More on Serbia

After the events below in Serbia I talked to dozens of people and interviewed several for the Voice of Russia. According to colleagues some of the people I had talked to may not be as pro-Serbia as the wanted me to think. Regardless on this site I have always tried to present opposing views and stand up for the under-dog. When the events below happened I was witness to a real and concerted media blackout. Since jar2 is my site and I have never succumbed to censors and in the interest of presenting opposing and differing views and once again to standing up for the little guy and the marginalized and oppressed, I have, at great risk to myself, decided to present the two interviews below so that the world might know the other side to what is going on in Serbia and Kosovo. I love Serbia and the Serbian people and believe Kosovo should be returned. In the interests of fairness here they are:

Interview with Priest Monk Ksenofont and with a young man who wishes to remain anonymous..... 

KFOR opens fire on Serbs in Northern Kosovo (Time to take Kosovo back) Serbia ready to explode? Link on the Voice of Russia


VOR Republished Interview

The interview was pulled I believe due to a letter written by his Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Russian Kirill last year, it was not my intention to publish something that may go against the church. I always stand up for the little guy. VOR: "In May 2011, Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill sent a letter to his Serbian counterpart to assure that no Russian Orthodox Church bishop or cleric will contact former bishop Artemije and his supporters." Now we have more of the story.