary proponents of an attack on Syria: the results will be monumental and may lead to the self-destruction of America both economically and politically. Why? For one it will further bankrupt an already decimated economy. Two, it will also polarize enemies and cause countries around the world to strike back, meaning the world community may in fact realize that it is time to reign in and end the continual invasions and aggressive wars being waged by the US

This will be particularly true when it is revealed that the chemical attack in Syria was a black operation to give Obama his pretext to carry out another Nobel-Peace-Prize-winning-act-of-aggression. If the world wakes up that is.

This last point will no doubt fall on deaf ears, or in this case “on blind eyes”, but in reality the US is missing a very important opportunity in Syria, and that is a chance to rebuild its reputation and become a respected intelligent and grown up member and leader of the world community by simply promoting a peaceful resolution. The world is truly tired of US bombs and bellicose rhetoric and the actions of an arrogant one-world-power wantonly bashing and bullying its way across the globe.

My thoughts are with the Syrian people and my hope is that someone, somewhere, with the power to stop this madness will listen. How about it President of the United States of America Barrack Hussein Obama? Maybe it is time to use diplomacy and work for peace and to finally put the weapons down? You have a Nobel Peace Prize after all. Or does that mean nothing?

Read more:

The US Policy of Terror and the US/NATO Invasion of Syria

John Robles

россия сша сирия флаг

The Russian Federation had no evidence of a chemical attack in Syria, but it does have evidence that one may have been staged and that those who did so were the so-called “rebels”, who we know are US backed, armed and funded. The Syrian regular army and President Bashar al-Assad have been winning the war so the urgency with which the United States is calling for an armed intervention is alarming but obvious. They have spent billions and they cannot see their plans for the destruction of the Syria state fail.

A great man once said, “the pen is mightier than the sword” and in this age of information technology and global information warfare this phrase still rings true and is even more topical in fact today than when it was first coined. With this in mind it is of utmost important that the war that is currently being fought with words, one that if lost will have the United States launching missiles into Syria, be fought with the utmost urgency and efforts by all who cherish peace.

You cannot trust the statements of a country, state, body or individual when they already have an agenda and a set and concrete goal and the statements that they make only go to back up that goal. In this case we have to consider the United States and their clear and unwavering plans for a military adventure in Syria which will forcibly remove the president Bashar al-Assad from power. A goal that has been repeated over and over again by the United States and its minions.

Fear is a powerful tool and one that the US uses better than anyone. If you agree with that statement, “that fear is an effective tool”, then it must be logically acceptable and reasonable to say that terror, fear taken to its extreme, must be an even more effective tool.

I say the US uses fear as a tool because it is a fact. They have used fear since time immemorial to control and subjugate their own populace, other countries and the world. This is a very broad statement and a serious assessment that requires in depth study but as my space, time and resources are limited, I can only provide a few examples or I risk turning my piece on Syria into a treatise on American terror. Please bear with me dear reader, the terror propagated by the “American” state is not a side issue when it comes to Syria, it is part of their modus operandi.

From the first stages of life Americans use fear to control and dominate, starting with the belt, the corner, the ruler across the knuckles, the father coming home, the monster under the bed, the principal and the police, fear is used in almost every stage of childhood development in America. This does not stop with adulthood but continues and is expanded to include police, the greatest tool of American fear, the courts, the boss, death, sickness and the like. Tools of fear for mass control include: the water, secret experiments, the Ku Klux Klan (to control and terrorize blacks), the government and all of its bodies and power, imprisonment, mass destruction and death, terrorism, epidemics and war. Since 9-11 the government has also used and promoted ideas of mass secret arrest, FEMA camps for millions, starvation, surveillance, droning, torture, Guantanamo, a terrorist behind every street post and other tools to instill terror into the hearts of Americans so that they are cowed and pliant and completely under control.

Why is this important and related to Syria? Because they are about to launch another “War on Terror”. This is not another war “against” terror, but another war using terror as a pretext and a justification. Hence for native speakers the simplistic beauty of the use of the preposition “on” to show the reasoning and/or engine behind something, has been cleverly implemented to honestly yet deceptively state the whole paradigm of today and the last several decades. The “War on Drugs” was a war being funded by and supposedly waged against drugs, as was the war on crime etc. It is simplistic but effective, and one last point before I return to Syria. The use of the wording “War on” be it drugs, crime or terror, allows for the US Government to take advantage of a plethora of secret and all encompassing tools and funding that were reserved in American law in the case of a real war.

Back to Syria. For the informed and even partially informed masses the ridiculousness and the transparent self-serving nature of the entire US effort may seem ludicrous. They have used the same old playbook of lies and fear to launch wars of aggression for too long and to devastate country after country to gain control of resources, that this time the world community is not so eager to jump on the US bomb launching wagon.

The White House really believes that if you create a lie and run with it, repeating it endlessly, the world will eventually take it to be the truth, and this is usually the case. They decided long ago, when it became clear that funding, arming and importing terrorists and waging an information war inside Syria to foment a color revolution would not work that they would launch another “humanitarian” invasion using the pretext of “chemical weapons”. Imagine a country that uses depleted uranium shells and white phosphorous could actually care about some Syrian people be killed by chemical agents.

They do not care. And that is the illusion that must be shattered. They do not care about you American citizen, or your (what for them are) “little” lives and they sure do not care for the lives of anyone in the Middle East and I would even say this includes Israeli lives. Why I am saying this is because when you understand that it is a fallacy that the United States Government cares about “humanitarian” issues, you may be able to accept the reality that they are capable of importing chemical weapons and killing massive numbers of children to bring about their pretext to justify another murderous and bloody “humanitarian” intervention. The only way to devastate the country, remap the political landscape and control the resources.

The credibility issues that the United States has at this point should be reason enough to set off massive warning bells every time they make any statement regarding launching yet another act of military aggression. Any country that has shown the massive level of illegality that the United States has during the last several decades I have argued, must be disarmed completely, especially one that wantonly commits war crimes, violates the Geneva Conventions and launches aggressive war no matter what the pretext.

Statements by the White House through their spokes-tool Jay Carney and Secretary of State John Kerry are disingenuous at best and bald-faced lies at worst when it comes to Syria and the supposed chemical weapons attacks. Their constantly repeated assertions, statements as facts and comments about the Syrian government defy credibility and seem even more circus-like when they say they have intelligence that they will release sometime later. The argument is: “President Bashar al-Assad is evil, he gassed his own people, we will go to war, trust us on this and you are too stupid to see the real intelligence.”

Invading a country is a serious matter and in this case not one the United States has shown it is capable of carrying out justifiably. If they have the intelligence, present it to the United Nations and let the United Nations launch a peace-keeping mission. That is the only way.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and President Vladimir Putin’s assessments should be listened to very carefully. Russia has no vested interest in bringing about bloodshed in Syria. Russia has had one position on Syria since day one and Russian President Vladimir Putin is not one to make “light” statements not based on the undeniable facts. Unlike his American counterpart who has shown recently that he has grown imbalanced in his war against whistleblowers and is drowning in his own illegality and illegitimacy.

President Putin said there is no evidence that a chemical attack took place. For me that is enough. Foreign Minister Lavrov said the symptoms of the victims do not coincide with a chemical attack, the fact that all of the children were rounded up in one location is strange, and that there are several other discrepancies as well, including the fact that chemical agents were delivered to Washington’s “rebels”.

Listening to Kerry and Carney on Syria is nauseating, despite their hard language and the repetition of their orchestrated lies, every time they make a statement I am half-waiting for them to add “You believe me don’t you?” Any country with the record of destabilizing the Middle-East, launching wars of aggression, backing terrorists, removing leaders, stealing resources, violating international law and the rules of war should not be allowed to continue attacking country after country, no matter the pretext.

If the United Nations is truly an independent body, let them carry out the investigation in Syria, and then let the United Nations and all members countries launch a peacekeeping mission if one is needed to stop the armed insurgents causing the bloodshed and to restore peace. The world has had enough war and any country that so enthusiastically and on the slightest pretext would launch missiles on other countries who are not its “friends” must not be allowed to be a member of any sort of intervention.

The views and opinions expressed here are my own. I can be reached at Please visit my column at and thank you all for your letters and words of support. Read more:

There is No Way Assad Would Use Chemical Weapons

MI-5 Whistleblower David Shayler

Download audio file

The war on whistleblowers and the illegality that they have exposed as well as the pretext to war in Syria were discussed with the Voice of Russia’s John Robles by Former MI5 officer David Shayler, the whistleblower who exposed the organization of an assassination plot on Muammar Gaddafi by MI6. Mr. Shayler discussed the situation in Syria as well and gave his opinion on the current Syrian crisis.

Hello! This is John Robles, I’m speaking with David Shayler, a former MI5 officer who’s turned truth campaigner.

Robles: Hello David! How are you this evening?

Shayler: I’m very well, thank you John. How are you?

Robles: I’m very well as well, and it’s a pleasure to be speaking with you. Can you tell our listeners a little bit briefly about your history and what happened with you in MI5? And then, I’d like to ask you about Gaddafi a little bit.

Shayler: Sixteen years ago I blew the whistle. I’d been an MI5 officer and I was workingthe Libyan desk, and MI6 had briefed me about an operation in which they had a source in Libyan military intelligence who they were funding to carry out a coup, which would involve the assassination of Colonel Gaddafi.

The People that MI6 were paying, would then seize power and they would hand over the two Lockerbie suspects. But unfortunately, this Libyan military intelligence officer was really a group of Islamic extremists, basically.

So even though this was 1996, the intelligence services had sort of highlighted Islamic terrorism as the new threat. So we were paying money, the British Government, to the enemies of the British people to bump off someone who was no longer an enemy – Colonel Gaddafi. So the whole thing didn’t make any sense, and innocent people died and that’s why I blew the whistle.

Robles: I see, and you’ve suffered quite a bit because of that, is that correct?

Shayler: That’s right, yeah! I mean, I’ve been put in prison twice. But more seriously than that, I’ve had countless attempts on my life. I’ve been in four very peculiar car accidents, any of which I could have been killed in, or maimed, and I walked out without a scratch each time.

One particular of interest was when I was heading to see Mohamed al-Fayed’s security people two months after the death of Princess Diana, and the driver, who had been sent down by Mohamed al-Fayed, fell asleep at the wheel and he hit thecentral reservation of the motorway.

Fortunately, because he hit the central reservation he woke up, and grabbed the car, and it got back under control a bit. But of course in the Diana death there was carbon monoxide, elevated levels of carbon monoxide in Henri Paul’s blood, he was driving the car that Diana died in.

So, I am inclined to think that because we were heading up to see Mohamed al-Fayed’s head of security to talk about the Diana death, that was an attempt on my life. And I’ve had many, many other situations like that. Obviously, that doesn’t stop me, but that shows the extent they’ll go to to shut up the critics who are really getting under their skin.

Robles: I see. There is so much I’d like to speak with you about. Maybe we could get your opinion, your views, on other whistleblowers. I’m sure Edward Snowden you know about, Bradley Manning. What’s your opinion, as a whistleblower yourself who’s suffered?

Shayler: It’s appalling, isn’t it? Because these people actually, essentially blow the whistle about the crimes of the states they were working for. It’s like me, you know, I wasn’t just speaking out about intelligence operations because I felt like it, I was actually describing very serious crimes in which people were murdered and in which our terrorist enemies were funded by people who are supposed to be protecting us.

Now, it’s exactly the same thing with Bradley Manning. He’s released, as far as I can gather data from the WikiLeaks stuff, is he’s released stuff of the US forces in places like Afghanistan and Iraq just gunning down civilians. That’s a war crime; this man is a witness to crimes, he shouldn’t be going to prison.

The same with Edward Snowden as well, honestly, when I first saw him giving an interview in a hotel room, obviously my mind flashed back to 16 years ago when I was doing exactly the same thing.

You know, and I hope he’s learnt, he has learnt in fact, learnt his lessons from my experience, because I didn’t take the documents. I took documents and I left them in the safe-keeping of the newspaper to hand them back to the authorities, because I actually believed the authorities would give me a fair hearing, which shows in a parallel sense how naïve and stupid I was, really. But of course, Ed Snowden hasn’t done that, he’s got his documents off to WikiLeaks or whatever, and he can use those as a bargaining chip, and we can then really see what America has really been up to, basically.

But these people are heroes. There is no way these people are criminals at all. You know, I say everybody who brands them as a criminal, you know people in the US and people in the UK. If you’d lost your children in attacks carried out by a foreign army, you’d want to know about it, you wouldn’t be saying to the guy who has just blown the whistle “he’s a criminal”, you’d be going in and saying “thank you”. And because I’ve had that in my situation, because I actually gave evidence to the “Bloody Sunday Inquiry”.

You probably don’t know, many years ago, 40 years ago, 30 unarmed Catholics were gunned down in Londonderry, in a civil rights march, and for many years they had an inquiry in which the British Government said “Oh yeah, the IRA have caused this and everything else”.

But gradually, over the years the families campaigned, and they realized that that evidence wasn’t the case, the IRA hadn’t started it, there was no evidence of that. But then what did the British authorities do? They tried to blame Martin McGuinness for firing the shot that started Bloody Sunday.

Fortunately, now I was out of the service, when I saw the agents that they were using to back this up, with the agent report, I knew the agent was what is called a bullshitter, basically. And I gave the evidence to the inquiry, and when I came out members of the families was coming up to me saying that they were just so glad that somebody with the authority had actually stood up for the truth and actually bothered to tell the truth, rather than the kind of officialdom they had come up against for years and years and years.

And let’s face it. This is a form of psychological torture, it really is, to be telling the truth,to have lost loved ones, and have a monolithic state telling you the people that you lost were “terrorists” and you should go away and shut up!

The people we are opposing are psychopaths. They are absolute psychopaths! In each case I say to them “where are the principles of things you would be done by, (unintelligible). In those circumstances you would want the truth, so why do you deny that truth to other people?”

Robles: I see. Now, you were working at the Libya desk, right?

Shayler: That’s right, yeah!

Robles: Do you know anything about what was going on in Syria? Can you comment on these chemical weapons claims? I mean, there are a lot of discrepancies in what the US is trying to push. And I know, I think and you know, they want to invade Syria. And it seems to me, they are trying to fabricate a pretext to go in there. What do you think about that?

Shayler: Yes, absolutely! This is a total pretext. When you study these world things, you realize that these people are made out to be madmen, like Gaddafi and Saddam, and Assad, and so on, are not actually madmen at all. And they often are much better in their behavior because they know the West is watching.

In the recent years, I can tell you, there are two countries went abroad andkilled two million people, from other countries, used things like phosphorus and used depleted uranium, i.e. chemical weapons which are banned, who’ve used cluster bombs – and that’s the UK and the US. They are your two terrorist organizations in the world who’ve got a record for using chemical warfare.

There is no way in a situation we have with Assad at the moment in Syria, that he’d want to use chemical weapons because he is actually beating the rebels. He knows the US and the UK are spending a fortune on backing these rebels, and they’re getting nowhere basically. So, he wouldn’t use chemical weapons now. The Russians are saying they have no evidence of chemical weapon use here.

And we know, in the past going to wars they’ve used any kind of stuff they can as propaganda. Remember in 1991, when we had this girl who came on and addressed the US Congress and said “Oh yes, Iraqi soldiers have been taking babies out of incubators and killing them”, and all this kind of thing. And it turned out that she was somebody of the opposition or something, and it all just turned out to be setup.

So, I cannot believe that we have politicians who are perceiving this seriously at the moment. People like William Hague, he should be on trial for war crimes, I mean, hanging really is too good for him.

I’m a man of compassion and everything else, but a politician who comes out there and constantly campaigns for war and loss of innocent life that will lead to, and never seems to learn from it.He is just a psychopath, you know. And we’ve got to get rid of those people’s from our government.

That was the end of part one of an interview with David Shayler.


Obama a Bush Clone in Drive for Syrian Invasion - Pushkov

John Robles

The United States of America, under the leadership of Nobel Peace Prize winning President Barack Hussein Obama, is on the verge of invading the sovereign nation of Syria and beginning yet another war. The pretext for the unilaterally led invasion is one that the U.S. has been attempting to get the world to believe for approximately a year now, namely the supposed use of chemical weapons by the Syrian Army.

On Sunday the Russian Federation issued a warning to the United States using some of its strongest language yet. Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said in an official statement: “We strongly urge those who, by attempting to impose their own results on the UN experts, are raising the possibility of a military operation in Syria to use their common sense and refrain from committing a tragic mistake".

Mr. Lukashevich was referring to the expected results of a mission by United Nations investigators, which has been welcomed and approved by the Syrian Government, to ascertain the usage of chemical weapons in Syria in light of a massive attack on August 21st which killed hundreds. Russia has also welcomed Damascus' decision to allow the UN inspectors to fulfill their mission and has repeatedly stated that the Syrian Government and President Bashar al-Assad’s approach has been constructive and positive. Russia has also noted on numerous occasions the lack of similar cooperation by the so-called armed “opposition” forces.

On Friday Mr. Lukashevich stated that the chemical weapons attack was pre-planned and that there is mounting evidence that it was organized as a provocation. “We’re getting more new evidence that this criminal act was of a provocative nature. In particular, there are reports that the materials used in the incident and accusations against government troops had been posted for several hours before the so-called attack. Thus, it was a pre-planned action”.

The Damascus chemical attack accusations indicate the launch of “another anti-Syrian propaganda wave” and, in this context, calls on the UN Security Council to immediately use force in Syria “heard from some EU capitals” are “unacceptable”, Lukashevich said.

The United States has planned a Syrian invasion and that is their goal. The use of chemical weapons, just like Sadam Hussein's possession of weapons of mass destruction, is the pretext that the U.S. has determined they will use to invade the country and remove the elected leader of a secular country from power despite the fact that such an invasion will throw the entire Middle East into chaos and provoke armed conflict.

The United States has blindly refused to deal diplomatically with the Syrian Government instead following its own preconceived plan for the country. Not only has the U.S. refused to seek a diplomatic resolution to the internal conflict in the country, but the United States has imported, trained, funded, armed and otherwise supported every kind of extremist mercenary and radical element in a bid to force President Bashar al-Assad from power.

Evidence has shown that groups such as the U.S. backed terrorist group, the al-Qaeda-linked Al-Nusra Front, have been orchestrating attacks with (and stockpiling) chemical weapons against regular Syrian Army forces and civilians. On Sunday Al-Nusra pledged to attack Syria’s Alawites and President al-Assad.

It is important to note that not only would the Alawites be in danger if U.S. backed Islamic terrorists succeed in Syria but all minorities including Jews, Christians, other Muslim denominations, as well as ethnic minorities would also face what could become massive genocide and ethnic cleansing.

A witness on the ground, Journalist Yara Saleh of the Al-Ihbariya Syrian information channel, recently provided The Voice of Russia with details of a chemical weapons stash discovered near Damascus. She said: “The rebels launched two missiles filled with poisonous gas in the Jobar neighbourhood which caused Syrian soldiers’ nausea and asphyxia”.

“Some time later, when the Syrian army managed to take that suburb by storm, they found the warehouse and laboratory where shells were stored and stuffed with poisonous agents. Boxes with new gas masks were also found, they carried labels ‘Made in US’. The fact that the rebels did not use those gas masks proves that they had not been attacked with any poisonous gases”.

“Two glass vessels with labels ‘Made in Saudi Arabia’ were also found there. Weapons and explosives made in Saudi Arabia were found in Syria in the past as well. Experts will determine the contents of those vessels”.

“In addition, they found plastic vessels containing unidentified chemicals, some strange white powder and a lot of various explosives and munitions.”

“The Syrian government is concerned that the rebels might have more stocks of such chemical agents that they could use against civilians.”

These are not the first such reports but the United States has refused to listen to or consider any information that does not fit its preconceived invasion scenario. The U.S. also refuses, either due to ignorance or by design, to consider the fact that an armed invasion of Syria will throw the entire region into utter chaos and even place its staunch ally Israel in the worst danger it may ever have been in.

It would appear that the U.S. and Israeli military intelligence bodies believe they can contain the ensuing massive bloodshed, or at least they claim so to their respective populaces, but it is unlikely that they will escape unscathed. Obama has stated that there will be no U.S. troops in Syria, which means that the U.S. will attempt to fight its war by proxy or using air strikes and other means.

Another senior Russian official, Alexei Pushkov, the head of the Lower House of the Russian Parliament’s International Affairs Committee, lashed out at U.S. Nobel Peace Prize winning President Obama, calling him a “clone” of George W. Bush in his drive for war.

“Obama is restlessly heading towards war in Syria as Bush was heading towards war in Iraq. Like in Iraq, this war would be illegitimate and Obama will become Bush’s clone,” said Pushkov.

Syria’s information minister, Omran Zoabi, said on Saturday that any US-led military action against Syria would be “no picnic”.

“US military intervention will create a very serious fallout and a ball of fire that will inflame the Middle East”, Syria’s official SANA news agency quoted him as saying.

United Nations inspectors are set to begin their work on Monday, hopefully Washington will await the results of those inspections before launching another near-sighted self-serving aggressive invasion of yet another small country.

US/NATO Attack on Syria Will Cause Regional Conflagration

Rick Rozoff


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9 October 2012, 19:11  

NATO Invasion of Syria: Coming Soon, Rated XXX

John Robles

NATO invasion of Syria: coming soon, rated X

The stage is set, the NATO forces are in position and authorization has been given, now all it will take is a little spark to ignite the powder keg that is the Middle East. The West needs a middle-man, a reason to invade Syria, and Turkey is that tool. Statements by both NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen and the Turkish Parliament come as a proof.

Remember about a month ago when US President Barack Obama phoned Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan and they spoke about Syria and Obama was photographed sitting behind his desk holding a baseball bat? Well it was a sign, and from sign to action takes time, after all we are talking about invading a sovereign nation to eradicate its leader. Well time is coming, all the signs are there.

One of them is the recent authorization by the Turkish Parliament granting Erdogan the power to send Turkish troops into “foreign” countries, meaning Syria. Another is the now open bombing by Turkey of its Syrian neighbor and yet another are statements and preparations by NATO and the West.

Rick Rozoff at Stop NATO cites one such statement by NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen who stated: “I can assure you we have all necessary plans in place to defend and protect Turkey, our ally.” This came after an unprecedented late-night meeting after Turkey began its cross border bombing of Syria, after which NATO stated: "In view of the Syrian regime’s recent aggressive acts at NATO’s southeastern border, which are a flagrant breach of international law and a clear and present danger to the security of one of its Allies, the North Atlantic Council met today, within the framework of Article 4 of the Washington Treaty..."

According to Rick Rozoff at Stop NATO “A week ago the top military commander of NATO, Admiral James Stavridis, paid an unannounced visit to the Turkish capital to meet with Chief of General Staff General Necdet Özel and Defense Minister İsmet Yılmaz.” All of this and the mobilization of what is becoming an invasion size force along the Syrian border leaves little doubt what is soon to come.

Iranian media is filled with reports of NATO’s intentions, with the FARS News Agency reporting that Ali Akbar Velayati, a senior advisor to Iran's Supreme Leader stated that: “NATO is preparing the ground for military intervention in Syria under the pretext that the security of Turkey, which is a NATO member, has been threatened.”

The Trend News website quotes Ali Akbar Velayati as saying: “Certain Western countries are seeking to drag NATO into regional issues. The West is digging a hole so that Turkey, Syria, and the entire region will become stuck in it and the Islamic Awakening will be overshadowed. Regional countries, including Syria, Turkey, and Iraq, should remain vigilant because the United States and its allies have plots for regional countries."

In an interview for the Voice of Russia Rick Rozoff also made it point to underline the fact that: “…only hours before the shelling incident that has provided Turkey the occasion for authorizing ongoing military attacks inside Syria, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov told reporters in Moscow that Russia had warned NATO and its allies in the Gulf Cooperation Council (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates) against conspiring to manufacture pretexts for military intervention inside Syria such as demanding so-called humanitarian corridors or buffer zones inside the latter nation and launching armed provocations on the Turkish-Syrian border.”

The fact that NATO and the West are known to openly wish to invade a country under any pretext should set off alarm bells and cause an international uproar, but after they got away with it in Afhgnaistan, Iraq and Libya, it seems that the world has become calloused and accustomed to such crimes against humanity.

Why does the United States and its surrogate want to invade Syria and take control of countries like Iran, Iraq, Libya, Antarctica and even Venezuela? It has nothing to do with democracy or human rights or removing despotic dictators it has to do with oil.

As Michael Collins at OpEdNews

said despite the situation being a complex one, the US and the NATO countries are the world’s biggest oil addicts and they will do anything to keep their dealers happy and ensure that they get their fix.



NATO Holds Secret Meeting Approving Syrian Operation Rick Rozoff

5 September 2012, 12:02


24 August 2012, 22:43

Moscow Alarmed as Turkey and West Hold “Operational Meeting” on Syria

John Robles

Syria’s claims that the uprising on its sovereign territory is being orchestrated from outside the country were given further credibility, by an eight-hour-operational-meeting held in Ankara behind closed doors between US Ambassador to Turkey Elisabeth Jones, Turkish Foreign Ministry Deputy Under-Secretary Halit Cevik, diplomats, military representatives and intelligence agency representatives.

The detailed self-avowed plans for bringing about the hasty collapse of the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad were discussed.

Since the beginning of the crisis Turkey has positioned itself as one of the staunchest opponents of President Bashar al-Assad who was once seen as a “friend and brother” according to a recent statement by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Turkey wishes to be one of the main players for NATO, the West and its Middle-East Allies in the region and has many times failed to support the positions of its once allies and friends, including Syria as well as Russia. Recent statements in support of Russia’s position against an armed outside intervention into Syria were obviously carefully staged lies to attempt to appease Moscow which will protect its interests in the region.

The meeting follows the recent provocation by Turkey where a Turkish F-4 Phantom Fighter was shot down in Syrian airspace but which did not bring about the planned result.

Ankara and the Western “architects” had hoped to draw NATO into the conflict by claiming Turkey was being threatened by Syria. Unfortunately for NATO and Turkey the real facts behind the incident came out and even though Turkey claimed the plane was shot down in international airspace and the wreckage somehow flew into Syrian territory, no one was buying it.

The aircraft was in violation of Syrian Airspace and was shot down in Syrian Airspace by Syrian anti-aircraft batteries with a range of only a few kilometers, those are the facts and no matter how Ankara wanted to repaint the picture that is how events occurred.

Now the anti-Assad bloc is attempting to terrorize the world into allowing it to invade Syria by using the pre-Iraq-invasion claim of chemical weapons. This has been repeated many times over the past two months and appears to be the new “point of contention” after the provocative airspace violation did not bring about the result sought by the West.

The fact that Turkey and the West have been openly funding and supplying violent insurgents, introducing Jihadists and every type of foreign mercenary and terrorist into Syria to continue the bloodshed is a point that should be causing international outrage, yet the West is unimpeded and openly admits to such violations of international law and international norms.

Turkey has admitted that along with Washington and a number of Arab countries in the Persian Gulf they are training and providing support for foreign fighters on its territory, fighters that are being sent into Syria to support and aid the insurgents. There are reports that as many as 15,000 such foreign fighters are staged along the Turkish-Syrian border.

Moscow has been opposed to foreign military intervention into the Syrian conflict since the very beginning and this includes “secret” armies being funded and trained by the West in their continuing attempt to force a violent regime change in Syria.

The West has never held talks or in any way promoted the bringing about of a peaceful resolution to the internal Syrian conflict and this has alarmingly become completely and totally evident by all the steps that the West has taken and all of the statements issued by Western Officials over the past few months. This includes an August 11th joint statement by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Turkey's Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on their joint planning to implement mechanisms to bring about the hasty termination of the current Syrian Government.

Turkey, the West and their Persian Gulf allies are in violation of international law and internationally accepted norms and should be facing serious international resistance, yet the United Nations and the World continue to allow such infringements on the territorial sovereignty of Syria.

All contentions by the West and United States that they are the World’s “moral policemen” and “guardians of humanity” now seem to be outrageous.

The violent overthrow of a sovereign government can only be called an egregious violation of international norms. Russia has always called for stopping of the bloodshed by establishing peace in order for the Syrian people themselves to decide the fate of their own country.


The views and opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the Voice of Russia.

The author can be reached at



4 July 2012, 10:00

Syria Update: Syrian "Opposition" Rejects Kofi Annan Peace Plan

John Robles

The Syrian Government has agreed to the Kofi Annan peace plan. Why won’t the armed “opposition”? Let’s pause for a minute and look Kofi Annan’s peace plan and at exactly what the Syrian “opposition” is so opposed to.

We have seen it all before and it is becoming so obvious that one would have to live in a cave under a rock to not have noticed it, or one would have to take the words of the U.S. through its international spokesperson Hillary Clinton at face value. If you tell a lie and it is big enough and you repeat it enough the people will believe it. During the Bush years it was the key tool of the U.S. on the American public, now it has been exported, and as America continues to attempt to take over the world on every front, the entire world is now being subjugated to the “big lie”.

Hillary Clinton just can’t seem to get enough of making provocative if not factually challenged statements about Russia, but wait I am getting ahead of myself. What it is that we have seen before is what has become the standard modus-operandi of the United States in invading countries and raping their resources. Make a lot of noise about a humanitarian crisis and if one does not exist make it up or create it (lie 1), make sure the country can not fight back, force them to disarm (Iraq, Libya, Iran and now Syria) or get rid of their defensive weapons (lie 2), if needed arm the opposition in the country no matter who they are and deny it (lie 3), create a reason for a military invasion, this can be weapons of mass destruction, implementing a no-fly zone, etc. (lie 4), take control of an needed resources through front companies, planted officials and the like (lie 5), and make millions on reconstruction of the countries they destroy, for the good of the people of course (lie 6).

Now let’s look at the latest lie by Hilarity Clinton, I do not mean to be disrespectful but how can you not laugh at some of the utterly hilarious things she says; “…we came, we saw, he died.” Outrageousness! This time Clinton continues in the same vein that Russia is arming the Assad regime to kill the poor demonstrators. And of course it must stop and of course it is up to the great world’s policeman to come in and blow the hell out of everything in the country (and pillage of course and rebuild no doubt). Which they can not do yet because guess what? Russia has been selling defensive weapons to Syria. I repeat defensive. Defensive. Defensive. Defensive.

Now in reality Clinton knows this, just like she knows Russia was fulfilling contract obligations when supplying and servicing Syrian transport helicopters, something we talked about recently. Comments she was forced to take back, by the way. But the U.S. needs to make sure that Syria can not fight back before they invade it (Was recent F-4 downing a test case?). It is a cowardly strategy, just like the use of drones controlled from the comfort of some bunker in California, by some guy who doesn’t even have to make sure who he is killing. So Clinton will keep up the big lie about Russia arming the evil Syrian government, whilst her CIA is running arms to the Syrian opposition and importing terrorists into the country to continue the violence and the killing of Syrian civilians.

The Interfax News Agency recently reported that Clinton said it was important that Russia stopped providing Damascus with weapons. She stressed it was of uttermost importance to cut off the arms supply to the Assad regime and continues to ignore Russian claims that none of the weapons it has been ferrying to Syria are used to crack down on protests, saying the US was of a different opinion. Of course you have a different opinion Madam Secretary of State, this does not fit into your prepared scenario, and any weapons of the defensive type must be gotten rid of because the U.S. needs to be able to go in, wipe out the country and suffer no casualties, otherwise the voters back in Iowa might get upset when their boys start coming home in body bags and all of those involved in launching another unprovoked war might have to answer for their deeds.

Given that we know that the U.S. is just itching to launch an attack on Syria, and continue their damn-it-all-cowboy-diplomacy of shoot first and get paid for the clean up later, given that we know that the CIA is backing, funding, and arming the Syrian opposition, it is not surprising that said “opposition”, if you can call armed insurgents, mercenaries and imported terrorists that, have now, lo-and-behold, refused to enter into peace talks and are complaining that participants in the Cairo conference “reject any idea of armed interference to save the people”. This does not fit into U.S. plans for an invasion and they will not rest until they see Bashar Assad brutally murdered, like they did with Hussein, Gadaffi, Milosevic and others.

Let’s pause for a minute and look Kofi Annan’s peace plan and at exactly what the Syrian “opposition” is so opposed to. The text of the six-point plan:

(1) commit to work with the Envoy in an inclusive Syrian-led political process to address the legitimate aspirations and concerns of the Syrian people, and, to this end, commit to appoint an empowered interlocutor when invited to do so by the Envoy;

(2) commit to stop the fighting and achieve urgently an effective United Nations supervised cessation of armed violence in all its forms by all parties to protect civilians and stabilize the country.

To this end, the Syrian government should immediately cease troop movements towards, and end the use of heavy weapons in, population centers, and begin pullback of military concentrations in and around population centers.

As these actions are being taken on the ground, the Syrian government should work with the Envoy to bring about a sustained cessation of armed violence in all its forms by all parties with an effective United Nations supervision mechanism.

Similar commitments would be sought by the Envoy from the opposition and all relevant elements to stop the fighting and work with him to bring about a sustained cessation of armed violence in all its forms by all parties with an effective United Nations supervision mechanism;

(3) ensure timely provision of humanitarian assistance to all areas affected by the fighting, and to this end, as immediate steps, to accept and implement a daily two hour humanitarian pause and to coordinate exact time and modalities of the daily pause through an efficient mechanism, including at local level;

(4) intensify the pace and scale of release of arbitrarily detained persons, including especially vulnerable categories of persons, and persons involved in peaceful political activities, provide without delay through appropriate channels a list of all places in which such persons are being detained, immediately begin organizing access to such locations and through appropriate channels respond promptly to all written requests for information, access or release regarding such persons;

(5) ensure freedom of movement throughout the country for journalists and a non-discriminatory visa policy for them;

(6) respect freedom of association and the right to demonstrate peacefully as legally guaranteed.

The Syrian Government has agreed to the plan. Why won’t the armed “opposition”?

In an interview with Bloomberg Clinton was asked about article 7 of the UN Charter to which she replied; “…if Kofi Annan comes to the Security Council and reports to us that the government’s not cooperating, that other parties are not cooperating (Does she mean the U.S. will go in and stop the armed insurgents?), that he’s not making progress. Then I think we will have to act.” Chapter 7 of the UN Charter also authorizes implementation of military force to ward off any threat to the global peace.

Very interesting, the single most dangerous country in the world today and the single greatest threat to world peace is the U.S. and their plans for global domination, (The Project for the New American Century anyone?) Article 7in reality could be applied to the U.S. if the world gets together and in the name of world peace rid these homicidal lunatics of their weapons of mass “humanitarian intervention.


25 June 2012, 01:59

A Precursor to War: Syria

John Robles

Despite all of the efforts of the UN and Russia and other countries that have influence in the region

Despite all of the efforts of the UN and Russia and other countries that have influence in the region, the West continues to do anything and everything that it can to facilitate and provoke an invasion of Syria and it is clear that those beating the drums of war have no interest in the untold number of lives that will be snuffed out by the hell they are preparing to unleash on the people of Syria, who are already suffering, nor on the very distinct possibility that it will ignite a larger violent conflict in the region.

If you have been following the news I am sure that you have heard by now that over the weekend a Turkish F-4 Phantom Fighter was shot down over the territory of Syria. At first Turkey reported that the aircraft was flying in international waters and almost immediately called for an emergency NATO session under article 4. As Turkey is a NATO member it does have that right to do so. Article 4 states that member countries must meet, “…whenever the territorial integrity, political independence or security of any of the parties is threatened.”

So here we have it, what anyone who has been watching the situation in Syria has been waiting for: the perfect precept for a Syrian “no fly zone, humanitarian intervention” invasion. Again directed from Washington, carried out by its surrogate NATO and taking place on the Eurasian continent.

The war drums are beating once again, and even though Turkey has now admitted the fighter “strayed” into Syrian airspace, and the wreckage has been found on the bed of the Mediterranean, in Syrian waters at a depth of 1,300 meters, there is no talk of cancelling their call for talks on NATO involvement.

While the western media is full of reports blaming Syria and the like no one thinks to question why in such a volatile area and under the current circumstances Turkey would send, or even allow, their fighter aircraft into the area and then allow it fly into Syrian air-space.

Provocation: pure and simple. And the timing could not be more perfect coming on the heels of developments that undermine the plans of the North Atlantic Alliance. The first being the Syrian government pledging to follow the peace plan drawn up by Kofi Annan and the another being the inclusion of the opposition in the new cabinet and government formed after the country’s first multiparty elections which were held on May the 7th.

This also comes on the heels of reports and the materialization of evidence that the CIA and the West are funding and arming the Syrian “rebels” and a failed propaganda attempt by Hillary Clinton to provoke Russia and again give a reason for military intervention in Syria.

The playbook is the same and follows the script for complete and total global domination that was drawn up by the Project for the New American Century before the events of 9-11, an event which served as the catalyst all of the wars we are living through today and which has pulled the world into an endless global war against phantom enemies.

First there are accusations of human rights abuses, mass killings, weapons of mass destruction, acts of aggression etc., then reports of the necessity to intervene, after which complete obliteration and destruction of the target country, massive casualties and then control of resources, the members of the new ruling class, and massive profits from reconstruction and resource control.

We have seen the same thing before with NATO and the U.S.; Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, and Kosovo, it is a formula they seem to have stuck to because so far they have gone unpunished for what in fact are crimes against humanity. Yes, waging a war of aggression is a crime against humanity. Even if it is a “preventive” war as the US loves to go around labeling its bloody criminal killing enterprises.

There are always accusations of terrible crimes and violence that must not go unpunished by in fact they are the worst out-of-control killers, killing thousands and destroying countries to make them exploitable, in what must be called one the worst crimes against humanity that can be committed, and they do so on lies and through media manipulation. They have grown so emboldened that they do so regularly and will say anything at all, now without even the need for proof or backing evidence.

Take Hillary Clinton’s recent accusations against Russia accusing it of selling attack helicopters to Syria, when in fact under old contracts it was selling and servicing what are largely transport helicopters, which of course could be outfitted with guns. We could say the same thing about the US if a terrorist uses an American car, fills it with explosives and blows it up. We could say the US is supplying terrorists with exploding cars. Ridiculous, and for comments like this to be made by the Secretary of State and then for redactions to be made when they are immediately seen for the lie they are would have been an unforgiveable disgrace before 9-11.

Now they are emboldened, running amok and out of control, making statements and fabrications so obvious and so unbelievable to back up their killing machine, that it seems an effort in futility to try to counter such an assault on humanity.

For that is what it is, an assault on humanity, on every thinking, breathing, feeling and conscious being on the planet. When one country is allowed to kill at will, a country with a president who laughs that he has a daily assassination list he signs off on, the world must pull together and cut off the head of the beast even it is the Hydra.

We must not sit idly by while they invade yet another sovereign nation on false evidence, any country that does so even once must be stripped of its weapons and of any right to wage war.

Best wishes.

The views and opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the Voice of Russia. 


16 June 2012, 22:08

UN Suspends Syrian Mission: Tensions Escalate

John Robles

The situation in Syria continues to worsen as tensions mount between Moscow and Washington and the UN has suspended their observer mission in the country.

The situation in Syria continues to worsen as tensions mount between Moscow and Washington and the UN has suspended their observer mission in the country.

The latest development in Syria, the suspension of the UN Mission, comes on the heels of intensified efforts by Moscow and the international community to come to a peaceful resolution to the crisis with Moscow’s recent calls for an international conference on Syria.

According to statements made to the press by the head of the UN Mission, Norwegian Major General Robert Mood, regarding the intensified violence over the last ten days, there is an increased risk to UN observers and as he put it, “…a lack of willingness by the parties to seek a peaceful solution.” Therefore the decision has been made to suspend the UN Observer Mission.

Mood did add that the suspension would be reviewed on a daily basis and that operations would resume when they see the situation fit f to carry out their mandated activities.

Mood repeated that the violence posed "significant risks" to the unarmed members of the UN Supervision Mission in Syria (UNSMIS), who number 300 but that for now they will not be leaving the country but will stay in their compounds and have halted all patrols.

According to press reports Syria's Foreign Ministry released a statement that it had been told of the decision to suspend the mission on Friday evening and had told Mood that it understood his concerns and blamed the attacks on the rebels who are fighting government forces.

A statement by the Syrian Foreign Ministry said that since the start of the April 12th ceasefire deal "armed terrorist groups" have escalated their "criminal activities, which have often targeted the UN observers."

Moscow continues to call for an international conference on Syria which will involve all of the players in the region. In a telephone conversation on Saturday with UN and Arab League Special Envoy to Syria, Kofi Annan, made on Annan’s initiative, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated that this kind of forum could help end the bloodshed and kick-start the peace settlement process in Syria. According to TASS during the conversation the UN and Arab League envoy supported the adoption of an international approach to the settlement of the Syrian crisis.

Speaking of an international conference on Syria to be held in Geneva on June 30th Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told reporters that Russia will participate if its requirements regarding the goal of the conference and countries invited are met.

These requirements include all countries participating in the conference committing their resources to the facilitation of an all-inclusive political process in Syria and that all countries in the region who can influence the situation should attend, including Iran, which the U.S. has spoken against.

Meanwhile tension continue to escalate between the US and Russia with Secretary of State Clinton continuing to issue provocative statements against the Russian Federation. According to Rick Rozoff, at Stop NATO, on June 12th Clinton appeared with Israeli President Shimon Peres at the Brookings Institution and stated; “We have confronted the Russians about stopping their continued arms shipments to Syria.” Russia had had contracts going back years before the conflict for the supply of defensive technology (only) to Syria.

She also added “And we are concerned about the latest information we have that there are attack helicopters on the way from Russia to Syria, which will escalate the conflict quite dramatically,” statements which began the entire helicopter scandal and redactions by the US.

Experts say that charges of attack helicopter supplies to Syria are a precursor to implementing, what NATO has used in almost every campaign in the last 10 years, a no-fly zone as they did in Libya to get rid of Gaddafi.

Russian officials said the charges were a crude fabrication and cruder provocation with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stating: "We are not delivering to Syria, or anywhere else, items that could be used against peaceful demonstrators. In this we differ from the United States, which regularly delivers riot control equipment to the region, including a recent delivery to a Persian Gulf country. But for some reason the Americans consider this to be par for the course."

Rozoff also said that, “Clinton has been steadily raising the level of anti-Russian invective, vilification and intimidation in recent months.”

The VOR Andrey Iyashenko reported that a “Pentagon official who wished to remain anonymous reported that Clinton has "exaggerated a little bit" the real state of affairs concerning military-technical cooperation between Moscow and Damascus in order "to put the Russians in a difficult situation".

The five permanent members of the UN Security Council are expected to hold talks on the sidelines of the G20 summit in beginning on Monday in Mexico.

Russia will continue to seek a peaceful resolution as it has from the very beginning of the conflict in Syria and apparently the US will continue to use the situation in Syria to increase tensions with the Russian Federation. One has to ask oneself; why?


11 June 2012, 18:00

Time to End Syrian Bloodshed

John Robles

The Russian Federation continues to call for a peaceful resolution to the crisis in Syria, as Russia has done from the very beginning; however forces in the country are doing everything that they can to derail any chance of peace. In particular what is now being referred to as the irreconcilable opposition and its military wing the Free Syria Army.

The Russian Federation continues to call for a peaceful resolution to the crisis in Syria, as Russia has done from the very beginning; however forces in the country are doing everything that they can to derail any chance of peace. In particular what is now being referred to as the irreconcilable opposition and its military wing the Free Syria Army.

The situation in Syria is approaching what can only be described as an all out armed civil war.

According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Saturday a bus carrying Russian experts was fired upon and this came on the heels of a rocket-propelled grenade attack on a building that was housing Russian nationals. The foreign minister was speaking about the violations of the ceasefire by the side of the Syrian militants according to the Russian press.

Russia’s foreign minister once again stressed the fact that not only Syrian President Bashar Assad can be held responsible for the situation in the country. He added that the tragedies in Hula and Al-Kubeyre were made possible thanks to the continued support of armed opposition groups from abroad."

Moscow for its part continues to call for not abandoning the UN-backed settlement plan organized by UN and Arab League Envoy Kofi Annan and is calling for an international conference to be held to finally bring an end to the Syrian conflict.

On Saturday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov spoke about the necessity of holding the conference and was supported by British Foreign Secretary William Hague.    

In another development that may be cause for cautious optimism the head of the Syrian Opposition National Council (SNC) Abdel Basset Saida said that his organization would approve of the military intervention of international forces in the internal conflict only if they have the sanction of the UN Security Council.

Saida also said he was ready to adhere to the settlement plan proposed by former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and urged the international community to "act" against President Bashar al-Assad and make sure that the agreement is executed.

While the international community and now even the Syrian opposition itself appears to possibly ready for peace the United States continues to call for more arms and violence and according to Interfax Saudi Arabia and other countries keep supplying arms to the Syrian opposition in defiance of the appeals of the world community.

As if to underline this fact US Senator, John McCain, once again confirmed these accusations in an interview with the CNN television network. Instead of calling for an end to the bloodshed the Conservative Republican has urged the US Administration to embark on a path of direct military aid to the Syrian rebels.

Russia continues to hold to the position that foreign military intervention in Syria is unacceptable. Even with an escalation in the violence and the two recent massacres, the latest being in the Village of Al-Kubeir, a tragedy that even the UN observers do not yet have all the details about, including the  exact number of victims. Experts believe that this was provocation to derail any chnce of peace and that the opposition Syrian National Council will hold official Damascus responsible, the West and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon have also voiced accusations in this vein. 

Officially Russia’s Foreign Ministry has called that massacre a provocation aimed at wrecking Kofi Annan’s plan for Syria settlement. In an interview

An analyst from the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vladimir Sotnikov, has a similar opinion voice to the Voice of Russia. He stated that; "The government forces are not responsible for the Hama massacre. What occurred was an attempt of opposition elements, which have contacts with the Islamist groups and Al Qaeda, to aggravate the situation in the country. Such massacres prepare the ground for a foreign intervention in Syria that could prove helpful in ousting the regime of Bashar Assad."

After the events recently near Hama Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said: "The parties involved in the Syrian conflict, including foreign opposition and the Syrian National Council do not want to sit down at the negotiating table with Bashar Assad. They are ready to continue the armed struggle until the UN Security Council gives a mandate for a foreign intervention in Syria.  I guarantee that it won’t give such a mandate."

The coordinator of the Syrian humanitarian project “The Price of Freedom” Ibrahim Naovaf said in an interview with the Voice of Russia that: “More than 80 per cent of the Syrian citizens support the President. Why? The people take into account continued terrorist attacks and terrorists who are building the so-called democracy on their blood. People defend themselves because neither soldiers nor security forces can assume responsibility for the country. Terrorists organize sudden attacks. They can mine a car and escape, and civilians may die in the explosion."

So if the Syrian people want peace, and quite possibly, if one is to give credibility to statements made by the head of the Syrian Opposition National Council (SNC) Abdel Basset Saida, the Syrian opposition want peace and the Syrian Government wants a peaceful resolution as well; why does the West continue to beat the drums of war?

With the lives of peaceful women and children at stake and thousands already dead, it is time for the West to stop playing Geo-Political games of military domination and once again search for that which it has long ago lost sight of, namely the moral high-ground, on which the Russian Federation is firmly standing. For the sake of all it is time for peace, before it is too late.

Compiled from information from the VOR, TASS and INTERFAX.


30 May 2012, 17:06

Syria: Massacre of Civilians as Reason for Invasion

John Robles

The situation in Syria continues to grow worse and more contradictory by the day, unless one is to accept the premise that the West is and will continue to do everything that it can to bring about a regime change, the more violently and the quicker the better.

Several weeks ago there were reports in the world press that many of the Syrian armed opposition groups were being funded and armed by the West and were even being provided support by foreign mercenaries and even by AL-Qaeda terrorists.

These reports began to come in right on the eve of the Kofi Annan plan, which some experts are saying was all done for the simple reason of buying time for the US as they prepare the further groundwork for an invasion.

Under the watchful eye of UN Observers over the weekend the horrible and tragic massacre of over 100 civilians occurred in the Syrian village of Houla. According to UN Observers the civilians were in fact executed by non-government forces; however the term “Shabiha” has been used to describe the killers. Syrian Forces are reported to have killed several civilians in their shelling of the terrorist positions.

UN Observer reports have served to undo the Western narrative of the events which some are saying was to serve as the impetus for an invasion of the country, or another “humanitarian intervention” ala Libya, etc., by the West and amid reports of Western funding and backing for the terrorists groups perhaps it is way past time that people woke up and realized that the regime of Bashar Assad may not be as completely responsible for the unrest in the country as they have been made out to be.

Despite the UN and official reports that the responsible parties for the Houla Massacre were not connected to the Syrian Government, the West has still stepped up its sanctions and pressure on Syria, apparently following a script that has already been laid out and which the West will stick to no matter what.

Let’s look at the facts; the United Nations itself reports that “most of the 108 victims of the Houla Massacre last week were shot at close range, some of them women, children and entire families gunned down in their own homes,” reported quoting Associated Press. The UN has also stated that militants, not Syrian soldiers, were responsible for the massacre. The report cites “witness accounts” but goes on to claim the militants were “pro-government thugs known as Shabiha,” while the Syrian government has claimed the militants were foreign-backed armed terrorists.

If this is true and the “Shabiha” were not connected to the government (one might ask why the government forces were engaging them in battle if they were) this stands in stark contrast to the ongoing narrative of the US, the UK, France and other NATO members countries, a narrative they have now used to begin expelling Syrian diplomats from their countries.

Russia, it appears, it the only country in the world which has called for an objective and fair investigation before judgment is passed, but the West continues to pursue a path it has already decided to go down, and no matter what the facts are, continues it drive to charge convict and execute the Syrian Government.

The Syrian Government can not win if they are facing Western backed forces that will execute whole families and over a 100 civilians for the sake of maintaining an invasion friendly narrative. Something the West has proven time and time again to be doing in Syria.

For Bashar Assad and the Syrian Government it is time to take off the gloves and perhaps use the same tactics that are being used against it by the West, in this case I am talking about funding.

If, and I say “if” because I have also not seen undisputable evidence that this is true, but “if” Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups are being paid by the West to continue the bloodshed in Syria then perhaps there is one things they (the Syrian Governement) might do (this may sound strange but I got the idea when hearing the American Ambassador to Russia admitting that the US had tried to bribe the president of Kirghizstan) and that is upping the ante and turning the tables and paying the mercenary killer terrorist scum more than their “supposed” Western backers are. Again I give the West the benefit of the doubt as I do the Syrian Government.

If the West is this bent on pursuing their own narrative then there is nothing that the UN or the Syrian Government or anyone else will be able to do to bring about a peaceful settlement.

Maybe Syria should buy off the killers. It may be the only resolution left.

Just an idea.

The contents of this piece do not necessarily reflect the views of the Voice of Russia or anyone else for that matter and are the author’s (my) own. 


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