9-11 Was an Inside Job Loose Change Final Differs from 2nd Edition and has claims on it by NBC allowing a SOPA block.

January    05,2012, the file has been blocked by NBC, this is SOPA already in action on jar2.com. We are waiting for jar2.com to be blocked as a result of this link. March 31, 2011 original file stopped working for some reason. The follow up to the original Loose Change redacted and changed. What is alarming is a high number of missing references for example facts concerning flights 93, 175, 11, 77 and 1989. References to the fact that they were not scheduled to fly on September 11, 2001 that flight 93 landed in Ohio and that the 200 people on board disappeared are also not mentioned. There are also no references to the impossibility of cell phone calls from aircraft and other notable exclusions. You can download the original here and compare. Here are some of the missing facts:

10:00 Cleveland Hopkins Airport was evacuated amidst fears that a hijacked plane was about to land   10:10 The sixty nine people on flight 1989, the first plane that landed in Cleveland, were evacuated to the FAA HQ in two hours and twenty minutes and later released.   10:45 The two hundred people on board flight 93 were evacuated to a special NASA building in under thirty minutes and never heard from again.   11:43 Cleveland WCPO a local television station in Cincinnati Ohio reported that two planes landed at  Cleveland Hopkins Airport due to a bomb threat, United identified the plane as flight 93. April 10, 2003 Chicago O'Hare: flight 93 is spotted its tail number N591UA is spotted on flight 1111. According to the FAA N612UA the Pentagon plane and N591UA, the Pennsylvania plane, are still valid numbers.